The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—No. JIM Blythevllle Courfer, Blytheville Herald, Blythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Lender. HLYTHKVII.1,1-:, ARKANSAS, TIIUUSDAY. Al'CiUST 21, I OHO Tn Fight For Senate Post Changes in Flood Conlvol Plans Foi-ccasl When Engineers Make Inspection MEMPHIS, Aug. 21. cUP)—Fai reaching changes in river anil floo: conlrol along the Mississippi n ve were forecast, today with i)>e :i] , iicnncciiiciit Hint Stcrehuy of \V;u Hurlty and party of army enjji- r.pers Intended an inspection of ihr construction work here September ll. and 12. Lieutenant Colonel p. B. Wilby. head of the Memphis district o' c-nginers, announced the approach- ins visit- of Hie war secretary, adding thai the party would incl'idr Major-Gr-ierM Lylle Brown, head of the United Slates army enminoer- in» corps, and other high rankin" officers. Anione the problems to h" considered, according lo Col. \Vilby. is that of building scores o! dams a' strategic sites on tributaries of th* Mississippi to hold the river in check during excessive hi^h writer Secretary Hurley's visit will (>•;• yin at St. Louis. Col. Wilbv said v/here he will bc^in an inspection of river work September 9, and wil 1 end September 26 at New Orlean- Killup<! Lead Derbv Racers Out of Macon MACON. Ga.. Aug. 21 I UP)—Art Davis. Lansin?. Mich., fiver, cut the !"3d of Ait Killups. La Grange. 1]!., to little m^rc than nine minutes by leading the Miami to Chicago air derbyi.sts into Mncon today. Davis, flying a Waco plane, landed at, municipal airjwrl at 11:28:15 a. m. Killup in a Waco landed at 11:30 a. m. dorse Rale; Price 'Reduction. HOME EDITION SIMPLE COPIES FIVE CENTS FIERI OF SENUTE (MEM Helena Fire Loss $30,000 OSCEOLA. Ail:., Aug. 21.—Adoption of a resolulion to pay not more than 50c per hundred for colloi 1 ; picking hi Northeast Arkansas nnd i Suu'.heast Missouri, uuV'-nntmentot ! a crsmmittec composed ol live Ar- I kaiisas and five Missouri Dinners j • to make recommendations regard- i ing a lower price for ginnln;;. am' j the summary conclusion expressed j ! by more than one speaker that lit- • tie il anything of practical vaUi* ' could be evivcied from proposed v fecieial relief following the dvo-.i' »ere the results of u mass inoct- ! ine attended by more than a Ihou- • Governor Huey P. Long. Louisi: sar.d farmers, ginners. bankers an- 1 I ana's young and colorful chief "X- b-,:sincss men from this section nf , ccutive. is shown above. Al ihe Arkansas antl Missouri, who crowd- ! right is Senator Joseph E Rans- ri! liie court room to ovcrfl"win'i | dell. 72-year-old veteran and m?m- and fllbd the courthouse halls here | ber of the Senate since 1013 whose last night. - i s ?a; Long seeks. The meeting, called at the in- j nance of the Osceolu Civic club j ?nd associate farmers of this see- 'i tion. drew one of the largest and ! most renrescntatlve crowds ever '-> nilend a farm meeting here. J. T. C'jston, president of the Civic club oijened the meeting with a s:aic- ment that its purpose was nrimnr . ilv (o aorec iinon a fried price fci- I (irf ^ _ ^ ^ ^ , . . -work- c( a chairman. Congressman W. J. Driver of Os- ! ceola was elected chairman of the j meeting, and in an openln? talk in vv auit^ iiinji, L| n^t.i III i^'. li.< i ectlon picktiiK this fall, and enter- I • ' ~ tained a motion for the nomination j iSotCu Evangelist Coer and Mother in Baltic cf Words at Los Angeles JACKSONVILLE. Fla., Aug. 21 (UP>—Hendin? into a' strong north wind Art Killups. LaGrant>c. Ill took off from the municipal airport here at 10:01 a. in. today r lead flyers in the Miami-Chicaszo air derby to Macon. Ga.. the noon stop. Kilhiu wns followed at one min- nte...Uliervals by Art Davis, Lansing, Mich., and decree Durrell jr. La Grange, 111., and the plane carrying the flight manager antl referee. ' They're principal figures in Springfield. Vt.'s feminine "Enoch Arden" tangle. It was the wife of George G. Packard -iabove) who reappeared alive recently after having been thought dead for e yea: and found him married to another wcman. Now (he body identified and buried as hers is believed by authorities to have been tint of a sweetheart of Robert "Romeo" King (below), who was held for Questioning. A verdict of suicide had been given in the unknown woman's death. made the following -statemenl which was variously expressed bv nractically every other sneaker during the evening: "This is no occasion to discuss the drouth situation. the set UD now proposed will be.sufficient to render the a'id demanded by the conditions now ex- klins. It is based on the thron that the neople who desire this aid LOS ANGELES. Aim. 21. lUP)— The renewed feud between Aimeu ScniDlc McPhcrson and her mother. Mrs. Minnie Kennedy, attracted a third combatant loday. May Waldron. close associate and j"' i co-worker of the cvaneelisl at An<)0 _< selus T:mnle, entered the battle on I Mrs. McPherson's side when Mrs. i Kennedy declared she was the cans" i of ail ther ecent iroublc and hard HELENA. Ark.. Auj. 31. — ! An early morning lire here today I destroyed two busl ,, ., , 010 ' (1 ' isl ™y'd two business buildings, a lluev I . Long becks beaU"^" 1 wi-miem ,i, u i nve dwelling r C . n I II ; houses 1'uiisliig diimage estimated ol :>ciialoi- Kaudsoll in Spirited Campaign. innge at CIO .two. MiH'hlnery damaged by the fire and ov.iuxl by (lie Allen Machine TREIF MS By ItOPNKV miTCIIKlt WASHINGTON.—One of Inti-i citing uosslhlillljs .Mils year's eli-ctions is that United Slates Sennit will lo;;eEi-n- »tnr Tom Hellln of Alabama and ins big white vest and gain Hie Honorable Huey P. Loins of Louisiana and Ills green pnlamas. The Democratic primailes in Louisiana will be held on Kept. 9 mil th? nnlsy, turbulent. Governor IT,..,.,,. l-ong is nficr the seat held since llv ' 1 1113 by H:e venerable, h"arde-.l : dignified and conservative Senator' k'seph E. Hansdell. , Governor Long is just 37. or onlv l two years past the minimum AW ; 0 . _.. ._. . rroutrenunt of Ihe ECii'ito. Time- •'I'li-asnry oltlclals do not expect the fm-e If elected over his 72-vrar- one per' eenl (ax reduction on nar- old opponent, he will become one ol 'null, individual and corporate tax- thr yonnecM senators In history. os. eirccllvo Mils year, to be main- There is a very striking contrast \ tallied next year! it was revealed between the vovcrnor and the sen- ! lixluy. ator. Knnsdell 1« a safe mid sanr ' Maintenance 61 the one per cent old iientleman who never gets Ini" reduction was not considered Im- irouble nnd Is seldom heard of. pos'ible but was describee! as un- Long is n wild yoiilh who is con- '• likely. EMCIPKt ID CftL RELIEF MEET1TOM Preliminary Plans (or State Wide Drouth Conference Are Made. •asuiY Heads Sav lion Similar to 1930 Not Likely Next Year. WASHINGTON. Aug. 21. llnul decision will not be mn-ic te able to furnish the neces- , ; Mlss w »Wron retaliated with EIGHT flTSEfi Several Bales Ginned from Manila Territory MANILA. Ark.. Aug. 21— Severn 1 bales of cotton have alreadv be;n brought into town and have been pinned. The bale was brought in by A. J. Dormer, last Fridav Donncr farms about four miles I south of town. The bale onlv weighed 335 pounds, but Donne 1 said that there was plenty of open cotton in his field. Only the intense I (irt>Hnecl -. ... heat kepi, ihe cotton "nicker.: irom \ 5 ' aclu T s |; »»dpr of the iwat yarht i tlvcs M Hl - gathering the cotton. The bale wns snll!| dron. which wa.s driven on th? i lcllti tno | ^liss Waldron and Mrs. Kemydv »he evangelist, herself was at - her I beach collace recovering from r : nervous breakdown and preparing ' for a possible auuearancc on [!>'- p'nlfonn ot her four so.un.rc gosp;! church Sunday. Rnval Yacht Wrecks Prominent Passerine: English Coast. witli •s off FOWEY. England. — El «'« iiersons were believed ti-e wreck today of th ginned by the Big Lake Ginninc ! roci " on Lanivei bay nnd sank. " I Mn >e. action towards reducinz HIP wry security for the monev the- ; obtain—such security as will orrli- i E <™ ral d<lnlnl o' «"s .stntemen! narilv be accented bv a bankin- i 1 " 1 ' 1 addcd slle ollcc hn " lo lwh institujion—and if that is tlio S<M- I Mre - Kp » lltl(1 v ( " » Closet because up. t will say tn von in all sin- P 1 '" t . nlli " 1 so niuch." redly that we will receive the verv ' i r - ,?, 1L 1C _ 1 ^"^ ll[! ' wer " minimum of al>l> and tlwl Instead of a dvoulli relief organization on a co-oneraiivo - basis which u-iT meel the demand, it will be rnll- • ing arain ihe Hed Cros soreani/n- M'. a?ain the Red Cross or^nniri- stggest such an exnedicnt." : DiioMs Drouth Relief Continuing. Judge Driver urger' . farmers to take advantage of tl:e i a!d offered throueh the Federal . Farm Board, bv joining the Mi-l- South Cotton Grower.^ Assnciathn. .-stated ilia: at this meeting a rte. finite nrice for cottmi pickinff ', should be agreed upon for the pro• tcction of ciic cot T on farmer, and • rend a lele^ram from renresent'i- who. unable to nt- reaucsted iha Religious Groups HnM Meeting; at New Orleans NEW ORLEANS. All". 21. ItlP' —Barriers of passwords, rituals n"- 1 creeds • were brnken last niehi when more than 2.500 rev>resem.i- lives nf nvei-v relicious and fri- ternal organization in New Or!" ans met as one fraternitv to imi(^ 'n "ledging themselves to (he in- teresi of New Orleans and its romoany free of charge. In nddi- : Tne "'* of tho£ e aT-nunfe-l fir ; price of Sinnina in t!:e lace of neighbors. tion he received over n hundred i arili considered lost intlurti-d Ihe i drop 'h conditions be taken. The meeting held at the Jeru- dollars in premiums that busin"S'- f"-"" 1 "- Rn '- Douglas K'ms of uarlia- H " tllen Cilll ed on C. G. Smith, j snlsm Temple, was believed tli- mciil. and former secretary ->[. r ' sic l° nt mnnaser of the Three i fi'-si of its kind in the United mines, who chartered the vaclr ' SM(t "- Lumber eomoam- Df Blvthc- | Stairs. men had offered for.the first bale The few bales of cotton tha have been seen around here up- ! Surgeon Captain A. !!. T3railiv'! vil1 "- lvll ° summed the situation near to be of a very short lint. This is thought lo be due to the fact that much of the early cotton has opened prematurely becatire of the long drouth nnd severe heal If much cotton is brought, in thi>- \ week several of the gins arc ex- j . pectcd to begin regular ginning bv 01 (Monday. vvitn I'resenlation of three ma lor j Aitp mnf ln the farmer I mteIP "' * n memi-ai officer cf the Irainin H. M. S. President, nnd Coinminj- : D1 '0hlems. First, that the fanne er Sidney.Scarle of tiie royal naval lmlst save as t!MIcil n5 nossible ou volunteer reserves. ' ' of the erop by not paving an e\— .. : horbitanl price for rjickiiif and h^ Communal) AW»-kn I -rl- *" s<! "' f * a mic<! nf 5nf ""' hun I'.ex Faces Fou>- Year Term ^ I'Olicv of Ark.— Comli-mninq ihe r ni -.I r- , I msr n '"mmLision to study (he tor DlOW With fist I crisis nn HARDY. Ark., Aug. 21. (UPt- Charie.s Daucherly, 20. fared n four year penitentiary sentence today on his manslaughter conviction ; nnuinut env, of having struck Guv Osborn a ! rn " foiliwin™ rfml |]nnl an(J |iri]cs . Action DV President lllf> '" u maleri:ll! v incrMws: .iec- '_ • ll "" u -" 1 - end. that everything should be don? to pel- just as much as noss'ble on 1 of Mi? rotlon throneh ^dvanl"a^->'-r- markcting. and he explained i'i rt- 'ail l!:e wnrkines of the Mid- Pcuth as.=ociallon and the adv*n tn?es of markeiin" through trn' nrcanwalion: and third, the olani- ine of pasture crops for <Pp!r with Theffs o{ 'Gasoline OIL LEflSES IN PEMISCpKI Anuroxinuxtcly I 0,0 0 0 Acres heajcrl Where Oil Indications Reported. IIAYTl. M".—John N. Ross, n farmer living rm Black Island six mites northeast of here ri \ias com; pleted lc c nl proceedings in leaslne ever 10 "10 acres nf Pr-iuiscot Ccuniv l:\ivl from Ihe Lu\ora 'Ark i t:i>oi:iTj|!e ('-nmany. for oil. The lantl w:; r . nievionsly owned by Ihe Hunter Lnnd :ui'J Dovcloiuncnt Conniany ni P n miscol County. After iivlicYinns of oil were round rn iiis land. Ro^s had W. F. Button, sijpnriiitendent of an oil ""nip.Tiv i:i Texas, insoeet his find. The oil man reoorlcd that indica- ^ion 1 : v. 1 ' 1 !'^ cNv?!l?ol. and he return- "rt immediately to Texas to confer H'Hh his company In regard lo ''nDine. lie instructed to se- Tine leases 0:1 several thousand of land adjnining the Ross place. In a rnnnniiiiication to R--SS this week, the oil man asked for in- fcnn-ition alnu'. a landing field near ihe !en. c r. In Ihe event that the oil rnmi»ny rcnscnls to drill, h" will fly lu-ro from Texas to take charge. llnually breaking Into prinl. lor flrsi one reason and then II was Lona nho. while areen pajanms. receiver! an olllclnl possibilities further In his annual •iniioiiilmcnl call from the' cantalu | icpoit to congress in December, if a German warship during Mar- : at this time. However. Secretary o( Ti'ensury Mellon will discuss the dl Gras season nt New Oileans. The ! C nr .,;.. 0 .. U-l J consul had brought the captain' : s nelQ for Victim of Blast and there was ccnsUleialjie i whoop-le-do abou 1 , the incident. ending in an apology. ! When Major General Frank i McCoy. U. S. A., made an olDclal ' MEMPHIS, Alls. 21. (UP)—Pll- nerul services will be held here for LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 21 (UP) — Govci nor Harvey Parncll wa.s ex- i pecU'd to call u state wide drouth rellel conference today. Agricultural representatives con- fcireii with the governor and other state officials today and preliminary plans for the conference were laid. • .. The action' was lo be taken In the face of reports that damage of the drouth to the state was even I more widespread than damage ot the 1921 flood. Total damage wns 1 •vlimutcd at SI25.OCfl.000. H was learned at the governor's office that the stale committee >rcbably would be composed of sev ; members. This central coni- nitlee will be augmented by" Red Cross, county farm agents nnd 'ivic leaders In each of Arkansas' '5 counties. Further reports from the survey conducted by the ttnte agriculture extension service showed that at east 110.000 .Arkansas families will ic In urgent need of food supplies 'or themselves and their livestock his winter. "Cue half of the state's population will be destitute If relief measures are not' made effective unmdlately," T. Roy Reid, assistant extension director, said. "Only one county, Uenton county, of the state's 15 will have sufficient food for man and btnst this winter," Reid said. Washington, which Is used tc almost anything else from member; of Congress, awaits with intense liu wi!l apjienr nl official occasions here with pajamas or without. He is promised plenty of publicily in cither but he will have to wear Ihe pajamas if he expects to gel his picture In the papers gas meter explosion. Funeral services will be conducted from the lllntoii Funeral home Mr. ami Mrs. nan C. Shatter tomorrow afternoon, 2 o'clock, or South Parkway, before burial l£ uiBrte. Mr. and Mis. C. Little Rock, parents nf Mrs. Rlmf- favcr of the iinprachinent. He was Icle. neruscd ol various little Ihingssurl- ', . ', as bribery and trying to get some- I one (o murder n political opponent, j •— — but apparently his enemies couldn't T|l make the charges siiek. for the pro- III feedings were dropiwd. 1 U After that the governor was si angry at the newspapers that he tried to put through a stale lax on newspaper advertising. The legislature wouldn't stand for that, which wns one of the most drastle things of the kind ever attempted. Possibly II goes lo show the sort of thing Huey will do iihcn he gels' his dander up. | Theie are some good things to I be said for the governor, however.' He has a cilt for public speakin? . ami has some of the a'tributcs of ! statesmanship, dcspilc nil the other j H. G. Wiekham. will also ut- scrvice.s. Trans-Atlanlic Avi ator Plans to Leave on Dangerous Trip Before Sat. WASHINGTON. Aug. 21. (UP) — ? f Rites Held Monday (or Mrs. Eva Westbrook Q. Williams, trans-Atlantic aviator, exnccls lo leave from Ok 'Mih^abouriv.n^ln c'n.l^'te I O^nrrt. Me., before Saturday oj, probablv would be a little bil more | " '"*'" lo Germany, u was learned riotous than Heflhi or Cole niens" ! l<Kln action d to heln imme farmers Concressman P: blow wilii death. his fist that caused ; the nn B. statement here. •k? «id thn «nv- 'iiilU'Mn in nid T-I_ >e di-.a'iirous earth- WILSON. Ark.—Funeral service^ for Mrs. Eva Wcstbrcok were helj "I th- home Monday afternoon nt 3 o'clock with tlie Rev. Warrer Johnston Ihe Rev. Manwnr rh-.o om>nt:ii3. Mrs. '.Veslbrook died Snndnv fol-^ an iilr.css of three weeks at j 'he Bantist hospital In Memphis "f South Carolina, or Congressman I Villiams had informed commerce ' Srln 1'orn in Libertv. Mis=.. in Dynamite Blast Victim i Buried at Osceola Today! _! Search nunko nnd lo Soviet .Russia it- fared a fimin». u-ithnnt wis anv lime. Tli"refra-p. ];r> s1VSi Plvr-vnnicni chniild oifi l ler people without .mv rt"lav. OSCEOLA. Ark.. Aug. 21. Funeral services were held here to- ! day for George Wilson. 4G, who was ', killed yesterday by the prematur^ ! explosion of dynamite he wns using in blasting a new road vest of : Keiser. I Who Innkeeocr Forrest "One Round" Cliishohu r ai\d John Jpmes. a relative nllf?- "d to hav been cantnred bv police Ipst niEht while ItirVin? n^ar a rrivatc pnrage in a residential see- Mcn <-f Die ciiv were ordered held i" iail bv Ji"i»e Grav«'.te of 'lie rolire c~nrt this ninrntng jieudinn decsiO'i in rases of petit larceny apninst the two. Police claim that the nair were i f-irrvlne a hr»e can nnd syphon i just as soon as the Drouth is brokmi j ^ nichmr " 1 whcn lal:c " into f" 5 ' ! Louis Rarlon. Pierce Swcnscn i 1^,1. . Mr. Wrolard and Smith John ssjr^rr 1^,^; i [™^ r -««- ^ ---; s? ^, '• ('•at county. Mr. JnVvnsnn siat=.-' ! _ ' : Burial was made nt the Basset; | that there was mor« labor on Crit-| M .. D " . .. ! cemetery. j '"Rilen eninty farms than in i l^nq 'Manila panrjst? Holq ' —^ time and there was no particub- ' D'Li 'C L I TL' m l i \u l i ni T I reason fo- naying big wages fo '. BlDfe-OCnOOl I hlS Week ! WOO(!cO'' l < TlanS 1 OUr j ""on »wdn,. , .! ,. , of Enforcement - a " d is :1 , , " f the Bap- L.isk. one sister a Turn Dlanion of Texas, bill 11) fellows have all rtos-.e some sor<l jobs in their day and Huey wouldn't be a total loss. Rnnsdell. now neariv 72 years old. fust rame to Concre.-.s as a m-in- fcer ol the House in ISO!). This that he has tr-en in Con- 1 department officials of his inten- tln (n make the flight in an Einsco mononlnne accompanied bv William Marsalis as co-nilot and Te^ Lundurcn as navigator. Lundgrei' recently arrived in New York from California with the plane. If the fivers are successful li> the hon to Germany they have indicated they intend to fly on tc Three Hurt in Auto Wreck Near. Leachville U3ACHVILLB. Ark., Aug. 21.- J. 0. Ballege sustained slight Injuries, his wife- Is in the Blythe- vllle hospital nnd Mrs. M. L. Swl- hni-t received oils and bruises in a car wreck here last night. Mr. Balleec stated today that he was driving on the highway south of town when he started to pas^ another cnr, both cars gome north. The right rear wheel of the Ballege car hung onto the left front wheel ' to lose control of his car. lite car" swerved and went into the ditch, turning over once and heading south. The Balleec car was badly wrecked, but. (he other ear was not damaged. Local Physician Will Practice in St. Louis Dr. and Mrs. VV. S. McCall and daughters. Misses . Virginia and Nfiu-earet. are moving to St. Louis next week where Dr. McCalt is~itow nractlcing medicine. They will probably go the latter part of the week. Dr. McCall, who has taken.over the general'practice of a well known nhyf ician. has been In at. Lotils for three weeks. .-'. " The family have lived here- 13 years where they have been prominently identified in numerous activities especially in the American Legion and auxiliary work and in that of the First Christian church. Before their marriage. Mrs. McCall lived in St. Louis for a number of years. leu Cooper of \\Vconfin and Gilbert N. Hanren of Iowa. He has • been in Ihe Sennte since 1911. Ho is a orotectinn D?mecriil : thanks larecly to tl-.e cane sugnr' iContiniieri on page Four: Hr»M 5 For Mrs. Mary Balentine Two Die in Highway Wrecks Near El Dorado EL DORADO. Ark.. Aug. 21. <UPi —Two persons are dead todiv as the resuli of highway accidents near here. Deputy Sheriff Owen E. Evans -15. died late yesterday in n hos- nitnl from Injuries received when RTEELE. Mo.—Funeral services j the ear driven by Chief Denut nv M MEMPHIS. Alls. 21. iIJPl—Shn r . yfl's aides torl-n- cintin«"l (heir sparer- for bn"d'i.s «i>o af'"r t-^'i iT1 " r-'r-.-ap J!:irinp nnri his '.-if- 'rom 'heir coinurv hn'«! near >"- ic. Carroll county. Tenn.. robbec' to Memphis Cafe Man j "»^ r ' ! " S, MfT „,,„„„,, | T.iesrlnv 'ni-nusel nnrtin nnd whe.- " | h" anunrpfi a! the door attacker fhim and his wifr. 50e Rate Approved ' MANILA.'Ark.. Alia 21.-A sturtv : Dr. Taylor, president ol th" Bank ' cmirse 1? ^"S conducted at the ! ------ • Bantlst church this week under th" ' be held Friday afternoon at "•30 o'cl:ck for Mrs. Marv Ann .... „ D Haleivine. fil. whn formerly lived on Machine dun Kange - m t i, e vicinity "f nivtheviiie. she Is the mother of Miss Delsle Stew- loeal women's Injuries Prove Fatal Marked Tree, stated lhat in hi.s opinion an amnlr- suonly of labv cculrt be had in Poin.seii coiintv :it a price of 50c per hundrej. He further suggested that the proviuscri snecial session of the WASHINGTON. Aug. 2] (UP' — of Little Rik-k. Si^aw MEMPHIS. Aug. 21. (UP)-Gun shot injuries received during ,* holdup caused the death of George J Paris. G9-year-old reslauran' is a mi=- 'lonerv for the Baptist Woman'* Ml'sior.srv Union 'of Arkansas Legislature I whiic '« Minila .she is the su?.-! ol : might pass an emergency bill add-• N . trs ; °' w - 'Sellar.i. who is p,'sj- Ing a tax of from one lo Ihrer ! ^'" ° r the local W. M. U. Mls= cenls per Ealion to gasoline. lh- ! ,, v ls conducting classe.s n-th in money thus obtained to be used ' thl mo ™"S and afternoon. In th« In drouth relief measures. mornmp a mission studv is" LI1TLF ROCK Ai>:--Camn Mr--r>rt. prcprieie.r of Rae wns in re^'Uni-.--'^ 1 . await- shoo. iu^ rhe visit Fridnv of Maj. Geu. Mrs. B-^leiiliii" il!.?d at her home Wi'hain G., Kver'sn-i rbi--r of Ihc h^re F>I 4:^0 o'clock this mornlne. Mililarv Bureau n'. the War Do- Th? service? lo be held tomorrow "-ime»ii. 'will Ijo ron^iu-tcd by il;c Rev. L. S. Irrau will l-r,e September 4 to in-' Practice o ll: ,,iii!<-..'.i:rinueri at th^Tiiurm^ with the Pev. W. E. :, s! ! = ^V^rV"nT™uluionsm!^ k1 ^- ™'™* f1 "- 1 ." 1 ™ n ™' Chartwiek assisting Funeral pl» ns Ohio Michitian Kentucky jnfl i nlct " ™ f terdav «'i'n sn.^inic lor nre in charge ot the German Un- j h ! records to star! :l:: s mnrnnnj. .{"-r'nituir crinnany. | MANILA. Ark .\u» 3i— The ro Icomnanv D frc.m M:'":icl:i. Com- -• - 'ervision of Miss Helen E. Rhnn- i ^flc""! Amns W. Woorlrork. rlirec- of the [friv>al prohibition bu- ! A. Hancock.sivervcd from the high- wav and rolled down an embankment. H. C. Alexander. -15. highwav worker, was killed ant! P. J. 'Boyct. . 30, was seriously Injured late ves- terday when their Louisiana highway truck wns struck bv a Rock Island motor car near Llllie. ta. Metho^st Revival at Manila Is Successful Senator R. A. Nelson of Blvlhe- I for junior and Intermediate r>-)v= proprietor here early today. ] p.. U,., f A. p,,_, Paris was fatally wounded laf | f ° 1 ^ ^" rt A $ tiUns Blaze at Fayetteville " land girls, and In the afternoon t'-e Friday by a negro who robber! hhr ! in his restaurant. His slayer ha? '• i'.ot been apprehended. I ^ir,/Mrs^ i ™ »ru=-:r $ the local smmlion through thr : ±: S " ttl11 c - ontl " 11(> t!lrou< ' h Frl " oiT-n'ng no of public work and dis- . Rotarians Hear Phillips Tell of Auto Salesmanship Russell Phillips xvas the speaker of the Rotary club luncheon loday when he discussed "Selling Automobiles" for a vocational program. mpHing. at Ihe Nobtp Hot-?!. I fAYETTEVILLE. Ark.. AlW. ?1 i UP)—Four persons were scriouslv | wounded late lost nieht when a vel- puhl: Iribulton of employment throueh thn stricken counties. H. V. Litzelfelner. cashier of the Bank of Caruthersville. expressed Tenne^.se-. This is tl-.e first ,..-, „ _ , s-wctioii '.rip th- new rtirector has Comnanv D frr.m made since he look office a fcvv .: l«nv H rom Forrr,, c,,v anrl C,m,^ weeks a^o ' );anv Jr fro:11 "i v ' l;rvl ' ! '' Corked ' ' 'in rn ih- machine -- : :i ranse vps- tTdav afternoon uiuK'r direction of Capt. Ivy W. Crawford of the Blvtl-.eville gii.ird' Robert H. Verev. rcsi'lar arm 1 ' officer, gave Jackson. Term, inclruction in handhai the guns. The deceased is survived bv three I viva] meeting that Rev. R. E. L. ' ' Bearden has been conducting at Fall Provp« Ff»ial to Aged Ex-Postmistress Joneshoro Babv Hurt in Accident Wednesday JONESBORO. Ark.—Little Marvina Cason. two year old daughter rlnii2hters.. Miss Delsle Stewart. ><r«. C'"vc Frame of Steele. Mrs! D"lla Simpson, i brother. Albert T i" c con lh . and three sisters. Mrs. Venia Warren. Mrs. Pearl Pmith. ?nd Mrs. Bonnie Howcll. all of lape nestlrd ainniw Ihe mounlains 1 near her?. I Wid Arhvckle onrned firn in Sor Miller and HiiMi Cardin as the twr I walked do«-n the sirect. noth f«p I vanned. Cburte Johnsin and two i I other were hit by bul]ni.q I east Arkansas, and stated thil a' a recent farmers' mretinp ther' they liarl tentatively agreed umn n price ranging from 51f In 75c fo>- nteVinc. weighing and Inullnc, but wan'rd ti adhere ns closely asjws- (Conllnuea on page three) *•"' " ri<-m and Cleveland. Hied last iiinh' from Injuries suffered in * fill Sh" is a niece of Augustus Hill Oarlind at'orney-general under Cleveland and former governor of Arkansas. u . „ .. H3" < OCO'lts ft n ftlot >° Al1ant ' C Here ycstrday and was severely Injured, j I "°vti P,- (UPl—Ku- ! "lirtv nie> Pcout Troo" No. 2S and charges were placed. liimjju^f if)jv;i'u v i- fiiu\\v i Biokely. Gn., needed 300 men. . bomo, Mtssl«liirl mid tjijbr the Methodist church has been one of the most successful meetings in the history of the local church. About twenty new members hav been enrolled within the church roils, and several more are expected to loin before the revival ends on Saturday night. Rev. Bearden wa.s no stranger to neiple of this community as he had served as presiding elder of this district for several vars. H" has also b«»nn»s- tor at BIythevilie. and is now of- fi"iatir irT in thn nulp't at A-Vids'- phia. Tie meeting began Aug. 17 onrt has had large audiences at | both morning and evening services. "WEATHER ARKANSAS-G'ene'rnlly fair lo- nltrht. tind ^•'•—'

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