The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLTTHBVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTI1EV1LLE COUHIER JS'liWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., I»Jl)LISJims 0. R. BAI3COCK, Editor H. W. 1IAIMES, AdvctUsinp Manager So!e National Adverlhlnt; ItepixFcnlallvcs: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, cincngo, Pe!\(t, El. Louis, Dallas, Kavsas C.ty, Memphis. . Published Every Afternoon £>:a;;t sunduy. Knk'icd us second clsss matter at the i:ost tilikv nt B.yllievilli', Arkansas, uisji-r net or Congress, oc- (a'xr 9. 1017. Served uy the Unltrrt SUBSCRIPTION itATES By carrier in ti.e Oiy or Blvil:rvil!e, 15c per week or £600 \Kt year in artvamv. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, $3.80 per year. $!.5i| for six month;, 85c fcr ihrce months; by mall In postal a>ties two to fix. Inclusive, 50.50 [XT year. In «HK\S siv'-n am 1 clglit, per yen', payable in advance. A Heroism Thai Puts Li fa Inlo History History never j:' : l-~ ri;illy iii« until it Kt'ls down muii its lii"li stool, .<hnls up its heavy Infers, and st;uts tcllinir us iilmiit tin- lillli-, unnoticed incidents liial hit;i:-li!;lu (rival occasions. Fur these link 1 lliitiK; : ;»'c \viiat tfivi: the firmt stories Iheir Inn 1 llavui'. AlllUIlK them I hell: is (111- CHSU III' I 111! mysterious monument on the Iwtilv- tielil of Anlieliun. On this shx-tcli of .Maryland t'ann- laiut was fought nnc i>( the j/real battles uf tin. 1 C'ivil War., swiiitf- iiiK hack toward' Virginia ai'ier hi* first invasion of (he north in 18(3-, made a stand ticliind Antieiam creek and nu'l tin- onset of .McClelliin. The li(. r iil i- recorded as a Union victory, 'ml I ho iiurilii'ni army was in;']i;.;Iul .-o lia<lly ilial, when' Lei- withdrew across the I'oloniiiv, no piir.siiil was made. * * r At any rate, until a I'cv. years a;;o, (.he; liiittleticlil was slnddeil with more than 8(J monuments lomnienioi'alin;',, tlic deeds of various eonm;anii.s. All but olto of flu 1 so — a (.'unl'i'ili-ralt: marker (.'let.-!!. 1 !! by the stale of Maryland--were Union mnnumenU. 'Ihcn, une. day, a stran^i 1 ;- a|]|H'aruii in .the adjacent town of Sharpsbtir;;, imiiijiinif wlit-ix- h c cotdd rent a horse and wiitfon to transnoi'l a stone (o the batlli'liuk!. Anil tin- next day liieve was found on liu' liekl a now monument bearing a tablet which read: "Near this spot an abandoned Confederate yun manned liy a seanul lieutenant of ihe Sixth Virginia in- j'antry, Malioiu-'s brigade. and Iwu infantry vulmiU'ur.s from Andei-.-on's Georgia bvii;:ide, was placed in action Sept. 17, 1802." * * r Thill's all! Nu one, fo this day, knows who put Hie marker (here; no one k turn's the names of the three southerners who, fuming upon an abandoned iield piece in the liumilt of a storm-swcin field, Mvtinjr its muzzlo toward the enemy and served it. No one knows what happened to them, or how Uii-ir action weijrhcd in the linal re.-ult, ov whether ijii- sum finally went bacU to Virginia with or was captured by .MtUeliaa's men. Bin the mysterious mai'ki-r adds OUTOUK WAV much lo the slory of Ihe Imllle. It niiikc's thu till'iiii 1 ct'iist 1 Lo be :t liislory- ))ool( liiUleiin, Cor thu inomcnl; the smoke clunil lifts iiiul wu fjct u glimpse uf iin nmuiiici'il bi( of heroism tlmt lit;!'i'.s u|' H)o whole fiction. .SUirivs liki' lliis make liisloi'y reiil. — Unite OiiUun. 7 o the Deoil, His Due Hfiyi-r 'I'oiiiiy, the hi;.;- Icid mail iVom (.'In'cfiKo who id'okc down ;ind ljlui>l)ei'- L'd likt 1 ;i sclioi)! hoy wlltii he liliitlly wi-nl if) |iri-itn, rwilly is a jii'L'lty smarl SOI'l Of jilll. ' S", ;il ;iny I'iile, .s;iy tin- psythifili'ists who cMiiiiinei! I hi: K>niK*t <->'', ;m<l liis liciitliiiu'ii .wlit-n they wi-re J'eceivetl at I hu !llil]lli.^ stiilr |ioi)ile])ti;ii'y Id bi'trin scrviiivr lln:ir fculi-iii'es. Timlij, lliey n'liovlcd, is of \nx\\ ndult iiiii'lliin'iii-sj—fdlhuu^h his cumpaiiion.s, (Ins Si-liju'fer <mil Allieri Kiitor, were iiiui'c uf thi 1 diiiiilj-ln'H type. 'Ihi.s rejiui'l on '1'iiiiliy is nilher eii- lixlili'liiliK. IL lu-l|i.s ID c.xpioili, 1 . Ihe old notion ih;i( i-riiniiKils are nu'li of inl'ei'ioi' tiH'iitality. Tlu-y firen't— not (ill of IliLin, :it any I'Mte. They lie- I'ume tnininals, tisiifiily, betiiusc of an eniDfioiiul twist, not Ijecausu their minds iin: cradied. Hwilixin^ this [atI will help us lo evolve ;iu cil'icii'iit m'D^rani l\»- inuet- i'H; onr crime pi'oltlem. Satirise! ( alilu.. I'I-OIM I'ai'is lirinj; the snr- 1'ii.^iiiK iii-v,.s that !ii,' l-'ivutli actually may re.-ninii 1 payjncnls OH their win 1 tlebt lo liir L'nil,.,! Stiite.s. 'I lie next inslullnu'iil is dm: June IS, find it is said thai it' 'thu presenl JJdiunerstiiL 1 gu\enimi;iit I'eiiiains in power the inltivsl on thu tlcbl, at K-;' will In; p;,id. Thu to(;il due on .June 15 is slightly more Ihan ^fiH.OUO,- oun. of which S)i),iii)0,ooo i^ interest. All this, to tin- ordinary American, probably will tonic under the heading of news \vhk-h is ton gouil lo he true. .Musi Americans have imuli: up their minds thai tlic J'Yeneh war debt was a thiiiK which might as well be kissed gcmdby forever, Kl , i'ai- ;,.< any tliiincc of tolL-tliiig any of it is coneerned. 'l'» read Ilial .some of it actually may he paid is a sin-prise—-even though ""' payment may be only one of those "token-payments," a dr^, in tlic undid, By (hi- tim.' l ;mi 93. 1 cx| X -ct lo see lliu youni; ]u-o;)lo lining all the haul work. —Prof. W.ilf.T 11. I'-ikin. of Columbia University. 3 *> : \Vc do our jiarl. but we don't seem to ; i'l nn:di u-ui;l. _—Murk O'Cunnoll. New York T'.o i...t; U i>', Ciinnut urrak llu-ir la,.-, for (>nu nii-.n. K-.iin:.-. 1 ! ri:.suil. * a * i il. .:::iy iill]!i: Ib.iCll was !llr;ilK tl) t" v, ;<•: i;:i:.!:c:te:i. —Evn Le (ii.llirnr.i-. artrcss. "C<|ii we put down cosmetics as business expense?' Thirty Days That Rocked the Nation * • « Kcvicwing tfre dash—One Ycar*Aftcr WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14 1934 : EXCUSES Bj GM. W. Bwtaan Everyone who nas called on mother knows that, she has liart what is called tteec major operations In addition to several minors and 'Just barely escaped Ihe surgeon's knife on two occasions that she recalls. She now says that while in a convalescent slate of health, she intends lo read everything the Bible has to say about baptism and that regardless ol" what Joe says, that she has fell and argued all the time that the method used by her church could not help but be thc oi:e and only true, baptism, ami lhat she is now ready to meet all comers and ar- Siie out thc question to her entire satisfaction. Joe says that the lit- lle that mother may find in the Bible on baptism will probably go to her head just as it lias of all her kind. I tell them both that they are like a lot or church jolfcs. get to interested in personal ideas hat .they lose sight, of the tendi- ngs of thc man who faid. "1 am the way of Life." and that "None THIS CURIOUS WORLD ==S ARCHIMEDES, THE GSEAT GBEEK. MATHE MATICIAN, WAS 6ORN 287 6.C., Bur SO MODERN WERE HIS IDEAS THAT A BOOK OP THEM WAS PUBLISHED IN 1897 , SOUTH /4/AERICAN t 'AUKES HIS LIVING 3Y SELLING THE HIDES OF= JAGUARS WHICH HE HUNTS WITH ONLV PRIMITIVE WEAPONS A AA^F AND A SfO£4£S./ ' '" . = ^^^:.t^^^j^, •i-s^L^.."^; -—^^'/JOTwsp? ^^-^feC:— ^m^i)it^i£^.>'' ^^$f~ —— -:3m A LVi^IW HAS A '••".•.-;•••'- ANDA/WOC/^ BUT. O l c >34 IV KU 9 Tl-.i! jaguar is not known by lhat name in its home lar.d of Soul I America, but as a tiger. Alexander Sieniel earned the title of "TiBcf Man" through his unusual method of meeting the charges of UiefL 300-poimd animals, aimed only with Ihe weapons of ancient mai-l XKX'l': How «as the urntrss of vulcanising rubber discovered'.' come to Ihe Father except through j Diogenes Starch Knded lnc '" i WALTHAM, Mass. iup') „ ... ' cil y gave Jos ci )ft Senbesl, jo 'i jo I B.V.-S and girls ore cuual in aver-i 5 h 0 ,. e ii,i E snow after a recei age 'iciglH up to tfcc age of 11. but slorm. Scabesi got 'a check for S 1 girls are taller. How. ever, from then on boys are steadily the taller. Adding up his time card liimsel 1 he found that he had been oveil .paid. He returned S2 to thc city Tun hankers s « I" jail. Ikrnard K. Marcus 111 and Saul Sinser (2) «f \cw Vork's H.l.ik nt I'. S. rnlerinj (he sates uf Sing Sirg. 'IVeiUy-iiiiiih Day, March 14 Uv Willitinis WHY MOTHERS <3ET GRAY, HV WII.I.IS THOKN'TON NKA Service Slaff torrcypondcnl Suddenly the reality ol boer was assured by passage uy thc House. I 31b'-m. of a bill to amend the Vol- slcad act to permit sale of beer, ale. lager beer mid and iwrler ol an alcohol content of 32 per cent by weight, with huge revenues in sight Irotn n tax of S3 a barrel. The bill was to be to^rd back and forth between lions? and Sen- ntc lor minor mortification until finally signed -March 22. But thc stage was set by this fn-.M House victory for thc triumphant return of beer on April 1. Conviction In N'ew Yn;v suite ol Bernard K. Marcus n:>;l Saul Singer. Bank of U. b. ollicials. for niLvipplylng funds fho-.ud that H \vp.s possible to convict bankers, ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Ne.\s lias Iwcn au- thorised to nnnoiiiici: Ihe fullowlng ns candidates for piiblic oflice, sub- jtct to the Dei.iocralic primary next August: For Member n Confess CLINTON' L CALDWELL Kor Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE II. WILEON For Re-election for Secor.d Term For County Treasurer JOB S. UILLAIIL'MY ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADDISON after all. iTlicy actually went to prison.) Conservators went iiito Detroit and took charge of the First National and Guardian • National banks. They began examination oi thc books, which was to be the basis of proceedings lhat were to last thc year out—and longer. Bven tornadoes sweeping the south iintl the beginning of the affair in Uiissiu o! thi! trial of British cnpnitcrs charged with sabotage could not disuirb thc growing feeling that the worst was over. N'K.Vl: Sioilt Kxrhanjc Students Charged With Selling Forged Car Passes! CLEVELAND lUpi-Two youths. ' sturictus of East Technical High School here, nx'rc held reccnlly on charpcs of forging and disposing of 1.000 .street car passes for students. In the Miaiciils' I'.oines. police round paints at:d brushes ami other equipment for altering old passes to ten; (hem up to date. The two. according to officers, admitted selling t!i(- passes second hand for 2i to 35 Mils. Original passes cost 50 cents. BKCI.l HERE rODAI I'AHl.lTO-. a hnBiUuni« 17-yttlf- "f '!""»• "«"• •> '»« oala.l.l tiVr.l? """" or •"l'll««»lr« J13I . 1 .1-. 1 -. 1 ' _"'>":" l-lflil'. d = n.irr. I'Klflll* K.nqtTM •afh>ec of hl« " n «"t'*m" '"''" e «ell«"«>=o «n<! a«. : ,, n r",,™ r A.\<iELA!"'l'J,'" c , r| f,° ieri "s""" ," " h °' e ">" »» ""• junin"""'^^".^."^";^.''!!^ rru"j"rFi f'- ar * '"'"" ^o3n wnory T*r next nU ''i-'f 1 ' 1 ':'""«*'«• "•'''"a *™', Utraced a« • tihlllo l hr ji ' il". Ihe man loll i.l l*al,l| t> Hint. Kor County Cndrl r Itrk FRED FLEKMAN r Re-Eicciion for 2nd Term lor ASHSSOI n. L. (BILLY. G/\i.\rs U. C. (!KE) HUDSON I'or C'onslaMf i,[ Cliickas.iuha Tonn^liip JACK ROBERTSON I OK CITY OrKltLS Election Tuesday, A[I;.; J. I'or City Clerk S. C.. CRAIG . R. L. MCKNIGHT BOSS HEAVERS Tor Cily Allomn 6AM MAXATf v^ioauys •* j^»*S pCfi ll'^UKi^.4 615'pger.Williaifc QblauiScliaT'ter J&jSiode Island- ion'to cut cotton- 1. ha. * """> ana ulrl—ihltvr> r,"" ' n """ ca '*« »»tlj le ^nH'£:l!In*^r """"*' !!••• lo hcatl ihe buai lop^'in.' •'••S-VV no (>.> WITH THE STIIIII CHAPTER XII PADLITO watched tbe compass —clear IQ the strong vrlnre nioouiis'u—nnd kept die ooai nea<ieu (or Cuba. The Bin n ua . Jleu low on a aide scat, watching I'aijliio narrowly, steadily. i'be mail calico Ucan slept ritfuii, «ow and again wahliie to mmier thai any "tunny tricks" tvouid mean one less tiulle; m tile C baui- bcr ol nl> repea;er. A", shut uii. Beau!" the gin nuvhcd altei ue iiad saiu ttii? tour times. "Tbe kill's come (0 i,,l tenses. Ain't you?" she em]ei ] foftij. 1'abltto uodded. Agam ib c -iiao s!cin and ihe girl edgca toward Pabllto. sitting closer to Him. 1'lir- wiuo , 3E keea aill] -.i:i!H5 from the uoiili and he saw !l:at she was stiiverlGC.. "They're navia n stl j rn , „., sc-rlb, I yuuss." sbc- hazarded. lie could not briaj tnuisfil to srf»::. rcinembcrlus "'list he Ind done. "Kcclin sick, dearie?" tlic p r i questioned Beuilf. I'ablito lurucc] to her miserably and ou lits tace 3lie read the auawer. "Tin- first murder's always tlio hardest." she said. Pabhto covered his eyes wltb his tiamls. "Dearie." she salt! o-armiv. •-,[ n-asn'i like you did it tcr your'sult I'liinss alo't ever so bad if j- 0 u do ern rcr someone else, u u - aa icciu thai 'Kid belo' beat tuat sol you I'oor little K:H (.lawd. uiy mother. 3be usca tu beat m«! 1 hope she's in ncll—" Pjbllio dropped bl- hanus. Marius atieari.. Me said ootlnug. "(;a«u. It's coio." the girl FKIIJ. must bo cold," he told her. ^HB looked at blm wonderiii b -ly ^ for a moment, rben 5be smiled, not quite steadily. "Keen your shirt, on. brother," ebe ordered, adding. "My God.'tliai was <vblie of you. i ain't used to It Honest L ain't." She patted nls baud and ne looked ai her dully. After a time sbe slept, croucbed agalnsl nls Pabllto nad uo wish tor sleep and no thougbi of it. HQ mauled tbe boat and watched nls compose ot the night, early aud late, came back to him. Always in tbe hack- srouaa was a vision of a man's hgure lying across tbe sandy road and Pablito blmscll lookiue down Once tic felt for the litlle gold Heart tied i;i tbe Handkerchief be "ad lucked under the edrje ot bis broad, red sash. Peeling n ne drew tns Band away sharuly He : was a murderer now. He saw again the man in the roadway :»ao the cIMld: tbe glitter ot tbe camp. Kstelie as 5 i, e naa ra]5e(] her face- to his. Ills misery was :a tangiou mania. He narj never . needed Noyes as he did then. Be' (ore his thought hart oeen always I HUM fs'oycs mignt oeed olm. Pablito. "you'Til turn toward made a uit!" Pahlilo kept his eyes on Cuba I looking now like tbe Uilnuesf wafer pi a coin. PerHtp. Mjioy migbt nuke landing by noou. Tuej bad had late start. And what then? i Of this only, Pablito ivas ccrl tain:.ue would be In nldlag uiidf more or less 111 tlie power ol tb<| two In the boat with nlm. Alvayi'i now be would bo In biding, fearl Ing new faces tbat looked on bnl for more than a second. skulking] through the streets, bunting suctl vaguely respectable places i:l ibose which would give hltu asl surance of safety. He had d-earacrf mucli. although mistily, of all tbail he would do with life. He bacl never dreamed it was to be liktl this. • "You're right," Beau sans oin| loudly, "It is Cuba!" He talked excitedly then of noivl they could make their "teUnray. "We've only oegun ibis." nt stated. "Tliero's a lot of dodglnp ahead. They're going to he lookin I tor us—" "For us?" Pablilo echoed, lit. wondered what Lottie and lleaul had douc. " rit-An i.,,,i.n \ B3j^ U '""^ ly— at Pa .,,,i.n i ,n,t- ""^ , , I ""' ly— at Pabhr.o whose crime shivered. u 0 slinpeo from uls ''clvcl jackci and put It around her. nea:i moved, cl leiupo ol his snore. I T O I'ablito tbe niglit was a '.Soar ot bell—baiil uctl. Puritan hen. At luree o'clock Mie n-jud died to n tcehle whisper and the =lars hej-an to dim. At Qv e came , a Bray. |,, [0 dawn an(1 a spscl . lct] . j lar. sjiort rain storm. Loul» jsro.incd i u ncr sleep arm Rcau | awoke to curse her. Awake ue rubbed bis eyes, yawned, stretched and set to planning. They would have to land carefully. They tiad had othj, cloihc-s lucked and ready to ukc with tlicm hut a cluster of t'ervatns bad j tarcful lamlin;. steal some clothes : fi'l tjurti their costumes. They I •'••ould have to keep asvuy from • Havana. I,IU Q ,„ t hc bushes until "isht. Ilien rob some clotbes line 3 ;ana. a= Ucau said saltricallj"- | "ttart a new lite." 1 I'ablito heard all this dully. He :J«iu'l car" what i] ]cy ( )jj no| — uiiidi —wbat happened. lit „.».., ; wondered whether he woulil ever way railed when it overcame hi in wished ho had not used I'ablnc :| 'lagecr. "But tie's safe cnc now." be reaected. "and II the thins anybody woulua iliT,» | It was only sense 1 ." "It seems like 1 could see green." Lottie said, her cyc= a moment turned from rablitcl ] toward the thickening water tnall i was Cuba. Ueau sa'd nc could ?--*J . a lady on tha abore raising n'fl .with the mllkiuar. Uccaiise i?.e| cream was sour. "Well." , added, suddenly serious, "hero's 1 ! , lo you, Cuba] Be good In 113!" ' Tiny drifted uronnil In .re no jsuntlglu. Lottie moaning ol nc ;buti3er and Ucau tclliua'ncr sli ' hW round ir, Tbelr course was nccc^aar devious. . Nu o^c. uai evcu i buniblest o( fi-licrmun. must 9r< | them in field's boat. The? in lipd au Isolated shore (or laadincl which should be. It possible, (alr-l ly close to Havana Once on hinrl.f they must wail for tlie covci before couliLuiiig on tli' 'rcjji closer ano cntncbcu oa buai nollom against nls knees. "f)o you mind this bcre?" "No." OG answered. Noib could matter ev< nnd lhc never co, [a r , r llo (el tho Blr \ i ] bad been chased to aca by a Baning craft I'abliio's water-wise eye? bail lound. Hoau pulled nul watch, looked at It and aduilltccl sheepishly. -| [orgot to »'ind U 'T "AlD'i lhat swell," l.ottla ci | uied tviili withering scorn. Sue waa dressed He tried to «llp from bis velvet Jacket QUI tut stopped blm. '\Vatcba do^'T" sbe asked rouib '*• 'M *Mit you to cut U on Vou j°u. Louie Eild she could see It j too and (icau grlnued. "Sure you | do.- sweetheart." be remarked Initially. "I'U bet you ECC ony- Then, as ha taw an open strttcbl without a ball or a blackened hullf be added. "I'm going to try to make it now—" He turued l*e ciiglue !o t-.;J| sueed. ( (To HI: (.'uutlumdj

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