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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois • Page 2

Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois • Page 2

Freeport, Illinois
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1 Irt- THE DAILY JOUBNAL, FREEPOBT, DECEMBER, 81, 1888. Freeport Daily Journal ILL. DSC. S1.1S88. A DAY'S NOTATIONS.

islnicl with Gene Mench Are our ladies going to receive cullers New Years rlnyV Cupt. Barnes has breti indisposed for several days. The Good Templars meet, to-night in regular weekly session. Miss Libbie Goddard, of ia the guest of Miss Eva Bell. Kev.

Paul, of Baileyville, was visitor to the city to-day. M. H. Wifcoxon is home to spend the holidays with his family. Baler Seyfaith have issued very Imudsome calendars for 1889.

p. S. Lercb, of Chicago, was calling on Freeport customers to-day. There will be a good many family Christmas dinners next Tuesday. J.

P. Byerly has returned home from an extend'ed trip through tho west. Jolin Miller, of Orangeyille, transacting business in the city to-day. Mrs. Satterley, of Freeport, is visiting her sister, Mrs.

Shockley. at Itochelle. L. Waddell and family are moving into the flrst Hat of -L. L.

Munn'a new building. Rev. A. S. Miller, of Freeport.

will preach in the Lutheran Church at Lena Sunday. Herman Prick came down from Monroe this morning. His Monroe paper is paying him big money. The merchants expect a big trade tomorrow. So far trade has not been up to the standard of former years at this time.

Henry Schlacks, Supt. of machinery for the Central, was in the city to-day on business with Master Mechanic E. O. Dana. Even horses are (lying of diphtheria.

A Whiteside County man recently lost a horse valued at $30n. Tho animal died of diphtheria. Fred Gund, Secretary of tho German Insurance Company, has sent out very handsome Christmas greetings to the agents of that company. Yesterday was supposed to be the shortest day in the year, but it will be aome time before we notice any change in tho length of the days. Uiilly MuBser baa just received a very tine photograph of F.

L. Jones' new- borne at Passadenu, California. It is a very handsome residence. Sheriff U. F.

Timms escorted Ed. Manion to the Joliet penitentiary this morning. Mrs. Manion and son accompanied them to Chicago. Solomon Bostwick, of Co.

E. llth 111. Vol, and Sergeant Major of the llth regiment, recently died while an inmate of the Soldiers home at Leaven worth, San, Harry M. Hyde, city editor of the Dubuque Si'wws, is in the city on a visit to his parents and friends. Harry Is making iv aplended reputation na a newspaperman.

Many ot merchants purchased trimming of Chas. Chapman, the Freeport Nurseryman, and have trimmed their places of business up in holiday Lena Star Chief of Police Frank Piersol warns people against throwing paper and other refuse on the streets, as It is violation of the ordinance, and Mayor Bergman has given him orders to have it stopped. ThelMt. Carroll says that that therja; is 'KFun ahead; the lady lawyer from Mr. Fred Smith's will debate the question of equal' Ruffrage with him in the opera house." The gospel temperance meeting under the auspices of the Good Templars, in Temperanfie Hall, at 3:30 o'clock Bun day afternoon, will be addressed by R.

J. Hftriett. All are cordially invited to Attend. By order of committee, Mexico Hill delivers his celebrated lecture at the Opera House to-night. He is one of the most brilliant plat- Conn orators in country and his bothynterestlng and instrue- JSVB.

be Rioted by a 'large audience. Charles Carr was reported some better today. Fair, colder weather is promised by the Signal Service. Dr. Bobb, of Dakota, was calling on Dr.

Buckley today. Mr. niHlMre. Ed. Courtney have child who is quite ill.

Mexico Bill at the Opera House tonight. fail to hear him. Mrs. Charles Lynn, of Chester, 111., will spend the holidays in Freoport. Dr.

Larkin, of llock City, was in tho city to-day, on professional business Miss Mary Jones is assisting In Mrs W. A. Stevens'store during the holidays. W. It.

Delsher has returned home from Colorada, where he has resided for a year or so. Mr. Winded Scott, of is visiting his sister, Mrs. J. II.

Hanner- inan, on Ben ton street, Will the German insurance Ofllco force is unable to bo at work on account of illness. The Misses Emma and Margaret Fry, who lire now in Europe, will sail for home on the 10th of January. Rev. D. J.

Burrell, D. is the author of a book just published, entitled "The Religions of tho World." The boys at the Engine house arc putting on lots of agony. The floor is now profusely decorated with cuspe- dores. Mr. and Mrs.

Joo Kline arrived from Lanark this forenoon. They will make their homo with the groom's parents for a fow days. The Freeport Opera Company about made expenses on theh two performances in this oily, but lost money oft tho Dlxon trip. Miss Passuioro, of Cedar Haplda, the guest ofjthe Misses Stearns. The young lady lias visited here before and she has many ndmirora In Freeport.

The Mikado wan produced at Dixon last night by tho Freeport Opera Com-, Hia Head Out off, A horrible accident occurred nt Savanna Wednesday evening at about 10:30 o'clock. As usual the C. B. N. train from Chicago stopped at the Milwaukee crossing, and the gentleman who was killed attempted to leave the train at this crossing.

In doing so, it is supposed he was swung under tho wheels of his own train, with the result us above stated. The body was not discovered until about eleven o'clock, when the engineer of the train was bringing his engine back from Ihe passenger station for the round house. At point near the Milwaukee coal sheds und about 400 feet this sido of the second crossing, the body was found, the head completely severed from the body, the lower part of the face cut off, the right hand mutilated and tho left bruised and bleeding. The remains were removed to Hose Houso No. 2.

where they lay this morning. The body is'that of Henry Hays, who lived near Polo. He was on his way to visit relatives at Keota. Iowa, and it was of course necessary that he change cars at Savanna. A few moments after the train started tho brakeman called Savanna, and the man thinking ho was being carried by, attempted to get off, and tho train now being under pretty good headway, he was thrown under the wheels.

The scene of tho horrible affair showed to inspectors this tho man's tongue, fragments of nosh and part of a set of false teeth. ftnvanna Journal, Wanderi ugs of a Freeport Boy. To the Editor nf Freejml Thinking tt would bo interesting to a' fair-sized audience. The play was greatly appreciated by the Dlxon people, who never tired of applauding the good points in the opera. The company returned homo this morning at 4 o'clock.

A very quiet yet happy wedding will be solemnized Christmas afternoon at 3 o'clock at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Hodges.

Their daughter, Miss Carrie, will bo wedded to Mr. E. Shourds, a prominent young hardware merchant of Chicago, ttev. Dr. Jenkins will perform the ceremony.

Mrs. D. A. Knowlton lias just received word that Miss Gertrude Ha- berstlch, whose arrival was expected this week, is detained at home by severe illnesH. As it will be uncertain when she can come, those who have been awaiting her will bo at liberty to make other arrangements for their studies in French, German and music, they desire to do so.

Officers Elected: BOY At. ADBLl'JHIA. IVeeport Conclave, No. 87, Itoyal 'Adelphia, elected tho following officers for the ensuing year last night: Past Roland. Lohr.

J.Gartman. Assistant McCann H. Blosser. Treasurer -Dr. Mease.

H. Wilson. TnicnwD MEN. the annual camp flro of Winne- -flhlek' Tribe of Red Men, held in their twlgwam last night, the following braves were elected officers of the tribe for the ensuing year: Cronkrite. Senior Browne.

Junior Sagamore -W. H. Bookman. K. of II.

Holland. of H. Tandy. Medical C. H.

Oettinger. KXCMLBIOK L00CIK. Kxcelalor Lodge No. 97, F. and A.

elected the following officer last night: N. Win. llarpsler. S. W.

Dr. J. F. Fair. T.

Flacbtemeier. Treasurer--M. Hettlnger. F. Norris.

Prof. Paul of St. John's Sunday School has prepared an elaborate programme for the Christmas exercises to be held at that church Christmas eve. Two Christmas trees will be loaded with presents for the Sunday school scholars. A simple "remedy to keep apples through the winter is to take half a bushel of wheat bran and mix through a barrel of apples.

The bran absorbs tbe moisture or sweat from the apples, and thus prevents their rotting. The remedy is worth trying. Tbe session of the next General As aembly of Illinois will commence on Monday, 9. The vote for State officers will be counted on the 9th or 10th day of that month, when Governor Fiferand other State oulcerb will be declared elected and duly installed. "Mr, W.

H. Tuttlo, of Rock Falls, who is well known as an earnest and enthusiastic Sabbath school worker in Whiteside County, and also lirst-class printer, was granted a license to preach the gospel at the last quarterly conference of the M. E. Church held at Rock Falls." Mr. Tuttlo wan at one time foreman of the JOURNAL office.

This office has turned out more than one minister. The Danville, 111., city council has passed an ordinance requiring merchants starting in business there to subscribe an oath to the effect that they will remain in business one year, tho oath to be accompanied by a bond of $1,000. In the event of failure to comply with this ordinance the person shall be classed as an itinerant, fcnd charged a license fee of $5 a day. The many friends of Hon. John Meyer will be Interested in the following dispatch from Sprlngfleld: "Representative Meyer, of Chicago, no- companled by' Senator McMillan, was in the city to-day.

Mr. Meyer came to learn something of the speakership contest. He was desirous of ascertaining If State officials had settled the question, and if they had not he would continue his canvass. He was Informed that the fetlrlfig officials had no interest in the proceeding. Mr.

Meyer Is in the race, and intends to stay until the Republican catfoui lie claims to have a respectable following, and says he is not running with the Intention of getting a good committee or with the prospect of making showing for the speakerahlp of tlio Thirty-Seventh General Assembly." An exchange states the leap year situation thus: Twelve years must elapse before the interesting event takes plaae again, but it was Just the same 1800 and not in 1000, for that was a leap year, and the year 2000 will be a eap year also. Why this should be is i problem. To explain In detail would oe tiresome 'tasfc, but it rests on the principle that the difference of 11 min- ittes per year exists between actual time and calendar time. Thus a year is computed at days, three years being 365 days long and the fourth year 36G days. In fact the year is 3.G& days 5 hours ami -J5 minutes long, or miuutet short of days.

Twelve years! And by that time some very interesting girls will have become old maids. The situation is a desperate one, girls, and demands desperate Circuit Court- The Sheets vs Baker case went to the jury at 2 o'clock this afternoon. The Garvey- Watson breach of promise suit will come up later in the term. Judge Cartwrlght will adjourn court to-morrow until Jauuary7th, 1889. The case of John Wlesman vs the Commissioners of Highway of Rock Run Township, is now on trial.

John Pftuke, Joseph Bricker and Laud Mitchell are the commissioners. Mr. Neisman claims that on tho third day of May last ho was driving along the road In said township with h'm family, When' Is wagon struck section stone in the road. His horses took fright and ran away with him. He was thrown out and his arm wan fractured in the fall.

He claims that the stone was too high and it was an act of criminal carelessness on ttie part of tho Highway Commissioners and he brings suit against the township for $3,000 damages. He is represented by J. A Grain, and Judge H. C. Hyde repro sents tho Commissioners.

Methodist Semi-Centennial' On the 27th qf this month the Methodists of Beloit will celebrate the semi- centennial of the organization of the Methodist Episcopal church In that city. Tho first society of Methodists in Beloit consisted of five persons, and was organized Dec. 27,1838, by Revs. Leander J. Walker and Nathan Jewett.

Beloit wns at that time a part of Rockford circuit, of which the two above named ministers were pastors. This circuit belonged to tbe Illinois confer ence, as neither the Rock River or Wisconsin conferences had boen organized. All of the circuits in this region were cm the Chicago district, of which the celebrated John Clark was presiding elder. The territory at that time contained In the Chicago district was nearly the same as that which now forms the bounds of tho Rock River conference. There were eleven circuits and stations within this region which now has about Card of Thanks.

wish through the columns of your paper to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to our neighbors and friends for their sympathy and kindness in the deep affliction that has come to us in the sickness and death of our beloved husband and father, the late Dr. C. B. Wright. Mns DR.

C.B. Wmojvr, MRS. JACOB HIOLEV, CIUHLBB VAN BKOOKLIN, Mjsa AUGUSTA VAN BHOCKLIN. FBAKK VAN BROCULJN, Miss RozKfcLA A VAN BRQCKUN, Services at theFreeMethodist, Church this evening at 7:30, subject, "Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy thelpleasure ol Bin for a season." We still extend a cordial invitation to come over ind heli us. To all interested in Bibte religion we say come.

Chief Piersol and Officer Strohacker raided Hattte Sweeley's place night at midnight, and, captured four females and two men. The party were Aned $13 apiece, making a total of $78, Which was paid into the city treasury. The men were'Charles Smith, of Chicago, and George Andrews, of Gales- following sensible article ia clipped from an exchange: The schoolmarm is tbe guiding of the republic. She takes the little bautling fresh from the home nest full of his pouts andfflftssionsv.ungovemable little wretch njqtljer often admits that fto scljoojl'pwrpiisely to igly ca by their resjfective parents oneepntathem in the way sjid of tMtaoaffing useful and upright citizens At what expense of patience, toil and loul wearlnesaV Do not imagine that compensated by the salary Sam Zimmerman, the well-known stock bpyer, is a somnambulist. The other night one of Sam's neighbors was going homo about 12 o'clock, and he discovered a man standing on the top of a fence waving his hands in a frantic manner, and dressed only in a night gown.

The gentleman was nearly soared to death, as he supposed he was approaching a madman, but on closer examination he.found that the figure dressed in white was nono other than Sam Zimmerman. He spoke to Sam, but received no reply. Then it dawned upon the gentleman that Sam was a somnambulist and was walking in his sleep, and such proved to be tho fact. He succeeded in arousing the midnight wanderer, and Sam lost no time in seeking the seclusion which his bedroom grants. He informed the neighbor the next morning that he had had a.

dream. He thought he was driving herd of jcattle in from the country for Bergman. Dorman, when one of the bovines became unruly and made a lunge at him, and in order to escape the animal's wrath lie mounted the fence, on which the neighbor found him. Had the night been colder Sam might have frozen to death. Ho proposes to chain himself in bed in the future, as he does not care to take another midnight etroll in his night gown with the thermometer in the neighborhood of zero.

Parties who are amusing themselves with this "White Cap" nonsense of sending threatening letters to respectable citizens may learn to their cost that practical joking of that kind is a dangerous undertaking in this community. The author of such letters if identified will be severely punished, and should the outrages intimated be attempted here some of tho persons implicated would very certainly reach untimely graves. Better drop this foolishness right DOW. before HOITIP nun into trouble. The bept reform in domestic life is without a doubt the Introduction of Dr.

Bull's Baby Syrup. Whera it is known no more laudanum ia given to the ba- blps. An excellent, remedy. Umuior is superior as a cathartic to any other in all cases In which a purgative is employed, At all druggists. Price 2r Stockholder's Meeting.

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the First National Bank of Freeport for the election of directors and for such other business an may IJP done at such meeting, will be held at its banking office on Tuesday, thp 8tli day of January, 1889, between tbe hours of 10 a. m.and 12 m. of said day, A. H. BAKsnmuEH, Cushlev.

Freeport, Dec. 7,1888. decllw5t. the readers of the JOUHNAL to learn something of tho wanderings of one of the boys of Co. llth 111., I write a few lines.

You remember, Cojnrade Atkins, I enlisted Hi your Company, April 16th, 1861; served until July 30, 1861, then re-inllHled in Co. 46 Sept. 10, '61; was promoted Quarter Master Sergeant Sept. 14, 1861; was discharged at Corinth, May 1862. i then went to Pennsylvania and joined the 45th Penn Sept.

10, was wounded at, Spotsylvaniu Court House. On May 14th, 1864, rejoined tho regiment in front of Petersburg, thence to tho surrender of General Lee, at Appomatix Court House; from there to Washington where I was mustered out; of service July 22,1865. I then went to Lewisburg, union 1 remained until September, 1866, when 1 went to New Bedford, where 1 shipped for a whaling cruise of four, years; we sailed for what is known as tho western grounds in the North Atlantic, where --we captured our first sperm whale, which mndo us 14.0 barrels of oil; after cruising awhile we shaped our course for Fayal, one of the Western Islands, from there to the Cape De Verde Islands, oh the coast of Africa; from there to tho Canary Islands, then to St. Helena, in the South Atlantic; while at this Island, I visited the tomb of Napoleon, which remains the same to-day as the, day 1 which Napoleon was burled. kbpt in order by a Captain 'and 'Sergeant of the French Army.

After leaving St. Helena, we sailed around Cape Horn into the Pacific; here we visited the Island of Juan Fernandez, of Robinson Crusoe fume; I failed ta see his man Friday, or in fact any other human being; we found plenty of goats, also plenty of sweet potatoes, bananas, peaches and other fruit. Leaving this Island we shaped our course for the Arctic Ocean, going through Behrlng Strait on the 10th day of July; we remained in tne Arctics until the 10th day of September; while in the ocean we captured one bow head whale; this is a specie of the right whale, they are tho largest of the whalo kind; the one got made us four hundred barrels of oil, and ten thousand pounds of bone; remember this bone Is all taken out of the mouth, the bone is entirely worthless, while the bone taken from tho mouth is worth $3.50 per pound by wholesale; we made a very narrow escape getting out of the Arctic, as we came near being eaught in the ice. After leaving the Behring Strait we called at Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, for supplies, thence around Cape Horn again, and the Cape of Good Hope into the Mozambique Channel, Indian Ocean. Now, Comrade Atkins, if you ever saw a man sick of any service it was your humble servant about this time, I made up my mind to leave tbe whaling service even I was compelled to do so on a barren sland.

After ciusiug in the Mozambique channel.we called oftbe DomorolslandSjthere are four Islands in group, Comoro, Mayotta, Mohilla, Johanna; they are inhabited by a race of mixed Persians and Arabs; on our arrival at Johanna, I left the ship and entered the service of his Royal lligh- ness Sultan Abdallah, as his private secretary. Here! came very near making a muss of it, as the saying is; the Sultan asked me if 1 knew anything about machinery, and the manufacture of sugar. I replied I did, not knowing at the time that he had any machinery or sugar cane; judge of my surprise when I found he had a full plant of sugar machinery and one thousand acres of splendid sugar cane; here was a dilema; the question was how to put this machinery up in running order. Did you ever know a Yankee to fall when he put his brains to work? I eventually got the machinery in position; it was very amusing to see my shafting; it was running all over the factory, yet 1 kept it going. Now, how to make sugar was the question.

I wont at it, crushed a quantity of cane and went to boiling it; the result was I made enough molasses candy to supply Stephensou County for flfty years. 1 happened to come across a small work on the manufacture of sugar, which I committed to memory. Tho next batch was very fair sugar; I kept on improving, and before the close of the season I made as good a quality of sugar as went into the market. On this island there was only one white man beside 'Englisman by the name of Win. Sunley; he was located on one end of the island and I on the other; we met frequently.

While on the island I learned their language so as to hold a conversation in it. I remained on Johanna two years, then went to Madagascar, where I formed one of a party of thirty to visit Ttmaua- sevo, the capital of the island. We were the first; white men ever allowed to enter the city. We found a beautiful city of about 200,000 inhabitants, entirely surrounded by a stone wall 15 feet high, 4 feet thick, with gates on both sides and ends. It was laid out in perfect squares, the streets were clean an wide.

We remained In the city about three weeks, and were royally entertained by tho queen. It has been governed by a queen ever since it existed; the present sovereign's name is Hamantaka HI. After leaving Madagascar I went to Zanzibar, on tbe east coast of Afrioa; from here went into the interior of Africa as far north as Lake Victoria N'Yassa; this is supposed to be the source of the Nile. Here 1 met the renowned Dr. Livingston.

I remained In his compay some two months, leaving him at Ujiji, on Lake Tanganaka. I then proceeded to the coast, coming out at Mozambique; from there 1 went to Zanzibar agan, then to Mahe, one of the Seychelles; thence to Mausitius, or Isle of France; while there I visited the tombs of Paul and Virginia, at Pamplamoose, eight miles from Port Louis, the principal port of entry on the Island. From MauBitius, I went to Melbourne, Australia, then to Tasmania and New Zealand back to Melbourne, thence to Levuka, one of tho Fiji group in the South Paciuc; from there to Hong Kong. China, then to Yokohama, Japan, hack agaip to Zanzibar, one more trip into Central Africa, then to Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, then home to America, To appreciate this country as we should, just follow my path, and when you return, if you don't say this is the only country fib to live in oy this earth, I am mistaken. Well, comrade, little did 1 think when I enlisted in old Company llth, I would travel over this universe, but such is the case: we parted 27 years ago and did not meet again until one week ago.

Had I. the would fill the JOURNAL with incidents of my will let yon hear from me again. Yours in F. L. JAMES DUNCAN, Ai Slick as Manion There is another fellow In this vicinity playing conlidence games, who if caught, should be sent to Jollet to join Ed Manion, as quickly as possible.

The Rockford Jieyistcr has this in regard to his tricks: Saturday short, thick-set German put in an appearance at Pecatonica and called upon Chris Hayer, tho brewer. Ho represented that he hadbonght a saloon in Ridott and ordered a wagon load of beer of Hayer. He then asked the brewer lo loan him $2.50. Hayer felt elated over tbo sudden boom in beer. He hadn't been selling much to Rockford for some months and this order from Ridott tickled him so that he not only gave his new found customer the money but took him to John Dlxon who sold him a bill of cigars amounting to 12.50.

The alleged gentleman from Ridott took the cigars with him and Mr. Dixon turned to a new page in his leger and wrote the name of his customer with several extra flourishes. Monday when Hayer reached Ridott with the load of beer he found out that he had been duped, no such man being found, Hayer was mad and so was Dixon when he found out that he had been confldenced. The sharper played a good practical joke on the railroad agent at Ridott. He told the agent that he was a big cattle dealer and was a drove at that place on Sunday and ordered five cars for the shipment.

The cars arrived Monday, but tho cattle or the cattle king did not show up. He probably intended to work the town by his misrepresentations. A Christmas entertainment will be given to the scholars of the Baptist Sunday School at Germania Hall next Wednesday evening, Dec. 26th. The beautiful and Instructive cantata, "The Waif's Christinas," which was so well received a year ago, will be repeated with a greatly Increased chorus.

In addition "A visit Land ot Nod" will be rendered by chorus of the wee little children. An admission fee of 10 cents will be charged to all other than the children the school. Petsons having bought tickets can have them reserved at Moogk's drug store after 9 o'clock Saturday morning for 10 cents additional, At less than cost, millinery goods. Sale commencing Mon day Dec. 17th.

Miss M. E. Bordner. MORE THINGS EVEN THAN last year. EVERYONE SAYS: "OH, MY! WHAT LOVELY things, AND SO MUCH CHEAPER, THAN in former years.

(1 at F. H. BABE'S JEWELRY STORE. Only for Ladies to Road! You will find the largest line of pretty gifts for gentlemen at F. H.

RAIIR'P Jewelry Store. Exquisite articles in oxidized silver, dainty scarf pins, gold pens, pencils, fine pocket knives, and a hostof other pretty and inexpensive novelties. Great sale of Millinery goods at less than cost. Monday, Dec. 17th.

Miss M. Bordner. Furl, Purrel, Perrell. Pearl, handle forks, knives and fruit knives, and a large line of fine pocket knives, scissors and razors at F. H.

Rabe'8 Jewelry Store. A proprietors of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup hereby challenge the Faculty to prescribe a remedy more effective than theirs. I cordially recommend Salvation Oil to all Buffering with rheumatism. Jos.

S. Fox, Cattle Dealer. 117 North Broadway, Md. la Maniage a Failure. The question "Is Marriage a failure" is juat now being discussed by the leading literati and philosophers.

A man or woman who is happily wedded and has brought up a bright and inter- eating family, will not be dlow to pronounce the marriage relation a great success. There are thousands of young men and women, who by reason of their infirmities, ought never to marry, These infirmities come from our schools of time, on account of absence of a proper system of physical culture. They come from Illy ventilated counting rooms and factories, from foul tenements and close parlors. Pale and puny, these young men and women present every phrase of bodily imperfection, clearly proving that the first lesson that should be impressed upon growing youth is the supreme import- tance of healthy bodies. No young woman is handsome unless healthy.

The beauty of health continues to old age. Tho Spartans worshiped the beautiful and useful, and took means to secure them. Bodily perfection was attained by enforced, well appointed exercise. No sickly man or woman was allowed to marry, and all in health were compelled to marry, if they refused they were punished. No one was allowed to marry until full maturity was reached.

The result was that for 500 years the Spartans produced the strongest and bravest men, and the most healthy and beautiful women the world has ever Beacon. For Thirty Days N. B. Loos, the harness maker, is offering special prices in harness. A good fur robe $3.75 A good blanket 85 A good half bone whip 75 A good rawhide whip 75 A good pr.

mitts 12i A good zinc trunk 2.75 A good satchel 75 The largest and best line of saddlery in the city. Sign of the Horse, 93 Stephenson Freeport. The rush has commenced at Brubaker's candy store. He has the largest fresh stock of candy ever shown in Freeport to afllect from. His church Christmas tree supplies are complete, BRUBAKER, dlSdwlw The Candy Man.

A fine line of boys sleds and coasters, just received at Dirksen's crockery store. They will be sold cheap. We Don't Want the Earth! But we do want all the people in Freeport and Stephenson County to come and see our immense stock of holiday goods. MOOKR GBTB. Holiday Goods! A fine asortment of elegant new holiday goods just received and they must be sold.

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New photo albums only 15 cents at the 99c store. Cloth bound books 25 c. dlRdwlw Of, J. Dentist. Sityhenson St.

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Millinery goods at less than cost. Sale commencing Mou day Deo. 17. Mrs. M.

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Sggnta fact department is full ot New Goods. before you WM. WALTON. Dry Goods Btofo, NH Stephenson St. Merchant Tailoring, ion.

I HAVE DEVOTED MUCH TIME and study in selecting the MOST BEAUTIFUL goods procurable FROM MANY SOURCES this year. My taste in selections PRODUCED COMMENTS of praise from all who saw MY STOCK last year, so was pronounced UNEQUALLED, but this year it is even BETTER. COME and see, and come soon like the WISE ONES who have had theirselections PUT ASIDE, at F. II. RABE'S JEWELRY AND NOVELTY STORE.

FURNISHING GOODS. The "Ooze." Men's Fine Slippers. Come in and examine our line. Our prices are right. We close on Xmas day.

C. BOKHOF SON, SO Stephenson St. D. £. ADAMSON, Fresco painter, sign writer, paper hanger and general dec- ocrator.

Office and shop under Chamberlin's store, Fry's block, Freeport, 111. octS9dtf PEOPLES' COLUMN. ol 8 lines or ler one insertion, 16 cents one Kaon additional line 6 cents. FOR SALE. OB choice lot of weather strips- finest In the city at W.

B. WALTON'S. dec8d2w Shop east ol KnRine'House. Call and see the elegant goods 1 am selling at bottom prices. Sealskin caps, Flush caps, Silk Umbrellas, Silk Mufflers, kerohiefs and Suspenders, Finn Knit Glovea and Mittens, and many other goods.

I will give you a hargajnin Caps. I ete. OH brand new 1'ortlanH cutter.ia, good surrey, a splendid liorse, harness, Apply at the JOUBNAli Omcci. nctaidt good Missed Papew- Subscribers will please notify us of every failure of the carrier to deliver their papers promptly. "We esteem it a favor for subscribers to notify us of every omission, as we are determined to spare no effort to secure the careful delivery of each paper to every subscriber.

GBEAT BARGAINS. Great bargains in holiday goods, eclipsing others in Quantity, duality and Price. We are prepared to show you Startling Bargains in Furniture of every description. Beyond all question or doubt the finest assortment of Holiday Goods in this market. Look where you will, but do not buy before visiting the mammoth store of D.

KTJEHNEB, Galena St, and Galena Ave. den Elegant watches at SWEET'S. The 99c Store Sells The latest edition of family Bibles. Six styles, An 81S.RO book for $11.00. Choice pieces silverw A re iuatthe thing for Christmas prewntB at SWEET'S, OB SA.LE—A House ol ten rooms, barn, carriage house, and other outbuildings, in good repair, with three neres of ground.

Terms easy, Aptly to llowjis JKWKLU septacdtt. OB ot mules, well aUHptnd lor dray ov other purposes. S. W. CHAPMAN.

IOR house and property on the corner ol Taylor anil Henderson streets, which consists of a two-story brick house, barn, wood-shed, coal-shed and all out-door conveniences. WM. HAJIRW.flr. inayiudil IOB acres In Dakota Territory 80 in Iowa, tor sale or exchange for cfty property.N. MNHLEY, 4SOIilcaRo strefit, Freeport, III.

swptfidtf OJi KENT. OR house ot live rooms, No. 57 Homer ntrnet. Possession Riven Jan, 1, 'Stt. Enquire of .1.

BECKER. decl9dlw Rent-A lire proof brick warehouse, three stories tilgli and basement, 55xio feet, with elevator, for storage purposes or store. Apply at this office, augintr WANTED, I loan $1.000 at 7 per cent, on real estate security, Enquire at this decndtt ANTED-A good girl to do general house- worlc. Inquire nt H. D.

Post Store. ilecrttf office. M. J. KROHN, (Opera Honsf VanWuven Hi.i Takes great pleasure in informing the Public that he lifts secured the agency for the well-known Horace R.

Kelly fine imported and domestic CIGARS. Everywhere acknowledged to be the best brands of cigars in the country. competent girl 101- funeral house work In a family nt three. Apply to Mrs. 0.

H. uhapmnn, 123 Llnco.n Avrnm-. dccldll. and chamber girl! at the Brewstev House. oSOtt He begs leave to announce tbe arrival of large and select assortment, ot Holiday ties in Meerschaum, Water Box and Brier Pipes, Cigar Tobacco Poaches, Oigar Oases, Etc.

MISCELLANEOUS. bunch ot ke ys, on, a on Thursday last, jnnrtfr iileasn nt. Journal nt work, and J'ails Tint E38ONS given In ull Kinds also Kensington's Luster painting and BEST! Uncoln Are. M. J.


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