The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1939
Page 7
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It THURSDAY^ULY.13,.ia30 . i • Session Began Lasl : Monday In 27 Schools In Mississippi County The two months' summer sessltn of rural, schools which •emplo'yUh'c "broken" term system began Monday in 27 .^schools'of Mississippi Giunty anri \vjli begin' in four other schools next week. Some of these schools will have a ..six niunths and some a seven months winter term. • , Schocls which cpcnert , Monday are: Clear Lake, Clear Like Farm. Closncli,' Driver Grove. Calumet, Manila, Skldway, Dauglidrty, Boynton, Happy Corner, Box Elder. Lone Onk, Recce,'.Number Nine Shady Grove, Bryant; •Lfachville, Pa wheel). Hair Mo:n,- ; Hickman, Flat, Lake, Brc»n; Lost Cane, Brinkly, Linny, Rocky,. Royal. Huffman, Milligan, ' Blackwalcr and Blackwater Number Two will open Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Aubie Smith, who have been'teaching In this county for a number cf years, succeed Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Baggett in the Clear Lake school. Mrs. Esther While will he the instructor at. the Clear bake Farm, W. M. Crowe, Miss Vclma Loflln and Miss 'Izola Morgan make up the teaching staff at Huffman. There will be three new teachers at Milligan. Tlicy are'Max Isaacs of Manila, Miss Willie Lewis who formerly taught in the l^st Cane school and Miss Uobcna liaslisiry cf Tennessee, who succeed Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Scbaugh and Miss Mary E. Morris. Mr. and Mrs. L.'L. Swindle will again be in the school. Roy Garner, who has been teaching at, Happy Ojrncr,'ex- ; ill m n ed pliccs with Mrs. Vnudino Dickinson who has bc'eii leaching in Boynton. Also at Bsyntqii will be \Ir mil Mrs. E. .E. pickeiis and Miss Willie Dean Swindle! who at- itemlcd Arkansas State college at r Joncsbora - for- two years. Mrs. ind Miss Swindle, new, ad- tc (he faculty replace Mrs. ^Dnn H union-and ' Miss -Pauline "% L B Hubhard and Miss Alelrus '. Rauls return lo Box Elder and ijMtss Bernlce Grable. who attended Missouri State Teachers tccllege at C;ipe Oirarileau last Sjear replaces Miss Ruth liaiils in Ithat school. Mr inii Mrs. Ben Ho timer and •Irs ( '.pra Frocks are again in the glxme'tpak school; At Kcecc, Mrs. |,Cla»de Cooper, who taught at '. last- year is succeeding Brown. Mrs. Carrie Neil will be the ether teacher in I the 'school. Von .Mullen and Mrs. Kay Brewer : return-to Number Nine as do Mar- lln Mayfield and Miss Wanda Matthews to Shady Grove. Roy Asha- ,.branner and Miss Until Mc.Cormick | are a^ain on the faculty at Bryant * In addition ID Mrs, Elva t)c Jar- nctte, Miss Oma' Hodges and Miss Pansy Rogers; at. fa wheeiv there will be tt new. teacher,-Miss'.Vera Ward. Miss Ward, who came from the Leachville school replaces the former Miss Bernice Gulp. At Half Moon, there is Mrs, Parks Spraguc anil Mrs. J. E JohnsUn and at Hickman, Mr. and Mrs. James McGhce, Mrs. Marvin Crittenden, formerly, of the Gcs- nell school replaces 'Mrs. Jess Simpson at Flat Lake. Mrs. Simpson will go to Tomato, Miss Beatrice Hargett Is the other Flat Lake teacher. ' j : : Ahicld Phillips, Miss Hilda Davis and JUiss Virginia Mnyfield and Mrs. Woodrow Hutton compr'se the faculty at Brown. Miss Mnyfield who attended Baylor University at Waco, Tex., succeeds Mrs. Opal Keith. Mrs. John Samuel Morris, who attended Union University at Jackson. Tenn., succeeds Miss Willie Lewis 'at Iflst Cane. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lewis will continue in the • school. William Shockley, who was educated at Arkansas Slate college in Jcncsboro, replaces Manncring Towles at the Brinkley school. Miss Ruth Holman and Miss Alva' Hol- mau teach at the Linncy school. /Miss Ruth Holman. teacher in the Etowah district last year, succeeds Mrs.; W. A. Middicton. On, the faculty at Blackwater are Mr. .'and Mrs. Oiner Spurlock,- Miss lluth" Sikts, Mrs. Esther Lcrancc and Lloyd H. Cole. At Blackwater Number Two, Miss Rose- ku'nkle is instructor. W. W. Cox, wha has. taught at Leachville for several years, replaces J. L. Masters' at R:cky. Jettie Hodges, who taiiglit at'Kcyal last year exchanges places with Mrs. A. W. Hurst, who taught at nocky. Also on tiie'Rocky faculty- Is Mrs. Lcda Taylor. BUTUKVIU,!'], (AUK.) COUIUHIl NE rcn PAGE SKVtt Some of the,principals in (he swap of the century, involving' ninrriaKo. honiss, children and an animal Mrs, Mildred Davis, Icfl, has moved into home of Mrs. Edilh June, ,! B IH, (o keep house for Clnrenco June, cciitcr-and, Mrs. June' does same tlmig oHirr way around. ' rourtccn children of the t-wn InmllUs have licen divided evenly; because she got the younger •kiddies:'Mrs. June look husband's cow wllli her The roui adnll-i, who live near CohiniWaville, Mico., remain friendly, have agreed (o divorce so liiey can remarry Parcnls-And Daiif>lilcr They Don'l Waul Unwantpd bv either of hu dt\orced nno leim.ipd paient^, duel with hei modici icpoitedly calllii" Her boy ran fehnlei Boetc (tentu-) 10 JP.U old Chicago o»l, dctl.ired she just «ui.s music lessons, so she cm support herself 'Hie paieiils no/ Boe^c, left, ind Mis Mini LlJiislioin right tooknlielr problem to a judge w iio leprovcd Diem an I recommended putting the girl in , ( pi Hate school lo otudy linking. tW*^**SS«, *,VP for ovory p"" c ' There's o ww^» irc ' . .,»£ ^^_ f ttiv^««a w s So Proudly They Hail-Supreme Courl's 0. K A Jcr- Following the decision of the U. S. Supreme Court lhat Mnyor.Frank Hague was not "the law" In cy City, the American .Civil rJberlies Union held a mass meeting-of.Ihc type heretofore banned. Above, caders at the meeting sing the "Star Spangled Banner." Left [o right, Rov. John Hulchinson, of Bay- nnc, N. J.; Arthur Garfield Hays, Norman Thomas, Socialist leader; iiev. George Holllruhcnd mid'. Rev. --..- •'•'.- . .' Archie D. Ball. ' .-'- •• / \nnc Eskridgc, he Rev. E. B. both of here, by Williams; Newton Marriage Licenses Twenty-seven cour.-.M iiavc .ip- plicd, rtcently at the Blytheville office of the county court clerk for licenses to wed. Names of couples and the officer, or minister performing the ceremony, if listed, follow: Willie ArneU. of Armorel, and Strawn and Miss Doroh Margaret Jarboe, both of CarulhcrsviUe, by Magistrate Cassidy; Verlon Etigen* Hcatliccck, of Steele, and M'ss Evelyn Avis Henry, of Portage- vflle,' by Magistrate Cassidy; J.'H. Hagard and Mrs. Ruby Joe Erhardt, both of Leachville, by Magistrate Cassidy; Albert Odlo ;>nd Miss Patiline Moody, both of Yarbro; William Perry .Richardson, ...u, •TiiiKiiti i vnj . t t.\u,llAl\\WH, cf Pcnsacola, Fla., and Miss Clara J. Simpson, of Dell, by the Rev. Eugene W. PoUer, D. D.; Anthony and Miss Dorothy bard, both of Hickman. by. Masis- f trale Cassidy. id. and Miss Emily Vlrgie W:i!k- (r, of Dycss, by W. W. Allbrijht^- Edwin Young and Mrs. Nettle Crouch, both of here; Oran Morris Tucker and Miss Amy JAC'A- Eon. both : of Manila, by Ma?ls-: trate Cassidy; Carye Eteward. uf Armorel. and Miss Wandalenb Wheeler of Buhna Vista, Colo., by Ma'iislraic Cnssldy; Waller .Wll- If.iighby and Mrs. Jannie Bohannan, both of Kcniictl, by n. Cav- roll; Duiwcod Crussctf-and' Miss Burntce Carson, both o[ Tomato, .. by the ncv. T. u. shepherd: Wil- Loiisj|| am Edward Stark and Miss Dal- I "- 1 "- ly Haley, both of here, by Magis- Mlss Motinc Clayton, of iicrc. uy|<™tc Cassidy; Monroe Rc'crt and • Warsaw, Ind., by Magistrate nis LaRue and Miss Eula Oairi Cassidy; Howard Mocncy oud Miss son, both of here; Alien Rushing Betty Arline Wallace, both nf hove, and Mrs. Freda Bisher, both of by the Rev. K H. Jernlgan. herer by-the 'Rev.-p. H. Jerni"aii; J. Ar-Mudd Jr.-and MiSs Sara^Willlani-Alvin Sullivan, of Armo- Mis 1 ! Frances Morris, of Manila, by Magistrate Cassidy. WAy Sit on the Ground? ' SstleoC €JIIH|ISpools Just ivlial you need for picnics and cnnip - trips. Folds IIP, fits easily in car or Iruiik. 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