The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH' 14/1934. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARE.)' COURIER NlJWi I'AGE FIVE CLASSIFIED SECTION i Wants? CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rite per >me ror consecutive inseftlons:-' - • " (Hve iverage w«as to a line) JOc DSC 05C 60c One time per T»-o times per M"c per day . Three times per llc« per day . Six times per Uue per (lay . i'ouUi rate per "m: ••••••••• Minimum chtrne 6Pc Ads ordered Jo- tnrec or six times and slopped b « f « e expira- t'ou *'H ; to "hMgc-c (or the nmn ter ol times the uJ appealed ana adjustment of bill made. AH Classified Advertising copy submitted hy persons residing out side of the city u ust be accom pinied by cash, Rates may b cutlly camjiuUd fmm above tattle r;o reEpoiusIDinty will be tasc )0i more than one Incorrect hi sertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordeicd lor iriegu jar Insertions wfcp the one lur. rate. New Ford Batteries KenUl - Kecbareinc - Bepalriuf 11 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 2Bc k3-i!6 LOST Missing—Shales belonging to Harold NaUiau ncsenllnU. reward Or rctuni to New York Store or 01 Chlckasavvbu. No questions REAL ESTATE sited, 'or Sale: 111 Cart -Davis, an exquisite home; nothing: prtltkr In BUtlwvillc. Will on Uras »t WHITE evening dress on Osecolu highway near Blythovlllc. REWARD for return to Null's '.',. CM our nfflce for appointment THOMAS LAND COMPANY, M>k .gents. t!2-l For Trade: City property lor farm LAND. Mrs. Ed Hardin. 13ckt BUY NOW WH;L.E OHEAPI 40 acre lavm a'ltl home, nea Blytheville. all m cultlvatioi fUland Green 6c W- Furms for sale. 20% down, bal»nc like rent. Ethel B. Thompson, Ca ruthersville. Mo. 8j*3- SEBDS & PLANTS ISckltf Scanty shop. Prince of Wales Adds Men's Section to Fair LONDON IUI J I—The Prince ol Wales has islvon another leuil lo ' British business men by u suggestion made to the DyilUVi Industries Pair. lion in the l)ilti5h for the nest lime this year was ilik 11 entirely to Ihe Prince's ,hlnl. While louring tin- 1033 fulr wltll Ilif dwlrimm. W. T. Miniro. the I'riiiu- remarked: "Yon can luird,- Jy I'si.iccl me to take an Interest In this fnir if il Is devoted entirely to (nnlnlMp Httlre. In view of the | pieces of It are usually held In the ly thijik, yon .should have'a si'c- tlon fpr.invh's wear." , Miinrohind other officials Itunu)- iHiiicly began pK.'imiiillolis'fur Ihe ImniBui'iUlon ol Ihe now suction. 11 has Jusi Ix'un ivvralrd llmlllXKliion OrMt Udlnln holds In the 10-ck-H .Hlii. 1 Inclusion of a men's wear tec- i m:irkrt.s for men's wear I OUR BOARDING HOUSE liv Aheri? Judo' Is 'considered precious 'H meaning good luck in China whore mint while Imporhna mmU'rs uio >eing dccMcd. ALLEY 001' SEED Potatoes, soy beans, fleta peas and alfalfa seed. Get my Earl Halchcr. Call G35-J. I'OULTKY & EGGS DEPENDABLE USED CARS ..$195 l DESOTO COACH . •20 flKAKAM 1'AlGEt" , . COWL t ' ? """ BDICK COUPK §165 §95 '28 FOKD FORDOR SEDAN •28 CHEVROLET COACH. New Kubbcr. Clean TRUCK SPECIALS 'i'J CHEVROLET l!i TON TRCCK ... '30 FORD CLOSED CAB riCK-Ur . •33 FORD CLOSED CAK PICK-UP .. M^ny Othcry To Choose From. Phillips Motor Co. 2UU tas! Main Street Blyllievihe, Arkansas 1'honc 81U - 811 ""BUSINESS ~DIKECTOKY L O. MCGsTundertaker Amomance Service poone Su Yesh c»es. awta. •IBs dally. R. I. Red srttinf Pickard Store. 1041 Chlriia- 8p M-lt) Vill pay lOu for heavy HENS Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. B. Fisher, opposite Nazarene Jhurch. pkl WR SALE OR TRADE Hire chair BAHDEH SHOP in good location at Steele, Mo. Will bell cheap, will take car as trade n. H. L. Williams. 1C k!4 r 1 .SUST CALLEP VA OUT, TA ASK VA, WHO'S THE GlKIT WHO JUST ENTERED SIX PREMISES? 1 VOLLERED HIM TROM HOUSE TA HOUSE. TEB TMO HOURS AMD HE FINALIV CHECKED IM HERE. THOUfoHT IT WAS A SPEA^i. SHOULD T?EPO^T SOL) TOR\MASTIM6 SOUR TIME. . THAT \NAS BASU-'BOOTHEV, JUCT ,. OVER PROM LOMPONl'. GREAT ' FRIEND Or- THE KING, 'BASIL-- PACT 1S.1 MET HIM /NT THE PCNAI PALACE? ER--AH-- ANP.BV TIIEWAV.IJINNV, M'LAD, MOTHIM6 OF IT, IF MR. •BOOTHBV COMES PASHlNCi , OUT OF THE HOUSE-, MA"RTHA. MET HIM SET. W«rld Speed King Copies Patrol System, for Britain WASHINGTON. lUl'J—Sir ralin Ciiinjibi'll, world speed champion .hniirc.ssctl by iho Aincrlritn schoolboy patrol system, has Inlro- uuced the lilea in Urltahi. Campbell believes I lie o;-j!'.inlv,i- tlon to b» one of (lie llnest Mifely iH'livltlivi of Ihe public .sr-hnu!:!. Tlu- Ol, 1 SOBKK KACK! proinliienl racer visited several Aiuevioun sehoula lust year white preparing for his record-breaking S|>ceil trial. Ha has become j>iomln;]iily nf- IllbUnl with i\ giuup proposlnij ndoptlon of tho syslcm on tlw British Isles, The nw presidential term lie- ins on Jan. 21), 1DJ7, ]!y Hanilin fpooiffeozv-i 'sposu POME. 'JNAOGLE-TCXJIHEO MONilROSnV U1 'ifA UP, I AN' MAlAEfi OINNV 50 BM3 lit PROBAQW HAD TO DRAG HJM5ELF OFF TO SO.'IF 5WAMP,TO01E -AMNIK.' FOR RENT room house willi bath, garage intl garclen. Hairy Atkins. 130B W. Ash. 13-ck-lB 2 story modem house on 'Division, just north of CaUioUc church Reid, Kvrard & Henderson. Phone 13c-tt For Kent—Four room nnfurnishec house, bath and garage. Call 2« DV 916 Holly. 9-P k - 13 BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451. 6-ck-t£ FURNISHED bccMKim, 1017 W Walnut Mrs. Ed Hardui after P. M. ! FURNISHED 2 or 3 room apart merit, lights, witer, etc.. tree Frivatc bath. Hcasonable. 619 W Main. 23c M ROOM & BOARD belter cxclu- WEAR-EVEli aluminum is and coiAb no more. Sola bively at Hubbard Hardware Co. 0-CK-4-J ROOMS or room and board o meals. Good meal, clean rooms •ales low. Close 1". Mrs. Loflin 421 S. Second. S-ck-4 You can save money by Having furniture upholstered now as materials arc cheaper. We malte the old new again. Free estimates. Complete line samples. Work guaranteed. Jenkins & Son, 113 CWckasawba \Ve specialize in Floor Sweep Spccul kimls tor special n«> re Hubbanl Hnrrtwarc Cu. 12c M-1 Free (igutc diagnosis in your home Mrs. 3- J- Davis, Phorc 421 Spencer Conelierc EXPEHT Typevirittr and Jlachiiic Kcpalring. li, S. Blan cnship, 116 E. Koit. Call 16J-J. TVANTED WANTED, TWO SMALL HOUSES MOVED AT ONCE. Dr. C. M. HARWELL, OSCEOLA, Ark. WANTJfiUJIO KENT Wanted — TWO HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS, everything furnished, with garage, onarles Kelly, 11' 13-pt-lG UNPURNISHE D Three-room apartment with bath. Close in. u'aa 306. WANTED TO BUY FOR SALE We Pay 51; Cents for No. I Beef Hides Matthews Store, GOG N. lilh St. 160 [•or Kale CHEAP: New Vitality t:avy blue PUMI'S, 7 A A. Call 3W. ^>. ONE KARBEB CHAIR CHEAP. Mrs. M. V. Lcc, Joiner, Ark. We ray S2 per ton Jor Scrap Iron. I Also buy hiacs, brass, copper, lead, etc. Woll Arian, I'hone 116, 12t E. Main. 2G-ck-3-26 CORN FOR HALE Stanton A. Pepper, Huffman. Ark. Pte Terrier pu|«. VTO mo. U. W. Miillras, Phone 552-J. Want to buy all kinds Used HOJEC hold Goods, Stoves. Highest Ciusli iiricc. 1 ;. Ix;ighton'.s ficcond Htiiit? Store. 320 E. Main. lOpkl-10 01'1'OKTUNITIKS MAN WANTS With very .small capital to help 1 Oliver rov,- crop tractor, one -1 row planter, one -1 row cultivator one 10 by 20 disc harrow, one 3 roiv buster with marker. All In Billing;,, me. condition. Gay and Cc M-6 TWO gocd mules, priced reason able. II. A Smith, 510 W. Main. 2c kti ; finance and promote sale of an invention to manufacturers. In- u-stmcnt made safe. A small iu- veitmcnl in thu> invention will pay big profits in short time. Several manufacturers have ashed demonstrations with a view of buying invention. Wrile "BM" Courier —— AUTOMOTIVE News for interview. IF TIU5 HAPPENOTO K AliV 0^ WNG GUZV.Lt'5 I I'LL f!UN 'L'fA Tlli!0 JOll IMR JWWtt 11LV.1HCIR UC-.S WEftd DOWN TO THEIR VtHttS AM 1 TH£M VU- BUST 'F.M r.t UP INTO UlTLt PIECES.' ? POOR ilOl'WOOU! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES <:>MVTH \wno AFFAIR WAS 3U5t A, THt OLO TRtE. CUP\0 WVA Rl&KV MAHRlfV&t cwaat f OR TO WO , CCX?^ OT , w^ HOPWOOO- \T Kl.AHORATK I'l.ANS! WASH TUBBS SURE. HE AlW'T IJO PIKER. 6UNNA PflV'EM TWO BUCKS A DAV,JUST TO SQUAT AROUND. FURNISH ATMOSPHERE FOR THEM EftSTERM •&UESTS. ^r MAN RSNTEU'EM FROM ft ZOO OVER CflUFORNIA. BUSINESS MUSTA »KKN QUIKT! SALESMAN SAM P.H- wiMieo- Tra-nn' TO Keep OCX ' U_ ap;_ ) Of4t : - vT'LU SS. ft DtG- LL GE OW P.M I ' 12-ck-lS 475 Sdbcrling Tires * 1'ulics, ItrpUcc mcnt parts ar.d ucccisorics tit all kinds COT unj make of ear. Automiitive Uejit., Hubbard Hilw. Co. lc M-l Auto O!a» All Kimlb Ir.btallcil Thr Aik-Mo lumber to. lew M-10 HliLI' WANTED NSWERS ACTIVE clmrch or Sunday sclwol worker to visit Position 2 monltis. Salary $70. Give church and. plicnc. Box "P" Courier Kens. Thi t;. S. in,-lines cfarunlcd KicarjRua <ni JAM. 2; 1033. Woilrt'a larseSit ocean liricc is tlie nnitisti KleanibUlii MA- .iKKTtc. Al«sk» was houglit trum IU«i* ft tt<7. FKECjtl/ES AND HIS FRIENDS IF TH£ COOK'S DON'T WAWE THAT NEXT PAYMBfT V/ITHSN-A FEW PAYS, I CAN POT THEM OUT OF THBR HOUSE frWD HAVE THAT OlU, THAT LIQUID GOLP, ALL FOS MYSELF, KARL '.'. BUT ACCOaPIS'G TO LAV/, I ' CAN'T K'CK 'EM OUT, IF THEY MEET THAT PAYMENT.... AND I'M AFRAID THAT SOMEOME [M TMS TSV/N WILL BE SMART EWOUCW ~O GIVE 'EM MOS'EY To MEET THE PAYMENT, MS) TAK5 A. CUT W THE OIL RIGHTS To SECUSc THE LOAN! ( BUT I'M SMART &WCJCH TO PREVENT "THAT. FROM HAPFcN'IMG! I'M GOING- ( THEQE UOW, BEFORE MRS. COOK FINDS; .OUT THAT THERE'S A FORTUNE IN THAT GROUND. AND ASK HER HOW MUCH SHE'LL TAKE TO MOVE OUT- PP2TTY SM^RT, EH ? A I COULD BUY" H'M AT MV PRICE AMC> SELL HIM AT , His OWM .' HE'S FRrnY STUc;; o^ HIMSELF, ISfJT K£ ? I BET HE EVEM HAS A MISROS OM HiS CEIL'KC, 60 HE CAM HIMSELF GARGLSS .'

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