The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1930
Page 3
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'rlIllUSDAY;:AUGUST 21, 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS ERNEST LYNN PAOB '•ITVO cents a word lor ftrst in- *ertlon and one cent a word (or each mlxequuit Insertion. No »<!v«rttwi!ietit taken 'or le« thjm 6Cc, Count the wordi and send the e»»U. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOE SALE—Beby Chicks. Custom hatching each week Irom now on. MarUyn Hatchery. 26ck-tf Used Car Specials For ThfrWeek During: this week we arc oflcr- inf the following USED CARS at SPECIAL PRICES, subject lo our regular 30 Day Guarantee: 1930 Ford Roadsler S3C51 1928 Moil. Ford Business Coupe 5315 j 1928 Model Ford Tick-Up Truck $265 ! 1929 .Mod. Ford Sporl Roadster $295 • 1328 Model Ford Phaeton ... 5205 19Z9 Model Ford Sid. Coupe 5335 1928 Mod. Chrysler "62" Sedan §315 J928 Model Whippet Coacli $295 1926 Model Chevrolet Coupe $ 91 192C Model Ford Couiw $ G5 1MU Model Star Coupe 5 85 I92G Model Dcugo 3-1 Truck 5 95 Sec these ears today and make your selecelion. Weekly Finn, Monthly Plan or Fall Terms. Your Car taken as part payment. Used Car Dept. FHiLLIl'S MOTOK CO. Authorized Ford Dealers PHONE 811 TODAY FOR SAI.F—Good violin and bow. Purchased from fine Memphis teacher. Write Mrs- R. O. Sharp, Caruthersville, Mo. Hpk22. Used Car Bargains', $295.00] $285.00! $395.00 $400.00 $550.00 $275.00 $350.00 lli:i;i\ Illvlll-; TODAY DAN IIUIIIMIMI, irmi'vrnmcnlnl ruling Hint) ut Hull) wuod, i-;iu'l Hi'l nliniE ultEi n Klildiu ciccullvc- :it Cirnllufnlnl I'K-Uirea nnd (mm itii lit* cimlrncl n» Jtrrniirlii ivrltt-r iinr iihkk la l>v fired. Hut bi> W(. Dan la fnltroud lu .l.VXK Wl.VrKIl, a ulrl (rum 'I'nUa, Olthi., uUu Jin* »lj(i«n mulish nljtllljr In Mnrrnnl u M'rrcil ti'ac aiij n drvrnt imrl in n l»li-tim-. Dili, Urn u-lih I'Al 1, COI.I.Mill, Mhc> ivrllr* u dull)' movlv ruhimn fur n Mlrlup nf m-ivaimiM-r*. Annr IJvtx wllli iwo evlrn KlrU. 11VA UAIII,i:V mill MOX.V MIIIIHISON. X r.-iniiHK ,!|rri-t<>r iiniiiril ISAU- HI SI.(UN l,;i« thirnii MirML- Inlrr- I 111 Aim,-, lini-illy .join.til. hill.- «-vrr, In uurrnnt nny Mjfh hmie*. Dint ih>?« nut Illii' Sluntll he U, ]iimc*rr, nil ndiulrrr of MAIt'fIN ( Ol.l.l.VS. f»riiu-il> of Coiitliicn- I'.lll'ISl; VVATKIXS. \\l\lfr ror Han thiif fchi- h/LK lirnrd ruiniim nf IlLr t,:ilr uT I'uiilltioiital I'lrluri'M lu l.mvxuu Ilmlhrr*. I.milti- 1>« lin-.t-nl. iiloliK irllh JOII.VVV imim.l.', fr<-,- lance lirrr.t npcnf. mid ulljrr* n( -'upril I|<1U»<-'' [il \0\V CO (IX WITH Till-! STOIIV CIIAl'TKR XXI elionls," Kiddle man ied." He pLinseil Imiirt'.iHivcly. "(iruuil Unitfd's biggest star," lie aililei!. "Not Sylvia Patterson!" cried Louise. "N'oiw oilier." Dan said, "Who's slic marrying?" ami Riddle shook liis head. "I'm not tolling, but you can try to guess." "Not Garry Sloan?" "Not a cliauce." "Probably sonic millionaire," I-onise Watkins ventured. "Sylvia would." tlicrc would he llio devil lo unless she put a pair of on him. Collier, now, was dih\ % rent; v; so. Dan tried to imagine him ling crazy about a girl, but filrla ineanl nothing in I'uul's young life. Dan surmised lhal might be one ot Llie reasons why women thought Collier so attractive, though ilicrc 'pro sufllclent oilier reasons why iliey should Ihink so. And ho remembered a story about Collier, bow a beautiful young featured jilaycr had fallen for his non- clwlatil clmrms and l:::il virtuiilly Hailed him all over llollywoou, And hail her trouble for bor iniins. j I ..... j iellevi;<l, lou, Unit Moiui Mor- liny ; of ciirioslly ami tor llio ride, for Hie tourlBl scaBon was over. , • "I inlijhl not be bcre nexl win- ler," be explained lo Collier,-ydio tliniiglit II queer, Unit l),tn C!^\N'B of my clleiils -* said, "is settflii; want lo KO to Calieute .In June. "Where do you lliluk you'll be?" "Ob. 1 don't know, tlaytio back In New York. 1 in not such a wow out here." -, "You're rallni; ^cVuiany, 'aveu'l you?" 1'iiul Fiild. . "Sliut up." Sonic days later, vvlion Dun (vlcil to interest Anne In a Bumlny of swimming at Siiula- iloulca Deacli of Venice, ehe^lold^hlni ulio veaily had beeli'invitr4 1( J a MaiIku. A.tout- : 1«.'>or n .. in the cast 9(',tYlo?'ulcUire •! working in '•-'"'•''•'' '- —' at Ibo lieucb, tl ".I'ni' jctilonsJvArtnc." oiled up (MSI the. cluows, bavins owcrlul toreuruis. Ho woic while linmcl trousera, soiuowbat soiled, nil his hair wns 11 bushy lawny nop. A S <Mii:c passed near him he put out bis baud and nlio stopped. "\'c*, 1 l;uo>v you are," lier lono Why don't you in 1'anl. The night they liad goiicj lo l!io iniblic ilancc hall in 1.03 An- Keles there had been eviileiicu of j a little scornful. IhlM lo a nersnn who iMssesscd I "^ a fooling. sliarji eyes. An occnsloiiiil look from .ever believe im MOIKI, a word, a smile. . . . He- •<[ ^ Hnncliiues." ineinberlnir Eva llarlcy's fiercely liroleclivo feelint' toward the litlle red-b'airL'il ^irl. Dan knew a nm- mem ur Iwo of iinciisines.s; Unl lie (Jiought: "Paul's common sense—" I thankful, hut ' Johnny Kiddie's voice broke lu shade darker. on his reverie, demanding to know If they wove Rolng wllli him to the movies. Paul Collier yawned ami stretched lazily and got uu. and Dan said: "Well, I'm for It. We haven't budged out of Hie houso today ex. cent to get dinner." "Call nil and see what lime the i feature EOCS on," Paul (old Johnny Riddle chuckled anil I "I 1 "' '<"' St-lHng ft bile first and filled a idatc with brcall sandwiches, then, going f °>' a rlui = at[ " t |lc "Not had." he suid. "The man's a show." broker and he's a millionaire. N'ow Dan obeyed, don't ask me any more questions, | tlio Information lie called up Anne She Itail whole stiigo ' and kecji it under your hat. . I Winter. 1 1929 Ford Touring 1 I92D Ford Roadster 1 1923 Ford Tuilor 1 1S29 Chevrolet 4 Door Sedan 1 1929 Foaitlac 4 Door Sedan 1 1927 Pontiae 4 Door Sedan 1 1D29 DeSoto Koadster LEE MOTOR COMl'ANY 120 East .Main Street DLYTHEVItLi;, ARKANSAS Got an apron, serve tea." u? I'm about to | "Just chocking in," he said when she nitno to the lelonhonc. I The crowd lingered for another lionr and Mien it broke un. but Johnny Kiddle remained to loaf and chat and to propose a picture show. He uiiid ho was anxious to pee Iho new Ccorgc Arliss Him. "Come on alon^; 1 can £ct passes." "Why don't you take one of your girls?" Paul Collier drawled lazily. "Why don't you take a couple of them?" Anne hud a KOIBCOUS time. She spent wonderful hours In Ihc sni and the water. Hhc didn't Imrn fur which Bbu alwuys had lieei she came back i Fred Hurley, 111 director, was in the party, nnd he wns very attentive, to her in ai easy, gracious, friendly way tha Anne liked. She- liked Hurley; ho showed her ns much consideration i as the featured players, professed to be enthusiastic over Ihe progress eho wns making. And aho was progressing. The . j picture was ih production now. "After endless dayii.and days of monotonous drill the dances were ready; Anne had tapped and And after ho got kicked and lapped through difficult routinea until she prayed for rest, had stopped at the sudden rasped command ot the dance director; and then over and over r.siln, hour >UR BOARDING HOUSE 1 "Survive the parly all right?'' "Absolutely." "C-et plenty of sleep?" She had, Anne informed him, slept until noon, And she laughed, "yiona." she tisid, "wauls you lo know that I've had the best of care. She brought me my breakfast in bed." "Thai's a lot more atlenlion than 1 got," Dan informed her, and he FOR RENT -tor -rent- -Phono •HI, Oi- 28. said, "I'm onl ot love anyway: I've just been thrown over again." "Yon look broken-hearted," Collier said. "I'm lirtd of it nil," Johnny said "What, you *'nutd." said Dan, "is ft new client." lie chuckled softly over his n.uaret. Kiddle, at any , during the next few weeks. Anne was busy, and so was be. llnuiors after hour of it. And Hurley had given her (he song he bad promised her. Ho waa not sorry, he said, hearing her rehearse 11; It was Anne Winter's song. Anne ilanccd as she -Bang H danced with her bands on bcr hips and witii her arms Hinging wide in abandon, whh a chorus behind her following. She smiled us she sang smiled with Hashing teeth cm Tim; lips and vivid, sparkling j ryes, and she sang in a low, snioulh, niollow-tiuiiudiiiK voice, with n microphone following bcr were llyiug around the Continental |;ibnut ovcrhcatl. lot now, but ilespitc them there was j fjha wenl through il many times feverish aclivlly. AmoiiK his asso- before Hurley was fatlsllctl; Iheru elates it was whispered that Auaui- wm vas.Jryins for ^o^y^klnd ,^ot liroiluction record 'witli" which' "to' impress the •prospective new own- FOR KENT—furnished, apartment] over bis ci.uaret. Kiddle, at any^'ii o£ Continental IMctures. 103 Kentucky, Phone 083. 2lck28 j rate, i i:l d a heart that didn't bruise "He wants lo lung onto that job very easily. Johnny was able to | of his," Dan was told, shed bis numerous rebuff j like n j From another: "It I.awson duck shedding rain drops; he wns Brothers avc as smart as I think as philosophical about Ihem as he they are, Auamsou hasn't got a was about Ihe monthly statements chance." ho sent out. Some day, Dati thought with a smile, Johnny FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath. Private home. Phone 479-W. 21ck25. FOR RENT—McBride apartment, 4 rooms, batli, garage. Furnished or unfurnished. 800 Walnut- 20pk23 FOR RENT—Sept. 1st. store building now occupied by The Boot- cry. Mrs. J. U. Sudbury, Phone 1. 16pk23 WANTED irt a prclly ne\v publicity client wbo would fi>oi Mm completely by marrying him, and then week-end following Collins' wciu difficulties v.'llh tlio chorus; an _e.\tyn "mike", was needeil, placed low lo catch the rhythmic lapping of dancing feet; Ihc sound dih'f bud u new suggestion that Hurley thought would help. And once, after going through the number, Anne swung away from Iho stage and found Garry Sloan watching her. Ho was leaning against a stepladder, one foot on Ihc lower Blep, "Why. 110; an arm resting on an upper one.! "'i 5 plelure activity at n gesture from,'Sloan, nnd inter sllenco reign '\rlioro, un nslaiii before, there liad,bqcn bed- am. Whin finrry Sloan .'held up hand people stopped. "Miss Winlcr," he until, with n smile, ;i:nl ho slraishtenojHip'from ,ils loiinsinK- stnnce, spread Ma 'eel, thrust his hands lu his [rack- ctu. "How are you?" he Basked. Anno siulli'd. loo. ".Very .well, Ihuiik?. Mr. Sloan." . - >..•>.. Sloan jerked his yellow' hcjd -toward Ihe set she luiil Jiifil (i'ulllcd. "I've liocn wnlclilnc you," ho nald. and paused, and Anno wnlled for him lo speiik agnln. "Very nice," he snltl. "Vd'j nic-iin—" "1 mean yon." Sloau'd smite hroaiK-iicil at Anne's nuMncnlary bcwllilcrment. "I mean your vojc,si la very nice. 1 Ilko It. I've IKJCII llstenliiR to you sing." A compliment from CHITS' Sloan! Anne Winter's hands closed and nervously, "Oil, do you •cally mean U! Thank you." Slonn said, "I was Jiial Ihlnklng, on .were an extra girl the last time 1 talked wllli you, weren't you?" Anne nodded. "Tiint was In Marrlcil In May.' And you gnvo nc a bit. don't yon remember? Oh, If you only knew what n (brill 1 got out of that!" Sloan laughed easily. "I know yht nv.T.y yon weren't inetint for extra jobs. Wasn't 1 right?" An:ie pive a little uncertain laugh. "Well—" she began, and stopp:i!. nnd Sloan gestured Ion-aril the eel again as If that held the answer. llu asked her: "Have'you sludic4 voice; ... I don't think so," ho vcnUirtd, iuul Aunc confirmed Oils. Ami iic said, "I'm not so sure that you iju^lit to; there's something iilou il just the way it is. . . . Only, [here's a man hero in Hollywood who can accomplish wonders In :i!wi:t a doi:cn lessons—1C you can afford him." "1 hope 1 can," said Anne, nnd Slo:m promised lo Rive her the man'5 namo and address. "He's given pretty good voices lo somo of the people nrouud hero who never suspected they could sing at nole." lli.-J eyes insi>ecled her crilic^'y in Iior scanty costume, and Anne stood, ono hand on her lilp, waiting for him to speak again, uncertain whether to go or to wail for bis dismissal. ''Arc yon nnilcr cunlracl now?" he nskcd presently, and Anne said, I'm just engaged for CARS ,-3R j - fa QgrT OUT" Ifvi "TH WHERE FROM -Tr<' LQQkTS QF VoU , BE A GREAT PILOT -ScrtooMERS . KO.U.I. MT.OtT,:. —_J BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WET IDEAS By Martin T 1 -^ purly Korimer and Collier drove j Ho looked bigger .mil brawnier i down lo Agiia dlieule. Dnn had than over with his while shirt open I never been liicrc, and be went "I lit tiio lliroiit and thu slecvej ' "Well, something ou~it lo lw dlwut that," said Sloan. (To Uu Coi."InncJ) WANTED—Hcusckcci«r at rooming house opposite Station. WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by compx:- tcnl white woman. Mrs. Drown, Grist Mill and Poultry House- I will buy your corn and do cus- tcm srir.dlng. Will asso buy your chickens and eggs. T. II. Shepherd, Frisco] 3og south Franklin. 21pk29 Frisco 19pk23J WASTED—Two experienced girls to assist in demonstrating. Free lo leave city. Call Miss Varnc r at 704 S. Lake St. lick-It 130. For Rent Two Klores on Second slvcct, also cotton office up slfiirs with north skylight. Grand Leader building. Apply on premises. I. ROSENTHAL 21pk23 Closinff Stock P ices A. T. and T 211 Avialicn 55-8 Chrysler 28 Cities Service 27 1-4 Coca Cola 173 1-4 Fox 421-8 General Electric fiD General Motors 441-8 Griy.sby Grunow 13 3-4 I. T. and T 417-G Montgomery Ward 32 1-8 Packard 13 1-4 Radio 40 Simmons 25 United Gas 36 1-1 U. S. Steel 167 1-8 New Orleans Cotton NEW Cotton Oct. Dec- Jan. Mar. May July ORLEANS, Aug. 21. CUP) — closed steady. Open ri;gn Lov; Close .. 1092 111C 1002 1007 .. 1112 1136 1111 111C .. 1123 1144 1121 1125 .. 1137 1160 1137 11-10 .. 1155 1174 1155 1158 .. 1180 1192 1177 1177 I PERPETUAL MOTION jbul do you piny billiards? I "Suppose," he murmured, "Ihat I j CUSTOMF.H: Yo.s. why? Ishculd steal another kiss?" j I3AHUEU: TtKn 1 warn you, si "I defy you!" she replied. [after using this loliou lo be sur "And suppose," he i>ersistcd, j and wash your hands before "that 1 should steal two or three?" VI wouid never give up," she replied. "I would go 0:1 defying you." —Answers. OH, IT'S VEKY GOOD BARBER ir.nvliig sold a bottle much as touching —Tit-Bits. a billiard bnl Spo'.s closed miict at 1073, ofl 11.'of hair restorer): Excuse me Green gold consLsts o[ gold, sil ver and cadimiiun. and -sometime copper is also added. The dcgrc of the green color depends npo the percentage ol Use metals use NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3u r dental offices will be closed sach Thursday afternoon. Dr. I, H. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Dally trips lo Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 New YnrJf Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 21. (Ut't — Colton C!CFI?(| steady. Open High Low Close Oct. Oct. Dec. Dec. olil new old new 1124 1002 1133 1110 IHO 1119 1153 1138 1117 10-30 1130 1109 1117 1003 1130 1110 Jnn. o^rt .Ian. new liar May July .... IMG UG-I 1146 1KG 112; :144 1110 1119 1142 11G1 1136 1135 1158 li'id 1155 1155 1174 1190 1170 1170 Spots closed quiet al 1115, off 20. WERT \ Ho Makes "Em Seel Royal G. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Speclsllzlng in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems I'honc 53 Cldg. Blyl-hcvillc, Aii OBEYING OKDKKS AUTHER 'during rfncarsal. to almott inaiubble actor): Louder. Icudrr! I ran't hear a won). ACTOR i bellowing his nc\t line at (lie top cf his voice i: Don't talk so loudly. They'll hear what we .say.—Pushing Sl'.mv. Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson, Ark. Schultz Construction Co. A NUT-SHKI.U FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS T. IA6LP60 CATCH TMAT FARBAR AU' l' TWE BOVS THifJV: i- 1 - B03;1S3.V IS AM IMSIDE J03--3UT To &f- IT EAR WARK Or OF Coys TRICKS.-- AMD OSCAH. FOR. HOWE ESPECIALLY S, THE H& OU CLEfA BROVIN'S lisas FOX HIS "TOE GO CV\tER HtR n- YOO'UE A HtLP '

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