The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1930
Page 5
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AUGUST 20, 1930 BLYTimVlLLH, (AUK.) COURIER NliWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'ivo cenw a word for flist In- Mrtlon md cne cent ft word tor web itibMqutat Insertion, NO advertUemtat taken (or less than Uc. Count the words and lend the I'fcone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 2Gck-tt fMouywood, COPYRIGHT 1930 j by NE.A S E£vic£ Inc^ by ERNkST LV N N Used Car Socials For This Week During Iliis week we are ollcr- inj the tollowiiii; USKI) CARS al SPECIAL FJIICES, subject to our regular 30 Day Guarantee: 1MO Ford Hoadsler §305 19'!8 Mod. Ford Business Coupe $315 1928 Model Ford rick-Up Truck S2G5 1929 Mod. Ford Sport Roadster $295 1929 Model Ford I'luictoii ... 52C5 1929 Mcdtl Ford Sid. Coupe $335 1928 Mod. Chrysler "02" Sedan $335 1928 Model Whippet Coach S295 1928 Model Chevrolet Coujic $ 91 192C .Model Ford Coupe S 65 1926 Model Star Coupe $85 192G Model Dcdjc 3-4 Truck $ 95 Sec these cars today anil nuke your stlccction. Weekly I'hn, Monthly Plan or Fall Terms. Your Car taken as part payment. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers PHONE 811 TODAY FOR SALE—Good violin and bow. Purchased from line Memphis teacher. .Write Mis R. O. Sharp, Carutlicrsville, Mo. I4pk22. Used Car Bargains $295.00 $285.00 $395.00 $400.00 $550.00 $275.00 $350.00 1 19.29 Kurd Touring 1 1929 Ford Koadst«r 1 1929 Ford Tudor 1 1929 Chevrolet 4 Door Sedan 1 1929 1'entiac -1 Door Sedan 1 1927 rontiac 4 Door Sedan 1 1929 DeSolo Iload&ter LEE MOTOR COMPANY 120 East Main Street BLl r IHEVlLL£, ARKANSAS FOR RENT HI:(;I\ 111:111: TODAY TJA.V IIOHIUI'H, 1rni|trrnniriilnl yi'MHK xinn of HollMMJuJ, cmi'l ttrl niitiif; «{(|i n kludlii cvi'Clltlve nl I'ltiiTtarul:,} 1'klurra nnil iciirn ni> lito vimlrm-l n. .cfiuitl,, »rl!cr nnd nuk» to III? Bred. Llul Jir l-n'l. llntl li Illlerolril In AXM: \vi.vri:il. a ulrl from Tn1», Oklp.. nlii, iXouii enough nMllijr iii uarrnnl a n-ri-i-n ti-»t mid u ilt'i-riil iiiirt In n nlclurr. lln:i lltr.v nllli 1>A1II, I IJI.l.lllK. \ih,i \\rlli* n dull)- mnilc column d<r n fctrlni; nf utualiuprr*. Aunt- Itv.'* \\llh (no rvlrn itlrlK, liVA !lAHI,l:v mill 51ONA MlHllUSOV A (.1111,111* illrrolor nnmtil <iAU- II V Sl.lltx !,„> si,,,,*,, ,,,i,, L . mtrr- <-»l Ill A urn-, hurdly rni,ilgh. lioiv- *-*rr. It, \iEirriinf liny high HUM?,.. llnu tiurn nut llkr Sluant hi- l». ]L,t*\i>vi-r. nn nitiLilrrr <if .MAKTI.N' <'<>].I.I.SS, Innurrlr of (•niKliirii- ml, MUM of AmnlRtininlcd. Ilnrl- iin-r nnd AIJIII- nllrni] n liniUf- v, Mrmlnj,- nl Ciilllni,' himir. M>\\- r:u n.v WITH THI: sronv CHAl'TKII XX TJOUAWOOIJ Is full ot rinnoni. i *•*• They fly about Ilio great stu-j dies, and they hover over lunch- con lahlcs and flit through hotel lobhle.-j anil along tlic boulevards. Snch-anil-snch a btar is getting a divorce: so-and-™ Is leaving this studio for (lint one; Amalgamated is Ruing lo do nothing hni pupcr- proiluclloiis; a ccilain featured j player is lo he starred. Hare is th& official announcement tliat is not preceded by a liusl of rumors. It was a rumor tliat Louise Watkins wauled to discuss with Dan Rorinier, anil while Dan was surprised al its nature, he did not Ihink It at all strange that Miss Watkina should'hare heard it ahead of him, for news In Hollywood traveled in roundabout fashion. And, besides, Ixmist wrote for a croup ot gossipy niorio fan magazines, and she knew her Hollywood. Continental Pictures, Louise \Valkius said, was going to lie sulil. I.a\vso:i Urolhers were going lo liny Continental and merge il, i ally it, wilh their other studio?. She had dropped in early on lioi-imcr and Collier that Sunday afternoon, had rim into Johnny P.iddlc and informed him that Paul ,iuil JJan were having "upon house,' ami had brought Johnny willi her "I thought you'd be interested,' she told Dan. "1 should be," Dan admitted. "Is it straight?" "It's not official, of course, Im don't bo surprised. Continental i; close lo the wall as it Is. I imagine they'll be raihcr glad to be bought out instead of going under OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahen/ /! ivns a iiofsj) crorad, Initiative nml i;ny and /iglii-JtcarlcJIu conical. means something." | "Well, I'm for II—especially it it menus tliat Adamsou goes out ou his neck." "And how about you?" ran I demanded. Dan said, "My lime v;as almost up anyway. Only a couple of mouths lo go on llio contract, and 1 know blamed well Adc.mson l.nnlse dhl. lie sali). T'verywhcro ho o big stiff Is «3 wclcimio as Santa Claus. Why? llccauso ho •i a dinky lilllo column on the cs every day niul II goes lo a list i>f papers longer than Hollywood Ifoulevhrd. Uo.tlw studios wclcuinc lilni wltli open arras when his manly llginx) appears un Iho iHilzwi? Don't ho Billy. 1)0 son want 1,1 know how gcoil llils Col- llrr h? Ml tpll you how gooil ho Is. lie fan call up thu drat movlo star tliul cumes to his mind and invite himself lo lunch ami tell her that hi; would liko to have chain- liable if sho doesn't mind. And eel !i: And even It till! Bl;\r ilni'Mi't feel llko doing it, her presi goni--if he's us good an I mil— raliulily will adviae her lo humor 1m." That, Kiddle linishcd, was what ^caSlcil good. 1'anl (.'olllei-'s suu-liunitd (aro rinklcd in a grin. That, he main- iliiril, w,m whal canio of liavlon •-V apiwal. "Well, I guess It's ">ir turn now." )u> said lo l.ouUo Vail,ina. "How's the fun magazine !.'niisu maito an luilignaul reply mil Ilicy fat and talked of lucon- cgirciilial thing!', and presently i^ojilu Iwgiin ID drop In and make- l:o:nsclves nt humo. It was mostly & iiewsrugin' crowd, ymiug men and yiiiiiig women from the JjOs An- Sctcs paiicis and ex-reporterfl now niiiiclieil to the publicity staffs of i he ii'.ollon picture sluillos. U was a noisy crowd, tnlkallvc am] !;«>• and liglit-hearleilly cynical. Ttiey dlEC,nsF-ed current plcliires, ]'lu\E, criticized Uicin Ecveii'ly; prniihcslcd the future ot the audible pictures, color photography anil the iicw-ilimenslon screen; Irudcd goa- slp alraut players and directors, nud I'.nil Collier, who could break rlglity with fair regularity, became the center ot an animated golt dis- cus=ioii which wound up in his of- fciinj; one ot tho men n stroke-a- OM-M—I rlAWE 5AIL6D BeFC.R6 "file ' 6oME LOQk AT VOUR FAce --^ \l"S •REP, MAKES YOU LOOK UKe A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin YKAH? Johnny Kiddle, CoMicr observed in an envious tone, undoubtedly hail the greatest racket fn Hollywood. "It's nil very well to have n legitimate publicity business nnd to make money at it—" "Lois ot it. loo," observed Louise Watktns, "although ho docs nothing hut complain about business." liolc handicap and challenging him fur Hie following Wednesday after- l!i:i,!l. 'Km' any amount up lo a dollar ami a half," Paul said. ".Miiko it live and it's a bet." I'anl tald. "night!" and lent an ear to the Insistent pleading ot livo young women ami sal down at a slierift's liamuicr." Ilorimor siiruggeil. all news lo me. "Well, It's suppose Bhane Apartment for rent. Phon-? 441. or 29. •••"• " 19ck2G FOR RENT—Furnislied apartment j 108 Kcntiicky, Phone tiBS. 13pk21 i Ho could pby—(•» ho most thim;.-!—vatlioi- FOR RENT—McBrldc nimrtmenl. 4 rooms, batii, garage. Furnislwd or unfurnished. 800 Walnut- 20pk23 FOR RENT—Sept. 1st, store building now occupi-°d by The Hoot- cry. Mi-s. J. G. Sudbury, Phone 1. 10pk23 WANTED "WANTED AT ONCE—A-gOOc! cap- j able person to succeed J- E. i Hunter in the city of Blylhevillc j To sell H^bcrllng's hoiiEcliold supplies, toilet articles, soaps, spices, ] extracts, etc. 100 useful house- I holtl products. We furnish goods I at low wholesale prices. Write today for full particulars. G. C. HEBEULING COMPANY. Depl. 5, Blcomingtou, 111. 19ck21 For Rent Two slovcs on Second street, also cotton ufTice up sliiir.s with north skylight. Gi'iiiul Leadci- building. Apply oil premises. 1. ROSENTHAL Koriincr 1 will fiml hiuibelf scouting around .for a new job pretty soon." '""VaiiT" (.'oilier observed dryly: "You're lucky you haven't had to do your scoulins before Ihis." and at Louise's Inquiring look Dan explained. "I got sore at Aiiamson and [ore up my contract." "l"c-ah, just like lliat," 1'aul com- inctucd. "I think he's smart," Johnny Riddle said. "Be independent; that's my motlo. They Ihink a lot more of you, Dan, iC you lei! them to gi» to Ihe devil ouce in a white." "What'll they ilo, Louise?" Uan asked. j\ JIBS WATK1XS iliiln't know. "I -*- tuppiibe lliey'll continue l,i operate it under the name of Continental, and apply some i>f tlieir uwn well-kuowu efficiency—" "There's room for plenty of that." Dan obseruil. "1 bog your pardon." "—or maybe they'll would never renew it. In fact. I'm j Klie laughed and called lo Dan", who the piano, expecting the air any clay—iu large had appeared in the doorway willi could do mid copious quantities." ja tray of. glas^cc, lo como in. j wt 'l- and he gave the impression He smiled. "I'aul," he explained i "Wc'rn making Johnny Riddle feel |of doing it without half trying. Me to Louise and Johnny, "worries j had, Dai:." ' JkciH un n stonily, hanlcrtns. ainllliiK about inc. I'll give him gray hair "H c;ul 'i bo done" Dan baid |™:vcrsalion as he playul. aiid "Wlicro there's no conscience i ' :l -'"«d down at the imiuo keys yet." Collier growled. He said that It | there's no feeling." look two to run an i.-slahlishmcnt such as Iheirs. "I'd like to main- lain yon in Die comfort you're accustomed lo, hut I can't afford it." nan laughed and went to Ihe kitchen, ami Collier, turnlns to the othors, said. "Independent, that's him all over." "Quit picking on him." Johnny Riddle advised. "I-like to see a man ivlio can tell, some of thc3e executive*-, where to Ket off and make them like it. . . . How's Uau'a girl friend gelling along?" "Coming "DID JA t clients Johnny has the most beautiful women in the world--" "I have a few men," Hiiidlo said ! stonily. right along.- Johnny. Ueller keep an oyju on hc-v; she'll make a good client for yon." "Johnny can't sign a new client without losing his heart to her." ise "\Valknis "That might complicate matters, if she's a friend ot Dan's. Who is shcV" Collier said lie didn't Ihui!; .f.oiiije know her. "Anne Winter Us her untnc. You met a friend of merge it hers one, day, over at Conlineulal. complclely. Uul that's imi very I Eva llarlcy. That blond girl, s» likely; Ihe name (Jontintutal silll member 1 .''' IDDLE giinnt est. "J<cl me tell Ibis," Paul Collier , and he continued. "For I unly rarely. -:"(looil-tlmc Charlie hirascH," Klil- 0, starlet! lo pro- I'lHc ou'erveil. hnl Louise islantly lo his defense. "For one thing," she said stoutly, "rani's a lirsl-class ncwspapcr- -and ^he:i Ihc-y're bcaulifnl I nice," I'niil wont un, "he falls in man," and Kiddle was ijntck to da- i clarc hinipclf. "\VIio sairl anylliing aljoul hia ^nic hu Is; one ot llio ability; llCiit." l r):ui saiil, "Tlic point is. I'aul love willi UICRI. lie has a staff tu-icould iiavc anything hu wauls If do all iiis work for him and he !>i.i lime playing golf and iliiting wilh lhc.;c licanliful movie Biil.H, mid at tin- cud u[ each month what doe-; he do'; "lie semis them all a hill. . I ask you, Is lliat a racket. i>c IMI'L il?" Itiildle chuckled :ind lighted a cigiirct. "Kii! me," he said: 'go ahead and kid me. Iflnt don't Ihink 1 fall in love with inortj lliau one at a lime, business if I did. You can't rcmiml a girl you're to be urazy auont lliat she's unbind In her payment:;." Anyway, Collier had tho real he tiiul hard enough." I-iNiine Kdmillcd lluit thnt might ho (rue. ami liidillc kiddiugly oh- served dial ran I had plenty ot champions among the women. "He'a got a uay with him." Ho sighed ami began lo talk about hi'i "clients." Johnny was an amusing duck. Dan Ihoi whimsical arid seemingly irresponsible, but :<hrcwil for nil of that -Collier said thai Rlddlo v the money."' And Horitiicr listened wilh an attentive tuiilo lo Johnny's foolery, but presently ho let drop a remark that touk Han by surprise. (To Ho Continued) 019» »r K EA sen VICE, inc. into. u. % f WANTED—Housekeeper at Frisco rooming house opposite Frisco! Station. !DpK3 .FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS LOOKS UKK THEIR .MAN! ~\ By Blossti WANTED .— Family Wnslilugs. | Washed and ironed by competent, white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S- Lake St. ITcVc-tf NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3ii r dental offices Till be closed >ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Dr. H. A- Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- V. R. WASntAM—Transfer Daily trips to Mcir.plUs. Will pick up and deliver freight, and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lets. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT i He Makes 'Eui Set! AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Pcrmaiicnl • piisilionb: clerical. in:cliamcal." saleciniansMip; cxiioricnce unnecci!- snry. Salaries S25-$100 weekly, transportation [uruishcd. UOX ms. CHICAGO. ILL. 20pWl Closing Stock P, ices • A. T and T 2117-8 Aviation r. 1-2 Chrysler 231-4 Cities Service 273-H Coca Cola 170 3-8 Fox '. 423-1 General Electric 701-4 General Motors 445-8 Grigsby Grimow 137-8 I. T. mid T 45 Montgomery Ward Packard Radio ................ Simmons United Gas U. a. Steel 32 1-4 131-8 •10 245-8 353-4 1703-8 Mieu....U£ USD...I KIM COTTISiS A "NJIG VESTERDAY- yJAMT TO DO IS To S6T A LOOk AT OF SO/AEHOV).'! X t B0-/' JOST LOOK FAE OJER.... IF I WAS TO TEH. VOU THAT IVA TU2(4tN6 OOT 7D BE A DEAL DETEcTlMe..-' VJC REDOU1G IF U& , POMT YOU, OSCAR'S Voo OCJI.ST SUSPECT To CX3 IT, IF YOO LL THIS1R CF \1-JIOST A Jl'DGE Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 I«eram B!dj. BIytiicvillc, Ark New York Cotton NEW YOftK, Aug. 20. (UP) — Co'.ton closed steady. Open Hlijli Low Close Oct. old 1130 11-10 112! 1134 Oct. new 1100 1120 1093 HOG Dec. old 1140 1160 1140 1145 L>cc. new 1118 1138 1113 1124 Jan. old 1140 11G5 1149 1)53 Jan. new 1120 IMG 1123 113-i Mar 11-10 1ICI 1139 1150 May .... 1153 1175 ll.VJ UGo July .... 1174 1197 1173 1133 Spots closed steady at 1135. up 10. Cons-irlrrnbly lots than one per cent of American 1111:11 arc graduates of. a college of any kind. MOM'N TOP MOM, W/?tT Till YOU HEAR Wt \ NEWS ADOUf \V)UR CROMINErVT I I / PROMOTES MID CIS 1 DUSItlESi t'.ltl Wilt IIITO I OFFICE j Witt. WHAT OID 1 JlltY'pROMOTE"' VOU FOR.THIS TIME"? WAIT "AND GET THIS STRAIGHT! AFTER WE HAD BUN IN1ROOOCED ?,D ALL, THE V CAME RltHT TO THE, POlfJT. AtlD ASKED ME TO CONSIDER BCIN& A OOD&C A JUO&E!! THOT SOUNDS GRAND, TOP! --OrAOEAyrv ' I SUPPOSE VO'J THIfl* THAT'S SOMETHIN5 TO f«S, OF A OHAUTV SET AUSTMMEO WABOUr.'fcOMTEST.' OUT THIS IS A REAL HONOR BECAUSE ABI& '" A.viESICA'4 FINEST WOMAN IOOP.WITH'isoojfl PRIZES!

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