The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1951
Page 11
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MONDAY, AUGUST «, 1951 BLTTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boording House with Moj. HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams PAGE ELEVEN . LONG f HA<J6 I /MV WORD.' -rAece TUeVAee RiveR/mey'Re PLOTTING No <-fT,Me SieEeTHtrt COM* PffAMCINS 6ACJ< WITH SOM6 g!6 FISH AMD ASK M6 IFa EVER. DID AMVAtJGF.ING— AND ' ' HAME TO #vJAP THEIR PICTURES.'; HAK-KAFF.'f X'1-L WAGER THeVTOOK ALL THe ' ••4 ./,. r-t ' QJOOK 1 AROUND^ycio'VE ' GOT COMPAMV = 1 TOLP HIM TO WATER THOSE\ SHRUBS, ANC? DON'T TELL. ME HE HAS IT SET AT THAT WAVE-LEMfiTH TO SAV6 THE . HOSE FROM BEING RUM OVER.--ITS TO HIDE THAT MESS HE'S TOO LAW TO , UNTANGLE/ *SPT • fiiswiEs. «^_ _ m&fiSK -TF3- ™ Sgiraa, irij*?"*' WHY MOTHER. Johnny made poor sradea ekt school, And olten had to_ sneeze, Now. he's eating Meyer'* Bread His grades are A's and B's! REPAIR SERVICE All appliances: refrigerAtori, frveien, ranges, and washers. Radios and smaiy appliance*. All oar work L* guaranteed. Adams A pAlianca Co. ^ Get the Best Car Service! AU Makes and Models! No matter what kind ol car you driv». .you'll save money by getting the personal service at T 1 Seay Motor Co We'll care tor vour car u you would yourself T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-M?HO«111 Dealer 111 (. Maim n»p> 21ZZ WILD WEST CHARITY STANDISH BY CHARLES JUDAH THE STORTi I. Kew Char] 17 StandE»k C«ll> IB lo . o»e« rncncrri to • cn I>OU K UM Krai. •••) ihcB f« * talt«> think*) when UfrtiR b (h* -proii" »r Annel. •,h«- i»art o\Tnrr ol ihr Fear *c lel «-xplnl»» thai flonc "***• BIT * «BJBbll»c 4rbi a • •A uium work It UBI, «ik«- run i.f fhiirllj. who pick. ^HunlUl, nntrri BtrAlxki *r r*nd drclde* 001 10 be m \»* U Koine to eflBiblv. Bat vny* Brvrr to play l»f oth TT was not hazard as George IV had known it, or Charles James •'ox, but it was Charity's version :nd Duke Rogers was satisfied, 'rom his point ol view the rules vere not important so long as it vas clear what constituted losing. As soon as she had resolved to iccept Angel's mocking invitation to try her luck at gambling, Charty had determined her course of liay. "Seven's my friend," Douglas lad declared: she would always :hoose seven as tier mam. That. ;he reminded Duke, made 11 her lick. He nodded and repeated patently: "Seven or 11 you win rabs you lose, anything else is a lew point/' "Chance," Charity reminded him ^weelly. and rolJed the dice. During the first hour or so the ;ystem worked only moderately well, though she did win a Little "You like seven, ma'am?" Chanty looked around. Beside 'her was the impertinent stranger who had interrupted her conversation with Angel. "Yes," she said shortly. He was persistent. "Always pick it?" "Yes," she admitted and turned the game. A few minutes later the dice rolled within his reach. He picked them up, "For luck." he explained and suit on them. "Disgusting," Charity told her;elf, as with obvious distaste, she etrieved the dice Then, running nto a phenomenal streak of gooa ortune sh« forgot both ner squeamishness ovei the polluted dice and the stranger. Not once did the aces or the deuce-ace, Ihe dreaded crabs, appear Only sevens. Emboldened by her luck she* ncreased the stakes. Duke Rogers smiled indulgently, even Angel nurmured encouragement. Her $400 grew to more than $1200. The other patrons abandoned -heir games to watch. It was exciting but nerve-racking, and to a StanriJsh from Ohio embarrassing. Charity resolved to end the Business. She shoved everything to the middle ol the table. Duke picked up the dice rattled tl'.c-m absent)?. "You nerve, ma'am." handed them back. said, as W7ITKOUT replying Charity threw. One cube turned up an ace. the other rolled lazily. "Six." Charity prayed. The dice stopped. It was a one. The stranger swore softly. Charity did not hear him. Duke swept away money and dice. She had been foolishly certain that she would win, Reluctantly she turned away from the table. "You won't quit on account of one bad throw, will you?" Duke asked. "I have nothing left with which to play." "I'll trust you." She hesitated. It was one thing to work as a chamber maid until she saved enough to get home, or, at worst until next quarter's come was due; it was another to get into debt. On the other hand, except for the last cast she had been very lucky. "For how much?" she asked. He shrugged. "Must have been around $2500 in there; ^ how about letting ,ride2" "But if 1 lost 1 couldn'1 pay.* "I'd be willing to wait, That \t you'd stay around here, where I'd know where to lind you." "Don't be a fool," the young man beside her said; and at the lame moment Angel laughed- This wns too much for Charity. Like most people she war foolish when she lost her temper. "Thank you. 1 can care for myself," she lold the strangei To Duke Roger.* she said: "Give me the dice. One roll for S2500." "What's your main?" "Seven." The stranger sighed, "First, jusi to make it took right. sign this," Duke suggested. He scribbled on a piece of papei which he shoved towa her. li was an acknowledgment of indebtedness for $2500. Rogers knew that :n court it was worthless, bui the girJ might not be so learneci in the law, m which case it woulo be a'useful adjunct to his courting After a moment's hesitation Charily signed, casting a defiant glance at the impertinent stranger as she did so. She saw that he was grinning, oul AngeJ. u'ht/ knew 1 him better, disregarded the Erin ana watched the cold gray eyes. OOCKHS gave Charily the dice She threw and shut her eyes She heard a sigh from the spec tutors crowding around the table She opened her eyes, and saw th' double ace, "Bagged." Duke Rogers tola himself exultantly ami bclorc picking up the dice wasted a precious second running a praclireo eye over Charity. As a consequence when he did reach oui 11 was too lale Another hand with quick strong fingers was before him. It scooped up the dice. Rogers controlled himself with difficulty. "What's"the idea?" he asked. The stranger held the cube; En the palm ot his hand, where he rolled them gently. "PU bet S1000 I can throw tht double ace." he said, "You're crazy." "Does sound like it. considering what the odds againsi the double ace are. but I'll net." (To Be Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Beat Price* Kirby Drug Stores { BIRV UEEN SUNOAI bfV twriM HIIT Him h OKI • HMUS • KM.T5 • SHUIS L HMTS • rims DAIRY QUEEN J So. Highway 61 A ^ Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Cuiverti JOHNSON BLOCK CO. The National Geographic Society says the gorilla is the largest of known primates, the gibbon the most agile. Chesapeake Bay gives Maryland 3,100 miles of tidewater froiHai;! although it has only 31 miles o •1 Hlwa; go. Blythevllle Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Milts Extra Power Get The Best "I Sell That Stuff" G.Q POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 A Tasty Dish for Termites ... N'nt If joa call Superior Ter- mile Co.! We'll pal an end to their feaMing In jig-time! Protect jour home! Call cs todsj! No Charge for Inspection All Work Guaranteed Phone 2350 Superior Termite Co. WANTED MEN and WOMEN to follow letdfi on Hospital Insurant* Great demand — Good Par When In th* Hospital friends send! Flowers — We Send You Cash « Seellnited Insurance Agency 108 S. First St. Blytheville "Everything In Insurance" At Lower Rate* l*.L - /- A. T. Dletrick "Our trinkets don't appeal to them, Joe. They wont us to take them back to Blythevitte with us. Want to get GENERAL CONTRACT PUR- CHASf CORPORAT/ON to finance new COM for them/" COM. 1*41 •¥ NT* MKVICf, IMC- T. M. *EC- U, $. PAT. OTF. FRECKLE8 AfJD HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Doomed Man "So she's finally become Interested in boys—just as food price* reach • new high!" 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TO WATCH JOF OUK WftN.HE/GEE, ALL DEPARTING /DON'T GET AWW!/HOPE.NOri PASSEWGERS.JOsr ''—-.{-775 7«K,McKEE BUGS BUNNY .Taws of Disaster VO&"... THAT PUP COULPN'T BITE H15 WA~V OUT O- * PAPER ALLEY OOP Selling the Stage BY V T HAiMl.iN ' YOU'RE A BARBARIAN AN' / RIGHT.' T IX1NNO IF WE I THEM TO MAKE , I'M FROM ROME...YOU'REl CAN SET AYVAY WITH /IT LOOK GOOD r A PRISONER WHOM 1'MV ir...BUr WE CAM TWY/I HUSr HAVE YOUR TAKING HOME A. ^, .-/AXWITH WHICH I'LL IfSeSC^Sfe OCCASIONALLY .WINMN^/^moj GIVE YOU SOME WHACKS N AWILD AND SAVAGE EUROPE. AT THE TIME OF THE ROMAN &1 EXPANSION. ;| ALLEYOOP AND FOOZY CHOOSE TO REMAIN A5 IK- CONSPICUOUS f6 POSSIBLE GOOD IDEA.BUI lOH.DONTVYORWYNONE DON 1 ! GET IOOy ABOUT THAT 1'LI ~/ THEN Y'B6 TTER Vj-"l ENTHUSIASTIC /JUST BOUNCE AFtW/GOINTO YOUR ACT:.. V' "_--i, OF'.-N YOUKHMV 7 THERE'S A BUNCH I •~3£7 *T3FftVK_ —^-<f\ OF ROMANS UP ...«fei.^v-^,>^] fFXJEfFg&r^ AHEAD BOOTS AND HKU BUDDIES Now What? BY EDUAR MARTIN

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