The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1951
Page 10
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PAUE TEN BLi.-lHt.VlLm, IAKK.) CUUKlbH MONDAY, AUGUST «, 1»W CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DaHr rst« per Line ror .consecutive Insertion r Minimum charge Me 1 time per line , I8c 9 times pet Line per dny I2c 3 limps pet Line p«r day -8c <! limes per tine prr riaj- 7c 12 Umes per Line p*r day ic Month per line EX)c Count fiv« average words tn the line Ad orcirred for ihree 01 sjji Hints und •topped before explrimcm will he chars«d lor the nnmbet of times the ad appeared Rnrt adjusimrm of bill made All cU-wslflrd RflicrtiMnR copy Mib- milted by prisons rculrilnt! outslrte ot the city must be arromiianlprt hy rash Rates may easily be coin puled from the above inhle. Advertising or<lcr/-<1 for irroculfii in- •crilons tftkof the one iltue table No responsibility will be inkt-n for more than one Incorrect Innerllnn of anj 1 clasKltteo ad. AH nd.( A™ restricted to tlirlr propoi cJa«sJMr«!lon style sttd type. The Courier New? reserves the rlfiht to editor rrjpct nny ad. Notice Card 01 Thanks Wr wish lo pKprpSf. nnr thanks to our ninny frlr-nris Rnrt nrlHhho™ for the many kindnesses shown In thr d"?th o/ otir rtniiiihtiT and RlMer. Mrs. Hortciup Hvde who passed away on July 25, 1&5I. The Nlrhols Family nnrt Mfllrolm n;6 pk 7 Apartment for Rent Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms S<1 up single. IM \Vest Ash. PH. 2833. 8-4 ck tf 3 rm. imtur apt., close tn. Call 8700. B!4 cX tf 4 rma. prlrate bath, upstairs, hot *ater tur. reasonable. 7IJ> W. Ash. Ph. 8325. «'4 |>k e Close in, nice 4 rooms and hath unfurnished apartment. Ons. Ph. 2R13. night 2368. 8J3 c* :0 One duplex apt. ^ roorm with bath, electric hot water heater. 132 E. Vine, call 6261 or 2223. 8-3 ck tf 1 room fur. apt. «Iec kitchen. 108 W. Er Ph. 310?^ 8 |3 p)[ ,„ Modern apnnment>. K i» floor 1\i7- nace. private bath, tile tloorn. Rpason- • hle rent. Buir «enrlc« «t door. Ph. 802.1 «"• «"». »;2 pk « 3 rm. fum apt Prlvat* bath, elec- ttOT«. »35 mo 320 N. 2nd. Ijjl pk 1 3 room unf apt., prlrata bath. Newly decorate''. Ph. alls, 7130 pk 8|B S rm. nnfur. apt, good location. re- fecorftte. TOT perm, renter, call 3325 7|JJ pk «<33 Pur.'apt, 4 room» «nd bath, electric refrigerator. gus equipment, good furniture. IM W. D»Tl>. Ph 3373 r Blmon. 7(3 c k t f Modem 3-room fumUhed apartment Call 385 or 1595. «[4 ck If Auto Supp/fet and Services AUTO AND rnmNITTTRE 1,OAHS Prompt Pereonal aerrlee General Contract Pvirchaae Corp 106 South 3th Phone 6803 415 ok tf Don'* endanger your fanillj with faulty tlr*«_BUY LEB TIKES. CHAPMAN SERVICE STATfON Main and Division Phone 35S3 H|I3 ck If CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Railroad A Ash Phone 6888 Your Fricnrll.v Slndcbaker Dealer Now You Can Get 18 Mos. Terms on liuying CARS 19 Champion Rccal nnltwe 4-rtoor Scrlan '50 Cnmtn.imler Deluxe 4-dnnr 8ed »" $1595 • CARS & TRUCKS • 41 Forrl 4-dnor. np.w paint, rcccnrll- lioncd '16 Ford Z-rIo<ir. a onc-nwnrr . make a jood (rarle on tills car! • STUDKHAKKK * '(8 Commander Starlighl Coupe, one-ovmcr '48 Started a ker H- Ton Pickup All cars above are equipped with overdrive and Climallrct! 'IS International IIS-Tng Stake Truck In perfect condition. "- T,,rd IH-Ton Sf.-.kc Trnck with '48 motor ...» bar- fain* Get More 1'or Your Car— Trade at Chamblin's Serv/cei Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dnj- upri'lee nn Ji'welry—3 riayn on m-aic'hcs nnr! clocks Giiarante*<1 work done hy eiprr* repairmen Low PS i "PAT O'BRYANT Main & 'Second ATE RADIO SKfU'lCK, I'h. 2124, im Ash. B6 pk 7 Mrs. r.l\c. flail. Phone 2RKB B,4 |])t 94 Have your plumbing rcmotl- e|p(l or a now halh installed. Also electric iv;i(pr system lO'i down, Sfi mo. to pay. Orshnrn Sil|)|>l.v, I'hoiie :i208. 8-1 ck 11 Prompt, RipiTi Srrvlce on tJojnmercln REFR1GKRATION & AIR COMOTTIONING FHAN T K"WKSTAI.I, Charlie's Kleclric Rervico j Phr^nB 2M3 - - - Residence JJWH It ck tl Ex|irr' I'liunhlnR. oil Rtovp rminri repair .all work KiiRrniUiTtl Cflll Harry i Mj'pr«. 631!) 7;ni pic 831 i Wells. Th. 2f6B, 407 K. Rose St. 7123 pit H 23 RADIO & TV SERVICE Tour »et on the t>HnK? For «erT- 1ce cull Mnnayei Cari Long t.\ BLYTHEVIl.I.K Television & Rnrlio Service IHVi W Ilaln Phone 37M TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO, 111 W Wtlnllt Plenty of Parking Space Washing Machines repaired, all makes. Blytheville Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf For Sale, Misc. hugjry like new. Ph{ 4043. Preer*. King Custard Machine. Ueed one month, ph. 9972. fl:3 pV 7 Used PhimhlnK fixture*. Onhiirn Supply Co.. ph. 3208. t'fl ck 10 Buy ftlumlntim screen windows to last llf* of yotir hone* Inalall DI Builder* supply. Inc. 83 c i u MINNOWS: White " River Shiners and Gold Fish. Crappie and Bass Size. Roaches antl worms. Phone 3339. 328 E. Main St. G. C. Hawks. 7-9 pk 8-11 6,000 feet cypress lumber 1" x 5"—12 ft. 14 rt. and Ifi ft, lengths, was shipped to us by mistake. Will sell at loss than our cost. Call 2323 Tom Little Really Co. Blytheville, Ark. 8-3 ck 11 2 Rood rr.llcri COWK, Thr?p RTP •* pat- Ion COWR and fresh. For nati* at mv plnrp 3 mile* North of Atrbare. J. E ^"" h - R4 pk a Fill dirt for naif. Ph. 8Jfi3. «1 pk 9 I Corn. hii. 6 Ml s. Osrooln on 61. A. C. Dtlclos. \; mi. S, Grlrtcr. 8-1 pk II Tom> C,ife fnr snip, with 01 Millrtlnir. Goo<t hn«;l]\r5:!( npnw^n Plllnpr, til hfKith. Ph. 4i>!l2 7 2S on a-IThr (or If yon want lo sell or liny USKD FURNITUUK see us Arnold & Gaines 40r. East Main ' Ph. 6357 2-2G ck If 35,000 rod common lirick for sale at our cost. Located 1st and \Valnut Street. Call 2323 Tom Little Really To. Blytheville, Ark. 8-3 ck 1 1 IM1 Oltnon Han Call Dlfi Rnbrrta p Ns «:fjn TYPEWRITER - In datlv IISP 127 sn K-1 orflrrs. Isaacs BnlMln Rallroart. Complete enuipmont for cafe, uspfi only short time, all wood as new. Have leased the luiiklinsr where located aiui must move them at once Will -cut store room at 121 \V Main lo purchaser of equipment. Rfasonnhle down payment, balance monthly. Call 2323 for full informa- iinii and insppclinn of (his equipment. Don't miss tliis havcain. i TOM LITTLE REALTY CO Blytheville, Ark. | Looking For i A Pickup! Trade Right at Phillips! 1950 FORD 1947 Chevrolet An 8-cylindcr pickup willi jusl 1 1,000 milo.s. . .(i.idx Hi si\-|>ly lircs, (fond heal er... red color.—now just $995 This red '/, -Ton Pickup hiis » deluxe cab. radio and heater. . drive away this money-maker today —now just $695 1 948 Chevrolet 1 946 Chevrolet A black '/z-Ton pickup wilh deluxe cnh. . .hits linlh r;i(lro :mil hcnfer. .. ^ood lircs— now just $745 1948 FORD Here's :i green-colored </,. Ton Pickup (hat's now offered (d you a( « super:i price—now just $695 Take a drive in this y t Ton Panel. See how good it is. Then K el Phillips money-saving trade — now just $495 1946 FORD A good-running '/!-Ton Pickup that offers you miles & miles of dependable service.. .the price? —now jtist $395 ompami H3^» • «• & Chickasawba Phone 4453 World's Largest Selling Soybean Elevator -MAYRATH- Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceola, Dial 520 — BlythevilU, Dial 2371 3 room unfurnlined »pl vlth bath clog* in Oall 3309 827 ck If Tracftcally ntw modern 4 room hopn* nntl hath, automatic electric hot water hent^r. WntUnn bllnilfi. 143. Ph. 8«i8. B,3 r>k 10 S-room unfurnished hous* with bath, ' on CJeir Lake Avenue. Ph. 8973. I 83 ek If Notice WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF AN AO CIDENT If TOUJ car I* damaged In an ace Id en l here'* something joil shouJrf Jtnnw Btnirnpti will s 1 ?* you a tret palnl |Oh on any repair work of |,1W) or more The whole ear Is pntnt' «d —nOl \UA\ iht rttvmftg«(i paKx Free cMlmates Fnr r-rcckpr «ervlrr call rtOQI day* - 4108 nlRhtji BURNETT HUDSON SALES. MS laat MB IA 413 ck IT WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 4360 Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low Cost J. G. "Rob" Barnes \V. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf Save Money When You Ruy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HAKKISON & SON FURNITUKE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tf USED ELECTRIC RANGE f'Ots of good service left in Miis range. $--18.50 55.00 down, ?2.00 per week. Also wvni-al good used oil cook stoves. Cheap B. FT'GOODRICH •117 \V. Jlnin 80 »ctf hill farm nn gr«ve! road »n. nrntlrnntelj- 40 «cr ( s talley land m clllllvatlon. Spvernl pxcclltnt sprlna^ Good 4 room house »nd bxrn W bj- 40' two poultry housfs. brooder hbnsf. cow shed and xaragp. Th),-; )5 an excellent hilj- at 15.00000 Equipment two rows, three ralve-s and 41} hens can he bousrit r»M>n«blr. JOE G RADICAN. REALTOR- DEXTKR. MIS- For Sale, Cart and Trucks 19« Ford 2 door. New paint Job, nev s«at rovers, new- tire*, reconditioned motor. See l-oujx Salmons 928 S Clark .St. Sf pk P HUCKHHER WTSTEKD AUTO 3ALBS Ph 4374 - 2lst antl Kenwood W* Finance "Cheape-'t Otx)d Cars In Town" A-Model Coupe — 170 R 20 ck 8 20 CARL PAUL If the man to see II Tou'r* looking foi a ne» OLDSMOBtLH. a new GMC Iruck. or a GOOri rjSRD CAR He'll cLTe vnn the oeM trad* In town I rnu'll tlnd him at HoiTior-Wilson Motor (~V> Phnnr 203Q Mltht 4404 820 ck 820 Help Wanted, Male Nice 4 room house with carport. Concrete driveway. G. !. financed. Move in today. $250 down payment. F. B. Joyner or H. C. Campbell Ph. 4446, 3205, 4874 8-G ck 8-8 8-6 ok 7 For Sale, Real Estate ~T° om house at ill E. Sycamore t 52.00000 c»sh. nn terms Call Mrs j ro«rtl. 3SS1. 131 PK 3.1« 1 lot* 'nr .sale on north tenth st I close lo nc» hlsh srhool Write own- I er: Groves Perkins. Kmtaw;*, Kv ! There rcero six British CDlomes in Australia before ihcy were united Jan 1. 1901 Gciod 6-ronm house and bath on North Broadway, also 4- room house and hath on rear of lot. This house is only 3 VCJtrs old and is good rental. This property is welt worth I lie money and will easily G. I. Total pi-ice ?7.500. Nice 3-lipdrocim home with •:ns licat. on large lol in Coun- Iry Cluli Drive Addition, close to Central School, also now liitrh school $1,000 to $1,5110 c;i.sli will handle. Ralance l.-")0 [icr month. This is an exceptionally good buy. Total price $S..")00. See or call JOHNNY MARR Office phone -1111 Residence phone 2;")% 7-1(5 ck tf TWO BEDROOMS. PLENTY Of YARD This almost new home. Is on s loo I 130 foot lot Just Inside the cltv li m . r*i tl ',' br " " u " h <'<l !«r»?'e. Can l'l -J-lth IO-A- down payment or FHA to non-velerans. IDEAL FOR COUPLE A rerr modern brlcx home tin piTed «lrr*l This 1, , reallr nil-bum 2?« "vl m ' "" " hl<rh !ot p "" d lew than replacement cost. 4 ROOMS 120000 DOW-; In David Acre.s we bar. ,„ i;n-,,./il- ly.-iell 1 bedroom homr to: nnlT SWOW r ,., h , nrt a , s ,, mt prM , = , ln ,i 7 Immerilat- pov-es.slon. EXTRA LARfJE FIVE ROOMS On Kentucky Strj.t r, hav. t n i ct 2-hedroom horn« -attrr cnTr.pI-t* 3-j. t>ne system lachirllni ?•-. 'itf, in (Ireplac, Already h>, ivA.Kt-A >HA loan. Immediate p / »»«e««!<3n CAR SALESMAN. WANTED' Experienced auto & truck Dalesmen. Guaranteed salary and commission or straight commission. One of America's leading lines All replies confidential. \Vrite Box HG c o Courier News. 7-28 cl; tf Major rubber company has 'opening in Western Kentucky and Central Arkansas for a recap plant manager and a recapper. Both these jobs are above the average to a man who has the experience to (|iialify. Good salary and employee benefits. apply to Box K-3, c/ o Courier News, giving full information as to experience, ape and education. An interview will be arranged immediately. 8-6 ck 9 E M. TERRY T-rry Abslrart »ntj H-a; 313 W Wain-it - ft. One s 4 el II :a Bou'th Real Estate Farms—Cih Properly LOANS If inlrrrMrd in Buying Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Earls — Glencoe Rhlg. ph. fiSfiS 930 ck if of the nicest r-«jn« : Vlls.ourl located on LaXe V.'appap.o. SI'" f»o hcdronm re«lrt«ncc and stor- Five cahlns with t»-r, do'lhi- beds eirh. Cab!n» have »n»ipped kitchens and elrctrlc refrlKerators Fracllcallr all st.el boat rtocfc. Twenty two txiat.s «nti sit onthoarri motors This Is one ot the clpancst an<1 he.t equipped re- sort.s In the country and l.s located In a s-cUlrted area nn a coort roa'l Motor riwd trader Includrd The water u -•upplled rrnm two deep wells |j,rc» el'vaterl link Jmnlshed water (or Jl summer homrs This K a wonderful opr-orl unity for someone at Jis,niorX) .'OE r. nADlCAN. nRALTOfl OEXTER. MIFSODRI 8 1 ck 7 procRRR flrrreen, speak their lines' withoul a Hub and hear the dlrec- ' tor announce It's a perfect take. "You mean a'e don't have to do it again?" a-sk.s Vanessa. "Gosh, movies nr« getting Just like live television. • • • Chftrle.s Lnughton may be aay- ing, "Come here, Mr. ChrLstiRn," asai!',. MOM is planning a sequel, "The Return or Captain Blieh." . . . Hollywood friendship note: Mickey Rooney sent ex-wife Martha Vick- ors two tickets to his local opening at the Greek Theater. Bcnay Vemita and Fred Clark have set the marriage rial* for September—t'.vo Jr.onihs after her divorce from Producer Armanct \ Deut-sch i» final. | Junr Horn* and Jackie Cooper, j rroentlv divorced, are dating, . . . Ava Gardner ia shedding all make- lip for her role in "Lone Star." , . . Flamingo Films has grossed SJiO.OOO In TV rentals on 50 movies purchased A year ago from F.agle-I,ion. The purchase price was J250.000. • * * l Short Takes: Republic studio's! bi? backlog of old movies is headed for TV. It's the first big leak in ! the celluloid dike. . . . E?.io Pinza i is now recording Innes for RCA- j | Victor. . . . Hollywood hears that j a certain cowboy star has a larger ; j collection of girdles than guns. ' DIDN'T WORK OUT \ The official split-up of the Gary j Cocpprs LS a climax to a you-go- I your-way-and-I'll-go - mine understanding that didn't \vork out. j Shelley Winters said it in "Behave Yourself".' -No girl has to: worry about her logs if she has a plunging neckline." The censors saitl il had to come out. It went. . . . Pats are predicting wedding ! bells for Li?. Taylor and Stanley Donen, the director. • * • Don't, be too surprised if Judy ! Garland -<nd Sid Luft u-ind up on the French Riviera — as honeymooners. Paramount Is negotiating to buy "Babylon Revisited." the P Scott Fitzgerald book, from Lester Cowan. Rrpiihlir has a brj htisb - hush preset, "The United Nations Story." Oarson and Ruth Kauin are tn town lo write Judy Holiday's ncxtj comedy for Columbia. . . . Dennis j Morjan is collecting $6000 a month' on a Texas oil deal. . . . Olivia de ! Hiviliand nixed MGM's offer to -star her in "Burnin? Brush." Burning her Hollywood bridges? Ix>cal psychiatrists refer to any uncooperative patient as a "couch- slourti." . . . Producer Stanley Kramer's opinion on Hollywood's public relations: "We've been so busy avcidins enemies WE haven't taken the time to make friends." The Weather IS Hot- Bui These Prices Are Hotter! DO YOUR HAULING WITH ONI OF THISI FINE RECONDITIONED TRUCKS. • 1950 Chevrolet 3/4-Ton Pickup Trutk . look* Nk« new. . .$1095! • 1950 Chevrolet J/j-Ton Pickup Truck... • bMHtr . . . $995 ! • IW^ Chevrolet ft -Ton Pickup Truck^.m! C!«M 3/4 " T ° n Plckup ' Stak « Truck. . . 1 Hk. ker 3/4 ' Ton Picku P Truck.. Jelty- dri- Dorige ft -Ton Pickup Truck.... bargain... ° hevrolet 1 '/2- wheetbase Truck... * ? !n"!i T F " rd '° ng wheelbas e Truck, body. $195! ^j 4 ?, 1 " 1 " 1131 ' 0111 " Io "K wheelbase 12 foot platform Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 Femalt Help Wanted SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work fnr K ins. alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up t o '/I inch t'hirknem: Fronk Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2 fi51 Private Rooms B»-drnoin convenient W b^h nrafrtn Ph 3135 0[| ff \t ft i n I 10 pv Insurance Call 4553 For Com plot p Insurance Protection W 1 Pollarrl Anrncv PlannoH Prnlrrtinn 134 W Gt,FSi:0¥ HOTKI SELl, DRESBES FROM NEW 7ORK to *el] DrfAse^, Sultf, Llngtrlp Seen "Vn^ue." "MarlcmobinHp." Grxvt com- mlfxlntif.. \Vrttf Modern Manner, 260 SH Fl/th AT«., N*T YorV. R6 p>. 7 Salesman Wanted SALESMAN — PUT yourself In line \ Tor hlz ninnry. I»A! Juturfr Keep stores j MipplLeri »'lth Sc-10r tn !1 rotintrr . roods. Nationally advprtlsrrf. Top pro- j fUs fnr von Rntl mnirhanis Liberal rteals honst i^lr.s. Slrtrllnr or full time. WORLD'S PnODtJCTS, Dcpl R-102. , Sppnr^r, Tnd. a « pk 7 \ fi.ilr<sm^n ablf tn trarcl umall tn%-n.« . 7Pitlnz paM dun accounts for coStec- | 'Ion Nr> roilcrtlnir. list namr.-i only. j rtallj-- ClrarJnff Rurran. 1514 Pm-tprrt | AT-,, rievr-I^nd 1-V Olilo. 86 pic 7 I FU1 OK ^TATCKP'S j rj^c'Ifd, Farn bl^ rtally romml.^slon Cull or p?ut (Imp, Fe«tnrp UNION LABEL. Glamor Olrls. HI lib 1111 r.«. Snpntps. tlor- rnx n! nth«r slylcs FREK bluest. mo;"l rompl^tp malch r^iulo" ?vrr otlprrrt, Snpfrlor M^tch Co,. 7514 S, Grppn- wood. Clilraso 19. 111. B fi pit 7 Hollywood Ccntit.iicrt (rnm Pate 6 Thp pirtiirp rteal.s with the recent headline stories of bribery tn coilepe 5port.s A ten- moments Ister the player;, lake thptr places asainst. a No More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home DISPOSAL!. Install It Right Under Your Sink Out of Sight! Shrrrls food wasie In jmall bits Washes It safely down the drain Simple as A-B-fc Fits almost tn- sink. See It to- rfnj at HUB8ARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO. BLYTHEV1I.I.K RFAI.TT SrEC7AI.«i 3 CHOICE LOTS. J ON NORTH FRANKLIN. PAVED STEFRT TRICK CUT TERMS 1 LOT SSIM V.AI ITE S'FAR CENTRAL srKOOI. ONLY §4M CASH DESIRABLE 1IOMFP rl OPE IN- SOME RKM. KSTAHMFHED Hir.^[. SESSF^S FOR SAVE AT INVOlCf .PRICE S-'i rV I 1 ^ T0 SFL1- OP B''Y FKONF Fin D O O Cfv 11 Z354 DAY OR N1C ,1J T . 61 pll , s for Rent, Miscef/aneous nostiliM Bfris is Oft p P r "month ••rtw' rtitit* M.rt» r rr mrtntn brihv (••rd* sfiOi, nn rnonih r*riii!m rlcftn AhE FURNITURr. CO Pii 3122 14 <rlt 624 For Rent > rcwir, hovu«. unj. Ph R!TS~ con 'rnlonilv lorhtprt ; Jj pk 88 ' Isrce room? SIS rrr mn ITCH, \v A = h. Ph. fi5fV» ii 4 p ' k ^ and telephone. Fh. 's9J8. 8,6 pk 8,19 HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Place Your Order Now! We Accept PMA Purchase Orders Blylheville Phone — 68S6 — 6857 Corp. WATERMELONS <» ft' WHOLES - HALVES - SLICES A Al' ow 7S0' Each on'y 3c Lb. Nor Iced 4c Lb. Ice Cold Blytheville Curb Market — 130 E. Main — REMEMBER THIS NAME HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. For the Best Truck Trade! 1918 Chevrolet I'/j-Ton SWB Truck with 2-speed axle, new tires — below market price! 1912 Chevrolet 1 i<i-Ton Truck with 'IS motor... a gnnd clean truck with extra fine tires.. .5395. 1916 Chevrolet I'/j-Ton LWB's a good farm (ruck at a low price. . .Sli)5. 191!) Dodge 2-Ton SWB Truck with 900x20 tires ...check this bargain price.. .§895. 1950 GMC '/j-Toii Pickup—a low mileage truck In guaranteed condition ...good tires.. .$995. 19-19 Chevrolet '/j-Ton Pickup—nne of the cleanest little pickups you ever saw.. .and only $895. 1950 Ford '/ 2 -Ton Pickup —here's Horner-Wilson's special of the week! A red-hot buy at $795! Now is (he time to trade for a new GMC Truck! HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lor ... 300 East Main Street

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