The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, .MARCH 10, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pinochle He Three Generals Meet • • No War KANSAS CITY, MO. iupt—ue-! vengc is :-'.v;cl—ami a rtiwoiilcnli'rt j card player ;;as had hi'i'S thron<,'h • iw.wi. coal, I'M cream and ivjsli- in;-: machines. \ A woman was dismissed as » i miinber at llie NciKiiburliuiil I'i- ; nochls club when .slie loi's u;> tin- I ia:dj during ci dlsiiini 1 . T.'.at 'A'.";! !"l ilif lasl mer-i!;]!'. ''V tiers and trie liosf---«. Mrs. Univ. were assembled and l»'i> 30-:! /.iiijr'i ' ol pinoehK' were in iKr.;rt-.« ',,-iii'r. • tile bsl! rasin'. Mrs- Kin; III.-HT•-,-J ' ihe door. "A gallon of ice cream you •,}- dered. Mis. Ring." a v.irl. Ihc man Ml. j-'ivi immir-.s l.H.r- u delivery bey WHS Hiinvinr.'liij :•; I h;j;l u do/en vo.-.t-s v.;u \vt'ie or-! (Jered. He also v.MH H-AJV Midi h::' pioifutt. Then llie lrnui>le .stalled in oarn- I tsl. Ev.-yy few minutes a cailtr raiiij lit:- !>:•]!. Each .rln» brought imorderfj i>cr;<ls. T..cie -A ere i'.vn dm.;n jose.-, from a; («-o ions «1 toai; washing )ir.i':l)iirjs; r.vo • cases cf soJa; a ra x ::mn, and a of other cal'.trs. .SOTICI-: or .MARSHAL'S SAM;" ! (!nil«J Stairs of Ainrrlrj) (ss: j „„__ i:as(;rn Olslriet of Arkansas) I "" I'ublico notice is hcretiy given,! Three lamed U. S, generals, looking vciy uuicli lib '.i-.u by virtue of n wrii of Fieri: b:.Kii!'.'=i men. met in Ihe Phoenix Ariz Faeiiis .or i-xcciuiom, tinted. l-'et).' j B)in j 2. 19S4. issued onl of the District.;' properly carries Ilio contract to four T!n> lt»y West o|>:'iis llie slnulelon nine, of diamonds. Declarer .should not: allow tile trick to ride lo llie queen, .slni'e the ninj Is marked' us 11 .s.n^le'.an KIHI South can sec I'Uial )»• Inis a home for Ills loslns diamond on one ug ciuinnr.".s ijood . .spiule.s. Therefore, (lie ace be iil.iy- j ed and tl-.u IILT of spades cashed immediately. 'I hi 1 ten 61 spades Is led over 1° dummy and won with Hie Juek. The inKTii of sp.ides Is played, nnd • the (using o,iieeii of diamonds' Is • Of roiii-sv. Ihe ilerlnrer his scv- ' noiv must IH> m.ide 10 mil ai least one of Ilicin. Tin- (iiiecn of clubs Is played. K'a.r. winning wltii llie king and mm-, regardless of what Ens; dues, ill? i-aniriirl Is maite. 'llie best d"Ieivsi', iic.isibly, Is'lo , return a lieaii. Soiilh ullI KO In ' with the u-ji tu retain tin- lentl in i his oivn tuuul. i.nd then will lead ;i dni). riilllii^' in (li.ininy wi;h Ihe i ace uf iu'iirt.s. I The kini? in' .spades Ihen hhonld Iw reliiriieil an:l. whcllier or not, tnimiK \dln the klny of licnris, tin- declarer discards the posing nine ol chits. Now hl.s i only other ioshu; trick Is Ills rc- mii!niiK r club! unii.n stniioii Ml. motored from 'l'uc«oi! lo UH-LH Cenrt of the United Slaies for UK, Lasterr. District of Arkansas on a| DnwM <udgiiii'iii rendered in .said Conn,I on the Clh day of December. A. D. . J0.32, in favor of R. h. Hradi G. Flartord. center, and Gen. "Charles llircp when Gen. keen Cien. returned v.ilii Pcr.shini- to TIIMOII for Ijord v.-ciil, on ;o San Fraii inwes. righl. Banker a vncatlon and liar- Owns IJi'.sk :!M Vi-'ars Old TOI'EKA. KIIILS. (UI't-A desk over :iOO years old a nd wlt.'i 75.0X10 pieces oj wood Inlaid In Intricate patterns, is owned here by Mrs. berl S. 'Parker. The \vns given to her Ini.sband \vlion he was stationed In ihc I'lillliiplne Islands:. Offers by collectors [or Hie rare piece of furniture have rnnged upwards to SI5.MO. ^VAS^^a^S: Right Bidding, Plus Good Play, C H. nenn, I have, on I his 2nd; ^ • <~> J 7 ;:ir r t,!rfS> ^S^di Essential lo Make Game Here •Male, siluated In I)!? county ol [ i.'sissipjji and stak- cf Arkansas, C-wit: .South Half 151;.) of Sositlieus'. quarter <RK'; i .seclion 'I '.ven'.y- j'f-vf-n <'/.!> Town-hip sixtt'i'ii '16' Nmlh, Range Twelve '12) Fasl. (Eialily fibres! North Half r.N'i..) of Southeast unar- "•r 'SE'i) of Section Tweniy- ••'rven (27) Townsliip Siiir:en 'M',i ;;ortl), KcitiL'e Twelve i!^i Fast, itigiity ;.cres! Ea.sL Half 'E'-> of the Enst Half (E'j) .-nd Kortlnvc.s:. Nortfi cast Quarter (NW XE'., > •, Section twenty-iwo '22) Townsliip .Sixteen nfii RmiKe twelve 112) East One hundred .H'/IHy j-frrc-s. Northeast Quarter INE'I) of Section twenty-seven i2T), Township sixteen : HO) Hang-" Twehe H2) Enst. .\onlu'<est Quarter INW i of Section Twenty-seven i27' Township Sixteen (1C) N'orth. Range Twelve H2) East. One i'undred thirty-four acro.s ' ! Tddiiy's Gotiitv .ict l.iiuliiu 1 , li;u; utuii 1 : iii' ^j::n[t : : .Vnrtli. l>vo t'oulh. li-.i>-<: s|j,uUr.s; I'Oiir sp.nli....:. Would Wis-l iiiisillnn. llMd U'. dUlllxllllM nllll fol- i [hr- (feiif '.-. anainst • | makes a oiw-over-onc foreiiv* bid eill .31 on? hear:. : ,!i-[ Snrl'x bids one ,,. : i siuti:', he now ii« v '., K to s |,o-,v Ihe | true color ol his Iwnd. South «oif.5 ta i-v,) hearts. ,sr,ow- iii!! a good five-card heart snii. North bids threi- rinn.cinjs, sho'.v- in» Hit- Ko;v. u-licn no trump. club suit is not r- .-,f hand. to ihrec knr.v.s that tli» -y..\-:jHv :;troni! " . cr South would li.-.vo ao;" into nn trump earlier. Thereto. Noni) Tluro are six iienlt.s in Die Alps hiuhcr tlian Mi. wiiHncy. which Is- l!ie highcit in Hie >>. K. Children's Coughs Need Crcomulsioni Always gel the ttsi. foslcsl and' siiresl Ireatmeni lit your child's I cough or cold. Priidr-'nl inolher.i more anil movi 1 an- inriilnij to Creomulslon for :uiy coii^li nr cold tnal Marls. ' Crtonnilsion emi])silie.s crco.solc! v:ilh six olher lni>)rlnnl mcdlclnnl i-'emcntn which >:cnthc and iieal ipe inliamed nienil.rnnes. It Ls not .1 cheap remcoy. li;:t cnnlalns no! n-jrcolics nnd is ci-rtain relief. Get u boUlc from von 1 dru^ right now nnd have it rcadv for iiwlant we. — Adv.C Solution to Previous Contract Problem ; BY WM - K - MfKKXSKV ^Ltri'lary, .inierican llriiljo J.cagnc • Toti:1 i'' s hand presents an inter: tfti "? bidding problem, as yon will £ llial J will accordingly offer:'! ol '' ce llM -' rc ' !s a src^l 'J?al c! bid."Md real estate for .sale at pirl>!lc! omg } "-'- a -<' fPnic K rr-.iclieJ. In '.'piitlne lo ihc hkhcs! and uest' othtr ww;ls . 'he tthtrihuUcn is wtO! b'dder on credit of three moiilhs i5 -' i0wn - [ p-'< chaser to lumisli a f> provcdi Wn!le s -™ral pairs arrived ai a Loi-d for purchase price and in-'"" 1 "" ' ollTTa "' wit:i (his haiirl. it I leresl; all the right title, inieres'.. • W!>3 surprising ii 0 -,v many pairs and cqnily of Mrs. c. H. Bean, at "' ' were defeaied. One pair man'a-.'d to «o flown Ihrct' tr-ciis al ia:ir hearts, which pro'niem in Useif. of a <S K fj j 4 V A :i « A 1C S5 I ': *Q +, !< r, •", :t V C & 'j 2 # » A J S 5 3 .South from, dcor o: the Ml.s- fir-sippi County court house at ISiy- thevil'.e, Arkansas on Ihe 10th (lay of April al 1:30 P. M. G. I,. MALLORV, I U. S. .Marshal. Easlein nistricl of Arkansas.: By' L. P. WILLIAMS.: Deputy. C. A. Cunningham. Plaintiff's AUy. 13-20-27! NOTICE OF TRUSTKK'K SAM:" Default having i. TO n made in: tnc payment, or the debts and! obligations secured by thai cer-j iain deed of trust execuicil on I November 11th.. igjc. t, y Rufus M ! Moody IB. M. Moonyi and A?.ie M.i Moody, his wife, to Hi- under-! '-•.igncil as Irnslee, as x ilia same| .-.opears of record in Book "O-l."i P::ge 2,'n;. oi the records of tlicl Clerk or the Circuit Court of 1 Mississippi County, Arkansas, all illylheville. and Ihe o:\ui-r of (he t!rbl iisvin^' requesled Ihe under-' ^ . 'isncd lo advertise and sell the; puberty described i:i said d;ed ot 1 ' rilc 'Milillng ,. i'iiM. all of said indebtedness tinv- N=rth - s bid of on? diamond ir in? matured by default in i!aj pay- i 'hird positicn simply can be n lead- ment of a portion lliereof at thc|< iirc<!tin S bid. However, -,v!-.en S.-)iii;i.)..ion of the owntr. thLi is to fri-'e no'.ice Ihal we win on SATURDAY. MARCH nth. 1934, ".'Until legal hours, at the front ::eor of IhC Conn in Bly- '- - None \ul li'.iil— f :i. -Vnrtli i:., 1 A Symptoms S(ion (J« Away After TSP of H!«o!i-I)nim,'ht cash, the following described prop- :rly situated in Mississippi Co:iii- ly, Arkansas, lo-wil. 1 The Sonlii Half of Iho North 1'wo-llilrds of Ihe Northwest Quaitfr of Section One. Township Fifteen North. Range Ten Ea*l. less llie rast lour aives thereof conveyed bv two deeds, one recorded in Book 20. Page 333. and the oihrr In Book 2«. l age 376: containing in Ihe assj'ezalc. lew f aid exceptions 50.77 acres. . mor( , or 'j,^ AH rlsht and ef im , v of , ct)cmll . lion, homestead, dower and appraisal waived l a „,,, ^ cd , .rust, hill Ihe sale «m IK Ulatlf i'ler due appraisal as provided >v Ihe taws of the Slnle of Arkansas. The title is believe;! to be good, till wj will rell and convnv as irustee only. This February 19th.. 1934. KANSAS CITY TITLE A: TRUST COMPANY. TrUilce. By John Henry Smith. President. >.hnrch dv- Gnnn'away, Alloineys. uaiiglil n bo in Uveiiiy-fivi' years, when needed, and has "fonr.d it very cooti." "When I ha%c a sour stomach and my mouth tastes biller. and I feel Liliov,E. sluggish and Ured. 1 will very ioon have a severe headache 1 :( i don't, take r.omithmg. I imv; : caiiit-(l In kc-ep off these spells by Inking Truxilord's Black-Draught. Very .scon I am ieelinj fine. I leel that Hlack-Draiijht caivt be fcenie.ii as a family medicine" Get a package ol lJI?.ck.-Urmighi toJay Ecld in 25: packages. Adv. 3HP2 NOTICE Tn Ihr r.-.vr^r' cl Kindle let? id tltp alii ,Mrl oT AJiiple {irrvve i'rmelrry: This is lo iiolify .\ou (Jiat Hie iiioui.'ts ivili i- c IcwriKl ar.d all nb^lTiic- (icns Kinnved ;o tlul Hip ECMtnn may cite ( ( , r (| K -,e lots. MAPI.K GKOVR CV.MK- TPRV ASSOCIATION- CASH GROCERY Specials Eor Saturday and Monday ~~ 23c llin'.s Special. Nonu Hotter Pound OXYDOL While 'I'hvy I,list! ."• (Jiunl !?;irs <f Cfc** C. *c (;.. 1 ii-(iz. Ivor.v. All for X9C SOAP iiiv ur 1'almolive liar OLEO Va)!ev Park I'ountl lOc BUTTER (ialden Rod ['mind 29c ROYAL GELATINE -^!r s 5c BANANAS VellmvFniit - 3 iS±, 8he 5c I'onnd Kviipnrated l':ij;c Dnind Tal! Can Be; Small Sunny Monday Laundry 10 I Jin 25 c SO Si/e li for 25c Ll>. Had; Ivarh PORK CHOPS find Cuts >f ^J_** round JLfm'zC fresh Full Dressed Pmiml BACON Sliced :'ouml 14c K. C. Uah.v Hccf. Loin or <"|rt** T-Kone. round «*UC Pure or Hum ho I'ound SAUSAGE Cure Country I'ork <f H" ^^ Pound 19C SAUSAGE 1'urc >lea(. Mixed fig* Pound 9 C PAGE THREE PIGGLY WIGGLY Prices for Saturday KROGER STORE SLICED <wao3 Extra Special Pound 15c I'niicy Siii'iri.^ l.c'Ks, I.It. 2\c imi'tt'ss HiiJtsI, I'nimil PorkSteak ic Fryers •KM 1 r>CQCaaWMHHi^H Kull Dri'.sscd I'linnd I'ork houlder I'ienlc' Hlylc I'rcsli I'mnul Roast Thick Kilt Pound - Shoulders I'ound - - 15 l.o in or !fil) Chops, l,li. !">( ({D:IS(, I'diind Salt Meat Steaks K. 0. Hound Slumped KcoT Pountl Franks And AVefnurs i'ound Cheese No. 1 I'oiuul 19c Bacon lircakfiwt In the Piece I'nund CAliLI Fi ' ow " ;i ^ lv ^ 8 C CELERY I-ii PEAS Krcsh 1A< I.I). LI) PMtK'igS^V^lS". GRAPE J1 " n; "••« 1 17 <; - *v : liuiH'h iJ CAROTS K; BANANAHK ?KZ Wincy;i|i QVRIIP su ' llin - 1(| - |J) « OiilDl iidiii r.-i.i). d till -I'll- 'iin 2'k CCCOANUT Htllu1 ,, 19 t; I'Yt'iirli. I'kij;. - :^U- .Icwel. !i l.lis. - I'M: .lewcl. Slamlnrd No. 2 Can 4 for 2§c puis Butter Sugar .Avnndiile. Cut int; linink I'niinil I'tiro (.'r.irmlaU'il HI I'oiinds SQUASH "'""• ^ 7' 2C ORANGES Florida <>JC r,'l ONIONS g? °. r E 22° MIYCn VBfiETAm.ES OCC ITHAtUNo. 2 Can. :{ for ZD PUMPKINx C. c, n\ No. 21/1 €un ; i rorAA ° ur M th ««-s tt/tU/t. 2.1.1. dm Avdiidale l.f?e. 2 i/i Out K;ich (iiiariintcfd Ocl.ux No. '2' 2 ('sin STRAW IJBRIIIIM "^ V. Win-ill IftC Rvc 1 . Ka. llf PEAS rib( - k " :> " ! '"• \t y RRAM FI - AK « S (1 - <•'• w Bll/in is-.,/. Carton ID APPLE SAllClK C. C. 1 No. 2 Can 1 SOUP Vw " iilile. Tall !!ny Cit'n C. C. 20 His !)!lr; II) Ills . r >:ic; n tbs mm Dui-lttss i)o/tn 7- ti. ,\., Navy or ^CC Pinlo. )() ,T or -JC l l-lis. 'ID CAIT ( '- C - !>lili " " r 7 l I.J1JLI ]<:dixi-d. Pliir .t SOAP" ; 'alinolivc or Ciimav C.\', Country Clul) Lb,Box lite' Seminole TISSUE 1000 Sheets 3 for 19c SPAGHETTI Tl '" S 10 t; FRESH BREAD ^ 10 C CANDY Small Creams ns 1AC Lb. 1U TWINKLE A " r^S. 14 (J HASH Corned Ifcef. ITC Armurtr. . Can 13 KRAUT Standard Iftt No. 2 Can lU T.lhle Triiimph 1'eck (.'oinidy Club Lse. 2' 1 . Can ICsu-h SILVER WEDDING OOC 21-Lli. Sack OJ SILVER WKimiNC (?-J (>r I.s-Lt). Sack r) 1,03 lackberrirs Standard No. 2 Can :i fur Olives Larije Jar Kiieli Grapefruit Large Florida Eaeh Pickles So«r or Dill Quart Jar F-ach liest Cream 21-Lh. Sack Each P & G Soap Large Size 7 liars Country Club 3 Tall Cans or 6 Small Cans

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