The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1949
Page 12
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PAGB TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUBIBB NBW8 THURSDAY, JULY T, 1949 Truman Is Silent On State Election President to Keep Hands Off Voting In Missouri Primary . WASHINGTON, July 7. CAP) — ifome* Fender, a I^morralie lender in Kansas City, reported yesterday President Truman is keeping "hand* off" next year's Democratic primary elections in Missouri. PetuJergsist, a nephew of the Is if "Bows" Tom PendergftM and longtime political ally of Mr. Tnmian, talked Mi&sonn politics with the President during a White House visit. He told reporters that if the Pre.skient had any choice for a Democratic candidate for Semi tor m Missouri, "he didn't tell inc.' lAler, in lo a question, Pendergfist said ihe PvoMriem told him he is going to "ke^p hands off in the democratic primary" in las home state. Penderga.ct helped the Hfe*ici£iil "purge" Rep. Roger Slaughter in the Mis sour L Uemocialic primary ul 1*4*. The Pie.sidetu'x choice, Etuxs Axtcll, won Hie IJPmot-rauc- nomination for one of Jht'!<son County's two house .sey.ts. However, Axtcll lost to a Republican in ihe general election. rrosprds "(Jt*ul" Pendersa-si s»id prospects Ux»k loori for I>Lnw;i-fltic vicuny in Missouri next year, HP sHict lie per.soiutUy I trims toward fortnei 1 Gov. Phil Donnelley . iii ihe Senatorial campaign if Donnelly chooses to run for ihe wal held by Senator DotmeH (K-MoL - He added he did nut know whether Donnelley would seek the DCJno- era tic nomination . Among others he .said were being mentioned a.s possible Senatorial candidates were W. Smart. Symington, secretary of the Air Force; former Senator Frank Briggs. Tom Hennings, Jr., state Senate President Pro Tern Emery Allison a ml Mayor Kenny of Kansas City. '. Pendergnst ! e ft the White - for another conference with William M. Boyle, Jr., executive vice chairman of the Democratic Na- t-vooal Commit tee and a fellow Mis- KANSAS SC'KNK—Frank Durler staml.s deep in standing wheat on his 1,100 acre farm near Wright, Kas., as lit checks moi.suire content of heads oi grain before starting the day's combine operations. On most ! days combining operations cannot g^l underway until noon because the wheat heads are loo damp to thresh, out properly. Durler estimates his farm wtJI yield ton rw-shels an acre or about 11,000 total bushel*. ' AP Wtrepliotoi Fighting for Greek Guerrilla Army Difficult, Confusing, German Finds Courier News Want Adft Bv Hfrticrl V. KrlnnlU \ KHAN'KFUHT- -r,|'i~Whitl is JL i like Ui (sKlu for the. Greek gucrillA ' aj'jny? If you run out of ammxmi- I lion. 11 inny take weeks t<> «et naore. :A loi i>f the (ime yon can't understand tin- m»a wlio is fighting • alongside you, [ Thiit's the way it is. according to i n German who said he "succeeded i . iu ir-ctliny away" frojn the Com- i I immtst brigades. His story wns j quoted in AI tied-licensed westerji- j German papers. The man said he was recniited for the rebel army from a German prisoner-of-war tramp in Soviet Russia. There ate more than 5.000 Germans fighting in the rebel Communist force, lie said. The German | said he first was taken to a transit j camp in Biilsarih. Other German j prisoners and "wihmtrers" from 18 { other nations were there, too. Thp.v | were trained in guerilla tartk-.s by veteran ex-Wehi mucht NCO's and officers, " Pi rea rms en m e from the .Skoria plant In Chechoslovakia and the Potemkin plant near Odessa, Sov- tel Union. We had Italian Beretla guns and Gorman inm-hinc pistols of thp 1942 type. They even supplied us "with HiiiiMitiinn. Russian ami ftTimiiiiian .shnl-gmi.s. ma tin- f set tired around 1900. "Tliei'ft \vfie anout lf> different typos of ammunition, ami the onr you v. ere looking fni ivns just 'sold our'/' "We »ot food in the BnlgarLan transit ramp fanned, with American. fliLssiiui. German. Iliiut-ai iiin and Rumanian labels. Russian politic n I officers promises us everything if we would fipht bravely and bold the front. Despite the orders, merits, leading positions and ninney rewards the German legionnaries were promised, they always intended to flee and tlid flee. But not all sure-ceded, and more (ban 450 of thr Germans clad ii\ OiTok uniforms were killed in aetion during Die last two years. "Morale amnjip the Girfk rebel army was extremely low when its attack against Greek J troops i-ame lo a standstill las Presideat's Daughter, Reporter Seek Divorce PHOKNIX. Ari/.. July 1. UV- After 14 years of marriage, a i'0- ! mnnce thai siai ted between A ! President's riiuiKhter and & news- J papfli' reiiorler appeared to have I ended today. j John Bocttiger 40. the reporter. J was .suing his wife, Anna, -43 j dau-fliier of Hie late Presidenl i Franklhi D. Roosevelt, for divorcr in Marlcopa County Stiperio; Court, The couple first met In 1932 on a presidential campaign trip Bocitifcor. who later became thr publisher of the Seattle Post-In- lellieencei and the Arizona Times of Phoenix, at the time was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, They were married in 1935, after Anna hud divorced her flvst husband. Ct'rtis Da 11. a New York broker. She obtained the divorce in Reno in 1934. In a suit filert in the superior court. BoeHiRcr charged his wife with mental cruelty. winter. Russian officers then picked out hundreds of the legionaries and executed them as a warning example." Your Best Refrigerator Buy! THIS WEEK ONLY! PRICE REDUCED ON FINEST 7.5 CU. FT. 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