The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Ol.' Nnn-PHRAKT AIJU-AMC,.,, ..,,, XXXV—NO. -1. Blythcvlllc Courier Blylhevllle Herald THE Mississippi Valley Lender Hlylhevllle Dally News IT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEABT ARKANSAS AND SOVl'HEAST MISSOURI _BlA"ni|.JVlU,K, ARKANSAS, \VKI)NKS1)AV, MAKC1I 2,'l, JIM SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SAYS SOUTH MUST UFT WAGE STANDARDS 01 nyiSPUTC Action Viewed As Virtual Invitation For "Fair" Congressional Inquiry WASHINGTON, Mar. 23. <UP)- Prcsldt'iit Roosevelt put the record of the explosive Tennessee Valley Authority controversy before con- jjrcss today with a virtual invitation that the legislators make a "ftiir" inquiry into the dispute and his notion in ousting Dr. Arthur E. Morgan. He transmitted to congress n full report of his removal of Morgan. explaining he acted to avoid establishing a precedent which mlehl mean destruction of efficient iid- rninlslratfvc management of government. The president's message cmphn- sizeil he has no objection to a "fair" congressional inquiry into lilt TVA and its policies but Mr. Rcoscvelt said "in the meanwhile I cannot abdicate my constitutional SevPnrppn duty to lake care that the laws be ^""-cii faithfully executed." The president's message was ac- comnnnierf by an advisory opinion, written by solicitor General Robert II. Jackson, assistant attorney gen- Seay, Heath Ask $51,000 1 For Accident Injuries T. I. Si'ay ami w. H. Henlh j>] ( . ] suit in circuit court here yesterday ai'alnsl Ur. E. c. Cope of 'jlonim- ville, Mo. a few | 10 iirs after a trallic nccidwit occurred on Highway til, .south of Hlytheville. in | which Seay and Heath ,,,,,| Mrs John Dmmiirc of Memphis, Tenn. and Mrs. Cupt were injured. Seay Auslrians Listen to Master's Voice eral, upholding the president's legal rlslit to remove Morgan from the TVA chairmanship and directorate. Quick Probe Blocked WASHINGTON, Mnr. 23. <UP)- Fcnator H. Styles Bridges (Rep, N. H.) attempted to call up a- Ten- -. **.. i.wv.,it<|jki,vi I,./ mil LIJJ ii i cji- *• ""»tvkii IMCJI «;iiicjii,uii, 10 11 lc nessee Valley Authority investiga- state penitentiary, will be taken tion resolution in the senate today '" '""" ""' ' hut was blocked by the objection of Majority Leader Albeti W. Barklcv (Dem.. Ky.K ' "I think it is very imperative that an immediate congressional investigation, fin /started." Bridges said 'Tjtwid -^..^Lilienthal and Harcoiirl Mcrsan are In possession of all the records of the TVA and unless m> immediate Investigation Is started many of the things of which Dr. Arthur E. Morgan complained may lie covered up or whitewashed." Bridges asked unanimous consenl for immediate consideration of the resolution .sponsored by himself and William H. King (Dem., railing for senate inquiry Utah). He recalled that President Roosevell was reported at his press conference yesterday to have said he did not oppose an investigation. Barklcj- objected. "! think the Investigation ought to be conducted by a joint committee." Barkley said. "I also think the men named to this committee should have no prejudice on the TVA." Bridges' action angered Senator George W. Norrls (Inri,. Neb.) who accused TVA opponents of bad faith in the maneuvering for an inquiry. He said their resolution got into the hands of a committee "by what I think was a trick." New Citizens Bank To Open At Marion Thursday MARION. Ark., Mar. 23.—The new Citizens bank of Marion will open at 9 o'clock Thursday morning. Franke Poglemnn, cashier, said today. Final approval of plans for the opening was received from the Federal Deposit Insurance corporation yesterday. MNVLb. fill T€LL YOU BY BOB BURNS _ There'.? an old saying that a tea kettle won't boil while you watch ~«It, Opportunity Is pretty much the Dec ' '"" same wny—It'll shy away from you if you're too eager to grab It. But If you'll turn your back on It, it's liable lo sneak up on you. I knew a fclia out here whose only ambition was to sec his poems In print. Finally he got discouraged and turned to actin' in pictures and made a huge success. . .„„, The other day I met him and Jnl. noticed a proud gleam In his eye and when I mentioned It, he says "1 was never so happy In all my life!" ire says "My girl Is sueln' me for $10.000 breach of promise and 83 1-2 84 82 7-8 83 1-8 Chicago Corn • v. «iv.wvj uicawi ui piuim&t: aim 01)611 higlx low close the newspaper is piibltshin' (he May 59 7-8 60 69 5-8 59 3-4 poems I wrole herl" Jul, 61 5-8 61 7-8 61 1-2 61 5-8 and Heath, charging (he accident was duo u. negligence of Dr. Cope, driver of one ol tin- two milomo- IIIK-S figuring in uio accident ask damages totaling $51.000. A writ of attachment was issued out of tin' circuii court clerk's office against i> r . cope's car. Both machines wore heavily damaged. Victims of the accident were reported improving today. All except Mrs. Cope, who was but slightly hurt, are in the Blvlhcvilie hospital. Prank C. Douglas is attorney for the plaintiffs. Dicnncix-l . T Uls P° sec J of In Two Days; Only One Trial Of the 17 cases disposed of at the criminal division of circuit court in Osceola Monday and Tuesday, there was but one trial. Six- I teen defendants pleaded guilty when arraigned in/ court, which was in session for only two days for the scheduled two weeks term. Fourteen men sentenced, to the lo Little Rock tomorrow'. Two cases were continued, and another was nolle pressed. Henry Brown, who was charged witii grand .larceny, was given his freedom when the case was nolle pros- Eed. jlohn Cooner, charged with murder,'was granted a'cotitinuance and Carl Vaughn, who pleaded guilty to n charge of disposing' of mortgaged property, will be sentenced later. ,. ; Four years was the tei-m meted out to Sam Prather, who 'was! charged with bigamy. He reported- j l.v admitting having several wiyes. Charges of burglary and grand larceny resulted in the following sentences after these defendants pleaded guilty: Roosevelt Winbush five years; James Miller, two years; Charles McCuller, four years; Flovd Shnnkle. two years; Vernon Ph'il- llps, seven years; James Keatlier- ly. one year; Creoly Horton, two 3'ears. John Henry Sanders, who pleaded "not gtiilty" and \vas tried, re- wived a ten year sentence on a charge of burglary. Brad Spears was given a suspended sentence after entering a plea of guilty to a charge of grand larceny. R. E. Wnrren received A significant moment in Europe's past -war history. The photo shows Adolf Hitler addressing the Vlen- npse after h,s trnnuplmnt arrival as the conqueror of Austria. Standing 209.000 c came to (back to ca of . • 7 n-i ...~... & v,n, i«n,rvvu llltlJUUUlt; [} him.. Hitler ened out: "I declare- to history the entrance of my native Innc into the German Reich. Hail. Victory!" three years after pleading guilty to a charge of forgery. Obtaining money under false pretense was the charge waged against "Son" Smith who received Dictators Act To Entrench Territorial and Economic Moves ! By United Press The world's dictatorial powers moved today toward peaceful legalization of their vast territorial and economic gains. From the balcony of Rome's Venezia palace Premier Benito Mussolini shouted to n cheering of n Smith who received crowd that Italy was "ready- for when he entered a plea nence hut if mvps™™ ,,-ui «™i,i .. Roosevelt Hudson, who pleaded „„• guilty lo n charge of ------ ' Inlcnt lo kill, was ten years, lodged The same John Gooc f nccnulf ,r,i*i J ---- itint.i ,Sn«, , Ioyalists regimc lcst siw sentenced to to go to war Au Mrcem was who right," newspapers warned France aid the battered Spanish arce Italy lent between Britain recoffni?.- New York Cotton 854 854 8G1 864 807 NEW YORK, Mar. Colton closed steady. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. the wist British commercial interests in the south was forecast al important Shanghai conferences. London newspapers" reported un- Legion Post Here Now State's Second Largest Chief of Police E. A. Rice appealed to the members of tho Dud Cnson Post No. 24 of tho American Legion last night t o help In the collection of the money necessary to install a short wave police broadcasting station. The instnllu- 'tlon project Is sponsored by this group, it Is estimated that approximately $700 additional Is now needed. The Dud Cason post, which has a membership far over its quota. Is the second largest post in the state, with 200 ex-service men enrolled, It was announced In the Legion magazine, which Is a weekly publication. The post at Little Rock is the largest. Much Arkansas Liquor Flows Into Dry States LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Mar. 23. (UP)—The state liquor tax netted Arkansas Sl.llfl.419.B5 durin? the ueriod March 1, 1037 lo March I, IMS. when the tax- wis C5 cents oer gallon, compared to only $851.185.23 during the period March I, W3f, to March 1. 1037 when (lie (ax - c . wen te (ax officially international protests was 40 cents per gallon the state against bombing of Barcelona by I revenue department said' yeste 862 869 872 874 877 87C 23. (UP)— .._ _. lo-v M™. i Sp: l" 1 ^ 1 "* tlon;lllsl - s llad led Gen-1 Officials of the department said tun nri Fianctsco Franco to disclaim liquor dealers estimated thnl at 853 £\ J cs P onsib . lIll y »»« ^ t° prevent'IcRst 30 or 40 per cent of the liquor 833 863 further bombardments, ™ ,,.1,1^1, .... ..... __,.,.. ' 1)56 855 858 832 863 872 873 815 870 Spots dosedilcady at S07. np Stock Prices on which tax was nalrt went to the dry states of Oklahoma, Knnsns. Tennessee. Mississippi, nnd dry sec- Favors Export Liquor Tax; Kills Amendment To r I P 1 '1 UK LIVI Local Gin Company Files Incorporation Articles , U'ITI,K liOCK, Ark., Mar, 2I1- The Unwell IJarlmm Clln company 'of lllylhcH'lllo hns Illrd notice of lucoriramlioii wllh llussoll Unrlinin, Hilda l.eith liurhiim nnd Alnrcua Kvriml, nil of Ulylhcvlllu, Ikted nsl hicoi|iorutot's. The coiniiiiny iLslctl -1,000 shares '' sUH'k of no pur value with , > LlTl'LB HOCK, Mar. 2:1. (Ur>> — The scmite today completed preliminary iu-llcn on the home Nybcrg- Nlclmls Kiinllorlu 1)111 and referred the legislation lo the engrossing committee before fliml passage tomorrow. Senator Roy Mllum of Harrison oilercd nn nineiidnieiil nlnclng 1111 export lax of GO cents per case on spirituous liquors for trade In dry stales. The amendment was adopted viva voct 1 with one dessentlng voice. Explaining the proposal Mllum said that II "merely Is n revenue uroducer" with the wholesaler buy- Ing the liquor for e.xporliillon "luk- Ing n chance on reselling It, out of Die stale." When questioned about Ihe possibility of the export (ax providing a means ol selling liquor within the slate without payment of tho excise tax, which would bo $Z40 n cnse, Mllum said that "certain teeth- certain regulations—nre In .the bill lo prevent this." To further "sharpen" Ihc "teeth" Senator Mnupln Ciinnulugs of Fay- ettevlllc Introduced nn amendment to Mllmn's measure providing for revoking the license of any retail liquor dealer' who violates the mentioned section of the bill. This measure was adopted. Yesterday the senate, without discussion, adopted nn amendment lo Ihc NIchols-Nybci-g bill by which It prevented transfer of the annual $11,800 civil service appropriation to the Jl.OOO.OOO tubercular s»nl- torla expansion fund, Tho bill had licen amended In the liouse by Boyd Tacketl of Pike county for the expressed purpose of tcrmlnal- liijf Ihc nine-month old merit system and Ihe move (o abruptly terminate Iho state's cKII service law's effectiveness by doing away with the appropriation for tho department had attracted much attention The house bill written by Rop. Thompson of independence county lo Incrense Ihe tax on automobiles being Irnnsixirled across Uic stale from $1.50 lo $3.00 was passed In Die senate, 23 to 4 The senate passed the bill for Two Children Saved By Men When Auto Plunges From Bridge Two little girls and two men barely escaped drowning last night when their automobile plunged off the Floodway bridge on a road seven miles south of Manila. The men extricated the girls, sisters. from the submerged car and managed to cling to the car and bridge supports until boatmen, attracted hy their screams, rescued them. The girls, Wanda Lee Hnrmon. 6, and Mary Harmon, 9, were rescued by Jeff niockard, driver, and] Woodrov,' Everett, after (lie car plunged into 10 feet of water. The sisters, daughters of Clove Hnrmon, Blocknrd, employed by The nowly limned corporation will operate the fanner Juke Un- 6>ir Oln company plant O n m K n. way (ll ut the northern city limits "OF Elf OB1N PLOT Arrest Brings To Three Number Held In Levine Investigation NEW nOCHEI,LE N. Y.. Mar. 23. (U! 1 )—Two young men were arrested here todny and accused of ex- lorliou In connection with Ihe Idrt- mipliiff of 12-ycnr-old Peter Lcvluo. The youths, handcuffed to each olhcr, were laken lo police headquarters In custody of F,. 15. Conroy, fcilcrnl bureau of Investigation ngciH, In charge of kidnaping Investigation. They were identified by police us Edward John Pcnn, 18, of North Pelliam, N. Y., a senior In the Pollmni high school, nnd Werner Fred Luck, 23, unemployed, a im- tlvc of Ciermnny, married nnd Ihe father of one child. Norlh I'elhnm borders on New Rochcllc. Doth will bo booked on charges of extortion. Detective Lieutenant Ocorge Reltcnbcrgcr said. The arrests brought to three the number of arrests since- tho Levlue boy, son of Murray Lovhic, New York city attorney, was kidnaped "- 1 - 24 and hold foi- $30,000 mn- «om. \ Stanley Thomas Jasosky, 19, was arrested on an extortion charge hi Newark, N. J., Saturday, The detectives said there wns nothing which appeared to link tho prisoner); lo Ihe actual kid- naping. Reckless Driving Cases Occupy Municipal Courf Prcsiclent Unusually Blunt In Speech At Gainesville, Ga. Today GAINESVILLE, On,, Mar. 23 Jfj — President Roosevelt today culled upon tho south to lift Its wngu standards nnd demanded the end of the feudalism which ho characterized ns little different from Fascism, The president, employing lan- fc'imgo of mtiismil hluntness, linked wage and living standards of tho south with what he charac- terised ns "feudalism." His address —first major public utterance In nearly Ihreo mouths—was regarded ns nn uppenl for southern support of wages-hours legislation, which hns been blocked In congress by southern opposition. "dcoruln nnd Ihe lower south may Just ns well face facts," tho' president told nn assemblage estimated at 50,000 persons, gathered to celebrate re-bulldlng of this city, which was devastated by u • tornado Mvo yenr.1 ngo. "On tho present scale of wages nnd, therefore, on the present scale of buying power tho south cannot nnd will not succeed In establishing successful Industry," ' said the president, declaring that tho advantages of belter buying power will not come "If we bcllevo In our hearls tlmt the feudal system Is still tho best system." Ho declared tlmt "there is little.' " difference between the feudal system nnd tho Fascist system." . If you believe In Iho one" ha declnrcd, "you lean to the other." He declared the "overwhelming majority" <of Georgians opposed feudalism and.that believers In the, feudal system 1 were' g'blrig to b'i' 1 ' Voted out of public office.••••• •'-• Mr. Roosevelt called for higher wages In (lie south to provide ndo- qunto purchasing power, abolition of "special privilege" and "participation In prosperity by the peoplo nl the bottom of Ihe. ladder." To n congress that has not 'been enthusiastic about passing his legislative program, thero was n warning that he has not given up tho fight for social mid economic reforms. He denounced S 1 1 ^"^J 0 ^ ?"? ^Sr^ l» the senate! 23 toT ' Unless driving cases featured Ss' who vole""^ th ° SC ^ The senate passed the bill for f* < l^r,?L or JlViIi' ll . c , il)nlr<:our . t ta 71 <°r u'oHerVctol and* economlo'con" sssrs £ rS^Hr - ^^ariK^. as^srvr,^ «?, s ^r; = ^-c^rasiS housi> iiiu rnr ,,<>,,, n ,, n i n r ,i.f~ _i. KUllly of Ihls charge, followue nn .„-,. _,.,',. , 5 nre Deiug neia house bill for paymcnl'of 'state oli- ^l', 1 ?' °, S ' 1 ,l ls cllm ' ec ' ---.- lignllons of bridge Improvement ells- f, , h ° C " SI: Of w ' S " Mc " triMc n,wi ™ _i.._i .I,-..,-. lliarncs, charged with driving while and municipal districts sponsored by Senators NorrcII and Row- cll. 30 to 0; and defeated tho Pagan-Dillon bill for appropriation of $10.000 for a sprinkler system on the capltol grounds. The totter measure lacked nve votes for passage. Harmon, and their my to ......... „ „..., .„.,„ night when the accident occurred Everett pulled Wanda I,ec out Everett, were on Manila early last! Resents Senate's "Insinuation" LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 23. (UP)— The house of representatives torlny accepted for consideration a bill appropriating- $9,104 Tor operating expenses of the general assembly until April 1. The measure was introduced by Rep. Hay Blair. Logan county, after Rep. H. ic. Toney of pine Bluff under the Influence of ItUoxIcatln llciuor, was continued, until Wednesday, March 30. Mary Harris, negro, was found not (tullty of a charge of disturbing the pcnce. Richard Scott was also found not guilty of a charge ot assault with Itilent to kill. S. C. Owens Announces Aldermanic Candidacy The Courier News was authorized loclay to announce- the candidacy of S. c. (Sam) Owens well known local druggist, for the office of nl- derman of the first ward In the B . - Ing senate. "The senate, according to a I this lions of cast Texas. They said estimating the amount, of the liquor traffic to these drv P 0 tt, , suites was impossible because all * euv NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 23. -(UP! —Cotton futures closed very steady today, up one to six points May — — • July Oct. _ } NEW YORK, Mm. 23. <UP>. Heavy liquidation [orced the slock- ----• .«.•.<.«.,!. ,.,. fj\ti I market down to new Ion's sincei lK1 " or stamns wcrc bought by the ^OilOn 1935 today and bonds to new lows'"' 110 lvl '° ICR! >'ers in the state. All ;ince 1934. Railroad stocks and! salc , s l ,° ''^ lcrritor v. they said, are bor, , „ - m ° mng " npcr ' ls ««* l»e thLs bored to the top holding her head special session on Saturday, leaving m,™- »,„ „„„ --------- --"-'citizens of the state to believe that the house has been negligent in Its operations," Toncy said. "In this they are wrong for the house can accomplish everything the governor has asked of us by Friday noon. Wo want to go homo as badly as the senate members do above the sulft current while Blocl-ard extricated Mary and clung to » bridge support until Joe Thornton and another man, going down the channel In a boat, heard their cries and managed to 1 rescue them. Jan. 867 870 873 8T3 875 874 881 832 884 886 860 863 874 bonds rnnde new lows since m? | nlndc b V Arkansas retnllers to bont- . „ . , p I lessors from the dry states, who AnL^V™™ '?? I' 4 i "^ "* . "."}"" .*"<> . <"? ««riUlry. Spots closed steady nnd changed at 883. 882 88-1 870 886 Anaconda Copper .. 'sa Associated D G . . . " ' 5 Beth steel ........... \\\\' M M Boeing Air ............... ^J Chrysler ........... " 4( , Cities Service .... ..... , , , coca coia ........... ;;;;• no ,;, General Electric ....... ' 34 ..... Chicago Wheat May open 86 3-8 low close 3-4 85 3-4 80 1-8 ....... General Motors ..... ..... •,, r., I ir..........* -.- ...... * ** 1 Till. Harvester Montgomery Ward . ... N Y central .... '., Packard A flourishing dry state trade was indicated by Ihe fact that the larzer Little Bock wholesalers have established branch offices In such border towns and cities ns Fort Smllh. West Memphis and Slloam Springs. 58 3-81 Masons Meet Thursday Cliiokiisawba lodge No. 134, P. and A. Masons will have a regular Packard '. meeting Thursday night at 7'30 Phillips Petrol ;; 33 3 . 8 ! o'clock at Ihe Hall.-in addition to Ra , al °, 5 5.3 , (lie routine business, tho Fellow- Schenley Dlst i,, 5 . 8 : croft degree will bo conferred. CltttinOnS .... . _ _ .' Un (nufr'Afrnn In A i>«.«J.j i- 'socony Vacuum Standard Oil N j .. , Texas Corp '.'. ™ jr U S Smelt J " a ' U S Steel 15 3--1 An itlng Masons. Is extended to vls- - Denmnrk requires every ablebod- 58 1-3; I'd man, even clergymen, to learn 48 'la be soldiers. 1.30 Over, And Has Been {or Years 5 SARATOGA SPRINGS. N. Y. ^UP)—The new police chief—Joliu J. Ahcarn counted the cash In a desk drawer and found $1.30 more than was listed by Uic out-going chief. "Say," he remarked lo Uic desk sergeant, "this fund is $1.30 over the amount listed. How can I check up on ll?" "That's the right amount," snld Sergeant Edwnrd Kelly. "Tile fund was $1.30 over when I came here 17 years ago and It lias remained, thnt way ever since." Mr. Owens has been a resident of Blytheville for the past six years, moving here to take over the management of Ihc Robinson Drug Co. In seeking Ihe office of alderman Mr. Owens said he was prepared to devote considerable time and effort at Ihe Job and pledged himself to a progressive policy In connection with the city's affairs If he Is elected. "I wilt serve the city conscientiously nnd to the best of my ability «.-* uttuiy us me sonaic members do iLuu; >iy "no 10 me oest 01 and If there k any delay it ls[ lf r am elected," he said, because the upper house has moved Mr - Owens has never sought a ,. rf .^, .„,,„„„ .. %WJ HIUIV.TJ vi\;iJO iiao 11C % VI slowly." Toney declared. (public office before, he Just before ending Ihelr morning session house members passed two bills Increasing the appropriation for operating expenses for tho while and negro sanitariums after being informed the two measures calling for the enlargement of both plants had been approved by the senate. Chimney Test Costly. MULLICA HILL, N. J. (UP)— • Herbert H. Butler, Jr., an attorney, hired a man to test the chlm-1 ney in a house Butler had purchased here. The "lester" built a fire in a fireplace, resulting In a roof nre with $150 damage. Butler also paid the man for the test. 520,432 Bales, County's 1937 Crop of Cotton A tola! of 250.432 bales, coimt- Ing round ns Unit bales, have been ginned and are to be ginned In Mississippi county from the 1837 crop, Chester O. Dane- how er, census agent for the county, announced today. A tolal of 198.319 bales were ginned from tho county's 1936 crop. Texans Create Expression Covering Indefinite Time AUSTIN, Tex. (UP)—Texans are proud of their new slang retort, which seems destined to become a part of- the nation's Informal vocabulary, it Is: "When the dogwood blossoms In East Texas." It Is used as an answer meaning that a time is Indefinite or may be set back successively. I The phrase, originally used several decades ago b.v the late Oov. James Hogg, was revived by Gov. James v. Allred when he was kept silent on his plans. nntlotml prosperity nre being held Jack, chiefly because of selfishness Jii^ the part of a few," he said. "... this nation will never permanently get on the road to recovery If wo leave the methods and ;he processes of recovery to those .vho owned Ihe government of the -fulled States from 1021 to 1933. .. "The United States Is rising and is rebuilding on sounder lines. We propose to go forward and not back. "The purchasing power of tho pntlrc soulh is too low," h<> said, .varnlng thnt on the present scale if wages "the south cannot and A'lll not succeed in establishing lew industries." "And let us remember that buy- ng power means many other kinds Jf better things — better schools, jetter health, better hospitals, bet- .cr highway*. These things will not :omc to us in tho south if we oppose progress—If we believe in our lienrts Hint tho foudnl system is till the best system." Mrs. W. E. Lowrance, 93, 3ies At Memphis Tuesday MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 23— Mrs. Rrances Martin Lowrance, 93- year-old mother of Charles and Blair Lowrance, died at h;r home here yesterday. Funeral services were held Ihls afternoon. Mrs. Lowrance was said to have been one of a thousand unsung heroines of the Civil War, a plucky 7lr), who at the age of H held a detachment of Federal soldiers at bay with a' muzzle-loader while her mother nnd sister hid the family silver. She was the wife of the lata W. E. Lowrance, a Civil War veteran. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and cooler, probably light frost In exposed places In northwest portion tonight; Thursday fair and warmer, and with lowest temperature- 40 to 60; i would run for re-etectlon. . In the few days since Allred revived Uic famous retort, It has been taken up by thousands of Texans. The maximum temperature hero And In the meantime, the dog- yesterday was 79, minimum 62 wood has blossomed, but Allred has cloudy, Recording to Samuel P. ItPftfr. vllont ft« XIa nlAisn k»-., I- -n.i-i _. _ _ i» . Norrls official weather observer,

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