The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1936
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 1036 Club Women of County Will Compete at Manila' on June 13. ,?.','„ Snum1 '»'. . J"no 13. at the = WREKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Jesus In Gbthsemane _' BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK,) coimmu NKWS '" ' - -11 - SUNDAY'.'.SCHOOL I.KSSON Tc.vl: dike K>i:!«-53 Inlo/.'rf ion::! for June 7. H Is the way that more than i i one man or out; woman has gone, Sunday j nml OelhSEinancs even in n moil- BY WM. K. OII.ltOY, Kdilor cf Ailnncx As we read - (he New menl, there are 1). )). , ,• • , re 8 *""', nsfU " 1 ' llie "unty cpltc of (he lowly .-Testa- \vl>cn, • i.: ,' owy and human in » i?"» . Dera °»?lrallOn. a^d of lifs life, jpsus stcnr I r cnnii i r , , n '"" ml elo'h- 1 for ' I'cmGvorT from us. Even' <v; n ™ i may "be made we read of ills temptations, His llSC 05 ' colton E "°" st " nll<l I' 011 '"' "> - cliur d Zv die s or afternoon dresses, chll- hig thorn liriii B s us much a sens clothing nml thrift gar- of cur. weakness nnd on- pjn (sfule defeat as of His common Ihe .-house dress demonstrator ™' l| re with a slip we i kins power, or mridUntc upon cr or His words of cf-ljllmv' courage. ivo or , siimllncss nml (u- h.rl listen to ra "P to ' of " is is f'^ 1 In this lusl lestiiij; liotir, that (heir Muster went ' of Gelh- . ••" WK«.->IVI ur iijf, wuilis i- combination, suitable shoes and we feel the S \S" 1PMC ,V"? •?'' EcmWc for "'"V cf <"•'• '»•<* us' compared "any wcav in the home. The ivflh Ills : dcess and undergarments should be nut as we come with Hln in- ncauy pressed nn<l carried to the [ to the parrtcn of Outhse -n ' „ , m f b ? x ,- 01 ' on a hanger, i beheld His Borrow am! Jiiej win DC judged first on the Ills prayer \vhllo He coi workmanship. Then the contest- life, we know thai ,irsi> J. 1 ,•»'!" i mC<U ' 1 ller «*t'»ne and and blood with oiirsDlvcs. le intctl on general appearance « • • and suitability to the occasion. I It is true thai the disciples tach person entering the con- i foiled test for cotton .dress suitable forjincl church or afternoon wear shall through ' the agonies make her dress and enter with U semane alone. appropriate shoes, hose, hat, bag' But the very failure of Hi aiut gloves and any other acees- Wends and His disciples In th. sones (handkerchiefs or lies) I'cur of need, anil thc r-alitv o v.-hlch she feels will add to thc the (remedy revealed as -,Jcsu effect of her. costume. These arc P'ays earnestly that thc : cup judml for workmanship and se- might pass, brings home to us In lection, flrsl, and then on the a very poignant way the himnn contestant. • | agony of the Master. Those entering the children's ' ~ clothing contest may enter one home garden In Mississippi coun- of the following. (DA lire-school ly. according to Miss Cora Lee child s dress and sim-siiit. (2) A Coleman, county'home dcmonstva- boys self suit or <3> a winter lion apmt. A second planting will Play suit and cap. These bhomu be- made by many of the mrden- l)e neatly pressed and brought In > ers. 11 t° x lo Ihe contest. 1 Late Irish potatoes may be ihe thrift garment.? may Ije piantcd as late as Hie middle of titadu from feed sacks or cut over July, according to Claude Wool- ftom a Jai-Rcr garment. There sey, extension hortlcullurlst Unl- v.-lll lie a prize given to the club versity of Arkansas-College of Ag- having thc most entries and the rieulture. Varieties suclr as Bliss individual prizes. Tlie following is Triumphs are planted as a second Uio score card for judging the crop. Main season varieties such dresses adopted by the county i us Lookout Mountain may be cmm<;l1 - I planted about the first of July Score Card for .ludsm f H the first crop is damaged for Cotton House Druses- any reason, a second crop for 1. Materials used, including trim--winter consumption can be KTOWII "lings 20 easily. world )ie very near to dally espc'ilencc. is something inspiring and lidpful In this record, liow- •ver. for the experience of Jesus ;lvcs us courage • to luce our fi'illllet: anil our defects of s|ilvU. If we slulnk Irom the cross tJial uiiii-s to us In dally life, and if -ve feel condemned because we •to not BO to It and bear It gladly Is it not ' comforting to ra- liiember that even uir Master, I fell that way. an:f tiuit we may find Etrenoth ami couraja as He old In prayer anil In nvony of soul? Even (lie tetrayal of (he Master docs not Ue. far outside human experience. The failure of "Irlenrts and those to whom one icoks In n lime of need Is pra- Jesus Is 'appreciated In the world even of our modern t'lnlstlnntly, where lib nnme I Is upon so many I Suitability to design and purpose of garment Durability Tlie late or second crop of po- tntoes sometimes germinates slow- although thc Lookout Mountain .„—^ v <tJttJt , tl g M , ul . L,cj<jKou(, Mounuim Cleaning qualities, cost of np- variety germinates without anv KCRn I fi-miKIn m^ _. .. . __" 20 keep 2. Workmanship DBtails of construction Seams ; . Collar, facings ''; Pcckets-.fastcnings -.' Trfnim|ngs >'' Pre.ssjn|,j ' •), V. General Appearance Individuality and style Posture and carriage I Pt;r.soii!il neatness Fit .of garment • Effect of underwear 4. Suitability of costume to individual and purpose 25 Artistic: aspects; ' Decomingncss of color '' " : SiiiUibillty of design : Health aspect-;: Comfort Protection Suitability to purpose: Occasion . 5. Relation of garment value to cost In time and money .. 10 Total j^ 1 trouble. To overcome this. Mr. 25 Woolsey recommends placing the i seed potatoes in shallow trays In !> shed, out of thc.siin," for about j three or four weeks before plant- c'ou'rler News plassked' Ads'pay Dr. Stults Skrach-No'-Moro The- 30 Minute Itch Treatment Cnlv one application neccsstn / clothing or bed linens. Por Athlete's Foot, too. At Good Drue stores everywhere ROIIIN'SON DRUG CO. KI-ECTFUC & ACETYI.ENF WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE - Barksdate Mfg. Co. RHONE 19 Irish Potatoes May Be Planted Until July Irisli potatoes ran be found growing In practically every farm XOTICE Rcgulnr meeting of Chapter 117 Roynl Arch Masons Friday, June 5th, 1:30 P. M. Special dispensation for election of officers. EASY PAYMENTS OR AIL TYPES COUR5R TYPE M LOW AS BATTERIES , BRAKES • RADIOS • SEAT COVERS. AUTO SUPPUES NOW Phone 810 TOD A Y PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Service Center BILL WUNDERLICH, Mgr. , but It does not, brln-j b'ugedy into life as does a sense cf downright betrayal and the utter perfidy of someone who has been trusted. i;o«- p.-iil and vivid Is the description! it nil is set, before IB In n few words, and yet we might imnsins ourselves back the midst of these dark .things witnessing tlie perfidy of Judas and the quiet reproach of Jesus, strong In His innocence and In His non-reslslant spirit against those who came out against Him as against a robber ulth sirorcls' and staves. . How His simple, peaceful words must have been like whips upon their spirit! Yet'how little that peaceful, non-resistant, attitude of MAY WE HELP - - Yon In preserve 1 1) e vnliie and thq service in your. tor ihroiiKli proper luln-ieatfon? 'I'" 1'iin your f, u - without riiflil nnd regular nilirk-atioM is ID insult your luink account, anil Picture the astray Norge ou/lltr. Before she buys licr refrigerator, she looks at three dif/crcnt tnalrcs—chooses Norgc. The reasons for her choice arc (1) convenience, (2) economy, (J) mechanical superiority and (4) responsibility of the manufacturer. The survey that brought these facts to light also disclosed another very significant fact. Afttr tins average owner has hati hcf Norgc for a period of time, she finds that it is even better than she hid expected—better in the essential qualities of con* vcnicncc, economy, cleanliness, dependable performance. And remember, thc Rollator Refrigerator we are offering you today is improved in every part —improved in styling, in flexible interior arrangement, in convenience features, in efficiency, in economy of opcra- lioo. It is, by a wide margin, HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. 109 S. 2nd Phonc ' 233 ihc greatest Norrjc of all time. Norgc cosis no more to own —less to use. Terms arc thc easiest we've ever been able to offer. Now if. th c time to begin yoiir cnjoyt.^at of that luxury tliat saves la mad, more than it costs. Come in. A FEW OF MAN? NOROE FEATURES naiita limit and Djitj Rj.k • Ml">"tH SMf . OJtr-1'rul Uoer on let Camfartmtnt • Automatic Fined Liflit ' Clanlj ,j "^ * ^" &riic Hindi Ccn- '"•M ' imframi KcHater M«h- THE ROLUTOR COMPRESSOR^. NORGE KROSERx PIGGLY WIGGLY STORES FOU FRIDAY' ANO 'SATUR1)A\ FRYERS & HENS Alive «]• Dri'swit. Kalmnro Tender mid Flavorful Poultry SPREAD* PHILLIPS Service Cente Phonos 777 - 8)0 W. J. Wumlui-licli, Mj?r. KIUIHC POWER *, MOSQUITOES antl other fLYING ,'Hstch Bcc Brand killj flying ; nscct . quick* r because il is c.xlra powerful. It nrtunlly coiilains 47% more pyrctlirins— the most important killing ingredient. Ask for it Ly name. Highest Quality _ New Lower Price. Kill Crawling Insect* will, B« Brand ""« Powder. Finer-ground-rriorc k . ll !";« parllclca p«r ounce - kills 32?A quicker. McCornuck &-Cd.. U,|ii, n i rc Pure, Lli. M ( Compound, Lli. SALT MEAT ' a. 12^ : ,„. 19° i?. No. 1 lilllli CutlllKX! 1 1.1). .1 Sli. Silver riirm ll'rtlAli\ i.|,. BACON Sli ' Kwlrf( K S 33° & I'OKK I.OAK lalC Si'iisoncd. Lb. A^'2 FRESH FISH FRESH SHRIMP ,.„. 19° Hlvcr OITC 6t) SPAN. MACK" :|{ " : !:... 15 C BUTTER FISH ..JO 1 MIX SAUSAGE ,1- PMK SAUSAGE.. ,.15° NECK BONES ... 7 12C WE1NERS Or PHANKS ICC BUTTER SVeal Roast ib.ISc For Stew Ib. 10c L I B^ ArniDiir /%•• amb Roast ^ Z5C Steaks Confrollctl Quulily l.oin, . Lt>. .'iSc Clnl) or Rib, 1,1). 25c Roast Controlk'd Qunlily Thick Rib, !,)>, )!)e I'V'.v. Cluick, 1,1). 17!c GREEN CORN- s 3 for 8 " ..... HOUECI.JC; Cans l t l Lifc.liuov Hitr -WINDEXl^fetf CHERRIES' % t{ "i^ m ; E U'e. Cream AC, Powder '1 CRAPE JUICE "a 17' ; RINSO Smttll Lurge 8c JELLG' Asst. flavors' VOVS l^d :\ for It LARD 1'UIui LAUD 'I-M). Ciirton . f)2c S-Lb. Ciirton. §1.02 COMPOUND J-Iil). Oil'ton .. 'IS'. 1 8-I,li. Carton . illc CRACKERS Wcsco Fresh 1C! Eilth L ICK CKIOAM UUle KiitK Hi $1.55; 21 III- DRANG Green Cabbage Pure C'itne 10 Lbs. Wifli of Groceries COFFEE C. C., LI). ..i.'Ziic Krentli, Lli. .. 2(la Jewel, Lf>. .... 17e. Jewel, 3 Lbs. . <i!)e PEANUT BUTTER Emliassy lfi-0/.. Jar .... 13r 32-0/. Jar .... 23e BOP FOOD Calo nrC I) for L.J I'lixinnnc OfJ*' L!). Can uu; Wesco .'esco ore Vi Lb. I'kir. 6J BANANAS Mc| -°- i a CATSUP VfliOUl FLY SPRAY E rVcsh^rij Each M TOMATO '"'"i.'^'cS lfl c FAROWAX 'gj. 12' 2C VINEGAR liulk Gallon BERRIES STA-RrH stilley plJlllbll Liui ' 1G iuindry, ,'i for lOc COOKIES 'SI, W FRESH BREAD ',210 C KRUIT PECTIN, Her Grace .. 9c CKUTO, liollle :..... 2Sc (MO Eiitmore 1QC L!>. U Sunk 1st Large Size I)o/.cn lemons •™^"——»»«««»: GreenCorn Apple Sauce Grapefruit Salmon Large Ears ;i for C. C. No. 2 Can Oranges Fey. Calif. Valcncias Large Si7,e e Doz. Fresh Eggs Guaranteed Doz. Butter SPRING IHIOOK ore Pound Lo COUNTRY CLU1! '' HOC Pound 6O PINK Tall Can CHUM Tall Caa P. & G. 3 Large Bars Peaches Avondalc Lge. Z l /i Can

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