The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1930
Page 6
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r-v. PAGE EIGHT (AUK.) MOWS WJich Jini Dandy Outfoxed Gallant Fox National Race is Scrambled Affair; Goose Goslin Gels Three Homers Against A' NEW YORK. — The National league rnco presumed a sc-iainblt". 1 c-IIect afu?r yi-sicrday's bailies will; the Cubs slill in lirsi place, ilic Giants elevated to six-ond |>osii[oi and the Robins Mill dangerous Ijiii In new MHTomuliiigs in lliird phiv Tile Phillies bo.-u liic Cnl>s 9 to I nnd (lien tattlod llif N:ition:il pun' setters to a 10 mum;: ti» ;it Clii- cairo ycstml:iy. T:;c Phillies nsec' thin 1 pl'.diers lir.u stunt- halting ;il the right mcmejiu to bt'al iho Ciib- ; nnd Home Run Wilson in the ftis game. In thj .vjfuuci I'hil Collin; pitched the entire 1C innings foi I'hiiadelpiiia, emiini; up in a U"-C! draw with the two Cub hurleis. | Long George Kelly celebrated III?! return to the majors as a Cub with j seven hits. I The Giants (ought hard to gain I a 4 to 2 decision over the St. Louis i Cardinals and put their heads ttlxive ; the second p'.nce deck. Ihibbell j held the Cards while his male.-, hit opportunely for (heir scores. Lind- I stroin led the Glaiu hitters. The Brooklyn Robins could uel i b'.it six hits olf Steve Sweloiilc nml .•'Oie blanked 8 to 0 by the Pitts, bur^'i Pirates, giving the Hues three u'.it, of the five game series. Wilbert Robinson used three pitchers in an cllo.t to hall the Pittsburgh shai ushoolei'r The (Jincinnali Reds suffered another defeat, tlicir fonrU.vilh in sixteen games, with n 4 to 0 *!vil- oul at the hands of the Bosloii Braves. Frankhouse held the llecls to six hits, five of them singles. . OM Goose Goslin equalled " world's record by hitting three home runs In one game In successive limes at bat as the. Brownies defeated the champion Athletics. 7 to 0. Blaeliolder held the Mnckmcn to CH'e hits. All o! Closlln's circuit smashes were hard blows over the Philadelphia fences. Wnlbery was Goslings victim for his first circuil ticket and Rommell pHchetl him two balls that went over the fence. Wes Ferrell hung up his 21st victory of the season to lead I li ( American league pitchers past, the 20 mark for the first lime this year, yesterday. Tilt Cleveland ace beat Boston in the first game of n double-header, 7 to 2 and Hie Indians repeated their triumph In ihe second game 1 to 3 with Lawson. it rookie, hurling. Detret won from the \Vnsl\jug- ton Senators 2 to 1 in a pitchers' duel between Whllehill and Drown. Whltehill had Ihe best of the argument, in holding the Nats lo five lilts. Charlie Ruffing held the Chicago White Sox to two hits, both by Cls- sel!, Sox shortstop, and the Yankees waltzed lo a 3 lo D victory Caraway also pitched good ball but his performance was overshadowed by thai of Ruffing. Read Courier News Want Ads. WKDNKSUAV, /UJUL'ST 2(1, Sgt Wolfe to Tackle Whitener Memphis Club Takes One on Cliin; Second Place Baltic Torrid. He was LI 100-10*1 tho'.. /The.- urr-AU'st raio horsc-s on ihe continent Lmfiu.'n had scoffed at Ihe Men of ciim-ing him al all . .'. IIHI (vinlilncd lo win ihe historic Trfive-rs, Aim-rica's widest, stakf, for Charlfec Earl'; a bus- Ls iho ama/hit; (Inlsli 6f Hie faniuiis race al 3aral:i;n Spilm;*. N. Y., wilh Jim Dandy eljjlil Icnulhs ahead cif Gallant Pax, tin 1 thnx-ywir-old cham])lon ot the year, lichlnd Gallant. 1'ox, mil of Ihe camera's ruugr, wns Harry I'ajno Whitney's Wlilc-lionc. Sour, considered Giitlant Fox's deadliest rival fcr Atiieiiciin honor.s. ATLANTA, G:i.—The liirmingham Burijiis ballllng lo 'A're.'t f.tcond pliiic from the New Oileans Pel- cans in ihe Soii'.hern loop ln-at Iht- >u[.>;r. li-adinu Cliii.k 1 . yrsterday but. the- IVI.s brat lh<> Lookout 1 ! and '/.i ,i ll:i.- distanre »n tin.- . Milan The Ilarons defeated I'mlhrr-':; . i-hurni'.s Q lo G al Memphis by sonic wer.e pitted against him- Veteran ! frcij-.n-n: muring thai extended over. ii stout Heart and a muddy track I''"- innings while the Chicks con : Jim Dandy. Pictured inu YOU K\O\V THAT— : Ycuni! Mel Ott has parked his Ixitiing form some plnce nnd can't remember where he put, II. . His sluni]i lins teen eosi- ly to Ihe GiuiiLv . . . Lloyd Waiicr is sinning lo briiLsc Hie baseball. . . . Evidence lhal Mr. Mock believes he is in limy b{, found iu ihc foci lhal he'.Ls startlny young pitchers. . . . '1'ho Tigers will be (lie youngest nnd fnstesl loam in Hie league next year. . . . Berg.and Al Singer arc sudi (jcoil friends we can't gel \votkcd up much over their prospective qimrrvl. . . . Hubi! Walters would be the world's greatest pitcher If he wasn't afraid. . . . When he yocs into i ball enme. according lo Psychoanalyst Kiel Olcnsoii, he looks forward wilh dread lo Ihe tni'iny having one big Inning. . . . This obsession grows worse is She game progresses. . . . Oflen Ihc Rube goes up in Ihe Mr. ilemphis | New Orleans i Hirniinghaui Allanlu Litllc Uock .. Nashville .... Chailnnrxiga . Mobile Southern League W. ... 83 AmrrEcan I'hllaelelplua Washington New York Cleveland Detroit Si. Louis Chicago Boston JUST NOTII1N' "What are you thinking about, Annie?" "N'ulliln' much Reul>cn." "Why don't you think about me?" "I am Reuben."—Tit-Hits. - TERR1HLK .IOKK BAWBER: That girl's face looks lerrlbly flrawn. DAWBEti: Yes. it freqiienlly is. She's an amaicur artist's model.— Pele Melc, Paris. Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson, Ark. Schultz Construction Co. "Yesterday my daughter had lo stop singing because your dog was whining all the time." nobcrls complained. "I'm very sorry," said Smart, 'bill your daughter started it."— Answers. RITZ THEATER Wednesday and Thursday I.raj;ue W. 82 72 1'< Pet. .0(J4 .507 .5 GO .5:tu .520 .-150 .441 PCX .1172 .G05 .MS .5IC .488 .392 .581 Golfers to Cape Sunday Golfers of the Ulythcvlllc conn- :ry club will play members of Ihc Cape Ciirardcnu club in an inter club tournami'iH over ihe benullful 'joiuse of ihc Missouri club Sunday according to an announcement by E. 13. Gee 'of the local club. The Hlyihcvillc par chasers have won every tournament, played over Ihc local course Ihls summer Including a mcel wilh ihe Cape squad but have been lurncd back in defeai on ovcry Invasion of a , foreign course. I n homer. Aboul ?5 members • of the local i ln:id their tallying to one round. I lla'ly. \rtio relieved Touchstone : wlii'ii Ihc Chicks barrage dcscoiwl- 'id. (j"l crcdil. for Hie victory. The iljal of Pickering, Baron third sack- i i-r. was the big willow of the day. : The Pelicans walloped the Look- 'uuts 10 to-fi v;ilh Fred Eiclnodt '::asliiug oui. two homr-rs lo lead ,:!i(! Bird attack. The Pels used ihiec pitcli^rs to hold their lead .and succeedi-d in .staying ahead, I The Vuls and Bears split a double Ijil! al N'a'-hvillc with the VolK , winning ihc second 8 to 3 after 'dropping the first H to 4. Zumbro , was (he winnini? pitcher In the H c f ad game and Leonard in the first contcsl. Jim Moore pitched four hit bass- Inll and tlie Pebbles were victorious at Little Hock lasl night over lliu 1 Atlanla Crackers, score C lo 1. A large crowd was present and contributed lo "Shinault Night" fund for the sick Traveler, who is fighting tuberculosis in the west. The lobbies bunched Ihelr hils for thiee scores in Ihe sixth in- Pepp Equals Record for Local Course Tuesday Friln Whilcncr of SUcle, Mo., veicran k-atner iiaslicr. will la'jc Scrjoaiu Wolfe, 150 pounder, of Memphis, Teiui.. in Ihe iiiain BO of: ntxt Monday niyhl's (i^lu card, ac- curdlng to ;in aiinoiii)i:r> b> Promou-r Joe Ciait; this morning. Whilencr lias Iwen u favoiiif- in Southeast Missouri for a number of years and appeared heir: scwrai limes at Ihu old &cond strc-ei txjwl. IJe'.has been fighting in Michigan; for the past two yr-ar. : Craig says;- and has only recently vulurncd lo Stec-!e. Virtfc, an older broiher of Eddie "Kid" Wolfe, has besn follow ins tlie fi^ht racki-t in Memphis for uljoul four years arid is gencially considered a tough lioy. He has been a consisteni, steady fighter. Wollc has never appeared here. Preliminaries to the main bout ill be announced later. I Johnnie Pejip. diminutive pro of | the 131ythevi!le Counlry club, i:: QKftin lied wilh Joe Halbach, club | champion, fur the record over ihe 1 nine hole local course with 32 Mrokcs. livi 1 nii'ler par. Pcpp ncfjouated Ihc ycs- Icrday alu-moon i'or his record hole, ihe long par four No. 7" hole where a pult rimmed the cii|i. Pep])'s card follows: Par 445 W> 444-II1 j I'opp 334 33fi 533-32 pro roiirsomc. That Ihc local decidedly on his &ame was evidenced by tin- fact Ilial n big ma- joiity o! hi.< p'.uls V.I-IP short OIIPS Hf sllppi-d over par un only our ;H€LP$ £AP! -I in | ning wilh Slrohm kicking In wilh In Ihe Distrlcl Cnurl nf UM- Unitrd Slates for the Joni-Nborn Division tf the l-luslern DIstriti of Arkansas III tike Mailer of J. J. Gilless Bankruplcy. To the creditors of the above | named bankrupt of Blylheville, in the County of Mississippi, Division and District aforesaid, a bankrupl. Nclice is hereby given that on Aug. Bill, 1930, Ihe above named pe- litiuner was duly adjudged a bankrupt, and Ihe- first m.?et!ng ol Ihe creditors will be held at my office in the City ol Jonesboro. in said Districl on Aug. 29lh, 1930, at, 2 p. in., at which lime the said creditors may allend. prove iheir claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and tr.imiirt such other business as may properly come before said meeting. At. Jonesboro, Arkansas, this Aug. lilth, 1D30. P. C. MULLINIX, Referee in Bankruplcy. JOHN: lie asked JACK: t'OSITIVKl.V What. Happened when tor her photograph? She replied in ihe nc-«- ' itivc.— Answers. o* IO-2&4 O'CLOCK Aug. 24th ST. LOUIS AND RETURN Leave Blylheville 1:01 n. m. Aug. 24th Returning, leave St. Louis 11:40 p. in- Ans. 2-li]) BASEBALL-Cardi- , mils vs Philadelphia- MUNICIPAL OPERA "Show Boat" IIOCNI) TRir FARE dull, including Ihe llrsl flighl group . will make the ulp it is slated. National l.ragur W. Chicago 71 New York G7 Brooklyn G9 St. Louis 01 Pillsbiu-sh 58 Boston 55 Cincinnati' 40 Philadelphia 39 Pel .(JUT .583 .5B:i .521 .500 .4GG .411 .333 HHADDYA WANT! GUEST: Waiter, Just look at this piece of chicken; it':; nothing but skin and bones. WAITER: Yes, sir, d'yon want Ihc fcatheis, too?—Hummel, limn- HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday VAUDEVILLE Ches Davis Revue Picture—"Cohens nnd Kclleys in Atlantic City" with Georpp Sidney and Vera Gonlon. Kcvicw—Jtatinco 10c-25c Night l&c and lOc The struggle Love and Duty in a Woman's Games Today Kuulhern l.rague Birmingham at Memphis. Allantu at Little Rock. Chattanooga at New Orleans. Mobile at Nashville. American Ix'aguc • .<' St. Louis at Washington. Dotroil at Philaelelphla. Only games scheduled. SIHIKt lusils but not in your motor!... Nuliunul I.cagur Boston nl Pittsburgh, lliooklyti ru Cincinnati <2). New York at' Si. Louis. Only Battles .scheduled. Read courier News want. Ad? Det beste De kan kjope for penger —but the vmy ii is said in the United States and Canada is "the belt money can buy." Budweiscr Barley- Malt Syrvip stands without a parallel in the sphere of mult making—hecaiise it is guaranteed free from substitutes, adulterants, fillers, artifieial flavors) or artificial coloring. . . . It is 100 per cent pure. Thafs why it yields more satisfaction than brands of ordinary quality. Aged 3 JIvnt/is in the Making Talking Sound News Admission Matinee 10t'-:iflc Admission Night l(\'-:!5e HOME THEATRE Thursday Special Amateur Night Can You Sing, Dance, Entertain? tnter today in the Big Amateur Night Contest Prizes Given Picture-Cohens and the Keilys in Atlantic City LoaV for Tony's picture on tt-.o . top of eveiy ea:i. , A booVlet givinft r«i- CKI for good to tat, will be irnt to any addreis upon ic- qnest. Anheuser-Busch • Barley-Malt Syrup LIGHT OR DARK - RICH IN liODY - NOT BITTER A. B. Jones & Company Distributors', Blytheville, Ark. .. Compounds of sulphur are valuable in many manufacturing processes, but they are harmful to a motor—for they soon corrode and pit the surfaces of valves and rings and even the motor walls. When this happens, inefficient opcrarion results and repair bills mount. That is why, at the big "Standard" Refinery, spedaltests are made on each "still-run" to see that there is an absolute minimum of sulphur content in "Standard" Ini- proral Gasoline. If not, gasoline from that s?ill-run must be re-treated. : Other exhaustive" tests insure that all impurities are removed from "Standard" FmfromJ Gasoline and assure a uniform-quality product that can always be depended on to give outstanding performance in any motor—old or new. Use "Standard" Improwi Gasoline in your motot for thousands of miles, and you will find that the surfaces ol the valves and cylinder walls remain smooth and un- pitted, and carburetor jets are not enlarged, Repair parts and overhauling are too expensive to take chances on "off-brand" gasoline. Look for the "Standard" Bars-and-Circle Trade-mark on the pump before you buy. Products bearing that mark deserve your confidence. BETTER STICK TO "STANDARD' $127 STANDARD GASOUN E ROAD MAPS AND INFORMATION FREE Whenever you ^tan a dip, If! "Surxfanf" Totmrj Str\kt.2l34St- Charltt Ai*rm*. Neu- Otk Jr!> |^-i ^k> 7OV fltk frU b*lt TCUtt. Jvlt h-itf "SfdrtJard" Toarln* S<r\«*, and uJi-Ut u^r ,• ysu ui»Ji to io. .\fafi and littit roaJ tufj,- cuiion tt-UJ tn Kntyc™ free ofcAdrir, STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA ANHEUSER-BUSCH Also .llakcrt ajliutth /:.t(r,, ST. LOUIS inger Ale BM-1S4 WE SELL "STANDARD" PRODUCTS 777 Tire & Battery Station CORNER WALNUT AND FIFTH SHEETS

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