The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1948
Page 6
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PACK SDC BLTTHEVTLLB (ARK.)' COURIER KEW1 Unlt«4 rrru SU(f Correipondrnt LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., M«rch 11. (U.P.)—Rus*l» *•»» formtlly ehiried yesterd»y In th» United Nations with' engineering 4 Communist coup In Oz«ch<»lovtJiU '»nd threatening world poet. »ia and undo.the Communist.seizure o( power. ThVqompUiui wat .handed lo UN + 8ecr«t*r>'i General, Tvygve Lie oy Czech Delegate Jan 'Papanek In a dramatic »nd ^unprecedented sequel to/'[he reported, suicide of Czech Foreign Minister J«n-Masaryk, Pa~*~"''.announced his action in . pres^.c'onleiehce' lii which Ills voice frequen Plan to Restrict Federal Data Hit bv Reporter and further, the exclusive right to my manner abridge the right ay. construct, oper.te and main- (he City to pa,. , n d enforce the tain . system of gas mains, pipe necessary police reculatton, for the line., pip* conduit, »nd feeders purpase of protecting the clti,en» and the necessary attachments, «•--'-•"'••-••• •" mizenn Caechoslpvakla.'! permanent delegate to the UN appealed to the UN anccs VorTne'purp^se""? conveying" Bwurity Council to Intervene in Czechoslovakia, take iteps against Rus- conducting or distributing natural and display the "necess«7v"'danw^ nmH'Itrder^Se'rh'e Sfd y '•*""? -^- """'" '»"* ™"« - ural gas to the said City and to , the residents or Inhabitants there- I of, and to others. of said City and tlielr property and the property of the Gr'antVe Grantee shall »t nil time's keep , - - --- ~ «— "11 fixcavitionj and obstriirHnn* Grante* to distribute and sell nat- and shall k «p sufficient sp,c«Tn Rood condition (or the travel of vehicles on at least one side of all excavation* and obstructions, anrt SECTION 2. The Gnntec herein " is expressly given the exclusive permit (Subject to the proviso hereinafter contained) to use thc streets, j avenues, roads, highways, alleys. 1 all as soon as praclicRble restore openings on the highway, road, I street, avenue, alley and other pu'b- ] sidewalks and other public •equently broke with einollon. Openly defying the new Communist gpvci Prague, Papanek ! WASHINGTON, Mar. II. announced-he was bringing the case ' Administration'proposals to Into the Security Council on behall :» "l"es s gag" by clitssilvhii' infor-:IMP ',•.* ,„.,(„„ ,,i,^ H,,,,. ,,,,,,,i,,i,. ., „ , , of "thi-sovere,^: Czechoslovak re- motion In ,11 c^utive departs I aTd ^eederf "nd" the "nTcm" f.' * sircam ^'"'aW^cour'r^arf "' ""<• nn attempt to re- ! lachmenls, fixtures, connections and public place nor In He places to cond'ition cquaily""a Rood UK before said openings or ob- places. i slnictloivs were mudc. ' be | SECTION 6. Tlie Grantee shall Mi I: purpose of lay- do no Injury to any highway road niivt Mii/ic friiwliill e cf i-nnl _.,„.,..„ _ i.__. . J . . ' public as it exiled''before February ; "nd agencies »rc 20." That was the date the Coin- ; place American numists look over. Lie Calls' Conference' ' rules, ,\al s. . -newsman; Fiiincy, a correspondent patriotism wilh .•ippurtennnces for'the purpose of : disturb inal gas Lie Immediately called his high j \iim-,pMn/.ii c «»„.. ' ->~,,.7, '"; "' tvj ' 1JJ - y ' :...- - ..ji..-._" * .Minneunoiis Star-mid Tribune and limits of lln command into a prlvale'conference to determine whether the complaint can be raised legally before the Security Council, on which Rus- i the DCS Molnes Register nml Til , l)iinc, tcstlfletl before the House Executive Expenditures Subcom- auy manner or Interfere unnecessarily i , „,; ,., clcoulc ""«. "or with any aid City i public or private sewer or drain- to any point beyond the Cily ' ngc system, or water lines now or ,nid City or to any : hereafter laid or constructed by the point, through iinrt beyond said City or by any authorized per' the Cily limits of said City, and son or corporation but no electric i. Finncy. Washington convoying or conducting mil KI ye.slerrlay. . from ^ ny |)Ijlnt w [||,| n ( j lc s correspondent f<i,- the or to anv ixilnl bevoiul r THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 1948 other patlon of roadi, highways, atreeta avenue* or public ground* o( aaid City, which they m«y demand. Whenever the word Grantee occurs in (hi. ordinance, it ahall mean and It shall DC undentood to be the East Arkansas Natural Oai Consumer! Corporation, itj §uc- cesaora, les»e«a or asslgna, and whenever the words "authorities" or "proper authorities" occur In thl* franchise they shall mean and shall be understood to mean the authorized officer or officers, committee or board representing th* City of Blytheville, Arkansas, or Grantor. SECTION 10. ThU franchise «ha)l lake effect and continue and remain in force perpetually u provided In Section 44 of "Public Utilities Act of 1035," Acts of the State of Arkansas, as same may be amended from time to time, and upon the written acceptance by the Grantee of the terms and conditions of this franchise. SECTION 11. B« It lurther ordained that the East Arkansas Natural Gas Consumers Corporation. Grantee. Its successors, lessees and assigns shall have 12 months from the final passage, approval and publication or this ordinance. »nd not Jonger, In which to begin the actual laying of pipe lines and laterals for the distribution of natural gas In said city, a failure on the part of the East Arkansas Natural Gas Consumers Corporation, its .successors, lessees, or Resigns, lo comply with the foregoing provi- case before the council if Use UN or the Security Council members decided they could not act on the basis of the Czech diplomat's list of charges against Russia. Facing a tense Gathering of newspapermen in a crowded UN committee room, the tall, black-haired Czech delegate announced that h ie formally hatl charged Russia with directly taking a hand in the Communist coup in Prague and by "\\\i use of threat o[ force, turning the new government Into an instrument for the use of the USSR. 1 ' Papanck Shows Emotion His voice choked an dhts hands shaking, Papanek said that he hail consulted "with other UN members ' before takinc his step. He could not say.however, whether one -if these governments was ihe United Slates. , "The iate of Czechoslovakia," ne aaitl. "now is up to the other members of the United Nations." The'Czech diplomat., said in his formal complaint- jthat" the coup by the Communist minority by force was successful only because of official -•ret," "conlldrnllnr ... "restricted." For his work in disclosing ihe proposed plan, Finncy won Ihc Raymond Clapper Memorial Award for distinguished Washington reporting In 10-17. re.s'.'nlaltvcs before lion is made. SECTION 3. Subject lo the pro- - , maxmum rae and operation of Its sys- | charged as per Section 7 above for " em of mains and pipes. SECTION 7. The Grantee shall viso in Section i hereo!, ihe main 'supply natural ga s under the terms pipe^ of the Grantee may be laid in the highways, roads, stivcus, avenues, alleys and other public places as now laid out or as the -same shall hereafter be established, and when laid in highways, roads, avenues, streets, alloys, and other public places, same shut] be laid In accordance with t^ie lines and yrades now' established or hereafter K K A N C II r S F. OltDINAN'CK NO. IflO AN OKDlNANCi: TO UK KN'- TIT1.KI): "AN ORDINANCE OP THE CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, MISSISSIPPI , „ , , COI'NTY, ARKANSAS GRANT-- 10 bc established '>>' the City. pl'O- ING TO THE EAST ARKANSAS ' Vldo !' " 1!U Mlch " lilil1 I "' lc ' s " lld NATURAL GAS CONSUMERS scl ' viecs P lpcs b<1 lrU<1 at lhe '" ln " CORPORATION THE EXCLUSIVE ; lmllm depth of eighteen Inrhe.s be- HIGHT AND PRIVILEGE AND i low the 8''ade of'strCets. alleys or FRANCHISE TO L\Y GAS ' 6Uchcs ' MAINS ALONG THE STREETS ' SECTION 4. In the opening AVENUES. ALLEYS ROADS AND rcflli 'ng "' a11 openings made by HIGHWAYS AND OTHER PUBLIC "" " — '-- " - 1 "" ~ , PLACES OF THE CITY, FOR ] THE PURPOSE OF DISTRIBUTING AND SELLING NATURAL GAS TO THE INHABITANTS OF SAID CITY AMD TO OTHERS iAND ALSO THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO LAY PIPE LINES IN THE STREETS. ALLOTYS. AVF1- antl conditions herein specified to all applicants not in arrears for any ; Service j bills for natural gas, service, pipes. ' mission appliances, or other things, owning ' or occupying premises on or abut- j ting the streets, avenues, or other i public places In which such gas mains or conduits are laid. The Grantee shall have the right to make and enforce a written i agreement with all applicants for natural gas; and rate to bc charged for natural gas, according to Section 12 hereof, thc fixing of the minimum domestic, commercial and industrial consumption of natural gas shall be reasonable and as may be approved by the Arkansas Public Commission or the Comor Regulatory Body then having jurisdiction over the rates of public utilities operating in the State of Arkansas, as Is now provided by the "Public Utilities Act of 1935." a s amended by Act 252 of thc Acts of the State of Arkansas of 1945 or as. same may be further amended from time to time. SECTION 13. If any section, paragraph, subdivision, clause, phrase or provision of this ordinance shall be adjudged invalid or unconsti- of plp» llnca and ga* system for «a[d City In order that ume may be available for use as soon » 5 possible, an emergency It hereby declared to exist; and this Ordinance being necessary for the preservation of (he public peace, health and safety ihaU take effect and be In full force and effect from and after Its passage and publication, PASSED the 9 day of March. 1S48. APPROVED 1941. the 9 day of March, E, R. JACKSON, Mayor. ATTEST: TO A NX WHITWORTK, City Recorder. Approved by me thl» th« 9th day of March, 1944. First Notional Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St, BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNER // JHmcncan the Grantee, it shall relay the pavements' and-do all other work necessary .'to complete restoration of the streets, sidewalks or grounds to the condition equally as good as when dLsturljccI: and when the Grantee shall open any ground in said City for the purpose of laying any gas pipe or for any other pur- monthly bill and service . | meter moving charge, nnd specif;-- tutional, Ihc same shall not affect i ing an Immediate .deposit, and fix- ' thc validity of this ordinance as » I ing the terms and conditions upon ! whole, or any part or provision, ! which natural gas is to be served other than the part so- decided to the Individual applicant, shall be De Invalid or unconstitutional, determined by such contract. Such ' SECTION 14. Be It further or- contracts are to conform with the ' dained that the Grantee herein, state laws and regulations govern- : East Arkansas Natural Gas Can- Ing same. . sinners Corporation, after thorough SECTION 8. The Grantee shall i » v « ti e"!'"". »"<» '" ''* Judgment lay its service T pipe, from _•? ** * •*•»* |'*H c -> nuui ' tlccms for tllt! charter, which has been the basis of all but two of the many disputes considered by the Security Council envisages peaceful steps by thr> security council to wipe out a pos- •ible threat to peace. < In order to invoke sanctions or the use of force against a country. a complainaol would have to file charges under' a different section of the UN charter one which em- ! BlyiheC-illr.; subject powers the Security Council to use force If necessary against a wolild- MESTIC, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL PURPOSES. AND PROVIDING THE REGULATION FOR THE CONDUCT OF AID GAS DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, AND OTHER PURPOSES." BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS: ploy skilled workmen familiar with the exrcllllon of such work. Whenever dcemrd necessary by the proper authorities It shall have thc right lo designate its engineer or other [Ki.son to superintend and supervise thc refilling of the highways, .streets, avenues, roads, alleys or other public places, ancl the re- SECTION I. That th'e'citv of'^'rig or refilling of the sidewalks The Grantee shall have the right to make and enforce RS a part of thc conditions under which it will supply natural gas for heat, power, lisht, fuel or other purposes as herein provide, all needful rules and regulations not inconsistent with law and the provisions of this fi anchise. SECTION 9. The Giantcc shall their various uses, nnd that it is necessary to begin the tonstntction - . A new record for coinct-findins was set In 10-n. A final ihcck nf new comets discovered, and old ones spotted, shows that a total of 14 were plotted in Ihe 12 months. to lhe terms conditions and stipulations mentioned In ibis ordinance, consents and the exclusive richl. permission and franchise is hereby given to the East Arkansas Natural Gas and replacement of pavement, sidewalks nnd other grounds disturbed for lhe laying ot the said pipes, shall be at the expense o[ the Grantee. Consumers Corporation, a Corpora- I SECTION 5 No fees or charges lion organized and existing pur- ' "1 any kl "rt shall be Imposed upon suant to the laws of the State o[ • Arkansas. Griiutce. and to its suc- I ccs.'ors. lessees, nnd iiMigm to lay. I and pavements', all of the repair furnish promptly lo the proper authorities any and all information which may be a.«ke,i for by them In regard to the size, location or deptlis of any of the pipes, mains, conduits or service pipes, in any toim whatsoever, and any oihcr Information in regard to its occu- INSTANT RADIO SERVICE AM, MAKES We Spcciallzr in F-M Latest Models o( New • Westinghouse • Croslcy BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY 138 E. Main Phone 3616 Naturally Smoother \ irst basic improvement in gir\ miking in 300 years, Scagram'i exclusive process makes this fine gin Naturally golrlen, tVattiratiy smoother, Naturally ilry-esl. Try it today! BARRETT HAMILTON, INC. Distribute LITTLE ROCK, ARK. RECTAL DISEASES (All Types Ki FARM £& LOANS Horn* Office, Newark, N. J, tONC YUM PROMPT CLOSINO LOW «AT» CALL, WRITK OR SK« RAY WORTHINGTON U5 8. Third St,, Blytheville, Ark. 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