The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1939
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f' ? ' BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS _ ™ E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTUBAB'C ARKANBAR '.'AWn'«ni™»A«, ,.„,„„„„, "^"^ * * ^^ VOLUMK XXXVI—NO. 08. Elylh'cvllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Vnlley Lender BlyUio'vUlo Dally News ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Italy Leases Trieste, Port On Adriatic, To Germany, Reports Say By United Press The inriev mechanism of the Nazi-Fascist axis—incl'id- ™?" re £™ t tllflt Ital >' .¥d leased the Adriatic no t of TV. Adriatic port of TV pmlea tot!a 5' r°i- Europe's Both Great Britain, and France* were forced to take time off froi joint demonstrations of (heir n« military might at Bastille Day cei cmonies In Pails to check up o reports that the Nazis had nctjul ed a base for commercial aerla and possible naval operations ad jncent to the Jvfedtterranean. Talk of such a deal had bee- current for some time and Frencr and British experts were alert t the , possibility that it Indicate pn Increasing Nazi dominance ove Kaly nnd that it would give th Nazis a possible naval Imse for op eratlon of submarines through th Adriatic to the Hied it errant an Ii event: of future conflicts in tlm inland sea. Great Britain, , - , • -.--. meantime, dis closed that her vast naval, aeria and army preparations will put i record number of men—more thai , SGO.COO—under arms In Au°ust About J30 warships and more tlrar 1,COO airplanes will take part ii. maneuvers off the south coast early In that month. . . French and British fighting forces joined In n march down the Champs Etysees in Fiarls today in celebration of the fail of the Bastille in the .French revolution while'their aerial forces hummed overhead In another demonstration of the .unity and fighting strengtl: of the ..two : nations. In the Par East the troubles of Great Britain continued to pile up sparked by an anti-British demonstration before the embassy at Tokyo. About- , 15,000 Japanese threw missiles and shouted threats in the demonstration which was regarded as a curtain raiser for the negotiations opening Saturday in an attempt to settle the dispute between the two counrtes at Tient- sin. In Hong Kong the governor, by an order In council, approved a bill conscripting all able "bodied British subjects in Hong Kong for defense service. -The,, decision was regarded as notice to 'Jppan .thai Hong Kong would be defended'-in' cooperation with HTe~Fi-enel|. " "•;*" New York Cotto'i NEW, YORK, July 14. (UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. - open high low close . 960 363 , 958 963o 893 875 8B2 852 July Oct. . Dec. ,Jan; Mar.' Way 870 857 844 835 841 , 887 889 857 844 B33 887 809 85611 845' 833 Spots', closed nominal at 917, oft 8. New Orleans Cotton .NEW ORLEANS, July 14. (UP)-; Cotfon futures closed steady today, UR two to. off three points. open high low close 0GB 876 or Soil Building And Tree Planting WASHINGTON, July 14. (UP)_ Administrator R. M. Evans announced today that the 1940 Agricultural Adjustment Administration program will be virtually the same as that In eltect this yenr. Most important of the "mlnoi changes -will be establishment of a minimum soil- building allowance providing n minimum payment ol WO for any farm and another, allowing farmers to earn up to $30 per farm for planting trees. Drowns Woman, Dies While Resisting Police NEW YORK, July .H. (Uiy_A nan who shmiteii EO loudly 'that an elderly woman neighbor ob- ected, dragged 1 her into Ills/Hat oday and droivned hei- in a liath- ub • Then, naked, he fought against police until he fell dead, appar- aitly of a heart attack.- The man, Walter Ferguson, >vas aid by neighbors to have beeirun- mploycd since he .was beaten while icling as a strike breaker. .BI,YTHBVII,LB, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JUIA' -M, 1939 Dell Residents May Build More Sidewalks The town ot Dcl'l, eight miles vest of here, will have sidewalks Roosevelt Backs Murphy On Question Of Funcla- menlal Principle WASIflNGTON, July H. (UP) — President no:scve)t lodny supported the contention of Attorney Genera Prank Murphy.thai WPA worker could no I. strike against the fed eral government., Departing from customary prcs jr.rceduro Mr. Roosevelt authorize the direct quotation of his opinloi as follows:.' "you cannot strike against tin government.'.' Mr. no.-scvclfc expressed his opin on in a brief press conference do. voted mainly to a discussion of tin fight of WPA workers against tlu security \vnge prcvfsion of (he 1 new •clief act. Mr. Roosevelt was reminded (ha workers on the government bargi lines in St. Louis had in the pas conducted strikes and was askec whether Tennessee Valley Aulhorl- ity workers oculd walk out. The president'replied that inasmuch as they were employed by subsidiary corporations of the government lie: did not know exactly how far they could go. However, in the case p! the WPA, he said; It, represents a fundamental government operation. Mr. Roosevelt said he planned to confer en the WPA situation some time today with President William Green of the American Federation of Labor, who wants the prevailing wage system .restored. The president said an explanation concerning the 130 hour msnlh for WPA workers would require too long a time because ot the manifold angles involved. South And West In Throes O£ {Summer's Second Heat Wave Mjss Mabel Hogan's Father Dies Today John S. Hogan, father of Miss Mabel Hogan with whom he had made his home for the past eight yen is, died early tiits Springfield, Mo. He was 83. Apparently In good health, Mr. Hogan was ill cnly a very short time before he died at,lh"e home r iv,,. to,,..,"h -' ----:-•• of 'his son, Claude ^irogan, after f thetovyn has agreed to-sponsor ikying gene to Spilmmeld three weeks ago. to spend the .summer With ills sons, Claude and Ion Hogan. S6G 8DS 897 Spots closed quiet at 945, on" a project for the laying of COO more eet of concrete walk to sUpple- nent the 500 feet, which the town las in Its business section. Tills will be done as a WPA pro- ect with the property owners pay- ng for one-half cf the material rid (he town of Dell for the other ia I f , a nci ' t he WPA t"u rnish ing th e auor, according to tentative plans •Although the town council' .has ot yet voted upon the matter, the umbers >have Inforinally agreed - supply ! one-half of the money the property owners will do the ime, il -was announced today by he sponsoring club which made lans in a meeting last night. The reject is expected to be submitted arly next week. The Rev. J. L; McGehee, pastor 971o of the Methodist church at Dell Stock Prices NEW YORK, July M. (l rp)_ The stock market fluctuated irregularly today In reduced vclume 'A T. & T ;..; ,64 Anaconda Copper ..„. 25% Associated D. G '. 73- Beth. Steel .." S5 « Boeing Air 22 -V, Chrysler ^ 5 T. Cities Service ....,:...,,'.'.', 57? Coca Cola .', \%' General Electric ' 35^ General Motors 451^ Int. Harvester 571!; Mont. Ward t.. 51% N. Y. Central ;... .1414 Packard • . 3y. Phillips ,.,...... .'3414 Radio 53; Schenley ..." 12^ Simmons .,-..; Z3V, Socony Vacuum uy, Standard of N. J 42?', Texas Corp. ... 35 II.. S. Steel .'" .17 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, II!., July H (UP)-Hogs: 8300. Top 715. •170-230 Ibs 690-710 140-160 Iks 62^-665. Bulk sows 40(1-550. • - •• ' Cattle 1300. \\ Steers S25-690.',! SI. Steers 550-1000. Mixed yearlings-heifers 750-900 SI. Heifers 650-975. Beef Cows 550-050. , Cutters & Low Cutters 400-525. Chicago Wheat July Sept open high 65 1-2 CC 1-4 66 3-8 67 1-4 low close 65 1-8 66 1-8 68 ' 66 7-8 H. H. Carter, who has arrived to become agriculture teacher in the Dell school, and E. M. Woodard spoke at the meeting. 'Aliens Out' Is Order in Tyrol !•• Innsbruck SWITZ. * ~ GERMANY YUGO. SOUTH TYROL Italy orders oil foreign residents and tourists to leave this area for reasons of "political and military character." Scal« ol Mifa 0 50 100 , Miss Ifogan, her nieces, Mrs. Jess Korner and Miss Mabel Jo Wilson, her nephews, Lloyd Ho^an and Clyde WIls:n, iand Miss Thelnin Wells left; Immediately 'for Springfield .and they will lie Joined at Wilt* Springs Sunday by other relatives and Jess • Homer, Mrs. Eunice Young, Miss Era Wright and Miss Jessie: Srlte. Funeral services •will be held at Willow Springs sometime Sunday, although plans Were not complete this afternion. Mr. Hogan, who was bsrn In Willow .Springs, lived there for many years where he reared his family. His wife died when his daughter, Miss Mabel, was born. During the past eight years he By; UiitlcA Tress .-'.'" ..'• •]• The second severe-heat wave of 1939 gripped the' south ^rn «ini2 y wllill ;. co ° II »K bwazcB brought relief to mkl- (o fior- f " \.? oun . tll1 e 'lonvly two score dead attributed to ituee tlnys ol extreme tempcvaturea U. S. Forecaster J, K. Lloyd Bt A-___±_1_ Chicago said the heat belt extend- ' ~ ~~ ed today-across the entire countr'y, skipping only the northern'. Atlantic nnd Great Lakes «reas>mid he saw little- change in •Icnipera- lurc dining the next 24 ho««.- ; ! At least 38' deaths fvomVhent prostrations and drownliigs - were attributed to thp heat wave which swept over the country after pnly a brief respite from tcniporaturis which began soaring over "(lie Fourth of July week end. . Illinois, where tem p e r a t u r 9? ranged from 90 to 101, fed (lie slates with six prostration den(hs, Lloyd predicted even higher tenf peratures tomorrow for Kansas and Missouri where the mercury ranged from 05 In eastern Missouri' (o 109 nl some points In Kansas. •'•'" Yumn. Ariz., was the hottest spot in the nation with n record .O.MI5. 'i Mercury Reaches<98 Tl Last Night The omclnl -wealliar Uwmom- otcf read 88 decrees nt 2:30 o clock this aflcracon , following a mlxlrmmi ot 00 yesterday. Utst night wns one of tho nollest nights of Ihe summer with the mercury never going uelow '(I degrees. • The high , ol the summer was last week when It wns 101. Tells Legislators State Of Arkdilsas Is "At Crossroads" Wants Congiess To Repeal > Existing Provisional Arms Etnbaigo WASHINGTON, July 14 (UP) — President Roose\elL sent to congress .today n message asking for Argument Over 80-Cent Debt Ends In Slayin An argument over'BO cents cfiius eu the dentil of Albert RoWnsoi •10-year-old negro, nm! the nrrcs of Eugene Board, 55, negro, «h is charged with mindei In con nectlon with the slmotiiijf wliic look paco jestenlny on^llie J, Ellison faun at Victoria, nvo mile west of Osceola Beard, w j, 0 m(u | c j,,, ^^ , m medintely following the shooting was npp$elien(lcd today noon nfte JiRvIng been found near the Vic torto stoic following n. 24-lio\i sesicli by county offlccis T«c story is that the two mei who wcic plowing on the Elllsoi farm, got in(o an argument, ove •-• .--*,.. rf i, ,,j v 5ot>gv uaiLlllK IUI m> nn t i ---CT— • neutrality legislation and repeal of! W ^ ccllt clcbt ' tth!clv the existing provisional arms embargo at this session Mr. Roosevelt transmitted lo con r ;ress a statement by . secretary . of State- Cordell Hull on peace and neutrality and said It had his 'full approval." Mr. Roosevelt declared; 1 Ttjias been, abundantly: clear o me (or some time that, for the cause of peace ami In the Intci- ell or American noutiaiUy am!, is highly advisable Ills'. maxed by Board leaving his plow going to ills nearby homo for hi gun and shooting Robinson. ' Benrd, who Is held In the couifty Jail at, Osceola without bond, vvli bo given n healing piobably to moriovv Negroes Held On Theft Anrf Shooting Charges jsecurjty. n, is highly advisable lhn>J. OSOEOLA. Ark, July U-Fluls he-(:on s rcps nl this'session slioiiltrtwilllnni'! and Bmncy Abiaham 110- taKe certain much. neeJcd action Sroes, were oidercd held over [o in .'•• the conditions J cliange thai opinion of present w oriel see no reason In A. A. JernigaivLepanto Farmer, Dies Suddenly nvsalt Ihe action of the giand Jury on clmges cf grand laiccny in t lilal bcfoic Magistrate \V p Halo The negioes aie clinigcd with (.he theft of fiotn slfty to eighty dol- jais vioilll of clothing from the hone of A W. Brown on lligh\vuj niouid July 1 Another neg<o. Tom Clark thought to have bwn OSCEOLA, Ark, July .'.as received lieie •enIh of A. A. Jeinigan, proml- Uonce &^«^*&firt ss-ss&r Detmty is "^ r irec yesterday, morning. ja s t. M!!"?^° wns 6a fixed at near Dellsladt, bonds iri^s-i^tip—'flSrs hiid lived here except for n timd j r ' S?,,i 0 °;. „»"nn u ° kl ?,',\ nucl dn >' s due to •'&<> f«ct that, ho is ft Mf^^a^h^traSeSat- '"C loS-t an°d" K^'B^^an ed with Chapman-Dewey Lumber ^\^ 0 ^ g; *, M £*S two years ago wlien he visited a daughter In las Angeles, Calif. : His sons are: Roy Hor?an of Essex, Mo., Claude and Lon HoTOn of SDrlngfleld. and Ills dnu=liters are Mrs. Stella Keltey of Lcs Angeles. anO M(ss Ifroan. He also Is survived by a sister in Willow were incomplete. Sprines nnd a brother In Albuquerque. N. M. Company In their farming interests for 27 years. Dr. Howton and Mrs. Hovvton left for Lepanto late yesterday. At that time funeral arrangements Tn Explain RU!PS Of 1939-1940 Market Quotas Keiser Youth Burned When Gasoline Explodes KEISER, July l3._Fredd!e McDonald, 15-year old son cf Mr. and Mrs. " Rules and regulations pertaining r lrs ' J - E - McDonald, was seriously lo cotton market! m> quotas lor the 6um ™ Mcnday when an explo- Jury on a charge of assault with inlent lo kill resulting from a shooting affair with an aged ne- gro named .Prewllt Royal near Falls Landing last Sunday. Royal returned the fire, slightly wound- Ing Joshua. All were said to have been drinking. Joshua nnd Morgan's bonds were fixed at $1000. Armorel Postoffice Served On Six Days -» -...^,..,=, M ,. u «.;, iui mi: * ..,..» The Armorel postofflce Is to bo 1930-1040 marketing year will be slon occurred as lie poured gasoline sirved six times weekly by mall, discussed at. a series of district lc carbur ekr of ihelr car. , • delivered from Blythevllle, Instead schools to be held In five cities ot . ** n rcslllt of the explosion, of three times weekly as was an- the state, according to Inlormallon buml "S gas was thrown on him. ncunced In a news story yesterday, ecelved by D. s. Lantrin connly. " c , was taken to the Baptist hos- Mrs. - ' -•• iReiit, from j. B. Daniels stale' p n Mem P llls to be Irealed tor adminlstralive officer lor the Ag-i™ ns on tnc u PP er paH-'ol his ricultural Adjustment Admlnislra-| y ' ion. Instructions lor carrying out narketlng ouota regulations will also be studied. ,.-' Meetings will be held as follows: Litlle Rock. Monday, July 17, Jonesboro, Tuesday, July 18, Pine will Sign Painter Revealed As Concert Pianist __., - _ WINTER HAVEN, pja (UP) — Bluff, Wednesday, July IS; Hope, Bill Checck, sign painter here for , , , Thursday. Julv 20, and Russellville,, '6 years, revealed hk true Identity Friday. July 21. . ivhen a Philadelphia newsaer - - - — .- Philadelphia newspaper Those attending the meeting at'sent her for a photograph of-Wit- Jonesboro from Mississippi County Ham von Hohenschau, German will be the ccur.ty a?«nts, county composer and concert pianist I administrative assistants, AAA "That's me," Checck modestly marketing clerks, and members of lold a photographer who after find- me county committee. Officials mg no (race of (he muslclcun WAS jirom uic state office of the AAA confiding his trouble to the sign and Extension .Service will also painter. Jessie Rtdenour, postmaster at Armorel, has Informed the Courier News. The reporter was Informed thnt the Armorel postofflce would be served by .Ihe Sillfman store route via ' Lu.xora; bul Oils Is not true, Mrs. Rldeiipur said. Numerous changes are being made In Rural Route One of Bly- thevllle which now Includes the territory between Armorel and Barfleld. Map shows south Tyrol, from Which Italy has ordered all foreigners expelled. Region about Bolzano Is favorite tourist territory, strategic spot from .which spies could watch Iroop move- ments'across Brenner Pass. Belief is that Italjv after clearing Tyrol of other nationals, will effect mass transfer of German- speaking, people from area, end- Ing minority problem. attend the meeting. New York Legislator "I haven't bragged about It," Check said. "You know how peo- pie are. They stand." might not under- College Class Studies On Small, Lonely Isle ISLES OP SHOALS, N. H. (UP) —NO distractions should disturb me work of some 40 students of the University of New Hampshire summer school. For their classroom Is on a small and *^r°^ : "*^^^ publican leader in the state legls- and said he still collected royalties o- '-----• ? ! g n { - tt ? c H s ^ Iflt.lirf* -woe f Ak.«^ Li^. . * n ..-* -ft. . ..'* . • East Baton. Rouge Grand :. .Jury Prcpaiing Dozen Indictments BATON ROUGE, La, July 14, (UP)—A dozen or more goats—Dr. James Monroe Smith's description of his unhappy role In lha Louisiana scandals—were marked today lor Indictment by iho East Baton Rougo parish grand Jury, | Bleary-eyed Dcivey j: Snncliez nuir.imccd Inst lilgiu that, motet- > menu .would bo relumed ngahut 13 or more, nnd barring tho unexpected, today. Sanchez said Jio oiiglit lo know; he had been up all night preparing ilia CMJWS nnd two slcnoBraplicrB had sweated nl! day typing them. One or more almcst certainly -^. Carl E, Bailey ME REJECTED er o ocvcnt een For Bids Issue Second Call rjtes, cinbeailement clmrgc was ex- ould ante of his wroiiB-iUlngs Several others on iho veirjo o£ slmringjDr Smith's plight were lu- wlll bo llio nnal job let In Iho ..,„ ultcli clcanlnu nnd enlarging projects ot Dialnago Dislilcl 17, 11 ww announced today. It h toileted Die contracts will be completed bofoie IDlfl for this dilch vvoik ivhleh is said The chief executive went into in legarcl tp the hastily > drafted bill ttmwing legal obstacles ., to his propcscd $140,000,000 highway bond refunding program, ' v The governor said " " l- " "Tho stale Ig cncred an opportunity to make a new contract with Its cicdltors. These potential creditors oftcr to lend the- slat* $140000,000 to pay ofi her present debt which bears an Interest fate of from 3 to S, per cent. ,V "Under the now contract substantially lower rates are obtaln- nblo nnd reyenues In excess of debt eervlca requirements will •* be released for tax relief-to our people and expansion and, Impivve- mont of road and bridge and highway 'systems. . • i "Tlic entire proposal Is Incorporated In the proposed law. This bill Is so complete that It leaves" mil immaterial details to discretion ot any jwrspm or agencies other than the general assembly." ,-, - BMley said the bonds in the new v issue would not be callable. ' ' "• "Tlio reason for this Is'tii«i,'Uia- potential creditors will n I buy call- • able bonds," Ihe governor explained. ', Our present bonds are callable only because they were the outgrowth ol a fcrced operation ,, "Wlion the rounding bonds ar« negotiated mortgages totaling J39,. '• state's ot Ihe mlghly, The grand Juiy, with 1111 omiiip:, lent'jilne Long,machine hateib sil- ling In judgment nixm oyll.doers, nmda public through one ot 111 nombers a siisplclcu that r)e;haps Ihe publlo vvas taking Hie wrong impression "Wo do not wish lo jxsrsucuto inybbdy, 1 '- he "said and Ihcn nddecl Ihnt hlh remarks did not refer lo H'oscciilioh. ' We want to clean up' ic said, ''and gej, assurance of honest and ucccnt government.' 1 , ' Thai_%aa.c)!acHivvvhal pollllclans n\d been afraid of. Whan Or, Smith apparently forgot his threat') 0 wreak, vengeance upon llio heads ot Ihbso who had made him Uib ionl, Ihe Jury showed Its dhpless- irc. It commanded .Ellison nnd San- ihez ti Icme, ^cilt Sheriff Newman 1 Dcbrclton up for Iho coy Ur. imlth and laikcil lo him for'28 mln- des, Then hi two days, it had raised nore slcain for a blowbfl than It lad In n previous two-wcoks and n lalf, It-called 20 witnesses, among hem : former Oov. nichard • W. Lecho. When Die complaining ex- hlcf executive nppenrcil jeslerday, ic tried for 30 minutes with tho'nld if the most powerful palltlcal flg- ires in sight to gel his part of ho Investigation nnlshed wlthou UCCPSS. Me was told to come back Monday, Sixth Woman in Charge Of Forestry Fire Tower EXETTER, n. I. (UP)—High up i the Pino H|ll fire lower ells Irs. Hope Andrews—Ihe sixth wo- ian to be fire warden Ihere. Taking over tho Job recently, Mrs. Andrews admitted 11 was quite a change" from Ihe lltlle -choolhouso In West Greenwich 'here she formerly taught. r Although still confined within our walls, Mrs.. Andrews now Island and part'of con- ectlcut. She learned the techni- al part of her Job from her iiiier-m-law, Leon Andrews, for- icr chief of the Forestry Bureau, ho is on duty from 0 A .M. to fi . M. For some reason, either deign or accident, a woman alwayu as been chosen to "man" ine *eter lire tower. egislator Backs Saving, Brother Lo*es State Job DUNKIRK, N. Y. (UP)-Econ- my cuts In New York's state bud- et are a household topic with the arllngs. •-...' Republican Assemblyman Carl 'artlng supported party-sponsored conomies in . the state budget urlng the regular legislative ses- on. Francis Darling, his brother, has ccelved notice he was one of 20 nployes dropped from the state otor vehicle bureau—for ccon- my. .•-...' ta l ° County. All ol the main dllchci and mast, of Iho laterals «!ll be cleatcd and ninny enlarged In llils piogiam which/was started late Inst year 'Diero mo 105,000 acics of faun Inml In Drainage District, 17, Squalus Falls Back To Atlantic Grave PORTSMOUTH, N. II. July II (UP)—A heavy swell < prevented navy divers from descending loitay to detcrmlno how kSpvcicly- r Uio SMbiriarlno fkjunlui \aS damaged yesterday when n' third ot Ihe vyuy up fiom its Noilli Atlantic giase, 11 suddenly fell back to Ihe ocean floor. A decreasing wind . Indicated, on land 1 ) and old road Im- provemcht districts In 02 o:un«« will bo extinguished." . , A ' Bailey cutlined several possible benefits under his proposed >oto-, grnm: , • 1. .Saving of noteless than $15",000,000 In Interest pa;nients.- 3 Inauguration" 'of a ?5,000,000 state highway constructlcn program annually. 3 Conliimed »ld to Improvement districts ' , ' 4. Possibility of slate aid to town nnd city street building programs. 0. Quicker elimination 'qf rBBiiin- h « idgr t:ll bridge? in the slate, \'-'^ 0. stato n!d for farm to market '" lends. however, that It mlgjil bo 101 n diver to descend sometime later Ihla afternoon. In contrast to the Ideal «Palhrr of yesterday 1.hc sky and ialn fell. oveicnst Georgia Leads Nation In AAA Tree Planting Tried as Bonnb Husband Slayer Skilcr, 73, Enters Jlcct CLEVELAND, O. (Up)_"l can 1^1 o.,oic rings arcund some of he youngcr_fo!ks," said 72->car- - i., Participation of more' thari'ioa nimnctnl Institutions ;In -,the--ft«m- paign to^ advertise Arkansas' i Measure it Introduced UTTLE'ROOK, ",', (Up)-l Oovernor Bailqy's 'fcWiialrijf ibuf was Introduced in both tho senile and house this afternooii 'arid .Immediately brought forth e, stirm of piotest In tho lower charSber frotn'tha antt-udmlnlatiratlon group Which charged nn attempt was being made to railroad the measure - tlir.Migh the assembly,' Speaker of tlic House Bransfopd named a committee of 15, members to conduct public hearings on the n ~~J7n, r. , , blu beginning tomorrow, but the ' pa. (Op)-ocoigla hns'measuro was held up in'the senate • cd iho ..ntloii In plaiUIng forest after (he first reading because of tree icedllilgs uiitlei the AAA farm a motion by Senator Hal P Smith pioeiniii for the second (.onsecu-, v,ho objected to "wasteful'-haste" ive yea i tn such an j mp()I . t!mt matter More than 7,030,000 seedlings. - ' were planted by Georgia farmers >o gain first place In tho nation, funeral Rito« H«W while New York fanners took sec- ,1 3 ' U " ""Y 1 For D. S. Sandusky, 58 KBISBR, July 13—Pu-ieril Cervices were hold, "at'the Mstii dlst cliurch at Garden Point Saturday tor D jS, Sandusky, 53, wnc died nt the home ot his son, Cranston •Jnndusky; Thursday. , Tho Rev. Sir. Smith 'officiated and burial ua$ in the Garden Point cemetery. - ' Mr. Sandusky is sunived by hts .wife, a daughter, Mrs. Leman Herrin, and three sons, Karmel .Sandusky, of, and Hughes and Cranston Sandusky, bsth of Keiser. - Garage Worker Steps On Nail, Injures Foot MANILA,! Ark, July 14.-When, a. man weighing 301 pounds steps on a nail, there are compltca- Uons. A nail p*netrated the shoe and foot of Charles' Carter, !1, this moring when he step- i>d on . Ihe nail, causing much pain. He Is resting very well ajter having been given a tetanus shot.' Carter, who Is employed at the. \V. R. Bro^n garage, walked around a car and stepped on the nail, hidden In some dirt. Although' he threw himself against the r s!de, of the building, the nail want I through the sole of his shoe and penetrated his Instep for one and a fourth Inches. A physician was summoned by. J. Furnish, another employe, who ' removed the nail. found ihot to death on many of his compositions. \ , »V udei1 Patch of woods Surprised residents begged for a commillcd Trie Island Is one 'of the Isles of years. I.Squalus sank last May. ,On trial with neighbor. Theo- WEATHER Arkansas—Qenerally fair tcrdght and Saturday. Memphis and vicSnlty-rFiir and Sept low close 43 43 3-4 44 3-8 45 1-8 dore Simmons, tor murder of sligiitlj cooler tonljht and Sstur. her husband, 35-1 ear-old Mrs daT ! P* rl 'y cloudy. „ t - , Alice Austin Is pictured in court at Carrnl, III. Austin was killed by dynamite bomb, planted in ., ; his truck, ' clal weathet observer. The maximum temperature here

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