The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 10, 1936 · Page 15
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 15

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1936
Page 15
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IOWA NEWS FIVE ONLY HIS SIZE MAKES HIM ODD Robert Wadlow Just Another Boy. Tallest human alive and within a quarter inch of the tallest who ever lived, Bob Wadlow, 18, an eight foot, four Inch giant of World's Tallest and Smallest ROBERT WADLOW 18VEARS OLD 8FEET;4 INCHES TALL WEIGHT -400 LBS Alton, lit, outlined his hobbies lirl IS i i lorr. Ui i i j i 1 1 -i Ljrii v. :" 1 THE DES MOINES REGISTER SUNDAY, MAY 10, 1936. i i o V- f' lM' f PAUL DEL iTYEARS OLO 19 INCHES TALL WEIGHT -12, LBS. Des Moines Saturday and said they don't include romance. Wadlow, a high school graduate who aspires to a career as a lawyer, spent the day at Gate-ley's store, 813 Walnut at. He is on tour of that company's establishments. TeUs His Likes. A Inammoth youth who weighs 400 pounds and wears a Number 35 shoe, Wadlow described in an interview his likes and dislikes. His principal hobby is photography. He enjoys taking pictures of his two brothers, two sisters and parents, all persons of no: -rial size. He gives little encouragement to feminine admirers who like big, tall men. Wadlow never has been enamoured of a girl and "hopes he never will be." His Meals. Wadlow eats no more than the average-sized person, a check at the restaurants where he had hi? meals Saturday revealed. For breakfast Wadlow had ordinary servings of ham and eggs and toast and coffee. For lunch he had halibut, shrimp salad, three deviled eggs, green beans all regular portions. For dinner he had a bowl of tomato soup, a shrimp cocktail, scallops, hash-brown potatoes, head-lettuce salad, strawberry cream and devils food cake. 23 Glasses or Water. The only unusual thing about his eating habits as reported, by restaurateurs was that he drank 25 glasses of water for lunch and as many or more for dinner. It is Wadlow's second visit to Des Moines. He was in the city two years ago. But at that time he was simply a strapping youth, five inches shorter than his present height. - - Records show one man lived who was taller than Wadlow but the Alton youth is confident he will soon grow more than the quarter of an inch necessary to win the tall man record. In Good Health. Wadlow is in good health, enjoys himself generally and has pretty well overcome the bashful-ness he used to feel when people stared at him. At birth, a normal baby of 8Vi pounds, Wadlow soon started to expand in size and length. At six months he weighed 30 pounds. At eight years he towered high above the other boys at school and realized he was a curiosity. Moves Slowly. Burdened with such size and vveieht Wadlow must be ever an( ne has set the second Sunday in October as the date. Says he: f i ' , J II! T- I "wmmmmmti ... mm -mm" II if MASTERPIECE OF TIRE CONSTRUCTION JL -J S 1M 5 u w7i 0210103 a )BU Y ON PROOF OF PERFORMANCE This composite picture by a Register staff artist shows Kobert Wadlow, the world's tallest human, compared with Paul Del Kio, midget who was In Des Moines a short time ago. Both pictures are on a scale of one inch for each foot in height. 'LEST WE FORGET ' Mitchell Would Honor Old Folks of Country : 1 nr tjt m ru:u u o I many iidvc imu viiiiuicii, xic odyb in Telling of Plans. Since there is a Mother's day and a Father's day, says J. Alvin Mitchell, Polk county farmer-prohibitionist, there certainly should be an Old Folks day. Mr. Mitchell therefore plans to inaugurate an Old Folks wary of his balance. With heavy limbs whose movements are sometimes difficult to co-ordinate, he must move slowly and with great care lest he stumble and fall. A fall would easily mean a severe sprain or broken bones. Living in what is to him a very small world, Wadlow's travel problems are many. At home he sleeps in a comfortable nine and one-half foot bed, but trains and their too-short pullman berths are a problem. Special arrangements are made for his train trips. Problems. Riding in an automobile he must sit with his knees crowded against his chin, hoping that sudden bumps won't cause a bitten tongue, Wadiow can't just drop down comfortably in a chair anywhere and rest his heavy frame. First he must inspect his seat, make certain its logs are built of sturdy wood. "There are thousands of old folks who are neither fathers nor mothers and they should be recog- nized. There are old married more have lost what they had folks who have no children and, through racketeers and swindlers. there are old maids and the bache- ers who have done more for their ' communities than many with children." Old Folks day, Mr. Mitchell plans, will include going to church and special dinners at homes. "The old people made this country," Mr. Mitchell continues. "Many have no pensions. Many more have no homes and many I say, let's not forget the old A. MILLION miles on Firestone Tires without an accident. That is the record of Ab Jenkins, famous driver, who has driven on all kinds of roads and in all kinds of traffic in every state in the union. What a tribute to safe, dependable, tire equipment! Make this proof of performance your guide in choosing new tires to protect yourself and your family. Therejjare three important facts you should know about the tires you buy FIRSTTHE FACTS ON TRACTION AND NON-SKID SAFETY A leading university in 2,350 tests has found that the new, scientifically designed tread on the Firestone High Speed Tire stops a car up to 257 quicker. SECOND-THE FACTS ON BLOWOUT PROTECTION Ab Jenkins used Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires when he drove his 5,000-pound car over the hot salt beds at Bonneville, Utah, in the record-breaking time of 127 miles per hour, covering 3,000 miles in 23Vi hours without a blowout or tire trouble of any kind. THIRD-THE FACTS ON ECONOMY AND NON-SKID MILEAGE The largect transportation companies in the country, such as Greyhound, to whom safety and tire economy mean business efficiency, use Firestone Tires from Coast to Coast and from Canada to the Gulf. And our own test fleet records prove that the new Firestone High Speed Tire for 1936 gives you up to 25 longer non-skid mileage.' The Firestone High Speed Tire for 1936 proves by performance its superiority in all of these three qualifications. Make this proof of performance your yardstick of safety and value. Decide today to equip your car with new Firestone High Speed Tires for 1936 the safest driving equipment money can buy. AB jtNKINS Famous driver who holds more records than any man in automotive history. j SIZE PRICE SIZE PRICE ! 4.5C21...... 8.60 7.00-17HD 11.30 4.75-19...... 9.IO 7.50-17H.O. 31.75 5.25-18..... 10.85 FOR TRUCKS "j 5.50.17- 11.90 size PRICE j ,6--16- '5 6.00.20-.. 18.85! (6.00-17h.d 15.90 7.50-20.. 39.10; 6.00-19H.D 16.90 30x51!,- 18.75! 6.50-17HD 18.40 32x6ho 40.25 Other $izen priced proportionately loi. End of cord in Gwm I(frci Tir magnified 20 timet, shou'tnf ery fiber intulatra vitk liquid rubber End of cord from ordinary tire magnified 20 timet, thowmg urv protected cotton fiber! inside the cord r wo swir vt iirrfk no swirvi rightJ BODY IS FOUND NEAR FRASER Think Elderly Spinster Died J After Losing Her Way. (The KeRlsttr'1 Iowa Nwa Service.) BOONE, IA. The body of Miss II- .1 1 .1 1 .. !. r obstacles which always bring him: Jil,le "oru' e,ue" ,,eaL X5UO,,e head bumps. ; spinster who disappeared last Au- Officials of Gately's said theyieust. was found Saturday bv Rov r J -uiwavr. nnu fliri- AUtim are paying him "approximately $250, plus expenses" for three ap pearances, one in Des Moines and two outside the city. Anderson, 20, a mushroom picker. The woman last was seen at ,Fraser, la., where she left an interurban on her way to visit relatives. Anderson found the body along side a path in timber. Identity was established through clothine and a purse the woman had. It Drake Club to Give Show on 'contained about $00. Miss Ward j apparently had wandered about two miles from where seen last. Sheriff Fred Wilkins of Boone county presumed Miss Ward, who; was crippled, became lost. DANCERS PLAN FOR PROGRAM Thursday. The Dance club of the women's physical education department of Drake university will present a program of dances at 8 p. m. Thursday in the Drake auditorium. Miss Mary Carroll Hillis, dancing instructor, will be in charge of the program, which includes a unique adaptation of pioneer dances, a Brittany peasant's dance and studies in plastic dancing, music visualization, and interpretation. Ttoe taklnir part will tit: Charline Chrieilernen. Evelyn Thnmpi iw :au, Katharine Petera. Lorraine Dun- ran. KHen Ku.fhan. Frances Carr.ll. Adi Bfih Peaker. Klcanor Muntz. Loie Bum- farrtner, Pauline Bailey. Florence Norby. Martha Hyde. Mavl Siherx. Nanna Gunn. SrriJSrSh?,: ARnnea Kom70-Dor! ' feature demonstrations and talksj caSinecaraicnaei. 8n,lr Kltlov' nd,by members of the engineering fac- Amateur Radio Men To Meet This Week (The Reenter'! Iowa Newi 8erv1c.) IOWA CITY, IA. Members of the Iowa branch of the American Radio Relay league will view the powerful University of Iowa television station in operation here Friday and Saturday. More than 400 amateur radio operators are scheduled to attend their annual convention which also 1 1 u 11 1 Gum-DtJWng not only strengthens the cords but prevents heat inside the cords, uncre it insulates the tiny fibers against friction and protects Firestone High Speed Tires from blowouts. This heavy, broad, traction and non-skid tread is held to the cord body of the tire with Two Extra Layers of Gum-Dipped Cords, a patented construction, making the cord body and tread an inseparable unit. The angles inthescicntiically designedTirestone High Speed tread are so placed as to stop a car quicker and without side-suer'e. Its super traction and non-skid efficiency have also been proved in the famous Vike's Peafc Race where for eight consecutive yearj it has been used on the winning cars. sir t Worm."00 A ft "nut tuh."'r needed n r efr clr ' n - "Ch're. Auto Polish, 1 pt. can 50c Chamois - 29cu Sponges 10cup Wax, 7 ox 50c Polishing Cloth 15cup Sun Glasses 10c up Flash Lights, 2 ce ....29cup Screw Drivers, 6' bUdt 15c Pliers, 6' 14c SE at yy. w?v l cloth"' upholder?-" c Up COuHS B1 SdB AUTO CUSHIONS Leatherette. In varied colon. c JUP SPARK PLUGS m Flreatone tpark laBCPlugi ara built to fve qillcn (park Sw and long depend EA. IN SETS tle mileage. 39 MICRO HORNS Loud, penetrating. Chrome. WW ffi BRAKE LINING Fireitone brake lining gives positive C afc J f brake control In wet av L or dry weather. 4m Up Maximum aafety at per SfT high .peed. ,rt" FAN BELTS 45c RADIATOR HOSE PtHFOOT I fe ffik I "VlO A. i. feV 4.40.X1 J 1Jm. jiV 4.40-21 STANDARD TYPE 4.50-21 4.75-19 5.25-18 5.50-17 6.00-16 , PRICE $7.7$ 8.10 9.75 10.70 11.05 Otkw Sim ft teed PropoflienalMi jm SENTINEL TYPE COURIER TYPE Sllf. PHICE SIZE PPICE 4- 50-21 $6.0 5 4.40-21 $5.08 4.75-19 6.40 efc1 5.00-19 6.8 5 4'50'21 5,60 5.25-18 7.6O 4.75-19 5.f 5- 5ai9 g-?S 30x3'2Cl 4.3J 0ih lum ftict f toporttoMWr Lv --------HaflHaMMm 0060 OnCXDQ QQOQ 6QPPQ0 066QQ QO OQ060 6GO0OQ COO0G0 Liiten to the Voice of Firestone featuring Richard Crooks or Kelson Eddywith Margaret Sfeaks, Monday evening- over Nationwide N. B. C WEAF Xetwork Supervisor Named For Justice Union Marie Graves, 1806 Sixth ave., Saturday was named as sixth congressional district deputy supervisor in Iowa for the National Union for Social Justice. ulty. ADVERTISEMENT. THORNTON&MINOR Private Formula Ointment ENDS CONSTIPATION 111 I HOUR STOPS TORTURE OF PILES from tha prtvata formula or tha 'world'i oldest rectal Initltutlon. Other deputy supervisors named jsoothea quickly tha tortura of Pllea are H. C. r.uintWTT,n nnvn. I Dovelopad throuh lyaara' aiper- port, second district; Albert w angler, Decorah, fourth district; G P. Simeon, he Mars, ninth district mouth, ifnea In aucceisfully treating mora than 46.000 casea. Ua this wonderful ointment according to atmpl direction!. Then. If you ara not more than latlafied return empty tube r. , r . land your money will be refunded. 1,1 aiuimnan, rviia-;VoT , by aU leading drusgiata. seventh -district. out stars, ( Jsiawrj " have used and prescribed Pluio Water for 40 years." aaya DR. V. N., OF MICHIGAN 10th & Walnut A Phone: 3-3173 Tire Dept. 6th Floor Phone.4-.ffl2

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