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The Pulaski County Democrat from Waynesville, Missouri • Page 2

The Pulaski County Democrat from Waynesville, Missouri • Page 2

Waynesville, Missouri
Issue Date:

I HISS0UEI GLEANINGS. jneiaiEiBOSSIIlll DOUf.lR Fire damaged the Masonic temple FOR CHEER GOOD Indianepolls to the extent of $10,000 Three firemen were slightly Injured by a falling cornice. TBCB FAMOUS FERRIS WHEEL A FORMALLY 0PEIIE0 HATHA WHEELER, rafcUaae. Advices from Cleveland, say that SAfi Feniicismis TANGLED PILE OF JUNK. the longshoremen strike has been set 1USS0UBL fAYNESVOXB. The Foaadatloa Blowa Away -wita tled, the men returning to work on tnt basis of last season's wage pending further conference. Dyaaaalto aad the Great Straetare Collapeea. SCENE OF MAGNIFICENT POMP AKU CEREMONY. DJ3URANCH C03IPANIE3 8t Gaudena has been secured as II SOON SETTLE sculptor for the proposed monument oJ St. Louis, May 12, The big Ferri Thomas Jefferson to be erected -in wheel at the World' Fair grounaa THE EMPEROR'S GREETING Washington. QUTLIHED wa blown up by dynamite at 4:30 p. TERSELY MONEY WILL BE A GODSEND The people of Healdsburg, cat, were m. Friday. One hundred pound of dymamlte were exploded under tha The Member Hot Batlaae Wlta much disturbed by a published story that the damage by the earthquake there was $1,000,000. The amount fiatperer'a Falloro to mmnm I Will Pnf lha PtOBM I laaaraaee Bnalaea la Htaaonrt. Jefferson; City The premium paid by citizen of Missouri during the last year for all kinds of Insurance amounted to th aura of i These figures are obtained from the report now being compiled by State Super-IntendeU of Insurance W. D. Vandiver, and, accordingly are official. The pra-mtus paid to policy holder during th -aame time amounted to $12,934,698.33. This gives a difference In favor of th companies of $17,601,603.85. Life insurance constitute the bulk of the total. Tha premium paid on life Insurance by resident of the state' for th last year stand at The amount paid for fir insurance premium waa $8,525,730.69. The remainder paid in premiums includes a miscellaneous character of Insurance. There are 878 Insurance companies do- lng business "In this state, which embraces all classes ot insurance. These companies pay taxes to the stata foot lng up $494,153.36 a year at the present time. The amount of premium returned by fire and marine, mutual fire, miscellaneous stock, regular life and stipulated premium life Insurance companies amounted to $24,572,752.21. should have read $100,000. 7 support at the north side or in structure, wrecking the foundation and permitting the wheel to drop to the around, a matter ot but a few feet. aa Meatloa Aaaaeaty la HI An Epitome of the Host Important Event at Home and Abroad i the Past Week. Fee MtrtUr Help Baaka Ia tha TrtmaoUoa ol Baalacaa. By a vote of 15 to 9 the board oi Rr Petersburg. Mar If. Without a overseers Harvard college gave authority for the resumption of football, A the wheel setned it Biowiy turned, with the bottom of the wheel ingle hitch, and with only a minor Incident to mar the memorable day, the San Francisco-, May 10. Financial which had been ordered discontinued on account of brutality in the contest. aa a auDoort. and then, after totter ing a moment, slowly collapsed. It Russian parliament waa Inauguratea The heresy trial of Rev. Dr. Algernon Interest, Wednesday, centered In the announcement made by the Insurance companies that in the immediate future did not fall to one side as the wreck; Thursday. The weather waa super A. Crapsey, rector or at. Anarews er had planned It merely crumpled Enlsconal church at Rochester, H. and the stage management or tne impressive ceremony at the Winter pal- they would pay losee or the nre sui- NORTH, EAST, WEST, SOUTH. A GUayx at Wksl Ceasrraaa la la Tecether With a' CftlU Dlceotod aad Ceadeaaed Ilea of Current hew Iteaea, Beta DoaMlla Bad COMOBESillOHAl. OTBe. up slowly, and within a few minute has been concluded at Batavla and the was a tangled mass of steel and Iron where Emperor iMicnoras, terers. It Is believed that most oi in money will be put Into general circulation, and when it is distributed will findings forwarded to Bishop Walker at RufTnlo. rounded by courtiera and all the pomp 30 or 40 feet high. The huge axle, weighing 74 tons. Cllco Gonzales VIgiez was Inaugurated relieve the people of San Francisco' as and panoply of power, delivered ino speech from the throne to the member of the two houses, was perfect The dropped slowly with the rest of the president of C03U Rica, amid great re no other means could. Wcleoat Xewa. This new was welcome, not only to The senate passed a bill providing for a steel lightship for Swift Shore, Juan Fnr-a atraiL at a cost of joicing. The senate, in executive session, refected the renomlnatlon of Edward A. message, la reality, wa less a tnron speech than a greeting, and required wheel, crushing the smaller braces and eteel framework into fantastic shapes and forms. When the mass finally stopped settling It boro no resemblance to the wheel so familiar the doHct holder, but also to the banks, 1 en aaa only three minutes for It delivery. Emperor Nicholas read slowly. The that have been doing their best for the Wlnstanley to be receiver or puouc moneys at Mlsmoula, Mont. Protest had The house passed the bill tor the nubllo with the resource at their im admirable and even official tone oi to all St Lou I satis. been mado concerning iv? conduct in mediate -eontmand, necessarily limited. protection and regulation oi uw arlea of Alaska. sovereign renewing his pledges ana Mr. Cora Bennett, wife of W. G. nfllre. The announaement was official to the asking the co-operation- or parliament Bennett, superintendent of the Chi Tha house nassed a bill ratifying an The yacht Nahma, with Mrs. Rouen extent that it waa given the sub cago House Wrecking touched act of the Oklahoma legislature to ap Goelet on board, collided un an. Ital for-the regeneration of the country wa only negatively, satisfactory. committee of the citizens1 general committee and duly reported at the general the button that exploded the dyna propriate money for the purpose i erectlne additional buildings for the mite. Coartler L.e tae vn- Cmirtiara and soectator other than committee's dally meeting. The an The wheel weighed 4,000 tons. It Northwestern normal school at Ava, ian warship while entering the harbor of Venice. Both vessels were somewhat damaged. nn Edwin S. Greenfield, aged 30, the trusted confidential clerk of the Phlla- members of the national parliament led nouncement was received with, ap-Blauae. news from the insurance Inter flkla. the cheering, but the members were cost originally $750,000 when erected in Chicago 13 years ago. It was sold there for $15,000, and $200,000 was ests having been awaited with much ominously silent, expressing neitner rtainhia hrokeraee firm of Harrison buy anxiety. spent bringing it to this city and Apt Xr la a defaulter to an amount The house adopted a resolution accepting the recession by California of the Yosemlte Valley grant and Mariposa big tree grove and including the uma toeether with fractional sec- erecting it that mar reach $175,000. He lays his Nothing Could Do More Good. "What will be the effect of the pay During the time it. was In use at rfn-tifn to bucketshoD speculation. ment of this insurance money?" wai The concern has gone into the hands of flnnu asked Mr. James D. Phelan, chairman both fairs It carried 0,000,000 passengers, approval nor disapproval, wnat rankled most waa the failure of the emperor to mention amnesty, and later, when the members assembled in the Tauride palace, away from the spell ot the throne room, many of them were with dlfflculy restrained from precipitating matter by offering resolutions on the subject The constitutional ThA nppi.ii committee of the house a rarfllvtr. of the finance committee. Nothing could do more good, at The Boston grand Jury Is probing charges that money was used to defeat the anti-bucket shop bill in the lower THE BOSCH FAMILY Bomb Seasatloa at the Capital. Jefferson City A sensation wat caused here by a story to the effect that an infernal machine, with an ignited fuse, was found under the window of Gov. Folk' office at the state-house. The truth about the matter la that Building Commissioner Seaber about three weeks ago found a dry cell from an electric battery. He threw it on the top of one of th cannon caissons, to keep it out of the way of the lawn mowers. Someone connected with th armory discovered It, and straightway concluded It was a bomb, capped and primed, ready for deadly execution. This gave rise to wild stories, Died at the Ace of Klaetr-Ma- Caledonia Rev. J. C. Berryman, aged $6, the last survivor of the last general conference of the Methodist church in the United States when It divided In 1844 on the slavery question, died at hi home here. He waa pastor of Centenary chuTch in St Louii in the He was im the ministry seventy-five years. When the church divided at a general conference in New -York In 1844, forming the Southern and Northern divisions of the church, Rev. Berryman went with the former. A tew hours before his death he sent a telegram of congratulation to the gem eral conference In session! at Birmingham, Ala. replied. "When the money is out to the people It will put them on appointed by Speaker Cannon to ln-cjulre into conditions at St. Elizabeth asylum for the insane in the District of Columbia baa begun taking testl-rnony. Some evidence has already been adduced showing that some of wnrkp.d in the hos- house of the Massachusetts legislature. RECOVER JEWELRY democratic leaders, however, who dom State Senator Patrick H. McCarren, nf Tirnnkivn. N. is charged Dy n. their feet It will bring about an eanj resumption of normal conditions. The people want money to bay what thej need, and the payment of these mAn? millions of dollars will greatly assist inated everything, were anxious not to weaken-the reply which the lower house will prepare to the speech from the throne, which Issues with the St Louis, May 12. Adolphus Busch, Milton Kennedy with having exacted $25,000 for having secured Kennedy the contract for the removal of refuse and pltai I laundry, had been cruelly treat who. with bis wife. and daughter, Mrs. Magnus, occupied apartments In the St tha bank. What Is more, the circulation of thoney will be of great value ed. GEHKRAl, ISW WKIBI. crown wiH be Joined, and succeeaea in staving off premature action. Francis hotel. San Francisco, at the ashes from Th insurance- companies have'lnti time of tha recent earthquake and fire, to the banking Interests. mated that they will pay their losses in At the Taarlde Falac. The scene around the Tauride palace and who fled from the hotel, leaving Salrave Operattoas May Proceed. San Francisco a3 rapidly as they can be nearly $30,000 worth of Jewelry and With their announcement that th Gov. J. Vt. C. Beckham of Kentucky baa issued a proclamation summoning all who possess "the priceless heritage of having' a drop of Kentucky blood In to assemble la Louisville was in striking contrast with that at nrMiiRtad. diamonds in their rooms, have received losses will soon -paid, th Insurance the Winter palace. Each, Indeed, wa tvnical and told an eloquent story. At the valuables from the ill-fated city. interests has also made- the conces A. C. Bentley, editor of the-Pike county (111 Times and former secretary of the democratic state central The diamonds and Jewelry were sion that salvage operation on proper week." June 13 to the Tauride palace tens of thousand ot shipped to Mr. Busch In a small Jewel nnmrnlttea. died suddenly of apoplexy. 17 ty swept by the flames may be proceed ad with. basket by express. Instead of attrac a mw nf Indians have died on people were acclaiming their representatives; at the Winter palace legions of military and courtiers by the hun The Canadian Pacific Railroad Co tive ornaments that have been admired Poller holders may save any tning UUIUWl reservation In oMr will give $1,090 reward for the capture by thousands of persons in this and Eu they can find without fear of risking from drinking Florida wa of each of the robbers who held up ropean countries, the basket presented the loss of their claims for insurance. their train near Kamloopa, B. or dreds cheered tor the emperor, nevertheless the proceedings of the lower house were not spectacular; In fact, they were almost tame In comparison a mass of melted gold, in which were Wasea For Pobllo Eiaploraieat. is.nno for tha three, dead or alive, tm Imbedded an assortment of diamonds San Francisco, May 10. At the meet- Dominion government offers $1,000 from the white, solltalra to the chip toff of the reconstruction committee. with those at the Winter paiace. and the provincial government $5U0, variety. Pendants and bars of solid Wednesday, a resolution wa adojted declaring that the wage for. public and Commander R. Usher has Been se Oeanlae Flaaaea ot The only genuine fiaehea of fir which gold were bent and blackened Into an almost unrecognizable nrivata anmlnvmant at ordinary and lected to command the cruiser St. Louis when Bh goes into commission a fow ehowed the real temper or tne member of the house were when PrOft. The diamonds were discolored and unskilled labor should be for nln weeks hence. will have to be repollshed and reset Mmiamntseff. who had been erectea Dr. Richard M. Bartholdt was re hour. The resolution was adopted. This rate has been fixed- by the Build president Of the lower house, Invited nominated for congrestf la the Tenth Missouri district by, an overwhelming lng Trades Council. JOHN A. BOWIE'S END asareatioa to Employer- government officials ana ciems to the hall, and when Ivan Petrunkevltch, In a few eloquent words from, the ros malnvltv. "Employer, pay your men some NOT VERY FAR OFF Plans are under way New xora for a series of receptions ana ainnor thing at least daily, so that they maj be able to pay for their meals." Is th to Martin Sheridan, the winner or two trum, told th auditor that the nrst thought ot the parliament should for those who had suffered In the cause of liberty who now filled the prisons ter, presumably adulterated, in lieu of whisky. The Russian parliament has-been. roT-mally launched. The emperor's mes- sage, delivered at, the Winter palace, was a brief document, remarkable more for what it didn't say than for what It did. The affair was accomplished with all the pomp and ceremony usual on great occasions in Russia. Stephen Sylvester, apparently insane, hot and killed his brother, W. H. Sylvester, president of the First national bark of Montezuma, and was later arrested by the sheriff and taken to Rockville after he had barricaded himself in a shed at his home and declared be would never be taken alive. Mrs. Jefferson Davis, widow of the president of the Southern Confederacy, is suffering from a bad attack of the grip at her apartments in New York. The $5,200,000 in gold, found Intact In the vaults of the San Francisco city treasury, has been removed to the United States mint The four cardinal who attended the dinner given by United States Ambas-'eador White, In Rome, to honor of ArrhhlshoD Ireland, have been called raouest made by Gen. Greely in aaK- Chicago, May 12. The condition of first prizes In tha Olympian game in ina- the co-ooeratlon or tne ousinesi John Alexander Dowie is said to be Athens, and other members oi tne insn men of the city In restoring normal and whose arms were stretched out in Hearing a critical stage. The venerable American Athletic club when they ar- hope and confidence to the people conditions. "First Apostle" has taken to his bed "We are establishing 15-cent kitchens and his strength Is falling. The swell- Public Llinarisn F. M. crunnen ot Aatl-llorae Thief Aseoelatloa. i Jefferson. City The National Ordei of the Anti-Horse Thief Association ol Missouri was Incorporated by the secretary of state. Its headquarters will be in Jcpltn. The articles of assoclv Hon say that, the organization is for ihe "purpose of protecting Its members against the depredations of thieve, vagrant and all other criminals, and to co-operate with the civil authorltiet In bringing to Justice all such offenders, and aiding each other in the recovery of stolen property." Iowa Orator Wlaa at WarreasharT. WarrenBburg John Cherney, ol Iowa, won tho medal as the best orator In the eleventh annual oratorical contest held by the Interstate teagues ol sute normal schools at tho normal chapel in this city. Thomas Hardin Douglas, of Missouri, won second, and Elmer Orville Thompson, of Illinois, third place. Aether MeGlanla Get Tew Teara. Kansas City Michael Angelo McGIn-Bis, a former college professor and author of a standard work on mathematics, was convicted of forgery In the criminal here, and sentenced ten year In the penitentiary. McGla nls and a confederate forged a deed to a city tot, and sold th property tor $300. ftUaeoart Fratt Hot lajare. rninmMt Fruit in this state wa lna of the extremities is said to representatives. More entnusiasuc cheering than that which greeted thla appeal never was heard In a political convention in the United State. all over the city," said uen. ureeiy "and If the men employed could havt Ht Louis is critically 111 In a New York sanitarium, having suffered a partial have extended upwards until withla a few Inches of the heart Dr. Blanks, atrnke of naralvsis. Constitution and amnesty Were the who has been, in constant attendance Arthur Henry ragei, vain their wages promptly paid it win grtatiy assist in the work of relief It will put money jn circulation an helD the entire buslnes community keynotes of President Mouromtaeir upon Dowie since his return from Mex wife was a daughter cf tne late rarau speech. ico, said that he might, by reason of Rtavana of New York, hat been ga hi great vitality, live a week or ten get started again. We have caset whara aonltcation Is made for relief by The Parllaaieare i-reeieea. St. Petersburg, May 11. Sergei An -day, but that a fatal termination of the disease within two or three day ted a lieutenant general la the, Brlush army. William W. Rose was re-elected tnavor of Kansas City, by a plu- men who are at work. They aay they dreievltch Mouromtseff, whom the con rtitutional democratic member of the lower houpe of the national parliament. would much prefer to buy their meaia would not be surprising. but they are not being paid. Wednes raiirv of l.GOo over his republican and upon by Cardinal Oreglla. dean of the l.lbl nnnnnonta. Th OUeStlOn Of by a sudden charge of plan, put tor-ward as their candidate for the presi day' applicationa for relief, however, bowed a decrease ot lO.OOO." YELLOWSTONE PARK sacred college. lor an explanation. hi eiicibllltv to the office, having oeen President Roosevelt has promised to attend tha ODenlrjr of the Jamestown -Will Treat Policyholders Fairly. ouf-ted by the sute supreme court, aftet dency, a member of a noble family of St Petersburg. He waa born In WAS KOT AFFECTED San Francisco, May 10. An under- resigning, will be tested tne court ivm amnaltinn Anrtt 20. 1907, and 18S0 and educated In th law depart atandlna- as to what the Insurance com The troubles reported In Guadeioup, AoHver an address. ment of Moscow nniveraity. svotioti Wast tniiiPB wer the 'out- Bt Paul, Minn, May 12. Assistant In 1874 he won a fellowship In th Out of 124 coolie attacked with cholera tm beam the steamer FaukVa, panies propose to do ha been obtained by the sub-committee of the committee on las; ranee at a meeting with a com- amvth of an exciting election cam- General Passenger Agent Smith of tha university and was rapidly promoted to naiim fnr mtmlwn of the French a full professorship. route from India to Suva, isi inita fit riled. from the fir underwriters' ad Northern Pacific railroad make emphatic denial of the reports that tha chamber ot deputies. All waa reported VVIUiHV'H not injured by the recent heavy frost. lustment bureau. Tha statement there Owing to hi political authority, waa soon In hot water and forced to nnlo( wt acuuUlit. Dr. George Scott, former United recent earthquake shocks which wrecked San Francisco had materially is the opinion oi ur. j. horticulturist at the university expert- The policy holders' association ot the State consul at Odessa, Russia, died at leave the university and abandon his Mutual Life Insurance at a am lent station. Th frost was tieavy hie hams In Nellch. Neb. changed the aspect of Yellowstone made waa in brier mat in insurance companies would treat policy holder fairly; that no attempts would be madt to take advantage of mere quibble ot technicalities: that loss on buildings tn in waahineton. decided to Incorpo- Tho readers of the Christian: Herald. park. He said: nta ondtfr the Liwa of the District ot "Th reports that the recent seismic educational career. He began the practice of law and the editing of the Legal Messenger, but in 1892 th censor prohibited th paper. Prof. Mouromtseff waa a member of. of New York, hav closed their Jap-enaas famine relief fund, bavin sent Columbia. The membership extends to disturbances In California hav been aar fttaia and territory, to seven through th state department at Wash felt In Yellowstone park or hav in any nadlan province and to several foreign destroyed by Are would paid as sodd a adjusted, and that the adjustment of lossea would proceed as rapidly at Dosslble. The Insurance In the burned way affected that renowned pleasure re ington tn addition to sa.ow ronntrlaa. sort are absolutely without foundation. cabled direct to the famine- center. Th fresh eruption of Mount Yesu The authorlUes of San Francisco ar iratinn with foreign source Yellowstone park 1 not within the son of seismic action. Conditions there ar district i estimated by the underwrite tiofl Ann nan. the fatuous delegation which presented the address of the aemstvolst to lit emperor after th Inauguration of th Wltte ministry. Cardlaala Aakeet to Explala. Rome, May 1L A a sequel to the only near tha ground, and conslderabla damage wa don to tender garden planta. Herae Beak tMaooarlaao. Rich Hill The Hume bank of Hunw. which has been dolngbuslness for 21. years, ha turned over It deposits and all business to the Commercial bank of Hume, which wa Incorporated three year ago, and ha discontinued. maaoarl Feataaaatere Xoaalaated. Washington, DC. President Rooee relt has sent the following nominations for Missouri postmasters to tha of proposed contributions to the relief. Ire conttamest but It to of small proportion. Th aovernmect of Panama ha been absolutely normal. fund, declined by the government, ami CANADIAN PACIFIC HOLDUT are arranging to receive tucn tunas u- notified that revolutionary movements TWO F.IILLI0N DOLLAR presence of icur cardinals at a inner or other troubles in Panama which in laaperlal Uatlteal HalteaT, aa Mail Witn ach day 4t becomes more dif given by Ambassador White In honor IN PARIS, FRANCE terfer with work in the caial sone will Justify Interference of the United Car Rle of RewUteroat lttera. ficult for able-bodied men to secure free fiwi In San Francisco. orx is ot States in support of the Panama gov- of Archbishop Ireland, April 25, Cardinal Oreglia, dean of the aacred college, who by virtue of his- rank la en ferad them, and It Is declined their Vancouver, B. (X, May 10. Th Ir eromenC Paris, May 12. The leather market inheal for rehef 1 disregarded. Joaanh Dlrkson. one of the most pa rial Limited was halted on the malt in the Gobelin's district was burned R. H. Harrlman made the trip from titled to direct matter of ceremony among his brother cardinals, has writ line of the Canadian Pacific railway Friday night Many workmen' dwell prominent lawyer In St Louis, died after an extended illness, aged CO years, Hon. Carl Bchuva is seriously 111 at San Frnclsco to New York In the rec-nr-mA tima of 71 hours and 27 minutes. ten a letter" to each of tne lour car ings surrounding the market were also dinals, Ylncenae VanutelH, Satolll, Ma- Th. Rnr'lnrtnn RallrOftd CO. Will destroyed. There were repeated explosion of carboy of acid and 2,000 bar bis home Tn New York, and on account n. CJi vaars) his recovery Is near Kamloopa, 250 miles from here, early Wednesday. The robbers 'compelled the engineer to uncouple the mall car from the rest of the train and haul It a mile away, where they rifled It rahnild and tfouble track It line be- rels of on were destroyed. The walla iwen Lincoln and Milfotd. and senate: I. N. Straws, Hopams; J. n. Smith, Warrensburg; K. E. Flander3, Paris. Deeker. Refeeed Sew Trial. Springfield Th motion for a new trial in the case of Loui Decker, give Jive years for bribery, was overrnl by Judge Lincoln. Th case tome from St Louis. Aard Woanaa Baraed to Death. Brown Ingt on Mrs. Hubbard, aged 84, was burned to death in- her home four miles east of here. The house caught thleu and Marti aeill, asking tnem roi an explanation of their presence at a function given by a diplomat, accredited to the qulriaaL hardtv looked for. of the market fell In, Injuring seve-al wiil Quadruple It yardage In Lincoln Thirteen frame bouses were destroyed policemen and firemen. The damage la The contract calls for the expenditure by fire on Use main street of the little Of the registered letter. Xoamlaatloa Reeete4. of town of Edgerton, Kaa. estimated at $2,000,000. Coafederate Soaameat Shlppr. Kxptoaloa la Fowder Mill. Wilmlnartoo. Del, May 11. By Coroner Wtlsh, of San after revlslna his list ot victim ot Barre, Vt, May 12. There ha Just re mature explosion of powder in the rolling -dilll at Hadley'a yards of the the Ere and earthquake, ha informed Gea. Greely that the total number oJ Russia has been somewhat startled by the promulgation of the draft of the fundamental law of tha empire which was supposed to hav perished with the Witts regime, and it is feared that the work of the Washington, May 10. The senate, in executive tesaloa, rejected the nomination of Edward A. Wiastanly to be receiver of public- money at Missoula, Mont It waa a reappointment, but been shipped from this city one of th finest carvintra ever sent out of the state It is a monument ordered by the Mis Dnnont Powder Co. ber Tnursaay, cases handled by hi office was 3I WTm. C. Cms aged 34. wa insianuy killed and David Comma, agea i souri division of the Daughters of th Confederacy and will be set up at Hig- protests were mad concerning his con was seriously burned. democratic leaders ia the cause of moderation tl'J be brought to naught of which 134 were Identified and ISt unidentified. Despite th numeroot sensational stories of abooUngs, say that only one ease ol death from such cans ha come tc glnsvllle. Ma. duct In oSce, May Reoaaa Football. Iowa taaak Aaalaraa. The federal grand jury, recently To Be Arehblaaep ot Sew Orleaaa. lire from a stove. Haaar Heraelf oa Bark Poreh. Columbia Mrs. Martha Berry committed suicide by hanging with a stras on the back porch of her boos nai this city. Killed Br rallli Beelder. Aurora Charles Wait was Instantly killed by a falling boulder in hy Uiaulic He leave a wiJIow a-f to children. discharged at ForUand, Ore, la its final report made presentment Washington, May 12. Rt Rev. James H. Blenk, bishop of Porto Rico his notice. Bofton, May 10. Authority to re-rum th game of football at Harvard, wh'ch was ordered to be diseontiSiued Washinrtna rark. Chicaetj. th 21 person iU'-3 to ha De Motaes, May 1L The Ban of Thorn ton ty a co-partnership of J. D. Barlow and G. L. Ehler. mads an tsiignineot Tiiuruy fur the of ita crortis.or. Liabilities aild to about ha been appointed archbishop of Kev Orlesns to fill the vacancy ere- io tissy years cf tie "i V.r.; cn accocnt of the of tfce eoa mmi America Derby, the rreatest the -a- tau. was civea ty a vre cf 15 t3 of Arcbijishop Cha- r- ty Cis t-- f.f tv fr-'-trtrv. been el 1-cf rd of evert I

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