The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1949
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JULY 7, 1949 BLYTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN "Publick House Food Still Tops Lobster Pi* Leads A* Colonial Treat, Popular Since 1771 Still feeling patriotic? Then try a dish made famous by the "Publick House" in SUtrbiidge, Mass., noted gAor New England food. •M The "Publick House," a colonial nnn, built in 1771, is run by Richard P. Treadway, young ex-soldier, and his wife. They have succeeded in proving that old^lime plain American dishes can be gala and unbelievably good to eat. Bui let's talk about the Treadway's lobster pie. The topping has crushed potato chips in it—and the lobster U kept trappy and succulent with cream, CBS yolks and butter. Here is the recipe as given exclusively to readers of this column: Pub I Ic L House Lobster Pie (2 individual pits) Two tablespoons butter, ' i i sherry (if de sired 1. 1 cup well- packed lobster meat, 3 tablespoon:butter, 1 tablespoon flour, >i cup Uiin cream, 2 egg yolks. Melt 2 tablespoons butter. Arit sherry. If desired. Boil i minute Add lobster and let stand. Melt '. tablespoons butter. Ario 1 flour. Sti: until .'ft bubbles one minute. Re move from heat. Slowly stir ir cream and wine drained from lov sier. Return to heat and cook stHiring all the time until thi sauce is smooth and thick. Removi from heat. Beat egg yolks -veil Stir into yolks 4 tablespoons o sauce, L tablespoon at a time. Adi to sauce- mixing well. Heat over hot water. Wate should not be allowed to get ho enough to boil. If it does, sauc uay curdle. Sauce should be stir ^-d constantly while heating; 'take about three Remove frot heat. Add lobster. Turn into in dividual casseroles or small dee pie plate. Sprinkle with topping Bake in slow oven 1300 degrees F, for 10 minutes, Lobster PEe Topping: One-quarter cup cracker mea 1 tablespoon finely crushed potato chips, *i teaspoon paprika, l 1 ^ teaspoons Parmesan cheese, 2 tablespoons melted butter. Mix first four ingredients. Arid melted butter and blend well. Sprinkle on lobster pie. Serve Tropical Sea Food Salad With Fruits Plentiful in July SEA-FOOD SALAD—Served Irs chilled pineapple shell*; an ideal Pineapples are .still plentiful. Pish, both fi-csh and frozen. Is on the list of July plentifiils. And the weather is hot—so that A\\ ends to serving this beautiful new seafood .salad: Tropical .Fis'- SalaH (Serve as main dish for 2 or side dish fur 4) Two larRC pinapplcs, 1 small can shrimp or l ? cup fresh-cook eel shrimp, l cup cooked flaked fish, cup diced cucumber, 'i cup diced celery, 1 tablespoon Rrated horseradish, 3 tahlespooas mayonnaise, Slice tops off pinnpples, Remove pineapple pulp and save to use for dessert another day. ! all ingredients and pile into hollowed-out pineapples, Here are other delicious fish sal- ad.s, ideal for warm-weather meals: Molded Sea Food Salad (Serves 4) One tablespoon unflavored gelatin, 2 tablespoons co!d water, cup boiled salad dressing, 2 cups flaked, cooked fish fillets, u cup diced celery. 1 pimiento, minced lettuce, thinly sliced cucumber sour cream, salt, paprika. Soften gelatin in cold water then dissolve over boiling water and add to dressing. Fold In fish celery and pi mien Lo. Turn into previously wet mold, chill, unniolc and garnish with lettuce cups fillet with thinly sliced cucumber blend ed with seasoned sour cream (Tuna fish or salmon may also be ' used for this salad.) I Flaked Fish Salad | (Serves 6) ' Two cup.s flaked fish (cooked or nned J, *•• cup mayonnaise or alad dressing, 'a cup celery, diced, : cup peas (cooked or canned), 2 ablcspoons .sweet pickle, chopped, tablespoons onion, chopped, 3 inrd-cooked eggs, diced, lettuce. Combine all ingredients except he lettuce, being careful not to >reak the fish into loo-small pieces. Serve on lettuce cups, and garnish nth sliced eggs. Chicken Every Sunday Dulls Hearty Appetites Chicken every Sunday—if you like. But vary that tender theme. Monotony can dull the holiday Bppetile. Paprika Chicken (SftMM 5-6) One and three-quarter pounds chicken, jointed, 3 tablespoons fat, 1 teaspoon salt, ^4 teaspoon pep- par, 'A teaspoon leaf thyme, \y (raspoon onion Mlt. 1 teaspoon paprika. 1 cups chicken stock, 2 tablespoon* flour, 3 tablespoons Sunday's Meal "Re-arranged" Monday Treat A pot fir Sunday, wit); left- ovens for Monday, is a thrifty idea —especially when it lasies sood and makes everyone happy. Here are two recipes for that Sunday-Monday pot ThriUy Pot Roast \Vilh Car»HAT Sauerltraul Four pounds pot 1 onion, 2 tablespoons fat, 2 tea.spuotis poultry seasonmg, 1-2 teaspoon celery salt, 1 -"2 teaspoon onion sail, 1 -8 icaspoon pepper tor to* laste), 2 small bay leave.s, 3 cups canned ! .^iiiterkraut, 1 1-2 cups diced apple,' 1-2 cup water, 1-2 cup saitei'kraul juite. drained from cai\, 1-2 teaspoon caraway seed. Brown pot roast with onion in fat. Season all surfaces of pot with poultry seasoning, celery and onion salt and pepper. Add 1-2 cup water and bay leave.s, crushed, and cover t i 5 h t ly. Cook over low hea t about 3 hours or until meat LS lender. Remove meat and make gravy of liquid in pan. Mix sauerkraut, apple, sauerkraut juice and caraway seed. Place in heavy frying pan, cover and stunner slowly 15 to 20 minutes. Serve with uot roust. Scivcs .--pproximately 8 people, If serving 4, the balance of the meat wiit make enough for another Try serving tomato beef curry the second day. Tnnmin B**ef Curry (Serves 4) One cup beef gravy, 1 cup canned tomato sauce, 1 teaspoon curry powder (more if desired), 2 cups Food Keeps Better If Stored Right; Taste Improved Keeping (he temperature Inside the refrigerator Just right is especially important during the summer months, roods s|x>U more quickly or lose flavor If the tem- pctiure is too high or too low. To check the positions of the cold controls of the refrigerator 'and home freezer, too) it's wise lo use a portable refrigerator thermometer. One reliable model Ls made of while enameled metal with chrome trim. Small and compact, this thermometer takes up little shelf spate because it either huns-s from, lands on, the refrigerator shelf. [lie temperature scale ranges from 25 degrees below zero lo 85 degrees *, and is printed on a clock-like 'nee which also has a guide show- IIR temperature ranges for the sate itorage of foods. Fresh pork always must be c<*iked in til well done to rule out the possibility of trichinosis infect Jon. To be certain that fresh pork roasl.s and hams are thoroughly cooked, it ,s lo rely on an accurate meat thermometer to indicate the internal temperature of trie meat. A new meat thermometer made of stainless slcl with n pointed non- breakable .stem has .several advantages. The sharp stem can he pushed easily into the thickest pvvvl of the roast without danger of breaking or chipping;. It ban a clock-like dial which Is easy to read, and tells at a glance when the pork * cooked to the safe well-done Uge, The dial it also marked to show Use decree of "" ol beef, lamb and veal. cold water, *z cup sour cream. Make stock by boiling "piblct and neck. Clean and wash 'chlckcr Dry. Melt fat in frying pan. Adi chicken and brown lightly. Sprinkle with seasonings. Pour stock over chicken. Cover. Bake in moderate oven (353 degrees TM for 1 to Pi hours or until tender- Place chicken on serving nlatter and _ keep warm. Mix flour and water to paste. Stir into gravy in pan. Cook until thickened, .stirring constantly. Add sour cream and bring to «. boll. Pour over chicken. Copped giblets may be added to gravy if desired. Courtesy Plus Touring smith on v«cilion i eoupk were so favorably impressed with the friendliness and courtesy of a KrORCr store checker in Nashville, Term., that they took Unit oul to wrin the local newspaper editor about it, He published the letter *-htch ended — "\Ve hope to meet many more like her on our tour." Friendliness and courtesy »re a p»rt ot Uw Kroger tradition. ^ SHOW ej AT «c TO $AVS I YOU moit.., WBETTiS USS" TUNA BUTCH for a meal that's a money-saver Mayrose SALAD DRESSING Kroger or Miracle Whip frankfurt quails Pickle Pimento Macaroni Cheese Calif, Sweef Juicy Seedless BAK. POWDER 2 - Clabber Girl. SARDINES 5 S-* American. TOMATOES 4«~49r Argo. WHITE CORN 5 ~ 49< Standard Cream Style. PICKLES 2,., 49* American Sour or Dill. PORK & BEANS 5~ 49< Royal Gem. OSCAR MAYER ~ 49< Barbecue Pork, Beef, and Wciners. EAGLE BRAND 2 ^ 49c Sweetened Condensed Milk. TOMATO c " iuf 4 '£' 49< Kroger Rich tongy. ICED TEA «" 49< Kroger Special Blend. PICNICS ib43c Lh. 62 52 C St. Louis Independent Packing Company PACKII! O* "'GMfST QUA Premium Smoked—6 to 8 Ib. Average RIB ROAST I'.S. Graded fimid or (.'hoice PORK LOIN ROAST 7 Rib Cut SLICED BACON S M Ih 55 Ciidahv's Wicklow, I.h. I7c SALT MEAT Slreak O' Lean CANTALOUPES Mne-Kipe (Juaranteeri Sweet GRAPES Fancy California S««dlcsft PEACHES Kancv Table Quality Freestone LIMES Juicy Fresh Persian , h 25 C , h 29 C 2,. 29 C ,*. 19 C Re«d Courier News Want Ads, Fort Worth Agrees With New Orleans 'I,ike Itomcnuikcis everywhere," wiv Mrs, W. W. Mays. TO) Freddie Si. For I Worth, "I've found Hie atiswc to hiiiilitcr washes. It's New Toi Soap! And, for dishwashing loo, it's a re») hand-saver. l j erk kec]>s mine l>e:iulifiillv soft —leaves a nke fr:i- jjrntu'e aix>iit everything!" ^' hpd, just as Mrs, Mnys did, thai IVi k gives you dyxxliti^ \v:tsites . . . sparkling dishes , . , siuoolli liatids. And. I'crk KIVOS you itne-tliinl on soap-{\YA[ itu-aits I'crk adds nannies Co NCHII piyyy bank. Clcl Perk loclay aud set'' KILL ROACHES tats, Sijverfisk, .<~, aiy.Mse<ti<ide yw htvt mr mtt OR YOW MONEY IAO1 GET COOK-KILL AT YOUR FAVOtTO STOtl diced leftover pot roust, cooked . rice, chutney. | Combine Riavy, tomato sauce and curry powder. Add meat and heat thoroughly. Serve over cooked rice , with chutney as a side relish. [ fr ftys to Sfap at LllttrBll'S Not only on .special week-end grocery values, but, day-iii and (lay-out, you'll discover UuiL for i|iuilily mid price l.ultrcU's Fine Foods will save you money. And, if you prefer not to .shop yourself, he assured Hint we will give your telephone order our very particular atlcnlion. S' GOODS Hawaiian Sliced PINEAPPLE SEXTON ALLGREEN LIMA BEANS No. 2 can 25c No. Car , 35' Rush's HOMINY . 2 3 No. 2 Cans Hunt's TOMftTO SAUCE 4 ,, r 25' Adams, <1(i O/.. C'nn ORANGE JUICE 39 Delirious Wisconsin HOOP CHEESE 42 Krev Mello Rrand SLICED BACON 39 Delicious, Young FRYERS ,,,59 Tender, Fat HENS T,b. 49' CWH! for Seasoning HAM HOCKS Ih 39 e liri.skol Crisp Fresh Sunshine CRACKERS Large Si/.e llox BISQUICK BEEF ROAST Ib 39' 25 C I'ure Cane SUGAR 5, 1)S 45 Tasiv SHOKSTIUM; POTATOES 2 c. n . 23' f-'ii)/.en Old South ORANGE JUICE 3 ,, 69 Red Robe TOMATOES I.h. 12 Kresh CROWDER PEAS .i.i>. 10 Fresh CORN ON COB Fresh Yellow SQUASH ? R l * Kor v ,„ 10 3 Ibs. $1.19 Try this flavorsonie. Economical coffee. . , ground frcsli just «s you like it. This Week Try Luttrell's Fine Foods LUTTRELL'S FINE FOODS On th« Corner of 6tk & Chickasawba PKon. 2003

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