The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1934
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIKK NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 1934 Social Calendar . TOURSDAVa EVENTS "Tliursdty Conlr«cl dub ineellni; with Mrs. G..E..Kcctt. i ' Mrs, C. W. Altiick having T.iurs- d»y Luncheon club. . Yarbro Woman's Missionary society meeting with Mrs. Cora Berry. • Mrs. A. B. IMlrileU cnlertatnliu Mid-Week Bridge club, • FRIDAY'S tVENTS Mrs. J. II, Eltlru cntqrliinlng Thursday Bridge cliil) at 2 p.m. Hy-Shy-Ny Sunday school class of. the First Baptist, church meet- Ing vntli Mrs. C. F. 'fucker. Mir5..S. S. Sterubere enlerlalnlnz Music department ot Woman's club, 3 p.m. Civic chib to be licM ul Lcachvillc; Friday noon mid evening. Clever illustrilcil Invitations arc headed with "yet ulonn llltlo dojjle, gci along" and state that the club U headed (or lid Jail round-up by attempting o "round up" • H3 to pay oil the Inst note, Tickets are j 50 cents. Luncheon MM l;c served ;it 12:30 o'cSoc'K followed by bridge, rook and rummy, and iliere will lie Bits oj Netcs Mostly Personal Declarer Makes Game by Refusal to Take Finesse Services Tonight at Lutheran Church | There will te several siwelnl ; tcrvlcfs itl the Pilgrim Lutheran! church thk evening. The young i people will meet at 0:30 o'clock, ut Ih; fuhool building, for a bus- Today's Comracl Problsm .Smith Is decliii 1 ' 1 : 1 at t\\ i-lulw. Wfiht 0','siis (flu Jiiek uf lieurtH, Here is n liaml tliiiL hliould keep yun ot-cuuleil for 'JL while, )iut- ilon'l be discouraged If you fall to b'et II ut Mis. Homer Davlb went. Memphis yesterday to undergo Intss meeting, and ill 7:16 o'clock, ^'~ an oi>erat!on" at the Bnpllsl lios- will licur a talk !jy [lie pastor, BnuUcy-JQlwte. • Mr. and Mrs. R. b. Bradley ami family will go- lo Ulltlc Hack Hit- urdjy (or tlie wedding ot Mr. Brail- ley's sister, Miss BeuUfi TJradicy, and Mr. R.' Frank Milwce Jr.. c( Waslrfnaton, D, C. The ceremony \\-Ul to-solemnized at ti-.&.homc of tlie:bvlde's : Bioilicr,'Mrs. L. ; il. Brad- Icy, Saturday alteriKon. il'lie' brM:, who attended the Unl- jjirsity of Arfsiniai at Fnyettev|]|e, •fe-.a member, .of the Zeta Tan Al- pfja sorojrlly. and has traveled In Europe, .... . . •.' Mr. Milwse, vtiio is I'.ic snn of Mr. 'jrtd-1,57s. R. Frank MUwee. tormer- )>• of Brinklpy. attended Arkansas college at Batesvilie and George •Washington' University at Washington, D. C,, where lie became a member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity. He Is now attorney for the federal trade commission at Washington where lie and his bride will reside. Circles Meet. Circles ol (he ary uhl'pp of (lie .First' Baptist church met Monday alternoon for Bible study. Til; first group, which had 14 present,' was entertained by Mrs. Ivy W. Crawford. Mrs. Parks and Mrs. J. W. Bishop ottered prayers and the 14th chapter of Acts was used for s^udy. •>Mrs/',e. W. -AfTIIck Icil 'the lesson 'on "Wandering Ohtidrcn ot Is- irt a meeting of circle 2 at and Mrs. B. B. 1C Q 5 2 V J !U Li 7 « 10 7 5 #si; *K8 V K S C I « S ii i 3 *Ti'l Martini Wlnburn, Murllni era. Beulah Elizabeth Mullins, Nellc Smart, Jean Ciirloi'k. Uever- ly Flynn, Jcttyc Claire Huffman and Mines Lloyd Stlckmon, W. M. Williams, A. C. lilaylock. R. L. Herder, Robert Crimes, Riiymoiid o, wl',0 have iieeu here stncc i • Curl.itmii.s its RiieM.s of Mrs. llopp's : I'uiionil MTVJCPK were held ai. ty-avcnls, Mv. ami Mr*. H. H. Oakts,, tlic Hniitisl church Friday nficr-! l?ft ycstcnl;iy (cr Dallas, Texas, r.oon for Mrs. Chiirlie Clark, wlio; ""j 1 ™" j where tlicy »vv to reside. Mr. Ro\\\t clltd nl her liome here Thursday 1 ;• „ j will be- with the nupp Automatic nishl. she Leaves her husband and ' 4 A j iu a » A 5 • A.r 4.KQJ 10 J oii IB next Issue, II Solution to Previous Contract Problem Baseball Machine company. Mr. null Mrs. Fred Gore aie mov- :l children, her mother, Mrs. Puckctl,' BY WM. K. MfENNKV nd discarding a small spade from miiiiiy. Tile ace ol dlaraonds was played ml West played the Jack, The cclarcr now led a smalt dUmoiid. Vhcn West played the queen, It, 'as uon in dummy with ttie' kbif. The careless player might make he mistake of finessing the spade at this point, but that would be eopardlzing Hie contract, as West marked with U'o good hearls, and Die opposition already lias cashed lyo heart tricks. , The declarer has four club ricks if the club' suit breaks, a heiirl, i spade, and U'o diamonds —eight In oil. Way not simply establish the cighl of diamonds and not bother with the spade finesse? Declarer next should play the nine of diamonds and, when East wins ivllti the ten, a spade should be discarded. Now, of course, East will return a spwte, but the I'mcsss should be refused. The declarer should go right up with the ace, cull the ace of dubs, and then lead a small club to dutnniy's king. The eight, of diamonds Is cash- to ttif bedikte of Mr. Sty re's bro- j John La Masters of New Madrid (her, who h»d been seriously in-'Mo., stopped here Sunday for a jured on & load of hay. Ttiey were short visit with relatives while en accompanied by their mother, route to Memphis. Mrs. M. A. Foole of Osceola, and The Huffman Women's Canninj returned »iter a day, reporting Mr. club is progressing nicely. Plans Sayre5s brother better. ' for the building are materializing. Ernest Hast was here with his Mr. and Mrs. Aithur Dye arc wlle and son Monday night. Mrs. Edna Harrison spent last the parents of a baby girl, born week with frXwds In Cooler, Mo. March Ruth. 1. Her name is Helen Mr. aad Mns. CHIf Blanker of 1 Mary Lucy Eaton of Blyllivvilk; Memphis drove Ixre Sunday for was here over the week end » visit with Mrs. Slanker's sister- --- _ in-law, Mrs. Ernest Hast. Mr.| . . Slanker remained for an extended visit,. Mr. and Mrs. Union Holmes and daughters, Pcgay and Blllie Jeau.i returned Saturday from Sikeston, 1 Mo., where they visited for a few days. After a short rest they left for Seyppel to visit Mr. Holmes sisters, Mrs. Jewel Hundhauscn and Mrs, S. Cecil. Mr. and Mrs. Delmar LaMasters and daughter, Marjarct, of Tvo- Umville, Term., and Mr. and Mrs. Read Courier News Wuiit Ads. THOUSANDS OF WOMEN SAY in, w oswal. tomon-osv, MCI. Gore U 0 b u!»i" ^'puckeu'"" 11 ''' IttW|!CI *'."i™""* ' 4 '""!™» ."/"»« }<*"P*A<$ «'«>. " le c °"f™" 1» made-all Schimifk. Rayincmd Unchery, John ' have lormcily MKs lone Onkcs. Mr, iitid Mrs. W. Uon Smith Jnmcs Dye is Improving slowly. ! most undesirable partner atlSouth has to lose no*- is a spade. l is not the one who their M,,. smith, Tj-roni?, W. J. Rogers, J. P. Friend, sister, Mrs. f-'lc-tecy MmiiU, uf ,-,,.„ ,,n r ,, Tl \\" \1nlllnc V V Illni,,,lvn>. r.i..., . . \,,. ...lit L.,. 1 ' } . J" 11 *- 1 -. U. W. Mulllns. E. F. Blomvycr, jgiutignrl. Ark., who wilt bo hero ft John Uuchauau, T. II. Hayncs, Theodore Logun, C. U. Holt, and Alvin Holley. Mrs. 1'uul b. Tlpton will ho soloist and Mrs. Miimiy Smurl, or- gnnlit. A special nlliactlon will be selections by negroes from the Pilgrim Rest Baptist church who v,ltl slug spirituals. • * » L-jkc Strttt Cbureh Women H.IVC Meeting. Tlit Woman's Missionary society of t::c Lake Street. Metho:list cliurch met Monday Rtternoan at [he home of Mrs. Hurry Wciclmun for H social meeting. two rs. Flnyd Hamlet is improving. Itewrtev m Burnley It w,ll rrive _ lillcmL . HullU , r 0( S^' " S Cal vll!e - Ky " slKllt :1 Jcw Diego, Cal.. j,.i cmls all(1 with Mr. Mid Mv-s. Samuel F. Nov- E. Ony, who WLIS h) iirogrnm, \vns assisted jcV.'of:. Mri.: Kus54ll' offered prayers.. The Jlra. L. cli^rgc of t by''Mr,i. W. J. belioy, -prayer; volional, Mrs. O. Harris; Ulk, "The Sl?.e of Brazil," Mrs. W, 5. Tuejcet! talk,-,;'The Popiilnlioii - of ''Brazil," /Mrs. ;Hpwnrd Jorusoit; talk: "Bjar ' ' Republic." Sirs. ' Sfiaiiks; talk, "Nc-.v So:i«l Rcpub- llr," Mrs. Beaqan. 1 Mrs. Iverson Morris was elected delegnte to the conference 9l Russellville, April 3. Included in in: '2'i present \va MrS..E. omeyer fed the devotional on Mrs.' Charles Newcoinb Utaycr. and Mrs. Alvin led the Bible study, ss- djt«i by .\Its. T. s. Wiliiiins. U$a|-.9oj- jtikes J a new iiicinbcf, Mrs. Howard Johncy .wero ctlsmbsed with pray- SItsi'B.' D, LaSliot. The hostesses, Mrs. Wclilman ;uiil Mrs. Guy Rogers, served sumtulcli- cs, muffins, pickles ami collci". " Jeff relatives hi Elic visited ii slsl White and family, "«" game or a .slam oc- f .i:-;onally, but tlie one wlio, by r,\i-oless jjlay. will jeop-irdia; the toiur.-ict. I was surprised at the is- number ot players, in a recent du- game, who failed to make iic= no tnimp on today's' hand. Is. Mis. Carling, who.stopped here L., .. H i«-kiihi or a sliorl time four years ngo en-1 c>1 A ' ^' HlKkaba le to Kurop. 1 . will visit here mid Joncsboro until eai-ly suiumc when s'.'.p plans to join a party of friends for a trip to Russia. W. Leon Smith is expected to vcUirn tomorrow fi-oiii a bus'.uc»s trip lo Meridian. .Miss. Mrs. H. Ilighllll and Mrs. Frunk Highnil are spending io:lay in Memphis. Out of loan |KO|)!c lii-rc for the nci'iil ot Mrs. Cliavlss Hari, vpvs: Mr. and MM. Silas Hurl of Jack- inn. Tciiiv, Mre. IScn lluwklns of Kelt-nil, Ark.. Mr. . and Mrs, Bill Richardson of Vine UKilt; Mr. and Mrs. Ilussell Rlchnrdson. Her', and Hurl Ric'.Vvirdson oi Huyli. Nfo.', Mrs. John T toward and Mrs. Sam Cald-. well of Riploy, Itmi. and u id fam- o Join her daughter, \frs. Howard Hosselle. who will accompany her North. with . his two is j-.Lstlfied in taking the original bid oi one no trump to two. to her liome. Miss Lucille Huuimitn of HOr- iR'isville anil Hob Rogers of Kcn- frieiuls here Friday nctt visiicd alternoon. Uaii "Kide-Tluimtiliij;" AUSTIN, Texas (UP) —Tlilinil)- CCC Makes Luke * MTTSPIELU, Mass. (UP)—Hie CCC Iwj'S of the 196th Company j are construe tint' a like in Sandis- . field State Forest lo be named after Conservation Commissioner Baimiel A. York-. The W-acre lake. will cb stocked with 1U.OOO trout when completed. CARD OF THANKSi wish to thank many frlenls for their kindnesj nnil help 4 7 4 1 V 10 ii « K n n • 4 K i o D 4 1C S3 V K .1 9 7 -I »QJ A 9 7 I S W E S * j 51; V<!5 2 4 IQ 1 S3 *JS A A(! 100 y A S :i 4 A-1 « A (I 5 2 Huffman News Mr. ni:d Mrs. Lonnie Moore have as their Gladys Cassidy ut community. Charlie Holt and Charlton Mob ley were licrc from Osceola Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Sayre were called to Canalou, Mo, last week Blue Star Ends Eczema Itching To relieve «czem;i itchina, rinfi- trcrm, telter.rash or foot-itch, cover with soothing Blue Star Ointment. Tested medicines melt and quickly souk in killing gcrinv Itching cmls. Sbiu lieals. No burnicii — no blistering. Safe and reli»ble.(adv.) HAS HELPED THEM WINTER'S \\Vsl I N. 'I'. 3 N. T. XinlU 2 ,N'. T. Piiss 1'ass a rltlc will be banned here during the illness anil death of ov.r wlicn 11 proposed new city ordl-! loving mother and wife anil for the | n'unee takes clfcct. luimblng tuns- es ride-seekers to gel out into die streets and anises accidents, cil 1 - councihiicn dccitled. Street skating also is- !>auiK<3, btnnliUii,flo.rul oltevUiss. ' 'Jlic IMny Weal's opt'iilns lead was Use sev - -. -..„. . . ..,,-.» of hijarts. The six \y,is jilay-sdj 'C. E. Flan, hiistiarui; Herman, OM^.fjxnn dummy and East - playo;! the | ville, Howard, j. D. nnrt Helen;"queen. Declarer refused to' win (,'nii I roller; Hart; Mr? and Mrs. Harvey Hart i trick and Mil up unlit the third! and Mrs. D. J. Hocigc. I round, winning then with the acc, : '4V%n .Hayes, foviicrly o[ aj|cl;nqw cf lliis'clty, wlio ls''iww arr''stU(lent, at HcndcKon Slate teachers college at Arkadetpliia, .will tie-one of-the members of the'bajs' c^bating-teiyh, .wh.lMv.; will -meet HoBt&llQ A.' : anii'M.'. college ftl Monjffcello Friday. ' . "yojurtt Hayes was on the boys' leaniiri H:e runner-up Debate tour- rj(iii*rrt" held at Henderson St&tc Ifeachfrs college the early part of thft year, Thero wetc 200 debaters wj 10 (took liart iii; Ihc Mia-Saulh • c%bat« tourharnen<, •fTftei present- tournament is a junior .Spllicgc. debate. 'T,IC Hcn- dprson-:bojV,-and girls' le.ams will l%th .-debate.-yriday \vUhi.ltKi jULs lp>!« Monticelto going 10 Aikadel- Pjii». while the Hent.erjon boys »-lll 6«; to -Monticelto. i..:.. •-•*..* • Chrrcct (vents Club Will Mttt Too«ht, "Mr*. .Clarence Volimcr is.leader of thq Cjirreijt Evenly c^ub which i^mectlng- tonight, 7:30 o'clock,^ a th^e home of Mrs. Harry Kirby. r Among thosi' who will riiscia>i,' curjfn! events arc Mrs. W. J. Pollard' and Mrs. Matt Monaghan. -. lUs'jL'lib Party : ' : '. Mrs.'.Doyle Henderson wpn thr prize'.^t the bridge jtavly bl ihc Young Matrons'Bridge club Tuesday afternoon wh,en-Mrs. Rlley B. Jones, was;hostess. The gift, wn$ a pair/- or. pictures.' •A'.-sji'lact; plate WM served w'ilh . . •• . . Enteritis Clob •;.-:'.".- ':'..• '- iira'. Ffctcher Mrimis (jt-.ytulS.- ' ' . -.. ..Leon Smith", "w as' a gucit-aC the .. . tract club when Mrs. -M. A. w»S hostess. 'Mrs. Hunter C. wc3x,yie.{*lzc, .hosiery, . : ' A silaet course Vfas served xvith hoi; rolls antf.Mf fee, . . . : .1- " r ;;"..•'• - • .*]B1 Attend >iriy • : Olub 1 womtTi t 'oI - Mississippi ccun- ty are planning to attend tlie "last round up" party o! the Luaclivlllc She^an's Salve • '.Best-for Crou'n Good he»rs. for mothers! With Sheddun's'..rapid .acting and extremely" deep "penetrating Salve you can .'brcik up croup, coughs and congestion. Never have you setu-v-or yWed—a salve that cub the phlegm, relieves choking or cnds.'cphgesUVe: coughs quicker, cr more thoroughly.' Sheddail's Sa.lve conU'ns » Medicine you never gel in* onW«(n.«^Tefr^« medicine that ath«« iu>4 pain. .Tiro, kinds: MILD for fhildren, ETRONO for adults. " ., —Adv. 1 - • .".,-: • -.''-V-- 'i ven so. . "OH over A STUFFY HEAD robs you of sleep ... spoils your day. 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