The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 1934 BLYTHEVItLE, (ARK.) COURIER Papal Rites Recorded by Camera Sikcslon Man Hour DdonI ion (or Hob- Jifry Hoi investigation AcLion of Hlyl :i".-i)Ie jnl'.co hi lioHlnu Jclm Ilumr-s of Sikssir.n without rlwifiC' for ''- !lo;1TS Tn>1 "-- (iay has IHM-M he;ul]in:'<l !ii i!i-> .Sikcslon i Mo. i Standard. T.:e Standard quov?.s Hiiinr-s <is Urn lie \vcis lor'/.',-;! in a <ri! i;r:<l !i'irtiinJ!y :.!ler b'-ii:i hearing o.- un op- '.-iUii)li* his Idi-nt-iv -U'^l >'!> nv i Hlv'.hc- atloi: i,n mm 1 .*T-> '"'I'" 'I'Vr Irul n rnta-ry. pie:oj> 'police'cliief K:l Hit" adimiv-d ; tnis morniii'.' tli:it l:o'.'d un | Humi's und held him in 'J-sil fc:- i .•ilxjul 12 ho'jrs. He saiii r)i i(t num-s \ was jailed because a car lie was j drivinjr an.s'.vered in part a dcscrip- I lion cf a ear used Ijy ir.on bellrvi'd | lo ho piotlinn a bunk robljiyy. c:i:l ; hocau.vj Humes seenn-J lo 111 inr- | tially tlir description nf a robl>::ry i sHspcrl.- He did not ii>;ard the 12, ) 'niur ]>erlcd us on unduly lon» time for investigation, .staling that ix>lice, having ntl'.er duties, raind 1101 dcvole their full titr.e to clietkiin; nj> on t'r.e stisixcl and that H»m:-s was detained until a railroad detective, who frequently assists local oificeia. had an opiiortiinity lo (piesUon ir.e jjrisov.^r. I'nlltc ncffnd I'rnrcdurc C'niof Kite denied that Hmr.r-s v;a.s h':M until he rerurcd a lawyer '.itid effected his i-eloasc, savins; thai lr:c jHlsoner was freed v;heti jri- Hcc -,vere convinced he w.-s I'.ot. tbe man .sought. He said that only one person, Mrs. Henna I'ickclt. formerly of Ponogenlic, Mo, but ncv. livinu notlh of Blythcvillc, Aii impressive Vatican ceremony is strikingly iccwdcd here us Pope Pius XI. Mirronr.tlctl by members of the Sacred College, presided a preparations for the .solemn canonization of she I3eato Cottolcngo This wns in the Throne Hall. * Measles Can Be Prevented by Injection of New Serum This is (lie first of two articles ^ o! ciery parent to with- --— -- — J . —..~..~ Jill-. JN irll; llisl Ui nil/ i\l l\ ]|IJ II^IK;O^ \Jl vlllj pi1: L111 W 1VHJI- to talk to [fumes dsirhij hi.s in-i|, v [> r . .n, jrr i s Fislihrin on mca-jdraw hLs sick child from circula- carceratipn and ti-.av iicrrai.wion tO| S f t ,,. alll , )„,„. to ;lt tiifK Ibis ills- tion as w»n' as possible filler the is discovered, and to keep do ,so was denied. i C3W A:-.idt- fiom tlie jaliinj of Uicj ' ... Sikeston man some friction h. 1s de-| Rv ,„.. MO ItHIS F1S1IRF.1N ponce and so'.ne J;d j [or . journal of the Aim-riran it home until the child has covered. OF DISTRICT 1WES Mayor Shane Submits Proposal ,lo Commissioners of Local Dislricts Ceutrnllznllon of collodion of all city Improvement district taxes til a city hall olilce was urged U|»n commissioners of tlie several districts by Mayor Cecil Shane nl lust night's .session of the city council. Mayor Shane's proposal was veil received by district commissioners prra'nt \vltli the exception of C. J. Kvrard, commissioner and collec- lor for I'nvlng Dish-lets 2 nnd 3. 1'lie latter .said lie believed such i move would Ije proper In the fn- ure II Hie people desired U but .iat nt this time It \vould be im- vlse because of tlle rcflminclng pluiu for Districts '2 and 3, now indc-r wny. Two Voice Approval J. H. Elklns. rommissloner ol Sc\vor District I, nnd E. M. Fry, commissioner of Sewer District 3 were the only other commissioners to comment openly on tlie mayor's proposal at the meeting, although several others wore present. Elklns and Fry botli e.\presr;ed approval 0 the proposal. ElUns said Ills dis trlct had received a letter from on man some time aso offering t make collections tor' nil tlie Im proverucnt districts at a commls .sion of olio i»r cent Instead Of ill two per cent allowed and collected by all collectors now. It was jwlntea out that the total of commissions now paid col- ectors of the various districts would more than pay for the services of an assistant \ n the city clerk's office, where nil improvement district taxes could IK collected. This would be n great convenience for taxpayers who now have to visit olficcs of several collectors io pay 'taxes, in addition to allowing PAGE lwi> ihn clfrlt named collector onM nrtt iy> \\-ovkdl out. iinolhei' "Ilicv might bo mnlntnlnoti In tin"V hall, .still brlnjjIiiK aUom ceii- •nlfcfailtm of collrc'.lon, II \vns xlijl- <l. It \\ris nfco said Iliat Hie Hal cm nnd n savlnK clfeclcd o llic districts by Mirh n eom- ctklalun- May AH .Shane .said iii s .MiKne.stloii 0 t.'.i' commlsslonem, who lind lirrn illy invited to miend, fol- immerous rfipio.sls ttmi Mich ruiHi b-.' taken, lie .said the. •oiiiu-,1 h.irt no aiuhority to order iii'li a consolidation or irnliall?:!- lou tmt lint It mS«lrt be done Viv Hie iKLtflljIII'.y of lr;i- >n in t,u> Jiituri 1 U> nake the city dork collector for Improvement districts wllh- n t.ii' c-ity w-a.s Indicated. Ollk-ers of the various Improvr.- !eni districts are ns follows: I'nviiiK District i_j. ||. Eiyi ns . • H Smart and U. S. Rrniuun. Jiiiu'.lMtoavvs'. Ci. W. Caudlll. r.ol- erinr. raving Districts a and 3— n.m Jluut, :\t,, Fll/.simmonx iind C. .1. Evraid. conimisslrmiT.s; c. ,1. Kv- rollcctbr. XT District 1—K. M. -ferry, j. A. Wtub and w. II. Slovnll. coins; (J. G. Cawlill, colicc- OlsUlcl 2—iknry Lnyson, Cliai.r-y Nc-icomli nnd Charicy Phillips, commissioners; no cnllcc- !or al present. District 3—K. M t 1'ry. Uon- ii llx- eenernl crisis, \vlilcli Is tn ts firth yetir. 'lliore Ls no proof ilinl'lln- crisis Is pasl. Kvery ktnd of (rciiclu'ry Ls tis- f'd by Hie vesiect Inleivsts, They iroposc volinilary nurcemi'nls Ije- (ween capital und lutxir. A cut and a catfish were I nbnut Hie Ix'.sl pluei' lo sjiend Hie Wilson ly — Personal w'UHi'i'. fluid thf cut. "ulvo mi' u full of .soft runs Ix'hlnd I lie n'li stove." "Nol lor inc." says the ralllsh, "give mi' n deep |x»l! of wmer under u tiro." j )J] W29 (lie riiihcuds had nbiiiit! I million employees ID IU:KI u Is siild ilmy numbnvtl less (inn i million. Cnn we .suy ih:u Uir p ; iy of railroad employees In tin* Unll- n\ Slates h:i.s rxrii reduced only 10 or Ifi per rout. Chi'.sler While, in thi Bulletin, siys. "l,n km- is given ns. miich parilciiiutlon In NliA codes I as employ'T.s wish." Dr. Hfiny Elmer llavne.s dills ttn-irt "PlralU-al" Clrnri'iil llngli H. Joliiusinn wpiirnles them from (l»> iivcruiti* iimn. Thmisiniils of woi-keis Imvi' iK'i'n Julli'd for pushliiK for and demanding ri'cnu- nUltin tit Hittlun 1ft. Slirlliy-J.ynt h 'I'lu' miiniin;^ nf Mls.s Mnrlhu Rhclliy, ilniii'lil''!' nf llic liili> 1)11- fonl ». HliiOby, nnd Mr. Cnlvln •h. .son «l Mr. mill Mis. C. E. (In 1 Methodist church in 1::iU p. rn. ^ulnvday. The linff ceremony WHS .snld by the l?cv. II. M. Lewis In the presence of irlnllvPs nnd! friends. The InUli 1 wn.s iitlemlnl by MUs p' Tiirtor of KvlsiT iiml the ,„ n,;l>rlili'iimoin by Mnnrlce l,ynch, )ils bralhor. The bride wore u powder bluo !ivn wllh navy ncce.ssrirle.s nnd n ny.\i',f ol pink roscbiuls mid Mrs. Lynch ir. u graduate of Wilson r.c|-.iH)l. Mr. l,yncli ri'celvod his nluration at Missis- A. und M. I'ollev.i'. Thvy will .11 >j\vviv>ii in. j.T»]i|n t*. ^ini ill. viMiYjy,!. i »n y ^111 Thaw who profess to fee n wnyi'Je ut home nl Wilson lifter Mnrclt one tlnongh FuEdsm .should re-" 1 r. that In this cotinny thn-i! Niiturnl ard llnylor . t aim Aditlson Smith, \v. M. Wllllnms '.'..•optu Ih-'.ween police and so'.nc , ;dj[or| j,, urnal of tll( , American ^^"T^r.?: M ^.r t ,S^^,e 11 ^ Couple Wedded S6 Years inittni» them to tend. !'<> k-n mi , b . . , .... . .. . i n'_ c r» Die on Same Day the one sick coutend that juilins of suspects, particularly iiniot:; ih? knn^-n, is c.ssenl'.al (o lax enforcement and deletion Look out for measles at this! uf yeai'. j Late winter and early the season for the disease. 50 it quires especial attention by par- , schools or in families, by inject- . - m«u of the charge against him , and sonic -.attorneys havj indicated-. '"H the li-cmaininj children, -who that they may resort to habeas cor- i have been exposed, with ihe serum fluid matter taken from the of those who have recovered pi:s proceedings to free tlu-ir ci!-'<»' 1 <'nLs. if nec'j.s.sary. ' b!oo;l Flumes Tells nf Incident i from the Resardiiii; the Humes incident.! The best time to lake this serum me b.andard says: j, fl - olu SCVC11 to ; d ft n^t;,w^rrnt r< ^i^ Se a r,°,{" ic sick chii " cm an cni])loyv of the .MaUhews I ' ' . Wil s on!'^\?^ S Ss l T- lre s° 11 | l '•1 > • °il ° W ° f U1C latesl 1)icces nf rc - YOUNGSTOWN, O. lUPi—"Un Tie Editor 1 ! Letter Box "Kvcry Man * I'l'o the edltor'.l J. L. Oiirvin, editor of "OB- SEnVRH". .says Hint, once any important nation noes Fnsdsi. the others cannot Ing belilnd. The naiionnllsi s|>|dt is growing fast in Ink country. William Greei and Matthew Well preach of i pt'.icdul transition to a belle system, while the .standard of llv ing lor workers Is falling. - -• •••••n ---o -"• n vi !,-> ^ilJ J11JK. mjLUV the city extra help. o r jf „ ,,| an cry. if it has taken place. Is wlth- , . til death do us pail." husband and wife joined hands uv demh here just as 56 years a&o ilicy had joined in matrimony. Frank !'. WiCnnan. 84, of Sodom. the .husband, died at 10 a. m. one day recently. At 9:30 p. m.. las wife, 81, joined, him. Both ilied'ofl infirmities of age. satisfied, their' diildtcn said, with the complete-! ness of Ihcir SB-year covenant "Gee. they're good' medicinal, too serum which will have the necessary powers lor preventing meas- le.s. nnd which can be kept, easily son, and was drivhig'back'to' Wii- „ | l tc ^" s . likl ' ly tllat .f lch « l )r °d•son (o rflurn to IILS job wl wt " bccomc available in the "He drove into a filling; station near fimiro ' and was iiekl witliout, charge until 9 o'clock TimrsJay night before he- ing re*.i>ed. Humes Lad btvn li^re r hi.s mother, on Highway G! in Blyihcville lo Plircliasc gasoline and while he was .stopped there, he was accosted br I .stopped there, he was accosted br "-"'"B n.nn mcaslc.s. rtppnr a policeman and laken to tlle jail i " y nbailt ' to 2 - m ' cent u nnd locked up. He produced his ?. (>(!m .. 10 ^ naturally icsistan There were, in the past, very ftn- people who grc'.v up n-idiotit having hart m ea.slc.s. Apparently uf us mt to credentials, iiicludinj; liis"aulo U uwii- lllp <iisc:ibC - Almost everyone, llierc- ership papers. Iiis commission as r " re ' M^u'nbs to measles when merchant's policeman here, nnd his i °" cc CX I' OSC( I to it. Arkfinsas employment registration I Tnfcc 'ion rarely occurs 'onioni; cnrcl. Accordiiijr to Humes he was " returned to a cell and to his knowledge the officers did not even attempt, lo identily him cither at Wilson or Sikcslon. "lie demanded lo know whc the |»lfce were holding iiiin but t-he latter would tell him nothiiv definite, but merely mentioned" tbnt he was suspicionerl of plotting a infants, became they have some natural resistance which they get. from their mothers. However, as Ihe child grows older Hint resistance disappears. . * * * Rarely, indeed, can you have the measles twice, because once you have recovered from the disease, you .seem to have in your txxly holdup with three other men. °H" isreat den] of the resistance sub .secured a lawyer and was released ;»lanc<?. after it was evident that no charge ! for Ihis reason, it has been sue- iiad b»n made gainst him and lint ; Eestcd that, when the serum from there was none to make. a person who has recovered from ROXY Wed. and Thursday Aiai. in-2r>c N'ile 6:.)5, I0-25e ! He- Is no RcarcHy of .... mices. Maw Malcrlnls ur toxl ipplli'.s. Our morale is law. but mcrlcan workei-.s lire not foots, hey know thviii Is enough »nd spare nf the thlnns which nnike 1C worlli HvliiK. The prnnnini of cstntcilon .and curtailment may vsi'U'd hilerests their osl Uw wwer. . Tilt- CONSTITUTION Is n chart, ot mi iinchor. The people form lie ideals, .slecrUip, by Hie chart. l-ltty nwnrtx-rs ntteiulcd Iho P, T. A. inirtlni; Inst Thursday »f- U'rnniiv Miss Mnry Louise Grt'g- ,son delivered ihe national piesl- Ui-nl's ini'ssnxv nnd Stipt CWvl Bin 1 spoke nn "WHut Are the Fads nni FvlHs In Kiliicntlon?" A one »c piny, "*jfl Minutes nn Hour," wi Elven uy , school sliuleiits \]n der (lie direction of Miss Rogers Others on the progi-mii were tli Ml.'.ses Ocla Nonnnn. Ruby Crab ml 'l AUn Nicholson. 'Flic mectlni M. <n.^, .i^^iuit; i>y II1L Cll.n't. "" v > nun IIH.UUIHUJI. iiiv.- IJILUVIJI 'he L«ne today Is between tivo 11 ' 1 ™'' w '" 1 A '''1° I)V 'he M'ssc ihllosophies ol Oovernment, us It K(lntl MHHcnn. I'olly llenll ai in.s nlway.s been, since the .„„... of the Union, one which Mm-Jorle. Williams. The third won ihe mcmlxTslilp prize and 111 nukes the. citizens MASTERS and '""' Krnde received the attend SLAVES, the ntliei- which will !111CI ' I'rlM. nakc "livery MAN A ICING." | Mr - mid Mrs. Chnrlrs Lane, Mr Along .wldi about ^.ono other!" ll(1 . M >' s - w - p - WIlMn und Mi icople In niythcvllle, I have Join- (incl M'' s - S- A ' KcRimold rctnrne cd the "Slmn: OUR WEALTH | Monday night from Hot Spring, 3OCIK1'Y." Who «!«•'» ...™..i.. »_ i U'lirTC I linv *.iwint cru'nviil il-n-^ n oin? wants to iwl "' ra lllr l' MX 1 "! several days the mccs. X.EI'II O'UIUKN. Mrs. mil Sunday In Htyfi u r Mr. OrMtiwell's sWer, rnesl Powell. Mr. and Mrs, T. P. Fox wer« eek end gnest-s of Mr. oi:d Mrs. O. Williamson at Mcmphlx, Dwlght Anderson was I lie guest hus parrnU, Mr. nnd Mrs, M. ndcrson, at, Wardell, Mo., ovo- ic week cud. Mrs. L. M. Woods of Tyronw wilt Sunday wltli her sister, Mrs, /. M. Wallace, und Mr. Wullnce. Miss MftKInc Wallace was tlift nest of MLss Nell Williams at i morel Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. L. Nobcrs ot lylhcvllle Rpenl Sundny vlth-Mr. nd Mrs. Roberl Konch. Mis. W. M. Wallace chleitn'lned iiliirdny night wilh a birthday Inner in honor of Mrs. J. A. lerrlll. Among Ihe guesU were Irs, F.lklm, Charles FJklns, ml Ml.s.1 Alice George. Klinlipcly Studies CLEVELAND (UP)-Sonlh Afrin lias hoard of Cleveland's cffl- .lency hi collcctiiiif ashes, lubblsh nd Barbafic, A letter from j. 8. Jiiiin, city .sanllarj' Inspector for Ombcrly, nsked Mayor Harry U Duvis for full Information on Hie Ity's colUy.Uon Tin: tusks of a mammolh n-ere recently brought to the surface of the Norlii Sea l>y a fishing boat O LAST TIME TWPAY Mat. 2-M, tfl-25c GARBO In Her Greut«si Pidure Read Conner Kdivs want Ads. ' Mlss K| olsc Wiliiht has nccejitcd " position with the Arkansas Power nml Light Co. Mr, und Mrs. Albert Orceiuvcll'll save money and your car will run better on "According to Humes, he was locked into .1 cell and refused n the disease is not available, might use -Ihe serum from you any . - - ........ -•• .. i e -e ser hearing o: any opportunity lo es- j grown-up person, who had mea- lablis), l,:.s identity." |. sk , 5 in yomil| ns „ ° n ™ " | suUstac< , r inoculation lo prevent this disease Tlle cat!SO of mc^ies MM not bct ' n ro " n d' ''ii'' enough is know Funeral Procession . — ~ ..^ n , , , ; b «'ii found, but enough is known LrOSSeS Lake Ice i about the disease lo permit its Jcnnii'oi with suitable co-operation BANDUSKY. Ohio (UP)-A fn- ! b V the public. procession passed over the ; T1 "" ice of Lake Brie here recently for \ the fii-st lime In history, according ^^ ^% WT ^^ •• *S . That co-operation Ihe . lo old-time islanders. It started at Kolly's Maud and ended five I nn,,-, ,,, ,, , miles nn~w -it Lakeside i, , ? ol " 1LI " get a slr!i "gle The remains of nr inhn T- llnld ' Fl8ht gorllls t|Uickl > ; - Crcomul- Hms 7, » - ? , , '''jMOn combines 7 major hel|is in danV tlnC ,, lslantlS ° !l!y physi - om '' Pmv »«'" h'it Harmless, -le.i"- lK3 - vtn rollmmi b >-h'iUtoLUe.No.,rcollc.s. Your own ESTEEL DOUBLE-EDGE SAFETY RAZOR BLADE /BEAUTIFUL y — but- dangerous! \ ADORABLE — but deceitfull GLAMOROUS — bvl treacherousl «« — yet first and last f of all— V A WOMAN! k f V ^ with FAY WRAY NILS ASTHER Edward Arnold, John Mrljan Jnd eth. «n, Screenplay by Williim HuHbut.' Original by Mix Kimmich, Joltinnc>' Brandt, Joitph Than. Produced by' Carl Laemmlc, Jr. DirtcUd by Karl rrcund. Prtscntrd by C»rl Litmm)c.' A UNIVERSAL PtCTWE. 1'ox News Louis Sohol Comedy -STYLE SHOW— ROXY-THURSDAY NIGHT KIT/- - FRIDAY NIGHT Safer... CHASSIS AND OtAft LUBRICATION Mobilgreaie tot Chasiii lubnraiion »nd MobJIoil OMr lut>it»rui for Trin»- BUtlioot and JJJfftreniijli (CITE iht sacae Jife,<ifp<fld- ablc rerfonnatjce lilt fin nude Mobtlofl ihe wocld'i U«en «*lirn|t nxxw oil. Ajk aoy Mignolii Sratfon or Dealrr (ot a. Uenftxmri- eion. O F COURSE, you want your Mr to run smoothly. And you Jo like to feel that you arc not being extravagant. So we suggest that you try Mobilgas and Mobiloil together. You'll find trial your car gains new pep, power and smoothness. You'll discover an absence of motor knocks and annoying sluggishness. You will save money, because Mobilgas gives more miles per gallon and Mo- biloil, the world's largest-selling motor oil, lasts longer with greater safety. Ask for these famous products at MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS "Stay with Magnolia «n</ you stay a/ieac//' ' Mitiwlii PctcotcunCa.—A Sgc«a7-yK on SALE $1.65 Valuer Whites New Patterns Solid Colors All Sizes. All Slocvc Lengths Just Arrived ... CAPP SUITS In New Spring Patterns A beautiful showing of s n a p p y styles and patterns at a low price for Capps quality $ 22 M CHRISTIANA' I'lirnmnunt News Musical Short Thursday & Friday MAT.—10-2i5c NITE—10-35c A Story as Dyna mic as the star! PAUL HUDSON TAILOR SHOP Phone 53 I \RK' [ I Musical Comedy Mickey Mouse Cartoon ON THE STAGE ROXY — Thursday Night RITZ — Friday " NiRht STYLE SHOW And Dancing Novelties A Different Presents tion Each Night!

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