Corsicana Daily Sun from Corsicana, Texas on August 22, 1931 · Page 4
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Corsicana Daily Sun from Corsicana, Texas · Page 4

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1931
Page 4
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FOTJK THE CORSICANA DAILY SUN/SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 1931. The MRS. B. B. MITCHELL, Editor. BESIDENCE—fi55 West Sixth Avenue PHONE UTS. [Enjoy Sojourn In Paris and Its Famous Environs Meaaagta from Mrs. W. G. Kin •olvlnx anil daughter, Carey, o! Corpu* Cbrlatl, who arc enjoyln: Paru UliA vumHior, atatc that they ar» Yl«wlnn the many sights o Gay Par«a, but uiout of all they ar« eujuying; their study of tha Knaah languid*. Mrs. JUnsolving plmat '<« <p«nd th« winter in Par 1«. wh«r« C!w«y -will attend a famous /reboot for jtfrlB. Amr~ • tha tnuiy intareaUUjji features o: their Hilly, thl» aujnmtir have been trip* to Versailles. Fontniubleau th« battlefields, the opera, where they witnessed wonderful presentations of "Samson and Delilah' and '•Thais," and the Grand Prix «.t Long Champs, Th«y have also enjoyed the Colonial Exposition, the main point of intoree!. to Americans beinz the replica of Mount Vernoc. which is being highly praised by all visitors, both foreign and American. The Ametlcan government, set aside $300,000 to finance the American lection of the Exposition, and those wl-.o visit the same state thai, '.he 'presence of an America, section at the Exposition has lent dignity to the entire affair. It l« not so much •what America has >:oatributed financially, but. the fact, that she js co-operatir.j; with the French is gratifying, according to those •who attend. Mrs. Kinsolving states that Fershing Hall, the home of the American Legion In Paris, is a Very popular place with American Legionnaires and Auxiliary members who are visiting in Paris. On July 4, '.the Legion conducted a very Impressive ceremony—the rekindling of tie etei'nal flame on the Unknown Soldier's grave at Arch de Trlomphe. Mrs. Kinsolving states that the work of the American Legion Auxiliary in Paris never ends as 300 children of American former service men are In need in the Paris region at the present time. Among other Americans who have visited in Paris recently, are Dr, and Mrs. Slu-nvood of Temple. both of whom nrp. well known in Coraicana. They have been abroad since April and have visited Ger- tnany, Sweden, Italy, Austria, England and Ireland, and Dr. Sb«rwood has taken special courses In the clinics and hospital* la the various countries. They have recently attended the International Radiological Congress that has been in session in Paris. Tht -Sherwoods sailed on August 18 on the S. S. George Washington, for home. Guests Local Pastor And Wife Returning From Eastern Points . .Miss Ida Dille and her niece, :Mrs. Margaret Weaver, and two childcrn, Louise and Richard, 9 and 5 years, respectively, all of MODES OF THE MOMENT MENUS FOR THE DAY Bj MBS. AIJEXAVDEK GEORGE NUT BUTTERSCOTCH PIE MEALS FOR SUNDAY Breakfast Cantaloupe Waffles And Honey Broileci Sausage Coffee Dinner Roast Veal and Browned Potatoes Creamed Celery- Bread Grape Jam' Pear Salad Silt Butterscotch Pie Coffee Supper Toasted Ham Sandwiches Pickles Cocoanut Cakes Sliced Peaches Iced- Tea El Paso, are the over the week-end house guests . . .. .... ._.. .._ in the home of Rev. and Mrs. W, R. Hall at the First Presbyterian manse, 312 North Thirteenth street. 'The partv left El Paso June 4 for an extended visit to the old home In Washington, Pa., going via Amarillo, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Columbus, Ohio. While in , the east they vistied relatives and ' friends in various Pennsylvania cities, Baltimore, Md., and Washington, D. C. While in Washington one of the high lights was a peep at President and Mr. Hoover as they departed from the White House for a week-end al the Rapidan lodge. .The retrun trip was via Knox- vllle,' Nashville, Memphis, Little ' Rbclf, 'and Texarkana, to Corsi cana. The remainder of the jour ney will be by Waco, Austin, Sm Antonio, to El Paso. The mile s aJte of the completed trip wil he' in excess of 6000. The trip thus Hot has been' without mishap or trouble of any kind. (torsicana People ^ Painfully Injured In Auto Accident >Frlends regret to learn of the automobile accident Friday in •which Mrs. W. E. Kidd and daughter, Miss Maibelle, and Miss .Lucille Smith, daughter of Mrs. Kelly McKcown, were quite painfully, though it Is hoped, not seriously, injured on their return home from their summer's study In State Teachers' College in San Marcos. The acident occurred about eight miles out on the Waco road. Miss Kidd received very painful injuries to her nose and several gashes on the face. Mrs. Kidd received a hard blow on her head and Miss Smith has an injured Icneecap from which she Is suffering greatlv. The othsr occupant 'of the cp.r, Allen Bryant, escaped unhurt. ' The gentleman driving the other figuring In the accident, brought Miss Kidd and mother to the Navarro Clinic •where they received emergency treatment 'before going to their home, 640 West Sixth avenue, and Miss Smith ,was taken to her home, where medical treatment was administered. Last reports were to the effect that they were resting as well as could be expected from the shock. Mrs. Kidd is primary teacher in the Zlon's Rest school. Miss Maibelle teaches at Powell and Miss lAicille Smith was at Crockett school here last year. Home Makers Class Entertained Friday At Noon Luncheon Seventeen members of the Home Makers' class of the First Baptist; Sunday school were delightfully entertained, at a beautifully appointed noonday luncheon at the home of Mrs. Edgar Me- Lamore Friday and a most enjoyable .time Is reported. Business •tor the good of the class, including filllnc some vacancies in the corps -of officers, was transacted. Miss Alma Noble was a welcome guest. vThe home was artistically decorated with a profusion of summer' roses and chrysanthemums, for the occasion. Brotherhood Class Guy M. Gibson will teach the Brotherhood Bible Class nt the First Methodist Sunday School Sunday. All men welcome. Nut Butterscotch Pie 1 1-2 cups flour, 1-2 teaspoon alt, 1-2 cup lard, 3 tablespoons old water. Mix flour and salt. Cut in lard with knife. Mixing with knife, add water. When stiff dough forms, roll it out and fit into deep pie pan. Prick with 'fork and bake 10 minutes in moderate oven Add filllnp. Pilling 1 -1-4 cups dark brown sugar, 1 1-3 cup flour, 1-4 teaspoon salt 3 ee-sr yolks, 2 cups milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, '1 tablespoon butter 1-2 cup nuts. Blend sugar, flour, and salt. AM yolks and milk. Cook in double boiler until thick and creamy. Stir frequently. When filling is thick and creamy add rest of ingredients and pour , Into baked pie shell. Cover with meringue. Meringue 3 egg whites, beaten, 6 tablespoons sugar. Beat egg white until stiff. Add sugar and - beat until creamy. Roughly spread on filling. Bake 12 minutes in slow oven. Sunday Tea Menu (For Company) Chicken Salad Hot Rolls Olives Currant Jelly Peach Ice Cream Coffee White Cake Evening Refreshments (When men are present) Mrs. R. C. McElrnurry Honoree of T. E. L. Class Entertainment Honoring Mrs. R. C. McElmurry, who is moving to Tyler In the near future, the T. .E. L. class-of the First Baptist church entertained Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock with a very delightful party at the home of Mrs. J. A. Jones, 1404 West Fifth avenue. Crystal bowls, vases and wicker baskets, holding cut flowers placed at vantage points throughout the rooms, shed their beauty and fragrance over the scene, thereby creating a spirit of cheerfulness. . At the guggestlon of Mrs. R. C. Cranberry, president of the class and program cMalrman, .each guest wrote a letter to Mrs. McElmurry, which she Is to read one by one, each day. In making the presentation of the letters encased in an improvised mall bag covered in green and white, the colors of the class, Mrs. Cranberry read the following original poem: Once we had the autograph album Replaced by the memory book Some of us still have them Safe in gome sacred nook. But this memory "esture Most of us would'- say, Passes all unnoted In our busy, troubled day, Stilll when loved ones leave Us Most of us still find A wistful sort of wishing That she keep us still In mind. So, w.e've written letters All unto this end, Most of them I fancy Start and end with friend. Take these letters we've written, Sit in a rocking chair, Play you're out on the ocean Breathing the sweet, damp air; Fancy yourself untroubled, Forget you ever knew care. People back home all love you, Ship letters—they didn't spare, Read the missives we've written, One of them every day; They'll tell you we love you And miss you, If they say what we want them to say, • Miss Lucy Carroll, teacher of the class, and Mrs. George Miller read toasts of friendship to the honoree. Brick ice cream and angel food square were served, at the conclusion of which many • good wishes for a happy and prosperous future were expressed to Mrs. McElmurry, Legion Auxiliary Members Leave for State Convention Chicken Salad Buttered Rolls . Chocolate Ice Cream White Cake, Frosted Coffee Salted Nuts To make smooth rum bottoms of them while irons warm 'over' salt which has been sprinkled on a paper. Mrs. R. L. Sims and Daughters Return From California Mrs. R. L. Sims and daughters, Linda and Ella Ruth, returned Thursday from a delightful vacation. Leaving Corsicana three weeks ago, they went by rail -to San Diego, Cal.,, and" from there by auto to Los Angeles, Hollywood and Long Beach) coming back to San Diego by boat. The girls had the thrilling experience of an airplane trip to Agua Callente, Mexico, and while in Hollywood had the pleasure of seeing in person quite a number of the movie notables, Including Nancy Carroll, Clark' Cable, Con rad Nagle, Betty Bronson ' and others too numerous to mention. The lovely thing about It, too, was the fact that they were not dls- appolned in the actual close-up of their screen favorites. The drive through Beverly Hills, which constitute one of the show places of America, with its magnificent residences and gardens, was especially enjoyed. Their descriptions of the lovely homes of Harold Lloyd, Will Rogers and Douglas Fairbanks are very interesting, indeed. Read the Dally Sun Want Ads. Annual Reunion and Barbecue Enjoyed By Long-botham Family WORTHAM, Aug. 22.—(Spl.)— The Longbotham annual barbecue was held yesterday at the Longbotham lake of water about two miles northwest of Worth^m. This annual affair is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Townsend Longbotham, and has its historical significance in that it is a family re-union, and held on a site of the league of land that was owned by the father, the late Thomas Longbotham when he came to Wortham in 1837. The beautiful water spot, with added park improvements that'has been placed by Townsenct Longbotham, makes any. occasion enjoyable at any time. About one hundred gathered for thla annual celebration, for the barbecue, basket lunches, and other features for the day's outing. New Fall Hats SEE OURS—51.95 UP— BTJRSON & PIERSON ART SHOP J Phone 286 1598 West 4th Ave American Legion members leaving at morning' over the s. P. Lines by way of San Antonio for the Legion convention in El Paso, Aug. 24, 25 and 26, were: Miss Marguerite Garltty, Sixth district committeewoman, and president of Corsicana Auxiliary: and Mrs. W. ~L. McBroom and daughter, Mataline, Mrs. Dave Mlmms, Mrs. R. L. McGlasson, Mrs. Andrew G. Steele. Mrs. J. Russell Smith, Mrs. J. F. Mitchell and Mrs. J. F. Mitchell and Mrs. J. F. Jackson of Angus. Mrs. Jackson will visit her husband, who is ill in the Wm. Beaumont government hospital there. —o— Good Orchestra Secured for Dance Monday Evening Lee's Owls, famous college orchestra of Rice Institute, Houston, has been secured for tha big dance which is to be given at Mineral Plunga Monday .evening as one of a series of entertainments of this nature complimenting Corslcana's college set, leaving shortly for various institutions of learning, according to Clyde. Halbert, who Is sponsoring the engagement. .With this popular orchestra, made up of eleven college boys, several of whom are well known to the college boys and girls here, the affair gives promise of being an assured success, and those who will participate are anticipating a delightful evening. MAKE THIS MODEL AT HOME The Corslcnna Dally San Dally, Pattern / STUNNING FALIi MODELS-PATTERN 2307 2207 Mrs. Annabel Morse, Former Corsicanan, Visits In Wortham WORTHAM, Aug. 22.—(Spl.)— Mrs. John Munroe, who has been on an extended visit in San Diego, Cal., returned home^Tuesday. Mrs. Munroe wa accompanied home by her sister, Mrs. Anabel Morse of San -Diego and niece, Mrs. Richard Morse and little daughter, of Midland. Mrs. Morseiis pleasantly remembered by her Wortham friends and Auxiliary in this Part of the state, having 12.22 this °een born and reared in Corsicana. She is also ^remembered musically, as a pianist, pipe-organist, and teacher, having taught one year in the Munroe School of Music. After a short visit In Wor;ham, Mrs. Morse will return home visiting Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morse of Midland enroute. —o— Summer Students In C.I.A. Returns Home Miss Georgia Ruth Pollock, sophomore in C. I. A., Denton. re, :urned home Thursday from at- j tending the summer school there. FollowinR the dismissal of school on the 9th, Miss Pollock stopped by Dallas and Fort Worth for enjoyable visits with friends and was accompanied home by Miss Ruth Davis of Fort Worth, who will probably remain as her guest here for two or three weeks. Quite Inucidentally we learned that Miss Pollock made a straight "A" card on all her subjects and she Is to be congratulated • on her splendid record. Besides teaching private classes In piano this fall and winter, Miss Pollock will be associated with the Cook School of Expression and Dancing as official accompanist. BY ANNE ADAMS A smart note of individuality Is given this new model with Its charmingly styled. collar and sleeve trimming. It is perfectly designed for satin, flat crepe or one of the delightful new novelty woolens so much In vogue. The trimming may be made of satin, pique or like fabric in contrasting colos. The skirt insets forming side pleats, are very new. Pattern 2207 is obtainable only In sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42. Size 16 requires 4 6-8 yards of 3ft Inch material and 5-8 yard contrasting. Yardage for every size, and simple, exact instructions are given. No dressmaking experience is necessary'to make this model v/ith our, pattern. Send Fifteen Cents (15c) „ in coins or stamps (coins, preferred), for each pattern. Write plainly your name, address and style number. Be sure to state size' wanted. The New Fall Catalog is now ready. It features the newest in afternoon, sports and house dresses, lingerie, pajamas and kiddies' clothes. Also ' delightful gift suggestions in accessory and transfer patterns. Price of Catalog, Fifteen cents. Catalog with Pattern, twenty-five cents. Address all mail and orders to the Corsicana Daily Sun Pattern Department, 243 West 17th Street, New York City. The Best Paint —is cheapest in the long run— that's yhat wo use. Let us do that next paint job. ASHMORE BROTHERS 107 S. Beaton St. Phone 18L ' Corsicanans Enjoy . Vacation In South Texas and Louisiana Friends of Mr. and Mrs. George Whytte will ' be interested in [earning that Mr. Whytte is getting what he considers the first real vacation of his life and from all reports he 'is thoroughly enjoying it. Since he was nine years of age, Mr. Whytte has worked in. dry goods stores until his recent appointment as supervisor of our pretty city park, and this vacation, we feel, is well deserved. Some time ago Mr. Whytte's jrother, Willlson Whytte, superin- :endent of Port Neches refinery, lad his wile and daughter, Mrs. W. S. Caswell, drive up from ;helr home in Beaumont for the express purpose of bringing Mr. and Mrs. Whytte back with them 'a- a vacation visit, which Is be- ng extended over Into Louisiana, where numerous other relatives eslde. —o— Eastern Star Members Invited Attend Annual Session In Houston In the current issue of "The Texas Star," official publication of the Order of the Eastern Star, edited by Clarence W. Payne ol Houston, appears the. following announcement released by the Worthy Grand'Matron of' Texas Mrs. Bessie 1 B. Garth of Temple, which will be of interest to the large membership of the local Chapter of Eastern Star: "The Grand Chapter of Texas, Order of Eastern Star, invites you to attend the forty-ninth annual session, to be held In Houston In the city auditorium, October 27, 28 and'29, 1931. "BESSIE B. GARTH "Worthy Grand Matron. "WILLIAM G. VOLLUS, "Worthy Grand Patron. "CORA M. POSEY, "Grand Secretary." FLAPPEFL Filosofy HY Fnilh n»rrnifj>. < t ^£1931 Kins K«aluicB sjndlcn*. In*.. ' CVfl! Britain right* mervtd- • The wild waves are not the only things that "roar" nt the sad, sad seashore. Missionary Society To Supply Program Through oversight on the part of the program committee of the adult department of the First Methodist Sunday school, of the fact that the Womens' Mislsonary Society, under the direction of Mrs. O, E. Bybee, president, has a standing engagement to supply the- worship program In this department every fourth Sunday, the announcanient that Mrt. R. B. Mitchells' class would furnish •the pjogram'tomorrow has been called in. The, program this class was preparing will be given Sunday week. Social Items of Interest about ; Wortham Peoples WORTHAM, AugT. 22.—(Spl.)— Misses Edna Bounds and Natalie Bounds are visiting in Overton, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Dow-^ ney. 1 J. P. Stubba, Mrs. H. C. MeadorJ and daughter Lillie Roark -were" shopping in Corsicana Wednesday. M. C. Strange was In Rlchland Wednesday on a business trip. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dasson and little daughter of Fafrfleld were here Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. George Stubba attended the anniversary celebration of Dawson Wednesday. Mesdames John Munroe, Anabel Morse, Richard Morse, and Sarah Cole motored to Kerens for today's visit. Mrs. I. B. Mclntyre, Grace Ellen, Hazel, and Miss Frances Chancellor left today for • Fort Worth for a visit until Monday. Rev and Mrs. I. R. Darwood of Eureka, who have been visiting their daughter Mrs, Walton Llndley have returned home. Mrs. Dick Llndly and daughter Miss Ara Lindley visited in Waco this week, guests of Mr.'and Mrs. Nelson Llndley. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Levereta have as their visitor, Mrs. Leverett's sister Miss Mannle Phillips of Mineola. . Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Bates of Little Rock, Ark., Miss Louise Wallis of Waldo, Ark., and Raymond Genestet of Shreveport, returned home this week after a week's visit as the' house guests' of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Wallis. Miss Corrle Bradley, Fred Wallis, and Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Wal- Ils were Corsicana visitors Thursday. _ Piano Bargains Prices reduced on all new pianos and used pianos. CLARKE BURR Phone 611 3rd Ave and Main St. Try the Original Potato Doughnut> Fresh Daily Collin Street Bakery Summer Corsets ^ Price All summer corsets and combinations in voiles, nets and mesh materials will be on sale Friday and Saturday for Half Price. ~~~ FANNIE GREENLEE We Do Dressmaking Alteration, Hemstitching. All Kinds of Ice Cream Delivered $1.00 Gallon. Hashop's Confectionery. Phone 926. Your Hair Problems You will find Mr. Lee wfll qualified to take care of your hair problems. If you have trouble getting your hair cut or bobbed at other places just right, then see Mr. Lee at our shop. • You will find he can give you the same styles and cuts as shops in the largest cities. BARD'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 1427 Beaton Hotel Bldg. The Lovely HATS 'Always the most important Fashion—Always the Greatest Value. Brown's Hat Shop Exclusive Millinery 217 N. Beaton Street Corsicana's Newest Specialty Shop for Women \ Style Without Extravagance August Sale of New Winter Coats Manufacturers Can Produce for Less We Ca n Sell for Less You Can Wuy for Less LET'S GET TOGETHER Not since the, "World War ' have commodity prices been so low. They have dropped greatly- In the past year and merchandise at The LoMode 1« priced In accord. ance with the world-wide decline in raw material cost Money Is plentiful ____ statistics show tha greatest accumulation of savings In the history or the country. Enjoy the things you want and need now ---- put your dollars to work while they are able to do so much for j-ou ---- rfnd hi>lp lead the way to better business. August is the month we have selected to demonstrate the sensational new low price levels. You'll find many extraordinary features here ---- marked even lower than the present market prices. Smart Oxford In Genuine Snake Pleasing Pump; Black Suede Vamp, Patent Quarter. Cost no more than they should to b'e' the fine shoes they are. EST. 1898 .

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