The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 13, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NKWRPAPFI! njr MrvD-ruuiaT iijt/iito.o ...^ ,.„,,.,...,, "^^^^ * * ^»^ W THE DOMINANT NiWSPAPEll OF NORTHEAST AKKANSAS AND SOUTHKAST MISSOURI VOL XXVII—NO. 231 Blytheville Courier, Blyihevllle Herald, Clytheville Daily News, Mississippi Valley leader. HlATHKVIl.LK, ARKANSAS; SATUltnAY. DKCKMHKK 1:1, 19;!0 SINGLE COPIE8JFTVE : CENTS NAVY I Seeks $250,000 For Lost Love Robinson Amend m e n t j Stricken From Appropri-j by Conferees. 1 WASHINGTON. Dec. 13 (UP)—; An agreement u!as readied by the j house and senate conferees today | on the administration unemployment bill. They reduced l>ic total appropriation from $118.000000 to $1IG.<XH>.COO and retained tile flexible clause permitting President Hoover discretion in allocating! funds. j The conferees eliminated the I senate amendment by Democratic floor leader Robinson restricting tile president's power in distributing '.lie appropriation and also reduced from S5.OflO.ODO to $3,000.000 the appropriation for constructing roads on public lands. Viclorj- for Ilnovcr Hoover objected to the amendment. The house sent the bill to Hie senate with a provision that Mr. Hoover could transfer the sums appropriated in the bill from one purpose to any other ami Robinson objected that was in effect a lump I sum, appropriation. Forthwith it i was stricken from the bill. I The conference report must be j passed upon by the house and sen- »to. Mr. Hoover today apparently contemplates the possibility of vetoing drouth relief legislation if con- ! gvcss insists it snail appropriate' 500,000,000. i Suspension Rumor Sounds Different To Mayor, Chid' As Einstein Arrives In U. S. Seek Protection for Good Fellows Club Plans Meeting Monday t Adopt Plan of Action. Tie rumor that two policemen iad busu temporarily suspended from tlie city foice .still remained n myhUry today with conlllclint: statements by city olficliils pro,. , vidlnsf a bl£ pan of the mystery eeting Monday t o angle. - - -- • Chief M. G. Goodwin admitted | liiiE afternoon that Iwo mctub?r.s — :of tin' force had lieen .suspended An organization for the coordina- ] fcr five days without pay but. do- tlon of nil relief activities In Dly- |<'iinixl to stale for what Infrac- tlieville and vicinity during tlie I lions of police regulations the coining winter is suggested in a | suspensions hud been Inflicted. plan brought forward by the Good Fellows cluS, the organization which In former years has handled the A short time-later Mnyor Nelll flood staled he had been Informed by JurtBC. W. D. Gnu-cite that mi mentary maneuver prevent the mate's* S60.000.0fl drojlh relief Ml ! from reaching the floor for a vol ,tel > forget that she thc Atlantic lo Connant Hatch, Joseph, WffU^jayiS-SSsS'saS distribution of toys and Christum! official suspensions existed on t'.ie baskets in this community. , police court docket. The mnyor C. A. Cunningham, P. A. While '. declared that It suspensions did ex-| and Roscoe Crufton, acling as a!' tl ihey were not "otl'icial" bc-j special committee, developed th? :m usc not a mailer of record. Any! plan, which will be presented in \ admittance by the police chief not I detail at a meeting of representa- j backed by record would be an! lives of all relief agencies and re- "oil-hand" statement in the llglous and civic organizations to • mayor's opinion, be called for Monday afternoon. ! T1 'e two officers Involved In HIP The program calls for the sollci- .mystery. Raymond liomar and; tution of funds, clothing, food, fuel I O-car Elliott, 'could not lie reached i and employment, and the distribn- lll!s nftcrriuon lor their side, of I tion through one central agency oi ' llle s'ory. Chief Goodwin stated I the money and material obtained! lllEy would l« re-instated Mon- j lo persons in Blytheville and vi- i d;> -'- ! cinity who, ujron careful invcstiga- : II - ls tion, are found to be actually in """•'"" need. [ The following organization has! been suggested: Organizations—American Legion.' E. A. Rice; American Legion Aux-1 iliary, Mrs. Neill Reid; Red Cross.' Roy Walton; ministerial associa- \ lion, the Rev. E. K. Latimer; civic! and luncheon clubs. John Watpr- man;- colored people, Dr. W. B. j Green. j Committee chairmen— Solicila-! ' tion and personnel, Mayor Neil! County's Cron Is Nnrlv All i Heed; transportation, Cecil Shane; ' T ' , ^P , I. y.? !l1 publicity, newspaper, C. R. Uab- i cock, radio, i.. Llntzenich and O. .C. j understood that the stis- a v.erc only for alleged violations of ixilicc reijula- 98,771 BflLESi Barnes, talks, Marcus EvratH;' n'n- jections if a free , „.._„„,..„ , • he was already married. That's the i ion lv », -w P Tf P • sum 'he 2l-vMr-oM vipm,... wood. Sam ion ueie possible. The president i v.,,, t .. : wants to limit tile appropriation i """ Vnrt- to 825.000,000. employment, J. L. Cherry/-Luther I Leathers;- supplies, .Mrs.'^Ai^HeAJ'-; [:".' In and Total May Not' Reach 100,000. r-oM Viennese in a suit filed in pictured Charge Political Blunder Prctical politicians are pondering this suddenly risen storm which involves tlie president and leaders of both parlies in the senate. The house Is more amenable to partv leadership and figures only slight- i ly so far in the squabble. j As tlie situation develops Mr. Hoover is being accused on capitol hill of making a political blunder. Neither senate nor house was in session today but the sentiment of Republican leaders hns been conveyed to the president by telephone and personal discussion. she appeared in court. as Alexander; finance, F E. Warren. Representatives of the various or ruiuiing -hnlcs of colton. nat In-1 eluding linlers. prior to Dsrpmb«r 1 '• il Is announce;! by th; bureau! US SLfllER £.;: V ni I r- • r 1 record made, that tlie cases 0>Ieai'-Uld tanning hac-j handled by number and not lory Operator Charged nam , e ' ganizattons will act as contact men i ot " lc census. Prior to Decembnr 1 • between their organizations and t>-, e ' last year county shillings were 101.- Good Fellows club. I 624 bales. The committee suggests that du- \ The crop was pretty v.-ell out bc- pllcation of effect, almost always!fore December 1, and it is regard- Incident to any widespread charity led as doubtful if the total for (he program, be kept to a minimum by \ season will pass the 100.000 mark. ! 1 handling every request for help I Most Arkansas counties are much through a central agency, prefer-' further behind last year's total ably the Red Cross, that each case < than is Mississippi. Crawford nnd be'thoroughly investigated and" a | Sebastian counties, both smell probe | ducers, are the only counties in the by i state where "innings are runiiiiit; ', ahead of last year. ' With Killing Old Foe. HARBISON, Ark., Dec. 13. (UP) Aviation Under Secretary '~ w - "• Buford ' K ' 3 - operator of n n • o M." . ! canning factory near here, was be- '-«tS Meeg Ministry \"S sought today by a large posse Missionaries in China I'EHMN'G, China, Dec. in nil')— American nntl UrllLsh consuls m Canton nsked the protection of wnr.<ilil]i.s tortuy for 30 mlMuninrlcs tliieiilcned by n communist iipiis- :lnii til Hiillioirun the Island nf Ilai- iiian. I The missionaries, snld lo bo ] American anil lirlltsh, were report- i ed In diinsjcr. Ihiinan Island Is .southwest ol CBiiton off tin- l.ul j Chow peninsula, the simlhcrniinsl • tip of the Kwniiatung province. Loilill roops Send Jaca Revolutionaries Fleeing in Disorder. OUTSIDE JACA, Spain, via telephone to Purls, Dec. 13. (UPl— Hcvolutlonary forces which cup- tured Jaca 24 hours IIRO und marched out lo wlzc Hiicska were, cnisliingly tlcfeated today In a battle with loyal government troops. Tho rebel columns, facing a withering 1 artillery fire from loyal forces near Ayerbc, were torn to pieces nnd the Insurijentu ned In disorder. It wns C5timnte<l about 100 disunities, killed or wounded, were Inflicted. The insurgents fled to the mountains or to Jacn where hasty pr aniltons were mnde to defend the rebel city iiKtiinst the federal advance. ! s «vice photos as lie arrived In New York abroad the liner Uclgen- Charge Missouri Bank Officers With Thefts ! Ashley DEXTER, Mo.—Warrants for the | Chicot ftrrAc( nf r 1 n i""»-,n1-,-,,.,. i,: ' fii n .. ' u the i^^Ue^K^ed^r^lr T™ "" '""'* '" '""^ ™~ 000 bales before that date thlsvear: I smlll "S Fra " Eirislcin ns j 1( , nervously parried _ . - , . . j in connection with the fatal shoot- | and Lynn Vorble. of C. B. Cookson, cashier j ' cash-! 1 v " • v ' l ~ «»**** anw\- "•«« j-ij tin VUILMU, Ui^iiLUUL tinsn- VjUlUII PARIS, Dec. 13 (UP)—The cab. j lng o£ K - °- Lavrhon, 50, farmer, ier of the closed Citizens State Bank Conw, Clay Columbia . improper inet formed by Theodore Stceg,! 5'esterday. j at Puxico, Mo., Stoddard county.! Conner governor general of Moroc- ! According to officers witnesses were issued late yesterday by Pros- ' co, encountered its first obstacle !salti I-awhon.and Buford had been ecuting Attorney C. A. Powell. Tney ' in the early hours of its political i bitter en ™ie.s for some time find are charged with embezzlement of ' life today. that, yesterday as Lawhon drove! bank funds and making Stceg's ministry, replacing that of! P ast thc canning factory Buford | entries in records. Andre Tardieu, was scarcely com- ' sl °PPed -him. , "Bank Examiner C. E. Estes," plcte when the new under secretary I Tney engaged in a heated ar- i Po '*'cll said, "gave me u prclimi- of aviation. Etiene Riche, resigned, gument, officers said, and Buford | nar >" report which indicated a "H accepted a jrartfolio with the is alleged to have drawn a pistol I shortage in accounts but thc understanding thc radicals had and fired at Lawhon three times l a »'-ount is not definite. It will prob- liftcd their exclusion order against-Death was instantaneous ' I ably exceed $25,000." Tarduu and the republican-demo-; Bufor(i ts reported to n . union', Riche told the j witnesses he was going to sun ! der. He had not given himself cratic "I now find that was not true, j enrlv .„,...., Hence I do not desire to partici-, •' pate in the cabinet." , Meanwhile Steeg and his sup-'. r np i Fvnprtc pcrlcrs began a day of confer-1 v ' VQer l E-XpeCIS ,. i The Citizens Stti °'" ! about 10 days ago. Bank closed enccs hoping to line "up the eight groups in t!ie chamber of deputies behind them. UV1 j Dr. B. U.L. Connor i Dies of Heart Attack Plea From Arless Wagner MEMPHIS, Dec. 13. (UP)—John : J. Eisert, promotion editor of the i ! Memphis Press-Scimitar and for' LITTt^E ROCK. Dec. 13. (UP)— Ithe past 12 years a member of the' Prosecuting Attorney Boyd Cyport newspaper's editorial staff, died Cotton Consumption Off .issued a statement last night tndi-1suddenly from a hea.-t attack here ITI Mnnll. XV L eating that Arless Wagner. 26. for-i today. Eisert was taken ill several in month Oi November. mer Oklahoma penitentiary convict, i days ago. w I will enter a plea of guilty to a Eisert, more familiarly known as w/\biiiNGTON. Dec. 13. (UP)—.charge of first degree murder lodg- Dr. B. U. L. Connor, spent nic-s: Consumption of cotton by domes- cd.against him In connection with'of his newspaper career with the " i.™ durm S November was estl-; the murder of Deteclive N. E. Me- | Scripps-Howard papers. He was for- at 4U.887 bales by the Unit-. Dcrmott here last summer. nway Cralghead Crlttenden ... Cross Desha Greene Faulkner HemPElead ... Jackson Jefferson .... Lafayette Lam-ence Lee Lincoln Lonoke Miller Mississippi ... Monroe Phillips Poinsett Pulaskl St. Francis .. White Woodruff Yell 17,601 20,080 15,585 11.349 30.778 50.403 17,101 1G.540 10.178 13.128 13,173 21,313 39.125 11.078 10.685 20.2M 27.501 2S.231 17.D72 31.71S 15,200 15,768 13.261 30.017 31.144 24.971 18.20! 18.204 47.16H 01,380 21.--01 25.M1 15.5CG 25.105 22.34-1 39.G32 CO.OC3 17.R37 19 433 22.70.: IS.^jS 28.05? 33,968 48.693 10.751 17.078 95.771 104/.24 11.571 20.9IS 3<>.7S4 39.533 21.139 3C.741 27.239 27.145 18.185 you see him with parried questions of neivs- I paper rciwrtcrs diirinu a brief interview. He had announced that | he would eo ashore to attend only ;, few of the affairs arranged" in his j honor in New York and that he would live abroad the liner instead of in a hotel. Walter R. Kin* of Dell, Veteran of War, Is Dead Lnsl rites were held tills morn- inn nt the North Sawbsv cemetery ,% .,Walter...I4._ Klr4,.J2_.:jest -old war"veteran of Dell, 'wfib-succ'iimfi- rd nt Ihe Veteran's Hospital In Memphis, Thursday nflernbon. The Rev. E. Z. Ncwsoin officiated' ut (lie services nntl tire Colib Undertaking company was In charge of arrangements. At the time ot his death, the Dell war veteran was n member of the headquarters company school troop at Camp Pike, near Little Hock. The deceased Is survived by two children. Walter Wesley and Louise King; his father, J. R. King of Dell: two brothers, Oscar King of Doll and Al King of Cnlcxico, Cal and two sisters. Mrs. F. G. Kcllh of Memphis and Mrs. Olgn Ker- buiigli of Dell. . • ' Sailors Hold Victors Scoreless for Three Periods of limiting Game. YANKEE STADIUM, N. Y., hec, 13 cui')- A 50-yard run by Sleeker ' In the tlnnl period today gnve the Army a 0 to 0 victory over "the Navy. • ~ . ..,'.' This 31sl same between 'the. two seivicc teams wus witnessed by" a crowd o( 78,000 persons, nml TC- cnipls of which goes to the uncln- ployment relief fund, was a tlirill-' ng affair. -'.'.. j For three periods llin . ploy; WAS 1 even. Tlie Army's charging attack I would carry deep Into navy tcrrl- ' lory, then the Navy defciioC w p quld tlt'htcn. Net until the final period, when Rlct-ker, whose plunging and end • sklrtlni; had beeji mainly responsible for the Army's long gains, cut IOOM for this brilliant run, was Ihere much of mi advantage'. Dro- , crous, whose kick fnllcd In the Noire Dame game and gave the. South Ucnders victory, went In .to kick the extra point but his hick went wild. . • Navy made several splrlte'd attacks but was not able to penetrate very far Into Army territory. Starting the first quarter Cap- . tain Bawstroin of the Navy won : Ihe loss and elected to kick, • the Army defending Hie south (Tonl. .: Ktlday look the ball on the Army's ! 7 yard line, racing 23 yards. Three ;j plays passed with the Army making v little headway, and Frentzel punt: cd to Navy's . 22- yard line.- T:ic ., kick was called: uack and Navy j was penalized 15 yards; the Army's • ball on their own 45 yard -line. ; .A. series pi plays. gave the Army ' i . . - .. Sleeker featuring In two long ruiis. Steckcr passed over the goal line and the ball went to Navy' or. litelr own 20 yard line. Hagberg punted to Army|s 33 yard line, v.-ith Frentzel kicking back to Navy's' 22 yard line. Two plays later Hngbcrg repunted lo Nn'vy's own 45 yard line. Kllday gained through center us the iwriod end-- cd wilh the ball on Navy's 38 " yard line. Score, Army 0, Navy 0. Second period: Eight Army sub-' stltutcs went In. Fields punted to Kirn, who returned to his 33 yard line. Navy kicked after 3 plays. Later In the quarter Fields' pass was intercepted by Kirn on the Navy 31 yard line. Services Held Friday For Mrs, J. A. Burns Funeral services were held Fr j day morning for Mrs. J. A. Burns, Tl) T?;ul!n I Ymlr'd 54. who died at the family home ^11 AlCl.llU VlUI I IX-Sl .... <-;.,,,, ..„.. .,•.,,,„,, »l,t Small Fire at Home oi A. G.Hal! Friday -. mcMns - •Miss Willie Lawson Will j Address Southern Super- j r^radrnts a| Hot Springs: | Miss Willie A. t/iv.-;on, county! | sii|«rintendent. will address the '. \ Southern Supervisors Conference' at: .Hot Springs ^^onclay on the themo | ' "Failures and Accompanying Proh-1 lems in the First Oracle." I More than 500 educators from! throughout the sout hare expected! lo be present. i Miss Winnie Virgi! Turner, conn- tv funorvijor. will also attend the on Sixth street Thursday night. Mrs. Burns succumbed after a long illnoss of cancer. Tlie I?ev. E. K. Latimer, pastor of the Christian church, officiated nt t'ne services held at the family liorre with the Royal Neighbors in charge. Interment was made at | Eltmvood cemetery. The following members of the IZoyal Neighbors lodge served as pall bearers: Mrs. C. G. Hires, Miss Lucille Saliba. Mrs. Henry Poster, Mrs. Arch Lind- sev. Mis. Massey mid Mrs. Ogle. Tlie deceased Is survived by her husband. J. A. Burns, two sons, Harvey nnd Homer Burns; a sister, Mrs. Emma Vaughn, and a brother, Lee Arnold of McConncll. Texas. Funeral plans were In charge of the Cobb Undertaking company. Student Auto Drivers Army Carlmark, Price Huinbcr Price Saiirez M.?ssinger Bowman Sleeker Frenlzell Kllday Referee — It is rt re <lb Ih rh fb Edwnrd Navy • btcffanides Bowslrom TJnderwocd ' Tiiltle Gray Bryan Byng Bauer Cannon . Kim Hagberg J. O'Brisn, Tufts. Umpire — W. R- Crowley, Oowdoin. Linesman—Dexters Avery. Pent) Slate. Field Judge—A. A. Palmer. Colby. Jonesboro Man Named Osceola Bank Receiver OECEOLA, Ark.—Herbert Parker, ot Jonesboro. has been named receiver for tto First, State Bank of Osceola and is expected to begin tlie wcrl: of liquidation of the bank immediately. The First Stale Bank, associated with the A. 3. Banks group, closed its doors on November 17 following the closing ot the parent-bank of the chain, the American Ex- SPRINGS D;c. 13 Clarence Ross c;;ri. Hot (UP)—; Springs, district winsicr hi the an- census bureau today. con 153 V1rgn W1 ii iams . 22 . a1 i cged com . merly employed on the Dallas Dispatch. Houston Press and Evans- Carrv Inenranrp' d!angc Trll5t company, of Little tarry jnsmance| R(X . k A B B!ltl!5S was pre5Ult . llt ' of the local financial institution. ANN ARBOR. Mich. (UP)-Uni- 1 officials of the closed bank would the lo and with 511,- er, 1929. from August 1 30 amounted to 1,bales against 2.285.500 in (no same period last season. 'ville, Inct., Press. of ths same crime following" trial i Hc ™ s hl Chnr 8 e of 'he Good- last Tuesday and will be sentenced' fc " ow " mr ' f here tnls >' ear nnd na;1 to die in the electric chair. It Is believed in case Wagner pleads guilty the state will recommend his sentence be flxed .it life Imprison- T f\ ~« i ment. I JOy Uver Grid Victory '• Wagner played the role of an im-; Won Beating for Wife 1 Eft"* sta " rftn " s at Wllltanu: ! CHICAGO, Dec. 13. (UP)—Chavg- , ^ Case for thc ssveral Clears Land, Builds Houses Near Osceola A city fire truck was called to the : traffic officer, after which the traf- ; fire station. Very litlle damage rs- : C-oper. Unicri Stales commissioner^ suited. OSCEOUA. Ark.--W. W. Hall of | Osceola has boen authorized tv .' :F. Rauch, a prominent banker of °«atcrs win stud, deve^ j " F ^" ?0™ TnjM ^ j JL?K Into Popular One I ment of the Arkansas school svs- j t c ^> Includr.e problems connected with rural school work. Fifteen Eva Jo Williams, three months stairs will b" represented and tb? St. Charles, Mo., and o^er of a "nVToyf Wlt E ™ ™"XS S?^ *"" '^'^ "'" ""^ tCrnatbMl l ™ ™* "^^ "" ! n. Fu . priuclpa,, and CAMBRIDGE. M,5.,. .UP)-in- j Bride Exhibits Carfare college in: Dime on Anniversary homo of Joseph Speciale and tak- . leg had to te ampu- ing three la-gallon kegs of what to have prompts) they believed lo be wine, have told police they drank the contents of one keg before they discovered it was rimgar. traduced at now living An agr whereby Mrs. the clearing Mr. Hall dertaki'ng ' company Ts' Vn'c'hargc'oi a divorce yesterday. Ogcien, millionaire, The government rested its Pasadena, Cal. against Majcr Charles A. F^ovm^-H i conUmp!at«s the building of scv- arrangements agreement was reached army surgeon, at 10:40 today after cral houses on this place. This work ; ' Ogden will receive; almost a week of testimony seek- wt " *» a 6 1 ™' h ^lp to thc farm-j There are cnly about BOSTON. (UP) ! years ago, Just alter their marriage. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Falr tonight Twenty-flvei sun<la >'According to the official weather and : superintendent - f iduca-oa. Es- : Millions-of fish were ;tng at the opening of the 1 *"™! Darling handed his bride a [observer. Charles Phillips, the din- war, the co-,;:ss which then shiny 10-cent piece, saying: "If you, fmum temperature here yesterday jut one or :<vo subjects now '««r want to leave me you can use;^ 32 degrees and the maximum i covers more than 15 ccrrchtcd cub-' lnls '°r carfare." | 59 degrees; clear. On the same day Jects. i The same dime, somewhat worn;a year ajo thc minimum tempera- Five of thc 10 honor students at 'With age. was exhibited recently'ture wos S5 degrees and th; rnaxi- least | thc college are spooling in ln-:whdi the Darlings celebratoi their; mum 70 .degrees; cloudy with .03 | silver wedding anniversary. ' inches of rain.

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