The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1930
Page 3
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AUGUST 20, 1030 KLYTllRVILLR, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FEEDS IS PlU 10 Undo Sam's Balloonisls I'ull Vi'inlor Feed Croo and I Gallon in Co-o|> Relief' /Vicl Rrooks Ui'ics. i any J. MKI.I. O:U.* rf ihe mrr,t serious Ques- j I]. !i*t*iv.'hi-jh ccnrront M-.s.sis.ippi C'.imtv farmers today'is "how will! v.'e fi-L-d our slock tluouuh anoihcr • <!i,|i yeur?" ' The droulh which has cut the fOirii cro]> about hall in tills sec- • li'.n, 1ms ilonn even yreator dam- ' aue lo feed ciops. Mississippi County fanner.- had p'unlfd i-iiciuli acreage in feed crops lo. supply them will) all Ihe feed Ihey would inako to winter their slock nnd make another crop, b'.u present indScatlcms an 1 that only about Liicuth feed will be raised to carry : he slock through until about the first of the year. With a short crop of c'tton and a price below any for yrar.s, the question of where the feed is coming from is a .serious matlc-r. In order that this ;.l'.iialion may Ije intt in iwsslble manner and it? seriousness lessened lust as much as i>osMb]e, every farmer in this section is urged to ulam Just as much fall and winter feed as lie. can possibly planl. The! Countv Farm Agents have recom-' Here are the United States' entries in ihe Garden Bennett Inter - mendalions worked out as to the; natinal Balloon Races. Shown in the basket are Alan MacCrackcn. j Hawks, who Is expected to be tow- bed kind of feed crops to plant left, and Ward T. Van Orman, winners of last year's event: al lelt. i c<l ncle from Chicago in his Eagon different kinds of lands and at Roland J. Blair, top, and Frank J. Trotter, winners of this year's ; lc l: Lieutenant D. s'. Barnby of the different dates nnd are ready and i.national elimination race; below, Edward J. Hill nnd Arthur G. willing ti give every assistance" lo! Sclilcttt-f, who on second place inihe elimiualion event, farmers in plarmin? to supply as : Nolccl Pilots of Lighter thun Air Craft to Compete in Gordon B.°nnetl Races. iiy NM-:A smice CI.EVra,ANU, O. — The most Ihnllinu stunts that dariui; ba)loan- ists. airplane pikts, glider ex|)crls ;UK| paraclmlisls have devised, will enintnin s|>prlalors at tin; CiOrcloii HeilllL-ll Illli'lllalkjlinl HLlllcim Rau- i:-- lu-re Aii3. :il ijnil Scpl. 1. These hair-raisini; exhibiting I which will Kive the nnlion'.s crack j .ill-men a rliancc lo demonstrate ' iher newo.t iricks. include the re- I lease of u glider from a free balloon • 1500 feet In Hie air. Hie actual ! b-.mbing of a dummy lorl, nnO a i [marhuie jump fiuiu a plane six j mile.s uj). j Tile greatest ylider exhibition in history has been arranged ;is a prc- ! liinnry lo the balloon races, nc- i :'i-rdim; to Wiham Ganson Hose, it charge of Ihe program. Most tpcclacular will be Ihe unleashing of a mo'.orless plane Iron) a free balloon 2000 feet up. When '.his is done. Ihe balloon, just as if so much ballast had been released, -.: ixpected to sliooi straight up an- 1 other 2000 feet. . Participating will be such famous : glider pilots as Captain Prank PAGE THREK THE NEW best they can the feeds which will ] h? absolutely ncssary to care for th'iii- livestock. I With 1 a half crop of cotton and 1 the price lower than In years and ! no indication of where it will slop j on its dovrmva/d swing, every I mouthful of feed that can be rais- I «l wjill make it just thai much ', cnsict' to ride over the breakers thai ~'are apparently bforc'Mississ- ippi tounly farmers for another '' r '.'!> ;.year. The situation is one I which? no precautions could prevent. end ithich must lie met in the best: liccsiblc manner. Nature hit this country Ihe hardest blow it has had j in the memory of our oldest citi-j Mils, but even such a blow can- i not prove a knockout for Mississippi County if we will take advantage of every possible means of !c<s°ning the damage. Tile situation caused by the drouth is not only going to make it hard on many of cur farmers,. bill It's going to have its effect on j every business in this country. The Spurns Title farmer and the business man in I Preferring Hie as a railroad fire-! | navy. who descended via a glider i from the Los Angeles; Professor R. JK. Franklin, <jf the University of Michigan, and his brother Wallace; Lieutenant T. G. w. Setlle, U. S. N.. a licensed balloon, airship. 'Glider and airplane pilot, and Dr. Wolfgang Klemperer, famous German glider authority. Parachute- jumping will furnish many thrills and most exciting of all will be the attempt by Eddie liallasli. ol Cleveland, to set a new •cccrd by jumping from a plane Arrangements Completed ir. for Drouth iVWtirw i 30 ;"° feet "!'• f " 0! a new record". 1U1 LMOUin IVlv-Cling, | The international balloon race Driver Will Sreak. ' Osceola, Ark., Aug. 20.—Thecom- En charge of start Monday. Sept. 1. Ward T. Van O'rmin and Alan MacCracken. winners of last year's event: Roland J. Blair Jintiec in charge of arrangement'--.., ^V «/•«"-.• u. uum I for ihe farmers meeting to be heir | ?,", 1 ' , k J ' ' r .'' a "f. winners of !in the court house here this eve- ','.. '~* r . s " al1 ; 1 ">1 <| innnatiun j ning expect between tive hundred ,",,;• "'"' "«ard J Hill_aud Ar- anri a thousand farmers to attend i irom the neighboring counties of i Crittemien. Craiglicail. Polii.iett. nivl | Dnnklin and Pemiscot counties. i Me., according lo information re- ers and business men in tr.ese la- callties. ^HS5! i uWreaman W.. J. Driver of Os- '.l!^.™ 1 '?''"'•?.••.Wl n E "' Mt J i lluir G. Schlosser, who made second place, will be the American entries. Kir.m Germany will come Dr. t?iif>,o Kaiilen. jr.. who with his lather woji .second place in the 1928 event. France, will send two pilots, Herbe and Bospard, and Bel- Ihe towns and cities are in th? I man in America to that of a baron some boat and must work together] in Sweden. Adolf Tr.eodjrc von! to make ihe. best of an unusual .situation. In (his connection, those farmers who have not members ol Ihe cotton co-operative associations arc again urged to take art- vanage of this agency which has been set up by the government to a^ist the rotten grower in market- hi'.; hts cotton in an orderly man- 'iii'r and to the brat advantage. The cotton market closed yeslei- the hotly, present situation and out- Gcdda. above, has declined lo ac- i ""£ '."."'-""'.'lu'T '°''' S f rCU! "' a " U cent Ihe title which is rightfully his j l"™,^' 0 - a ' d that mny ^ cxpcccod ^urth in since Ihr death of his father. Baron Andrew von Gedda of Ihe Royal Swedish Guards. Von Gedda woiks (lay wiih the price of October and December c-ntlon below eleven cents—the lowest price in for the Southern Pacific in Los Angeles. Ar- SUrVCV sesscs. The, latter is flat, wherp- ns lhat Iwing pieced together here wilt be of spherical form in exact ratio to the earth's curve. federal authorities as indicated in a recent telegram icc^iveu from Secretary of Ag thur M. Kyile. asking for of local conditions as a basis on which to work out some plan of lelict. The profitable ami economical method of hai vesting and market- in? the cation crop this fall, with particular reference lo the price The tomato has laken its place i beside the orange as a source of ' necessary vitamins: in diet. The horizontal scale will be one paid for picking, will also be dis- .nch for four miles. The vertical • cussed at tonight's meeting. . ... • - more i scale wil be one foot for four miles, i man inleen years. It is naturally insuring that altitudes and dc- | U. S. Ufroitmenl ef Agriculture in be expected that the d umpmg rf Ihe new cro;, on a market ol Ibis kind i.-. going to result in pressions depicted will stand out i has perfected a machine for tesl.- prcminenlly. A gallery. 15 feet high, \vill en-: ' ing the tenderness of meat. further decline in ihe market. It, :cil . c je the map. Viewed from this.; appear, that the co-op plan of j a ny section reproduced marketing Is the on n to cotton farmers. More farmers are signing the marketing agreement daily and it is hoped that rnniinh of them will sign up within the next week io assure the rpcning of a local office of the association in Blytheville. Full particulars about the proposition can be secured from the County Agent or from the office of ihe Elythcville Chamber of Commerce. It; not tco late, if we get rains to plant fall gardens which wili I prodce a great amount of food! crops which can be saved tlirough canning and otherwise. This will )>r~ve n big factor in pulling through Hie winter until another garden season rclls around if advantage is taken of the fall garden. Let's not let any opportunity pass without making every effort lo help ourseves through this sli- untinn which could not have been averted. Plant, feed and food a.s long as possible. • ..... ... .. . on the ie uahich holds 1 work will appear just about as it would if actually seen from an airplane. A'<-H; ,, ,-u/(.s. (.V///iin NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 20. IUP) — Cotton closed steady. Oct. 1095 111C 1091 1103 inn nsa inn lion 1125 1150 1123 1138 1135 1161 ll.i-1 i,,: 1153 1175 1153 mo 1170 1188 11G9 1187b Spots closed quiet, 1034. up 14. Men Wishing Wont CL4SSIHED Will/ 'Smile At theAche (Confined from page onei ! twcen India and the rest of Asi? For centuries it has been the lun- nel through which India's ravishers have poured down through Khy- bcr Pass, one of the oldest highways on earlh. Through the KhybT. Darius the Great rent his captain. Scylax, ^' the Indus 2500 years ago and made an fnotan sairapy out of his conquest in the north. In the year 32C I). C. came Alexander to pass thrnugh the Khybcr in thr cours*- of his confiuest of the world. Fif- 'ren centuries later followed Jen«- hiz Khan, whose Mongol hordos- stveot across Central Asia ill the Middle Ages and reached, but did not p.iss. the Indus. It remained for a second great Asiatic con- nueror. Timur. to penetrate to Delhi and nillaee l^c land nearly- 200 years later. In the carlv ICth century, his dfsccndant. Baber. whr cliimed kiiu&ip also with Jenghir Khun, invaded India via the sam** route ar.rt founded the t»reat >fot T u' ••••-».^ map in the world, which j dvnnsty which nominally ruled im- will measure 63 feet from East to til the advent of t^e Uriiish. West and 46 feet from North lo South, is being constructed here. Conceived bv Ri-ger W. Bahson. Relief Outline of United States and Canada Is Under Construction. WELLESI.EY, Muss.. (UPl-Thc noted statistician, the work, a relief outline of the United States and Canada, wss begun about five years ago. It U estimated that 50 more years will be required for its completion, and approximately S2.- OCfl.OOO will be expended en the project. The map will be 10 times larger than Mint of the Pan-American Union which the government pos- Anrt 5-0. this ancient, highway of is aflame aeain. just as it h^s brcn intermittently for 25 centuries. In the hills around the narrow defile which echoed to the clank of the .swords and suears he- fore Christ, the recurrent- drama of tbe enacted. centr.ries is being re- Rut this time the Khybjr country crho"s to Ihe whirr and rm' of nrilish bnnibing planr.s ir.slc")d of to the tramp of Alexander's nmdiing lezions. (Mir-lJlint There's a new, pleasant, mint-flavored, tablet that relieves ordinary headache and neuralgia, muscular pains and functional pains. It's excellent for Coryza —cold in the head—and for the sore throat that often accompanies it. Phys.iciana have been writing prescriptions for a similar combination for years. The Dr. Miles Medical Company has standardized this well balanced formula ant! is fjlad to offer it in the form of a stable, palatable, mint-flavored tablet for home use. Pocket Size ISc, Regular Package 2Sc ran 9 BIG FREE OFFERING DAYS THURS.jAUC.21 SAT., AUG. 23 BEGINNING THURS, AUG. 21 ENDING SAT., AUG. 30 1 Pound of Sugar With Each Dollar Purchase The More You Buy the More Sugar We Give You MEN'S AN!) HOYS' CAPS Iiislil and dark colors, SCiinil assortment,- ilSc values, now 50c MKN'S DKKSS SHIRTS !!ro;tdi-loth ;ind JVl;ulr;is, solid colors ;ind fiiiu'y palterns, all Tusl colors, Values to Si..I!), now 79c Women's and Children's SPECIALS Final Clearance of Summer Dresses and Hats LADIES DRESSES Printed Ohiffims. I'rinttd Crepes, Fhil drupes All our belter dresses tlittl formi'vly sold :\( ?l(i.!)f) lo S2-I.7S, now Viiluts lo $10. 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