The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1948
Page 13
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THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 19.18 (AKK.) COUKIKH MOWS Wallace Forces Suffer Setback Toylor's Substitute Foreign Aid Plan Defeated by Senate WASHINGTON. Ma,. )| (UP)— The Senate yesterday turned a (leaf eai- to the Wallace forces rind overwhtImlngly defeated a move lo substitute a program of forelgii Hid throusli the United Nations for the European Recovery plan The ilcfcntcd propciiil was spon- » .iorde by Sen. Glni n. Taylor. D., Ida., vice presidential raiul'idale of. Henry A. Wallace's tlilrd pally. The vole tame amid these for- tlin aid developments: 1. Maj On. clalre L chcnnault' proposed immediate American mlli- | t»ry aid for China. He salci it Is i necessary to prevent a third World War. He estimated that the Chinese. Nationalist government could quell the Communists in the civil war and rrhabllltate the counlrv In three years If the U. S. would spend $2,000,000.000 there. 2. Sen. Robert A, Taft, R,. O., aligned himself against Senate President Arthur H. Vandenbcrg in the amount of aid to be provided under the ERP. Taft announced he favored about $4.000,000 for the first year of the plan Vandenberg has Insisted oil the full $5.300,000,000. Taylor's plan would have prohibited any use of the money for military purposes. Russian Exhibit Held in New York McCabe Defends Record As Surplus Sales Head WASHINGTON, Mar. 11. flJPI — Thoma* B. McCabe, President Truman's choice to head the raderiT. Reserve Board, yesterday defended before congress his record as foreign liquidation commissioner. Tlie Pennsylvania banker and manufacturer told the Senate Banking Committee that "there doubtless have been mistakes." But he Mid in a 2<-pagc statement thru he thought his war surplus property disposal agency did the best ^possible job ** Tiie committee resumed hearings on his nomination as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board to succeed Marrluer S Eccles, who was demoted to vice chairman by Mr. Truman. Committee Chairman Charles W. Tobey, R., H. H., and a Senate in- For the llrst lunc since the. war. an exhibit ol Russian iihoioBi-apns, posters and paintings is on display in this country. Called "Thirty Years of the USSR." it is being Held in Rockefeller Cenler. New York. Ambassador Alexander Panyushkin stands beside a poster of -Stalin, marking the envoy's liiM public appcuriincc since his appointment. Sen. Qyerton Calls for Anti- Truman Battle \ WASHINGTON. Mill'. 11. cUPI — Sen. John li. overtoil, n.. La., yes- I li'riluy culled on Uiulslinui new.s-' papers, civic and political oreunl. ziillons to protest milltiiiuly uijulnM President Truman's civil rl^liLs uro- Cuun. Overtoil s aiil in rt itutcmenl tluil Mr. Truman luis "crossed tlio Hubl<-<in" iiiul declared wiir iiniiinsl Hie "triulUlons -find Cnucnslunlsm of tlie South." "The .South Is (lie bulwark nf national democracy. Without Its support the National IDomocrallc Party will meet certain defenl." he .said, "1 hope llial all the papers of Louisiana, dnllles nnri weeklies, \vlll bc'sin and cmillnuc the contllct. to im-smv our "Cauca.slanl.Mii. oui' traditions, our hopes and our pride," Overtoil declared. "The neiutlon by tlie press should be followed by im-rUngs | n every parish and conununilv uiul by resulutloos ot political mi'il civic organizations." lie continued, "We should see to it tliul Hi legislature that convenes In Mn , Will enact such legislation as wi 1 admit of (lie popular vole dci-lu- Ing il.s opposition lo the nllemp ed spoliation of the South by N'.t thcin Nrsrophili's bv solceilii'; ;i candidate for the presidency um the vice presidency of their own choosing." he addeil. PAGE TI IN Till: I'KOHATi; COUIIT 1 ()H llli: CIIICKAS.tWHA IIINTKICT Of SIISSIS.SIPI'I ((HINTV. ARK. Ill Hie Mullet vl the Kstjte of A. V. Moody, l)oi'f;isrd. I'. M. Holt. Kxn'uliir ' \ 0 , 1st? NOTK'K OK ADMINISTK.Vl'ION Kulliv | s lu'i'oljy Riven (luil li-ttn-, li>!>taiiit>iiiary wore (-nuitcrt i,, n,,. uiicli'r.siuiicrt II|KHI Ihp cstntr u( A V. Muody. tkeniwil, on tl, e ^ar.i <t».v of I'Vumiuy. A. D. itn8, i,y the i>robutp Court lor the Clilck- KMiv.-ba OiMrlct of Mliululppi Comity, All;niis;is. All pprsoiis luivliiR claims or ;lo- in:ihil.s sulit rstalc iniiAl, liroscnt. tliriti, duly niillirntluatnl, to tlio uiulrrslBiiccl (or nllowiuicc ucrurc the end o! MX nioiillis from ili>' ilatc of tlir- inibllcHllon of tills iiolln 1 , wliii-h Is March mil. A n. |(na. if not so pirsoiitcd within such lime, they will be. Inr- cvn- barrctl. Tlie ndrtrc.M of Ilin I iiiulti*!giic(| i.s K. M Holt, Dox <4il I lilylhcvlllc, iVikiinsiis. i Hnlcd tills 3u| ihiy of ' Mari'li, A. I). 1018. E. M. HOLT H. O. |>iirtlu\v, G. K. Keck, Attorneys for Administrator, Large Baby Crop In 1947, Census Records Reveal WASHINGTON, Mar. II. (UPl — Tlie baby crop last year was 3 bumper one. The Census Bureau reported yesterday a record number of 3.008,000 births last year. That raised the imputation of the United States to a new high of H5.:|40,000 on Jan. 1 of this year. It was the great annual net. vestlgutor last week accused McCabe of making "very poor oar- gains" at liquidation commissioner. Testimony then also included charges of "scrims Irregularities" In China by Brig. Gen. Bernhard A. Johnson former surplus property field commissioner. population increase ever to occur, I With ihc death rate continuing at [a l».v level, the net increase was 2,067,000. Ami between April 1, 1940, and Jan. 1, 1948. the U S. population ] increased about 13.100.000. ' The birth rate of 27.1 per 1,000 persons last year was the lilphcst .since records were started in 191.1 Llcytrk-iUly hciitc-cl llonl.s. itr- vclopcd to provkk 1 dt'inlciiiK tuil.'s in livoAtoch water tanks durin ; Hie win tor incut li.s, nr« theftno- sljUicnUy coiitrolk'd nntl operate only when ncetlcU. Young sturgeon have teeth; older ones do not. PILES TROUBLE? For Quick Relief m>VT HELAY ANY F.ONfiKK! N ow . » BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Get Welcome Relief From Stomach Gas, Sour Food Taste Do you feel Moated ami inferable, afler every im'iil? If io. hero Is how you mar rid yourself of ll.u nervous dljtreu ilioiisiimLi havo <o«r,.l It tlio way to b« mil, clH'crlul imd happy nn«ln. l-.ver;tliuo food enters the. Maimch m vllnl nnstrlc Julcoirmsl flow normnlly to hreiih-up ccrtilii fooit iiarllcles; rise lha food miiy ferment. Sour food. acid hull- peslloti ami |u frequently cause, a mor- tnd, touchy, fretful, pwvljb.. uervoua condition, lou of apMllS, un<«ht rcstle.s.s slueii. weakness. lo tct renl teller you mu«t tncrtu* the no* of this vital i;astrlc Juice Mc<fl- cal ftulliorlllcs. 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