The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1930 (AUK.) COUUIKIt NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement liken for less than 50c. Count (he words'and send the cash. • Phone 306 FOR E&Lfc-Late 1928 Dodg,j iy> lory e! Sedan. Sport mo:lrl- ! 'Sr\ [wheels, sw tires, neat and At'ract- |ive looking, excellent running cjn- idition.-A real bargain at $205. phone 810. Paul Stilwell, Easy terms. BRUSHING UP SPORTS PAGE SEVEN By Luafcr lOUK HOARDING HOUSE FOR SALE FOH SALE—House ear. 20B West Davis. UP-KM FOR SALE—Dodge Sedan, excellent FOR SALE — Modern nlivj-rocm home on West Main street. Furnace heai garage. All .no-'cin convenience's. This place was. pru tlcally rebuilt In January, 1027, and j represents an Investment. |'i cs cess, of .515,000. Will be sold M .111 bargain, elUiev fcr cash o: - on s/! terms to responsible parto:., 1 i,' is one of the most dssirtib!; pi <.->•, ' in Blythcvihc'r.nd wou-d con IK-HI a liDndtomc i:i!ce under iw, n I ! condllicrs because ol its excsp 'o i' al location'. Address EU:ar " Wctt Point. Mi-:s., condition, 5 practically' new lires, Hani'- Wee Poii-t 111'" -a- ••<!' 1930 license, way below value, S175. Nick Thorh'k '-" ""'-fle-KlO'l Phone 52, Mrs. Rosa Mills.-- ' —- —-^"icl:/. , _ __ FOR SALE—1030 fully equipped, • 11CK-TF '-FOR SALBt-Lato 1030 Fo;M : — r~ — : ~—-- - ScAarV'tftilly equipped, drrvon en! Ford ' Roa'dstcr; • 3000 mlltfe.-- Looks and runs 11! "A-1 s condition, new. Justine" car you've wailed only $345. Call' Ab» Kthninghain 'First offer of 5495 gsts it. Cora L™ today. Phone 717. Terms,''tqb. "" ; Batdrldge.< Phone 902-J • cr 8!1 • — —^ —-j Trade- in your ol:l -car. ' : '. HubbardV Used Furniture Specials . ',;FOR RENT $29.95 $69 less 3-plece ijciiroom suites, any finish 8-piece dining room suites ' Odd Dining • Tables . . Used Beds and springs, _ than half price. Used chairs from 25c to $1 cai;h, Used heating stoves, any . size, any price. - . "... Used dressers, good d» > r en condition • <?I.3U Used portable talking machines; any make, any size, good condition We also. have kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, oil stoves and everything you cmild think of. Just come in and make us a price. We are overloaded and must cell. HUBRARD FURNITURE CO. Upstairs FOR SALRn-Lj.t; liBD . C'ie\ •"> Six Co.ieh. Ilr.s 4 brand IIM t.u .; original paint. Look; like nn tor-in A-l condition. Guaranteed to ratlsfy. Only S335. Call me at 810. Garland Morgan. FOR RENT—Fuiriiir,hp(i"npar(mri;:! garage. 305 DC'.ijan. op-l:13 $4.95 FOH SALE-Ford Tudoi- ''sedan, 1928 model, heavy-duty tir:=. runs and loolcs good. A reilb'ars.i:!; at 5250, Will acc'spt. your-used c.'.r as part payment.'Phone 514 cr 811. Mrs.' Ruth Slilivell 'Holder,.' FOR RENT—Six room modern residence,- furn'l3!icd'-"o'r unfurnished. Will rent cheap'-Ho'' permanent i parly. Also five Vccun frame' buiid- .ng. Dr. Sallua,' Phone -110. 10C-K17': FOR SALE—1930' Ford dan. Has 5 dandy tires, bumpers, moto-meter. Looks' atxl runs fine. Worth $•175. but.will sell-for nsily 5395. Quick, Phone 810. John Mur- FOR SALE—1931 Ford 1^ ton truck with closed cab and dual \vhoels and kingham dual wheel 103 and lumber trailer. Just like new. Cost over SHOO. \Vill sacrifice for only 5G15. See me. today. Herman Adair. Phone 811. . ' ', Call' 1 ' WALPOLE .For Electric Work rhrme'314 • . '-PAVING TAX r .v ; : : ._. Time to pay i > -ivin,g. 1 'Jasc.\ js^ ;cltins short. .. Th,c .Jpnally t is. :oo hifh'for anyone 1 to - neglscl. ?ayinjr before the books Close- Better Pay Now— C. J. EVRARD. Do not delay, to pay PAVING AND SEWER TAXES .• " Dec. 3!sl is the last Day.. i j ay today and avoid the vus'i. G. G. UAUUlLl,, Coilcelor. FOR RENT -Two roohrs and bath, furnished cr unfurnished, close -THE scu^p <$F : ( VERBAL 5.0.5. rlELP TOR -TrlEf. v/aice • AM 5.0.5. CALL O'iR mV F -TO GIVE -Tr!£M A 3bVFtU. CrtelSTMAS 1 '. — A SPLEMDi'P 1PEA "THIS VEAR 15 Tb TILL ii;,',RKe-f-BA<3 WlTrl TooP KiR'SOME. FIGHTS SK3HTCPOMLVOWE EVB SFbRtep OME 6V.KSS O^iG/ BUT KEPT; IT A SECRET AW FROM UTTLETOH OF lc y BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT Huffman News By Martin FOR KENT— Walnut S!.. 3 roDM WANTED— To trade Oldsmobiie residence, newly decorated, two Sedan fcr good radio. Roberts batss.-Rent $32.50 month. Thomas Garage, Broadway, 700 West Ash St. IQCiTl Lund .-Co. 12p-kl4 5C-K12 FOE SALE-1028. Ford Tudor s:don, nice looking, in firsl clsss running condilion, good llres, ful- y equippsd. Terms if desired. Only- S255. Terms: $65 down, balance in easy weekly or-monthly payments. Ezra Wheeler, -phona 810. FOR SALE—1923 Ford spart Coupe. FOR .SALE—Ford late 1029 model Has runibta scat, bumpers, heavy Stiuidanl coupe. Has Ind the best duly (ires. Guaranteed to run good, of care. Runs smoothly and is very Only S195. Phone Allen Hardy at good looking. Fully equipped Only 810. $75 down, balance weekly or S275. J. C. Kinningham. Phone Til. monthly. WANTED New York Cotton ,_„„ ™ v _ r r ~, ~ POULTRY WANTED—Mtirttct nri. ^°n ^Suv^^rrSe! -^ ^ ^*: ^» ™~ nea^ earngc:- .Pcs?essipn January ^.'-y l.;ai G. Harris. West! NEW YORK, Doc. 1.2. (UP)—Cbt- 9U-Ti 1illO!1 c - Dsct ' .barely, steady. „ -. . ,.,- . (TOR .'SALE--Almost new, Carter'4-', Dec. new tcint, .Missvor/Bcs Nick.-Thomac-.; ton'.trailer-with dunl wheels and [Dec. old i'-Ji.U or , t Sijfc , ^ ... Shuck off,' Me -'per<. bu., hi car lots. ..' . - - /Cptlon .Sl.itcs Sales Co., Inc. ",'...'• Blythcviile.i Ark. , ,.-1 'Phone 114 or LD 180C. . S. Fourth St.- -- -- . Open High" Low Close 988 985' '970... 070 088 OSO 066 070 foot platform body with stakes. Jan. »e«" 535 1000 915 975 ! Cost new SOCO.-Will lake S295. "Jo'.in Jan. old 993 1000 <)"& 973 j Fox Phone 811. Weekly or mop'.hiy i Mar.".'..! 1018 "1028 1003' 1003 'iCfcrms. •'••'- • ' | May ..'.. 101G 105S 1030 1030 I' ' ' '• '—"— ~ i—f--^ --4J -tU-,-. July • .".'.-. 1053 • 1073 1050 ' 1030 Washings, o'cf. ..*'.' 1083 idfla' IOCS "•'"•'*' i: 77 - .Family; ; . Waslied and ironed by compcr | • t'ent ii-hite 'woman. Mrs. ' Brown,! 1.704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF Spols.'c'losed quid at 935, 91!' 10. LOST AND FOUND '^ New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 12! (UP> Whv /rice ;iy More Than Hulf For', A.uto Pai-ls? JACKSON' AUTO' PARTS 2020-Wam 'Phone OU I' BIRD DOGS ;LOST--Li',-er and While spotted ; D |. Pointer Dog. Medium size, small j,' "white .spot on back of neck, hcavyj ^j,^ ! hamc-string collar. ^L.' ! ALSO LOST—White female Setter i , Lfc:!:oi: colored forrhtad. ears and! i spol in forrhtad. Phiin leat'ier: i'cellor. RF.WAP.D. Call Cecil Dcen i -j— Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Low Close 989 932 B70 970 1001 1003 '976 970 1025 1030 1002 1002 1051 1054 1029 10:3 1070 1073' SO-1S 1040 1090 1C30"';C64 1034 ! July • • Oct Spots closed sleady'at 045. of! 18. Krncsl Nccly of Bourgn, Tex., is visiting his mother Mrs. Victoria! Nccly. lie is onrouic to Oklahoma. I Murgnrcttc Pi'rry spent Tuesday night with her tistcr, Mrs. 13. L Adktsion. '•' Orbln Bracken : bf Qulln, Mo., is visiting relatives here tills week. | .\tisi Mildred Ra'y entertained a iiurhbcr of friends at lier home Monday night. , Mr. and Mrs. Union Flowers tint! two sens of Blylheville visited the Ir.uer'j mother, Mrs. Philip kis=ell, hlonday. i -*fr. and Mrs. Priest of BlyllievUle Msitcd Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Seal/ions Sunday night. j '-Mr. and Mrs. Donahue w.irp Sur.-j ;dnvdinncv guests of Mr. and Mrs. i '"rs: T. E. Tale 'was a bi visitor 'in Huffman Thursday cvc- Preston Perry was the Sunday , guest of Mildred nay. j ,, Max Kay, who is employed at the i government, liect at Osceola, spent! the wool; e;-,d here with his family, j ','Huloii Holmes of O.ijcola called i qn Miss Mildred Ray Sunday ni'jht. '. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hick have rriovctl from here to Jonesbovo. ' Mrs. Mary E'oery spnm Monday) With Mrs. Emma ''Ferry. at 811- or 770. 11P-K13 Anycub kr.ov;my wlicrcabou's of WASHINGTON (UPl — Sulphur ; ISLAND OFFERS BUMPER, CROP | dioxide MS may be Ihc means HAVANA. (UPj—The most abun-o.[ future utilisation of Ciic iiiy-'inak-'-Germnn pMicc doj call! dam crop of truck produce grown Inree deposits of low-yrnde rt, .|2E3 OK.020 and receive reward. J. ! Waterman, A. S. Barboro CD. llcklS FOR" SALE—!029 Furd Tiidov EC- dan. In first class mechanical canoltion. 5-gcod tires, bumpers and in the Isie of Pines in years will'tic miingancsc ores in the be ready f:r American markctij Stales, jiccorcling lo Ihe Bureau of ] about Jammry 1, according to En-i Mines. Tests have shown that the] Ijcnio Molinet, secretary 'of affri- gas. a waste product at many sinel- culcurc, commerce and labor. The ters, readily dissolves the nianya- t crop includes more Uian • 200.000 !'r.cse from the principal oxidrs. license. Priced ;D sell. 5275. Call 010 | craten of cgs plant, pepi>er3:, b=ans,! is used in the inaim- ; tctlay. L. B. The New Game of "Sahara Goaf KXCITIiNG'- • 1NTKKKSTINC : • ' EDUCXl'IONA I. I.curn nliniil conl'.froin roiiprtH liflow'lo our. Jif- llii.s iiiLcri'sliici; i:;iiiic. A )it-c,u.l .nijy, iimc i .(lurfyg IroaL fc.r Ihc eiiiidroii—u t\ii.' fi^li^vccli. " 'livrrsimi for gniii-ii-uji«. One coiuplcto I!:.inic frill lie givrti'lo cjicli SlotluT or "Dad" liringiug .|ho Conic oiivlv—IIP sure lo lid yolif "cjiuin hoforo ! smmlv is i'\Ii;iubli'tl. Simple as 123 oi/r phone number Xo. 101 cucumbcr.s aiid limn beans. vj,'/xiT A SEE, i;>V BOY...WE'LL USE Tl«S UO& AS P. BftTTERlMG 13AWOM TH^T WAUU TU& PtlRFESSOR. HC'D SEIL 000,000 K10T ^ CENT tESS. QRWC£ COUUD VjA\9TrtE WORLD 1 . SES WWEM BOWe, v)J09PEO 15 6SFLQOEO BV STRANGE scar OF wie 'AftW-XOO-'. WOW ONE wvwtww. yea \'j ^ HOW W XOO LMt VOON6 "TOO - . . TWERt NlUiR..WA& NMtVJSR W^v. Bt v\\ct VUM OM MY BOU.'iCE \'OO CPRb -•M'lf-.Vit XOO TO A'ST OUCK6O OP ^ Root ilL'NDREl) MILLION! ^ Crane. r$ioo,ooo,oco ' EEV EES R038E UP'. I VIEEL NOT PW 6ET! MO,

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