The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1939
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JULY 13, 1939 Nearby Lands Cooperat Wilh U. S.; Tip-off 0 Foreigners Activities BY THOMAS M. JOHNSON War Cormpandent and Author (WilUen for NBA Service) ANCON, Panama Canal Zon •July !).—Out beyond the vlslbl tangible defense of Die Cannl yet another line. It Is n cordon of friendly ncfgl bors that our diplomats, genera] admirals add others are worfcln to creel, by cultivating good rcta tlons with tlie countries north an south of Die Cannl. So real Is deemed Hie IhrciU o enemy raids by -airplane on th Canal or' hy submarines on 01 ships, from the many Islands an coves of the Caribbean area, tlia the more eyes oil the lookout, th safer Uncle Sam will feel. "If 'they shoot at the Cana ihey shoot at us," genial Prestden Junri D. Arosemena told me at hi "While House", overlooking biu Panama Bay. "We want la hcl| defend the Canal and keep possl We enemies away from it. We wan not, hatred like (hat in Europe, bir American . friendship. With oui neighbors and with the United States, we are on better tenns thai ever before." Which k n result of President Arosemena's gcod will and the labors here of Minister Dr. Prank P. Coirigan of Cleveland, 6., Ambassador-Designate , to Vcnc- • zuela, and of General Stone and Governor. Ridley. They have done much for Pan-American understanding and co-operation. For instance, the Panamanian national police tip off our authorities tei suspicious moves by foreign powers in the Caribbean; "The ship 'Equator' transits the Canal recently.-'she was full of shark-catching equipment but no sharks. This spring/she hung 'around, U. S. Fleet maneuvers with her crew-busily photographing mi til a party had to be sent aboard her. Now. siwoping along the Central American coast." . Amrihis one: "The German- inotorship Elfrieda <not her real name) won't .let her West Indian crew go ashore at small, inconspicuous" ports. The Germans iiriload, sometimes ' at night, large, .heavy, packages that may. be collapsible airplanes or bombs. GE^MAIf (VIKLINE ONLY 193 MILLS AWAY _„ - Our military authorities hero tremble at the thought ol hostile iirplnne Yel a number of them flo\\n by expert Nazi pilots, might dash over the" Canal in an hour from a prepared base only 192 miles away. Just/ conceivably! they might meet (here planes from a camouflaged Japanese' field In Costa Rica. The two bases now,have the Canal bracketed. In Colombia, Panama's southern neighbor,.is a well-established' network' of alrplines operated by the German-managed "Scadta" system. One of its stations, Turbo, Is only 1D2 miles in an air line east of the Cannl.'Thence, in an hour or two could fly one or more planes laden with bambs to be dropped by Scad- ta's. young pilots, lately arrived from Germany. All are Nazis, some are reserve army officers. And, no- cording io information that Is detailed, some have, been making bombs in a rather well-equipped workshop. So, these recent, events: Colombian publications have called, tho mailer to the attention of their • government, . which - is friendly, and one of Latin-America's few democracies. To the Panama Canal came a distinguished company of officers of the good Colombian army, headed by ils Chief of Staff, General Acc- wdo. Major General David L. Stone entertained them worthily with a preview of the defenses and a review of doughboys. When the Colombians Jeft, their hosts' minds were easier about Nazi bombs from Colombia. General Stone recently paid a return yisit to Colombia. When some German Scadta pilots tried recently to fly over the canal, (here was "no soap". Nor was there for some British pilots similarly' minded. This is na time for anyone to fly over the Canal but Americans. I i AMERICAN "DICTATORS' 1 ARE NOT FASCISTS So we arc speeding the "good work of getting to know the neighbors better, our American Democracy is playing tall with some dictators. But here most of them seem, compared to the European brand, broadminded, tolerant and humane. They are not Fascists. Ftor instance President Scmoza of Nicaragua. Somoza wauled to buy some American military equipment But Washington discouraged it Then up stepped Italy, offering "Elhiopian ivar equipment." (Italian equipment, of course used in the war In Ethiopia.) S:moza ordered. $300,000 worth. Italy made him pay $100,000 cash before he saw. a single gun— and then, what guns! The salvage of the Ethiopian Army—all dated— On Long Cruise Around Souili America r N--S"V *<,*( * s\i «»?yv*<l *r f f <*•** + V""" \ v N V <s> * . „«, —*„—,,,,,._* - ™~ _ " ^ ^ M I & ! * T * \' > ' \ . f \ s v x """"""'"* " ""X " ~'"~ i 'l ! wf\!>.•"':• v\- /• r, j// fan, ,v >^< • ...,., BT/YTHEYILLB t -(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store I'hone 540 Doubly illustrative of this article Is this spectacular photo of the U. S. Cruisers Quincy (foreground) nn(l Tuscoloosa, speed reduced to scarcely more than steerage way, laboriously pounding through one of'tho Straits of Magellan's:tabled storms, The ships were on a good-will tour of Sotilli Alncrtai—playing tlielr art in wir -good'.neighbor"'policy.. And the picture also dramatically.shows how scaling of the Pnnonm 7anal by enemy aircraft would put upon -pur navy the tremendous handicap of' the' Ions, dangerous Vrtvnun n rrmYtrl tl^A.tli*nroni,tt. A .^.^..i,_ t voyage around the tip of South America possible, Cieimany expands hei netooik of nlilmes in South mcricn Here, workeis land anp'aue gasoline at Oando Inlcl, Bia^il, a stop foi Germin government-subsidbed Lufthansa planes L' l 1 -1 i me bpck to 1885-Now, Italy should and Mexico geti uppity why el We rest of that $300,0001 And'the oil Uoubles arc not .allied amcza should be a Pascisli Es- irt Guatemala' ' -'• eciallj- yhen his good neighbors, And It the United Slates should he Northamericanos, lend him have lo take up the cross of an- oncy to start a Canal—that some 'oilier war, and hostile Me\lco ly may fit into American defense j should, ns she did twenty jenrs ans - .'..•-:•''•'• | ^o, add to the burden, then Cien- Ihen there's (lie road from the oral Ubico may give her fiiri-usly icific end of .Ihe Canal through'to think. He docs not like Mevfeo a Venia and Rio Hato, to re-- .lie has liot only a fine military uld which Congress has just airfield, bill an army well-trained oted Sl.500.000—If Panama will' Also he has wen at home support it up $2,500,000, So, 'President R> general thai if he Is a Dictator roscmenn told me, -he : is cabling he seems lo be .so by conseiil of s new Ambassador in Washing- the dictated, n to trj'-tb borrow the $2,500,000 Tlie only boys who seem .timvll- Wooed One Twin, Married Other ^ —good.' "But after om the Export-Import Bank. "See?" : say certain Americans. There's your 'Good-Neighbor' poly! WeVe the neighbors; they do ..-, all," is the aiisivcr, hesc things, will help us, if only defend the Canal. And isn't It. tier to put money in Latin nerica where we cnii walch il slend of into Europe or Asia?" OOD-NEIGIIBOK POLICY OT ONE-SIDED Tims the Gcod Neighbor policy oes on. And it doesn't seem to be I one-sided. There's" Tiburcio irias Andino who lias had him- If re-elected "president" of Hon- iras by a Congress ns well-lralncd the Reichstag—the usual Central mcrlciin metlwd. He says if war mes, all that he has is ovirs. So does President General irge Ubico cf Guatemala, a dic- tor. but perhaps the most cfft- ent ruler in Latin America. Use our air fields," he ' has told merleans. Gualemala has the best rfield in Central, Amefica, just ilfway between Miami and Panna, which is too long a haul to flown at cue hop. Our wny-sla- on tor vclnforcemenLs lo Ihc •nial now is in Mexico. But if ling lo play bull unreservedly in cur yard are Presidents Martinez of Salvador and Trtijllla of Sinto Domingo. Martinet has a • Qeiinnn general training his army and a German financier training his bankers, hut in war would be pro-Salvador—whatever that means. Trujillo Is the Western Hemisphere's closest imitation of a real dictnl:r,. iris forelgix policy sometimes depends upon whether or not his feelings have been Inirt A recent report of a German cruiser off his coast sent an American deslroycr scurrying to the scene for a check-up. But In general, American diplomacy seems to be weaving about the Canal an ever-stronger cordon of friendly nations. , . ' Fear *0{ Inflation Rises Due To C 11 r i' c n c y Problems TOIcvo (UP)-Jnpnn Is stnig- 8IHIB against (lip fcnr of inflation, nnd severe measures nro being: put nto effect io. check the tendency befoip |( iHlalus large proportions. Inflnttoi n ml nky-rookollngpvlces would tiring domestic unrest with mihnppy eliccts upon the progress or the win- in China. TO civokl Dial and (o keep prices from , jumping <o levels beyond llu- reach. of llio public, aulhorilles nre Invoking (il the neutrally recounted liiolhod or resisting tntlnl^on. ' ' \ Lli'iil.-aen Scisliho Uagnkl, Ju Iran's wnr mlnlslcr, considered Ihc problem s-j Imporinnl (hut ho ml- yocnti'd promulgation of an ordl nmice prohibiting nny lucronse h prices over (lie present, figures. ' Selliln ikcdu, 'chnlrman of UN central urlce policy commission warned the people ttml''(liey mus "-"•"• the Kmvltv O f the pvlcc Albert Kamcns of Philadelphia wooed, and thought lie woo Madeline Shamblin, of Chnrles- lown. W. Va. But slie broke the engagement, whereupon lie mar- 'L'i llcr , twin sister, Pauline/ ihcy are pictured honeymooning fit Ga.lvo5.toii, Tex. Medical Corps Commends ; Girl With Rejection MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UP) — The lifelong ambition of Miss Audrie Leah Boob to bo a member of the U. S. Medical Reserve Corps has been (lashed. Miss Bobb, who was graduated this year from the University of Tennessee school of medicine, np plied for a commission in the re serve medical corps n few week, before she received her degree. Her application was rejected bs Col. Jolni ^B. Richardson of the adjutant general's office at At lanta, wlio wrote: "As It Is contrary to Hie policy of the Wur Department to appoliv women In the officers reserve corps. it is not. practicable to take favorable action on.your application.' ' Colonel ftlclinrdsoii cpmmendcc her, however, for desiring (o BCVVC adding: "The United Stales'Is' not yet under the necessity of asking its women lo subject themselves to these dangers. That time m.i> come, but It has nof yet arrived and the men of this country are able and willing to do the fighting "They also serve who wait, and perhaps the women of the couu- try have a more difficult role than the men who serve in uniform." Read Courier Kews want ads. GOT SOAP WTffiS « THAT KITCHEN TWDDWSO^I CAN'T TfU FROM SMr IS JWIU. SAVE SUCH SAD JSITUATIOKS-AHO IT [COSrSOKLYAFEW ^ What's Happening in Your Own Home? There's no need for «ny dim- ligM embarrassments. 'For, electricity costs you BO little ... in fact, the more you \u« per month, the less per unit you p». Our ralea are so ctonomi- cafly scaled that it really pays to uss plenty of light nil over the house ... and enjoy all your other electric sorvnnte, Arkansas • Missouri Power Corporation U-" • •«.» '-I Mlt |ll H.V. pi'oblem niul must be prepared to bcur prlvnlions nnd lneoiwciili'nccj> which, however great, would be small compared to tho hn«!shl))s resulling from uncontrollable !n- llall-jii. I'orclgii Exchange ControHeil The other iiienns of checking In- Ilatlou — control of foreign exchange, control ,of Import,? ami control of exports—hnyc been lii enecl for some time and have been considered fnlrly- successful. Tha conccutriilloh now is en price control, mid while the final form has not been decided upon, the gen- M'nl outline of the 'program hns been mniie known. • : II wns rccognlzod that u funda- mcnlnl cause of lilgh prices—(he cost of living iii Tokyo has nl- qrcnscd nboiil 25 per' cent since July, 1937—lay In nn imevcn sllu- nllon in the .supply nnd demand of mnlerlals. Adjustment, of supply lo dcnmnd, therefore,' forms' the authorities' objective and (he government plnns,to establish inn'd cn-' 'orce caordlnalliijf' measures which vlll bring into harmony produc- lon, dlstriljutlon and consumption of rn«' materials, labor costs, transportation,-- rctils, savings and even clerical snlnrles. ' Prom (ho program Ihe price pol- cy commission hopes' (o mnlnlaln '.he present exchange rate of the yen, promote exports and to-curb anj social unrest which might be engendered by a-coiUlnucd upward •ush of commodli,y prices.' "=, ~- Kspot(>;Trade-: at- Slake. ' : In nddltloii lp ! -tlffi dlssnUsfncllon' which higher prices would bring to (he people, they also would Imm- pci c\i»rl. Irade, reduce Japan's capacity to •. Impart raw mnlerlnls and nit down - Ihc savings which now find ihclr \vay Into government bonds. . If possible, Ihe nulliarllles wnnl lo get prices . to an iiilcrnnllonat level -a Hint Japan's exporters can compele on at least, equal terms with Ihose of other nntlDiis. H i s vllal lo Japan's future to conserve and ntld to Ils -'foreign balances, for unless paymenls can be made abroad, Jnpnn cnnnot purchase raw materials essential to Industrial life. : , ; . There hns been discussion of n proposal lo divert more cf Jnpnii's food supplies into foreign trade as nncther means of slrcngthenint' Japan's foreign balances. This Is n delicate problem, for Japan's nbll- lly lo feed Itself has been- ah important factor In the development as n first class power nnd to cut into the people's market baskets might have serious consequences. Mnncy I'rcblein in China While nghllng lunation at home, FLAPPER FANNY i!nmt<siwiet.!xc r.w KK u s Mr ofr.- wM o in U. S. A.' on tho bollom » Well, where il you think' I wont to enmp—Siberia!" Jnpan nlso has currency problems on the continent. The Federal Reserve Jlnnk. organized In North China lo drive out the nntlon- nllst, currency of China, hns been a fnllure thus far and one of tho Important reasons for Ihe Tlenlsbi olocktide In June wns lo gel a firmer grip on (lie currency slluu- Uon (here. . . , . Japanese yon nro selling nl discounts In Sluiiighul, Pelpiiiif, Sail I'Vanclsco, -New York and other cities, and ivlille ibc vnhlo of the yen In Intcnialloiml niimico Is pegged nrtlncliilly here by Iho Hunk of Japan, nnd In the bank's branches abroad, more and more foreign ex- clmnge, which Ihe bank would.-Ilka lo hnvc, Is boliiff withheld and sent over the "black bourse" counters Jnpniicsc exports going to Olllnti nre pnld for in yen or In cilrreticy which has n dcprcclnled vnluo _ .but Amerlcnn dollars or Dril- sh pounds, so Jiipnn cnntiol build il> foreign balances lo any grenl exlcnl that vvny. Tokyo wnnl-i (o sell moro to the United States nnd other nnlIons which cnii pay in' a currency \ihleh lias,a more slnblc Willie than, the yen'.' pressed Hie opinion Uic a-yoiir-old rilo »o sou of Mv.- nud Mrs. Wnltcr lioolh Baby, 2, Unconscious, Life Thereby Is Saved GRAND.COUU5E, Wash, (UP)— Jinson City hospital nttciidnnts ex ~ was ^avcd from t drowning (n"the Columbia river because he struck >* his head on a rock when he rell'in , OIK! \va,s knocked ^unconscious,f ,' Tlie child was found fioat')rig~'in llio ilvei 10 oi 15 mlnutA nfter the accident' occurred, " He' 'regained' consciousness in (he hospital about'' 12 hoiiis after being removed from Iho w'rilori Charts for cooks on airplanes (.how Hint, nt an altitude of 5900 feet, a "3-mlnute" egg should be bolted 3(4 mlnulcs; nt 12,000 reer It, .should boll fqr 4y. minute BUY NOW PAY THIS FALL! riRKS, TUBES, •> RADIOS, PARTS, REPAIRS, BODY & FUNDEH WORK, AND PAINTING. „' All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW-PAY ONE- PAYMENT THIS FAIL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Always Open FAMOUS FOR Postage Sales Show Canadian Business Gain 'OTTAWA, : Onl. '{OPj-Int-rcnsed sales by ,thQ Post Office Doparl- iicnt—freniicntly looked upon ns a mromclcvof business conditions' In 3iumdn—Indicate Hint Uicre Is nr. ipwnrd trend .(jpucrnlly In inuJc. N. McLnrly, poslinnslcr-ijt'iiern), nld In a 1 statement here. "A comparison of llio poslngc sales for Miiy, logo, rcvenl.s a {ratifying incrensc of* more than 0 per ccnl or sonic $:i0'l,OM o\T'r he corrcspondlni; period last •ear," he snlil, "That Is » icjj me and not iirlslng directly from he sale of Ihc recent special Issue )f commemorative 'stamps Is borne )»t by llio fnet that the percent- Be of Increase In .cash postage vn.s greater than (lie Increase .In ordinary postage sales. "This fact establishes coiiclu- Ively Hint, (he liicrenso was not uo to the,sale of special Issue of ilamps. Cash postage sales are mainly derived from business firms and any Increase In those figures may be looked upon as a reflection or belter business." Read Courier Nttvs »'am nds. ___ Foil three gcnenilons, tliH fine' ' Kentucky whisky Ins won nc- claim for oiiisiandiiiK iiualiiy _Now, wiiti four full yeuM of Wi\K, ils satisfying mellowness •leaves little lo he desired in whisky perfection. Ask for older l;nrly 'I dues today and assure yourself, a full measure of en- iajrtncni in no'increase iu price. BBOWH-rORMAM DISIIIURY AT LOUISVlUElUKEWUa". SINCE 1170 KEKTUCKY STRHGHT BOURBON WHISKY" A BSiWN-FORMAH QUALITY' PRODOCT 1 DODGE AMOLA STEEL SPRINGS SAVE YOUR $$$$ M EN who kndkv s(ccls will (ell , you—Amola Steel combines' toughness and strength far in excess of ordinary alloy steels. That's why Dodge Truck springs, made of this ' _ amazing shock-resisianl metal, arc L M4 ltvclicr,stronger,longcr-lived... p re- P'-^-" vent costly breakdowns, save on ] repairs. Amola Steel is just one of many modern money - saving ad- • vancemcnts in Dodge Trucks. Put | DODGE alongside the "other 2" low- est-priccd trucks and COMPARE. You'll agreo-Dodge is (he stand-ou( I value. In engineering and perform- I ance, Dodge is the equal of anything on wtiects at any price. «r us Amwt wmm BLYTHEVILLE 117-lia East Main .SI. I'lmno 8SS •In,' Ark. C. W. WlfiTK

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