The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1949
Page 8
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?AGE EIGHT (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 8, Bums Again Hold Best Record in Grapefruit Loop; Yankees Beat Reds; Giants Oust Indians NEW YORK, April 5. WPj— The Brooklyn DodRcrs, onre again, •port the best record among National and Amoricnn'League teams In Grapefruit League competition, * —— Baseball Exhibition Results The Dodgers, as in the two years, have cleaned up if gainst minor league teams in compiling their Imposing Vecord. Burt Shotlens crew has von 13 games and lost four for a .185 mark. They posted eight wins without a loss against minor leagues. The Dodgers. wno were grapefruit league kings in 1947 and 1948, have won 59 games and lost only five to minor league teams the past three seasons. Against major league clubs, the Dodgers have a three year record of 14 wins and 12 setbacks. Pittsburgh's Pirates, leaders in! the National the past two weeks, dropped to second. The Pirates have B 15-6 slate. Every t<>am in the National with the exception of the Boston Braves are last with a 8-13 record. The Philadelphia Athletics continue to boast the best nmrk In the American League. The A'R have won 15 and lost 6 lor a.7U mark. The A's also have harped on minor league opposition, winning nine games In 12 starts against the minors. Bv tttp AssodatciJ Pre.s.s Brooklyn INI 8 Dallas I'D 3 New York (N) 15 Cleveland (A) 10 New York <A> 2 Cincinnati <N> 0 Philadelphia <N> 2 MoiitGonir <SV.U 1 (Night, tailed end six in- nlnps, rain* Allan I a iSA) 3 not roll (A) (Nifillll Boston (A) 5 St. Louis (N) <Ten innings) St. I.ouls iA) vs Chicago (N) Cancelled, raiti Washington IA) v.i Chatlanooun ISA) cancelled DALLAS. Tex., April 5—</T>—H looked today as if Manager Barney ghotton of the Brooklyn Dodgers has settled upon a regular outfield. After experimenting all through the spring training campaign with almost as many trios as the BrooV:s have played games. Shot ton apparently has decided on Cal Abrnrns. Duke Snider and Carl Furlllo as his first string plckelmen. He played the three tor Ihe second day in a row yesterday, the Brooks thumped the Dallas Eagles of the Texas League. Morris Martin and Erv Pallca shnr- ed the Brooklyn pitching assignment. Defending Champ in AAL Ring Title Tournament Has Double Incentive BOSTON. April 5 «P>—Tile inn hosing hopes of Middle-weigh Eugeiir Unscott. only dcfcncliiv eliiuiiploi! i" tlif A. A. U boxing championship Inm-namcn appeared within his grasp today. That 17-year-old Grant! Rnpids. Mich., sc))oolboy has the double Incentive of rctninliiR his title siul winditig up Wednesday night as he tournament's outstanding com- letttor. Unseatt was one of the 22 In ast night's field of 114 to be called ipon to engage in two bouts. He sailed through both in im- ii-e.ssive fashion, out-pointing Jimny While. Milwaukee 147-ilounder, ind oui-slugt;in(! the rugged Sfjt. .eland Pillcn of the Blind Airborne Division from Fort HragR, N. C All of the other livo-Imm wlrmtrs asl night were either lightweights or welters. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.. April —f/Pl—Bob Porlerfield. who looked impressive alter coming to the Ncv York Yankees from their Newark farm lasb year, had Manager Case.\ Stengel looking at the young hurl ar's future with optimism today Portertield. hurling as thongl were the middle or the season, se the Cincinnati Reds down with on hit In fashioning a 2-0 shutout fo the Bronx crew yesterday. U.S. Tribune/ to Review Pro Grid Bribery Case WASHINGTON, April 5 (If I- -Two men convicted of trying in bribe New York Giant pro football players were granted yesterday a supreme court review of their trials. The pair, Harvey Stemmer and David Krakower, were charged with offering briber? to Giant stars Frank Filchock and Merle Hapes. fexarkana Nine Wallops Travs Little Rock's Hopes Get Setback; Atlanta Edges Detroit, 3 to 2 By (he A.sstnliUcd The Little K<K-k Travelers, who ;iavc hopes of climbinK lo the Class A A Somhrut Association's irst division tins yenr, couldn't whip a Cluss B if*am last night cxmkfiiia's neai'rs r>( the BlK Stale acuo walloped Ihem, 4 to 0. The Travelers. «'!in now have hern held scoreless (or 20 innings of exhibition play, not only two hits, one each off Ray Machado anrt Joseph Hndnoy. while the lien getting to Flock rookies Jin I,a \v rence and Alfx Nfdctco foi t. Seven of the hits and al the inns were off Lnwrenrc. Little Ttock. however, mnde a move lo .strengthen its offense. Th Travelers bought from Hollywoot outfielder Robert Reash. who ballet .;(15 for Denver in the Class / Western League ln;sl your. The Travelers wind up their awa from home exhibitions in a secom Ho with TcxiU'kinm this aftornooi Thri'<: A tin nl :t huilers held Detroit to a pair of unearned runs ] iiiiibt and motif* Charlin \Vod- dntl .smriMhed a simile through the pitchers' box to Kive the Crackers I wo runs and ;i 'i-1! victory. Now even in a thiee-tjatne series. Ailnn(R and Oelroit- wi]J play Ihe tie-breaker tonight. Norman Drown. Bill . Kennedy and Larry Hurtly of the Crax stop- pet! threat after threat by fanning batters fn the eliitrh. Veils lo Start Cutting niniuntthani rntlied in the late LnnJiiK.s lo overcome a two-run deficit and rlefcat the University of Alabama. f> to 2. Routine UainiiiR continued other -Southern Association camps. The NnshvilLe Vols have started pnming operations. The big cut Is scheduled. Friday. The Memphis Chicks faced the Tudlanopolis Indians tif the American Association in an exhibition lilt today. Huch Mulcahy, veteran Reserve Clause Origin Hazey, May Date Back to the J880's (Keillor's Note: Tills Is baseball's reserve clause and By Ted Smlts NKW YORK, April 5 </Pi—No one ! :nows for sure who conceived baseball's reserve clause. The evidence polii'4 to A. H, Sodeii, presldeiil of the Boston club when the National League was In 1876. Theatrical contracts gave the Inspiration. That is the opinion, too, ol I''rcdcric A. Johnson, long a student of baseball and now In the thick of It as attorney for Danny Gardella in his suit which has club owners and players alike nervous and worried. Right from Ihe itiirt of professional baseball In 1812 there was an unwritten agreement among owners not lo bid for each other's players. That Is what "reserve" means- players are reserved as the private property of their clubs. In 1880, tne clause was put In contracts, each National League club reserving five players. The rest were free agents. In 1883 the flgme was raised to 11, to 12 In 1B84, and 14 In 1887. Prom then on it became universal. Every profcs- sicmal ball player in organized ln.«euall for CO years has been "reserved"—has agreed, every lime the second of six the attacks on it.) stories explaining ter . . ,'• The brotherhood set up a players' league In 1889 but it soon folded up. The National League players from then on, however, got more pay. One of the bitterest fights on reserving developed when Ben Johnson started the American League In 1900 and lured away National League stars despite tlie clause. There was a flurry o! court actions but in 1903 the American and National Leagues teamed up to form "organized baseball." Yes, lhat Is the same American. Lepg'le the leaders of which are really worried over the present attack on the reserve clause. Ralph Garabaldi, Ellis Bashara Win Tag Match Event Kills Brashara and Ralph Garabaldi battled their way through two straight falls to defeat Bill Canny and Prince Omar in the tag match- fcuture of the weekly mat event last. night in the Legion arena. Bashara, making his first, apppar- ance here In several years, and Garabaldi won the first fall in n minutes and wound up the event after 21 minutes of the .second. Tn the one-fall preliminaries, Canny took the opener from Bashara in 10 minutes and Garabaldi won the second fronuOmar in the same time. 6-1; Ed Braswell defeated Fat Dodge. 6-1. 6-2. In the doubles, the Longhorn No. 1 team of Kellcy and Goldfarb defeated Exal) and Dodge, 6-1, 6-0. Bras'vell and Chew defeated Adams and Lumpkin, 6-0, 6-0. Edc-hvclss, low growing flower of the high mountains of Switzerland, is protected by law because of its rarity. Sports Roundup kr Rush FullerUm Jr. right, hander, was to slnrl for the The Pelicans of New Orleans were pronounced In Rood shape although their training period has been plagued by bncl weather. Chattanooga has received two moLnid.smcn from the Washington IL PASO, Tex.. Apvll 5— f/Pl— Durocher. manager of the New York Ginnts, seemed determined lodny to jet Jack Lohrke Into the llnc-np to itay. Lohrke, who has been belting the ball «t better tnan x .400 clip In Grapefruit league games, played second base, a relatively .sirniiKc position, yesterday »s the Giants ouUlugged the Cleveland Indians, 15-10. Clint Iffirlnnp. the pitchpr-osH- tielder, WAS banged for a dozen hits In the first Tour rounds, and continue* to b« on of Uvircher's main problems. of Filchock and llnpcs Iron, the . National Professional Po o t b a I 1 i Clickers last year, and Bill Dozer. Lcacue. Stemmer and Krakower ere .sentenced to prison terms of 5 o 10 years each. 'urkey Hunters Warned BT. PETEHSBORG, Fia.. April 5 — (IP) — Ths ""• Louis Cardinals, \vllo have been losing games HS thp result of weak hitting, varied their routine yesterday and dropped one through weak fielding. They committed five errors li tnking n 5-4 beating from Boston it 10 innings at SarasoLa, Fin. Four of Boston's runs were unearned. U was the Card's sixth consecutivi defeat. St. Louis hopes lo break the los Ing streak today at the expense o the PhiTadelphU Athletic--;. Bil Reeder and Gerald Staley wer tcheduled to pitch for St. Louis. AUSTIN. Tex., April S—OT.—Th St. Louis Browns and the Chicftg ")( Buffalo Gnat Invasion LITTLE ROCK, April 5 (/TV- . rkey huiiiors si)ouid inke pie-I Scott Outpornts Kmney who had nn eignl-eipht record with Charlotte The lookouts, who lost three straight in r\ scries with Havana, will break cnmp at after a panic with Washington today. owlnnds, says the Game and Fish Commission. The gnats, reported the commts- ion, have killed at least 14. and have made livestock ill. The turkey .sea.son opens today ind \\ill continue, through next Saturday. Lowland hunters were advised to wear protective lace and hand covering lo guard against ;he gnats. Bites of the gnats produce a fever, said Tom Hull, the com mission's education director. He infestation probably would clear up with prolonged hot. sunny weather. Cubs move into t"he Texas captlal today to resume their spring scries They were stopped; by rain at San Antonio yesterday (or tbe second time. Ned Oarver wa;= named Jo pitch for the Browns. The Cubs hnvc a 5-2 edge ^u the series. Match April 5—^/Pi- Buddy Scott of Jacksonville, Fin., outpointed Rngon Kinney of Clarks- decr ' vilie. Ark., in a 10-roiintl heavyweight fifcht hero last night. The referee's decision was unpopular with the strongly pro-Kinney spectators. Kinney chnllenced Scott lo a return bout. The challenge was accepted. The bout was one in a series of eliminations designed to select Southern heavyweight champion Now both Kinney and Scott have tost one flRhl In the double-elimination affair. Referee Joe Red save Scolt four rounds, Kinney one and caller! the others even. sis us a contract, that he w!l\ sinn up again the following year with the .same club. Sn.lrn (lets Credit Koden gets the credit for this protective device because he was a shrewd businessman and — because he had theatrical experience. The state first reserved star performers . i n London in 1852 Prau- Irin Johanna Wagner engaged to sing for Benjamin Lunacy and then popped up later with an agreement to sing for Frederick Gye. Lutnley promptly pot H court order forbidding her to sing for Gye. In IcRal cases involving baseball's reserve, the name of Richard Wagner's sister has appeared re-! gularly in lawyer's arguments. lii New York (and here \x where Sodcn probably got his real ideal in the years 1874-76 Fanny Morant Smith contracted to sing for Atifr- iislin Daly; and Daly "reserved" 'her by specifying in the contract that If slip should refuse to perform her part for him and try lo sing for anyone else he could stop her ~-v paying; only one fourth of her regular salary, keeping her idle. When trouble arose, Daly got an Injunction against her and Justice Freedman upheld the "reserve" contract declaring, "i am of the opinion that actors and actresses, like all other persons, should be held true and faithful performance of their engagements..." The first attack on baseball reserve clause came in the 1880's with the formation of the Baseball Player's Brotherhood, a union aimed to deal with the owners. Connie Mack and Charles Comiskey were both members. They later became club owners. Baseball writers set up an awful 5\vl about the brotherhood. One of them described leaders of the brotherhood as "a few porcine professionals who, in their selfishness and love of gold, tried to destroy the reserve rule." Critics Scored ATLANTA, Ga.. April 5— (/Pj- -In Atlanta, go)/. Bob Jones and O. B. iCecler are virtually synonymous. . . and last night the members of the rade. . .newspapermen and golfers, :hat is—got around to doing something about the third member of that triumvirate. . .After 41 years, they finally bought R dinner for "Pop" and told him what they think of him. . .Everybody (including this writer) agreed it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. even if he is Southerner only by adoption. . . Incidentally, it wns baseball, not golf, that led O. B. Into the newspaper business. , .Back in 1908 he was fired from a job because ne offered to bet $500 that his boss couldn't name a National League team that could finish ahead of the Chicago Cubs. . .These days he might offer the same bet in reverse—name a club that will finish behind the Cubs. rcachfree St. Blossoms Atlanta baseball fans already are high on Second Baseman Dave Williams, who Is to go to the Giants In September for $65.000. . -The Tigers, here for an exhibition series, also wanted Williams but didn't get up enough dough. . .BJH Alexander. who used to describe himself as "the oldest recruiter in the business." is very proud of a new athletic program at Georgia Tech. Alex now figures Tech, which supports .en sports, should make a respectable showing in all of them without trying overly hard for any one championship. . .Spud Chadler and Whit Wyatt, Georgians who were pitching rivals in the 1941 world series, will be. th« rival managers In the Atlanta Journal's all-star school baseball game May 25. Chandler now is R Yankee scou and Wyatt a farmer In Buchanan Ga. Trade Sftfret Earle Edwards, Perm State end Razorback Tennis Team Loses to Texas Nefmen WACO, Tex., April 5—</Pj—The University of Arkansas tennis team meets Baylor here today after taking a walloping from Texas in Us Southwest Conference opener yesterday. At Austin, the Lnnghorns defeated the Ttaxorbacks, 6-0, In matches which had to be moved Inside because of rain. In tlie No. I singles game, Texas' Felix, Kellcy defeated Jack E.xall, 6-3. G-4. In other singles, Bobby Goldfnrb defeated Joe Adams, G-0. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today THEATER LEACHVILLE, ARKANSAS. < STARTING TIME V Weekdays: ) lOD & 9:00 F. M. ftaturdzy Ai Suada;: 1 P Bt With Continuous ShowlBt Tuesday 'I WALK ALONE' with Burt Lancaster Lizabeth Scott and Wendell Corey Short and Hollywood Screen Tes (Night Wednesday, Thursday "That Wonderful Urge" K-ilb Tyrone Power, Gene Tlerney and Reginald Gardiner News, Cartoon i Short WESt Warner News & Short Wednesday & Thursday "THE BIG FIGHT" with Joe 1'nlooUa Comedy and News li BLVTHEVILLE'S ONLY Show Starts Weekday* 7:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday: Coniinuouj showinj. (rota 1:00 p.m. foach, was walking across the cam pus the other countered an day old when he teammate Another Is quoted by Robert 1 hadn't seen in years. . .After Smith in his book, "Baseball." as saying: "The noleworthy part Is that the men who kicked the most against the reserve rule are men who come up from the slums, who were street loafers and idlers before playing ball; the men whose ignorance and loaferism made them a burden on the community and would fall to the same level again were baseball wiped out tomorrow. There are two instances In which a reserve Jumper cannot write an Intelligible let- h th usual exchange of pleasantries, th old grad asked if Earle still coaching football. . ."Sure." replie Edwards, "and what are you do Ing?". . .Came tne reply: "Oh, I'm in the same business that you an I'm superintendent of a menial hospital." Tuesday "TARZAN AND THE HUNTRESS" Jotinny Wcissmullcr Bremfa Joyce Serial: Chapter 6 of "Bruce Gentry" and Shorts NEW Box Onens Week flays 7:00 p.m. Mil liner Saturday & Sundaj Sat.-Sun 1 p.ra Cent Showing Manila, Ark. Shows EVEKY NIGHT EVERY TUESDAY IS SCREEN TEST NIGHT Wednesday & Thursday "DAISY KENYON" .loan Crawford Dana Andrews Henry Fomla Also Shorti Tuesday "Lady of the Chorus' with Adcle Jcrncn* and Marilyn Monroe Also Short Wednesday & Thursday "LARCENY" with John Payne and Joan Caulfield Shorts Tuesday "LOVE AND LEARN" with Jack Carson Robert Hutton Martha Vickerx and Jnnls Paige Also Short Wednesday & Thursday (DOUBLE FEATURE* "PITTSBURGH" with Marlene Dietrich, / Randolph Scott * and John Waynt "PERSONAL COLUMN' with Georjre Sanders. Lucille Ball, Charles Coburn, and Boris KarlotT Also Short In the Civil War. Alabama sent 120.000 men to the confederate Army. 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