The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1936
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 103(5 BLrrilUVILUO, (AUK.) COUIUKU NEWS Classified CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions: One time IKI-Una lOo Tiro limes per line per dny .. 08c "luce times per line i>ei day . 06c Blx times per line per dfvy .. 05c Month rate per lino ;. 60c Minimum cnarge Wo Arts ordered ror tnrec or six times and stopped before cxplrn- (fon will bo charged for the nuin^ ber of limes the nd npijenred and "Oiulnient ol bill mailo. , All Ulassmco .Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside ol ttie city must be accom- pnulcd by cash. Rates may be e«*ily coinpulcd from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions take the one time rate Mo iwpunsiDinvy will DC taken for more than one Incorrect In- of any classified ad. Business Directory i STOVES ffr ™™> TOR Blj Local Hauling itlrs. J. J. Davis — Sireiicer Corsellcro Call 421-w for appointments • QUALITY SHOli SIKH' Men's Half Soles GOc. 15c. $1' Men's nnbber Heels 25c, 35e. 50s Men's l>ul| Soles ami Heels' S2 Ladles' und Children's Half Solos 50c and [»5e Quality Materials Laces any color, free delivery service. 3 TREE Shines with half sole. My Coal Is ISUick Bui I trait Von White JOHN IIUCIIANAN— I'HONU V01 GUAl!AN'l-KHD K I, K C T R 1 C A I, WORK, re;isonnl)le. Frank CJa- l)lc. Phone -18, ttweola. For Sale 'All our 193G Patterns WALLPAPER now on'' sule 'at Breatly reduced . prices, E. C. Robinson Lbr.: Co. \VANTEi> — £.1,1. KINDS JUNK oc'rap iron,' 53 to $5 ton Aluminum,' lOo 1U. Brass, 2c to 4'X:c Ib. Copper Wire, 4c to So II). Radiators, 4'Ac Ib. • HIDES & PURS WOLF AUIAN ;} PHONE 17C 123 E. MAIN FOR SALE— Used Ice Hoses nncl Electric RefL'iijcnilors, Hroud\v;iv Sales Co.. 'Ill S. Broadway. :tl)c kli 5125.00 Credit on Now Chevrolet or used c;ir. value $-100.00 ui' luo'D. to buyer liitvliij; no Iriulc-ln, O- «1 dlsroiinl for cash. Box "A1V Courier News. .. dli tf Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MONEY BACK GUAUANTEK AVilh Every It. & (!. Or Square I)e;il Car lioiij;l'ii Fi'oiii 1'hilliiis ijlotor Co. 11)35 KOItl) V-8 I)E LUXE COUPE. 3 Winilows. New Tlrrs ninl Radio ........ S'1'5 J9SZ CliUVKOLET 11 O U I' K. New Paint anil Sent Covers. Motor Tires OK §223 193» I- O U 1) MODEL B I)K LUXK ROADSTER. New Tires and I'nhil. 1H3U Licciue. Only .......... 5235 1933 CHEVROLET PICK-UI'. Hl'jlnr Overhaulc<l. N e U' 1'alnl. A Good Farm Truck ................... S 225 Liberal Allowance On Your 1'rcs- cnt Car - - Low I iniinci; Uliargc TliroU£ll V. C. C. Open EvcniDBS (or Your Convenience. Drive 'by L»ls and Get Acquainted. Call 810 - 811 for Dcinoristiation or InforiiiiUioii. Ask for Graves, Shanks, Calvin or llarber. : BUY CLOTHES NOW! Pay ort of your bonus. OKO. iMlUK, Tailor 201 N. 2nd HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINE Open D;>y and NIsM FRESH CRAPPIE 35c Every Friday, Satnrtlay & Sunday $i'00 credit on new Plymouth or Dodiiu ill 20 per cent disccninl. Cull 158 before June 13. li-pk-U Good Used Trucks ISM—I!i-Ton I'oril 1U35— '/• Ton lord Pleh-Up 1MI— 1>:. Ton Chevrolet 1031—Ui Ton Iiileiiiiillonal All have Good Klakc liodics TCUMS Delia Implement Co GUIDE! Automotive jiV:d!»otl Found to Keep I'ltlCliS CUT ON AUTO Tiiv Tnlx's. liatleiles, I'AllTSr t'alnl. JFruil Flavor in Wine Tools. Motor OH, Floor Mills. Sent C.'over;;. Cet our pilcoa ucfore you buy. Save Money I WOU' 1 AltlAN I'hmie no I'jij E. Main | "H'W.niou of Kiupc jnU'i- jvillunit ''' 1n will In- tried inn I'onniK'ivl-.illy , "I'^IUHH lUI 1 )- -Atler tin) yearn ' 1 •''"'I'.iU'ry ivseareh, MIIUM Aiulrc l.i'.iimv.-i of Hewers !iu s devc'lop.'d nu'lluHl of pievenlliv.; llu> l;>r- ' l M' Shops iioi.T's liAuiun; SHOT 101 Saiilli 2nil St. HAIRCUT -JO.:, KIIAVK 1.1 o JJath-Closij II p.m.—Shlno .naileries H'riTICH JlATI'Htiy SKKV1CK Call J. B. Clnnc Trail Jackson's Service. Klatlon Jlllee \vill III! ll'VD- i.miii-ini; lin:,:inzed. Mm:'. Munlrivs follows 1N WAIIMN'U OIlDtilt Tlil<; OltANUKUY COIIItT. Ilk' ,4ell-nllsl, "1)111 till 1 I'X.'CH- ol SA1.K W. A'-h; 331 \\Jlh [).i.vlii!C lor [[iiU'U .saK'. I'art t^u:h i i will liiijiille. Mildrcil K. Cm, K. i If I, Hox 24- 1)1- i h,, „ lv ,,H,ved. Anv inf.-rli.m, ' CMilCKASAWllA 1)1 H'i'R I O'l'. MlH.SISrSll'I'l COUNTY, All- KANHAS. Max I'sirks, 1'lalntlir. v.s, NO, myo VVarhnvlii lliink * Tnr.t Co., and Mrs. Minnie I,, (ilmn, tti-exmi- I(!!•.'•, or •i'l'iiiili-es of llu> w. K. (ili.'iin fclalc'. DKendiinis. The 1 ilefeiKliinls, Wai'hmT.i Hank .V TIIIM Co,, and Mrs, Minnie 1,. Cllfiu), Co-i'.Kvcnlor.'i or 'l'n]f:tviM cf the W. U. Cilenn Kslutc. ur B ivurni'il to mnieai 1 \vllliin ihlrly .iuy:', In llu; court nanii'd in Hu' rr Ih" Teli-|ilioiiii Wln-s Sloli-n I.A CANADA, Cal. lUI')— Tlilevea ive round a new Held of oprrn- In l/)s AiiKi'lt's comity. Tills Is stealing lelephonn lines, Tin: Comity Koroslry l^u.irlmunl. re-' Iwrl.H miiny, lines have \,n-i\ cut I Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Jrw Isaacs' Btoro "WE MAKE 'KM SEE" down anil "ejirrli-d mvuy entirely i Phono 5(0 oxrt-iit for Hie ixili-.i. , I Jt=aft^^g TULAKK. Ciit.l ui')-i!<'V. Arthur I/, Hi™, inslor of (he First Cun- crcKitdonnl cliinvh, has just Iwn reappolnted forest. rsiim 1 In fix Yosralio Nnlloiuil Park. This ninkes (he fmirlh eonsenitlvc year thai ho IIIIK preferred to puss his aniiuul vnnillmi «s a torosl ranser. Turks. Dnlnl this "ml dny of .In-,- |yi:; II. M. CUAlCi. Clerk! 'ly h'livjilH'lh Kodily, 1). (;. Ally. Ad I.Hein, Ally. lor I'laintil'r. USED LION & TEXACJO GAS 1G.3C gal. Cigarettes $1.25 Carton BIG BASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY I'hoiie 1505-1M or H3 Certified Potato Plants Tomato, Pcpjjcv. & Egg Plants <i. C. .HaivUs Cor. Lake .% Main cr B20 Mudlson HEAN .% TOMATO STICKS. !i & 0 Ft'. LONG. liLe EACH. CHICAGO MILI,. Slice 'Ilepairing CARLO! 5tU * Walnut Phone 610 or 811 Open Al N'lglit or Rout •I liooin FURNISHED Apartment, BUT chickaKuvba. Call 102G. 2c ktl B room unfurnished house at Vine. Call MiH-J. 2-ck-tf •J room FURNISHED aparlincnl. CCO N. 5lh. Mrs. W. S. Crowder. Call 142. 1-ck-U y room furnished apt., newly decorated. Mrs. I. O. \Yc6tbrook. 30-ck-U Call Klva 2D4-.-5 2 room FURNISHED apt. G83, 108 Kentucky.- Mrs. Klva I'oe. 3 room FURNISHED anartmclil. Mrs. Mary HollinESWOrth, 621 ChickasEi\vb;u 29-p-k-5 3 or 4 UNFURNISHED rooms, reasonable. 511 Park. •28-pk-2 3NGHAM apartment, Int)iure rft Varklmrst Co. 28-ck-tf 4 i<x>ui house, fiirnlslied or unfurnished. Mrs. Edwin Robinson. Call 27'1-W. 23-c-tf 3 FUKNISHED Koouis. modem Sink in kitchen. DM llcarn. as-p-k-23 "2 room Furnished tiparlmcuU l.lijiil;;. walcr tree. IlcasonnWe. Call SI'M. 22-C-t.I COOL, bcdroomr. vcasoiinblc. - Mrs. Jennie 'Craic, noo Main, Phone 770. 8 room house, furnished or unfurnished. 2 battis and sleeping poreh. nil Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call 86 or 20. c-k-13 3 room FUKNISHED aparl.mcnt, modern. 1117 Ash. Mrs. Ucorge Matthews. Call 291. Ck-tl 2. bedrooms or a two room .furnished apiirtmcnt. Rcasonfible. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 llcarn. UNFURNISHED 4 room apartment, with balh. Call 327, cr S5 at nighl. 12-ck-tr FurnU-hcd 3-room house. 508 N Fifth si. couple Only. dti ? Koom Aparlinent. 4 rooms fnr- nlshcd. J. H. Snihtl. Call B05-J 2c klf KOOM. sl?/> 22 D.V 50. next Hubbard Tiro & 'u.itterv: ne\v\v decorslcd. Tom Jackson: J'hono 6. 25-ck-lf Best Prices. Paid For SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Blytlicvillc Iron & Mclal Co. ... •-:- 221- W. Cherry WE BUY & SELL HA\ And we handle all leading brands of High Grade Coal: SUMMIT, GREAT BRIU.IANT, MONTICKLIX) ETC. Superior Coal & Mining Co. I'honc 700 _-__.-. — 1 Barksdale Mig. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 10 Shoes Half Soled, 65c& lip Strings with job, l u extra SATISFACTION GUAtiANTKEU TKIJE 1ILUE SHOE SIKH' Next to B. T. Worthy's "ALLEY'OOP'' T ,1'i.rinenleil juiec us m-hli-vi'd by j Mnv:. Llsnli'rt'.'S say Dial tin. Unvor lauil | '• 1|I|!|J1 J' iiiiliki' I hut (it Liny of (he FOIl SAC.K lols \- fur H Land in Miw;is>ipi>l & IVinlH'Ot ''""unrrelnl protlueUs known mw, us Cininlie:!. i Il!l ' I'lienilenls ordinarily ii'scd to lieasonalile I'rli-e:; iV. Terms | ! |1VV|11 H feiinentiillon destroy iiiui:h (il-IoiKiK YATKS i " f . lh - orisiniil llavor ol tin' fiult I'llOIH! 1103 —IlOX s. Poultry jun Bal)y Chicks UAY OLD fc .STARTED iiny d:iy MAIULVN Cash Feed Store Pays TOJD Prices For Eggs & Poultry 751 E. Main 'fife Maria Th< i !Y.'ia tiollav, or lliah'r, h the prineipal toln ot ^Vreelil'r Si'ri'ice - (Jas OPEN ALL NK.;MT PHILLIPS SlOHVlCiO CKNTKK I'lmilL'.l 777 - 810 S£3 NOTIO; The follauliiK dental unices will be eloseil every Tlniriiday afternoon during Ihu sunnner. Drs. llraviT, Chihl, Rlooie and TLiylor RADIO RKPA1RINC A C'ocuplcEn MUD of Tubes umL l';irls HUUIiARD TUIK * BAT'S'KdV UO. I'HONE 476 Now located nt 101 Nurth Sccun'l ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DOfl i;i>\VAKI>y, 1'roprlolor All makes 01 rebuilt 'J'yjicwrltcrs, Athlltisr Murrilnc* iR — 1'arts — Kthtnua C»l- WELDING KLKCTUK; & ACKTVI.KNH I'ltoiviri 1 SIMIVICH UHASUNAHLU I'HICKS Barksdalc Mfg. Co. Knitting Classes Tuesdays & Fridays, 2:30 P. M. 1109 Chlcknwiwba 1NSTHUOTIONS l-'RKB OHDERS 'i'AlvEN FOU "III'IRNAT" YARN Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. Hnlcy I'liorio ID'J ONE STOP SHKVICf; STATION •I'OIt VOUK CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS ANl) T.UIW1CATION WYSK PNHHY in charge of Sorvi«u Dopni'lmcnt. I.. H. JOHNSON in charge of Body Dei>iii'lmci!t. —1JATTKIIV SKHVICK —UADIATOK KKPAIK —IIODV WORK —ITiNDDIt WORK -CILASS INSTAI.I.Iill —AUTO PARTS W, T. BARNETT Plymouth Healer TIIONK 888 HEAR! HEAR! If you have a buriiil iiH.sneialioii coiiilicnto of nny kind on yoin- loved ones when Uicy jiftas iiwity, wo will nccopl it nl full viiluo on the finioial, provided yoti buy as much ;is ?50-oi' more in merchandise. COBB FUNERAL HOME I'lIONK 2U- THIS 15 TOO GOOD T'LAST-lNERE'v A 1 CATCH IM IT,SOMEWHERE.' WELL, ' WHATEVER. HAPPEWS.7HERE A1MT 3v GOMMA KETCH -- MAPPIM'.'/ Character Loans from $2000 repaid over a period of 12 to CO months. No red tape and low government tul/jrcst, rate. See I'lione- 4 Voom FURNISHED apartment, duplex. Shade, very cool. All conveniences. Be."a Hall. Cull 280. 22-c-k-K NUW DAY [!l(IN(i? WELL, PER-/ SAY -yx"~\ J LOOKIT THIS /DYA RCCKOU 6DV- PAHV OF THESE LOP- EARED6ORILI.ASARE 'OM JUMPIW ME TONIGHT, SOMEBODY B DUE FOR. A BI& SURPRISE/ H' FIRST MUG1IIAT • IICKSHI5 HEAD UP IERE IS LIKELY-TO GET IT EUSTED.' ALL MOOVIAKB VHUH- SLEEP SITTIW / \WHUT 1 )/ LASV \ I SLEPT NIGHT > SWELL.' WHERE'S HOOTS AND HUH ISUnniKS KNOUC.'II IS JONOUfill! Ht\.V.O,DN7V\WC,'.O\0 VOO MOTVGt TWE WASH TUHUS A GICTAWAY! STEPOMTHEeA$,STrj\;v!J.{tR MVJD ^ IF VOU MAKE A FUSS, VLL ."LM& you, MOVE'S THAT, VOU DUMB -JA1LPR ? HAT FES OUT5MARTIN' YOU ? THAT'SWHATICAL I'KKCKLBS AM) HIS V;ELI.,ER.,..AHEM J I JUST CAME DOV/KI FOR A MIDWIGIfT SMACK AMD THOUGHT P"X)r.LES l.JIGHT LIKE ID JOIIJ KE ! R'JT HE DIDMT SEEM ~]HE LEAST BIT ;- HUNGRY ! /'" 5 .*• SHLIT THE DOOR IVt BEEN LYN6 'HERE: ouenrA PORAIL QUIETLY....AMD MIWD YOU, WOT A WORD , OF THIS ID "YOUR \ ; MOTHER .' DIDM'T EXPECT TO FlMt> YOU MERE .'.' JUST GO Dov/M A-J GET POODLES E. C. Robinson Lumber Co .T SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT TUB cr,un PRICE AT Ilubbard Hdw. Co. Wall Paper NEW VATTEUNS-I.OW CANVAS, PASTE AND TACKS ASK ABOUT I-niSnURGH'S NEW TAINT 1TNANCE I'LAN The Arkmo Lumber Co. Free Eitloialcs We Guarantee lo Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mig. Co, Phone 19 Wanted •- Used Furniture Spol Caoh Paid Wade Furniture' Co, . -. . . 301-303 E. Main ." Formerly Davis & Dodson

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