The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on September 28, 1982 · Page 3
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 3

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1982
Page 3
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Tues Sept 28, 1982 B THE DES MOINES REGISTER 3A elic IVb illoinf b istcf Milford youth's death always may be mystery Wen hbbm IOWA BOY A king cooks for the governor Bob Ray is keeping a game face on about leaving the governor's office and Terrace Hill soon, but don't tell me be won't miss the high life, at least just a little. Consider some of the people he has dined with recently by virtue of his position. Not long ago, he traveled in China and Japan, eating with a number of -dignitaries. Monday morning, he had breakfast . with Vice President George Bush. - And how about last Saturday night? Ray had dinner with a king and the king cooked! It is that social event we address here today. The monarch was, uh, Steam Train Maury Graham, 65, five times elected Tking of the hobos, who came in from ' Toledo, Ohio. Re was here to make a special appearance at a Terrace Hill party thrown by Ray's staff to honor the boss' 54th birthday. ; The reason some of Ray's pals paid to have Steam Train Maury come in was that this was to be one of those so-called "theme" parties. When I heard that, I asked if the theme was something like "Reaganomics is " getting us all." No, they said, just a "hobo party." When Republicans have hobo parties, you see, they like to make them a little classier than your "normal, everyday hobo party. And what better way to do that than by importing the nation's most well-known hobo? - "Do you have to put in there where I stayed overnight?" asked Steam ' Train Maury when we got together for a post-party de-briefing. "It's almost a disgrace for a hobo flying in and out of town and staying at a Hilton." He explained it was actually a "working trip, as he spent all of Saturday afternoon in the Terrace , Hill kitchen preparing the mulligan stew that the staff members, spouses and other guests ate that night "I do a great stew," he said. "I go all over the country cooking it at hobo festivals." He said he was awed by the elegant old mansion. "I didn't get to see all of 'it because the only people around during the day were the guards, and vthey couldn't give me a tour," he said. "But from what I did see, it looks like 'there's been a beautiful restoration. I 'have fantasies about owning an old place like that." His work didn't end in the kitchen. Saturday night in the chowline around a bonfire in the back yard, Steam Train Maury ladled stew from a big kettle into the tin cans from which people ate. , - Some of the guests came costumed rather unconvincingly, the king said, as hobos. "Maybe they didn't look quite right, but remember, these are mostly professional people," he said. "I'll tell you, though, you couldn't find 'a nicer bunch of folks just as grass 'roots as any bunch of country people I'd sit down and visit with. The governor struck me that way, too." As 1982 State Fair harmonica champion Paul McNabb provided background, Steam Train Maury dispensed wisdom about life on the 'road to a crowd that will be doing some wandering before long. He boasted hobos are "three times bet ter-read than average citizens" because "hobos pick up old papers and magazines, go into the woods and read them. I never met a dumb hobo." This Santa Claus look-alike "retired jrom the road" not long ago, although he still travels to such festivals as the National Hobo Convention held each summer in Britt. "I'm living at home in Toledo with my wife, Wanda," he said. "We were separated all those years I was .hoboing. When I announced I was .giving it up, Paul Harvey had it on the radio that Steam Train Maury was going home to his wife if she'd let me in the door. It did take some sweet-talking." Now, there is one little hitch in all this hobo merriment at Terrace Hill ' that back yard bonfire. It probably was a violation of the state law pro hibiting open burning In Des Moines, according to Bill Wyer, a local health department official who helps enforce the law. Wyer said permission frequently is given for back yard bonfires if a request is filed In writing. He said no such request was made for a Terrace Hill bonfire. After I had tattled, he said, "This Is very interesting." But as Steam Train Maury probably would say, who ever heard of asking permission for a bonfire In hobo Jungle? Chuck Offenburger By KEN FUSON Rvfllstaf Stiff Wrtfvr Authorities in northwest Iowa know how Shawn Lee Jacobsen died, but they may never know why. The body of the 14-year-old Milford -boy was found Friday night in an unused and unplugged refrigerator that had been stored in a farm shed near Iowaj Highway 9 in rural Spirit Lake. Investigators have "absolutely" ruled out foul play in the boy s death, SHAWN LEI JACOBSEN Vice President George Bush puts his hand on Iowa Lt. Gov. Terry Branstad's shoulder during a fund-raising breakfast Monday morning in Des Moines. Bush spoke in Bush to Branstad: End abortion talk By DAVID YEPSEN It ttyii tar Sttff Wi'ltor Top Iowa Republicans said Monday that Vice President George Bush told Terry Branstad, the GOP candidate for governor, to halt discussion of abortion in the campaign. Bush gave Branstad the advice as the vice president completed a two-day swing through the state campaigning for Republican candidates. And Bush is not the only politician telling Branstad that he goofed when he promised an anti-abortion group that he would consider raising money for the cause at his inauguration. Branstad raised that idea in a speech to the Iowans for LIFE convention held in Des Moines over the weekend. "Social Issues" Bush's counsel mirrors advice being given by Reagan aides to GOP candidates all over the country: Soft-pedal discussions of abortion, school prayer and other "social issues" because they can backfire on you. Many politicians, in all camps, said Monday that it was dumb of Branstad to raise the issue because it is unnecessary and mars an otherwise superior campaign. Branstad was known as an ultra-conservative legislator, and he has spent the entire summer working to shed that image in favor of a more moderate one. His statement to the Iowan killed rams train in By BILL GORDON Rioltttr Stvff Wrtfvr A truck driver died in the morning fog Monday when the tractor-trailer he was driving crashed into the side of a freight train and burned on a Wapello County road. Robert Charles Fraise, 19, of Don-nellson, died at the scene about 5:40 a.m. The truck he was driving collided with the 31st car of a Milwaukee Road freight train. The boxcar left the tracks and the truck cab burst into flames, according to the Iowa State Patrol. The collision occurred at a crossing about eight miles north of Agency. Other truckers in the area told the state patrol that fog had reduced visibility to less that 200 feet. The truck, owned by Hennies Construction Co. of Donnellson, sustained about $20,000 worth of damage. About $35,000 worth of damage was done to the train. Larry Lewis Siebels, 35, of Martelle, also died early Monday after the pickup truck he was driving left the road and crashed into a ditch. Siebels was alone in the truck. The accident occurred about 8:55 a.m. on a Linn County road east of Viola. Siebels was taken to a hospital in Anamosa, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Two Omaha residents died Sunday Dickinson County Sheriff Wendell Kilts said Monday. Dr. Brad Randall, a Sioux Falls, S.D., pathologist, has listed asphyxiation as the cause of death. But many of Milford's 2,000 residents are puzzled by the explanation. If the death was an accident, how could an athletic youth known for his ability to take care of himself get locked inside a refrigerator eight miles from his home? And if the death wasn't accidental, why would the freshman at Milford High School described by neighbor Doug Mclntire as "the most evenly 3 anti-abortion group tapped a lot of that image-making. Moderate GOP leaders, never great friends of Branstad's, are furious at him for making the statement since it now makes it hard for them to argue his case to their friends. Until now, the Republican ticket has been unified. That changed Monday when Lawrence Pope, the ANALYSIS GOP candidate for lieutenant governor, disagreed with Branstad, saying, "I don't think it's a very good idea" to hold a fund-raiser for Iowans for LIFE. Ray Disagrees Gov. Robert Ray, who also differs with Branstad on abortion, said Monday: "Single issues should not be a deciding factor in how you vote." It also gives hope to the demoralized campaign of Democrat Roxanne Conlin, which has been struggling since the July disclosure that she paid no state income taxes last year. Conlin backers are counting on Branstad mistakes to even the score. Both Branstad and Conlin aides say the next round of polls will show she is gaining on him, and her aides took when truck heavy fog evening in a collision five miles north of Colo on U.S. Highway 65 in Story County. The Story County Sheriff's Department said a pickup truck driven by Richard Fletchall of Denver, la., was traveling west on a county road when the brakes failed. The truck was towing a trailer carrying an automobile. The pickup and trailer went through a stop sign and collided with a car driven by Barbara Rockert, 25, of Omaha. She and a passenger, David Rockert, 40, were killed. Fletchall was admitted to an Ames hospital in satisfactory condition. A Harpers Ferry man died early Sunday after his car overturned on an Allamakee County road about six miles south of Lansing. Joseph James Hawes, 24, was thrown from the automobile and found dead at the scene about 5 a.m. Sunday. The Allamakee County Sheriff's Department said Hawes apparently fell asleep while driving alone. A third person also died Saturday from Injuries suffered in a one-car accident Friday on a Clayton County road that killed two others. Donnle Sheffert, 35, of Monona, died In a LaCrosse, Wis., hospital tempered 14-year-old boy I ever met" take his own life? Gerald Shanahan, director of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investiga-1 tion, said Monday the answers may remain elusive. He and other authorities declined to speculate whether they believe the death was an accident or a suicide. Information pieced together by Kilts' department and the DCI indicates that Shawn ran away from home the morning of Sept. 20. Officials declined to speculate on what might have been troubling the youth. He apparently walked the eight or nine miles to the farm shed REGISTER PHOTO BY WARREN TAYLOR Dubuque Sunday, then flew to Des Moines, where he spent the night. He made Republican campaign appearances Monday in Des Moines, Waterloo and Davenport. his abortion statement as a hopeful sign that they will get him to make the mistakes Conlin needs. The idea also offends those who believe it is inappropriate to use inaugural festivities for fund-raisers like this. A Conlin spokesman pounced on this, saying the idea was "arrogant and offensive" and that inaugurations "are a time to unite, not divide." Others said Branstad will offend voters by talking about plans for his inauguration before he is elected. Catholic Votes Branstad said in an interview last week that he wanted to talk about the abortion issue at the meeting in order to woo Roman Catholic voters in Carroll and Dubuque counties. Polls show Conlin running ahead of him among those voters. But many politicians say Branstad can lose an equal number of moderates and women to Conlin if he raises the issue, and they expect him to take Bush's advice and end discussion of it. He has reassured the conservatives of his commitment on the issue and now can resume trying to win moderate voters. ' Conlin is expected to use the remark to recharge ber feminist friends, but it is unlikely she will do much more with it. Body not found in jail for hours By DANIEL CARR Rwtttvr Stiff WdlVf A Wapello County grand jury will be convened to look into the Sept. 17 hanging death of a county jail inmate, , County Attorney L Thomas Kintigh said des moines Monday. lOttumwi ) Jwuwgu s an- v nouncement came o MHM 200 8horUy fter tne issuance of a medical examiner's report indicating that the prisoner, John Whennen, 19, of Ottumwa, had been dead between five and seven hours when his body was found. A jailer had told authorities earlier that he bad checked Whennen's cell about 45 minutes before finding the body. Algona liquor store to stay downtown The state liquor store in Algona will remain in its downtown location at least six more months while liquor officials prepare for another round of bidding for a store site. The Iowa Executive Council Monday overruled a decision to move the store, saying the present building 'Is big enough and residents clearly prefer its central location. Algtni t DES MOINESy 0 Miui'aoo where his body was discovered Friday. DCI agents checked footprints leading to the shed from a nearby corn field Saturday and determined Shawn bad gone to the shed alone. "He got into the refrigerator himself," Kilts said. "No question about that." Shanahan said Monday there were no marks on the refrigerator or bruises on the boy's body to indicate he bad tried to get out of the refrigerator. The unit had a latch door that would make getting out impossible, he said. U.& gives rating in foster care By WILLIAM PETROSKI and DEWEY Rtvtstor Stsff Wrttvre Iowa officials have done a good job of complying with a new law aimed at protecting children assigned to foster homes, according to an audit by the federal Department of Health and Human Services. The audit follows accusations that state officials ignored reports that foster parents George and Betty Warnock of rural Des Moines were abusing children. The Warnocks' foster care license expired earlier this year. The federal inspection team found that the Iowa Department of Social Services showed "an exceptional ability to assure adequate implementation" of the new federal law. The law requires states to maintain an inventory of children in foster homes and have a statewide information system containing personal characteristics, custody status, location and placement goals for every child in foster care. The federal auditors inspected Iowa's laws, administrative rules and the social services employees' manual. They also reviewed records from 75 foster care cases over the past two years and found no major deficiencies. If Iowa had failed to meet the new federal standards, the state could have lost about $2 million in federal funds. Iowa currently has about 3,000 children in its foster care program, with a $32 million annual budget Mary Ellen Imlau, Iowa's foster care program manager, said Iowa's case records passed with the highest rating in its federal region, which includes Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. In a related development Monday, Police kill in Chicago By JAMES NEY RiistetMr Stsff WrtNH A former Waterloo man allegedly fleeing from a Chicago, III., armed robbery Monday afternoon killed a policeman and wounded three other persons before he was shot and killed by other officers. Chicago police Identified the dead gunman as Aaron Washington, 28, who still carried a valid Iowa driver's license, but apparently had been living in the Chicago area. Killed was Martin E. Darcy Jr., 52, a 27-year veteran of the Chicago police force. Officer Jerry Johnson, 42, was hospitalized in good condition with gunshot wounds. . Chicago police said the suspect entered the Southtown Health and Foods Store at the southwest edge the city and demanded "all your big bills," displaying a handgun. When he left the store, he was followed by Emil Mahler, 37, manager of the store. Mahler was shot and wounded by the suspect, but, with other witnesses, gave police a description of the robber and his car. Officers saw the car and chased it for several blocks. The suspect abandoned his car and ran on foot into a residential area, entering the home of Kathleen Frantz, who ran into the bathroom and locked the door. The suspect shot through the door, the bullet grazing her shoulder, and she told him where to find her car keys. Police said the man ran out the front door just as officer Darcy rounded the corner of the house. The gunman shot Darcy, took his service revolver, and shot and wounded officer Johnson. He ran to the rear of the home, and was shot in the backyard by other officers. Waterloo police records show that Washington, who also used the name Willie Earl Washington in Waterloo, was convicted of burglary there in 1973, and sentenced to serve five years in the Iowa Men's Reformatory in Anamosa. Records show that he was -arrested in 1979 on .a traffic warrant, and then was charged with interfering with official acts while the warrant was being served. In 1980 he was charged again with interfering with official acts and resisting arrest Chicago police said he has a record Some Milford residents speculated that Shawn had gone to the shed to hide, then climbed in the refrigerator to avoid being spotted by someone in the area, locking himself in accidentally. "That's the story I want to believe," said one resident An estimated 400 to 500 people attended funeral services for the boy Monday morning in Milford. High school classes were adjourned for several hours so students could attend the services. Many of the residents and students in attendance had searched for the youth when he was reported missing a week ago Monday. Iowa high KNUDSON Gov. Robert Ray defended the state's foster care program, saying he is satisfied that the Department of Social Services did not ignore complaints against the Warnocks. "We do not have evidence at this time that the department did not follow up on complaints, nor do we have evidence the department took no action when some complaints were followed up on," Ray said at a press conference Monday. State records and parents who used or were planning to use the Warnocks' baby-sitting service say the state received reports about child abuse and violations of state foster care regulations as far back as 1976. The couple was indicted in July on 23 charges of child neglect, child abandonment and operating a day care center without a license. Department officials have declined to discuss the complaints in detail, but Ray said Monday the agency did all it could do legally. "My understanding is that the department took action on several occasions when complaints came to it," he said. "Some of them were matters for law enforcement, and apparently the evidence was not sufficient for prosecution." The governor said the department "attempted to revoke the license ior foster care unsuccessfully. Attempts were made on several occasions." State records that have been released tell of only one attempt to revoke the foster care license. That 1979 recommendation was overturned by a social services administrative hearing officer. ex - Iowan gun spree there of relatively minor offenses that have occurred since 1980, as well as in previous years when he once used the name Jesse L. Anderson. ObituariiZ3 ERMAN SHAWGO fh$ RtvHtot tows Nowi Snrtc BURLINGTON, IA. - Services for Erman "Ermie" Shawgo, 70, of Burlington who died Sunday at a Burlington nursing home, will be at 1 p.m. today at the Lunning Chapel here. Mr. Shawgo was owner of the Shawgo Realty Co. here. Survivors include his wife, Betty, and a sister, Madeline Burgess of Lewiston, 111. RAY L. WOOCK Tbs Rvtstort tows Mwi Sonrtct DELAWARE, IA. - Services for Ray L. Woock, 68, of Delaware, who died Sunday at a Manchester nursing home, will be at 11 a.m. today at the United Methodist Church in Delhi. Mr. Woock owned Woock's Store here from 1944 to 1978, was postmaster here from 1957 to 1978, served as Delaware County civil defense director from 1968 to 1981 and was fire chief in Delaware for 31 years. In 1966 he was named the outstanding citizen of Delaware County by the Jaycees and in 1976 was named Delaware County's Fireman of the Year. Survivors include a daughter, Rondalyn McAllen of Coralville; a son, Ronald of Saginaw, Mich., six grandchildren and a brother, Louis of Cedar Falls. ERNEST SIVESIND Tb Rwhlsr't tows Mows Stnftas DECORAH, IA. - Services for Ernest Slvesind, 67, of Decorah, who died Sunday at a LaCrosse, Wis., hospital, will be at 2 p.m. today at the First Lutheran Church here. Mr. Sivesind owned and operated the J & E Cable Television Co. here for 25 years. Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Richard DeGowen of Iowa City, two grandchildren and three brothers, Olaf and Clarence, both of Decorah; and Elmer of Sparta, Wis.

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