The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1948
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH li, in-18 BLYTHUVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Churchmen Hail Court Decision Some Clergy Favor Ruling on Religious Classes in Schools By Rulli Gtutinrr United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, March 11. (UP) ---Some Protestant and Jewish churchmen yesterday hailed the U. S. Supreme Court ruling against » religious instruction in public schools as "insurance of religious liberty." The Anti-Defamation League 'if B'Nai B'RHh said it now is the duty of nil communities which set aside school lime for pupils to at- lenti religious classes "to re-examine their programs." Some 2,000.000 school children in 2.200 communities in at least 18 states are affected by such "released time" programs. The Supreme Court ruling of two days ago opened all these programs to legal attack. There was no com merit from thrc biggest organization in which Protestant churches are represented— Ihe Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. However, Dr. Joseph Martin Dawson, spokesman for a newly-formed Protestant group, said here that the decision "serves as the greatest single safeguard of .separation of church and state outside the first amendment itself." Dawson said no canvass has yet been made of the official attitude of the Protestant group. But as the organization's secretary, IIP .said tlu: decision offers a challenge to the 1 home arid church "to provide something vastly superior to (he weak; i substitute attempted on released time under the framework of the complsory school law." Catholics Arrused Protestants-United has accused the Catholic hierarchy of seeking a church and state union "at least at the public treasury." The organization particularly has dcnouno ^1 ed tree bus transportation of pu- * pils to parochial schools—an activity approved by another supreme court decision last year. No Catholic group contacted by the Utu'ted Press had any comment io make on Monday's supreme court decision. No Catholic groups filed any views of the issue with the court while the case was pending. About two rtoreii other groups, largely denominational, attacked the religious class plan which was sponsored in Champaign, 111,, by «i joint Protestant-Jewish Catholic council. At least two stales said they would continue religious classes pending clarification of the court's ruling. Classes continued in Cham-, paign itself and about 65 other Illinois towns. The state public school superintendent said that the program might legally continue if school buildinga axe.\not used for the classes. •'••-' Puerto Rico's Largest Dom Nears Completion To ft Sees Limits To Cut in Funds To Aid Europeans WASHINGTON, Mur. 11. itJPi Sm. Kobcrl A. TaCt, H.. O , TiiPsdny s»l(l he would support u move f< nil Muropean ivcovrry spending lot Ihr first yi'nr In about $4,000,000.0110 In (hi 1 dispute over the cut. Tcvfl will lu* ullnnetl neuinst KeiwU 1 Presi dent Arthur H. VniulriihfLtt, K Mich. VundenlxM K is (lnhUnv; fo the $, r i.;i00,000.000 totiil uppnivrd b. I ho H en uli" l-'oielun delations Com mitli'e. As tho Hrnuto rtmiimu'il doba(e o I In 1 recovery moa.sun 1 , Tuft lold rt 1 purlers tlml ndvocntos ot cut tin (lir spending figure probably would nmiv on n llgui'o o[ ubimt $4.000,00,- (HiO. iu- said he would support n <• til »( thai amount but would utit Join in any moves to reduce It Mill nune. THESE WINESAPS CRACKLE TO YOUR BITE And The Juice Tastes R * al Tangy Th« Famous Wineiap Applet Of Washington State Art) Plentiful And Low Priced At Your Grocer's Now Puerto Hire's largest hydroclcrtrir and irrigation nrojcrl. tlic SHI.Illlll.Illlll Ciiniiillus Dam, Is ncnrinu completion. The 230-fool-tiigh dam is located in Ihe hills midway between San Juan an<l Ptinr-c, the islnnd's principal elties. It will create a reservoir ot 5(1,(UK) ai-ro lecl nnd will furnish •MHUHHUIOO kilowatt hours ot power a year. It's part ot a SIOO.OCO.OOO "industrial comeback" campaign. What Comics You Read Gives Clue To Mental State, Professor Decides PITTSBURGH, (UP) — Modern , comic strips, many of which !on^ . ago lorsook comedy for adventure, j love, and satire, now Rive psychonn- [ alysts a new means of testing per- | tonality. I Dr. Warren \V. Soncs, professor i of education at the University of ! Pilisbui'sh, br lives cotnic strip I preference offers more reliable I study material than the best of lea leaves or the of psalms. For msiEince, the reader \vrio fights for each installment of high [ adventure, mass homicide, glamor, and love comics is an "ego enhancement' 1 type — a person who nurses ambitions for heroism. swash -buckling adventure and glamor. Readers who follow Ihe "domestic" comic strips usually are meni- if R: alien, 13 r. So lies ILst.s a limited number of comics which .ippi'ar ; cither directly to adult minds, or use a broad brush in daubing llv strip's {'oi Hi unity with social sat nv. The final listing Dr. Som\s skives is thf purclv educational, or religious comic strip. Job Not K;isy | Drawing the outlines of a comic- i reader's personality from hft prcl- orence.s is no cinch. Dr. Sone^ says I But knowledge of such preferences j i.s a helpful guide. | For instance, an adult who regularly reads none but the adventure and danger strips is often u man or woman who nurses a frnl- j ing of persecution, nr a smri^e against a superior, or perhaps sim- ply di.ssatUfncUon with the IHK sot'iiil order. i Dr. Soncs be lives comics liuvc I only begun to progress. He pro- die is more adequate use oE comic Miip.s in education. For example, he bt'livc-s that n. u>xt book slory duplicating one ionr-blcK-k SLM[nenre of "Prince Valiant" would run at loust 'J.5QD words ionp and have less effect on Hie memooi y tlian the ph-Lure.s i whit'll can be read in a minute's time. Tcnncssecan Would Keep Truman Out of '4B Race KNOXVIM.K. Tenti . NUu. n — ( UP » -Herbert S. Walters, Trim<\s- stv DrmoiTiUU 1 Nit I Ion it I Com mil - leeinan, .siild yr.sterduy tlntl iM'rs- Ulrni 'I'liiman miuk* \\ serious mis- lukr In liLs civil lights slnml ami thut i he l)cmoeri\tlc Puny .should nominate i\ not her miui "'I'heji- me <lo/.en,s of mm who would make BOIH! Drmnmittc pre.s- idi'nis. and \ think the South should stick tin; ether and n<H .somebody that am handle the job." Ihe Miu i i.slown UrmwNilk' leader told the United Press. Wallers mentioned "Chief Justice l-'rcd Vinson. Jimmy llyrncs. .Sam II it y burn and Harry livid" as HI IH>MI; i ho down he .in Id would mrikc K<Hid nominees. He did not suy which tine of he favored ]j<Msmu.lly. Tin* is the *t.i.ton for one of the jtutuleu fresh fruits of .ill -uisp .uul juicy \VinesAp apples. Ami this (lie \Vmes.ins from W.uhin^mn *if as line .is ever ^ronvu. Vc( ilu-y'te idling rii;ht now Jt the IOWCM nriies in yc.trs. A il.unluut value in fooil, if you ever SAW one! Pitt tup tintl Ciittisfttt At your ^rcKCi's, you'll Kvojjni/e W.isluii^ion NX'incsaps hy ilicir "plump" look —AIU! hy their glossy skin ili,u shines with Jrcpcsi crimson. ID colonn^, A\ in ll.ivor, N.iturc sccins to f.ivor (lie \X'iiirs.i|> v.iriciy. Heal hc.mtic.s, you'll .say! M'-'ontiffftit 'it) lint \V((ics,i|M Jrr pii/cJ (ot (heir "lively" fl.ivor . . . for ihcii ctAtklin^ tii^p . . . their lan^y, wine-like juice. Yes. cvcrylmily likes NVincstps! So stod up your iccluiv let all the fnnily enjoy fresh \V.isliiii|;tttn Wincups cvcty it.iy. Rend Courier News Waul Ads. How To Relieve Bronchitis Crcomulslon relieves promplly be- cnn:ic H KOC.I rlptit to the seat of th« (rouble to help loosen nnd expel • Kcrm laden phlecm, nnd aid imtwe to soothe ond beul raw, tender, In- flumcd bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you n bottlo of Crnoinulsloll with the lln- dcrstnnding you must like the way " quickly ulluys the couyli or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchirij bers ot happy familys. Hates . The strips Rr. Series refers to as |/'hate an" include those in which r j'the unscrupulous villain is foiled. Often the villian is a commonly respected type of citizen for whom a particular class or type of indi- j viduai reserves :i special dislike. I Dr. Sane-s says the frustratiot I ot the villains serves to- give ih | "hate art" readers vicarious plea-> A pound of gold i» worth about | ure. •50. i In the ".strictly for adults" class- new homes from old with PERMA-STpNF I 7« l>t&J* • l\\n*Htnct • SttoK|CJ« JLw Th» modern mogic of Perma-Stone add« the dii- tinttiv. character and charm of stone design, in richly varied color tones or softly blended greys. Proven through the yean, Perma-Stone is an enduring material, cast with moulds on walls of wood, block, brick, stucco or tile—new or old. Pfrma-Sron* tnccritt rh« bi/ildina from lti> ground up in o ,!„„,! likt, firt'iof*, wealhet.iigril, In- luloling aimor whtth tcquirvi no mainl«nanc«. FwH informoiron cnrf pruet en requeil wilhoul obligation »n your Under no obligation—1' have representative con- tpct me. Name Address City Phone The PERMA-STONE CO. of Sikeston, Mo. Phnnc 1! " 117a E. Ma lone St. Citiy the (HL RANGE gives you I'.'.s exclusive wsckfess IIP olE burner Foods Taste Better —cook better It's the Florence exclusive wicklcss-typc oil burners in this good looking range that give you that clean, dependable focused heat . . . makes your cooking taste so much better. That big Florence oven bakes to perfection! Sparkling porcelain-enamel finish wipes clean in a jiffy. Backed by over 70 years' experience in building America's finest ranges. Sec this famous Florence Range at our store now! Florence UprigM Range 69 95 Exclusive in Blytheville at & SOn Furniture Phone 4409 Blythevillt Drown Vtiiln Tcic with sluiily li'ailifi- snips. Sizes I'ruiiiU 1 '!! luliig 3. Brown-Wliile S.idcll« with r\ililirr solids. Siu-i fiuiii Hh lu big 3. Get Their Easter Shoes Early Red Band Shoes for Children Tliry riinii! lirsl . . . llin.= c ynnn^lcrs! lipfiiri; you sliirt ycuir invn slin|i|iiiii; you warn in «i>| ilic'iii "scl" T.r Jlaslcr. Hcriinsr slmrs nn 1 >vj im|)i>]-t;inl, yiui'll select ihcin rarfi- lully. Yiiii'H Innl; Inr sliinliiii'ss, piiod cniislriiclinn and at- trarlive |iricc». Tiny'II wiuil slmi'S llial aro «onil looking . . . ynii know linw lliry lovr In "sliow nil'" llirir new slmos? Si. wlicn y«m cli.mse HKD IIAMJS yuli'll Inilh !«- luippy! 498 P.ilrnl nr V lill is illl Ir.lllirr S Siirs lioin Mnc Oxfnrd \\ il li ru hlier ?«^lrs. hoin rJSj-big u. W' Mnntlily in liny Vnur Oiililrrn's S A GOOD PLACE TO BUY GOOD SHOES

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