The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on September 7, 1982 · Page 1
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 1

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 7, 1982
Page 1
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i IllSIDE hie register: Reagan policy assailed : ( A group of 34 economists issues a sharp critique of Reagan administration economic policies, stating that the Reagan program is "based on unrealistic assumptions." Details: 6B. THE NEWSPAPER IOWA DEPENDS UPON D Des Moines, Bransfad, Gonlin stress law, order Changes seen regardless of election outcome By DAVID YEPSEN fteshter Staff Writer Iowa's tv.o major party candidates for governor are stressing tough law and order themes in their campaigns, and whether Iowans chose Democrat Roxanne Conlin or Republican Terry Branstad, some important changes in Iowa's criminal laws will result. While economic and tax concerns occupy center stage of the campaign for the governorship, the law and order issues of the 1982 campaign are not far behind. Politicians are always against crime. No one is ever for it. So it is ANALYSIS not unusual to hear such messages from political candidates. But a big difference in this race is that both Conlin and Branstad are lawyers who have worked in law enforcement and who have devoted large portions of their public careers to mating proposals to toughen the criminal justice system. Branstad, a military policeman for two years in the U.S. Army, always has advocated get-tough anti-crime proposals during his six years as a conservative, rural, state legislator and in his four years as lieutenant governor. Conlin has spent her entire public career as a prosecutor and boasts that she didn't lose one of the nearly 90 jury trial cases she presented as an assistant Iowa attorney general and later as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Iowa. Useful Anti-crime positions have been politically useful to both. They helped Branstad develop a reputation as a conservative. They help Conlin neutralize concerns that she is a feminist who is too liberal for Iowans. "The Iowa criminal justice system is an utter failure," says Conlin's stump speech. Branstad says crime "has reached a level that is intolerable to those who expect to live free from violation." Conlin says, "There are two overriding and serious problems. One is that there are people iq our prisons who should not be there, and there are people on the streets who should be in our prisons. And there is no method for ascertaining who's who." Branstad says, "Merely adopting a CRIME Please turn to Page 3A the index: Classified ads 4C Editorials 6A Comics 5B TV schedules . . . . 7C Obituaries 4C Newsmakers .... 1C Who is that guy who's out to unhorse Thone? By JAMES FLANSBURG R Mister Staff Writer OMAHA, NEB. - "Who is that guy?" Butch Cassidy kept asking the Sundance Kid in a movie a dozen or so years ago as a posse kept getting closer and closer, not fooled by the ruses that had worked so well for the outlaws in the past. " It's a question Republican Gov. Charles Thone and other Nebraskans have been asking the past several months about the Democrat who's blocking Thone's quest for a second term in the Nov. 2 election. . From nowhere, Bob Kerrey, a 39-year-old Lincoln restaurant operator, emerged to run away with the Democratic primary last spring, and since has come from 25 points behind in the polls to run neck and neck with Thone. Kerrey's Nebraska story contains the usual data found in politics: Lincoln native, University of Nebraska graduate (pharmacy), founding partner in a restaurant m n;i) sT.vrns OF.uiim IIIU....t.i.LMMliMllJil.iilHttU., WfciW.JMil. IIIIIIIIMIWI. I lgjg III II iHHI OH. & ..M " IKim rfep, rhmM:- f -1'' vicr;.,u 7vwVf-7;, fe- . f'tofci AslS?77:7J;: r v."" ' . .fill. v 47 " ", :.vr - ' i feWtv fifrT ' - 7 7v7-', 7:f;;7 v " - V, " t7v77:r7v.., 777. 7"7V.77 W , 7 I7m A : Search party combs park area Civic groups and volunteers gathered to people Monday afternoon in the hunt for Ottumwans rally against intolerance By ELIZABETH FLANSBURG Reatiftr Staff Wiitar OTTUMWA, 1A. - About 200 Ottumwans gathered at Sacred Heart Catholic Church here .Monday to do some consciousness raising and soul searching just days after the latest violent incident aimed at a group of 149 Saudi students. ' Speaker after speaker marched to the pulpit Monday to denounce the campaign of intoler ance they said a residents launched minority against the students. That campaign prompted Northrop Corp. to withdraw its $2 million program from Ottumwa a monetary fact that speakers said did not concern them. "Whenever city officials speak about it, it's always in terms of money," said the Rev. James Grubb, pastor at Sacred Heart. "Well, I just hope that people aren't trying to get them to stay because of the money. It's justice we're after." The students came to Ottumwa OTTUMWA Please turn to Page 3A business (Grandmother's Skillet) that has four outlets in Omaha and Lincoln plus a bowling alley, health spa and a tennis club, several civic board memberships. He has no experience in politics, wasn't known as a contributor or a worker, but almost overnight, courtesy of State Republican Chairman Ralph Knobel, he acquired a political name identification that rivals the one Charlie Thone built in his 58 years: one term as governor, four terms in Congress, deputy secretary of state in Nebraska, assistant attorney general, congressional staffer and state GOP chair. Patriotism Impugned Knobel sent out letters to Thone contributors, impugning Kerrey's patriotism for some remarks about the Vietnam War and the draft in 1972 when Kerrey worked for a time with the late Allard Lowenstein against Richard Nixon's re-election. JAMES GRUBB Of Chicken may come first Americans' eating habits are changing, a consumer group says, with beef still No. 1 but chicken catching up fast. Details: 7C. Iowa, Tuesday Morning, September 7, 1982 Three Sections, form a search party of about 1,000 John Gosch, 12, of 1004 Forty-fifth Janet Gaynor clinging to life after collision SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (AP) -Janet Gaynor, the first actress ever to win an Oscar, clung to life Monday after a taxicab-van crash that killed one person and also injured Broadway star Mary Martin and Gaynor's husband, Iowa native Paul Gregory. Nursing supervisor Marilyn Potash said Gaynor, 75, was on life-sup port equipment in the intensive care unit at San Francisco Genera Hospital. "Her prognosis is very guarded," said Dr. Frank Lewis, chief of emergency services at the hospital, after he performed four hours of surgery on Gaynor. The operation was needed to repair a perforated bladder and to stop bleeding near Gaynor's right kidney, said Lewis. She also' suffered 11 fractured ribs, a broken collar bone and multiple pelvic fractures. "The outcome in her case will not be decided for many days," Lewis said. "Miss Gaynor is fully ACCIDENT Please turn to Page 4A Kerrey's campaign has gotten incalculable mileage because it became fair game to point Kerrey up as a certified war hero, having won the nation's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for directing a Vietnam combat operation after his foot was blown off by a grenade. "Anyone want to know about the draft or Vietnam or fun stuff like that?" Kerrey is apt to ask a group when a question-and-answer session starts to lag. "I'm the man our incumbent governor said couldn't tell an ear of corn from a ukulele," is the way he introduces himself sometimes, drawing a breath and then launching: "Well I buy nearly $2 million in food NEBRASKA , Pleose turn to Page 8A i 4 I Mft-iTfrH'Y"JT jMM9 JANET GAYNOR BOB CHARLES KERREY THONE St., West Des Moines, who disappeared Sunday morning. Pictured are some of about 100 people searching the South Woods Park area. 1,000 volunteers search for missing W.D.M. boy By CAROL PITTS Reenter Staff Writer Somber and frightened searchers combed woods and parks, fields and ditches around West Des Moines Monday, looking for a missing newspaper carrier. More than 1,000 volunteers spent the Labor Day holiday tramping across thousands of acres looking for 12-year-old John Gosch, his newspaper bag, shoes or clothing. The boy was last seen at about 6 a.m. Sunday as he began his paper route near Forty-second Street and Marcourt Lane in a new neighborhood of West Des Moines. The searchers, lined up about five feet apart, said they were hopeful but conceded they feared the worst. Others drove slowly along the ditches that line rural roads in Polk and Dallas counties, straining for signs of the boy. More volunteers cruised the MacVicar Freeway. "Walk and Look" At South Woods Park in West Des Moines, more than 100 people hiked across wet grass on soft ground, seeking anything to indicate the boy had been there. One found footprints to and from a clearing. Gnats and mosquitoes hovered nearby, relentlessly biting the intruders. Another searcher found a Kleenex among the reddening sumac, nettles and brush. Authorities were summoned to say whether the finds amounted to anything. "Don't trample on the area. Don't touch anything," shouted one man, who refused to identify himself, as he organized the search party at South Woods. "You're just here to walk and look." Gene Meyer, a special supervisor for the state Division of Criminal Investigation, which was called in Monday, said volunteers were looking for "the boy." What he and other authorities did "- 7 1 a A mum. 4mmuxS JOHN GOSCH R and T offers reward of $5,000 The Des Moines Register and Tribune Company is offering a reward of $5,000 for information leading to the whereabouts of John Gosch. N John Gosch is a 12-year-old Register and Tribune paperboy who was last seen at about 6 a.m. Sunday as he was starting his newspaper route near Forty-second Street and Marcourt Lane in West Des Moines. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. When he disappeared, he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. The Des Moines Register and Tribune Company urges anyone with information concerning John Gosch's disappearance to call West Des Moines police at 223-3211 or 224-4000. Straight shooter Country singer Marty Robbins still gets a kick out of entertaining, after 30 years at it. Details: 1C. price 25 cents REGISTER PHOTO BY DAVE PETERSON not say was whether they believed "the boy" was dead or alive. Meyer and West Des Moines Police Chief Orval Cooney said Monday afternoon they have no indications the boy was kidnapped. But, they said, they have no evidence that he simply ran away. Seen Talking to Man . Gosch was seen by another paperboy talking to someone in the distance shortly before he vanished Sunday. The other carrier told authorities a man wearing a baseball style cap bad driven by in a blue car and asked each boy in a separate conversation for directions to the same location. Police say they are looking for the car, which bore Warren County license plates, and its driver, but they said Monday they weren't considering him a suspect. Meanwhile, authorities told searchers to keep their eyes peeled for a yellow newspaper bag, the mystery man's baseball cap, or the black sandals with blue straps, the white T-shirt or blue shorts the boy was wearing. "If you find something, just freeze," a search organizer told a crew of volunteers that ranged from children to the elderly. Most wore heavy pants and long-sleeved shirts to combat the nettles, bugs and brush. As volunteers finished searching one area, they trooped back to the West Des Moines police station and were dispatched to another area. Boy Scouts, volunteer firefighters, off-duty and reserve police, officials from the American Red Cross and state Disaster Services office, relatives of the boy, friends, neighbors and citizens hunted for Gosch. Jack Crandall, head of the disaster office, said the search was concentrated in West Des Moines, Give, Dallas County and Warren County. Ham radio operator Larry Kebel volunteered to assist officials in com- BOY Please turn to Page 4A THE WEATHER! Partly cloudy north today, mostly-cloudy south. Highs today in 70s.. Mostly cloudy southeast, clear to: partly cloudy tonight. Lows in mid-50s to 60. Sunrise: 6:46; sunset:. 7:38. Details: Page 4C. CwvrMM WW (USPS 154-70) Dm MeMe Rethter Mi Tribune Armed Poles threaten to kill diplomats Anti-communist band seizes embassy in Bern BERN, SWITZERLAND (AP) A band of anti-communist revolutionaries seized the Polish Embassy here Monday and threatened to -"blow away this shack and everyone in it" unless martial law is lifted in Poland. Police opened telephone negotiations late Monday with the anti-communists, who claimed to be heavily armed. Ulrich Hubacher of the Swiss Justice and Police Ministry said the raiders had not backed off their demands, which also include the release of all political internees in Poland. But "I would not say it's a standstill," he said. After nearly 16 hours, the attackers released a pregnant woman hostage. She appeared to be unharmed. "It's progress on the human level," Hubacher said. He also said 13 hostages had been taken, 12 embassy workers and one person who had been visiting. . The leader of the terrorists, who identified himself as Col. Wysocki of the Polish Revolutionary Home Army, told the Associated Press in a telephone interview that his group had arms and 55 pounds of dynamite. He said they would blow up the embassy, with themselves and the hostages inside, if the Polish government does not meet their demands within 48 hours midmorning Wednesday. Talk from Embassy Wysocki refused to say how many people were in his group. Hubacher said there were "at least two, probably more." In a telephone interview later with BBC-TV, one of the raiders said Ihere were 13 revolutionaries in the embassy. Hubacher said a Polish-speaking representative of the 24-member national crisis team handling the takeover had two lengthy telephone conversations with the raiders. He characterized them as "certainly serious." He said the crisis team arranged the woman hostage's release. Wysocki said his group was not connected with the suspended Polish labor union Solidarity. Exiled Solidarity spokesmen in Western Europe said they had never heard of the group, and Hubacher said, "We have no indication whatsoever about any liaison with Solidarity and the terrorists." The Polish Foreign Ministry refused to comment on the gunmen's demands, saying only that the Bern embassy was seized and that its chief diplomatic officer, Charge d' Affaires Stanislaw Dobrowolski, was in Poland on vacation. Solidarity Blamed But Polish news outlets gave extensive coverage to the occupation, which is believed to be the first terrorist attack on foreign soil against the martial law regime, and launched a propaganda barrage against Solidarity "extremists." . Warsaw television blamed the EMBASSY Pleose turn to Page 2A 2 die; plane falls near Albion Tim Regular' i lewa Newt Servtce ALBION, IA. Two people were killed Monday night when their light plane crashed near Albion. Marshall County Sheriff's deputies would not reveal the names of the victims of the plane crash although it was believed the victims were a man and a woman. The crash occurred about 7:58 p.m The cause of the crash is under investigation, authorities said. Details of the crash were not available late Monday night. The bodies of the victims were taken to the Purcell-Davis Funeral Home in Marshalltown, according to the spokesman at the funeral home. I Albion ? 1 DES MOINES f A Miln 300 j i .

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