The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1946 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1946
Page 14
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PACE TWELVE BI,YTJIKVII,I,K (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Edge In Voting Seen For G.O.P. Republican Leader Say* U. S. Disgusted With 'Fumbling' WASHINGTON, April 18. (U.P.I .—Chairman Carroll Recce of the Republican National Committee, opening the throttle wide on the 1MI GOP congressional campaign. .Wednesday predicted a substantial Republican victory because ol ''nation-wide disgust with the fumbling ineptitude of the present administration." Addressing a National Press Club luncheon, ho cut loose with a blistering attack against the Democratic Party and the CIO political Action Committee. : In a bid for the liberal vote, lie said the Republican Party "is in really the liberal party in this nation" and the nation's hope for "maintainini; our Republican form Pf government and protecting the rights snd liberties of our citizens." Reece, declaring "that the Democrats "have no claim to the llllc bf liberal." charged that the opposition party consists ot these three major elemeuls: . I.—One which maintains ii.srlf in | ' r )»»'er "by outrageous racial dis-' crimination against millions of American citizens." I - 2—One "comiwsecl of those who draw their political Inspiration from Moscow.' 1 ' 3—One which "has no ideals except selfishness." He said this clement is composer! of "the corrupt political machines, ot which the one formerly o|>erated by Mr. Pen- cieifast in Kansas City is an outstanding example." He'said that these groups, which "have combined to control the government of the United Stales for the past H years have no real. honest interest in protecting the rigtUs of the individual." - Reece, describing Democratic National Chairman Robert E. Hannc- Ean as "my letter-writing friend," said Haimegan lind referred on numerous occasions "to what he ; if pleased. to call the program of the Democratic Party." j _He contended the reason a Dem-! ocratic-controlled Congress has not ! approved President Truman's legislative program is "the fact that Mr. Truman's program can be described more accurately ns a program of the political action committee, than as n program of the Democratci Parly. 1 •--"We have our own prigram." he Mid of the OOP. "Our program will not be one of regimentation, restriction and regulation—of curtailed production and inadequate distribution—the basic causes of inflation. "Instead, ours will Vic a program •which \viil give to America rtn expanding, dynamic economy — an economy of increased incentive, in- creased production, increased employment., increased prosperity am! increased benefits lo all." Trees, Shrubs Need Constant Care To Maintain Their Beauty BY Hi;XHV I- TKKK i bark from drylnp out as well as (o Wrlllen for NT'A Service 1 prevent (he entrance of borers. The Tree, shrubs and flowers add j wrapping should be securely tied greatly to the attractiveness of \ and allowed to remain for two any home, but unless properly planted years, and cared for, they soon lose their bc.iulv. The proper time to plant varies witli the kind and the sec- lion of the country in which the planting is to be done. Any tree, shrub or flowers may be sucesfully planted in early spring If Rocxl soil, adequate dratuape. and careful handling are assured, and the areas to be planted nrf spaded deep nnri considerable old manure or tiiimus mixed with (he soil. Tills will Insure better growth and thus reduce losses after planting. Evcr- crcens should be moved with a well builapiH'd ball of earth about their rools. Sinec all evergreens must retain a large proixirUon of their folliiRe when transplanted, it is important to disturb tlieir roots as little as possible, hence the protective ball of earth. A relatively large hole should be dui! for each ircc' or .shrub so that the roots can grow in their natural position. A gnod rule is to make (lie hole a foot or more broader and at least six inches deeper than the size of the root, system. The plant should be set tile same level as it stood originally in the nursery. Water should be poured In the hole :>s the soil is shoveled in to nnke sure that (he soil is making 'ontact with the roots. If water s not available, the soil should ;ie worked well in and lamped so that no pockets of air are left ibout the roots. A depression should be left about each plant that will hold al 'cast u half-pail of water. Adequate watering of the plants the first vcar is most, imnortanl. TAl.I, TREKS M-:t:i> BKACINO Trunks of deciduous trees should be found win strips of burlap or weather-proof paper, in spiral fashion like a bandage, lo keep the If the tree is any slx.e, say 12 feet or taller, it should be braced thre^ ways with strong wire fas- lened to slakes driven firmly into the soil. To protect llic bark from Injury the wires should be run through a short length of old rubber hose. This gardener bus found it excellent practice lo mulch llu: soil about eacli nowly scl-out tree with two inches of some sort o[ lumius —strawy manure Is grand if you can get it. This mulch will hold the moisture in the ground and prevent packing of (hi! soil. Once in eight or ten weeks tli. Navy In Pacific Has No Fear Of Beer Drought HONOLULU <UP>—Tnllc of n Ixcr clrouijlil (his summer doesn't bother Hie' N^ivy in the Prictnc, n United 1'res.s survey (showed tcwluy. because llic bell-bottom hoys Imvc npmoxl- nidlcly 1,1100.000 cnscH on hand. In fsict, the Niivy literally is rlmiclH'd with beer; Peiirl Hurbor officials indicated Hint if tile Navy found It wouldn't need all the umber brew, some may Ije declared surplus lulcr on. Trying to head olT a wave uf should be removed, the .soil loosened to allow air to reach the fcediii!; roots, and the mulch again placed back. Many people know that trees breathe through their leaves, but few realize the necessity of air mulch around their feeding surface roots. application:; from thirsty civilians had enough beer on hand for n for :,ur|)lus suds, the Navy said it rallon of two cans per mini u day had mode no plnns yet fur dispo- I Wince December, 1915, dcmoblli- sltlon ol any surplus. /ation cut demand lor beer while Army Slocks Lower stotl(s '^cumulated. *« ihal now M<,,o than 1,000.000 cases of lKe;- u>e ""'V ''^ricHcm* me dictated sin 1 piled up at Pearl IfaHxjr in- slalhiliims. the Navy said, and the other 1)00,000 eases are scattered throughout forward areas. The Army, however, was not so well oil. Procurement experts at Port Hhuftcr headquarters of Army Fortes Middle Pnclllc said Army beer stocks were sufficient only to meet current demands. They were not able to supply able to figures, as an Inventory ol slocks is underway. The Navy said beer was scarce, but available all through the wcr In the Pacific— a .statement usually rhidlenfied by soldiers who were stationed on remote atolls. Nav* beer was rationed throughout the war because shipping space was needed for more urgent freight. \o Quota Restriction On V-J Day, the Navy said it only restrictions are by a man's Ihlrst. Navy men can have all the beor they want 50 long as they bchuvc themselves, officials salct. With an estimated 470,000 Navy personnel in the Pacific now, a supply of 92 cans per man was vnllnblc. New Alilii Kails 1JOSTON <UPj—Roscoe Parletta of Maiden treated Boston's municipal court to something new in the BABY CHICKS '.( (n 5 days old—54 to $12 per 100. Several breeds — Feeds, Founts — Feeders. KLKVATOR FEED STORE Broadway at R. K. Tracks DRUG STORE Hoy Woods — Owners "The Sport Where Blythcville Meets" Two I'hone.s— r.07 and MS We Deliver Kalpli Nichols 'i'i\ \Vcsl .Main St. EAST ER Greeting Cards 1 Oc to 50c EASTER EGG DYE lOc A survey is being conducted j-ear in Wyoming by mobile X-ray units to determine the cxlent of iutwrculosis in the stutc- BABY CHICKS Finest cuianly »t all limes. Complete line <>f poultry feed. The handiest plate in (own. "We Iluy I'mlllry & KfTB*" Chester Lewis Poultry 'li.'l Hast Main St. $25 Reward for information enabling me to secure a 6 or 7 room unfurnished house. ConUcl E. V. (Buck) Tomlinson Phone 2;Wf> — 119 Kiist Ash Chen Yu True Lacquer Make-up for Nails Lacquer 60c Firefly Harmony Set Contains Lipstick, Lacquer and Lacquerol $1.75 Bath Powder Glamorous Gifts for EASTE Evening In Paris To make a Lovely Lady Even Lovelier 50c — Perfumes 60c - $1.25 - $2.25 Eau De Cologne 75c — $1.25 $1.25 ELMO Honeysuckle $1.10 ELMO Margo $1.10 Hudnut Gemey - Violet Sec Flower-Yankee Clover $1.10 (lift \Vnippcil Free Perfumes In DuliirM Her & USED GARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. If you arc going to keep your present car lei us K you an estimate on reconditioning your motor, body and painting. Credit terms can be arranged. Tires, Tubes and aulo and home radios for safe. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Oldsmobilc East Main St. GMC Trucks Phone 519 Chichi—By Renoir $3.75 L'Aimant—by Coty $3.50 My Alibi—By Renoir 3.75 Cobra—by Weil $7.00 Dashing—by Lily Dashc $16.00 FOR SALE! IB Ga. Corrugated Slecl Culverts in 10 I 1 'I. Lengths with Connecting bands. They're Lighter than Concrete, ICasicr to Install and Will Last a Lifetime. CALL OR WRITE — LEE WILSON & CO. Phone 18 Wilson, Ark. For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam Dirt for Fills Larkin Service Station 219 East Main St. New Shipment _ Fountain Pens Evcrsharp $3.95-$5.00-$9.75 Sets—$5.95 to $64.00 Shaeffer Sets—$3.95 to $11.95 DESK SETS $19.00-$20.00-22.50 PARKER $8.75 $12.75 Toilet Water Bath Powder — $1.00 Gift Sets in Attractive Easter Box $1.25 — $5.00 — $10 LENTHERIC delightful odors Tweed — Miracle Confetti—Shanghai —Abientat Cologne $1.00 Bath Powder ^- $1.50 Talcum 60c -_$1.00 TUYA imported Venezuelan Toiletries Attractive Gift Sets $4.00 - $6.00 - $7.50 - $10.00 Perfumes $2.50 - - $5.00 - - $10.00 Eau DC Cologne $1.50 Toilet Water ------- $2.50 Bath Powder - - - - - $1.50 Talcum ------- 60c CHERAMY April Shower — Frolic Perfumes $1.10 $2.50 $3.50 Eau De Toilette $1.75 Talcum 50c Bath Powder $1.10 Bath Salts $1.25 Gift Sets $2.75 THRIFn'SPECIALS Exclusive in lilvlhuvillc TEEL 50c Regular Size lOc Special Size. KOTII 39 $1.25PERUKIA . . 98c $1.20 SAL HEPATICA.98c $1 Beef, Iron & Wine. 89c $1 MURINE Siinit.iry Napkins Modess 12s-22c; 54s-89c lUJKSl'JAY, APRI way of alibis recently: Hruuijlil IjeMi-e Jud|;c Klijah Adlow on a charge of parkini; be- honor, the mayo.'." TJu- fine was two dollars. side a lire hydrant, Parletta plead- Arkansas ha^ an area of 53, 102 ed that he had been engagi'd in iles, ranking,' it 20th among n pnrndc fur "liis i Hie states. "°-..y>.. FLASHLIGHT BULBS Carry an exira bulb r your JO C E °- DOOR SILENCERS Chase thoie raOles for only 15e RIDE IN GREATER COMFORT Put a new set of fiber seat covers on your car this Spring for coo! s comfortable Summer driving. °' 7.95 Coach;* (5.95 pes. and Sedans J GASKET MATERIAL You AUTO WAX HYDRAULIC JACKS By waxing your car you not only mprovc ih loots—you save tho finish also. A hydraulic j a c V; is the ideal jack fo; every car owner. They are easy to operate and can lift any car with ease. CONDENSERS A faulty condenser causei a weak ipark and hard starting. FORTUNES ICECREAM Easter Special Peach- Pineapple Sundae Made With Fortune's Famous Ice Cream 20< WASH TUBBS BY LESLIE TURNER IF THEVPON'rGET WISE/ rvu...i J.^.IMM THftT WE'RE IN f mOOfS,/ IWMTcP WWRM THIS WILL PAV OFF BIG !/ <OT BOTH...THEZE'S SO NO MRE RIS^KY I A CAPTAIN 6ASV . . piaaus 'AW WIN '/~~ • \ TRV TO GUi'A L'P x ~H WORKS ! K. M. LuU» =V TRVTk'EO M5 P3WN RNPI BACKS P UP A.L'S YARN WITHOUT '£(.S S'JSPECTINS BY FRED HARMAN RED RYDER MOSEEUSO«R> OF F A LOAO OF COVJ5> SOUTHERN AUTO STORES CARL BRYANT, Manager Plume :M21 113 West Main St. Farm loans made to fit your individual needs. Our re-paymcul privilege granted all borrowers. Let U3 explain our Pro-Payment, Reserve Plan. NO EXTRA CHARGES - NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION If we arrange a loan with you it is good business for us lo make it fit your needs because farm loans are a good investment, only when thej arc good for the farm owner. NOBLE GILL AGENCY Hulcn Holmes Glencoe Bldg. Phone 3131 Wti ...

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