The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1934
Page 2
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tin 8LYTHKVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, J1ARCH 16, SecUl Servic* Club of HU-. oouoty met tat evening Jjg;»~ittna*r'»t the Flnt Mtlhod- 1*1 • cfcurch, Uanllt. T^ere wen M/';reeent from the relict offices <f i.OBKOla, Manila and BlyllxevUle; •-The study period WM presided «jfe'r by Mrs. Harmon Sctorcl, which was to]lowed by an address by Dr. A. M. Washuurn, county Ij&Mh pbjnMdan, UK swit speak- ctvor the «vtntag, ••Dr. Wasbbum discussed the iin- S0Unte "of filing birth and death <M*t incites, M well is r sport ins nuMic»b!e dSse»5«s, such as dlpbttxrU, scarlet lever iwi typhoid, also meningitis. He •to spoke briefly on sanitation Upd iu rttnedie* gcd discussed al MMth UK necewlty of vacclna- tljn of stray dogs f»r rabies, i;i>r. .Pilmcr Patterson, district SfW supervisor, and Dr. Hutch life, bl Manila, also made short into. ^Prhc r.cxt meelinf will be or. Ifarch 22, at Osccola, which will IK.'for a study c4u» only. Girtn. ^Mrs. Ed»ar Brown was hostess to a number of friends Friday viternooii at » ihower party given "fof Mrs. Dutch Murdough whose was recently destroyed bj i Have Celviry Baptist church wo •MTL will have a chicken dimici •Mturday (or the benefit or th ]<5jurch. Dinner will be serve Jjff 25 cents. ,., ... IS" *•"• B fir. »nd Mrs. R. M. Dawes, o •***. wOrleans, Lii., announce th •th of a son, March 4. The bab been named \YUllatn fteglnalt IBffore her marriage Mrs."' Dawc 's Mi«s Addle McKay. Hornersville Society-Personal Q0 S CHJ IP ^^3> M t D V 6j/ DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO WEOSWOLT _ APPEflfteDIH MOVIES IH Bite q/ Mostly Personal Miss Louise Tnschncr and Mrs. Joe Ktwter are sptmhns the wetk end In Memphlj as guests of their si.stcr, Mrs. K. A. Meyer. While there they will attend a St. Patrick's Day party in hoor of Miss Taschner. Mrs. J. J. Davis has returned liojn Memphis where «hc attend- Uie national training achool of (he Spencer Corset Co. She lejt today ou u buan«,s trip to Au- gusln and Scarcy. Mmcs. Lloyd V, Wise and Joe S. Olllahunty and Mr. and Mis, Paul cucenwcll epcul ytsttrday in 'ioHA HARtS, ttEGAPOEO AS THE BEST K»S£Vtort^f Bf2SSCN WS FOPUUll IN ELRCOE THEN. H HOU-YflOOO WH, 'it-JOLSONUMOTO 00 A VAU5EVILLE ACT Tailored and Sport Clothes Emphasized at Fashion Show i«Mr. .and Mrs. O. J. Cope went Jtr> St. uiuls Wednesday on » short .BjsiiicEu trip. Mr. Cope is open- a. .modern drug store* In the ant building. ""''Mn left Wednesduy Mttf WlWie'"Jn" Anm- Tex., rafter *pehdtns severil .tere on busJncss. • He was !*xoinpanlnl by Mrs. A. J. liiiiis- jr. und little daughter, June, Mrs. Price Douglass, tlK lat- <ler of Senath, who will visit in jimariUo for 10 days. ''T. C. N. Galncs, pastor oi llic wJi-it clmrch, o. A. qumn, Jw. R. Sewell, MIS. George B. >8wwn, Mrs. L. M. Kcgan, Mrs jBjttic Rose, Mrs. Roy' Gooch, Mrs. M^MK Williams, Mrs. Vcrnlc Hat- 'ttier, and Miss Lucille Quiim at- "tecded the Methodist distrlo, cou- .fcrencc at Otdeou last, Trtday. 't'Dcan Vest C. Meyers of the .State Teachers college ut Cape Gl- rajdeau was here last Friday tcr f-flsliort Tiitt, witU his aunt. Mrs '.W. K. Gates, and his cousins, Mrs P. Parks and Mrs. Wiltord Thc fashion ahow at the Rosy theater last evening made both the feminine anil masculine members of Bljthevillc famlliCii long r "something new to wear." This revue was the fiist of two given by local merchants. . Uie RU& theater this evening iflcrcnt models will display oth- r wearing upi»rel and Miss Olu o(r-Harris- will ptc«mt a nnrn- *r;Ol : San6e puptls in choria and xclalty numbers. The Jiiovie, "Hi, ellle," starring Pau; Muni, will t shown. In last cvi-iiiug's Uiow tailored nd spcrt clothes prcdoiniimlcri. tl'. children »nd adults pattlct- iled in tlie display. Joe Isaacs' ircscntctl Miss Loma. Wikon, iu .,,Mrs. Charles Hedgcpath let Saturday night for Pasadena, Tex ;tt> visit her mother, Mrs. a. H IJUls, who i* vtry 111. :-• Mrs. Orovcr Wicker of Decrlnj •*»s here Moodsy. to tec hcjt aun .Mrs. Solon Davis, who was slack ;en very ill that day. ; ;','-Mrs. Bertha Kinsolving, wh Bjfcnt the. winter wllh her .sisic .its. Torn Pope and family I 'Hoist, III., armed home last Fr! '.-Mr. .anil Mrs. Charles. F. Kirk 'B»n went to Jackson, tcnn., last ~~' JJ y, to attend the funeral Salot Will Ktrtonan, * nephew ; Mr. Klrkm&n. • titzXy duncing as a HpanJsli scn- orlta, and Carl Hiley. i>lriylii8 the guitar. "The Proper Thing" "When o. mnn Is walking down the street with two women, does lie walk beleen them?" No; when walking.with two women, he walks on the outside and the women on the inside of the Mrs. H. Hurt, of Glen AUtn, Hiss., Is here for a few days stay with Mr. sintl Mrs. Earl Hatcher. Miss Betty tfcCutchen, who attends St. Mary's at Memphis, is spending the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Me- C >iichcn. Mrs. A. M. Dull and Mrs. W. J. Pollunl arc sending today In Memphis with Mr. and 1 Mrs. Fmnswoilh Black and daughter!Belty, who Is ill from measles. Mrs. C. B. Stevens SIKIII yesterday in Memphis. Bill Dolen hits returned to this city (o make his horne with his parents, Mr. and -VTrs. J. W. Dolen, who recently moved here fropi Jonesboro. Mrs. L. S. Briscoe and Kliss Louise Crone were In Memphis yesterday. Miss Halite McHaney of Kennett, Mo., who 1ms been visiting her sister, Mrs. L. H. Moore, mid family since Tuesday, will return home tonight. II. C. Crook, bl (JarutlKrsvllle, Mo., will motor here for her. . ; Boyd Godwin, who has been lii Pasadena, Los Angeles and otli'ec points of California for the past ten months, returned home last night. Miss Mary McHaney is spending [lie weekend (it Kennctt, Mo., her Home. Mrs. F. L. Husband has returned from five, weeks spent in Hot Springs where she attended the Mrs.- Ollic Lons, or St. Louis, visiting her mother, Mrs. ,H. IcKuy. Ucforc her muri-lngi! Mrs. xmg was Miss Agnes McKay. " whitu sport outfit, and Miss st«el, iargarct Shaver in' a Roosevelt blue swagger suit wllh a hUjli o'.lir. Ltttlt; Frances Jallce, ot Osccola, showed what the young niss suonld wear to the birthday •mrties, and Sieve Brooks Jr. wore he newest thuuj for young boys, ottcn done, n Jack Applebaum's display.' Men's shop had Bill Troter and • Cliilord Cavili for their models with Dill wearing light ercy rousers with dark coal untl Clit- tord in a tan street suit wllh liar- monlung accessories. For the first dance number, Wanda Pisher, Sara Lou McCul- chen, Dorothy Higginson and Kitty Ore en sang and danced. Mrs. Anne Stevens I'ottcr wore a mubtard green suit with fur Irtmmtug about the ruffled coal. Miss Mary Ellen Stevens wore n black wool coeit over a black and while afternoon dress, and Mt.5 Dormne Coulter wore a Ulack afternoon dress trimmed wllh gal "If n man meets a woman acquaintance as they art tolli ulioul to take a street car or bus, "should Vie pay her farel" This Is not necessary but Is very New Lamp to Give Photofraphers .Aid PITTSBURGH (UP)— Commercial :tnd professional photographers now may have n photo Hood lamp which will give better results in filnck and while photography und result iu more ntitura reproduction of colored subjects. The new lamp, according to J H. Kurlander. engineer or th Weslinghouse Electric find Manu facluring Company, is to be Kinsolv- ol Cspe Otrardcau were here «anday visiting Mr. and Mrs T. TB.J Kiraolving, ^K canning ciuB h»s been brg*n- at 1 1 is Half Moon under o< Mrs. Hawkins HV At a tneetlhg Mon- -,-i-Redbum was elected Jtsldent, Marie Buck was. named »»«rrer, pn m: Hawkins sec- «H«ry, ami Mrs. Beth WalKcr, rc- —'iff. Th« next meettrig will be Hohdar, March 26. 15^^ ?°tV9 l * -'SpSnl Wedr.eida «l«lJt with Mr. and Mrs,. Ear S3fr. atKl Mrs.- Larson Crump o l«1vcr prove spent Tuesday nigh i yr/ajW.MW, Charles Spring -'<jr*T; and ,Mrs.. Florence Casl dlnper .Jacsts of Mr. and Joc;PoUt.r known as the Muzda Fliutuflooc Lamp No. 4. The new lamp is similar to tin 300-wutt Mazda general lighliiv lamp, except Uiat Its filament op crates at an extremely high tern pcnuure. Thus the proportion o blue rays in its light is increase> c«lors. and a bright hat, for the New York Store's display. A tan dress and coat of waffle cloth ere worn by Miss Anna Muc ones, and a gray street dress and avy blue coat by Miss Kalhertnt osey, who modeled for Hie J. C'. over thac found eruicy store . lighting lamp, "How Rhythm Was Bom" was plained. siKcialty number given by Moli Guard. Peggy Bnjarskl, Naomi' nd Nedra Bcrryman and Je&stc Illlcr. Summer wash frocks were worn iy Mrs. Sterling Wood, In poudrc blue trimmed in white, and Hiss I'oilyamia Buck, whose white plcque frock had a. sliort tport coat, for the Famous Store. That gray Is popular for men his spring was shown in the duo- cool suits worn by Marshall Black- arc! and Otto Scrape for Ihe K. O. Hughes company. Miss- Martha Ann Lynch, modeling for the Tog- gery, wore a. sport novelty Mugg suit with navy blue accessories. Mary Jean Aftlick danced a toe solo dance with Mrs. Bill Trotter Manila Society — Personal Watch! Uon'l 15c Flini flammed on I'ricc and Weight— An Ucmixcd Cash In the star.dar Kurlaudcr When She Calls, Phe Ozarks Ring Mrs. O. O. Stuiirt was in Mem- 'hl son business Wednesday. U. S. Griffith lias' been ntt^nd- ng a lumberman's conference iu Memphis this week. Rev. J. W. Moore w;is in le.:!i-h- •ille Weduesilay to officiate at che 'uncral of U. L. Applcby, editor of the Leachville Star for li years, Mr. antl Mi-s. Eugene Uhaiii'y- tclt attended the funetal of Mt. ^pplcby. Rev. F. M. Sweet of Moivctte visited here Thursday. A. W. Smith went to Hl>lhv- villc Tuebtlny, where hi; is eir.- ployed. Itev. Sam B. Wiggins or Joi'.eb- boro, presiding elder of the JOI-.PS- boro dfetrict, vWtccl Ilcv. J. \v. Moore Tuesday nfternoon. Carl Tiptun left Tuesday to spend a few days in Memphis 0:1 business. Mrs. Dan B. Dodd attended the funeral of B. L. Appleby nlLciirli- ville -Wednesday. Word was received Thursday morning tliat Mrs. Lois Barcnunc of Flint, Mich., who has Iwcn ill. s making n Irlp here to be -,•.;•.!] :ier mother, Mre. Elmer Tluel- keld. Mrs. If. Poc, who inidcrv.ciii ^n eye operation last week at !(oi.:i, Mo., is reported tloing well. at the piano. t yr.-SUW.HwrciiaSs^Sptmg' ., Mo **|, tor "^ ^shion, Miss •-"'.<'. •- v^ui» Marguerite Jdinron and Mibs Louise Bourland, wore suils. Miss Johnson was in green and Miss Bourland in navy blue with white trim. A navy triple sheer dress with hip-length coat formed Mfcs Mau—Perm- rinc 'Branson's outfit and Miss „., ._.. .-..,. American Le-;^ 11 ! 115 Sue Stewart wore a sport ||Bo .iwaiSerB |4un iny other state, -swagger suit in brown wool and .Otto.P. Mess- ° turned up sailor Ior Greber's. When .Mrs. SlcKco i^ttle Marilyn Deen, representing "Elmer, oh-h-o,. Elmer,*' tha JlcieVs, was dressed In a party i Missouri pzarks ecbo and"te- «fc sUt«««nnS«jxHr. Thc'217 posts MM nwly K,y» members. The IPe ** kaHt. -to .Boot o£ tr.e wltii 132. «t» mun'-it k worm, it has ol' frock of pink organdie. - jccho, for Mrs. McKeo, abOTc, ot There, was a tap number by Willard, Mo., Is the. cuiuiplon Elaine i Anderson. Patricia Wise huibwd caller ol that", region. and Mary Jean AfTlick and the sbe *»» awarded tue erlw In a . number was a Spanish Springfield, Mo., coatast, Yrnaz- number wltri Bill' Trotter iinglng | ln S the ]ndsei wltlj h«r de«t««. "After Simdown," Miss Jane Koch- ln Si ^v-cirrylui «»ninon«.- Thc Mason and Dlxon line is t;- t boundary bclwcen the states O i Maryland and Pennsylvania. Kead Courier News Want Ad, HUSKY THR Overtaxed by speaking, singing, srnoki Sliu With Kach Purchase! Specials for Saturday and Monday BANANAS N^ Fruit Dozen lOc SUGAR furct! . wHhotrt (he knife. Other rci- Ul dlsrasM treated. Varkoscd velnj treated non-surgtcillj. DBS. NIES 1 NIKS 514 W, Mato Vhonc OS. RING Farmer's Auj thin j Ir. F«d and Seeds For 127 10 Pounds 45c SALT,- 1V 2 Lb. Package. Each GINGER ALE, Oh Boy. Quart IQc COFFEE, Chase & Sanborn. Lb. 26c WESSON OIL, Pint 22c; Quart 3 c Jc PINEAPPLE, Libby's. Sii. or Cru. 19c COMB HONEY, 12 to 14 Qz. Each IQc SHREDDED WHEAT, Pkg. 12c LETTUCE Head 5c TURNIP GREENS Bunch 5e POTATOES, Red Triumph. Pound DKIFT, 3 Lbs. 39c; 6 Lbs. 69c CHERRIES, Red Pitted. No. 2 Can 12c SOUP, Phillips. Ali Kinds. Can ~5c KRAUT, Libby's. No. 2 Can 12c TOMATOES, Fresh and Firm. Lb. 8c LETTUCE, Large Heads. Each 5c COFFEE, Morning Bracer. 4 Lbs. 75c GRAPE FRUIT, Nice, Juicy. Each 5c ONIONS, Red or Yellow. Pound 4c APPLES, 100 Size. Delicious. Each 3c LEMONS, Large Sfee. Dozen 19c PARSNIPS, Pound 6y 2 c TISSUE, Waldorf. Roll KARO, No. iy 2 Can lie; No. 5 Can Sic MEAL, 24-Lb. Sack 3»c , Swift's Jewel. 4 Ibs 29c; 8 Ibs 55c OELO, VVilsou's Nut Brand. Lb. "s^c jaUTi-ER, Cresta. Pound 27c UKAMGES, Nice Size. Dozen 15c SUGAR, Conlectjoner or Brown. Ib SPRING ONIONS, Bunch EGGS, Strictly Fresh. Doz-en 14y a c SQUASH, Fresh. Pound 7V a c TURNIPS AND TOPS, Bunch 6c MUSTARD GREENS, Bunch 5c CAULIFLOWER, Pound 7y 2 c CARROTS, Bunch 6c BELL PEPPERS, Pound 15c Royal Gem. Can J1LKJPEPPBK, Cluuux. 2 oz 3%c; 4 oa! 7c g SPAGHETTI, Sterling. Pkg. 3%c CELERY, Large Stalk. Each 7c ORANGES, Large Size. Dozen 28c COFFEE, Fo'or Leaf. Pound 25c | MACARONI, Bulk. Pound 9c SPINACH, Ark. R/and.,lN ir o..2y 2 Can 13c PORK & BEA^grV:Camp ! or Libby 5c __ _ CLEANSER, Sunbrite. 2 ior 7c \VOOL SOAP, TOaIATG Sugar Loaf. Can PEACHES, Hillcrest. No. 2% Can 14c I SPINACH, Del Monte. No. 2y 2 Can 15c Salad Dressing, Table Garden. Qt. 22c SOAP, Lifebuoy or Lux. Bur .6c i _ COFFEE, Santos Pcaberry. Pound lac BEETS, Sugar Loaf, whole. No. 2 can lOc SYRUP, Sunflower. 5 Ib. 23c; 10 Ib. 44c | ™" 3 KIN, Sugar Loaf. No. 2y 2 Can lOc MUSTARD, Marco. Quart lOc TUNA FISH, Every-Day Brand, can lie TOMATO JUICE, Mato. Can 5c COFFEE, Sunny. Brook or Canova. Ib 2&c CRAB MEAT, Geisha, small 25c; Ige 52e CHILI, El Toro. Can 9c STANDARD Potted Meat 3c; Vienna 6c SARDINES, Can 3y 2 c APPLE BUTTER, Cardinal. Jar loc SPAGHETTI, Skinner's. Pkg. 6c CATSUP, Golden Sun. 14-oz. bottle lie PRESERVES, Pure. Von Almcn. jar 15c KIDNEY BEANS, London's. Can 5c SHRIMP, Wet or Dry Pack. Can lOc SOAP, Crystal White. 10 Bars for 25c SOAP, Camay. - Bar 5c SUPER SUDS, 2 for 15c CLEANSER, Old Dutch. 3 for 15c PEANUT BUTTER, 16 04;. 12c; 32 oz. 22c 21c SALMON, Merrimac. Small lie; Lgc PIGS FEET, Pickled. Large Jar 23c CRACKERS, All Crisp. Lb. lOc; 2 Ibs 19c PEAS, Happy Vale. No. 2 Can 13c BEANS, BlythcviHc. No. 2 Can 9c TOMATOES, . No. 2y 2 Can He PEACHES, Libby's. No. 2*/ 3 Can Ife PEARS, Rosedale. No. 2^ Can 18c MATCHES, Pet. 3 for lOc HOMINY, Sugar Loaf. No. 300 can 5c PEAS, Sugar Loaf. Petit Pois. No. 2 15c LIMA BEANS, S Loaf. Sifted. No. 2 13c TISSUE, Liberty. 2QOQ sheet. 2 rolls loc COFFEE, Dean's High Grade. Lb. 26c HAMS, Swift Premium. JJ^'c^"'^'^", SALT MEAT, Hest Boiling, round 1 K- c Slreak-O-[*vin, Pound BACON, Sliced. Swift Oriole. Lb. WEINERS, Franks, Bologna. 2 Lbs. 25c VEAL, Chops or Koast. Keal Nice. Ib LAKD, Pure Compound. Pound SAUSAGE, Pure Pork. Found GROUND BEEF, or Hamburger. lb_8Vfec SPARE RIBS, Small Sheets. Lb. 10y 2 c gfKW BEEF, tJrisket. Pound g%c PORK CHOPS, Nice Cuts. Lb. 15c P011K STEAKS, Real Lean. Lb. 15c PORK Shoulders, y z or Whole. Lb CHEESE, No. 1 Wis. Full Cream. Ib. 20c BACON Squares, Swift Dixie. Ib Hy a c HENS, Full Dressed. Milk -Fed. Ib I7y 3 c PANCAKE FLOOR, Pillsbury. pkg. lOc SALAD DRESSING, Shcfford. g.;.y. % SAHOINES, Oval. Tomato Sauce, can 9c iUILK, Van Camp or Cottage. ^U^ ll JELLO, All Flavors. Pkg. COCOA, Mothers. 2 Lbs. 17c POST TOASTIES, Package 8c

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