The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1944
Page 6
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>AQK in BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS I -<• For Closed Shop *", v * £ State. Amendments •r M«y'fi«t F<no! Test 1 In Supreme Court .ATLANTA, Nov. 9 balloting In Florida sncl Aikans(i,s voiced approval of Outlawing Jabor'j clo'sefl tliop piac- t{bfs, tue'Ujo states, , -But, it fccms that Hie tight o\ci the issuer lias Just Ixjgun Ob- feWS Me looking for finaj testing ptf (tie )y,o amendments in the IJnlted States Supreme Coyirt \ s ' American Federation of Labor is gearing fwo ttate conflict ^lll tion. Tlits to challenge the ' i\« being in the rerternl Constitu- ^o\il,d automatically , lead to an qpprnl to tlje Supreme Court: The : AFL led a bitter and hard-roughs P|gpos.e<! fight la defcnl the ql the i)olls . Both'slates'ayprbvcd tlie amend- THURSDAY; NOVRMHER », EDSON IN WASHINGTON Mapping Postwar Air!ane5 : m tills week's election pver, tlie Aikanstis nieasme went further, ' banning the War Board'svcontroversal malntenance- of-inemueisliip provlEion This pio- vision requires umoh incmbcis to maintain' their good stranding foi the durRt'in of a laboi-manage- ment agreenient, unless Ihey icslgn at the beginning of the contract The WLB hitherto lias been able to 'sidestep-a test on theie issues in the nation's highest court WLB General. Counsel Jesse Frledin .has declared In a formal npihloiutlmt ho. employer of labor jui'on would violate a flute law by obeying WLB diieothcs, since the federal ciders allegedly pnpeiscdc state laws, Howe\n, some slates feel difU'ieiil|) abqut (he nmttci In La'w, closed fliop, has been In continuoub court figlils since its paEfnga And the couitf there l\a\c said Hint the Alabqma lixws supeiscdc the WLB directives . In reference to the no-closed- slsop amendments in Arkansas and Florida, WLB officials announced before election that the? \\ould continue including closed shop and maintenance of membership oulors ni directives, irrespective of Ihe lesult of the \otmg In California, the thii'd slnlc t<: r,rop.)se an end of the clo;ed slion the amendment was defeated by o three to two vote BV 1'ETKK KDSO.V Courier News Washington .. Correspondent For perhaps the first time in diplomatic history an important Inter-national conference. is going to bo held In a goldfish bowl. H Is the International Civil Aviation Conference convening at the Stevens Hotel in Chicago on Nov. 1 ami continuing for possibly three weeks or more. All sessions are wide open to people who have nny business there, Sessions of the full conference will be held In the grand ballroom where Republican nnd'AcmocrnllG nnlionnl convention committees held forth last summer Some of the sub-committees on technical questions may bo closed so that the commltteemon can get their work done, but otherwise this will te ft noble experiment of openly arriving at' an open covenant, \vith the press sitting in on all "sessions to icpoil what goes on. Delegations from 65 nations wlU be iheic Some of the smaller conn- tiies may 1 have only one or two rcprcsciUalivps, but the Amerlcar delegate^ and advjscrs will numbci Qenerpf Of iioblie age, for Instance, nnd you conic up with something like this: The first, committed will huve to set up a temporary pattern of ulr nis routes for the next few yenij n which It is hoped to determine where the commercial business is ;olng to be, how often the busscp should run, where they will stop, whore thoy can pick up passengers incl what the fares should, be. Tlie second committed, on leclinlr cal standards, will draw up the traffic rules—stoplights, maps, customs regulations, and so on. The thin! will attempt to write principle!) for or perhaps actually draft'an agreement to set up an or- gapl^atipn that will rcgulat; this ljuslncss. This agreement will of course have to Iw ratified by Congress before H can apply to the U. 3. It would Ixi .something like the U. S. Motor Carrier Act now administered [>y the Interstate .commerce Commission, only It would be an "International Air Commerce Commission" regulating /lying trucks and Jnisscs. The fourth committee would work on iin ntii'cementr fpr a temporary I. C. C," to administer the work of Sayadron NoncofH AN EIGHTH AIR FOftCE PIOHT- HR STATION, ENOLAN13 (Delayed) Staff Sgt. Lee S. Duncan, son of H)rs, (x)is Tranthnni, Tip MacfMr- jajie St., Flint, M!c!i., is the noiir coinmlssloned officer in charge o! the transportation In a fighter squadron on this Eighth Air Force Fighter Station which ' was com- ncnded by Brig. Gen. Jesse Auton, vlng coniinaiidcr, foi 1 the part played in the destruction of 43 enemy aircrpft nml t!)C damaging of 23 others on a German-held airdrome •ccpntly. General Aulon polpted; out that t required the cooperation of every Hcmber of every organization on this field to prepare the way for uici to support its commanding of- tar, Coli Hubert Zcnike and his fighter pilots In their strafing nils- Ion over tlie enemy 35, the Biilish 24, Canadian IV, niul| lh(! first nm) lhc , secom , CQImnK . so on, so that the total number of I tccsu|U ,i u , c .^ 0( tl)c UUl . 0 eople present on official business comm i Uce cnn ,, 0 m(u | e c/Iectlvc. nay be somewhere between three or . , , ;. J Tlie question of whether tlio U. S rour.lvunrtrcd and a thousand. TIItillK'M. BK "OBSEIIVKBS" ill addition, there will be a lot of interested parties hanging around, doubting or perhaps tripling the at- .endance They will be there on jusincss, though hot on official busi- Alabania L the State labor whiph alro piolnbits tho A jump off a 10-foot diving tower , with full pack and rifle, followed by swimming and floating toward shore, is part if the amphibious landing training given Aimy Ordnance troops at Aberdeen Pro 1 .'. Ing Ground, Md v shall be represented by. one "chosen nstrulnent" company or a Ipt ol competing companies doesn't come nto this picture. Tlmt will be reserved for a later and a purely do- ncstie light. ness -^'nlrllnc executives, awjers, umnufaclurcrs, bankers, shipping n)en, tia\el agents, importers, exporters, Journalists, lobbyists, plcnd- :rs foi special privileges. The conference was j put In HIQ Steieps Because that \yns about the only avnilnblo place big enough. ; llie Slnte Department put out a cull foi this conforcnco of prclim- inaiy secict meetings that have been going on since last March with _noscntntl^c t i of nearly a dozen tuitions — Canada, 'Orcal Britain, New Zealand, the Dutch,' China, France, Brazil, India, Soviet Russia U S Inteicsts arc In the hands of a delegation headed by Assistant Secretary of State Adolf A. Berle, Jr. . , ' The agenda was drawn up by the State Department, and it looks formidable, with work for-four principal committees, each of which vvil' have two or three main questions and numerous subsidiary Issues foi sub-committees of experts to decide upon. When you reduce tilts agendr to simple tcrms'nnd umlerslnndablc parallels, however, it Isn't so difficult to comprehend, gjiell it out In terms of the nulo- Thatcher spring wheat Is resistant to the common. races of stem I list, yields. well, and Is very a'cr ceptnblc to millers, authorities hi agriculture report. The mlsslpt) lx!gau as a bgmber- cscort assignment, but after the bombers had dropped their loads on the enemy field, Colonel Zemke and his pilots raked the area again and again until almost overy plane In view had been either damaged or destroyed. • • Sergeant Duncan's wile, Mrs. pu- nlcc Duncan, lives nt 110 W. Vine St., Iilytl)cville, Ark. • Bond Quota for Field Is Set At $135,000 'Die BAAP lias set as Us quota the selling of $135,000 worth of Lends during tre Sixth War Loan Drive In progress, LleiU. George T, Mllanas, War Bond officer, announced today. "Our military and civilian per T sciuicl will, however, probably top that quota If past record^ mefih anything," the 'officer a((ded- "We liave passed our goal In each of the other live drives." Lieutenant Gets Assignment Here Second Lieut,. Robert ft. Kauft> man. former civil eervic* cinploy?e at Madison, Wise,, has reported for duly at the BAAP and Is assigned assistant finance officer. lieutenant Kauffman was transferred here after he was commissioned Oct. 25, upon completion of training at the Finance Officers Candidate Sihool at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind. He i-s a 1931 - graduate of St. Joseph catholic High School, Adrian, Mich.,'and is a former student of Toledo University, Qiiio. ' Lieutenant Kauffman, "is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther A. Kauff% RHEUMATIC PAIK WIN) » *MI<[|« tilt »lll !'•>• llHll I( ypu suffer ftqw rheumatic pain oj 1 muscularacbes, buyC-?2J3tqday for rejil pain-relievicg help, 60c, ji. Caution: Use only as directed. First bottle purchase 'price is refunded if you are pot satisfied. Uct Q-2J23. man, 215 Finch St., Adrian, Mich. Colorado lias been tentatively allotted 15 milllbn dollars for postwar electrification projects, accord, ing to the REA. FOR COLD STUFFED NOSES |3">'Jroj>« ill cadi nostril lupcn clouifd poae, you Ibrcalhe'Cier. Caution: lUw only an -iireeted. Irmiio NOSE DROPS COTTONSEED BAQS and SOYBEAN BAGS See Us fierce YW Buyf J, (., TERRELL Office 111 5, My. t Phone 2631 WAKNING QKUER In Hie: Chancery t'ourj,'-' siiwb;i District, ly, Ark; ^. U Turner,'plalntlfT, vs. No. 88^C Hettle noylp Turner, Defendant. Tlie defendant, Hc^ie Doyle Turner, is hereby within thirty days named in the caption Hercpf (ind answer the complaint of Ihe'plalnllft J. L. Turner. ' Dated t|ils 23 day .of Oct., 1944 HARVEY MORKIS, Clerk Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Plf. C. P. Cooper, Atty. ad Lltem. U|9-18-23-30 Recapping and Vulcanizing * * ADD UFE TO YOUK TIRES MODINGER-POETZ T, 6t North A HUBBARD'S SPECIAL Bedroom Suites TOS£KV£ MAYXOSe SMOKCD HOW TO COOK MAYROSE SMOKED BEEF TONGUE Coyer will" cold wnlor; Uiinu lo n boil; reduce' licnt nnd ainnner 2^ lo 3 hoiir.l. ]Cccp totigua c liquid \intil cool enough to hunillc, then remove Ihu oulftr skin. H|ico n(T excess (Issue cartilngu from Iho Ijirgo end of the longue. SMOKED BEEF TONGUE WITH SCALLOPED POTATOES 4 cups cooked •liE«d potatoes 2 cvp> milk 2 tablespooni flour Place two cur>3 of sliced potntooa m n greased cnsserolo. Sprinlvlo with pno tnblcsiioon flour. Cover with thm siicea of smoked l)ccf tongue. Rc|ieal ii\ layers. Add milk. Cover and bako in n y50° l'\ oven for UO io 35 nnnntes-.tlcniovo lid 3-Pc. Modern Walnut Finish Bedroom Suite Beautiful 4-Piece SUITE Not Ljfce Picture While They Last for four Beautiful Pieces Vanity Dresser Fitlcil with extra large, 40-inch, heavy, fine plate glass round mirror, 48-inch base. * Large Panel Bed Full size massive p^ncl bed. Sturdily buitt. * Chest of Drawers Roomy Chest of Drawers, full 32-iach size, Bve drawers; deck effect style. * Upholstered Bench Attractively designed vvUH coirj upholstered seat. H.ere's an appealing 4-piece' 1 bedroom suite at a surprisingly low price ... every piece generously proportioned . . , sturdily constructed throughout to assure your lasting satisfaction. .;•• Every piece is attractively finished in two-tone simulated figufod'walnut. See these beautiful suites today! 4-Piece Suite, While they Igst, only 3-Pc. Bedroom Suite Full Size Walnut Finish CHAIRS and ROCKERS Occasional Chairs 12.95 to 69.95 Rockers Priced 5,95 to 49.95 PlnJform Rockers in All Colors and styles. Spring Filled Cushions In All Price Ranges Mattresses and Box Springs 50 Pound Cotton Mattress . .. ,, ; , 6.95 55 Pound Plate Felt Mattress ., 9,95 60 Pound Isle of Paradise Mattress . 14.95 Simmons White Knight Mattress 39.50 Serta 4-A Mattress 39,5Q SPECIAL: Pesi'.sss Mattress and Box Spring Both for the /ow price of . 34' 5 LINOLEUM an COIDW1IK YOUR FAVOft- lit SALAD ... Parly-style mails nro May to fix Wlicn there's a Mayroso Smoked Beef Tongue in Iho refrigerator. Knjoy it cold-sliced with your favorite salad. CEHfECT FOR SANOW1CHH THAT RfAUY A»E DIFFERENT .. /'Tn-m-m-in", you'll nay yrhcn you laslo « santiwicli of Mayroso Smoked licet Tonguo. Try it with sandwich spread or marmalade—and seel 9x12 Rugs (Our Leader) 3.95 9x12 Gold Seal Rugs 6.95 Cheap Felt Base Congoleum 50c sq yd Gold Seal and Armstrong Yd. Goods 65c sq yd Armstrong Inlaid. Linoleum (Laid) 2.50 sq yd STUDIO COUCHES We have a nice selection of STUDIO UQUCHES, with full spring construction, priced the same as before: $49.95, $59.95, $69.95, $79.95 Here is smoked beef tongue at the peak of finest flavor... different, more delicious than 1've ever tasted.' K Every smoked beef tongue I -'—ring the Mayrose laberis - j 1 ,—ked 'for choice quality.,. igi thert given a fpecial mild cure • ft 1 ,80 that it need riotbe"soafed" before cooking. Served hot or cold, you get full, delicious flavor in every bite. Look for Mayrose Smoked Beef Tonguo on display . nt your favorite mcat.tnerchant... individually mapped in transparent cellulose! SMOK£O8££? A Nice Selection of Living Room Suites with Full Spring Construction... PRICED RIGHT All Victory model living room suites and studio couches at reduced prices to cjegn them but. Make us a price . . . We want to sell them. ' Compare These Prices — Buy Only What You Need HUBBARD FURNITURE CO, B/yfhevi//e, Arkansas

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