The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1939 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1939
Page 11
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THUBSDAY; JULY 13, 1939 BI/nHEVU,UyAjfK t M^UEU NEWS ttky^i*^ /»J''"^.'^i«- r CUSSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily, rato p«r line for consocu- Uv«. Insertion*:. .••,.• Dn« time per line'. .too Two.ttaas p*r line, per day....We Three times per Itae per day...06c Ux times pec' line per day... .05* Month rat* per Hue :60c Cards of Thanks,., .....50c & 76o Minimum, charge 606 Ads ordered for three or six titaes arid stopped before expiration chtrged for the-'num- wr of times the add appeared »nd adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy WbmtttecT by persons residing outside-of the: city must-be accompanied by .cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Adyer.Using, ordered for Irregular insertions; takes the one time. rate. No» responsibility, will' be taken for more tfcari .one'. Incorrect Insertion of any; classified ad. For Rent 3 room .modern, .furnished, apartment. Mrs. Henley, 1315 W. Main'. .. . . . 13-ck-lf 5 room," bouse 906 "Ash Street. J. I,. McDowell, phone 19-F-21. ' :.!. ' ! -13-ck-lti FOR RENT— Two furnished rooms, .3iX> S. Division. Mrs. J. .E, Lawrence.: ;. v -.....• li-pR-is t-'ioom furnished apartment. Miss Etise Moore.' Call 227 : J. 1013 W. Walnut. ' ll-ck-U 2 'room Furn. Apt. Also bedrooms. • Ptione 385. 102 W. Davis. 1-ck-H Zjlarge, cool bedrooms, newly decorated. Mrs. • Emma Noten, 310 Walnut.:. ..'..•.:. ' 26-ck-tf Cool, south bedroom, convenient to bath. 611 W. Main. Call 280. ! ..' •' ."•' • • . . ' . .' 21-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Wdtiiuti 102.-'' ' ' . • 15-ck r ll' 1 -or 3 room furnished apartment. Newly, .decorated. 9li llearn. : -;. . , 3-pk-1-3 Modern 3'room unfurnished, apart' merit, Main and Second. P. Simon, phone .764. .."..;- , , / 3-pk-tf Office rooms. Sudbury Building. See ' Graham; Sudbury. . 27tf .For Sale 2[Wheel..boat v trailer .with or .without sideboards. Also 12-Eavige Stevens pump gun. 112'E. Clierry"'•'•'• '' 12-ck-15 Grist ' smith. "sKo^J ^equipment. Reason ably 'priced. O. E. Frazer, Hermondale, Mo.'. Red. Duroc brood sow with eight pigs. Charlie '-Brogtton, North Ftanklin. . . . ,. . . " 10-ck-tf Gold, fish minnows. Dav and night. , E. L. Keith, 416 No. 6lh. ' ' " 213:>E, Kentucky, 4; rooms : with •bath. 'Newly- papered and painted^ $200 down jiayment, reiiiainder to include principal, interest, iii- lurahc'e and..t»ws, payable monthly like rent. Ha^ey Morris; phone 128 or 506 . .; 24-cfc-7-24 My Stucco home and 2: acres. Has 5' rooms and bath. Blocked hardwood floors. Phone - 252 or 347. Paul Byrnm. ,...'.. 23-ck-tf 700 dozen used fruit Jars, any size. : Save money. Al'vtn Hardy, 312 E: Main.. " . " ' ' H-ck-7-17 Cans for; Jug Fishing complete -with' 1 straps. Guaranteed -wont leak. 7V4 cents each. Raymond Brooks;- Steele, Mo. ,9-pk7-9 Dairy F»tl»fsc!ory" quality and service In (Dairy products. Cattle free oi Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Ix>wer». 902-J. for Hafeeli's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream. Country Bullet, Buttermilk, "extra or holiday ordert Inspection encouraged anytime. BafceQi Dairy . Promised Land. 2 . Ice ICE-ICE PHone107 JOHN BUCHANAN ; ; ; ;- Notice Fishine License 'CONVENIENCE, wr. ARE PREPARED TO ISSUE VOUR flSHING LICENSE AT OtR STORK i SHQUSE-HENRY /. HARDWARE CO. ' • ..; ,- Pbone 35 Minnows For Sale Minnows and ffehlng ones. 300 E. Main. phoB» 800. O. O. Hawks. 24-ck r 7-24 OoWflsh Mtmx>«». KINNOWS * COCK ROACHES .Carl Dunon.i Cor. tUllrotd * &i. For Sale or Trade Suburban grocery and market for sale or trade. Wei) located, established business, Write Box "P", c/o Courier News. 28-ck-lf Notice .Upholslcilng and Refinlshlng. M.-.TomUn, 2H B, First 6-cM-G Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING iic and henry w specially. •-.-. Barksdale Mfg. Go. Drag Hiic and henry welding a specially. rh«ne 19 or Res. Ittta Personal Jean Horace Musgrave lire warned to nppenr In tho Chancery Court for Uie Chiclcasawba District of Mississippi.County, Arkansas,'within thirty days from this date, and answer a complaint filed against (hem therein by. Homo Owners') Loan Corporation. -' Dated Ilils 5th day'of July, 1939, HARVEV MORRIS, Clerk. By Elizabeth Blylhe, Deputy, Reid anct Evrard. , 6-13-20-21 Attorneys for l>)amll(t. LIQUOR PERMIT Notice Is-hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the I Stale of Arkansas has Issued ft permit to Stcvmrt-Roblnson Drug Co, to sell nnd dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described ns 220 East Main- St., Blythevllle,'• Arkansas. , This permit issued on the 1st! day of July, 1039, and expires on ' Hie 30th day of June 1040. HARVEST STEWABT. MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. Now Ostrex Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster liwlgoralors and other stimulants. 73 year old. doctor says, "I take Ostrex myself." $1.00. am, special today 89c. If not delighted, maker refunds this price. Call, write Kirby Bros. Ding Store. Arotue Sluggish Mver. work off the bile, to rid yourself of constl- oatlon, gas pains and that soury junk fecHiig, Take pae box oi . KIRBY'S ACTIVE LIVER ''Tins 25c at all Kirby Stores. Room and Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable :rates..803 W. Ash. Phone 9W _^__;._>' •-'• 22-ck-tf Washing, Ironing Expert wasliing and ironing. Cheap' • Rough ; dry and finish. 6 quilts $1.00. One day service. Willie Bell Green, tehlud city Ice Plant, — ' "' ' 7-pfc-8-7 Lost Black-cocker- si>anlcl DUPDV.. .Three ""mojiihs old. Reward. Call-545J: Tr - I Styles of-rop«sa;s Chanjc PASADENA, Cal. (UP)—Dr. Pnul .Popenoe, .head of the Pasadena Family Relations Institute, has ascertained that marriage •: proposals are changing.'.-In -the first place, he said, it is rare that mar- rage proposals are over; made now.' in the home; hi the second place they are. made 'more frequently away from'the homo, and'in the third place, they are frequently taken frivolously. BUILDING PERMIT Nctlcc is hereby given lluil «]>- plication has been made for a permit to erect u one story 34x40 wood building on Lois one mid two of Block 32 of the Blythc Addition to tho City of Blylhevlllc, Arkansas for use ns a cufe, by W. L. Folkes, at 809 Soulh Franklin. Permit for the erection of sntd building will be issuedl lliirty days from date herecf., unless protest Is filed as provided by low. -Dated this July 6, 1933. JOE CARNEY, 6-13-20-27 City Engineer. World Autoists Urged To Seek Code Of Road MONTREAL'.'.(OP)—A "code of (lie road" similar to the "code of the sea," which .would be rccoc- nlzeri by all motorists, may be In effect one day throughout the world,•. Count Do Lndckcikc Beaufort, vice-president q'f lhe : Inlcma- tional'Automobile Association, said In a a Interview here. Count Beaufort, who is also vice- president of the Automobile Club of France..was one'of the 15 delegates .from Europe who ' attended the annual convention of ihe International Association In Washington at' "the • beginning of the month. Forty-two countries were represented, .' Including delegates from Germany mid" Italy. Central idea of the convention, | the Coiml said, was to extend trn- .velliiB . facilities' for motorists throughout the wbfiri. Much had already been.done in cutting away of red'tape for' motorists'crossing borders, and now the-'association hopes to establish an international code of the road. -"We have a code of the sea thnl is recognized by iill mariners," lie said, "and one'day \vc hope to have a similar code ot the road." The Count said that the old Roman idea of building roads for conquest is being replaced by the conception of the -world's "hlgli- .ways, showing the way lo Inter national peace'.:..-.; ;••• ^ Lewis Prized Muzzle Loader Bequeathed to Friend HA u PAX, N, s, (Ui'ji-To oicn CSiirtcr, of piielii'c City,- has »ouc n« old doiiWc-lmiTcllcd, inii'ale- loadlu'e sholcun, described" n.i '"Die best, Hie (niesl Bun 1 ever Bliot," by IMnipl M. owon, K. o,, for more tliiin « years u lender in tlio Nova Scotln Uar. Owen's will was .entered Inlo pvohiUo Iwo dnys iilti'r hb dentil. lic.sWo.s the -gnu, die prominent nltomcy willed n i|iwnllly of olhcv siwllnj; cinilimient to Ills Oucbeo frk'iid. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Guiiranleed H«sl I»rit«i Kirby Drug Stores —PRESCRIPTIONS—- Sitfc - - Accnr'aio Your l'rc6crl|)llon Fowler Drug Co. l'h»D« I4J fqll Into n deep well 'with' /Ive foot of w\(ct at f tho bottom, a cow iltmdlng ncmby made hUch iiiilkb llu^ they nttmclctl the al- i J. L. GUARD Optometrist Oplomc- NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For 1'rompt Laundry and Clowning Servict FOR-i- SAFETY'S SAKE! HEAD THIS AD See us and wvc! Save caj SA\O trouble! Before jrohin o« your vacation or taking mod* Irljis, let ut check the follow Danger Points Cooling S.vstcjn • anil 1'an Belt (icncnitar, Hattery, Electrical UNDERWATER BOAT Previ&us HORIZONTAL 1 Underwater . navy boat pictured here. 9 It can be operated at varying s. 14 Covered with an apron. 15 To acquire. 17 To harden. 18 Persian water wheel. 20 Custom. 21 To scatter. 22 Picks out. 24 Head covering 44 Ancient sun 26 Right. god. 27 To cut grass. 28 Form o£ "be. 1 30 Forward. 31 Taxi. '32 Tube cover. 34 Every thing that grows. 35 Jest. 36 Lubricant. 38 Building site. 39 Pound. 41 Compass point. 42 Measure of area. 43 Postscript. 46It is an ' boat. - .52 Exclamation. 53 Incarnation of Vishnu. .. 55 Insisted upon. 56 Formerly. ^58 Wrongdoings. «0 Driving command, 61 Angry. 62 It is used to fire —— CB or shells. .'•• 63 It is a means 1 of .war'-—-.. / VERTICAL 1 South America. 2 To overturn. . 3 Trained. 4 Witticism. 5.Form of "a.' 6To renovate. „„ 7 Heathen o>ity 51 Irfant, 8 Poem. . 52 Grain food. 9To avail, 10 Small shield. 11A shove. -. 12 Gratification. 13 Pronoun. l&Rodcnt. 21 It-can 'underwater, 22 To weep. 23 Mernbrajious ' bag. 23 It has a conning -^~ (p!.). 27Mornini ; prayer. 29 Officer's lille, 31 Blood money. >33.Skillet. 37Lioh. 38 Lacquer substance. 40 Well "done! 43 Pillars. 45 Mohammedan title. 47 Cubic (abbr.). 48 Hence. 49 Era. 50 Want. 53 To rot flax. 54 High mountain. 56 Sooner than. 57 Golf term. 59 Southeast. 19 Musical note. 61 Provided. Wanted A fresh meats salesman for the cjty of Blythevllle. arid also iiir- 'tcuriding towns. When^writing state age and experience, and whether or not you have a small truck. Address your reply lo, P. o. Box 403, jonesboro, Arkansas. 13-ck-ll Urakcs, Brake Pedal & Clutch Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms VVstonisIiing how -\ve've iirogrrsscd, uin'l Sle«ritig Gear, Wheel Alignment nk'rinil licmorrliodit that do not 'prolruda nvc oftentimes nil llliislre iilliiicnt since Ihcy me usually not iwlntul They nro rmiiiriitly llic.bnslc cnmc of much icdOK bome of (he most canuuou cundltlqns Hint nrc cnuscd mom 31- less directly by Intcrnni Hemorrhoids ns well i»r, other rcclnl pathology nrc: lii K h Wood pressure. dlBcstlvc (llslinb- iiiices, extreme nervousness, dull low-bucknche, buck of ndic, Insoinnin fKlcciilcssncss) nnd cousUiinllon. It Is folly nnd dangerous lo clofer or neglect uxnmlnit- and (rcntmcnl.lhnl will relieve um! cure lhi» nllmeut. Weather Nan In Hie Kalti GREEN BAY, WIs. (UI'l—_.,. Robinson, weather bureau assist- ant licrc, Iiixa rctumcd from nn eight-day vacation, u mined seven of lliu ellit 1 days. I)iflfcrcnlinl and Transmission Now Located at ,101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU PHILLIPS MOTOR! CO. DON EDWAHDS, All Makes (if Rebuilt Typewriters, Ai(dlii K Machlnei mid Calculators— llcpalrlnB—l'arls—lilbbuns Drs. Mies & Nies Diythcvlllc, Ark. Clinic 614 Miiln They Kxvccdctl 'Orders i BY FRED HAKMAN Pt-EN'IY RTDER/ VslAY OFF 0UTITOLD MY MEN— NO KILLINGS'1JU6T WANT .. . YOU Ct-IMQ ACOvE 9Wt>£«. "IVUM" STICK OF SMOKe'C-i OUT,- jfjgK ol<A-/,eoss/ PtR6UA.t)Et) |l£R- FATV16R. to STOP THE p&rtf I'MCOPR \WM HEAStftvlCE.'NC T.M REG ALLEY*OOP More.Than lIc-.Kareiiincil. V BY,V. T. HAiMLIA ALL MY LIF£ I'VE WAWTED A HEV-'SIDDOkVM, YOJ SAP.' WHA7CHA MUFFM^CHAKlCE PLJLLMEOMEUP BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES V_\"\XV£ OKit ^O 60 «.«<£. ".^,O\ We. 60 ,TOO> VAST! TTJBBS Knnugh Akne BY ROY CRANfa SQUEEGE IS THE MAKE... NOSTIMER «qu£E6E, THE WVEL1ST. CAME HCRE TO OATHER MATERIAL FOR K\V MEW MOW, PRECIOUS, VOU'RE ALWAV6 ^USPICIOMiMO MAVBE HE VIRITES HIS HOVELS WTH tHAT AUTOMATIC THAT WAS /STICKIU6 OUT QF HIS •t- •SIDE POCKET, HEV? WHERE WOULD WE BE 1U THE HOTEL WE MO PIACE — THAT5 WHEBE WED BE! THERE WOULBU T OF BE EM A CJE " '•*— ., V \--^^^ -^V"*t«*l «^ OCTV£n\, on .tOOKIU' 6UESTS VOU? .AND HIS 'FRIENDS The Lessor of Tiv.o Kvils? '• BY 8IERRILL BLOSSEK LUCK ? Vau GET AWV FOOD ? NO S&LE' He SWD MB HAD A COW THW SOJNDED Oust AS PSETTY AN 6 GAVE MILK BESIDES ' BUT HE ©AVB THIS SPNACH I

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