The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1936
Page 2
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TWO Bsker Kennels Produce »*• Champions; "Star Has I'Earned $1,100 • Bi M\\ flfe^ S«nce Staff Corr«pomlent NORWICH, O,, May 3.—Ira B. Baker, as (Yimous among lioiiurf men as Col E R Bradley is among horsemen? Is preparing foi another banner -\eai »llh his coon hounds ffe the men who )l|te to talc the night trails to the Biusle, of the hounds and the dls- (jtnntillire of Brolhcr Coon, tint riieaiisi something. ' , %'J B,' ns he Is nationally known virtiiflllj iws dominated the hound woild \Ulh his registered nick of dogs And clmlng yvilh cdon hounds, nllliousli little known outside Its own scope. Is the beltlDgcst, scrappiest' sport, there Is If 5011 think mones cjianges hinds in a hurry at Churchill Downs, or Dclmoiil Park, jon ought to watch the bills fly at n coon clmse •-Included in the Baker pack, are Step-Along; Red Line Oui Pi Ice, Baker s * Terrs, Soundci Prince, Triiiblc, and Cold Molasses. •'Several of these iilready hare Atonal lepiitatlons, ind others Arc'training.'.In . it fashion lhat promises to bring the noted urccd.- pj more honors j^Bnker Li ^iipivji tlie world over tor lits dogs and he has -shipped •Hicni lo all parts of the coimtrj JHi 1327 his famous Little Shlck .V^on Ihe grand championship at i*af> Oal the wine jcai Ills im- 'moilal Gold Coin uas icscrvo jjtand champion i^The lattci dog culminated three jrears of effort by \\iunlnp; the Brand title in 1529 |pci«!> Wm Rich 1'urs.fs lEThe following joai Bakci look Itho Brand championship with Cub, while Tennessee Bill one of Ws most popular Vanities, was rc- jSene and grand champion line dog Cub, Incidentally, was ie- *eiic giand lino champion lo Tennessee Bill that jeai £ Tennessee Bill nnd Midnight PJish haie hcen adjudged United States grand champion the fonn- ~tj In 192S and the latter in 1928. ,t.Bikers dogs ln\e won purses *s large as $1100, a rather ilch figure In nn> kind of "sport Pon\ BLVTHEV1LLE, Will Add reSSi-r"' 'Vacation Bible School, • Stale Christians-: A pimulc will he .singed Friday | iflernooa by puiilLs \vlio will at- ! rn<i tlie Vocation HlWc School of .he 'First oliurcli (his year. Icelsinitloii will be held tomor- 'ow 'afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, IK- orc Hie parniio. bruins one hour Inter. Classes will stnrt Mouthy nomine nnd continue In June 24. [ A band conceit on the church, 'iii'd, nt 2:30 o'clock, will lie nlvtiii by Ilic 'Ciu-iilhersvllle and niylhc- I'llJo bunds, niKit'i- (he direction if 11. L. Morris. These will par- ! ilclpate in the jmrnde In which r.tudenls of ' the dsht depart - ncnls will also lake part. The louts will portray DID vnrlous' >hnses -taken, up In vacation lllljle School work, there will lie a bicycle brigade nnd a roller Bkute :nisadc. ' : This year's school has been en- targcd, nccorclinji lo Ilic pastor, Ui.O . Rev. Afrcil carpi-liter. mid vyll! hnve classes for yiuhg people md adults for the Ural time, m 4 iip" is the a«e set by the committee In charne, Last ymr tills eljurch liiid one Hev. llnrvcy liakcr Smilh •The' Rev. Harvey Baker Smith, who recently returned to-, his home la Marshall, Mo., from an outstanding ministry In the Columbia Heights Clnisllan church, Washington D C will be a guest sp:ak- ,erjfor tlic slate convention of Ar- Kansns Christian churches in Little Hook, June 8-10. The Rev. Mr. Smith -will give four addresses, concluding at the Memorial service with a sermon on "Immortality." Oilier speakers of note, for tills convention will bo Dr. Waller M, Wliltis of Memphis, Tcini., tlic Rov, Bnync K. Drlskell of Enid, Okln., Dr. Grant K..Lewis of Indianapolis, Jml., tyrs. B. E. Elliott, of Kans'ts City, Mo,, Miss Gcncvieve llKNvti of Iixllan- npolls Ind liowiirrt T, Holroyd of Old Mexico, and Charles Marion " Fort Worth, Texas, 1 ^"'• i ' ' . ' -wv. ^*_ | | • ^ Goff Hotel, Coffee Shop j i CM CUlftPRAY TO THE KffCOf! Make Interior Improvement "~ ^^ ~~ *" ~ i Wednesday adcrnoon ; in order lhat the delegates may'atlend the fcs- tivnl aL n\li nark.where President Hooss\elt will give Ills'only i»ldress 11)41)0 sljilc of Arkansas and n pag. ctmt will be presented. Club of Negro Compress Workers Elects Officers The novul Brotherhood Club, composed of ncitiq employes of Ihc Federal Compress ' Compi held Us first 'annual election nlghl when -these offl- Aiigmlus. vicu S^^s^ff^^^^ ,ffy icspect Though his active fcj™^ 1 42 tS' 1 IS 5 ' 1 y tllis or " i**ys arc loim over, hound 'men I*"" 1 ™ 1 ™' 1 " oonrrlbrtnitt w '$«Ti7»''^[)r , v ,.- "ro long over, hound Tmen Tiever will forget him [gnd little Slnek, iheJr jinnies arc Sok in the same worshlpftll ftne that one heals fight ums use M naming Joe Cans or Terry Me ^,o> ern jJBaker exercises his own dogs ,Goons are kept for this puiixxs* «id trails nre laid as often as prigs require nmk ^clMost of the anlnrals nrc legh i«red English fox and cooii *ounds, meaning thnt thc> arc gUrebred Pnglish fox hoimrts, bred ^."d trained, for chasing coons SJther dogs In Hie stiing nre some Vt the famous. Redbone hounds. jUonnds Trained for'Bear • , igA visit to Baker's home Is en- •Jlghtcnliig. In a lib }S? most houses, tU.^ .„,, UIl . aiensc bearskin nigs on the floor, ?Hx>r ami moose heads, and a.lan- IJed limber wolf pelt. ,£One eiul'iOf -the'"room- is taken •up by coses which contain dozens ffi. trophies of the chase, and rlb- hons and trophies won by the 1m- fflortal Diamond Dick, best ill show at the Philadelphia. Sesnut centennial. • • • , .•.•;,, "jPaintlngs, drawings, and ' pictures of famous dogs hang on the .walls, and what space is left is •covered, with mounted sallfoh nnd K} barracuda. - .'jBaker^is an.cntlnislastle hunter a* his collection 'of ' heads anil tci school limii-ti*'$itfm*in mid bcncrnlent causes In to giving $20 for tlic wa- projcct of the local negro 'ihc Re\ t> p. Perkins address- ,fd. Hie club. Stop Chi^s S'a tame bear o»Tied by a neigh-j bor to train dogs f,or hear hunting Me has a hunting ml d fishing 1 ;p.dgc In Canada, and keeps several Jtogs there all year for trailing t 'Ai n ™L he Unltcrt Stafcs ' ni ° r e '!>an I 160,000 divorces, arc granted an-! llually. RidYour System of Malaria! blmcn% nilli cliills one moment and liurnin^ \villj fever Ilio ual— r s on of Ilic effects of Malaria. Unless chcckct,, i IIUIIIB is en- "" c <l'M.isc will do Mrimis liaVm to your irai-y as large: ''™">- ol»lar!.t, n Mood mfcclion, calls here are ' im- " r l "'° I ''' n 8 3 - F'i'ti deslroying tlic Ini on the floor fccl i? n ,!" '^ w »« ! - Second,, ImiMiiii; up Ilic blood to ovfrcouic'llic effects nf Die disc.™ and lo forlify against furth nllack. Grove's Tnstclcss Chill Tonic supplier ,ljo!li thcic etl'ccls. It conlains .taste rininint, ivliirh kills Ihc iiifccllon in ,,, t Jjlood, and .iroii, which enriches and builds up the blood. Chills and fcvr R>on stop ami you'arc rcsloral m hraltt and corafotl. 1'or half a centurv, ('.rove' Taslclcss Chill Tonic IMS hern sure rclici for Malaria. II is just as useful, (on .13 a general lonk for old and youns Plc^in to lake ami .ibiolnld.v li.irralei. Safe t< give children. Get- a bollle nt any dni| stoic. i\on- two si;«—SOc and 51, Tin jns^J-i limes as much as tin ?l S FOR DISTINCTIVE BRAUTV SERVICE Gnu mr, MAROAUETS IIKAUTV SIKtr Jiiffmm lildg. LOOK, FOLKS! SPECIAL TOR SATURDAY Old Fashioned Sugar DONUTS -.-. I'cr Do/en R.«gul!tr 20c Per Dozen '' CLTP CAKES Per Dozen Uutll^Furiher Ncttec Wo \MH Kc.lcem •ll.-ii^Ucc - l!rca,l H'mppcn, Tor Ic In Trade at. Bakery PURITY BAKERY , Next To Krojcr's PI J , iir-n n J ""Will-Is cs Sludcnls Will Paradeju mil 100,000.' , •">»»>>»'• of gypsies f,i;arcal «>'IK<l"ls csUmatcd 'to IK GUIFSPRAY M£ ALWAYf CITt H/f Sue ! Ihc Jurgest VneiHIon ;clilols held in Arkansas, uiblc A number of Interior Improvements have -been made l» the building of ,lhc Onff Hotel and : Black Cat, Coffee Sliop by «rs. If. L,. Ucynolds, propriclic.s.s. Work vvn» : completed (his week on ino hislnllntlon of new insulated ceilings In the guest rooms and, hallways., The rooms have also I been, redecorated throughout, us lias the coffee shop. New carpeting, designed | 0 Jes- 'n noise and add, to (he pcarance, lins been laid in the Imllways and In many ot ttio rooms, other recent improvc- tuenls Include the- recent histalla- ilon of stall showers in several o Hie bath -rooms and new Inner- Ing maUrcsces in "the bedroom,'!, j Courier New 3 classified Ads Pay. J1US1NE8S, & POLITICAL LETTERS..A SPUCIALTY Work hcftt; cheap A rjiilck Veteran's Service Work All Kinds Blank Forms Curtis J. Little Hale ])ldg. IKIT'SCOOl, Have your mill-morning cup 111 (lie AIR CONDlTrONED Spray buys wi(|i!j Gulfspray, arid 1 they slay dead! Kills moths, mos-- <iuitoes, flies, ronclies, etu. Harmless to pets. Stainless' Mild, pleasant odor. At neigh'j borhoocl and dent. storesorGnodGulf Dealers. 'I9c n pt. oom at HOTEL NOBLE RITE PRICE GROCERY SPECIALS .Inne i}, (i, 7 iintl S R1TK I'l IC11S DAILY - - JiKST MARKET IN TOWN, 111 h. Main fn Old r. o. nldff. i-hono 231 We Deliver FJtKK - Kri., Hut. & Mon. To I'Mrsl 100 Customers' Kitcli Day Unvinjj ip.'i.nil or iMorc— A Valuable 0 i r ( Valued [-'njm 25i: to $1.50. UK BAHLY!- VINKOAH Ciillon 15. ° C()I!N T Di- '['OiMATOKS. TBA, ('anova ttlassi J''ree.- '/, Lb. 21 C WELCH'S ,I1C!,LY G[ass HEANS, Pinto »r ' (irt'ilt N'nrlliprn. l,|). HICK, Choice Grodc I'oiicid SUGAR, I! D .sl C;inc, 1'otmil STRING KEANS, 71C Slringlcss l,h. ( 2 COKrUK, i\]ax. HouscOCC Cauova, Rampr LancuJ l.iiziannc or i{i(c Pria-. u,M fCIJ CRKAM SAI.T 1C hound 1 1'I.OUR, Kancy (iradt-r^ Omega or (Jolri ftOC Mudal. 20-LI).. Sack J1ACON, Exlra Fey. OQC 1 Bliued. |,I). tiO STEAKS, Genuine Htiiutd. L|). I'uund P-rs 'CHKESK; 'I'ORK SAUSAGK, Pound f'ORK STEAKS or ROAST. l,|,. KXTKA FANCY K. C.' PUK1TAN "HEEP NECK ItONICS, KAKSTIC or SNOUTS. Lb./2 I'OIvIC CHOI'S, Pound IMG LIVKR, Pound 12',' 1C HKEK ROASTS Prom Our Itranclcd Hccf i\I n s I Ho Tciuli-r or Money Hack! ''HAS, Pclil 1'ois, 10° HOMINY^ PlNKAPPLlV I5c Can HRITTAIN'S (irartc "A" » (1W Milk in Samlary Scaled : Cap (5nl- tle.s Delivered Krcsli Daily )o Our Slorc. Whip Cream, i/ 2 IM. . 1'ic Sweet Alilk, IM ..... fi c Milk, Qt ..... H) f liuHcrmilk, iil.:fic • TOaiATOKS - r« SALMON, POTATOES, New RedOlC _Pouiu! t>2 10i)',,' PURE LARD •I -I. I). Ciirlnn ........ 50c Carton ... ..... 91)c I'XiCS, l-'rcsh Doxcn 18° RA/.OH HLADES. r !'k S . of 3 . . 3 - VAMl.l.A WAFERS IfTC SHORTBNINO . ....... |7 C S-Lh. Carlon ........ !);(,• "'-I.I), lim-kel .. S2 10 •!S-I.b. Can ..... '.' S5.I5 J''I.Oim, (Joo 1S-LI). Sack /5 OLD THAU, KLOUR 2'1-LIi. Sack S5c S1.G5 .COUitiEll NEWS --^ -.,,.. :... THURSDAY, JUNE .1, 1931) LIBERTY CASH GROCERS .314 West Mniii Street, KlyllieVillc, Arlt. SPECIALS FOB FRIDAY ANtt SATURDAY SALT MEAT GREEN BEANS Best Grade Sides Streak-0-Lean Ib. 15c Home (irown I'tumil GREEN CORN ™ dcr Ahl t;' Milk Collate :i Tall or (i Small Cans 19c MAYONNAISE I.atly Kelly Quart 29c Sterling Quart TIG EARS """SNOWS I'otmcl I ARH " llow Whitc tomiioiind' <\ *% I _. UriJlLf I'mind- A^fciJ V NECK BONES j'otiud .Mealy 1*01111(1 6c BRCCKFIELD LINKS lag 25c Fish Fresh Uivcr Channel Cal Dressed. l,b. 22c HENS Knll Uressctl I'oumi SALT MEAT For Pound 12c Shibley-s Best, Piain or Self-Rising 48 Lb. Sack, ..'. $1.60 2 Lb. Sack Free With Each 24 Lb. Sack 82c BLACK PEPPEK Hcri I(03(! ,:', . Ut. Pkg. 12c Mi. Oin 17c SYRUP .Siin-C'rafl Gallon 39c Process 2-U>. Limit Puund Duxcn 5c TUNA FISH FLAKES Can lOc DOG FOOD Victory Can 5c APPLES Wincsap or Delicious Rach 3c In (ho 1'icec I'oimd 22 c ftlixed I'ork Tintro;) I'iniiid I AMR t;enuint ' Spring Forct|uarlcr, 1,1). I>C l ' h ' Bacon ^F 25c PEANUT BUTTER Quart 23c I'ride of Illinnis No. 2 Can if at JEILO Shoiilder CM All Mayors 3 I'kgs. 17c CARROTS Fresh Bunch Sc PC'TTRD MEAT Standard 2 Cans VIENNA SAUSAGE Sla s2r 5c ITic Roseriale No. 2'/ 2 Can Best Cream 2-1-Lb. Sacli 45c II New Large 4 Y\ ,_ - Ort T U DlVJi/lJLF Loaf •• 1UC Cuuiinn On Kach Wrapper. Worth Ic Cash or Trade NAVY BEANS 1'otuid 4c PINTO' BEANS ell House Coffee "GOOD TO THB LAST !)HOP" POUND 25c LARD Vcgcfolc 8-Lb C.trlon COFFEE F-uziannc I'onnd 24c ENGLISH PEAS l r ,tr lO.e VINEGAR Hulk Gallon 12ic Full Ql 2: : ,LiniU Each CERTO flip ; Table Sine O'lllljr " Can COCONUT TEA Lipton's Oranpre Pekoe W IA. Can :• l!

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