The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on October 7, 1982 · Page 1
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 1

Des Moines, Iowa
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Thursday, October 7, 1982
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Angels take 2-8 lead The tuxedo look THE WEATHER - Partly cloudy today. High around 70. Mostly clear tonight. Low in mid-40s. Partly cloudy Friday. High in mid-70s. Sunrise: 7:17; sunset 6:47. Details: 2A. Gonlin unveils $300 million jobs proposal But Branstad denounces plan as unconstitutional By DAVID YEPSEN Resistor StH Wrttw Roxanne Conlin, the Democratic candidate for governor, proposed Wednesday that the state borrow $300 million to spend on a variety of projects in an effort to provide jobs for Iowans. Conlin said the state should spend the money for road and bridge repairs, energy conservation efforts and soil and water conservation programs. "This is a plan to rebuild this state. We will put Iowans to work doing what Iowa needs to have done," Conlin said. She said she would raise the money by selling general obligation bonds, if voters approved the plan. She said the state would have to pay about 9 percent interest on the bonds over a 20-year period. She estimated the total cost of the loan, plus interest, would be $660 million. Branstad's Reaction Conlin's Republican opponent, Lt. Gov. Terry Branstad, denounced Conlin's plan as unconstitutional because it does not specify the exact projects Conlin would finance. Branstad also said, "In Iowa we have always lived within our means and paid as you go. This is a plan to spend now and pay later. It's mortgaging the future and it doesn't make sense. It's what got New York City in trouble." , Conlin disagreed, saying her plan is constitutional because the money would go for economic redevelopment, and that is as specific as the constitution would require. She also Republican county officer defects from Terry Branstad over anti-abortion fund-raiser: PAGE . 16A. said New York City got into trouble ' because it borrowed money to pay for continuing expenses rather than one-time projects. She said it is "no different" for the state to borrow money than it is for a home owner to borrow money to buy a house or a small business owner to borrow to finance a building. It is better for the state to borrow to create jobs than to borrow from the federal government to keep the state's unemployment compensation fund afloat, Conlin said. "Plan Offers Hope" She said her plan is a way for Iowans to help themselves out of the economic problems faced by the state. "We've got to do for ourselves," Conlin said. "This plan offers hope, something we've been lacking. We've CONLIN Please turn to Page 16A Underdone By STEVE STERNBERG mi KnWif.RMdtr Newspaper MIAMI, FLA. - Undercooked beef prepared by fast-food restaurants has been linked to two outbreaks of a newly discovered illness, federal researchers told doctors meeting in Miami Beach Wednesday. . Contaminated meat carrying a previously unknown bacteria apparently caused the intestinal ailment called hemorrhagic colitis, reported Dr. Mitchell Cohen of the federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Ga. "It is a new infectious disease," Cohen said, similar in some ways to salmonellosis, which also is caused by ,an organism present in meat that has not been sufficiently cooked. "Quite Painful" No one has died of the disease, Cohen said, "but it is quite painful." ' Researchers suspect that the disease could be caused by any undercooked hamburger meat, including hamburger purchased at a market and prepared at home. The disease has been linked to hamburgers sold at McDonald's restaurants in Oregon and Michigan. CDC officials also believe that hamburgers sold by other restaurants carry the. bacteria, but their research was incomplete. 7 THE NEWSPAPER IOWA DEPENDS An angry President Reagan shouts at D.M. school vandalism stays big problem By JONATHAN ROOS Register Stiff Writer Though the incidence of vandalism appears to be decreasing in Iowa's public schools, it remains a severe problem in Des Moines and seven other districts, according to a state survey of school superintendents. Last school year, the Des Moines School District accounted for 705 of 4,766 school vandalism incidents tallied across the state. The Council Bluffs schools ranked second with 310 incidents, according to survey results released Wednesday. Des Moines bill for broken glass and other vandalism damage that year totaled at least $150,000, said Victor Potter, the district's director of plant and transportation. For the state as a whole, the cost was $2 million. Nearly three-fourths of the survey respondents said they considered vandalism in their schools to be somewhat of a problem." But officials from Des Moines and seven other schools Calamus, Dubuque, Graettinger, Knoxville, Louisa-Muscatine, Melcher-Dallas and New London went a step further by reporting they have a serious problem. "Vandalism is always a serious problem when you have resources being eaten up by someone who doesn't respect other people's property," said Potter, who answered VANDALISM Please turn to Page 13A burgers tied to illness McDonald's officials declined to comment. The suspect bacteria, a type of Es-cherischia coli, attacks the intestine, causing profusely bloody diarrhea and wrenching stomach cramps, Cohen said. He spoke at an impromptu session called to announce the CDC's findings to a conference on antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy held at the Fountainbleau Hilton and Eden Roc Hotels. . New Discovery So new is the discovery, he said, that this is the first formal announcement. No report has appeared in major medical journals or the CDC's own newsletter. Doctors hospitalized 33 of the 4? persons who developed the disease.. All recovered within approximately one week whether or not they were treated with an antibiotic, he said. Since the outbreaks, 21 other cases have been reported around the country and the investigation is continuing, said Dr. Lee Riley. Other cases apparently were loosely linked to two other fast-food chains. Not enough information had been collected linking the disease to The California Angels defeat the Milwaukee Brewers by a score of 4 to 2 to take a 2 to 0 lead in the American League playoffs. Details: IS. Slie Moines UPON B Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 7, PHOTOS congressional candidate Gary Arnold. "Shut c4f - nr " 1 1 t., ffTl8W v ft Tylenol with cyanide linked to April death PHILADELPHIA, PA. (AP) -Cyanide was in Extra Strength Tylenol capsules found at the Philadelphia home of a man whose death last spring was listed as suicide by cyanide poisoning, police said Wednesday. A preliminary test at the time of William Pascual's death on April 3 found nothing unusual in the capsules, but further tests were done this week after seven deaths in the Chicago area were blamed on cyanide-poisoned Tylenol, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Frank Scafidi said. "The Philadelphia Police Department now has a great deal of investigating to do," he said. Cyanide also was found in Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules taken from store shelves in the Chicago area, and the pain reliever was recalled by its manufacturer. Scafidi said the bottle of capsules was found in a shoe in a closet of Pascual's home. A suicide note addressed to his mother also was found, he said. Scafidi had no comment on a report Wednesday by Philadelphia television station WPVI that an unidentified associate of Pascual had been in Chicago the weekend before Pascual's death and that the friend had a knowledge of chemicals. More Questions "I cannot comment on that," Scafidi said. "The investigation is now raw and unrelated. There are more questions than answers at this point." Asked whether it was possible that Pascual, 26, a University of Pennsylvania graduate student, himself the other two chains, said Dr. Paul Blake, and he declined to name them. Dr. Robert Remus said tests suggest that the ordinarily heat-sensitive bacteria apparently survived cooking because the large number of frozen patties cooked at peak hours cooled the grill. To destroy bacteria, a grill must be heated above 350 degrees. Sections oi the grills tested at the McDonald's restaurants were approximately 330 degrees, he said. Peak Hours Remus said 82 percent of the victims in Michigan who reported eating McDonald's hamburgers had eaten during the peak lunch or dinner hours. The first outbreak occurred in the Bedford, Ore., area. It lasted from February 4 to March 19 of this year. Twenty-six people fell ill with severe intestinal cramps. The second outbreak affected 21 persons living in or near Traverse City, Mich. The investigators linked 13 cases of the disease to three McDonald's outlets in the two states. Laboratory testing disclosed the new type of bacteria in patties for McDonald's "Big Mac" and regular hamburgers. 1982 Price 25C Copyright 1982 COPYRIGHT 1W2 BY BERNIE BOSTON OF THE up," Reagan shouted. Arnold is from had placed the cyanide in the Tylenol bottle, Scafidi said, "That's possible." He said police reopened the investigation into Pascual's death because "we have been reviewing all cyanide deaths, and this was the closest one" chronologically. ' ' - A spokesman for the Food arid Drug Administration in Washington said he was unaware of the reported Tylenol connection to the Philadelphia death. Scafidi said it was not known if Pascual had taken any of the Tylenol capsules found in the bottle. Capt. Gerald Kane of the homicide division said at the time of the original autopsy that tests showed no Tylenol in Pascual's body, although they did reveal cyanide in his stomach and blood. Task Force In Chicago, Illinois Attorney General Tyrone Fahner said before the Philadelphia announcement that investigators will continue to operate on the premise that a single person striking at random loaded Tylenol capsules with cyanide and placed them on the shelves of five Chicago-area stores last week. He is heading a task force of more than 100 investigators from federal, county and state agencies investigating the cyanide deaths of seven people. "We have not ruled out the possibility of more than one person," he said, but added, "it looks less and less that it's more than one." Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne on Wednesday introduced an ordinance requiring protective sealing of all over-the-counter drugs and medications sold in the city. The proposal follows a law passed earlier this week by the Cook County Board but extends to free drug samples and includes some medicated cosmetics, according to Terry Hocin, deputy city health commissioner. "Copycat" Sought Meanwhile, police in Oroville, Calif., said they were seeking a "copycat" who may have planted strychnine in Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules after hearing of the Chicago poisonings. But Fahner said he did not believe one case "inspired" the other. At a news conference Tuesday night, Fahner also said reports of a link between the Philadelphia and Chicago deaths were unsubstantiated but would be checked out. In the Oroville incident, Greg Blagg, 27, a butcher, went into convulsions last Thursday after taking capsules that contained strychnine. Blagg, who has recovered, told reporters Tuesday that he bought the Tylenol at a local drug store two weeks before taking the capsule well in advance of reports of the Chicago-area deaths. Police Sgt. Jack Lee in Oroville, however, said the account of the purchase Blagg gave to authorities "has not been confirmed." Blagg was questioned for two hours Tuesday by FBI agents. No additional tainted capsules have been found in California, FDA regional director William Hill said Wednesday. Sophisticated ladies are stepping out in the tuxedo look, inspired by traditional men's formal wear. Details: IT. Des Moines Register and Tribune Company LOS ANGELES TIMES, VIA THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Santa Cruz, Calif. Hear-record rise sees Bon gain 37 points NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) - A drop in interest rates touched off a new frenzy of buying Wednesday on Wall Street, and the Dow Jones industrial average chalked up its second biggest gain ever and rose to a 14-month high. The Dow soared 37.07 points to close at 944.26. The gain was surpassed only by a 38.81-point rise on Aug. 17, in the early days of a rally that has pushed up the Dow average 167 points in eight weeks. On the New York Stock Exchange, 93.57 million shares changed hands, up from 69.77 million Tuesday but well below the record of 137.33 million set Aug. 26. Analysts said a decline in some money-market interest rates triggered a buying surge by investing institutions. When the rate on federal funds short-term loans between banks dropped as low as 8.5 percent, investment professionals apparently took it as a sign that the Federal Reserve had decided to encourage further declines in interest rates. Meanwhile, Richard Pratt, chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, said recent legislation to aid banks and savings and loan associations could lead to mortgage r. tes as low as 12 percent in the next several months. Mortgage rates now average above 15 percent. The daily count on the Big Board showed about five stocks rising in price for every one that declined, and the exchange's composite index gained 2.14 to 72.20. At the American Stock Exchange, the market value index gained 5.14 to 288.28. The NASDAQ composite index for the over-the-counter market closed at 191.98, up 3.21. Two D.M. men charged in teen sex abuse case By TOM SUK Register stiff Writer Two Cuban refugees living in Des Moines, along with two Lincoln, Neb., men, have been charged in connection with the sexual abuse of two runaway girls taken from Des Moines to Lincoln late last month. Additionally, authorities have recovered a third young Des Moines runaway girl who was in the company of one of the men, they said. The case originally involved two girls, ages 13 and 14, who were picked up by three men in a van and driven to Lincoln, Lancaster County Deputy Attorney John Colborn said. The girls arrived in Lincoln on Sept. 23 and were taken to an apartment rented by Rafael Betancourt, 30, the Nebraska county attorney said. Four days later, two Lincoln police officers observed the two young girls talking to an older man in a residential area of the city and became suspicious, Colborn said. After questioning the girls, the teen-agers reported they had been victims of repeated sexual assaults, Colborn said. ! S 1 'Shut up!' Reagan fell S a Republican Angry president replies to 'betrayal' charge From The Register's Wire Services WASHINGTON, D.C. - "Shut up!" a startled President Reagan shouted angrily Wednesday at a right-wing candidate of his own party who attacked his policies right where they are made in the White House. The president's face reddened when one of his invited guests, Gary Arnold of Santa Cruz, Calif., interrupted a presidential pep talk to about 65 Republican candidates for Congress. Rising to his feet about 25 feet from the president, Arnold, a balding, black-bearded man whose self-descriptive campaign slogan is "He Looks Like Lenin, Talks Like Lincoln," accused Reagan of betraying conservative Republicans. "Mr. President, you have given . . . us candidates ... the largest tax increase in the United States history," Arnold said, ignoring a man trying to pull him back into his chair in the normally dignified East Room. "We have a Tylenol-taxing situation here. And we have Reagan-mortis setting into the nation's body politic!" he went on. "We do not have the president supporting the presidential programs," Arnold complained. "He reversed himself on Taiwan ... the Soviets get the wheat and the Americans get the shaft." From the other side of the room, someone clapped loudly. "I don't know who the two of you are," Reagan snapped, "but you haven't said a word that's true yet." The president's rebuttal drew hearty and widespread applause but Arnold furious because he hadn't Pollsters for both parties are predicting a strong turn toward the Democrats in November's elections: PAGE 11 A. received campaign funds from the party's central body pressed on, charging that the president had "a small, elite, rich Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission that totally runs your organization and your White House . . ." Trying humor, Reagan said: "I thought this was for Republican candidates." The candidates laughed. Unable to silence Arnold's criticism, Reagan said, "I don't know what you've been reading, but you don't know what you're talking about" and then yelled, "Shut up!" Arnold did. Reagan, grasping the presidential seal on his speaker's REAGAN Please turn to Page 11 A the index: J Advice 3T Editorials 14A Business 5S Movies . . . Datebook Classified ads 4T Obituaries 11M Comics 4T, 5T TV schedules .... 2T The 14-year-old girl also told authorities that she had been offered $20 to participate in a pornographic movie, authorities said. The man who made the offer also showed her nude photographs of two young girls on a bed, one of whom she recognized as a 15-year-old Des Moines girl who had been missing for several months after running away from a foster home, authorities said. "The two girls testified here in a preliminary hearing that they had been taken to the apartment of Betancourt. They testified they had been kept behind locked doors from time to time. They said they would be locked in rooms from time to time," during their four-day stay, Colborn said. As a result of the girls' information, Betancourt was arrested on two counts of first-degree sexual assault on a child. He was being held in the ASSAULT Please turn to Page 10 A

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