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Rolla Herald from Rolla, Missouri • Page 1

Rolla Heraldi
Rolla, Missouri
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MENT TO OUR DEAD HEROES. JEFFERSON CITY LETTER. particular bill passes the Legislature. Five day' notice Is required before a The Legislature now in session will 'marriage1 lieenae can be peocared probably make some ImporUnt chang- 'from recorder. Notice of the ap es in the eUte primary law.

Many of DHction for marriae license mart Tbo Civic Club met in regular sion at the home of Mrs. Jedlkka on the legislators want the statewide prl- DUblihed five conaeciftive days in Ifnndav afternoon. The buainaaa in MISS MARY McCRAE ELECTED 'grossing clerk, A. A. Vitt, Franklin FOLDER OF STATE SENATE, i County enrolling clerk, George Bar-We feel sure that it is pleasing to St.

Uuis; doorkeeper, her friends know that Mis Mary Noah Brooks; Postmaster, P. A. San. McCrae waa elected folder of the1 "in. 8t.

Mary's; sergeant-at-arms, Bute Senate at Jefferson City laatjCUrt Brown, Franklin County; as-wee k. Mia McCrae's candidacy wa 'skunt sergtajit-aUanns, W. M. Do- sponsored by Senator Carter M. hv- ltJ.

Callaway County; reporter, ford, of this district, and in this he 'Charles Fear, Joplin; reading clerks, was ably assisted by our splendid rep- WHbar F. Maxing, Carthage, and resenUUve, Hon. Frank H. Farris. It Frederick Pickett, Grundy County; ia quite an honor that has come to chaplain.

Bev. J. KtiUr, Moberly; Miss McCrae, and those who are in- folder, Mise Georgia Steele, Warren teretd in her are very much pleas-; County; pages. Republicans, John Toy nary law repealed, while othera want 'ciM having daily newapapera. Mean- 'cujed the appointment of a commit no change made.

It li safe to aay time, the parenu or other may file by Mrs. A. B. Northern, the Pres-that a real fight will occur in both objections wit the Circuit or Probate ident, to consider the erection of a the Houae and Senate when these bills Court In emergency cases, the five I stable monument to our fallen be-re presented. t' notice may be act aside by eith- i Ute war.

This eommit- er of the courts named. expected to solicit the co-opera- After day of hard work, the Re- Uofl of othw ontmnltttioBfc A eom- pubtkan majority in the House has Splendid Ee.e.jr. mitu was also appointed to iavesti- elected their speaker for the "fueth Mufh hM hm m((J dorinj pt( possibility of making the old General A.sembly. Many Republican n.tmini.tnoB 0f in iwell at the cemetery usefuL Mr. A.

pow-wow were held, in which the Re- h- departmenU of state, but 'e. Canary, of Newburg, district chair- publican bosses of the state were in uM of mot thing: man of legislation, was a gueat of the attendance, and made every effort our the record Club, and made a delightful talk, dictate the election of the officers and jn Cirdnw. offic, Th, Mrt Charles L. Wood, brought out to appoint the Chairman of the most m.orJ( fchow thjlt at tbe end of ttome poinU of the Governor's address important committees. From all re- of deficiency strewing equal suffrage and the ehil- td.

l-ooi; t-ouruand lampoeiu, Kay Th Jefferson City 81ackburn, John Neutxler, Theodore bune of last Friday gave an account Blackburn and Ray Agee, of Jeffer. of the organiiation of the Sen- on City; Democrata, Theodore Rosa, ate, a follows: Jefferson Chy; Donald Baylea, Shaa- The SUU Senate was permanently on County; CJeo Wyman, Grant City, organized at 10 o'clock this morning jnd John Schubert. with Snator A. C. Good son, of Macon.

a. nresident nro tern. MICH SCHOOL BASKETBALL. porU, the St. Louis meeting of the of WM found the dren's code.

ports, the M. urais meeting u. of J54 J7 wm fnj dw Senator Goodson defeated Senator The program wa literature and The doable header basketball game Republican house members wm biennia, of wf meeting largely controlled by Re- of the biennial per- 'reci publican bosses of St. Louis. lU iod of mfi me Wallace Greene, of Kansas City, last procity.

Papers were read as fol between Roll High and Cuba High wwvwtu tsviia aa af ia auu vwv nif -v i night in the Democratic caucus for io: "Birds. by Mr, Mirtner, of iow purpose being to so organiie the ma Predent pro tern by a vote of 1 to 4 mort iBterMtinc Tho Mr. F. M. Brown was defeased for -ufc column with a debt of $413.45.

The Home Economic Club of Lebanon, change came the end of Governor read by Mrs. Ed Schuman; The U. Gardner's first term, when we fin S. and the War," written and read by that durinir the twit two rears this Mrs. A.

E. Canarr. of Ncwbuw. "Civ- la. Mr.

Brown later was appointed office ha been conducted in such a ic Club and Missouri Authors." reporter of the Senate 16, the girls with a score of 10 to 4. The boys' game was not near) so as equal as the score would seert to indicate, for while the score sgainst the vaitir.g team waa the homo R. E. Marr. of Carthage, wa elect- jority in order to block all legil-tion that was of real value to Missouri.

It i the prophecy of those lio have followed legislative proceedings for year that the Republicans will be unable to block the enactment of recommended by Gov r. Many of the country member support tho lullr advocd "v-ernor Gardner which are free from politics and are law that will do much for Vigour! nil her mode. team had a close fight for ever point ed secretary of the Senate, and John Collins, of St. Louis, assistant secretary. The following other officer were nominated in the caucus last night, and elected in the Senate manner that a balance of S4.t07.19 Mr.

Hodge, of Saturday Club of St remains in the fund appropriated fir, read by Mrs Horrom. These the executive offices. The Governor were all excellent papers, and enjoyed has nut only alvorated economy in Dean, a review of Mrs. Cornel-, the deportments i state, but has rur 11 MrKadden' Seamstress tieeil it, nut ithstanding the enor of Stettin." Mr. Wilkinson gsve muus increase in pustage.

printing, piano solj; Mis Stella WesUake sang etc. This is another one of the many a solo, Mrs. N. A. Kinney alo in hievemetits of the Democratic cave a vtcal solo, ministration.

The committee on entertainment consisted of following ladies: Proud of 11.00 a Year Salary. Mr. F. Hieley. Mrs.

Undon Smith. they won. Both games were clean and tporumanlike the kind spectator enjoy. After the game the U. B.

C. boys cf the High School entertained the visiting teams and the students of the High School in the gym and auditorium of the High School bullring. morning: I Enrolling clerk, A. L. Kirby.

Fa-jette; engrossing clerk, W. N. McKin- ney. Excelsior Spring; sergeant arms, J. F.

Ferguson, Holdrn; doorkeeper, A. W. McDonald. Versailles: Game were played in the gyn-uuiu-n. rhanlain MrOuie.

Montromerv Secretary of State John Sullivan reporta an execs of in collection for 1U1K over 1917 in the Department of State. The amount turnd into the revenue from this department in 1917 wa ll.040.737.tHS; in 1918 it wa Lieutenant GovernorWallare Cross- Mr. V. E. C.

Slawson. Mrs. Westlake I. luk. mm ley.

who has been serving all Missouri assisted by the hostess. Mr. Jed- 'City; folder. Mis Mary McCrae. Rol- tIU A.

A. Broad well. Queen reporter as Stjite Fuel AilmimMr.tur fur more'licka a yeur under appointment from A lara'e sign of Welcome Home to City. I Miss McCrae. who was nominated for folder in a race ith ux other Ute' served san-lwH-hes.

ice cream and rake in the lurvh room. We wish to con'end the e(ndict of the Cul rprenttive. Thej 'President WiUnn. im verv- tirnuHU f. Our ftovs tn nrvmrf-ii.

and To Bead Stale for jhilutinsr the 1' S. Treasury check put 'up in some prominent place KOMt- his last Mr Melvin Light donated hi, i. a daughter of the late n.Wn evfry year salary, to.KKin. Charles McCrae, editor of the Rolla 1919 eion of the legislature 'o. n- llrr.

lie says he if rjad r.ew jwork. and the following made contri er. of live word every minute of voinir tn be another scMoP Hi that Federal Fuel A Immistrs'or bution Messrs M. F. F.u1kr.

V.FrU. Her candidacy a sponscred sp Roju Cub ndon Smith. "h'OTS- '4tJ doobt iv rroul rf these young- 11 Powell. La I.uthtr Wilson, of this city, Scitt ami Sthunan Bhos The Club (pcop-Sc R.jrr. pan; are to be played in named an assistant doorkeeper.

rr a vote cf to these wees. EASTERN STAR OFFICERS INSTALLED. which the good ronds subject will le to accept hi- ceive principle consideration. Vnd i. when he wanted to join I'tic' fa.n's should be so.

No other uyeM ion is so fr important at the present time. Notb ing will help the state much lis a Heer. the I (,. i system of hard surface roads. Thetir M.rv,.

doine hi, state needs traffic routes from county ns to county, from town to town, ir which auto trucks may transport iner- than any he could -e chandwe and articles of commerce. rendered the including stock, to their destination. him the esteem and apprci lat Indications imint to an amendment Washington an I the pmeent rond law, which will pro- Uhown him to be a most i i i NATIONAL BANK DIRECTORS The stockholder of the Nation Rank of Kolla held their anrual election of directors Tuesday The following were elected: W. l.ero.

Iavid K. Cowan. K. Lenox. jLort and P.

McGregor OFALLEN ELECTED SPEAKER I AFTER ST LOU5AN5 WITH-i DREW. 1 Kleven of 1." St Ixui Republican members of the Hcue of Rr-j rrsentatives bolted for two hour tc-jday whf-n the permanent crganitatur. of the body was effected, with Repre T'tv Roil v-t; folic Mtron: ejection of officer of sht. and a -Cme. Worthy k.h.

Worthy Patron; A WORTHY TRIBUTE. sentative Samuel F. O'Fallen. Repu1 ican caucus nominee, as Speaker The recalcitrants were led by Pj.r Tin i or a ifuioi mi) k-unizer and executive. in imikrv Mr.

Jk'Jigite. Asoeiate Ma-Uvr. M.m Heller. Treasurer; millions to build hard surface I. i.

It worthy tribute to the tkruout the state. The interest and Crm)ey was compiled to del Iner, when Mayor Pavid K. Cowan principal to be paid from the auto u-tth ruitriuid orf.aidnf and uifKrk. i Guy and Neal men, ith coal oiM-rator and miners. Faulkner a Certificate of Appreciation mobile license money.

Illinois rei cntly passed such a law, pledging the income from automobile licenses to keep with wholesalers and retailers cf coal ker. iy.r. W. KJgar. Secretary: Mr.

When the bolter 1 ft the House th- XJRjie. Oorvd jctress and Mis Iiemncrats were left in the majonry. KwK Asocate Conductress, but they made no to take i- Worthy Matron-elect once vantage of the situation A recc- :nr.oarcci the feJIowing appoint-10 minute was taken ner.t Rucker. Chaplain; Advantage for Democrat Vr. Krjipp.

Mirshal; Mis Zcl- en behalf of the City of Rolla. The and with a critical public. The ft the intereat paid, and to pay off a cer that he rerured the heart ow r- I certificate expresses sentiments that are joined in by every citizen cf oar city The certify ate is as follow. lain portion ot me principal eocn and tha- noth-until paid. On account of the commendation has come for the Hawe road law has not had the manner in which fuel affairs have CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION When O'Fallcn's name was rreser.t- Ai: Mrs.

Harry Witt, Ru'Ji; led there were only t4 Republicans or McGregor, Father; Miss Ithe floor of the House, while the IV" Martha: Mrs. Makolm jtvrats had T. Pcniivrstu- leaders i Wi E'eti. Mrs- L. E.

Garrett, the Senate declared tha: if the jc Mr A Vx Warder; and been adininistrred, proves 1 hi. his I fair chance to work out. The govern ment discouraged rond building be i'imtiii inii iiiipui tarn Hcrh njif Is. Behalf if Rolla. cause of no mean of transporting in line with his entire public rec of tb MUsou -i.

has been forced the lVniocrat 1 1 It road material. The result was there ril fr ien. y. integrity and fair was tittle road building under the play. Howes law since its adoption.

It has not had a fair lest. Gov. Gardner is 3YATF fiANK Fl rCTIO We. the Mayor and member of thejhjlV(, a dunr.f thc City "ouncil hereby express our jMncr of R.v-jM. heartfelt sympathy to the family of St 1 ouis to the Mrs.

E. W. :r.vid Matron of tio' nd ceremony. Vt vera! beau- Alexander Fauikner. late of I tiroleo in his efforts to give Missouri Th(.

of directors hat he hat'. Parker diclarcd Wx kcr Vs. It wvrtr Chpt better roads, and the Assembly should not close until the splendid recommndations of the Governor are put into effect, and Missouri put in the Rolla State Rank, held Infantry. Mth Invision. preidcnt of resulted in the following being re- wno nale the supreme 1 Miouri league, hat -elected: AC.

Ionnan. Henry Moore. jacnfice while cr ing ith the Amer report that the St 1 J. II. Pillman.

John K. lxnc. Weslex Forces, achievement have members ml rot exvect -h fro-r! th- Grand 1 Jve-f t-Vjtr- that the II. Jones. S.

A. Johnson, .1. G. Camp- inwsible the glorious victory in at the hands tVFallct i''Fa' th frpnt ranks for good roads eon atrurtion. the hope bell.

K. J. Campbell and t'. M. Knapp i'hc i.reat War for World Freedom, regarJeJ 11 dry.

The directors re-elected the officers The community is honored in shar-1 O'Fallen tcl.l Park.! xpn-' the novation the fa- Sme sweeping changes ure tro- fow: A. C. Honnan. president nh ou the memory of his Hero 1 leagues that he intended to rule fair posed in existing laws ly the nil-i Henry Moore, vice-jiresident Cha.

'''n and Sacrifice dren's Code Commission, and new M. Knapp, cashier; and K. bell and K. P. Williams.

cashiers. J. Camp, i tiiven this fourteenth day of Janu assistant A I 1A VIP COWAN. Mavor ly in the chair, had made promise tur ito any certain interests, and that Follow tne ics'-allation Mrs. K.

would not discriminate them jj McN'ely. rec Maw Kma Werh, Jin the sele. tio'i of committee went- ioutgoing Worthy rose, and jbers on behalf of KjIji Chapter, and in a i The conference lasted for more 'very pJrastftg manner, pcesenled to than an hour, and flnallv the eesion Mrs- A H. Harmon, cf Stecbrille. VV J.

SALTS. City Clerk legislation along the lines of marriage regulations, employment of children and greatly widening the scope of the Jurisdiction of the State Hoard of Charifi and Corrections, will be include hiils the comniis- ioB cJwtA on the Legislature has Beached the regular working stage. Girls are to be put on tho level with men from a legal CAPT. JOHN HANCE PASSES. Flagstaff, Jan.

3. John Hance, better known as Capt. Hance, known to almost every tourist who over visited the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, is dead at his home there from a paralytic stroke. He was 84 was again -ailed to order about 1 2 District rVputy Grand Matron of NOTICE. 'o'clock.

this district, who was a guest of Beginning on Monday. January O'Fallen was then elected honor, with a piece of cat glas a aa and continuing until further notice. 'on a straight party vote of To to t'-T 'evidence cf the CXaprer't apfreciauoa our oflWe wit! be open for business iTSe IVmocrst cast their votes for of her vit standpoint in the matter of cotrtract- years old. Hance has far vnara Iimii The occ.xsjon wll lw loag rmo- Nick T. Cave, of Callaway County wn ftoare or nin clock in tjS n'lirnin? tA f.tnr avVlsvlt k.a marriages, in outer worua, tney chief guide in the employ of the rail- at be berr-d in FJer! Star La this 'city.

nusi SI year of age. -Wits pro- road and hotel romnanv at the rssnui Other Elected. The other (ilfcer elected in ihe House were: Speaker pi'j li. Walttr E. Kailvy.

Carthage; chief clerk. W. G. Muhr. St fout'a: chief ItV t.

Smi'h. UoUi.iger tVWatv; et. posed bill change tho legal ago of, 'NATIONAL UXK OF ROLLA. gul from 18 to 21 years. Tho mar- Capt Hance i a brother of Hr.

ROLLA STATU BANK. riago Uws come In for attontlotj. Walter Burton, of Rolla. He left MERCHANTS 4 FARMERS BANK, Elopements will be oat of th qvc- RolU with hie brother. Geo Hance.

i aJf 1 i a MONET TO LOAN. In ny tr-Mf IJO ap- For ur. hod in nissonn in ut iiuure one In 1866. and went to Ariron Dr. R.l tl.en IVnul SUrr.n Kii.

Mo. si; xN.

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