The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 4, 1936
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VOL XXXIII—NO. G8 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEll OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTITEA8V MISSOURI BlythevlU* Courier UlytheTllle D»llj New Blyttiovllle Herild Miuiulupl Valley Uftder BIATIIKVILLIC, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY. JUNK -I, HW j^nrnn n rmriv AHEAD ELECTED SINGLE COPIES FIVE .CUNTS i HOUSE SEE Ell? OP SI, Security Basin Promised Entire as Congress Votes $16,000,000 Husband Cool; She Collected Completion of congressional ac- tlon late yesterday on the Wilsop- Overton flood control bill Is believed here to assure im early start on the long-delayed .$10.000,000 program for the elimination of IlooJ hazards In the St. Francis basin of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. While six years Is allowed for completion of the entire Wilson-1 Overtoil program it is not believed that the St. Francis river work will remiire any such length of time. Preliminary surveys were made last year when It was hoped that relief funds would be mads avail- I able for the work. Now that con-j gress has made a specific appropriation there is no apparent rea-1 son for further delay. i As press reports are interpreted! here, the measure provides for assumption by tiie federal government of all costs of the work except that local interests must provide easements for reservoirs While the St. Francis plan callsd for reservoirs near the -headwaters of the river, in the Ozark foothills in Missouri, they are not regarded as an essential part of the program. The army engineers have authority to eliminate fhern if they see fit. ' Much Work In This County The whole •program is subject to some modification at the discretion of the army engineers but in general it calls for widening of rtocd- ways, deepening of channels and strengthening of levees to orovldc a flocd control system on t'ne St Francis and) its tributaries sufficient ; to; handle apy .volume ot-water that mayever reasonably be anticipated: It calls for expenditure on the Little and Tyronza rivers, in and near Mississippi county, of approximately $2,500,000. Widcnin^ of tile Little River flood way, from°Big lake south, alone will cost ap° 'proximately $1.365,030, it is estimated. This W jil include the construction of 27 8 miles of new levee enlargement of 21.4 miles of levee Hard ;>s it is lo bvlirvv, aflci viewing the jibove picture of beauteous Belly Parker Logan, her husband, Raymond, was "cold and indifferent." At least, lhat is the grounds upon which Mrs. Logan, sister of I.ona Andre, film actress, asked a divorce in Los Angeles court. Shu '.vas given $-10 a month temporary alimony. and acquisition of 11,100 acres of Elmer Kennedy, Stabbed Ne,ar Forrest; City, Serious Condition | Urges Reliance On Initia| live Rather Than Governmental Direction MEMPHIS, June 4 (UP)— President Harper Sibicy ol the United Stales chamber of commerce today told 1.200 delegates attending the national Junior chamber of commerce convention that individual initiative and enterprise must be relied upon rather than governmental direction to preserve the American .system. Sibley, principal speaker at to- j day's session, urged young business men to rid themselves of "the tendency to throw old institutions overboard, n willingness to embark on new and untried experiments that can lead lo disaster quite as easily us lo Utopia." "What America needs," he declared, granting a constant evolution of our system In keeping with changing times, is not basic alteration of government but of attitude — a renewed consecration of advancing the common wel- The 51-year-old Rochester, N, V. lawyer declared the open road of individual superiority remains the highway of American progress. That highway must be preserved." He invited the junior chamber to hell) keep the road open when he said: "I should like to sec the junior chamber of commerce undertake the task of Interpreting the American system to the youth ot our country." Roosevelt Approves Visit by Marine Band WASHINGTON. June 4 lUP5— President Roosevelt today signed the navy appropriation 'bill for the fiscal ycnr ending June 30, 1E/37. He also approved a incas- i lire authorizing attendance of the' Marine band lit the Arkansas mid ' Texas centennials mid hi the Confederate reunion at Shrcve- IXIH, La., from June ti to lli. Mouse Speaker Dies Makes -Blanket At Improvement I nets' Tax Sales urchases Dis- CITY. June -I (UP) — E. C. Mills, 25, Colt, Ark., was being held here on charges of assault with attempt to murder, following a fight early today at Jim's place, a small night cl'jb. east of here, during which E'mer Kennedy, 21. suffered serious knife _ _, ,„,,„ u , wounds in the lungs and cuts flowage. other work contemplated about the body, arms and lejgs. in the Little River area includes! Kennedy, in a Memphis hos- an estimated expenditure of S292 - P'lal, w : as "getting along nicely," COO on enlargement of t'.i" Bi« Lak= levees and 507,740 on enlargement of the State Line levee, in Hii-- counly, and $410.000 on enlarge- just \ ment o f the Elk Chute drainage district levees in Missouri above the stats line. Will Enlarge Tyronza The Tyronza river project calls for enlargement of the chanuil from the (own of Tyronza southward for about 15 miles, at an estimated cost of $450,000. This work- is designed to carry off Hood waters from the upper end of the Tyronza watershed, it would prevent recurrence of flood troubles at Dyess colony and elsewhere in thf southern part of Mississippi county According to army engineers, the program contemplates protection for the St. Francis basin, above the Mississippi backwater area against a volume of water greater than the largest that lias occurred in the past 100 years, its completion, In conjunction with the greatly strengthened Mississippi river levee system, is dcsianed (i give Mississippi county anil otiisr counties in the St. Francis basin virtually 100 ps , r ccnt protection against floods. w : as hospital attaches said today "and if no ccmplications will recover set rp." "I was a bouncer at Uncle Jim's place." Kennedy said. "Two guys got into an argument. I tried to separate them and one of them jumped on me from behind with a knife. I never attacked anybody." Sheriff J. M. Campbell said Mills was charged with assault to murder young Kennedy. He quoted Mills as saying Kennedy knocked him down, stomped him and that he drew his knife self defense. rhree Plead Quilty; John Doe Warrants 12 Others Out for In the first blanket purchase of lands at an Improvement .district lax safe, except by the districts involved, litre In many years, if not the first In the county's lilstory, the Delta Farm and Title company, a corporation composed of prominent Wilson men, bought In ' all lands offered at a commissioner's sale on behalf if Drainage District No. B and sub-districts No. :t and 4 of No. 0 today. Practically all of the land In the districts is fine farm land. j The lands sold for non-payment I of 1935 district taxes, with penal- i ties and interest In pursuance of 1 a foreclosure suit filed by the districts in chancery court here against lands of the districts situated in the Chickasawba district of Mississippi county. A similar sale of lands in the Osccola district is to be held because of delinquent dislrict (axes Saturday and Hie same corporation plans anolhcr wholesale purchase. Owners of the land who failed to pay their taxes may still redeem the properly within the period allowed by law by payment of ttic tax, penalty, and Interest. Certificates.of .purchase .\vlll-be Issued 'to the Delta Farm and Title company within n short time, with sale to be confirmed by the chancery court. Each tract of land offered for sale sold for '.he amount of the taxes and pcn- ilties, there being no competitive bidding. Before the sale It was rumored that there would be some Governor Will Refuse Pardon lo Life Tenner Ll'lTLK ROCK. June 4. mi')-- Oov. J. M. Futrell today announced he will not pardon nil Hardwick. convict serving n IIfit .senlcnci', In order t'iint ho may marry Mrs. Lula A. TIIVCSOLI, a South Hem!, iml, widow whom lift wooed un;l won by I'orrcspomU'iice. !\V,r«. Tm'csou appo.ilcd lo (ha governor lust week lo pardon lltmhvlck In order that she might marry htm. llardwick was sentenced in 1021 lor tin' Ural, degree murder ot Hartley liidimoiHl. near Manila In Mis- 1 slsslppi county, lie was convicted In- n circuit court jury at nlylhu- VilllV Adjournment Plans Put Aside As House Leader's Death 'iourns WASHINGTON, June 4 (UP)— William 11, Unnkhend of Alabama was elected speaker by llio liousi" today (o fill Ihe post left vncifiit by sudden death ot Joseph -W. IJyrnes. Speaker Byrns died suddenly at 13:15 o'clock this' morning of'ii heart attack, followed by n ccir- bnil lu-inorrlmgc. He Imd Condition of Crop in Arkansas Excellent; Dnn- gcr lo Fish Is Seen I.ITTLK HOOK, ,11 Truck growers and 1. (UP) — farmers who nci'd- 'nave corn anil pnlato crops I Ins: mill iTeelmi no cncoiirnijctivjiU today In llu> weather forecast by II. c. Cole, federal meteorologist, of fair weather for Friday ami Saturday, Whllo the dry weather works !i hardship on corn and truck patches, cotton growers roimrtcd I'iich crops are bolnif bcnalllted by in; 1 absence of ruin. They said tho weather Imd been perfect for hoe- In}; and culllvalhii,' hut the crop Joseph Wellington Byrns. of Nashville. Tcnn.. speaker of Iho .national 'house, of representatives, wiio died shortly after last midnight us the rcsrlt of a sudden heart attack, fol.tawed by a cerebral hemorrhage. The photograph shows him, gavel in 1 v < house. hand, as he presided over the; the tracts but terialize. this failed to ma- Jury Gets Case of Richard Loeb Slayer JOLIET, III., June 4 (UP)—The fate of convict James Day, on trial for the razor murder of Richard Loeb, was placed in the hands of a jury of 12 nine at 2:25 p. m., c. s. t., today. DETROIT, June 4. (UP)—New evidence of Black Legion terrorism was disclosed today with the issuance of 15 warrants against mem-, hers of tile vigilante band on char-1 ges of kidnaping a fellow member j who refused to attend a meeting Prosecutor Duncan McCrae announced the arrest and confession of three Legionnaires to Ihe kid- naping of Robert Perlon, of Ecorsc, and the issuance of 12 John Doe warrants for other members of the legion. Pcnlon was kidnaped at gun point from .the dinner table of 'his Home by Thomas Cox, Frederick A. Gnlley, and Earl Angstadt and others, the prosecutor said. Cox, Gulley and Angslarl, after allegedy confessing their part in the kidnaping, were taken before Common Pleas Judge Charles Rti- bincr, where ail entered pleas of gxiilty. STRIKE HITS fl! D IE5 KILLS SELF Lehigh University Student Shoots Instructor After Failing Examination BUI PITT 'MS UP TO PUBLIC need moisture within two Tennessee for pub by now In t'ne village of Tenganan, Dutch East Indies, men are forbid; den to work under penalty of i public thrashing administered by Paris' Flour Mills Close Delivery of Food Made Difficult PARTS, June 4 (UP)—The breed supply of the capital was (hreat- when workers in U;c of the Paris region ! women. New York Cotton Both Bills lo liooscvclt WASHINGTON, June 4. (UP>Two flood control bills, authorizing expenditure of S570.000.003 for new efforts to harness waters of the nation's rivers and streams were placed before President Roosc- •velt today. Both of the measures — the omnibus bill and the overtoil lower Mississippi floodway measure— provide merely authorization for expenditure of funds already appropriated to Ihe relief agencies and NEW YORK, June 4. (UP)—Cot-1 ton closed very steady. Closing Stock Prices ened today Hour mills joined the series of strikes which were spreading with increasing rapidity. Despite assurance of the Communistic parly that (he bread, milk and general food supplies world not he cut off. a strike of truck drivers made the delivery cf vegetables, fish and other sup plies from the railroad stattinn to the markets difficult. I Group after group of workers Tred by n new sense of power , in the hands of the leftists, s'.ruci- :o Impress the incoming socialistic ccalition government with tho necessity of granting their demands for a new deal in wages. New Law Will Re Ineffective Without Support Says Judge Killough- BETHLEHEM Pa., June 4 (UP) OSCEOLA, Art^Upon the atll- -Charlcs Wesley Phy of Pine'i ul | c of the public rather than un- Castle, Fla., Instructor at Lehlgh ; on any legislation rests the chief university, was shot and killed. hopj for strict honesty and fair- today by n student, who then. n css in llle conduct of elections committed suicide, police said. I circuit Judge Nell Killough tolc The student, Wesley L. Clow of the Osceola Civic club today In a Florida, died in a hospital an brief discussion of HID new Arkan- hoiir after he had shgl the pro- sa . s "pure elections" law. sso , r- The new law, he pointed out, is Police said they were told that designed to prevent practices that young Clow had failed In his ex- , were already illegal befor" it war animations and had gone to the-' passed, n ,,,ay help to curb clec- Instructors office with a petition tlon abuses, lie snid. but is not llke- re-cxamlnalion. i ly to prove fully cffeclivc without Ihs professor started lo tnlk to I f nc support of a strong public .vn- Clow. The student, police were timcnt for clean elections July .. Oct. .. Dec. .. Jan. .. Mar. .. 1C75 1071 1072 1071 1071 1079 1078 1080 1161 1071 1067 1059 1069 1030 1017 1080 1078 1080 army engineers. omnibus bil! the 1937 . limits expenditures during fiscal year to $50.000.000 President Roosevelt is given power to determine the order in which me approved projects shall be undertaken nnd the army engineers will handle the construction work Completion of congressional action on fnc measures was followed by reports that the president might veto the $300,000.000 omnibus flood control bill but probably would sign the $270,000,000 lower Mlssis- slpp floodway measure, which pro vldcs also for flood conlrol works on the St. Francis and Yazoo riv- Nearly one-half of the 29.900,000 families tabulated In the last U S. census owned their own homes Spots closed steady at 1177, up 3 Spot Average Is 11.72 The average price of 7-8 Inc'n ml:Mlirvj cotton on the 10 sr»t markets today was 11.72, the Bly- thevillc Board of Trade reports.. Growers selling 1935 cotton 'today i will be entitled lo a subsidy ol .28 of a ccnt p?r pound. New Orleans Cotton NRW ORLEANS, June 4 (UP) —New crop months strengthened! on outside demand in late dealings on the New Orleans colton market today and closed with gains of two to five points. open high • low close July 1152 1159 1152 1158 \ Oct 1071 1081 1068 1080 Dec 1066 1075 1063 1075 Jan 1066 1075 1066 1075 Mar 1070 1071 1069 1075b May 1070 1070 1070 1076b Spots closed steady at 1188, up 2. declined today with only slight Increase in yesterday's dull trading. Stocks moved narrowly most of Ihe day but near the close turned down in all sections under " lead of Westinghcusc Eleclric. Indications that (he congress session might be prolonged beyond Saturday, the hoped for adjournment date, together with the growing labor unrest in France, were unset ling faclors. A. T. and T 165 1-2 Anaconda Copper — 32 1-2 Bct'h. Sleel 50 3-4 Chrysler M '' 8 Coca Cola 09 1-8 Gon. Am. Tank 48 1-8 Gen. Electric 37 1-8 Gen. Motors CO 3-4 McKesson-Robblns .... 85-8 Montgomery Ward ... 41 3-4 N. Y. Central 34 Packard 10 Phillips Pet 39 1-2 Radio • H 3-8 St. L.-S. P 2 Simmons Beds 27 7-8 Standard of N. J 53 5-8 Texas Co 31 5-8 U. S. Smelting 89 1-2 U. S. Steel 59 1-2 Warner Bros 93-4 Konilc C 3-8 working gaining. hours and collective br,r- would weeks. Colo set the rainfall record of I'iic present year ut 8.H2 Inches or 140 Indies below what it was id this time lust year. Tho last general ruin Ihrounh- out the stale was reported on Muv '27. measuring less thai] half an hull in most localities. . , state game !in;l fish commission reported lhat game .wardens were measuring nnltirnl lakes in the White river basin anil unless rain was received soon many of them \vould hnve lo be seined and t.h- flsh moved to more plentiful streams. "Many of liiese nalural lakes In the White fiver are 33 Inches below their normal water line and continued lowering of this Hue means danger to the name fish," McCall declared. The commission Is holding p number of trucks and container? ready to b? nutted to lakes that wardens believe should IK seined is representative from' the Nashville district of many years. Adjbin'imciil plans were aside In the crisis cnuscd llyrns' death. Congress Is not expected lo quit until sonic lime In the week following the Iteptiljllcnn national 'convention opening at Cleveland Tnp.iday. (lunkhead's elevation lo the spcaki'iship was agreed upon ut iin nmcTBcucy conference of house leaders. He will serve as opeakcr for Ihe remainder of tills session. Whether he will stand tor reelection to the post ut the next congress was uncertain. Immediately after electing Dmikhcad the house prepared to recess mull a slate funeral for liyrne.s to bo held In tho house tomorrow or Saturday. President Roosevelt will attend Ihu house funeral, he will ntso go for told, then drew a .32 calibre revolver, said "Well." and shot Phy.; He died almost instantly. Clow ran' into n hall where he fiml a bullet into his head. It was understood that Clow had been arguing with Phy for several days. Bruce Ivy. president of the club presided at the club's weekly lunch con mcctins. held in the Proares- Mve club room at the courthouse. AinoiiK the guests were C. R Habccck and Mrs. Marie Wathsn of flic Ulylhcvtlle Courier News, who explained Ihe. paper's plans for a Mississippi county historical and progress edition July 1 In connection with the Arkansas ccnl?n- nial observance. The club voted cndorsemetU of a proposed Osceolr .section of the paper and Mr. Ivy appointed committees lo cooperate iti assembling malerial. Walnut Ridge Lawyer Named to Revenue Post LITTLE DOCK, June 7. (UP)— Appointment of W. 13. Jackson of Walnut Ridge as attorney for the revenue department to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Alford was announced to- C'oinmlfsloner Earl wlsc- iad bc-en employed bj Millard day by man. Jackson Iho department for a ycar'aiid a half as a special investigator ant has been a practicing attorney for ?5 years. His place as an Investigator not be tilled, according to Wiseman. t.) Nashville, Tent!., for the final services at which most of Byrnes' congressional nssoclaies will La present. liankhead, house majority lend- •r. since the. elevation of Byrns o Uic speakershlp after the dcalh of Speaker Henry liiitncy,: was elected by Ihe house vyithln a few noincnts after It met in sad ebl- omnlly .tl consider the.' .legislative crisis, uiishig from IJyrnes' death. It was the first time' In history 'hnl the house had been faced with the duty of electing n.•successor to n speaker who had .died while congress was in session. Hankhcad's choice as upeaker eft the post of majority leader open. Democratic leaders deckled lot to attempt ot fill the jxBllion during the remainder of his sca- ion. There was possibility that Ihu dentil of Byrns would ' bring about n complete shift in house leadership next, session if the 1 Democratic majority continues. Bankhcad has been 111 much of ;he lime since the 'Mill congress acgan. H.was rgeardcd as possible ho would not seek re-electiin- ns speaker. Senate In Itcccss WASHINGTON, June 4. (UP)— The senate recessed today In respect to Speaker of the House Joseph W. Byrns and adjournment of congress was definitely shelved, probably until the week of June 14. Chicago Wheat Jnl Sep eep open 84 3-4 85 high 85 7-8 86 1-2 low 84 3-4 84 7-8 close 85 1-2 Bfi I-S Intruders Fail To Find Money in Store Burglars forced their way into G. H. Grear's store, 210 East Main street, early last night and rail- packed the store, apparently in a' ,,, , ,„, ., ,. - scarrti for money, whicli thc'y fail-i Albtrt White Named cd to find. I i i n i , v. E. TomJinson, merchants' ,»-! Lepanto rostmaster trolman. discovered that, a door to ; Ihe store had been forced while on j LEPANTO. Ark.—Albert White an early round of Inspection, about: lm rereivril from Washington Ills 8 o'clock. The intruders had flod. j appoinlmciit as postmaster at apparently on tne approach of the Lepiinlo. "c has been employed patrolman, before completing search. ° their, I" Iho post-office here for six Chicago Corn open 60 1-4 57 3-4 high GO 3-8 58 3-8 low GO 1-4 57 3-4 close (51 1-4 58 1-8 Livestock EAST ST. Lours, in. iui'1- ] Hogs: G.500. Top 10.15. 170-230 Ibs., 9.95 10.10. 140-160 Ibs., 9.00 10.00 Bulk sows 8.G5 8 90 Cattle 2700. Steers 7.20 8.40. Slaughter steers G.OO 8.75. Mixed yearlings and heifers 750 00. Slaughter heifers GOO 850. Beef cows, 4.75 5.50 Cutters & low- cutters, 3,25 4,25. rds Klmcr Murphy, who Ciiuu' In'o the office under Woodlow WiUon'.s adiiiini.slr.atlon ami 1 continuously for 17 Farmer Loses Home, Becomes Cave Dweller'?''^ BEEBE, Ark. (UP)—Prank I«el. ff i- f Cleburnc County fisher and trap-1 Machine Glin Water to Aid Recruits per. claims to be Arkansas' oiilvi cave-dweller as he recently com- j pleted remodeling a huge cavern! into n home. I ]<USSKI,I,VII.I,E, Ark. (DP) — The cave, one of many that'l>»- Jolm II<1;;S ° r lllc 2 Mth can bs found in a rock bluff mere I Coast. Artillery. Arkansas Nation' LOGO feet long and 75 feet."' C'U.ivd. has dcMfined a machine I'oan Lepanto Planter Has . ISO-Acre Wheat Crop LEPANTO. Ark.-H. H. Hflwlng- ton. large plantation owner, believes in diversification. Last year as an experiment ha ulanted ISO acres In wheat. The yield was approximately one thousand bushels. He swapped the wheat to a mill for flour. Tills year the same amount is planted and the yield will be greater. ' First Of 278 Pension Checks Reach Here Today Three old age pension assistance checks w'crc received here today, the first of 278 expected to arrive within a few days. These checks, which will range from S3 to SO monl'nly, will be mailed to those certified as eligible by the county Public Welfare Commission, according lo Marvin Crlltcndcn, disbursing officer of Ihe commission, Only those who have been receiving relief in Mississippi county were certified by the commission. There were 278 of these certified May 13. Planes Used to Plant Rice in California WILLOWS. Cal. (UP) — Kicc planting by plane has now become a ma.lor industry in the Sacramnelo Valley. One planter alone. Floyd Noltfl. l.i now using five pianos and five pilots for work on his rice fields in Bulle Glenn and Colusa counties. Altogether 27 men nre now employed in such work and between 2:,.OCO and 27.000 acres have been sewn from the air. h'Sh. is 60 feel square, with an ' R"" mudiinent to save the gov- opening measuring 10 by 8 feet, [crmnrnt much of the ammunition Using rough lumber L^ C i^s l 'M v n -~ c i' 1 training machine gun- nmdc a door which can be swung ! "crs. open to admit sunlight and trtsa '< Inftcad of ''"'lets, the machines air in the winter and cool ' having the new equipment use In the summer. ' , vva tcr for ammunition. The stream L«e, a bachelor, lost his farm by; com PS "'it in a piojeclional curva- Capone Is Knocked Down By Waley In Prison Fight SAN FRANCISCO. Juno 4 (UP) —Al Ca|x)iie, former Chicago big shot racketeer, was knocked down by Harmon Waley, one of the Weyerlianiscr kidnapers' in a fist fight in Alcalraz Piison, Sail Francisco Hay. where both are convicts, the San Franciico News said today. Waley. the News said, landed a haymaker on Caponc's jaw. What started the argument between Capone and Waley was not known but Ihe quarrel was saul to have readied a climax when Cai»nc called Waley a "baby sr.alcher." foreclosure cave home. and decided inaimer, resembling a gun in Files Divorce Suit Wiley Smith 'nas filer! chaneery court Smith, asking r ground of Indignities. against divorce suit In Airean on Ihe E. E. Alexand? the plaintiff. T Is attorney for WEATHER Arkansas—Generally (air tonight and Friday. ;vlenip'iis and vicinity—Pair .tonight and Friday. Saturday cloudy, I not much change in temperature.

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