The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1949
Page 10
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-BBC BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.)' TUESDAY, APRIL B, REPAIRS - IMPROVEMENTS-' REMODELING Rent Controls Strengthened Housing Expediter Soy* New Act to Bring Improvement! Housing Expediter Tight E. Woods said today that the new rent control extension Act represents "» considerable strengthening" of the previous law. and he asserted that the new "fair net operating Income" adjustment provision does not make the act administratively unworkable. Mr. Woods'listed eight Improvements In the new Act over (lie old one. At the same tliiK he said that other new features ot the new Act which have been Interpreted by some as weakening federal rent control "arc either of minor Importance or they simply represent ft , new, but not. necessarily weaker way of dealing with certain problems." He pointed, for example, to the authority given in '.lie act to states and Incorporated cities, towns and villages to decontrol with the approval of the governor. Tills, Mr. Woods said, merely represents an extension of the principle underlying the operation'of local rent advisory boards of granting greater discretion to local authorities to My whether or not federal rent control Is necessary in their localities. "The "fair net operating Income" provision, the Housing Expediter said, is a liberalization ol existing regulations for grunting llnanclal adjustments. "Tills pro vision," he explained, "wlH take care particularly ot any small landlords who may not be obtaining an adequate net operating income. The law leaves it up to tlic housing Expediter to determine what Is a fair net operating Income. It clearly does not involve an administratively unworkable plan of fair return on some valuation, nor docs it mean a general rent increase. for all tenants. It Is merely a continuation of a trend In our adjustment provisions which has been taking place over the past two years." Mr. Woods pointed out that during the past two years, under » ! special adjustment provision, In' orenses have been permitted for landlords who .were operating at a loss. Under the "fair net operating Income" provision, lie added. a, ,nev adjustment regulation will b« Issued to Sake care of landlords who L «re not currently earning a fair net operating income on their -rental properties. "Our adjustment standard for this new regulation," the expediter •»ld, "will be based on a study ot operating Income of representative rental accommodations throughout th« United States over an eighty-ear .period. The study will cover operations both before and under Tent control." Evrard Home in Country Club Area Home Location Big Factor in Setting Value Home Hazards Injure 5 Million Persons in 1948 —Courier News Photo Located in the new 'Country Club' residential men on North Highway fil is this home built by Marcus Evrard. It is of modified colonial design and has live rooms nnd bath. Construction is of brick veneer with a roof of composition shingle. Floors are of oak throughout this two-bedroom house. The screen porch oilers a. southern exposure. The house is insulated ami is heated by hol-wnler system that baseboard radiators A covered walkway connected the house ind garage. Heating by Sun's Rays Is Possible, Test Home Shows Returns to Russia NEW YORK, April 5. (;F) — Conl- pser Dmitri Shostakovich, carrying a bnndle of phonograph records, left by plane last night for Russia •with a single comment that he was ."glad to be returning home." Cartons of cigarettes were among the insgage of six other Russian delegates who started home altei attending the recent "world peace" conference here. NEW YORK. N. Y.—Fuclless heat for homes throughout the winter has been proven possible in a dramatic ricmcniMrntion by professors of (lie Mnssachusetts Institute of Technology, the March Issue of SCIENCE ILLUSTRATED magazine reports, Tenanted for the lest, a specially constructed five-room house captured and stored the sun's hent j during the Boston winter. The house was kept at a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit day and night. Tlie heat is captured by large panes of glass backed up by black mclal. It Is converted to heated air and passed down to storage bins. The storage bins are insulated containers 111 which cans of Glau- | ber'.i salt stand. This Is the heart of the solution to the storing and release of heat dscovei-ed by Dr. Maria Tclkfs of M.I.T. The heat limiifies the salt which retains the bent until It Is cooled. It then solidities and releases the bent. The solar house looks like a large can-to. The part facing south has in expanse of glass slertchlng the entire widtli of the upper storey, rho eaves are so constructed that during the summer, when the sltn Is her. its rays do not strike 'the leat gathering windows. Controlled by thermostats, heat cnn be released nt will. Cloudy days are no obstacle, since the salt can store enough heat for ten days use. Helena Store Damaged By fire; Loss $50,000 HELENA. Ark,, April 5. (API—A fire In the business district here yesterday gutted Scott's Variety Store. Loss was estimated at $80,000. Two adjoining stores were smoke- assertion the company is guilty of unfair labor practices. The union struck Jan. 13. The plant has continued operation. damaged. Fire chief Johnny Beicliaque snid the fire started in > ceiling switch box. Read Courier News Want Ads IjOcatlon of the home and of community services and facilities is as Important to value as quality of construction and is usually the factor that accounts for the hundreds of dollars difference In the price of two identical houses. A "yes" In answer to all or a majority of these questions is Imperative for highest value in building or buying: Are churches, schools, stores, parks, playgrounds, recreation and transportation facilities easily accessible and are transportation costs reasonable? Are utilities such as gas. water electricity and sewers present and paid for? (Sometimes assessments ! stand ncainst the property and future assessments arc possible for street improvements many blocks away.) Is the neighborhood improving: are property values rising? Are adjoining homes well-maintained? Is the neighborhood attractive, free of objectionable noises, smoke or odors? Is vehicular traffic light? Arc there adequate police and fire protection, garbage, rubbish and snow removal? Are streets well- lighted? is the local government solvent, operating economically, providing efficient services at reasonable tax rate? Is the nearby school in the same district as the home? (Sometimes It is not; children must attend a district one.) Do zoning restrictions protect Nearly 5.000.000 person. 1 ; suffer licnne Injuries each year, either because the house was not built with an eye to complete safety, because t was allowed to fall Into disrepair, or because of careless habits. Many hn/.ardons construction features cnti be eliminated easily and at little expense, such Placing railings beside unprotected steps; cultng a vision, panel thn the swinging kitchcn-dl ulng-room door; replacing all loose bricks anc boards iis soon as discovered; paint Ing low-hanging basement pipe and rtucts white for high visibility installing -strong grab-bars in ens reach over the bath-tub; IllumlnaL Ing stairways replacing with extra wide kitchen cabinet door with tw narrow ones; rounding off shar corners of kitchen counters: Antcliiprs Muscle In SILVER CITY, N. M. <U.P.) J. \ Shelley, rancher, complained th antelope have boon eating so muc grass In his district that he It had to look for new grazing lai for his cattle The stale game d partmcnt .stocked the area ?ith antelope several years ago. against imctesirable uses? Ts the area zoned for residential use only? Assessment NOTICE* The law requires that each person assess his or her personal property and real estate each year, between January 1st and April 10th. This is (he year for assessing personal property and (own lols. Failure to assess your own properly at my office in the Court House makes it necessary for the Assessor or Equalization Board to set the valuation for you. Please cooperate by assessing before April 10th. HERBERT SHIPPEN Tax Assessor, Mississippi County Court House — Blytheville & Osceola ' DIRT FOR FILLS For prompt service call 6322, when you need sand and gravel or dirt to level your ground or yard. We also build gravel road.s. Our 4 trucks are able to do the hauling quickly and efficiently. Call for free estimate. HULON 6 Lilly HOLMES Thonc 63: BEAUTIFUL HOME FOR SALE ALL MODERN CONVENIENCES 5 room house Tile httlh and kitchen Hardwood floors throughout , Attic fan Two gas floor furnaces Electric hot water neater Two car garage Located in city limits of Sleele on Highway 61. MRS HAZEL Phone 243-.T Steele, Mo. UGLQ MIRACLE LUSTRE FINISH LOOKS AND WASHES LIKEBtKID [HAHU! Amazing NEW paint discovery by the makers of ^ti*£fir Pickets Withdrawn PINE BLUFF, Ark.. April !. (fll— Strikers have stopped picketing Ihc Co^a Cola plant here after two and oni:— half months. The pickets were withdrawn Sat-' nrdny by the AFL bottlers union pending outcome of a National Labor B r ard study of the union 1 ! MAKE YOUR HOME WITH OLATS-O-WOOD window hoods, door hoods, and porch canopies are custom-built of fine, light, (op-grade, permanent. West Coast woods lo match snd enhance the personality of your home. With » so many graceful Si.iu-o-v.oaci styles, designs, colors, and trims you cannot help but t.\prcs» your own ideas, whether your home be new or i old, large or small, brick or wood. ^ 5 Slats. e-wood are custom-built to your order, and permanently anchored to any building ma» UrUl. Th« »ta*4< ! r e d arrangement of the jhts filters out sun and glare, tnticcj breezes and soft light. Upkeep is so low that any homeowner can afford SUts-o-wood. Budget plan available. Please phone us today for free literature, and an csii- matt if you wish. You will be under no obligation, , of court*. jyi'U'Wiss EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY .:. One gallon of KEM-GLpjtoes the average kitchen — walls, woodwork, cupboards! Rich, lustrous... e«y-to-k«ep-clean finish for kitchens, bathrooms and finest woodwork PAINT TRIUMPH OF THE CENTURY— that's KEM- GI.O! It looks Jar all Ihe world like baked enamel! So smooth 1 So lustrous ! Such satiny gloss! WASHES LIKE BAKED ENAMEL! Dirt washes of! KEM-GLO'S porctlatn-amooth surface like magic t SO EASY TO USCI KEM-GLO flows on like a breeze! One cont does It over most surface*! No primer, no undercoater needed 1 BEAUTIFUL I KEM-GLO colors nrc decorator colors! They give walls and woodwork a new, new look that lasts and lasts! KEM-G1.O Stay White—reof/y ttayt uhilel Will not turn yellow! »Hor, Mir ro mm *. OHI COAT covnsr *. HO nmai *• HO UHDtKOHntl 5. DIHIJ-J TO 4 HOMSI *• MUSJUNfl SOtUIMIUI Funnhinf tettt prow Hut Knn-61. WithtUndi icattjl LocVj wrt grcml Resist! boiling luterl Cltini in l brMll) Gorgeous Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms for only *3— At/MCif WAU fW/ffft oller-Koater ..... 98<< ta. 4 inch Brush. . . . $2.39 et. Insist M (towlM Ktm-TMt and |«miiw Km-Gfct Deal's Paint Store 109 E. Main Phone 4469 : . . AT YOUR SERVICE Blytheville Water Co. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" SHERWIH WILLIAMS PAINTS BUILDER'S SUPPLY, INC, Building Service and Supplies W. H. Pease J. Wilson Henry Phone 2434 1

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