The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1930
Page 8
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K 'RIGHT ]Jett-er Deuiaud for Products of ? -South Predict WASHINGTON, Ucc. lUJ 3 )—i JS> ' JSNAM' Kl .of OQ".improved domestic .tuid for-|. A t»S i;Me^'.'j j-eiMeni £ljgn 4$mund for tiieV woduc'.s - u ''.^ !a '"^, i '',,.' a | : *' ' hps p.rfxiictcxi In 1'ji outlook '• w ; ! |' t ' ;|1 1! '0!U!n(5. jjra"U'-< mr. luwij cj.iy^fji tf tilt c,:i ;•. The- cr«Ut owloak." livmevw.' ap-; J8 }'!- V "' 0 !f. l ' ; " 1 w . i: "° ' ^tis less "ieyoteble tht-.n a >*•>!•; - 1fc ,- VJ "'. "° *'' il ' !1 t! _Sgp. .tUtliotigb QK report £ am- j l '<^ vnt * ™ V l ". J> ''" J '- .declines owing '.-J t!:e. ciu 1:; ; '* U^eOtir^ trie . 3e depression reduced t-'<" income 9! wniUicro cottui KW.-.ISI ;" ;l ' "««'>' f-'t- '.".moii: .CM.isldtfaWy iu J930. World cosi--;^*" ; -'"| l! "i'' ''•» IMS.II.JI-. ;r. .-sumption gj cy'.'.yo \vas «tl t»-j, ~'' : i:; ' J ~'- ^" «mru.-d up ; bates rroai the >w.r eerlierJ"•;;;'" "..P" 1 ".' 1 ' 1 .. 4 :' 1 "''!"! o^iiidf! i \ v 1 : t Jt:^\ yici tiult'k Jit. iJO:r-'J''jN. P UI J I—Kvlai; •.;•• cuu fayvt ut-.f ^-r 'jj.iit 1:; c-jsl CV.l pti 'ji'.'it lii li'ju 1 oj <?:u;:l'jv : wrfip^-'i; ;myfr t;:id (wine, ^ct'j:d luc ty fc eiinv/ inudt J'l «-VB:I tyj)- ! iciO U'j.-'.u.'j it-tall dcjftirtuitai s',u: IlC'ad Cuurltu 1 News Want Ad- ) »-»s about 1.803.0-jl' • -. : " ri IJi l ' 1 *' RITZ THHATHE Salnrday Only .csuryovw wili: iiie turn-r.i r U:e JMO-S! t't-v.-i J.c*a <>[ about 20.7C MOO.OOO bale* .ocitton screige )ias iwrej.sfd j!#uy sto.ce tlje >*r. c/ojjs \va$ conisined I)J '!)& .' Supply of .theie cou:uio4iilt-«, iit.s 1 w lat«J)' key', stotlUy aiietid of l::e a , it h ytiii'.v'.ii'.y iuipoiU! limn a y(-;;r }'•''" •«*•»':»! '.'.f'. l.'w tn I. „,,,. ! fiicultituig tl all l!wti. | tl'j'-ort ,vjy.i.dvi)s Uiii Okt-.- Tw«e /« Tonight] >x *.» i,v i t^rf. r 6:45 ! C.S.T. ! | French Parents Lose i f .nd ul? 'uiiu Fight for Home Lunches i^j/^^'j;,'^ ^ b<>s >' '•*' lllln 'H-t«ti e£ !;kc !XsU:ns. uud c ar.d tl'.c vtraus Ijoariji !> JubrJc'jjn is to!d a;; tucidi-nJy tt fyr ,1 »'« tiowl authorttics 011 Uie 'jue^ion | ilJt , ti ',,,"' ta) . ; rwwtlv pasitd a re-• a " cu ' 1 , )l fgiajidJiij; iliat tl:ti .^.^ ,.,,,^,. tiiat the .cWldrew owld ' «it ' a *i oart'cul^'t' i'.ojne. 'Hie authorities declared U;i-y! I, .,„,,, O^yld inX, <^iange Uit Hours Ix^au^?;^ ;. (v SOUK* should 8 Jast Uire« hours''iiij I" 101 '- "" UJaUw llow K'^J <•>»•• tjje »)6;«i/)g Bud three hoyis In! » ! ' a «S' may l». )nay rc.vjH In ^ t&e »flwiopfi. j t * rwas sV - w - KrencJi children have (o»^ lioui^.j Utiji; ito 1$ tavsd In rjj-.liinv g'.Jflg to class at 8:'iO and fii.ubuiaj lhrou;;h thv streeli. anyivay. at 4 p, pi. , i ' ' ' 1 In »|j|.lyiiw l!n> bruits, Uiu s-juie ,^ ma) . ,.,. Friendly Five N.B.C.CHAIN THRU W M C COME fN TOMORROW Intpcct lilt littit In IlitrMf f tho<!!. Fjfly ttyltt, <ll Jl»» dol!< Mnnn ! '' ul ' f tll '' l ' w '« moon i.,^.,, ,, vlu and Earth Will Crash. •«w r -"'^. --- , ' ; n;ak« tliould 1* applied In tlwrl h', (UP) -One day, In llie : "-'^'y Krks, rtlhcr than a ilna:c dim and dlilani future, (lie inooiii'-sid j;u:h of the jx;d!i!. At Ih wjJJ crai}) Into the earili, ta>-£ fiir!«nie tlni? ti:e clulrii thoijld i.v- jHiiiej Jeans, n-orld-famoos jjiall'?-.: »;3in engaged, ro liial tlv; me 1 .';' maticisn and astronomer. [will keen on pulling the car iin.J ! . We shall not bs there to see, Kiri'thi; auto is almost at :i standstill. Jaines ds\-lared 'in a radio uroid-; 'nu-n tiu- clutch can \K dlyjn- t-jsl, )?ut the r«.ult *lll Ix; Uiatjun-jcd snd the final to-.icli ajijjli^-j tnllltons of fragments will surround | to the- Ijrakt-i ivlth safely ths globs in Hngs like {Jalurn's; 11'; • • « will b« nioonllght all, nlsllt; andj Turning cornet] sliouhl Ije also l*opl« will'ig^nd their lime dcxlj-j <j 0 ,, e ^.^.j mi caulluu.'ily, fo'rln-re Ing liny (ailing moons. j a iso \ w ^ t ., e ( ] ani;er ot K y^t\ n .,. Sir Jsmw saw "In the Jar future! I{ Ihp car is close to Die curb a oor own inoon must (Heritably l>e : — ID GRAND LEADER fiuiyiL i HIM Friday and Saturday Zane Grey's new. novel .30 " EESE»aK&aStS3E3SS«KaEEa3^^ Guaranteed Fresh i* i 1 SrtiT ;;ntinin,.iy' iT ™;,,., i.»! -™»«»DW«WH»». < T | Rnr/?or T tirfi n«r p for safety and mew Its. I'.].. Thr»'jiWJ> ^" l>OF(l£F LGgl *-*' e - ' •--« * ft Il.<^ 1. Ill^yCiLl V/ , Sunday and Monday OIVEN TAPESTJiy AUBTIN, Tex,- (UP;—Chlnest courtesy has an Illiisttallou lie-re in i "r./ilVltll 'I^OWIl Uie Sill of.p OhincEp laiiestry Jus!! n recelyeij by-lhe-Ujiivorslty of Texas. It \s the donation of Miss Moliling M» who received uachelor o[ aru ^nd master of arts ijejrer-s here lust Jiujp. Sh? Ims rcUinifd tc rind Is leaching in '/ench- ing University, Head Courier News Wnnt Ads Laugh" Sec • ^-——• ^^ **. MI. «^^ W// Charlotte Greenwood 'So Long Letty' ^iS'ilh (ir«nt \VUheiH, I'atsy RuLli Miller mid .H=rt lloach. Listen, Look and I.iuixh at llio Hcrcuiirt riiiiniofil talking, j-in^injf t'iirci.-. Altio Comedica. Admission — Malincc and Ni^lit—10 and 2i>e. f'niiiinjr—Tiicsdiiy, t Wi-diiiis- d:iy & Tlun-Mlny — "I'AKA- MOUNT ON I'ARADK". An All Rtnr Cost. . \vilh Hclt'ii Twdvulrecs, Nick' Slum-l, Sally Slai 1 iiiul lien Turjiln. Starring Jack Holt, Richard Arlcn and Fay Wruy Also Lightning Express— No. 10 and Comedy. Admission—Matinee & 10 and 25c. FO'll ONE KISS from those lying lips, men turned traitor. In, her smik-- —betrayal! In her arras, Ijitler fruit of disgrace and ruin! with Warner Baxlei Myrna Loy Noah 'Beery Directed by Victor Flcin.iiig Also' Fables and Comedy. , Admission—Matinee—10-I'.Oc. Nilflil—TO and :55c. ^m £^K Ritz Theatre Sunday and Monday Ho llro l.aujjhn and Tlirllls «nii .r* Kentucky Small K££ S5.75 Kentucky Lump Sfi.25 jj | Zei^ler - - ^7.50 E^npire - - S9.?f> Montavallo Genuine 12.25 II BROWNE & BILUHGSH C Pl>oiui 7(5; (1 New Blytheville Feed S Coal Co. i PllOHC l<)fi A-pack of Thrills! A Million l-aughs! Tune in on "Re- jnote Control", it's an earful (and eyeful) of enterlain- inent. / ffifffftft/' ! . ' ' with CI;AI:I,KS KI\<; MAKY noiiA\ JOHN MIUA.N \ t :" J= **=>^ I'OLI.Y MOHAN •S^S!^^^ 1 J. C. N'C'Cl M' vfjcaq^jA'^nf-jgri ALlTA'.KlHi; Also "Our Gang" Comedy. "Teacher's Pel" and Ni-.-.> Admission—Matinee Only—Sinulny—Special School IVni- 1 to 7 Grades—lOc—V to 12 Grades—25c—Adult,- -10. Night—15 and -lOe Matinee—2 O'clock and -I o'clock—2 ComplcU- Sh-r-, -. Coming—Tuesday, Wednesday & 'rhursdav—Harold Liny. in "FRET FIRST". Coming—Fn'dny & Sntimby—Scr the World "in 1'iso "JUST IMAGINE", with Kl Kiviidi'l. '^VffKSK ga.f.'i-... -^—^^SasSB^fcfe! lar.d*. ^t^BBSSass^sa^gpsvygsgaagas.-*^ f No. 2i Can ^ Libbys Sliced = or Crashed SSI .Large Ones Each ^?ar^f??7f?^ Large Stalks tSSSSKi Bv jHlNrEa Malagas, poana ^^£l^J^lf=^^-L.g^J-^^^c J ^^t a ^^- ^ -^^{ = ^. I; ; ; .^g^-^TS U&wnc* fcand ^||^ 1 rJ^tftisi? Tender !b. ^-^- s BT " Ro, 1 Square HlSl^dsie, Con 3 .1-tb.Cal- unifit can irfft Sunshine Standard BKJ53gaBancfF^-iffa7zz^aig^- J ^>^.y^dasas32saas3 lO-lb. 1|| JLg g^inB.Rgi 1^ Golden ^ Yellow Large Size Sunset Sold It's Fine Coffee *?l la H ^&%l? 5-ib. Limit pound [HS^S32H^23KZSSrv2:-::T->T3rS5K3iS £ D R -M.b. <a .vsl Chuck irM^_ia-y,ajii*yfet] : Any Cut pound c ^O a ^B-Ti Wra- ill £.[£ r-^ \m m\\

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