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The Courier News from , · Page 3

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Tuesday, March 22, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 1938 BLYTHEVILLR (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE TD PROVIDE FDR luve Room Farm House 1 Revised Federal Financing A Bill Allows For Subuib- V an, Rural Construcpon WASHINGTON, D. C.— Provision of Governinenl-lnsured financing tor extremely low-priced residential construction in suburban, rural, and niargina) areas adjacent to cities and towns is contained in amendments to the National Housing Act, signed by the President on February 3, Federal Housing Ad- inlnlstrnto'r Stewart McDonald announced recently. These provisions are now a part of the Modernization Credit Plan. Briefly, this part of the Modernization Credit Plan now allows for i (he construction of residential' properties up to $2,500, provided certain conditions are met. These conditions are made so as to protect Interests of the lender as well as the borrower Insofar as possible. Consistent with every other phase of its operation, the Housing Administration has set up a system of eligibility requirements which this type of construction must meet. While not rigid, these requirements will tend io produce n more desirable type of structure jf> and generally conform to the Fed'" eriil Housing Administration's pur- 'pose of Improving housing standards and conditions. The genera] requirements lire as follows: The lot ui»n which the structure is to be built must not be less than 1,500 square feet minimum In cases frontage of not less than 40 feet, in areas where public water and sewerage , facilities are available; 7,500 square fet minimum in cases where public water and private sewer facilities (cesspool or septic tank) are utilized; 20,000 square .feet minimum where neither are available. Floor areas must not be less than 300 square feet. There must be at least one window in every habitable room. Bathroom and running •water are obligatory where public wattr supply is available; . septic tanks, driven or dug wells where •water and .sewer are not available. ~n —if eoaii fcj •r-rr.f-o- 48?II "Five looms and tjatli" Is probably the r.icst. common house plan requirement In America. Thta conventional plan atlortN living room, dining room, beitrooim-. kitchen, and bath spaciy, the rear entrance hall Is a special feature to meoi rural needs. The five-room plan Is adaptable lo iramii or rock construction, ami lo a variety of settings. Each room may be increased or decreased in slv.e by making the' outline ot the house irregular. This plan, No. 75312, lli'istrated above, is one of several available. No. 15316 is somewhat larger and provides additional features. No, 15141 Is a live-loom, three- bedroom house, especially well adapted u> •the use of native materials and a rural Work To Begin This Week On J. W. Adams Residence Work Is starting tills week on the new English type bungalow, lo he erected by j. w. Adams at Ihc northeast comer of lU'ain and Division streets.The garage is already completed and the laying of the foundation is expected lo begin within the next few days. The live room house of clinker brick Is lo be erected in the center of the 101) foot lot. Modern conveniences are Included In the plans which include Iwo bedit>om,s, n sun porch, and n glassed in rear |:orcli and laundry room combined. Electrical Outlets Keep Up With Trend With moru and more electrical appliances on Hie market, the house of loday needs more outlets .llinn wns considered essential In a house built 10 yours ago. When Luyliig a home that was, built some lime ago,, it is wise lo have an experienced electrician check the wiling system. A may be completely rewired or additional electric work done under the terms of the Property .Improvement Plan of (lie Federal Jlouslng Administration lianks or other flnnticial institutions advance the funds for On :ork and are insured ngalnst loss iy the Housing Administration. Housing Question Box Q. Is Ihe method of bricklaying aliened by (hi 1 season In w|ilch die' work is done? A. Clood brickwork cnfi be pro- I In winter, but certain prr- jiu 1 ncce.ssarj' iji frcc/lai; cmpi'mlurcs. The work should \x> iiiidi'i'inkrii only when tin. 1 lempcra- un> is rlslnir. The bricks should )«• linic>u<!hly drv mid kepi prutccU'il )y 11 tiirpiiulln or other wi'ulhiT- irocit timCi-rlid io prevent uccumu- allon of liv on the bricks iinlll •eiuly fur>. whon ready lo Install, the brick us well us Ihc Mind should be heated lo remove liuXl, ce, iiiul excessive moisture. W:UiT lioulcl also be hcnted. All Mulshed work should \K protected for a of 48 liom.s or more by neim.s ut enclosures, tnrpiuilln, or other pi < native methods. ( Q. Khuuld copper und biass plp- iijj bi- painted? A. 'the only reason lo psilnl selling. Complete working drawings of the above illustrated plan may be .-.ccured from your County Agent and Homo Demonstration' Agent. 7'hl3 plan is one of over a hundred designs of farm buildings and cqul|)ir.jut pi'ipared by Ihe University of Arkansas College of Agriculture to ii:eet AikRnixu conditions, particularly from the standpoint of using available uf-.tiva materials and home labor. In all - «>fi this type^of/cpn- Pain ling, Trim Should Not Outweigh Structural Facts most conspicuous features of a hcuse to tlic layman's eye. To the casual observer, the frame of the house,' the wiring and piping, even 11)2 plaster and floors are concealed behind Ihese two Hems, Only Ihe experienced observer looks beyond them. '. The house that is down at the heels can be brought up to dale, thus increasing its value and improving the appearance of the entire neighborhood. Funds for repairs, improvements, and additions may be obtained from private fl- j- 3-1r ,* i - -• ' - ' .... may oc uuutuicu iiujii mivuic u- , BtrucliMirWrWimum fire insurance j ,i.,v, c i a | • institutions which operate ~ under the Property Improvement Plan of the Federal Housing Ad- Before any other repairs arc made, a house should be checked for structural soundness. If the val- . laust be carried, at least equal to A. l'ie v unpaid principal of the loan. Collateral must be provided in the form of a mortgage or deed of trust. These loans may be repaid in equal monthly installment's ove" periods up to 10 years and 1 month. Full particulars concerning this new type of Insured residential construction loan may be obtained from any lending institution approved to operate under the plan or from any office of the Federal Housing Administration. , Rooms Should Be Harmonious When a room or an entire house is to be redecorated, care should be taken that rooms which open into one another harmonize. One housewife, who did not wish the entire first floor of her house with the ,°ijne wall finish, although the *""fojms all opened into a central \ Jmll, had each room finished in a different shade, varying from cream to a.dark brown. Under the property Improvement Credit plan of the Federal Housing Administration fluids may be obtained for the redecorating of a house. ue of, the property is to be maintained, it must be basically sound Repairs of this order should be made first. It is |Mor economy to agree to one less coat of paint or enamel in an effort to cut down the cost of building or repair. Before the work is started there should be a definite agreement as to Ihe numbei of coats and the quality of the paint to be used. Cheap mlllwork shows up li opened joints, warped edges, anc raised grain. Grades of wood am methods of finish and joinim should be agreed upon before tin contract is signed. When it is neces sar.y lo cut down cosls, it is bctte to omit nonessential features com pletely than to skimp on the quallt; of those contributing to fundamen tal soundness. Convenient Kitchen Aid In Hdusework A kitchen that Isn't convenlen o work In will make a housewife llssatisfled witli'hcrjiome. urgii ess of equipment, the kitchen lhat does not have adequate storage space will be a trial to the persoi: who has to work In It. Shelves, cabinets, and closet. iay be built In a kitchen will funds oblaljied from :i private /i nanclal institution that operate: under the properly Iinprovemen Plan of the Federal Housing Ad ministration. Walls may be refinished. Iloors repaired, or n new sink Installed, improvements which become n permanent part of the structure are eligible for purchase and installation with, funds Insured by the Federal Housing Administration: should l;e laid'on n leveled bed of gravel. ciiuli'iS, or other approved material ut least 4 Inches 111 Ihlck- ni'ss. In ueiiei'iil, lli« fulluwhiK dimensions will he found mure, or less .stiiiiiliu'd: For ivsidenllul dislrlcls — '1 liu-hes. lAir business dlslrlcl.s -- fi Inches. For driveway riusxlnss when 1 heavy vehicles nmv ix? u.sed— -0 Inches. Q. Is II'true Unit wnlor-.soflcner equipment will aid the working ol a hot-wiilur healing .s>stem? A. Where (lie wilier supply Is ilcllnllcly "hiinl," the Installation ol wiUer-sofU'ulnK equipment will nnl only nlil tin' worklnx Of Ihe wuliir syslem but will olti'iitlmes puy for It.sclf In Ihe saving nn pip- Ing and equipment. "Hard" wiiler conlans vnryiug amounts of mineral conlcnls .which have a do.^lm; and corrosive ncltou on pluiiihliiK Home Owners Should Funds For Improving Provide For Storage Grounds Arc Insuralde Amusements should be made i/miis to finance the coH'of 1m- for (lie proper .storing of storm 'proving Ihe utility or value of' a iloors Hiwl wish when they are ^Iruclmt* by constructing prlvali liikcn down in (he Kprlng. Unless sidewalks or driveways or by lural- lii'V uie carefully stored they will JKcnpltiK the grounds live elltjlljle lot be In condition for u;-,c In the to' Insurance under Ihc Property ''all, jlinpi'iiu'incnt 1'hui of the Federal When removed, they should be uld Hat so tluu they can be re- Hli'il Miiiuly In their fnimes. They be stored In n dry well- Tiilllnlrd pliicu to piemit Kwellu: and subsequent .sluinklni; mid varpbili. Tlu-y should nut be pliuv them is io produce 11 desired deed- | n m . s j mll ||,,; |,|, m is. and cmiklntf niti\e I'lfecl. Copper kind biiiss vorrosloii-ii'slsllni; materials (Ui nol necil paint as n prolcc- lire and llve Q. Is there any stumliird thickness lor coucrcle slilewalksV II .so, whut is itv • A. Thickness of sidewalks will vary Mimcwhnt with slib^nulc cou- dllliins All sidewalks, however, utensils. In addition, dllllculty Is I'xpcrcuccd In iiVUiuleiliiK anil Ini; of all types, because II In hard l« inuki! suds from soap with such water. Walcr-softenhig equipment, by llltriillnu anil chemlciil iii'Hon. i)i'iitrnllxr.s or (|eposl(.s old the inln- erui contenl, leuvhiK the \vul(!r Mift for washing mid reduchii! clogulnu or corrosion ill |)liiinliln« mid hcut- In^r criuipment lo n minimum. Snow, Rain, Drains Cause Soil To Scltle When exterior ' fonn.daltous repairs that necessitate soil excavations are made, the settling ot soil should be provided for. Snow and rain water in the early Spring frequently cause dllllcully In this respect. Water draining down 'walls during rainstorms and accumulating slll)Mool . „,„, j^,., wln , )lcvcnl in soil pockets salnrutes Ihc _ soil, rui . lhet , slllH , llkllllf .. ,„ somc (.„.„,,. a across the. wldlh of ihe room, vesting Ihe weight Hi inly ou tlie lloor with each step. Mark the exact places where (lie squeaks ucein and measure- and record Hie tlls- lanco from Hit 1 sides and euils ol the room. ff the Jolsls on which the lloor l.s laid are exiioscd on the underside it Is easy lo locate the squeaks ureas. Where cracks occur betwi'ci flooring and jolsls, It Is likely (ha .small wedges driven between the Administration. 'd nualnsl basement walls or Moors. If the iioinu owner wishes lo con- truct a special stmime room In be nttlc, Ihe bitseiiicni, or In the ijiper part ol tlu 1 (uunj;e, funds nay be obtained hum n prlvale' liniiieliil Institution operallnt; im- ler the Property Improvement . 1'lnu of Hie Federal llous- »li Administration, Uminif the iVInti'] 1 .scnvus and uwnliius mi|y H' slori'd In .such a room. If ihe :lnrai;e space Is loeiilcd In I ho uur- ige in 1 basement, garden equtp- iii'iil may also bi 1 kept there. A IIXIIII for tills purpose KllOllld mve 1111 oiil.Hldu wliuluw for vnill- ulton purposes. A Iliwr may be nld over the old lloor of Ihc Imse- nent or over exposed Jolsls In Ihe illle. In some cases a rack Is cas- ly constructed with u few pieces of 2-by-l-lnch lumbor suspended from the ceillni! Joisl.s In the basement or Iho rafters In.the nttlc. Slorin sush and screens should bo fully 'conditioned Won lint uway for the season. Kxiicndllmes which are eligible lor llmmclng umlf-r Ihe Properly Improvement 1'lnn of the Fcdcnil Ilinisli] 1 ^ Admlnlslrallon include I hose for structural alterations ami repair:;. IIH well ti« physical addl- lltins to the structure Itself or nilldlngs used In connection with It. Tlic eiiliirneHicnt or reduction of Ihe :;l/.e of Hie structure, a new •ittilrwuy, new Mooring or roofing,. nil attached nv detached BUniije, . etc., are perinlpMule Improve-' mi'iiis. 1'liimulntt. wlrliH! nntl, h™t- Inij (iy.'ili'ins. wlileli In Ilietuselves .jii'i 1 iillcnillons am! Improvemonts, u ulso eligible. 1'iilnl Cuu lie Aided The Mulshing of a room In dcc- nrallvc Insulation board no longer ini'iins lhat the family has lo put ' up Indellnltuly with a single color effect. Now flr-flljcr Insulntlon panels como ready painted with Ivory casein. They miiy be (tainted any other desired shnde, any time. Mantels May Now ,:..,. Be Modernized Employment Gain 'For 1937 Building The average building-construction employment for the year 1937 was 29 per cent higher than in 193G. despite ii drop of 17 per cent in such employment from November to December of 1037, according to information supplied by the Bureau of Labor Stalislics and mini)zed by the Federal Housing Administration. Loan M^ Include Book Shelves Hide Offensive Radiator Book shelves the same height as the radiator and on either side will help, to conceal it. Funds obtained under the Pro|>crty Improvement Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration may be used to Kulld in cabiuets and shelves. When possible, the bookcases can extend across an entire wall, when the radiator Is at one end ot the wall, a cupboard can be built at the 'Mier end for balance. One row ot iks above the radiator will conceal It further. Architect's Fees Under the Property Improvement Credit plan of the Federal Housing Administration, a loan not in excess of $2,500 to finance Ihe building of a new structure may include the cost of architectural and engineering services. The proceeds-of Ihe loan must be expended for the erection of a building lhat will be structurally complete and ready for occupancy or use upon completion. Read Courier Neva Want AOt Floors Are Guide To Room's Appearance No matter how well furnished a room might be, if Ihe floors are shabby, ils entire appearance will be spoiled.. Floors that have splintered or roiigti places are dangerous when there arc small children in the family: Under the Modernization Credtl rnm of the Federal Housing Administration new floors may be laid. If. this is not desirable .a composition covering that is cemented or otherwise permanently Itnd may/ be installed. : Beautiful fireplaces are found In many eld houses, but Ihe old- fashioned mnnteli thai i.rcompany them spoil their beauty. Scroll work or grotesque columns are the despair of the modern • decorator .The Property Improvement Credit Plan of the Federal Housing i Administration provides funds foi | Ihe repair, ailcrallon, or Modernization of funds. .Mantels can be removed -completely, If; ihe house- wire, desires, anil repliiced by one of modern ctt.sign, against basement walls, and damp , Is necessary to jack up and level cellars rc.sult.For this reason fresh I , m clcrc( . llvl . j ( ,| 5ts ,,,, a soil .should he put In nil sunken ()|Cn r(!inr<m . e 1L wm , ))lll|lta , k . places around the fundtiLlon, and, If possible. It should be graded with a slight slope away from the house to assist In draining. ed to either side. When Iloors seem springy, Insufficient rigidity may cause the strips __ . lo slide against each other, cuus- After the oil has been filled In i ing Ihe s(|ii«ik. H is soiiiBllinc.s and grades, fou ndn t Ion .wnlls possible lo eliminate such a squeak should be thoroughly cleaned and I by driving 11 finishing nail down Wallpaper Border Gives Room Interest A border strip of wallpaper add? Interest to a room with painted walls. Tliese strips, which, are produced by the manufacturers ol wallpapers, may be obtained In hundreds of styles and designs, so that n type may be found Io fit, any period of room. Rooms which appear too high for prevailing tastes may be lowered In appearance by proper use of a border design. Funds for (lie reciecoratloti of a house may be obtained from a private financial Institution which operates under the Property Improve- Credit Plan of the Federal ^Administration. Leather Upholstery To clean leather upholstery, a good neutral soap, made Into a Jelly-like -consistency will prove Rent this NEW Johnson Electric HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 19 Vears of Service & Square Dealing Phone 3Z Decorating Makes Room Look Largei In modernizing a not always possible Carefully Fit piilnled. If ncces-stiry. Rubbish,' such sis Icnvcs niicl straw, should IX; cleared away, nnd tCrniHc''inud tunnels sliould lie removed to vn- veiil (vosslble slructurril diunagu' lo tlic jji'0|H>'i'Ly. These precautloiis should be Inken before nny landscaping l.s done, such ns llic plnntlng of shrubbery mid llowars. When foundnUon rcpnli's nre nccessjiry. ruiuls may be obtained roin a private financial Inslltulion vhlch .Operates inuler the I'ro[iei'Ly Plnn. As raucli ns 10.000 may be borrowed foi- the epalr, nlterntlon. or linproveuieiit of property.' through the ernck between the two pieces where they rub together. A thill wedge should be Inner ted llrst iV>'fi]>r!ii|f "'C two pkces apart. Cure must \K liikcn noV'to dnmngc the cdgex of the flooring strl|x5. All Exposed .Trim When Instnlling a porch rail and trim or other exterior portions of the house which arc exposed to the weather lili or the pieces should be fit together so Dial water does not drain Into the Joins. This precaution will assist. In preventing deterioration of the material and result in a lower maintenance cost. house it is to tear out. rartitions or make additions that make rooms larger. To make a room look as large as possible, walls should be light and plain, a carpet should be laid from wall to wall, draperies -could be the same color as the walls, mirror panels could be used, and massive furniture must, be avoided. Heating, Wiring Systems Eligible The Federal Housing Administration considers heating systems including stokers, oil burners, coal gas, and electric furnaces, when a permanent part, of such systems nnd plumbing and wiring systems alterations or improvements to rea property. Their and in stallation may be financed undei the Property Improvement. Crcrti Plan. PROTECT Against Rain! Against Heat! ^ r --- -- ^j A leaky roof .can ruin plaslcr and wallpaper. A new roof will help y OU avo id this and save costly repairs and redecorating. A Title One Loan will finance a hew roof on your home . . . Let us negotiate such a loan for you. COMPLETE SELECTION OF ROOKING OK ALL TYI'KH East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. 1'hone 29 — N. Second St. Squeaking In Floor Can Be Eliminated Squeaking floors are ja source of uinoyancc and frequently can bo eliminated. Funds for the laying of lew Iloors may be obtained from private financial Institutions that operate under the terms of the Properly Improvement Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. To locate tlic attending boards in a floor, walk back and forth from one end of the room to the other, making each trip about two feel apart. Then walk back nml fuilh l.llllr Tilings Count It's (he little things that mak'e or break your decorative scheme, 'cople select the big pieces with thought and care, as they should, they're apt to get careless about odd chahs, lamp shades and fiishlojis on Ihc KOfn: Buy cv r (H'y- thini;, even the smallest, ash tray with unhurried care If you "want to achieve a really distinguished room. I'.m Keconl There were more oue-familj dwellings built In the year 1037 In all nonfarm communities than hi imy other year since 19:10, accord- Ing lo Federal Housing Administrator Stewart McDonald, quoting data supplied by the bureau o Labor Statistics. , If piaster walls have cracks li them, before palming (111 thes cracks with plaster of Paris mlxei with vinegar Instead of water. Th vinegar will keep it from hardening too quickly. Insert the plaster care fully into the cracks with a slmri tool and smooth off the top. FOR RENT Houses, A[i:irtmcn(K and With Had 'Plumbing Hcntal iiroporly with inadequate or or ouL-or-<lale pltimbing often stands vacant while prospeclivo tenants seek out the more desirable places. Naturally people avoid placc.s with leaky pipes mid faucets, antique bath room. 1 !, inconvenient water facilities. If you have such property it will pay yon to consider our friendly advice: Modernize Your 1'lnmhing And Take Down Your "For Ron!" Sign BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention (n Every Customer rhnne 80 113 so. Head C'mirlcr News Want A(!». To Take (!|i IMInl Smell A large bowl of 'wnUif hi which some ammonia has been poured, will itb much (o absorb the odor of frrali piilnl-also of cli;nn.'t smokL', Head Conner Mews Want Ads. Now Is The Riyhl Time To BUILD REMODEL-REPMP, % Do you litlrc pride' in IJiu apiicimuicu comfort and convenience of your home or dn you Loler- tiLc IKK! conililioiis bormixu you I'cel nimble lo pay cash for iniprovumcnUs? Highl now we can oblnin ;i loan for making needed building improvements. .CoiiKiill UK Indny. INSlll,ATI';<"YOHIIl ATTIC WITH UK]) TOI' 'INSULATING WOOI.— THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone -10 A Beautiful Certainteed LAWN GREEN ROOF will brighten up your home like a new Eastev garment. You will be surprised too, at how little a new roof will cost. Let "The Man From the Lumber Yard" make an estimate and show you some of the many CERTAINTEED roofs now on Blythovillc homes. EX.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 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