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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 28

Des Moines, Iowa
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Friday, August 9, 1985
Page 28
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21 INK DhSMOINKS KK.IMtK Aug. , 1 1 I W 1 1 mi a' YEATHEB RECiPXT. Patches of clowds appeared (twcti of the eastern rati ol kxrt Thursday afternoon, though by lite ilternooo many of them had dissipated. Spencer 8865 P-Tra Sioux City 8867 P-O.00 m Mapleton 9066 P-0.00 Council Bluff 8669 P-0.00 0 Red Oak 8862 P-0.00 'Shocking' child porn lectures halted by Soda By FRANK SANTIAGO Register Staff Writer Sam Soda, the private investigator and anti-smut campaigner from Des Moines, no longer is giving SCARED lectures, but he says his fight against child pornography continues. "SCARED fulfilled its mission," Soda says. "If you look at what happened, people have become educated. Before, child pornography and abuse was hidden. People are now aware." About a year ago, Soda organized Stolen Children Are Reported Every Day shortly after newspaper carrier Eugene Martin, 13, apparently had been abducted from his south Des Moines route. In October, Soda turned over to authorities a videotape of an interview he had conducted with a Des Moines Register adult carrier who admitted having had intimate relations with teen-age boys. The carrier later was prosecuted. "It was getting to a point where I was putting on two lectures a day, and we put on as many as four or five in a given week all over the state. It got so well-known and accepted." Soda said there were 70 lectures in three months, and the talks became too time-consuming and expensive. Des Moines Mayor Pete Crivaro, who attended a Soda lecture, said Thursday that Soda told a "shocking story." Soda included in the programs slides showing nude children and sexual devices portrayed , in magazines. Said Crivaro: "It stirred up a lot of people. Personally, I've never been w viuiu yui uugrapny, ana what I saw convinced me to support programs to correct the problems." Ron Wheeler, first assistant Polk County attorney, said he had "advised Soda on a friendly basis" that the slides might violate the state's anti-smut laws. "It reads that a person commits a Class D felony when a person knowingly promotes any material visually depicting a live performance of a child engaging in a prohibited sexual OBITMS BEVERLY FRAZER The Register's Iowa News Service OSKALOOSA, IA. - Graveside services for Beverly F. Frazer, 36, of Englewood, Colo., formerly of Council Bluffs, who died Aug. 2 in the crash of Delta Flight 191 near Irving, Texas, will be at 4:30 p.m. today at Forest Cemetery in Oskaloosa. Miss Frazer, a vice president of CiticorpDiners Club, graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs in 1967 and from Colorado State University in Fort Collins in 1971. Survivors include a brother, Robert of Fort Collins; and two sisters, Betty Harmsen of Omaha, Neb., and Barbara Colligan of Mahotac, N.Y. CmEZZIl coupon r"j u 2 J :uui e price of 1 d D n n U D n I ZXhrldsof&un 0 D Present thli coupon, now through September 1. I5, at Kansas City Worlds of Fun or Oceans ol run and for lust $14.50. you'll receive one single-day Passport to Oceans of Pun and one single-day Passport to Worlds of Pun. The two Passports must be used within lour (4) days ol each other. Not talld with any other discount oilers Prices sublect to change. Parks located at MM. etlt S4. Kansas City. Missouri (16)454-4444. D ft-, . 2 Park Passports at S 14 SO (For office use only.) COWPOH. temperature and (nopmiwi lor twnoa tnatnf 1 7 p m. Thundey. Mason City 9162 P-0.00 Fort Dodge 8462 P-0.00 Ame 8852 P-Tra. tj Audubon 8662 P-0.00 Dot Molnet 8861 P-0.00 Wintertet 8764 Ottumwa P-0.00 8559 Lamonl P-0.00 8761 P-0.00 J- Winds were horn the east or south it 10 to 20 though speeds increased to 25 mph it the west reached 30 to 35 mph. act or a simulation of prohibited sexual act." Exceptions, Wheeler said, include police officers and officers of the court, doctors, lawyers and psychologists "in performance of their official duties." "It was left up to Sam. He has provided information to this office that has been helpful," Wheeler said. Soda said the slides were explicit. "Call it shock treatment or whatever you want, but it was time that somebody showed them. We still gather a great deal of information," Soda said, and it is passed to authorities. "The problem is a 100-year-old problem. As long as you have people who molest kids, you're going to have children abducted." Turkish Cypriots deliver response NICOSIA, CYPRUS (AP) - Turkish Cypriots delivered their response Thursday to the U.N. secretary-general's latest peace plan for this divided island. The contents were not revealed. A U.N.-sponsored summit in New York broke down in January after President Spyros Kyprianou of Cyprus rejected an earlier proposal by Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, who is seeking a way to reunite the ethnic Greek and Turkish communities. Turkey invaded Cyprus in July 1974, after a coup against the late President Makarios led by Greek officers, with the stated purpose of protecting the ethnic Turks who make up about 20 percent of the eastern Mediterranean island's population. They have occupied the northern 40 jrcruem ui Cyprus since men. Turkish CVDriots Droclaimerl an inrlononrfonr state in the area last year that the It ftt n . . . u.m. security council declared to be illegal. Mailboxes attacked in Mitchell County The Register's Iowa News Service OSAGE, IA. - Mitchell County Sheriff Curtis Younker said Thursday between 15 and 29 rural mail boxes have been damaged or destroyed in the area this summer. "It seems like there's an open season on them," Younker said. "Most have been blown apart by high pow,-ered firecrackers; a few have been pushed or pulled over. Someone must have a vendetta against mail boxes. Those cherry bombs blow them right apart, front and back. "I suspect some young people are behind this, but I don't have any leads right now. Technically, it's a federal crime to damage or destroy the boxes." D D D D D D D D D Oceans of un D J2J1 plus tax Waterloo 8857 P-0.00 Marehalltown 8752 P-O.OO orahl 59 S 3.00 1 .88 ' P-0. Temperatures were m the 80s to near 90 across the state at S p m. Thorvfa? Dubuque 8654 P-0.00 Cedar Rapids 8556 POO Iowa City ,,. occn t Davenport P-0.00 south mph, to IS Gusts Woman sues to clear name By ANNE CAROTHERS-KAY Register Stiff Writer Bennie Faye Harris filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Polk County clerk of court because every time her sister gets into trouble with the law, Harris gets arrested. After three years of being mistaken for Laquetta Hollie, her older sister, Harris, 24, is hoping the lawsuit will solve her problem of mistaken identi ty. "I don't think they really look that much alike," said Harris lawyer, Rob ert wright Sr., who filed a petition seeking fair and reasonable compen sation for Harris from Polk County ana uerk ot court Clark Rasmussen. Wright said the problem began three years ago when Hollie, of 1303 E. Eighteenth St., was arrested on a charge of drunken driving. Hollie, 27, lied to police and identified herself as Bennie Faye Johnson, which was Harris' maiden name at the time. Although Wright said Hollie told police her real name when she was booked into the Polk County Jail, the name Bennie Faye Johnson stuck with her as an alias. Shortly after her sister's arrest, Harris lost her driver's license. When she applied for a replacement license, Iowa Department of Transportation officials refused to issue one, citing the drunken-driving arrest, the lawsuit alleges. When Harris tried to resolve the confusion by going to the Polk County attorney's office, she was detained on a warrant for her sister's arrest and had to appear before a Polk County magistrate before she was allowed to leave, the petition states. Harris finally resolved the mix-up on the drunken-driving charge by bringing her sister to court. Wright said Harris is suing the clerk of court because after the judge dismissed the charge, the clerk did not remove Harris' name from the warrant system. As a result, when Laquetta Hollie was sought recently as a material witness in a murder case, Harris was arrested, said Wright. Sandy Cater, second deputy clerk, said the clerk's office isn't responsible for the foul-up because "we're just going by the information that was given to us on the preliminary complaint." He kills wife, shoots himself in hospital WORCESTER, MASS. (AP) - A 79-year-old man walked into a hospital intensive care unit Thursday, fatally shot his ailing wife in the head and then turned the gun on himself, officials said. Leona Montigny, 76, of North Oxford died immediately. She had been in Worcester Memorial Hospital for several months, suffering from serious but curable stomach and blood disorders and was recovering from surgery this week. Her husband, Abel Montigny, suffered a .38-caliber bullet wound to the head and remained in critical condition several hours after the incident. Three accused of rape sue Woodbury County, sheriff The Register's lewa News Service SIOUX CITY, IA. - Three Sergeant Bluff men acquitted of rape charges earlier this year have sued Woodbury County and its sheriff's department for unspecified damages. Ronald "Doc" Nelson and Doug and Shawn Emge claim false arrest and state that each "suffered serious, substantial injury and damages as well as loss of income and humiliation" as a result of their arrest and two trials. The three were acquitted during a February trial after a Salix juvenile changed her testimony and said she was a willing participant in sexual acts with the men. Urban honored for making policy by national group Thomas Urban, a Des Moines businessman who led a legislative task force that studied Tnwa w v.aawa.kJ year, has been named Outstanding Policy Maker of the Year by the National Association of State Boards of Education. Urban, thai rman and nhiof executive officer of Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., will receive the award at the O- siutiviwi vvuvcir tion in October. Urban is the first winner 01 tfteaaard Decorah 1 Clinton 1 8753 1 P-O.00 ml 7 8554 Burlington 8562 f P-0.00 7 FORECASTS 1 IOWA Partly cloudy today, chance of thunderstorms, highs in mid-80s to around 90. Cloudy tonight, scattered showers, lows in 60s. Partly cloudy Saturday, chance of showers, highs in upper 70s to mid-80s. SPENCER, SIOUX CITY, STORM LAKE ZONES -Cloudy today, chance of thunderstorms, highs in mid-80s. north winds 10 to 20 mph. Partly cloudy tonight, chance of showers, lows around 60. Partly cloudy Saturday, highs in upper 70s MASON CITY, DEC0RAH, FORT DODGE WATERLOO, CARROLL ZONES - Partly cloudy today, chance of thunderstorms, highs around 90, south winds 15 to 25 mph. Cloudy tonight, chance of thunderstorms, lows 60 to 65. Mostly cloudy Saturday, chance of showers, highs around 80 DES MOINES, SHENANDOAH, LAM0NI ZONES -Partly cloudy today, chance of thunderstorms, highs around 90, southeast to south winds 15 to 25 mph. Cloudy today, chance of thunderstorms, lows 65 to 70. Mostly cloudy Saturday, chance of showers, highs in low 80s. DUBUQUE, CEDAR RAPIDS ZONES - Mostly sunny today, highs around 90, southeast to south winds 15 to 25 mph. Cloudy tonight, chance of thunderstorms, lows in mid-60s. Mostly cloudy Saturday, chance of showers, highs in low 80s OTTUMWA, BURLINGTON ZONES - Mostly sunny today, highs around 90, southeast to south winds 15 to 25 mph. Cloudy tonight, chance of thunderstorms, lows in mid-60s. Mostly cloudy Saturday, chance of showers, highs in low 80s COUNCIL BLUFFS ZONE - Partly sunny today, chance of thunderstorms, highs in upper 80s to low 90s, south winds 10 to 15 mph. Partly cloudy tonight, chance of thunderstorms, lows in upper 60s. Partly cloudy Saturday, highs 80 to 85. QUAD CITIES ZONE - Partly sunny today, highs near 90, south winds around 10 mph. Partly cloudy tonight, lows in upper 60s. Partly sunny Saturday, chance of thunderstorms, highs 85 to 90. IOWA EXTENDED FORECAST - Sunday through Tuesday: Fair Sunday, a chance of thundershow-ers Monday or Tuesday, highs in mid-80s to low 90s, lows in 60s. ILLINOIS Partly sunny today, highs around 90. Partly cloudy tonight, lows in upper 60s lo low 70s. Partly sunny Saturday, highs in mid-BOs lo low 90s. MINNESOTA Clear today, chance of showers, highs in upper 70s lo around 90. Partly cloudy tonight, chance of showers, lows in upper 40s It 60s. Mostly sunny Saturday, highs mainly In 70s. WATER LEVELS! DES MOINES RIVER: Stage 9:30 a.m. Thursday at Southeast Fourteenth Street, 8.8 (bank full 23) MISSISSIPPI RIVER: Stage 9:30 a.m. Thursday at Dubuque, 7.7 (bank full 17); at Davenport, 4.9 (bank full, 15). MISSOURI RIVER: Stage 9:30 a.m. Thursday at Sioux City, 17.9 (bank full 36); at Council Bluffs, 17.7 (bank full 29). C0RALVILLE RESERVOIR: Stage 9:30 a.m. Thursday, 680.56 feet above sea level (normal 670 to 683); flow rate 260 cfs. LAKE RED ROCK: Stage 9:30 a.m. Thursday, " 728.30 feet above sea level (seasonal normal 728); flow rate 650 cfs. RATHBUN RESERVOIR: Stage 9:30 a.m. Thursday, 904.71 feet above sea level (normal 904); flow rate 610 cfs. ' SAYL0RVILLE RESERVOIR: Stage 9:30 a.m. Thursday, 836.64 feet above sea level (seasonal normal 836); flow rate 260 cfs. ASTRONOMY Schedule of moon and planets provided by Dr Lawrence Staunton of Drake University Department of Physics and Astronomy. Moon Third quarter Aug. 8; new moon Aug. 16. The moon rises at 12.09 a.m. The moon sets at 3.-07 p.m. Planets Mercury: Too close to sun to see. Venus: Rises al 3:30 a.m.; high east at dawn, bright. Mars: Very low east at dawn, difficult. Jupiter. Due south at 1:15 a.m.; sets at dawn. Saturn High southwest at sunset; sets! al 12:30 a.m. FARM FORECAST Frem lewa State University, Ames The threat of substantial yield reductions for corn and soybeans will increase unless significant rainfall is received before Aug. 18, according to the Iowa Crop and Livestock Reporting Service. The service reports that some farms already are sustaining drought damage. Soil moisture remains very limited in much of Iowa, with water stress increasing in the northern two-thirds of the state. Soil moisture is favorable in the south and highly variable in the north. D.M. WEATHER DATO THURSDAY AUGUST I, 1985 BY THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Des Moines Airport Station Temperature accumulation Highest at 4:30 p.m . 8 Lowest at 6:30 a.m 61 Mean ..75 Normal 76 Deficiency for the day 1 Deficiency for the month 9 Excess since first of year 223 A YEAR AGO AUG. 8 High temperature In Des Moines 92 Low temperature In Des Moines 70 RECORD TEMPERATURES FOR AUG. 9 Record Des Moines high . 106 In 1934 Record Des Moines low 46 in 1888 Precipitation Up lo 7 p.m. Thursday 0.00 Total since first of month Tra. Normal since first of month 1.00 Tolal since first of year .. 13.52 Normal since Jan. 1 19.90 Deficiency since Jan. 1 6.38 Year ago Aug. 8 0.00 DEATHS i.wa 1 AKRON Glenn Hughes, 69; Arnold Lamoureux, 57; Luella Koplin, 81. AMES Frances E. Peterson, 83. ARNOLDS PARK - Grace Reason, 68. BONAPARTE Mela SI. John, 87; Mariorle Vlck- ers, 82. BOONE Clinton Claubaugh, 70; Anna M. Lan-dholm, 94; Rachel McBirnie, 88 BURLINGTON - Nina M. Schulfi, 89; Hulda F Durst, 79; Hatlle Brower, 87; Mary Roslpaila, 81; Delia B. Weaver, 71; Myrtle A. Houston, 86; Susie Person, 84; Melvln C Brandenburg, 72; Ruby Franklin, 71. CHARLOTTE Robert Huber, 61 Pohl, 65; William G. Black; Lawrence M. Brus, 71; Grace Caffrev, 83; Lillian Rees, 67; Lorri S Jones, 25; Celia Fogel, 55; Belle J. Lierly, 28; J. H. Gehrmann, 93, Donald A. Calhoun, 54; Edward Hoffmann, 82; Thomas J. Boyle, 69- Brun-hllda M. Rails, 82; Josephine K. Dice, 86, Floren- .iu.s J-SO'oerner, 89; Ruth M. Dellman, 55. DELMAR Oma Winkel, 83 DES MOINES Madeline Gotlstein, 80; Stella Kee- e.IX'J''' Hi,rold Pl0,,s' Earl "oslberg, 82. FAIRFIELD Ralph Johnson, 75; Edna Thada, 65; Emma Holmes, 89; Linnie Parker, 87. . GARNAVILLO - Orville Tuecke, 71. HAWARDEN Hilda Vender Lugl, 70 IOWA CITY - Helen Allen, 77; Grace I. Seidell, 85; Robert J. Kotron, 71; Carl W. Hastings, 83; Regi-ne Hennessey, 94. KALONA Agnes M. Swindell, 73. KEOKUK Mary Prunly, 84; Beulah Varner, 85; Johnathan Heller, 27; Ladena Waller, 44; Justin McAllister, Infenl. LAKE CITY Franklin B. Garrelt, 65. LAKE PARK I ni. u.m.h:n ... LOHRVILLE - Clark Cogley, 76. ' MARCUS James Collins, 59; Joseph Glackin, 48; William PilK 81 MIDDLETOWN -t Bernhardt Schroder, 82 MORNING SUN - Martha E. Wilson, 83. NEW LONDON - Lois L. Blow, 59; Michael Allen, infant. 2?? LIBERTY - Jerrad Poggenpohl, infant. STRATFORD Clara L. Deile, 87. SOLON Mary H. Miller, 67. TERRII Rnrirww Bi,n ti ' . VOLGA Lpretla Duff, 79. WALCOTT Birdie E. Wegener, 94. WASHINGTON Alir P loir. 01 WPI i MAM Inh u Qi.'. ac. i.i.l i The Forecast for 8 p.m. EDT, Fit, Aug. 9 High 90lOO Temperatures 1 0O w Showers Rain Flurries Snow Occluded -w Stationary m- TEMPERATURES" J J,Li.)LJii.iij.ii. ui.,. .i-iiLU jraw.iwii-iLeu Liinejuii-iiiLiumisjuiLj umlm. is Lisim ..hwuhuujlhi iti.i.ijjLm.itjunjtuM U.S. Concord, NH Dallas Dayton Denver Detroit Duluth El Paso Evansville Fairbanks Fargo Flagstaff Grand Rapids Great Falls Greensboro, NC Hartford Helena Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Jackson, MS Jacksonville Juneau Kansas City Las Vegas Little Rock Los Angeles Louisville Memphis Miami Beach Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans New York Norfolk High temperatures for Wednesday. Low temperatures from midnight to 7 a.m. Thursday. Precipitation for 24-hour period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday. H Albany 81 Albuquerque Amarillo 98 Anchorage 65 Asheville 78 Atlanta 85 Atlantic City 79 Austin 101 Baltimore 88 Billings 93 Birmingham 87 Bismarck 89 Boise 91 Boston 81 Brownsville 95 Buffalo 78 Burlington, VT 80 Casper 92 Charleston, SC 89 Charleston, WV .... 75 Charlotte, NC 85 Cheyenne 85 Chicago 84 Cincinnati 81 Cleveland 78 Columbia, SC 89 Columbus, OH 77 L P 66 0.36 70 0.00 69 0.03 50 0.23 66 0.06 71 0.34 72 0.26 76 0.00 76 0.00 59 0.00 71 0.00 64 0.00 51 0.00 70 0.02 77 0.00 68 0.15 67 0.04 58 0.00 74 0.02 68 0.27 71 0.03 53 0.00 55 0.00 68 0.00 62 0.01 72 0.06 69 0.10 Outside U.S. Temperatures and weather observations are for the local times listed (7 a.m. Thursday in Iowa ). Aberdeen, noon cldy 58 Amsterdam, 1 p.m clr 65 Athens, 2 p.m clr 91 Auckland, mdnt cldy 55 Beirut, 2 p.m pt cldy 86 Berlin, 1 p.m .....cldy 69 Bogota, 7 a.m cldy 50 Bonn, 1 p.m cldy 66 Brussels, 1 p.m clr 68 Cairo, 2 p.m clr 87 Caracas, 8 a.m M M Casablanca, noon clr 76 Copenhagen, 1 p.m. cldy 63 Dakar, noon cldy 83 Dublin, noon dr jl 56 Geneva, 1 p.m clr 67 Helsinki,2pm clr 72 HoChiMinhCt,8p.m cldy 82 Hong Kong, 8 p.m pt cldy 85 Jerusalem, 3 p.m clr Lima, 7 a.m cldy Lisbon, noon clr London, noon cldy Madrid, 1 p.m r clr Malta, 1 p.m clr Manila, 8 p.m cldy Moscow, 3 p.m cldy Nairobi, 3 p.m pt cldy NewDelhi,5:30p.m rain Nice, 1 p.m clr Oslo, 1 p.m pt cldy Paris, 1 p.m pt cldy Peking, 8 p.m clr Rio, 9 a.m clr Riyadh, 3 p.m Rome, 1 p.m Seoul, 9 p.m. Stockholm, 1 p.m Sydney, 10 p.m Taipei, 8 p.m Tokyo, 9 p.m Tunis, 1 p.m Vienna, 1 p.m Warsaw, 1 p.m Suspected child abuse victim dies in Algona after year in coma By TOM ODONNELL Ol The Register's North Central lewa Bureau A 2-year-old Algona girl, who had been in a coma for more than a year as a result of head injuries that police believe resulted from child abuse, has died at the Kossuth County Hospital. v An autopsy has been conducted on the body of the girl, who Algona died earfy Monday. Algona Police Chief Eric Swalwell Thurs-A J day would not comment on the autopsy except to say that he pes moines hoped the results would help pin down when the injuries oc- i . v curreu so uiai criminal cnarges can be filed. Nov joo swalwell would not identify the victim, but David Schultz, administrator of the Kossuth County Hospital, said the only child to die at the hospital early Monday was Natosha Durkin, 2, daughter of Theresa Durkin, 34, formerly of Algona but who now lives in Des Moines. Durkin had been in a coma since she entered the hospital, said Schultz Police began investigating the possibility of child abuse after the girl suffered a seizure while being cared for by a baby sitter in July 1984. Medical officials told police the child had brain injuries. Swalwell contends the injuries resulted from child abuse. "That was confirmed initially," he said. "The injuries the child received are traumatic " Kossuth County Attorney James Murphy said no charges have been filed because "a lot of different people had contact with her" and police have been unable to pinpoint a suspect. Murphy said the case was turned over to the Iowa attorney general's office which concluded that there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone A grand jury also failed to issue an indictment in the case, Murphy said Swalwell said police have determined that the child had been in the custody o -different people at different times, and he is hoping the autopsy will provide a time frame to tie the injuries to one person. He said the child was in the continuous care of a baby sitter for the two weeks before the seizure occurred while the mother was detasseling corn, but he said it is possible some of the injuries may have occurred before that two-week period Shot in head; hurt only slightly By WILLIAM RYBERG Of The Register's Davenport Bureau ROCK ISLAND, ILL. - A Rock Island man running down a city street was struck in the center of his forehead with a small-caliber bullet early Thursday - but was only slightly hurt. "People tell me, 'You're lucky to be alive.' And I say, 'Yes, I am,' " said Wendell Carter, 22. A bump and a large adhesive bandage are the only visible reminders of Carter's brush with death. The bandage conceals the small hole left by the bullet; only three stitches were required to close the wound, Carter said. The incident began about 1 a.m. Thursday when some friends had gathered outside Hickman's Recreation Center in an inner-city neighborhood and heard shots being fired. "I heard something go pop, pop," said Carter, who, with other members of the group, scattered after hearing the shots. "I just tried to get out of the way," he recalled. As he dashed around the corner of a building, heading for his house two blocks away, a bullet slammed into his forehead. Moments later, as police responded to reports of gunshots in the area, Carter was stopDed for ouestionine be- c.9ueJiwftjj,erjinninjwjilh&, SO 8 80 97 80 93 86 83 101 89 76 85 83 80 88 ....84 80 86 91 95 84 84 88 74 87 107 90 84 83 89 89 83 89 .....84 87 80 86 67 0.05 73 0.00 64 0.14 61 0.00 61 0.13 53 0.00 70 0.01 69 0.30 55 0.00 64 0.00 53 0.00 58 0.03 51 0.29 70 0.16 67 0.35 56 0.01 77 0.00 71 0.11 61 0.11 68 0.23 72 0.37 M M 63 0.00 80 0.00 72 0.00 65 0.00 67 0.00 75 0.00 74 0.42 64 0.07 70 0.00 70 0.41 69 0.69 70 0.52 72 0.00 North Platte 89 Oklahoma City 94 Omaha 87 Orlando 93 Philadelphia 86 Phoenix 106 Pittsburgh 84 Portland, ME 76 Portland, OR 69 Providence 78 Raleigh 87 Rapid City 94 Reno 91 Richmond 89 Sacramento 92 St. Louis 90 St. Petersburg 92 Salt Lake City 98 San Antonio ,.98 San Diego 75 San Francisco 68 SaultSt. Marie 76 Seattle 66 Shreveport 99 Sioux Falls.. 89 Spokane 75 Syracuse 80 Topeka 87 Tucson 97 Tulsa 93 Washington 88 Wichita 90 Wilkes-Barre 81 Wilmington, DE 89 62 0.74 73 0.00 64 0.00 73 0.09 69 0.91 83 0.00 64 0.00 65 0.00 58 0.20 70 0.28 71 0.02 58 0.24 51 0.00 73 0.01 58 0.00 67 0.00 77 0.01 76 0.00 76 0.00 69 0.00 56 0.00 50 0.00 55 0.07 72 0.00 69 0.03 50 0.00 71 0.05 64 0.00 77 0.00 71 0.00 71 0.27 70 0.00 66 0.51 70 0.31 75 56 77 65 81 78 79 78 74 80 74 60 68 81 69 CANADA Highs and lows through 7 a.m. Thursday. H L Calgary 78 4') Edmonton 75 47 Montreal 81 67 Ottawa 80 64 Regina M M Toronto 83 50 Vancouver 68 55 Winnipeg 74 54 PAN AMERICA Highs and lows through 7 a.m. Thursday. H L Acapulco 90 72 clr 107 clr 79 clr cldy clr pt cldy cldy clr cldy cldy 82 82 54 85 81 83 62 64 Bermuda 84 Havana 91 Kingston 91 Mexico City 79 Nassau 95 73 M 77 52 77 San Juan 89 75 Vera Cruz 91 M street. The officer shined a flashlight into his face and was shocked to see a bullet protruding from Carter's forehead. "You know you've got a bullet" in the forehead, Carter remembered the officer asking him. The officer told Carter to sit in the back seat of the squad car and to refrain from touching the bullet while an ambulance was called to take him to Franciscan Medical Center in Rock Island. Doctors removed the bullet and sent Carter home. Police are holding the slug as evidence. Sgt. Gene Anderson said the bullet entered the skin on Carter's forehead but did not penetrate his skull, apparently because the bullet had ricocheted off a brick. building and smashed through a metal downspout Carter said he thqught he had been struck by a rock or a piece of brick. Carter said he didn't see who fired the shot, and he told police he doesn't believe they were directed at him. He said he wasn't aware of any fight pre ceding the shots. No other injuries were reported, and no arrests had been made by Thursday evening. The incident .ransunder investigation. L. fA so,,) mm 7 W IUIIM""W1 limit

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