The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1938
Page 3
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WKDNKSDAY, MARCH 23, 1038 BLYTIIRVIU.K (AUK.) CDUH1KR NKWS Held In Rebel Prison Nanluckel Chief, 0 n c « Torpedoed And Sci/.ed, Sails Into Danger Again liy NEA Service PORT ARTHUR, Tex.. Mareh 22 •-The first American vessel lo Ije torpedoed by a .submarine durin;; , n "* the World War is .sailing into dan- j SIT ugaiii. fn 1915, the NaiUiictet Chief was shelled oil the coast of .Sicily, while (.•atryiHg u lone) of oil. The lorp«!<i exploded, wrecked part of the sup- H-slnicture and caused the death of two men. 13ul ihe tanker stayed ft float. On January n, this year, ihe Nanluckel Chief was captured by K'rix'l warships off the coast of •Spain, \vhile she was carrvini; a cargo of Russian oil to the Loyal- Wilson Society—Personal Simlli Mississippi <.'mmly l.lous Mt'elhiK Mi-. Arthur I!. K«tn of Memphis, Trnn. was the suest speaker wlien the South Mississippi County IJons club met Monday evening ul Ihe •lubhouse, Sunset I'ark ul Bussed. ! J-^ovly members were present al the 1 [dinner .served by the ladles of the Methodist Missionary Soclely ol Wilson. A niovlnit picture Him entitled "The llllncL Spol of Science" was preseiili'd lo tlje Club by Mr, Kalx, Following ihe dinner, diiuc- liiH v.'as enjoyed. Ohbratcs tllrlluliiy Parly Little Miss Mno Alice Crockett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. I Crockett, celebrated her fifth jirihduy by Inviting twenty-live ol lei little friends to n p.'irty Tuesday afternoon. Ice cream and cake fai •government. Her c«w"as" We |l ' A . ' e * cr ."' il ' ^ mcrira " clcw ° f lhe *<«>««*'* ™«' f - '"'^ I"'" " as her .skipper, Captain J. E. Lewis, I"""' ' , "' " K ! ): " llsl > Htl-c\ jail and a iienr-stiirvalion diet of goal's were jailed, and the latter court-i""" 1 - Their return to Port Arthur was the signal for ,m excited mai tialed and sentenced to 17 welcome. nesplte the bonus paid for sailing on ships that work in years in prison Reports from um^ciies, some of the men refused lo sign on for the new voyage Spam siud lie had been beaten, loo, • ,„ <-,,.,„•,,.... ..,, ... . , ,. although lie denied it. '" c " biall! "- " r ' 1 ''' their expenenc.'.s at the hands of the UcDcK Now the Nantucket Chief is on " " ~ " • (lie High seas again, bound for Gi-1 f \ inn |A.....,,,,,,. braltar. Her owners refuse to say|" "»*- 1 '"'' ' tUIIM.lS, Wives I Tear "Live whether she will try to run the Rebel blockade. But it is evident that she will be in the danger /one. once more, and carrying i\ valuable oil-cargo. Sailing in troubled waters seems lo be the fate of the'Nan-' tucket Chief. The American Hag failed to protect Her during her latest adven- lure. She was apparently marked for capture because she -had already landed two Russian oil cargoes in Barcelona and was carrying u third, 53,000 gallons of gasoline. Plowing ahead for Barcelona, on the night of January 17, Captain Lewis suddenly found himself accompanied by two destroyers. He felt certain they belonged to the "navy" of Rebel General Franco. Out of the darkness, n message crackled into the Nantuckct. Chief's radio room. read. "Follow me, you!" it Confident of the power of the /Ing flying from his ship. Captain *,.^ ulllll ,, l;> lwo . la .,- e Lewis held to his course. Bul^-the which furnishes the food gun crews on one of the destroyers sprang forward and took their places. "Their guns were trained on us. I gave orders to follow the insurgent destroyers." Meanwhile the Nantuckct Chief's radio operator was frantically, call- al Rome" Talks More than 100 interested farmers and farm women met at the court house yesterday afternoon lo dis- ci'Js lhe Live-at-Home program, ll>e Farm Program, and the Kami Bureau. Mrs. O. R. Red ford. North Mississippi coimty'.s member of the Slate Agricultural Coinmillee, presided. Miss Cora Lee Colcman, county home demonstration agent, introduced Bruce Culp, who spoke on lhe Itvc-at-liomc program that is being followed by his family of 11 •>-ople. hi his talk lie pointed out that he and his wife had .sold more dairy products, fresh vegetables and oiniHry during their married life '.Inn they had bought. He said that '.in part of his farm is more valu- Ihan his two-acre garden , for his family llie year round, Mr. Culu •••commended that every farm family keep two good cows, saying Poultry Specialists Here To Help County Agents C. M. Bootmiui. a poultry, specialist, will he in Mississippi county all day Thm.sday to JissLsl the county and home demrmstralion agents with their poultry -problems. A meeting will tie held at lhe Forty and Eight community kitchen al 10:00 o'clock In (lie morning, lo which anyone interested in poultry is invited lo come and bring nnj sick chickens which they might have, it has been announced by Mix.' Cora Lee Colcman. county home demonstration agent. A meeting of the same type will be held at the Slindy Grove com- mmiltv kitchen al 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. hat a good cow is no more expensive ttian a scrub .and gives T.uch. bolter returns. His advice was tliat everyone should protect But each lime he rap--j : -is I938>''farm income by "living al 3ent 'ho)i)e.'i:' ' pedj oul^iixm'essnee, the Insurge ( destroy ••'v'ransmitters anj drowned him out. The Naiitucket Chief was shortly boarded by rebel soldiers—of hoy scout age — and these set up a guard over the American ship's crew and officers. She was steered to Palma, Mallorca, where the insurgents have n base and her gasoline cargo was lifted. This fuel later operated Rebel bombers which shelled Barcelona and killed hundreds. The arrival of a ship in Port Arthur is usually no signal fov a holiday. But when tlie Niniun-Kti, Chief docked after four months 1 absence, the town turned out. Wives, mothers and s«-eet.!icarts of the seaman nocked to welcome home the men who had ucen Franco's prfsoncrs. Captain Lewis kept his ship laid- lo only one night, just long enough to tnke on a new oil-cargo. Only the intervention of the U. S. had : ^Kiiral him from serving a 17-year •<T A'lHence, but lie was ready to try again. The day after her arrival, the Nanlucket Chief sailed out once more—for Gibraltar. Her owners are not saying whether she will go on to Barcelona — for a very good reason. Shipping men know Hint Franco maintains spies here wi'.ose purpose it is to furnish information on just such ship movement!;. Mr. mid Mrs. W. p. Wilson drove to Hot KprliiK.s. .Sjiiiinliu' lo nttoncl the races. They returned homo Sunday niiilit. Miss PrudiMii'i' Kllsliindcr. who is in liiilnlun ul .lolin ciiiMon hospital in Memphis, visited her parents at Oliver. Ark. over tile week 011(1. Mr. inul Mrs. ,1. [.', oils nml (l!Ul|;hl(T. AII."!' Cimilyii. K'CIV of Mrs. I'liobi' (iiulir In Memphis over lhe week cud Mi'. ;uui Mrs. Wullnco llrlgunee of Osi-i'ulii, were uuesl.s i,( f.i, | VI1 [ Mrs. .|i,,k oil.s FiUhiy. Tin 1 Id'V. and Mrs. 1)71")! had as their week end PAGE THREE Mis, Hurry Dniuivnm and Meui|ihl 'aul Klrkland vistteil of Mil- liev. 1). 1). St'litr Mniulay inul acciuiijiiiriled llli' Itcv. .SrytT to a iiuviiiiK in Dlylhcvilli'. .Mi'.s. llaljih lioblnso)). who has been quiii. ,|] w i ( |, u u ()ll . ]K1M week, is now able lo be up. Kisleen members were' present at tlu< Haiilht Missionary Knclety nicfting nt (he Church Munihi'v were sei'ved folloivim; gami'.s en- taiirlii, by .MI.S. \v. A. Williiiin.s. oycd by all. Miss Mary Cornelia Curler vlsit- (d )ier parents In Conwuy, Ark.. over the week end. ' Sum Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Rcgenold and it. our iiK-ks, ;ind many other rtu-ks liuve i;iken their materials trom At the Hospitals II, L, Hnlsell Jr ni'it:' , fhi'll, was taken lmlr ' M. lo the lllythevllle hospital Uxluy In n l.'obb ambulnnee, where she will undrrii,) lieiilinenl. Mrs. Leslie Collins inul baby, of (,'nriithcrsvllle, line dismissed from I lie lilythe.ville hos|)llul todny, Mrs. Hiiny Klrljy went In the Memphis liupllst hospital yesler- <l«y where .she Is a pulleiil for a few cluys. Olio Koehtit/ky, tunnerly ol here and lunv if Culumbiis. Miss., wns iKimllii'd lo (he Memphis Hii|)lKL lin.vpllMl ye.'.lerdLiy for observntlon mid will probably unilerno an op- I'l-iilloii within ii few (iuy.s. Mis. KcK'lnli/ky, who iircompanled him,! leliirni'tl luime UinlKhl but will be' hael: in Memphis In u lew diiys. 1 Mlis Vlivlnln Oale.s, <it llolliiiul. I is it ])at(eni ut the Memphis Hup- llsl hospital. Tj-.oums 1'Vankllii Rmllli, cllll an empty shnlsun ! J n ™ sll « l > l « ! . B n vc one look nt the i iinii niHi Announced solcmnlv* "it's new K ravt- «ml reddish hmnnn „„,,._ 1)oyS| w( ,. n ^"^ 1 dig," He found lhe body nf a brown .Sherlfl T. K. llugsins. called lo | bird dog. l.iisoru, hns hoi'ii iidmlued to tin \Vc, Ciin Save You Money On BETTER CLEANING To lie sure your clothes look il«lil scnil thrni lo llie PC-IT. \n~:. \\Y'vc a rcriiilalliui fur lining . |';III)!IK rlc)il.' MEN'S SUITS Clcanoi! inul CR ( ' 1'rt'xsod for Dw Perfect Murder Scene Is Boomerang lo Sheriff CI.AIIKSVIU.K. Tciin. (UI'J-Tlie WiiM ul u .sliijlBuil nni;< nut ii«:ir llir Ke:l llrunk Cufi- near liwc. Next inornlnit two Ni'sroi's liiunil Peerless Cleaners CHERRY AND FRANKLIN PHONE 162 "cJtet Uo CtecutU RjLqhi" Fifteen Plays Will Be Staged Tn 4-IT Tourney More than 100 players will pcr- foi'm in Ihe 15 plays which are to be presented at the second annual 4-H club play tournament, to be held at tlie Yarbro school, bcgin- > "ing Saturday morning uri continuing through the afternoon nul into a night program. Clubs from tlicse communities in nortli Mississippi ooiinty will p.irticipate: New Liberty. Half Moon. Ekron. Huffman. Boyntoii. Brown, Gosnell. Yarbro, Armorel, Forty aiid Eight, shady Grove. Recce. Promised Land, Black Water and Lost Cane. Tlie plays will be presented during the morning and afternoon and the three who received most, points will be selected to be presented again in the finals that night. Tlicse plays will then he judged in first., second and third order for the trophies to be awarded. An award will also be made to the best individual performer. j Two of the plays arc original I with the Forty and Eight club to ' present "Ali Baba and the Dirty ^Thieves", which was written by *'ie sponsor, James McOhce, and Shady Grove's club will present MI original version ot "Snow White find the Seven Dwarfs", pvepai-ed' by Miss Virginia Mayflelcl. Sunday school classes win be held at 1:30 p.m.. also in Kennett at the Hall. A cordial invitation is extended to everyone. Rabbi Pollack Speaks Sunday At Kennett, Mo. The recent developments in Europe, the effect ol Hitler's policy on the world, and suggestions as lo the method to be pursued to assure Die perpetuation of Ihe democratic way of life will be discussed by ftatbi Herman J'ollnck in his sermon 0:1 "Frankenstein Mangier of Today". Sunday afternoon at. 3:00 o'clock at the Masonic Lodge Hall in Kennett. Mo. Mrs. Hertford Ihen introduced L. j ccngre^Uonal "s'c r'vM c'c ° oT^lhc 'J' M "' r £ yi M° f ? l ." (1 . eUe ' l"-e-sidenl; Temple Israel, p'ricr to which the (n the Eolith Mississippi county " '- ' • • farm bureau, who spoke on tlie ."r.rm buroau and Charles Colcman vho repotted that the 06 members f the Keicer organization planned •. meeting on" March 24. Ira Crawford, secretary of the North Mississippi county farm bureau, told n! the advantages and influences that a county organization lia:| in Washington. C. c. l.angston, president of the North Mississippi county farm bureau. -:pokc briefly urging that .. farmer belong to the organization. The method of completing the iisn up of work sheet for 1937 50 Mat Ihe 1938 farm program may ;et under way was explained by II. U. Richardson, assistant in soil conservation. D. S. Lantrip. county ••Sent, summarized the tliree-fold purpose of the meeting and told how each one tied lip with the other: the live-at-home program, which includes the growing of the food for the family and feed for :he stock, giving tlie boys and girls nore leisure; the advantages ol ;he Farm Bureau; and Ihe agricultural conservation program. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Vtittioul Calomel—And You'll Jump Dm of Bfd lo Ihe Morning Ririn' In Go CVerv i Tfie '' vvr & ^ OIlld l*our out iwu nnnnds fl* . • liquid Ulu into yourViw^ls daily. If ih[ 3 bilt s not flowlriK'frcoly.your fooil doesn't diKcat. OXY Admission always lOc & ZGc. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Only Tae. - Wed. - Thur, PAL NIGHT! Two Admitted Tor the Trice of 1 HE KISSES AND MAKES UP TO A ',.' -% STATUE; / /^ \» with FRANK McHUGH MNEWYMAN-CORAWITHERSPOON A WARNtR 6BOS, PICTUHC Also Nnvclly Sliori antl Comorty Read Courier News \Vanl Ads. 1C iast g In Ute Iwwcts. Cu3 . ofla up your svomach. You get conslhmlod. Your h-hole Bvatcm la j.oisonrd nn«! you feel EQur sunk «/i<l tlic «-orH !c»>la [.unt. A mere tiowol mnvemcnl ,!oe»n't grl nt Ilf.f°1 ! , e ' l ' tnk " "«>» B<»<1. "M Cr.rler'3 .'J'S '* iver ' '"' "> '••'' "»™ '"O n O/ Wle (loiviriE fml, „„,, n, a |,, ,.; '.[> and up " Il.rml.-,,. v.'Mlo. yet .m 'ns In mnkine Llie How frctly. Jsk Curtei't l.tutc |,| V<!1 . Pi ||, by n.m« 2S Slubbornly rc/nic unylhlnu di«. Everything for your enter Isinment and comfort. Admission Matinee ifjc & 2Cc Admission Night ICc & 3Cc Watch Society Page Of Courier News For Free Show Guests Weds. - Thurs. Here Comes the Show {ram Rhythm Row . , . wilh tit «nd icrtcnl ANN MII1ER 12APIO ' VICTOB MOOD I 1 M I II O N"» 16 I E J HEIIN tlOOCKCK . JANI ^ FSOMANr..*tU11ll Wilt I MtlKSl UUOH . H»l J 7 Songs / 7Q Thriltt! 7OO Laughs! DutttrJ It SIN STOtOff. mati k, tnvtin KMfMf.ll. i,, m ti n t r M,ni"<£, f K B , VilM.r. mi, D,,,,. Monti,,'0,,°^ Also Paramount NCB-S & Pictotlal Admission Malinre lOo i- Admission Night lc c & AXXOVXCIWG THE 1938 -iirm v-12 IN THE ANNUAL, f aehionnblc parade of inodul af «r model, improvement*, changes, rofin<'iin>ius urc to Ijc observed on every hand. But Iiow solilom the wliolc car dcimrla from traditional wnvs. Thc'LlNCOUV./ErHYK V-12 during 1936 and 1937 did — and still docs. The new LINCOLN- ZEPHYR for 1938 does even more. Truly it c;m Ii« said: It breaks wilh tradition again! Graceful streamlines tluit gave llie LINCOLN- ZEPHYII n distinction of its own in two years prcviuiisurecvcnniorepronouncedlliisyenr. Principles of functional design, rather (lian mere slyle, dictate ihe car's modern form. Tims (lie low ami horizontal radiator grille, aside from its lieaiily, increases cooling qflirtcnry. This new car breaks will) llie usual, loo, in its modern puwcr-pluiil. The V-typt; 12-cylinder engine, illicit and approved liy more than '15,000 enthusiastic LliS'COLN-Zl'PHVn owners duriiig 19.1ft and 1937, lias been refined lo give an even smoother performance. And new -type vutvis lifters, . . Developing 110 horsepower, the engine gives 14 lo 18 miles lo llie gallon — twelve thrifty cylinders! The biisie construction of tliw enr is a definite break wilh tradition. In closed types, body and frame arc nol two separate units, but one imil, a sleel framework, all members welded togelher. To this rigid framework, sleet lop, sides ami flooring are welded, You ride surrounded by steel. The new LINCOLN-ZEPHYR ig bigger inside, bigger outside. The wheclbasc is lengthened to 125 inches. Great comfort results from the placing of car weight mid passenger wciglil toward the middle. Prove this on your favorite back road! This year, a new Convertible Sedan mid a new Convertible Coupe bring to six Ihe number of available LINCOLN-ZEPHYR body types. Drive this modern "twelve" today. This modern "iwclvc" is still the only enr of ils kind nt any price! Lincoln Motor Company, builders of Lincoln and Lincoln- Zephyr V-12 motor cars. Frier* Ill-gin n! $1295 dclicered at Detroit factory. Stale anil Federal ta.tct extra. The Sedan HluHrated it £1395 dflirrretf nl Onlroil factory, nhltc lide-trall tiret included. ON DISPLAY TODAY, IN DEALERS' SHOWROOMS See /Ae New Lincoln Zephyr Now On Display at PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. /^^ita*^*. H/v»J' u ..J f>- TMfJ.1* Corner Walnut & Fifth Phone 810

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