The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 1049 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN . The trout, mast beautiful and VjJ«hly prized of American fre.sli- \valc- fish, is closely related (o the salmon. The Sign Of BETTER PLUMBING PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI m* Just ttlephon* 2731 •r drop in at 109 N. 1st lousing Program Faces Stiff Fight Senate is Expected To Cut Plans Back To 600,000 Units By Mun'ili I,. Arrow-smith WASHINGTON, April 5. — A DenuK'riUic senator predicted privately today that President Truman's program for construction of 1,050,000 public housing units in seven years fates a new eat in Congress. Tlie Senate Banking Committee already lias approved a bill which whittles Hie program to 810,000 units to be built, over a six-year period. When the bill conies up soon foi Senate debate there will be a drive to trim the figure to liOO.OOO uiiith for construction over six years. Tile Senate Democrat who pre dieted that the drive will sut-ccct asked tlml his name not be uaert because he Is a sponsor of the bll providing for 810,000 units and ex peels to fight for it. "I know for sure from a sampllni of the opinion around here," th senator said, "that we haven't go a chance of getting the 810,000-imi bill through as It stands. That mean the President's figure of 1,050.00 units is just out." On the other hand, Senator El lender (D-La), chief sponsor of th bill calling for 810,000 dwelling told a reporter he believes the chan ces are tetter than fair that ij pro gram of that size will clear hot the Senate, and the House. The prospect now is that the bl will be called up for action in th Senate after it disposes of the Euro pcan aid bill, a supplemental appro prifttion measure and the reciproca DON'T SAY FLOOR Pd/flf-SAY Ye*, Flor-Ceal does ill the work with just One coit—and in one operation! It leavei t lastingly beautiful floor that'i*protected from din and wear,oil or greis* ... * floor ihat'i easy to keep clean 1 All for * cost of only about 1 cent per iquire foot^ EASY TO USE- DRIES OVERKICHTI go»< on ju« liJte -iny paint — wiih k fcruth. ipriy ot relief t<uier. Ona ecu coven F And you t«n piint il on on« diy, uif il th< CUMMNTCC... Flor-Ct4l i, gu trick. thip OT petl non-slippery. Tr«»i ntw beauty Jnd life yoiit floor* to with Ftor-CeilF For AIL SURFACES-' INSIDE OR OUT (KT , n A w-fitht Won'i chip 01 pet No t xtr> prtpirjtio needed txcipi for ne ly Ijid tonccete. In colon »nd bUck in whit* WOOD C 1 « i i {tr«n»«nt) K[:;i-Cc*l bcingi au: • 11 the niiun] btiuty without ih« nerd foi ihelUc. varniib or vtix. It krifchuni mtj pto- necentty. m b« lecied jjcimit R[«*it. oil ind dm only and quickly with FIor-CeiM Abiolutely non-jlippery (or *d(ird flirty ia Ijundry ind rurnpui FOR HOMH • FARM • FACTORY < NOW YOU CAN GET ftOR-CfAL FROM THESE DEALERS: DON'T SAY FLOOR PAINT . . . SAY FLOR-CCAt. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 213 \V. Main [ > hone2015 Real Estate Transfers HICKASAWBA DISTRICT) Hitiiry Clay and Mildred Milllgan Ben Hurt Ida Bell Rice. 15 acres i Seelion 12-MN-8E. »5.000. Oscur Alexander and Delia Alex- ttcter to William Lloyd and Anna lary whiltakrr. Lol 6 of Block "C" f the Hollandnlc Addition, »500. L. H. slid Jane Hay to Harry Boin. South 100 of the 364 Icet f Lol 1. Block 2. of the Edna Vnili ccond Addition In NW|4 of Sec- ion 14-15N-11E. $9,400. Burl and Vettrus Davidson to oinei- anrt Addie PLsher, 345 ee t ot Ix>t 6, Block 4 of Ruddle leishts, SI/100. Am-mlo Carney Walker to Hur- 0 C. and Allle Edell Thompson. Vest 37 1-2 acres of West. 70 Acres 'f tlie NBA of Section 5-14N-12 K. •1 And other consideration. On:, Cliitwood to Mary K. Joplln -link, ]>lol ICO by 110 feet in Sec- ion il-ISN-llE. $10 and other A. fl. and Nina Bell Sanders lo Bron Sanders, plot 216 by 140 feet in Section 1IJ-15N-11E, »1 and ex- iante ol property. Eron Sanders to A. B. Sanders, plol HO by 108 feet In Section 16- 15N-11E, $1 and exchange of property. Charles Garrett and Mary Qarrett to Albert and Elizabeth Craig, Lot 11. Block 5 of the sunnysldc Addition. $400 W. C, and Anna Gales to Bo and M.'iggie MltUhciTO, Lot 9 Block 5 of me Elliott Addition, »300. J. W. and x Vela Rirsscll to F. C. McKemie, Lot 3C and Lot 3D of NE.4 NE,4 01 Section 36-15N-8B $300. H. C. and Kate Tucker to W. N. Mllllins, Lol 9 and Lot 10 ol Block S of tlie E W. Bryan Addition. *3,750. Anna Shonyo to George Dunlap. Lot 2 of Block 10 of tlie Edwin Robinson Addition. il.COO. James Herman Koehler and Elsie 18 Applications Are Submitted for Building Permits EiRhlctn pertnlt.s for construction In Bl.vlhcvillc weie ' placed on file in the olllre of city] Ennli.eor Joe Carney during the ! pas I week. i Est'nnaleit bulldlnc CO.M.S, wliU'li i often arc nndervahied on jx>n»l', I applications, totaled $58.550. The bulk of tills consisted of 10 npplt- : cations for pcrinits (o build four ntut onc-]m!f room [rame re.shloicr.s in the new David Acres Subdivision i at S4.500 each. 10 applications were .signed [ by Bill Reid, for the Arkunsii.s Cor- j potation, ! The oilier aiiplicalions were filed by: William D. Godwin, [or a five ami ' one-holt room frnnie residence at 203 South 21sl; estimated c<\st. $0- • OCO. Kllicl B.vt'd. for a three-room ~ I flame rcaidcnce on South Pir.M | Stret-l. New Faucet Controls Volume, Temperature A new huicet wllh two bandies, one for temperature mid I lie other lor flow, lepiosrnt.s a radical de- parltno In di'slun, says the I'luinb- Intt mill llrathiK Indiislilrs liineiiu. One handle controls the leniper- aluif ot the viiler. It can be left ill uiiy desired si'tlhif and will ren- utale an,| maintain 'he temix'ra- lure within '2 decors. It eliminates Mr.v cl'-cster Huncii. to add twn ' rooms to buildins nt ISIW Vine; e.stimnlod cast. SftSO. William We.stbrook, lor a one- r(wm frame residence In Robinson Addition; estimated cost, $-100. Morman Smith, for a two-ioo.u frame residence on Boone Street In West End Addition; esliiiuiled cos!. S400, llemy Lowe, for a four-room friime residence in Larry's FYnuth Addition; estimated cost. $1.500. Henry Plynn. [or a three-room frsime residence In Draw-Icy Addition; estimated cost $1,400, Othella Sunders, for a lour-ioom frame residence at 117 Enst Roosevelt; t.stimated cost, $3,000. The turkey is the only native American representative of the plicasaiu family and once roamed wild over much of North America. ROOFING . . . Ilic Inronvciilcnce of adjusting two handles lo obtain the temperature wnnti'd. The other handle controls the volume or flow of water, Bemuse only the umouiit of wnlor is used which is actually needed, and line* the temperature Is closely eon* trolled, savings are said to reiult In botli water and In fuel to he»t water. iii:sr nuY rs "CERTAIN-TEED" iu'ii ^v^' ron I you r I in lino ytm >'ju; I|C|HMH| nil il (or 11 l»n<; litno Co tome. jNOHOOY— jml 11 n I ii)41 y, Itr.ilK U n on—• ' ItfH IMATICHIALS \VOItKMA!SSIIIl» ntici<: Call itj hOW ftir \rc.K E C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. "Friendly Building Service" Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawba SWIFT'S PREMIUM BRANDED BEEP U Kiichlcr to Mri. A. J. Burtord. part of East 15 fet of Lot • of Block and other consideration. Inez Buford to Elsie Latinwr Koehler, Bast 75 feet of Lot t of Block 8 of the First Addition to Dell, $1 and other consideration. Hil.-ired Bunch to Ellis and Jewell Wheeler, plot 160 by 311 feet in Section 33-16N-11E, $1,910. Joseph L. Pulgham and Elsie Oradfill Fulgbam to AngiisLus D. and Reba H. Priest, plot 80 by 125 feet in Section 15-15N-11E, $1.600. {Catherine S. Green to W. O. Green. Jr.. West 45 feel of Lot 9 of Block 1 of the C. D. Ashabranner Addition to Manila, $1 and other consideration. Jack Finley and Elleene • Robinson to J. C. and Mary E. Fields. Lot 3 of Sam Barnes Subdivision, $1,550. Ed B. Cook to William and LoUie Randolph, Ix>t 17, Block "A" of the Ed B. Cook Subdivision, »1 and other consideration. Elves A. and Ollie Hill to Fred F. and DeLean Alexander, 16 1'4 feet, by 135 feet in North side of Lot 12, Block "C" of the Nelson's First Addition to Leachville, $1 and other consideration. R. J. McKinnon and Hazel McKinnon to M. L. and Leila M. Downing. Lot 5 and Lot 6 of the Block 2 of Parkview Addition to Manila, $10,500. J. end Ethel Jackson to Robert L. and Minnie Shelton, Lot, 10 of Blo^k "G" of the Barren and Lilly Addition, 53,600. William Lee and Roberta Walker to Marcus and Louise Y. Galncs, Lot 5 of Block 5 and Lots 3 ftnci 4. Block 5 of the William Lee Walker Second Subdivision of Blytheville. Robert Strong and Jennie Strong to Nellie Jean and Bennle Cleve- , land, part of Lot 24 of the Pride and Gateway Subdivision, 4550. Alton A. and Frances Hardy to W. I. Hnri Lean Mac Cutler Harding, two acres in Section 24-15N-11E 5350. trade bill. There has been sonic talk, however, of putting housing ahead of reciprocal trade. In that case, the housing bill •might come up next week. The bill Is sponsored in the Senate by 11 Democrats and 11 Republicans. AT LAST-YOUR DREAM HOME A REAL HOME We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phono 2043 I'lonly of Clicking SIIHCC RADIO REPAIR 1 and '2-l»aj Service on A»y Make or Model Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 We Call For and Deliver Fred Callihan l-'kvlncal Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Sales Service KKi So. 1st. St. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFlCE- -NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 NO JOB IS TOO LARGE NO JOB IS TOO SMALL For Complete Electrical Service, See Charley's Electric Shop 112 South 5th Phon* 2991 25x31 (Approx.) Converted with Trim and Porch Added ONLY $850 F MANY OTHER SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM We Invite Comparison With Any One! .Specifications on 25x31 (Approx.) Bldg,, • Height of lnU'rinr....S foul, (iipprux.) • Floor .Joists. . .2' s x 10" or 2"x8". '• Floors double: Finished floor I"x4" or l"x.T' over snli floor. • Sluris. . .2"x.(" on 21" centers. • Sides and Ends insulated wilh sticcl rotk on hack of.siding. • Otilsidc Walls. ...l"xfi" or 1".\8" nnvclly wood sirlinjf. • Hoof...!" shealhing over 2"xS" or 2"x(i" rafters. . .21" o. c. • Windows. ..8 double lump. • Doors...2 ouisidc doors. CHILDISHLY EASY TO ERECT . . . SKILLED LABOR NOT NECESSARY . . . FREE BLUE PRINTS . . . ALL SECTIONS MARKED . . . HOME SHIPPED ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.A. BY TRUCK. Write or Phone Mid-South Surplus Building Co. 108 No. 5th Blytheville, Ark. Wiile ^ i'. 0. Box 123 After 5 P.M. Call 2720 Phone 4905 Nt/telAWN * Powered tiy ()UKVtUrtlng 4 cycl* cnniii« ( \Vi lip of 5 hp). 'nil jidjiitinblQ Roveftmr guartn- tcei »ccLir»te, dependable »p«e4 control. A 2-i" hloOo cuti right up to trunks, ihmln, fences, etc. steel (uhinff throughout frame iruurci light rug^^ neM A Precision construction MfcRusrch fnulty opccntLon anu mini* miivi tccjuin . . , insure* troubl*- frce performance. Sec the MASTER MOWER today at Blytheville Machine Shop Dealer ARKANSAS GROCER CO. Distributor 1 Have At All Times For Salo several Irncturs nncl cqiilijmcnl. built nc« and used I have John l>ccrc. Ffirrnull. Kuril ami oilier iniikcs I Eiiixt have nc« f-'ord Lrzictnrs and cqulnmcni rcad> Inr del (very at dealers prlre. 1 wil> (.nvilc for must anylhhifc >oo have. Terms can l>c nrraiiRcd. See F. C. CROWE L mile Mtutti ol Kiaggnrfoclu. Alo D.P.L. NO. 15 COTTONSEED Delintcd, treated and Sacked Stote Certified 85% Germination 1 Yr. from Station A Ton or Carload Also Good Alfalfa Hay for Sale Magers&Gill Dell Ark. Phone 2272 FARMERS LOANS On Farm True i ois. Trucks & Cat's and Kiii'in KiiJiipmcnt (o responsible people. Also Real Kslale Loans and on Farm f.amls UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY First ii Main— Hide. "Friendly Service" Our Insurance Hales Are I.ow Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor • ,• And Kememher Rothrock's For Prescriptions Ptione 4451 Soy it .... With Flowers The Flower Shop Gtenooe Hole) Bldg. Phone 4491 or 2747

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