Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 2, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1896
Page 4
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Gray's GOENER. Dn all kinds of light weight underwear. All styles and prices for men, women mud children. The extreme warm weather l;ns so far made this a good underwear season, and John Gray 15 ^thc place to be suited. •Greatest Discovery or tlie Century 19m Published every rtay in tlio woolc (excepl Jtor.Jay) by the Lojjansport Journal Company. W. S. WRIGHT President. A HAUDY Vice President C. Sv. GRAVES Secretary S. B. EOYER Treasurer Price per Annum M.K Prlco per Month 40 Omclal Paper of City ar.il County. (Entered us second-class molV-mntcer at the Logansyort 1'ust Olllcu, February S, ISSS. TCKSDAY, .1UNE '2. NKW KKMKDV niutllcuttxl Air For Uie Cuf« of Cnturrh, Astlimn and all Pulmonary Disposes, It bus no mjiml for Sliikiinri Nervous lU'iid- bctii', l.OOO.OUO Duoiile me utimudlv from tho ntipve named dl.ioases. Wny anller and dl«, wtwn Slixuwiteil Atr is Kiuinuiiecd to care jou. Air mid UriiK Co.. Richmond, Ind., V. S. A. It is the test remedy on earth (or La .i,ppo. It will give Immediate relief •«4 will effect a cure where all other Nmedlea fall, •old by B, F. Keesllng. > E never put up aiiv Flour under any other Brand than our own. w Our Magnolia Patent Flour Is Guaranteed to be Tweuty per cent better than any other |Plour made in the State. Peru Milling Co. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. ON A BUSINESS 1USIS. Tin.: successful man is businofS-likc. He hoiiL'stly iiiouts coiulltlous. If uil- VL'i'sliy COIIHIS, "lie uu'uts it fairly, o: 1 fnll'S with eolurs llyiii;,'. IT his plans .fail In.' Is (julck ;o see. aud draw bsick. llu dues not try to patch up a I'ullliro. Ho is honest with himself. He Is-upright because It is to his interests to lie so. He- owes something to his fninily. anil to the people who will be affuctod b.v his sin-cos* or f:il!uro. All this should lie true oC a government. Successful governments are business-like. Unsafe methods are out of place lii the eon- duct of a nation's business. Men who transact, the country's business should be prep/ired to I'ac-e conditions. When storm clouds sweep over the horizon, they should know enough to take in the helpless chickens that Columbia hiis taken maternal interest in. They should bo acute enough to seek shelter themselves, it nothing more. There should be uo attempt ro figure out a balance where there 1$ void. In a business liouso such methods would mean the releasing of an offend Ing employe, ami his vacation trip would be to n retired enclosure, hi charge of'a sociable sheriff. Mr. Secretary Carlisle would not last • long as u weather clerk if he foretold sunshine when the barometer indicated hurricanes, and it Is a source of lively concern that lie is permitted to misrepresent aud distort the affairs and accounts of the greatest of all' business basis nations, as he has been and Is doing. SPOKE HIS HIND FREELY. The Rev. E. L. Semans Refers t Hemorial Day Races. The r.ev. K. L. .'Sema'ns of .'the Broad way M. E. church mailn some reCca-nco in the. course o£ hi_s _ sermon Smulii morning that.have caused much comment. .Tlic minister.'was-open anil' ik okled in his condemnation of the rMC on Broadway (.luring, tlio services honov of iMemorlnI< ilny. His .fex-t: was from Paul's epis.tle 't tlie riilllipiaus, 4-l"i,.us follows: ''Be yi therefore blameless anil harmless, tli sons of Cod, in the.iuid.st of a crookei and perverse nation, among whom y sliinu as lights in tl'.c world." In Ills reference to the racing of Me movlal d:iy, tho speaker said thai- if tin riders li.'id gone to :i secluded portion o the city :iii! n . hdd the conlests, he wonh have said nothing. He then went on t< dcnonuee the wheelmen for pcrsistliu, in making the rink, ;wliere the sacret Memorial services were to'be lickl, ant where they wero in progress, the start ing point, and tho finishing place for tin nice, after the vctcnvnsjfi:id''aslvoil then especially to preserve quiet'in the neigh. borliood of the rink. .He.,spoke of tho usurpation by the m.ariagors'of the wee of the street space, forbidding carringos to approach so as lo.join in the procession. ' '- ' •• : He referral to the interruption bj shouting, and other noises, of the services-being held In tlie rink, and salt! that one of the most objectionable features of the wliole tiling were the costumes worn by tUo riders, which ho said wore "Indecent." EPWORTH LEAGUE ELECTION Broadway fl. E. Voting People Choose Officers. 010 BROADWAY. JERSEY ICE CREAM, Beit in tse City. . Little Candy Kitchen, ' 814 Pearl Street. All of our fine bon bous 25c a pound The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient,, Labor Saving. Will •jprlnkle four tlmea greater area than any others. Highest award at the Chicago Bxposltlon. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC •ole Manufacurora, Springfield, Mass. F»r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber •tores In the United States. Spring Suits. All the diversified arts and industries arc represented in the endorsement' the people give reciprocity. It is clear the repeal of the reciprocity treaties was not a response to a popular demand. The revoking of the'treaties that meant so much to American outer- prise was consistent with the Democratic course of opposition to everything ot Republican origination. It was 'inconsistent, however, with the_ talk .of opening foreign markets to Americans, •with which Democratic speakers round- ed'out stump speeches.' The system inaugurated by Republicans, Is the-only one by which foreign markets may bo secured for home producers, without sacrificing homo industries. One loss that results from the revoking of the treaties of the .McKtnlcy law, is the flour export trade to countries South of us, amounting to M0,000,000 yearly. The Epworth League of the Broadway Methodist church elected officers last night for the ensuing six months. The officers are ns follows: President, Eev. E. L. Semans; 1st vice president, Walter Dederick; 2d vice president, Susie Robinson; 3d vice president, Sarah Holluiau; 4th vice president, Grace Custer; secretary, Einma Elliott; treasurer, Sallie Horn. .The cabinet, -composed of' the officers named, will make out u program for the next six mouths using the topics given out by the national board. It is customary to have a special committee do this work but it was left to tlie cabinet. Tho matter of choosing five delegates to the district corivontiou . to be held at. Sheridan, June 8, 9, and 10, was postponed, ns was the nnrnjng of representatives to the State meeting at And-: ebon, June 25, 2G,-'and 27. After the business of the meeting was finished-a short time wns passed in.a social way. Good Goods and Low Prices,, the Combination that Wins. Made in the Latest Styles. W. D. CRAIG 436 Broadway. Second Floor. The D. H. Baldwin & Co.'s Music House Baldwin piano, Ellington piano, Decker BT<M. piano. Finher platio. Valley Gem fUno, Estcy orerauB, Hamilton orsana. Any o' thld niak* Bold for cash or easy payments to eult purchaser. Pianos for t»nt, organs lot rent. Second-hand pianos for sale: $50. $00, $75, »90, J125. Soo- •nd-hand onjana: 115.00 to JOO.OO. A 11 no large size Ellington piano, worth JS73, Mill be given aw»y absolutely free. Piano •ow on exhibition and can be geon at any time nt our room, comer of Third atr«et and Broadway. Com* loam our and tak« a number for this piano. OTKKMAH, A SON Mi»»e«T» Cor. 3rd and J*m»dw»y STOP! READ. LOMFOE3ALK.5 il PsrK. Ocraer'8 Addition i In John t art End Addition: In Map « Grove M. JTnor» >ddicion: In DrltW Addition; In cwl'V Addition; In Woodland Addition; In laBc»« iilrtitlon. * M. M. GORDON. : i, ... Office No. 1 Spry Block, Pearl. St Tho claim of Southern pnpers that tha aocision ot tlio Supreme court, upholding the use of "Jim Crow" cars, separating the blacks .fine! whites In public carriers, Is not distfistefnl to the colored citizen, Is untrue; and docs not justify the injustice done the blacks. A colored-writer says that In the matter of civil rights any scapegoat or Jail bird from anywhere, enjoys more rights than tlie negroes, in the South, no matter what their material, moral or mental .worth •may be. He says he knows there Is no such tiling as social equality. He says tho separate'car ia the product of recent times,, nnd that it Is'aimed at the Intelligent negroes, whoso presence Is Intel- | erant to a class of whites In the South. ' The partiilou suit of Savali A. Zimmerman against. N".- I-I., pun'mer ctal;!;' which tons -taken -the attention of tlij 1 Cass circuit court for two days pasr, wont to the jury yesterday aftcrnoou. Arthur 11. Keesling who spent Sun day with his parents, Mr. nnd Sirs, B F. Keesllng, will return to Howe Jllli tary school at Lima, Ind.y-this rnoriil He will graduate from there on'the lOt.l •of this mouth nnd will then join a part? of cadets who will sail on the 13th pel "Etrurla" for a summer-trip to-Europe SUGAR IN TOBACCO. Xhruo KlndM -DUcovcrecl Heretofore Un* known to Chemist*. ' • •.. A recent number of the- New Bulletin (English) contains some particulars pf a vcr.y interesting' problem, whithsome yen.™ ng-o wivsisubmitted by the treasury to lih-S Kcw u.ut-horily. ' The question -\vas: Does natural sugar occur m tobacco? a-mil in the hivestijra- tl'On of this point some Etrikiuig facts Lave been broug-ht to 1 ig-ht. The treasury authorities wore, of cowse, cliiefly mterestc.d from' a fiscal point of view, the duty on tobu'ccxo (otJbwthimcig'O.rs) being- Is Cd, except in tliecase of "sweetened" tobacco, which is charged a.t. •Is l(Kl, but cignrc-ttre made of the sweetened article are nor allowed to be imported &t all:- Before, this investigation it was g'tMiernJly admitted that tobacco did.not contain more than a trace of saccharine matter. On the advice of Prof. Church, Dr. Hugo Miller was called in, thu latter making a thorough exainiiia-tion of-the question. Cojnmuruin.1 sarop!e» ol bright Virginia tobacco, undoubtedly free from luHilterution, wero found to conta-iji as much ns 15.2 per cent, of saccharine matter. Sun-dried leaves of nieotinmi t,a.bacum, grown at Ko\v, contained 0.2 per cent., 'and those of tho saiiie species'grown at Ewell railway station a« imich as 0 per cent. Dr. 'Miller finds the. sacchnrino matter to be. optically inactive when tested by the polariscope. He is of th". opinion tliu.t neither Cane Sfljya.r HOT g-lucofiC-is-pres- ent in the. sacahajrinc matter, but that it is composed of lit least three sugar-like substances, probably hitherto un- luiown. THE'TURKISH KAIK. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE A SMKE STOftY. The First of the Spr-D£f Crop Makea Its Appeareinoo, Bevc» Youns; \Vomon Chiu'med tjy n . liiK Hull of Deadly liiittlcximlcoH A Rescued by Timely Arrival of u CllarciKil liurncr. It More Closely Bc»cinblcH tlio Oondola Than Any Other Craft. Crawford, tJ)Je author, to whose skillful pen Constantinople is indebted for one of the most charming: volumes ever issued in Ms. praise-, has a word to say about the Turkish boatmeni and their vehicle, the kaik. "Constantinople owes much," writes be, "to '.-the.' matchless beauty of the three • waters ' which run together beneath its wails, and much of their repu-. tation again 1 : has become world-wide by the kaik. It is disputed and 'disputable-, whether the Tuirks copied the Venetian gondola or whether the Venetians , imitated. the Turkish kaik, but the resemblance between them is so strong- as to mial<o it certain that they \ave a common orig-in. Take from the dongola'tlie 'feJse', or hood, and t.ho : rostrated steuv, and tho remainder is practically- the kaik. It is of all craft of ts si3o^,t3ie swiftest, the most easy to ian«.llo. njid ,the most, comfortable, and ihc Tlirlis .generally are admitted to be the best .oarsmen in Europe. Indeed, fhey have need to be, for both the Bosnhorous nud tlie Golden Horn are- crowded -with craft of every dnc'l, .' and' maxle dangerous by tho swiftest of currents. Tlie distnnces, oo, are v^ry, great, and such ns no or- lhiary ; .oarsman would xuidertake for asuro Or for tin; snkc fit exercise. !t is no joke to pvOl 15 o-r 10 miles .gainst a, sti-earn -\vliich in some placea •uns four or five l<n'ots n.r.'hour." In many .couut-rius l::cr« is a stiper- tition t'.i:at when ni:ts are iinusually ct.:vo, ri! iminj 1 to ::ncl fro about their l.'Vfnul.wi'athcr is K'irc to oceur in REFRIGERATING FLOWERS, The -writer on finance for the South Bend Times lias chills when lie looks through his files, for fear he will by chance read some of his old sound money editorials. He Is with Ms brethren now, ninons tlie "rooters" for free silver. The terrible panic on an open plnln nt the popular .feast in -Moscow could not happen in America under the same conditions. The Russliin se;l is uncontrollable, mentally, because he is not taught to control himself. Ouc has only to, note how very few young Hoosiers take advantage <tf them, to realize how beneficent are Indiana's 'school privileges. In p The Delphi Times.dills C. E. Everett's talked of electric line from Logansport to Indianapolis a "Bosy-Newspaper Hallway." The idea of special tax on bicycles would only be Jusitfled by putting every vehicle 1 in existence on the same basis. The Democratic pa/ty is always against Internal- Improvements. This applies to the Democratic cranium. There is a doubt as to the suecess of the Czar's coronation. .Moscow didn't even have a "Streets In Cairo." Comptroller Bowler's obstinacy' bears the trade mark of a Buffalo dealer. Senator Fetter talks revolution, ? his -n-liccls Illustrate. ; . . Sew Scheme for Making-Plants'Blooi Oat of .Season. . . Qult^. (i revolatian in hwtlcujttirelifla been in proj*ress during, the past decade, (Uthoug'b, owing 1 to the 6ccre,t manner in which the experiments leading up to it have been conduc.todrco'mpui-atively few persona have been a-wiire of the new departure, snys Chambers' Jouraul. Everyone kmovs: that flowers, us well as fruits and ;V.eg-e.tableB, na-a forced, EO that those who, ar/e rich sh'oll have the use of them before unaided nature bring-s them to' maturity'. The forcing business is an' expensive one, requir ing constant attteution.' end skilled labor. Many attempts, .therefore, -have beeai made to g-et at the golden < by cheaper means,-. amd>'as < l remilt of many trials the opposite process to forcing hova been adopted with success. The system consJsts'ih"ret:u'ding the flowering of the pkknf'by refrigeration, amd is,of course,only applicable, to those wiich.arc bnrdy in''-tlhW country, by •wiich- tve mean those vrh.icih will stand several degrees of frost. The lily of the valley is one of tJi«m, and it Is much in request for purposes'of decoration. Under the old forcing conditions only- about 50 per cent, of .the,, buds treated oould bo induced to 'Mower, but by the freezing process an ;average. pi 93 per oen.1. etui be'secured from the end of summer up to Christmas,' It will be jiotod '-that the process cannot be applied to evergreen's of any kind and It .would certainly be the .death of com«-l- lias and probably hyacioith'S ond tulips.. It is said.that near Berlin'three grow-. era alone.have nearly. SCO acres of lily, of the valley'under cultivation and that they have adopted the refrigerating: method with great success. :.Ithas long 1 ngo been proved that x the plant can bo cultivated,in. England vyith, equal BUCOCSS, and we tinst that the; new method will ''soon be tried on an extensive scale .in this country.'. " ' .' Dijon, France, .has a-poplar tree -vritli a record that can be traced to 722 A. D. ittis ; 122 feet high and 45 feetin circutn- "' t erecce at the base, ..';.;'.' • -•.!•.- ' "' ftellAblc Cure Tor llfv Stln^n. It is vrellrknown that liquid ammonia clicves.the effects of the stings of bees. V much more effectual antidote is the mixture known osummonin-led tincture of quiuino.' Onseveral occasions, when stung by bees,-it was found that the q-uinJne mixture would give much • quicker and greater relief thaii ammonia alone. V'.: : : .' Half A ILLION DOLLARS , To be Given Away in Articles of Rpaf Value to the Users of ail Pouch "Chewing and Smoking" (Tha Dnly ANTI-NERVOUS and ANTI-DYSPEPTIC) TOBACCO. S'AVC YOUR COUPONS (OR EMPTY S^GS UNTIL COUPONS APPEAR) AND GET IN tXCHANGE FREE THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE AND USEFUL ARTICLES: :• VALUABLE PICTURES. (*i Handsome Water Color Fao jlmNei, Laurl' scupe and Marino,-elzo I-iiiiS, 12 subject*. - Fine Pastel Fac-tlmilei, Landscape and If injures, elzo 20x24 laches, 12 subjects. IK. Bonutllul Venetian Scenes, Works of Art. '•' •' *Ize 20sSO Inches, 4 subjects, .. Magnificent Water Color Gravurat, after fa- iiious artists, size 22x28 inches,4 subjects. NO ADVERTISING ON ANY OF THE ABOVE. SuchExcdl&it Worka of Art have never before Icenofcred, Except Through Uealcrt,.at<xry Mffhprice». Thcyart suitabledecoratiomfur any homo,and to to appreciated mmtbt iccn. CHOICE BOOKS, C'Mh Bound Standard Works, over 150 Be-. Iccted tJtles ; by Eminent Authors, f'opular Novell, SUO titles byFnvoriteAnttore. TOBACCO POUCHES. Rubber, sell-cloting. Convenient andnscfnj. PIPES, French Briar:: (Guaranteed Genuine). POCKET KN.YES, Jack Knives and Pen Knives, first Amorlc«ri-tniiniifactorc. Razor Steel, hand cdulodoe. SiogHundlo {orged,flnely tempered B!( RAZORS. Highest Grade Steel. Hoi W Ground. POCKET BOOKS, Flneet Quality Leather, Lodlca'and Gents'. CYCLOMETERS, 1000 Mile'Repeating, For any elzo Bicycle, EXCELLENT Open Face WATCHES, The "Mall Pouch* Watches aro nrnae by ~ a leading American Watch Company * * ' tindarcgttarctnttcd'.-'ioithcittqualification. b The^workB" contain all improvements np to date. They will wear and perform well for a life time if only ordinarily cored for. Coupon* explain how'to acciiro All Article.. One Coupon in tacit S cint (i'mmoO PaAftge. Tao Coupon* in each JO ant (4 ounce) Package. Mail Pound Tobabco Is sold by all dealers;; Fncfcaee* (now on salt) containing no coupon* vlH bo ncceptod BK coupon". "2oz." Empty Bay > am -Covpon,:«iot. n Empty Sag at too Coupons.. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE Mailed on iBpllctllon. Ivlno complete litl and deiorlptlon of all articles and Ille. of Books and Plcturei; auo Mis how to get them. While a party oi yonug 1 women fvora thu jiorm.'il school were ilcJvinjf nboni the rocks ;nul dense iinderg-rowtli on Bontecoe poiDt the other d;iy in search of arbutus, they were surprised to sue what they at first supposed v.'iis u. l.arg-c football. As it approached they been nie too badly frightened to stir, seemingly having: lost tho pov.-cr to ttcp, for what they now taw was a compact mass of snakes wound tightly nbout each other, with their heads outward, tongues darting out nnd bissingf like small steam cn- yincs. The snakes had approached witliin a few rods when, fortunately a stone upon which one oi the young womeu v.-as standing, slipped from under her foot and she fell, tn falling- her eyes were for nn instant removed from the approaching- 1 suakes. The spell was broken and she uttered a loud shriek and 'ran away,' while her companions still continued to gaze in silence and un:ible to etlr hand or foot at, the approaching venomous reptiles that had evidently charmed them, r.s a cut docs a. bird. In her flight for-safcty, the girl almost--ran against a cabin occupied by a hardy charcoal burner and his family, to whom she excitedly explained the situation. The man of tho. house seized his shotgun nnd ran to the rescue. When he came in sight of the girls they were still standing like statues, not a muscle" moving, every eye fixed on the spproach- ing ball of snakes, now less than a rod disiunt and beginning to unroll themselves. Taking- hasty aim, before they had time to sentUT or spring nt thdir intended prey, the man letpo both barrels of his gun.- A number of the rattlers skurricd. away into crevices in the rocks and some more wounded and helpless were soon dispatched with blows from the butt of the gun. Then attention was directed to seven imperilled young women, each one of whom, as soon ns released from the spell of the snakes, br.d, nftcr uttering one ear-piercing shriek that was heard in the village, nearly a mile nway, fallen unconscious. , , Vigorous chafing soon brought tlicm back to consciousness, although it was several hours before strength returned sufficiently to permit them to return home. Eighteen dead snakes were counted on the field of battle, though none was of large size. CALL ON ST. ISIDRO. Impofflng Itellgtous Ceremony »t Madrid to Bring About Clone or Cuban War. Mjldrld was the scene the. other day of an imposing religious ceremony, the object of which was to procure the ln- tcreereion of St. Isidro, tie patron saint of Mac rid, who lived in the 13th century, to bring about tlie cud of the long drought that has done great daroape throughout the country 'and also to effect the suppression of the Cuban rebellion. Tlve remains of tho saint, in- closed In a silver casket, were carried through, tho streets, escorted by 800" priests, thousands of members of religious congregations and tbe civil Mid. military officials. All carried lighted tapers, and the scene was most impressive, even to those who had no faJth in the efficacy, of the ceremony. There were u great number of choristers who chanted litanies us the procession moved slowly Uirougli the principal streets of the capital. The route was lined with thousands of people who knelt as the remains of tbe saint were borne past them. The houses wero decorated in honor of the occasion,,and an enormous quantity of flowers were thrown from tie balconies into tho path, of the procession. NotJiing 1 similar to the ceremony has been seen in Madrid since the 17tU century. Services were held for nine days In. the cathedral, the. object being the same as that of the procession. The queen regent and other members of the royal family and tlie ministers attended. Similar functions have been or will be held in all the towns of the conn- try. and" inarch,'around Uic temple of Apollo at midnight, smgiug the "Dc Profur.-' OJs." At hist they wore captured, two of them being afterward hanged. COLOR OF WOMEN'S EYES. Tho M"crfi Question of Pigment I!a» Settled Many a Man')* Fate. Did you ever notice that men. always instinctively put confidence in a girl with bine eyes, and have their suspicions of the girl with brilliant black ones, on-d will you kindly tell me why? asks a writer in the Ladies'Home Journal. Is it that the- limpid blue eye^ transparent and gentle, suggests all the soft, womanly virtues, aaid because he thinks he can see through it, clear dow.n ir.lo tliat blue-eyed girl's sou], that she is the kind of a girl he fa.ncies Blic is? I think it. is, but some of the greatest little frauds I know are the purry, kitteiiy p-irls with the big innocent blna eyes. J-',i::y.ing blade eyes, and tbe rich, warm colors, which dark- skinned women have ta wear suggest euerjry and brilliance and no end of intellect. Men look into such eyes and seem not lo be able to see lx>)ow the surface. They have not the pleasure of a long, deep gaze- into immeasurable depths. And so they think her designing and clever, and, perhaps (God save the r.rork!';. even intellectual, when, perhaps, she has a wealth of love and devotion, ar.d heroism stored up behind that impulsive, disposition and those daz/.liug blnck eyes, which would do nnd daremorcin a minute Tor some man she had set. that great heart of hers upon, than your cold-blooded, tranquil blond would do in 40 years, A mere question o£ pigment in the eye has settled ma.ny a man's fate in life, and es- tablished.him v.-ith a wife who turned out to be very different from the girl he fondly thought he was getting. INDIANS WANT SILVER. They Have >'o Esc for Gold Coin or Paper JHonoy. If tlie silver question were left to the Sioux Indians to be decided, says the Stoux Tails Argus-Leader, they would speedily decide it .in a manner that would i>rc-ve perfectly satisfactory to the advocates of free silver coinage. The Sioux arc naturally in favor of free silver coinage, principally because silver, is more easily counted by them than any other kind of money. White Ghost, the venerable head of the Crow Creek Sioux, in discussing the money question while in town recently, advanced some peculiar ideas regarding money, which are undoubtedly shared by practically every member of tho Sioux nation. 'He says that when, the" government pays the people on his reservation -the $108,000 due to them, he wants it paid in, silver dollars. Gold is detested by the Indians because the- coins arc so small when the sum they represent, is token into consideration. White Ghost said he could not understand why a ten-dollar bill sliould not be just ten times as large as acne-dollar bill. He thinks tte govenimentshould increase the size of bills in proportion to tlie sum they represent, even if it was necessary that a SiOO bill should bo as largo as a horse blanket. If the- government- persists in. paying^ Oienv partly in' bills, they-would like to see tlie change -made. But silver dollars ore what the Indians want, even sho»hl they receive ttiem; in such quantities tfcat they wouicl have to be transported to their agencies in wagons. Bumoans Are I.MT. . Civilization, has demoralized the Sa» moans. They have taken a fajicy for the .large men-of-war's beats, for which . they have discarded ticir canoes, and iiv which, they row about from village to village, discussing politics and neglecting t heir crops. To build the boats they have mortgaged their land, and instead of making an attempt to raise money to pay their creditors they spend their time ploying: cricket for stokes consisting of pigs or kegs of salt beet WOMEN TRAMPS. Tie Blboh Bros. Tobaoto 00. WhaBlIng, W. Va. 'o nonT.on» clianged affey uly l < 7 Mother and Fair Youug Daa;Iitcr to Walk from Spokane, Wafth., to Now York. : Mrs. H. Estby and her daughter, aged 33, have just started from Spokane, Wash'., to walk to New York city. They urc respectable, but will "rough it" as regular tranTps and carry no baggage. Their object is to wear a new-style garment, which they will exhibit whan they reach New York. Mrs. Estby is the mother of eig-ht children^ all of whom are living with their father on .8 ranch near Spokane, except the one going witii her. The family is poor and the. ranch is mortgaged. Mrs. . Estby, Bee-ing no other way of getting 1 out, concluded to malcc the journey afoot. • • '. . . . Kogos C bouts. The Villa Garin de'Coconato at Cimie2\ in the gardens of which Queen Victoria walks, and drives for recreation, was. believed to be haunted in the beginning of the century. The ghosts were coiners, who, to frighten tenants away, used to dress .themselyes in white jrarriieiits Peter's Thumb Mark. Portuguese fishermen say that the black spot on ea«h side- of a haddock's head is an imprint of Peter's thumb and fingers. According to the tradition the haddock was the fish from which he took the piece of tr.butc money mirncti- tonslj- found in its mourh. Golden Hod* The golden rod, which was advocated some time ago as the national flower of the United States, is emblematic of en- courngement. Skin Came Off I hnd nn obntlnntef-Wn diflcaso, called Eczema. My body, bead, nnd fti™» wcr« covered with «pot« lilie dropn of rnoriiir,-which c;imo off in layer* of dry ncaU-w. J ^ujfi-nid for over a yc;ir. v.-iihout relief, cou^ulled ncvunil x doctor« without aid, nnd liod .almost, given-up hape. I snw nn iidvcriiwnicnt nbout CUTICUKA litMr.»iKr; took them, nnd In. (iytitwccki I wn« a« wed n* offer, for my rtkln i^ n* nice ntid'clfjir t\* it b.-thy^^ • OEO. liliAUUP.X, Uiiuoyer, Onliirio, Ca:u(i!i. ' SrfflnT Ccnn' Tnr/TirwT.— "\Vnrm' linth* with CUTICURX 8o>v, ^unlle appllciittciui of Cu- TICUHA (oiotnienl), tlie (ircsn Skin Cure, vxicN rally, nnd mild dom* of UUTICUIU REHOLVKST;--... grcjitowt of humor cures. • • Snld throuchout the world, Pric'. CCTICOBA, ioc-v Sou-. 2^M RHIOI.VKST. ^fe. ind »1. POTTB* JDsDQ;.. A! i>j-"HoVloCii«"EvM3- Skin Dltcuc," moiled (ret.'

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