The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1934
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6j/ < United Prf BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS rrity» TA/MJCtkl 1 Wn vrt*1UCri * linn s^n Kinnriiui^* .» " ~ * -^^—^^™ v w v^ ^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOIMI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. HOT Blylheville Dally News Blytlievltlc Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevillc Herald RI.YTIIF.VH.I.K, AHKAN'SAS. WKDNMSIWY, , M, )0:M SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS U. S. GUNBOAT BURNS OFF CHINA COAST Rooscudt Beaten On Seaway Treaty SEWIt BEFIBtS *~ Widow to Wed Lord Tennyson Proposal Wins Majority Vole But Nol The Necessary Two Thirds WASHINGTON. March 14. (UP) —T.-.O Great lakes-Si. Lawrence deep waterway treaty between the United States and Canada was dc- fr-ated |n Uie senate today when administration leaders failed to obtain the lira-thirds majority necessary for ratification. T)i<> vote wa.s 46 for ratification and 42 against. Tile proponents of the treaty were !3 vote.s short of tr.c two-thirds majority required to ratify the treaty. The result, was President Roosevelt's first major defeat at the , hands of the senate. The treaty came to a vote after lv:o months of tlebaio which followed President Roosevelt's special »>e.«agc of January ID in which he advocated ratification "in the light of the benefits which it confers on ihe people of lire United Slates as ;i whole," The treaty provided for cooperation -between the United Suites and Canada in the development, of .a deep waterway Unking • the Great Lakes and the Atlantic, with incidental ...hydro-electric de•• velopment~"0f the St. Lawrence river.,'.It; vias opposed by private power 'intyresyr- ^.iidr-oc^nin port anri terminal interest in the east and by representatives of some Mississippi valley states who professed to fenr that limitations it placed ii]x>n diversion of Lake Michigan \vater through [he Illinois river would Interfere with I he Mississippi river-Great Lakes waterway. Reaten Again on Economy WASHINGTON. March 14. (UP) --T'ne administration was defeated HKSln nn iJie veterans economy is- Mie today when tlie house voted down a resolution to rend the independent offices appropriation bill to conference. The administration had hoped in conference to obtain a compromise fin senate amendments eliminating most of Hie reductions made in veterans compensation and government sajaries. The tiill will now be brought to '"""First Lady Serenaded Mrs. .loscpli W. Doaner, abore, .sot-lady prominent Buffalo. N. Y., wiilmv, soon is to marry Lord Lionel Tennyson, grandson of the latd.Knglish poet-laureate, Lord AlfrM Tennyson,-' at Santa Bar-«t:.pall«i- Sirs. Dor.tier. U tho . ihtugKter Q£ Mr. and Mrs. Howard EUliu: «f Chicago. CITIES TO Emergency Relief Commission Will Carry on X)ilU( ' <i°m |lia t \vn /MCJ i r i- i i nrst made durin When CWA ,1s Ended $832.17 in Sewer Tax Collections Repbr t e tl "Unaccounted For" The city council has informally urged commissioners of Sewer District No. 2 to require payment from Gordon Evrnrd, former commissioner and collector, of $8.12.11 In unaccounted for collections as revealed in an audit of the district's financial records. Mayor Cecil Shane said today. The chairman ot the dlstrlc Ijoard or its attorney, George '.-V Barnaul, could nnl be reached for a statement today as to what, nurse they planned to pursue in he matter. According o reports Mr. Evrard las declared that ihe district au- llt does not give him proper cred- t for certain fur.ris. The audit lists 1832.11 as "colle-flions not deposit- id or otherwise accounted for." Resigns as <.'oinml«ioi»tr Mayor Shane announced..'- thai. Ur. .Evrard's verbal resignation as commissioner of the district had been received at last night's council session and proceeded lo appoint-Charley Phillips as his successor. Other members of the K>ard ot commissioners are Henry Layson. chairman, and Charley Ntwcomb. A somewh&t, strained situation has existed in regard to affairs of the district among the commissioners for .some time, it is understood. The audit of the distvlct was recently completed by A. G. Hall. I public accountant, and with audits of other districts has been filed with the city clerk, as requested by Ihe city council. First Audit in 8 Years Mr. Hall in hi sre]>orl sharply criticized commissioners of the district Xor no! having an annual audit made of the district';; affairs. Ik ils audit «'as Ihe the eight years 5IY DIU1F.R 'dciitifiecl by Witnesses of Bank Robbery at Mason City, Iowa, Iroker Sought in Death ; of Woman Gives SeK Up NKW YODK, Mar. 14 IUP- — Arlhiir \V. Morsp, wealthy Invesl- nt'iil brokrr, suiTi'ndt'rnr in |>olii:o nclny and mumbled thrmigli swol- en llpi mid lull [cm] nioiith his •xpluiuiluni «f ti llnlii'inliin ixuiy .liut omled with the death <>I Us cnmpunion, Mrs. Kdiiu Field .enu-tl, socially prominent' Bniok- °lm>; Mius..' divorcee. While polki' had hunted him at his homo, his brokerage of- llct:. hospitals, he Jiiirt con- lcrr«l with cmmsL-l, Eilwiini T". Welsh, 'with whnm he gave himself ii|) nl thq Mercer Miwl |>ollcK station. Welsh cautioned him against making any public stalc- ucnls regarding wluit vtn.i •ntly a wild buttle Mnrsp's nrmrlmerit. Besides warm welcomes, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt got a seranmle during hfr lnvrstl!j;itlon of conditions at St. Crolx, Vlryln island's. Here you .see the First lady making friends of the children of I'pter Winn as .slip called to visit tlie WInn home, one ol the many built by the United Statv?. 0:1 P. W. A. funds. the floor of house and the members will have an opportunity to vole on each of (he wnate amendments. The defeat of the Democratic leadership came after a concentrated drive to hold the majority membership in lino to support the administration. Republicans aided rebellious Dem- ocruls in overturning tlic effort to !,end Ihc uill to conference. The vote was 247 to 169. As it now stands the senate amendments aclrl approximately $200,000.000 lo the bill for restorations of federal pay ruts and vplerans' compensation. New York Cotton NEW YORK. March H. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1215 1215 1211 1215 1223 1230 1220 122* 1233 1233 1230 1230 1251' 1255 12-15 1247 1202 1269 1261 1264 Mar. May July oa. Dec Spots closed steady at. 1245. changed. Chicago Corn May July op=n high 51 1-8 51 3-8 53 1-8 53 3-3 low 51 close 51 52 1-8 52 7-8 When the Civil Works Administration is finally demobilferd on March 30. its activities. In towns and communities over 5.000 population, will be taken over by the work division of the Emergency Relief Commission in Arkansas, it lias been annomiced by W. R. Dyess. stale director, following instructions from Harry L. Hopkins, national relief administrator. AJthotigh 5,000 population is set as a minimum, the instructions stated that in communities of less than Oiat with a classification of "urban or industrial", work could IK .undertaken on: approval of boih the state and national directors. Workers will be paid a minimum of 30 cents per hour with a maximum week of 24 hour*. Skilled la bor will be paid ihe "prevailing wage." instead of the flat $i per hour rate under the CWA. County boards to fix these scales have been set up in each county and a state soard of review and adjustment has been named to adjust differences arising in the counties. It Is believed that the new \vork program will be greatly similar to Ural ot the CWA. Plans for the relief program In towixs under 5,000 in which no work projects can be carried, were dis cussed Monday and Tuesday ofthL week at a conference of director from 12 southern states held In At lanta. The program will be strict ly one of rehabilitation with th "back to tlic land" movement as basis. Tlie government will assl the unemployed by furnishing lan livestock, teed and other material. Closing Stock Prices A. T. nnd T 120 3-t Annconda Copper 15 Bethlehem steel 433-4 Chrysler 54 Cities Service 31-8 Coca Cola General American Tank W 7-8 General Electric 221-2 General Motors 381-2 International Harvester 42 3-8 Middlemost Utilities 5-16 Montgomery Wnrd 33 New York Central 38 3-4 Pack.ird 5 5-8 Phillips Petroleum 17 3-4 Radio 81-8 Simmons Beds 173-4 St. Louis San Francisco 3 3-4 Standard of N. J 45 1-2 Texas Co 27 " S Steel 53 5-8 Riga is the capital of Latvia. Glucose is the chemical name o grape sugar. May July Chicago Wheat open high low close 88 1-2 »9 1-4 88 1-4 88 188.1-2 89 3-8 88 3-8 88 3 . the district's existence, during even of which Mr. Evrard had crved as collector. Sypil Mcln- jsh, now Mrs Wendell Phillips, was IP' first collector for the district. !er records checked correctly. Mr tall declared. MASON CITY. Town, Msu'Ch U (UP)—John nilllngcr, notoriou; outlaw, loilay was believed to be the machine gunner who shot down a hy-staiulcr during a 152,000 holdup of the. First National bunk. Eye witnesses of [he holdup yesterday selected pictures of the desperado as one of tlw two machine gunners who acted as outside guards while live confederates looted the bajik. J. W. Wallace or the, sheriff's office askeq Chicago police for Oil linker's finger prints. He would no iovra'1 how the prints would bo used. Police guarded the names of persons inakln; identifications of the millnw. J. H. Buchanan, n police olliccr, however, said that, he bc- llovcd nun machine gunner was Dll- llngcr. Buchanan was among n group of police, which was prevented from firing upon the raiders by tlw placing of iKfitagcs to cover thp bandits' retreat from tho bank. The founding- of R, M. James, secretary if the Mason City school board, iccurred 'during the firing of a nu-st from Dillingcr'B machine gun Buchanan bcliered; The gunfire lartcd when the bandits Inside the >ank discovered Tom falters, bank guard, perched in a bullet, prool cage auove the hcuds of the 50 em- ployes and customers. One of the jandlls spattered Walters' cage wllh bullets bul none entered the enclosure. Mis. ra TD Vessel Was Engaged -in- Patrol Duty in -Pirate Infested Waters tomorrow Set for His Departure From Greece by Foreign Office ATHENS. Crerce, Mar. 14 (UP) —The foreign office today asked Samuel Instill, refugee Chicago itllities man, to leave the country on the Orient Express tomorrow. As the rcrjuest was made, two vomcn. trie wife who left the tagc to marry him 34 years ago, and mysterious Mademoiselle Zehra Coujoudjoglou. were reported fight- Ing over his tale, the wife urging -lim lo return to the United States voluntarily to face trial For fraud, and the mademoiselle urging him to seek refuse elsewhere against extradition charges. Tlie government, however, anxious to be rid ol Tnsull, an embarrassment In Us relations with the United States, which has sought to extradite him, took action while the women argued. Aulrey Ferguson and William Arnold Among Those Freed by Board LITTLE ROCK. Mnr. 1-1 (UP) — Names of 80 prisoners granted clemency at the Monday meeting of the stale parole board were made public, this afternoon. Sentcncr-s ol 79 of ttie prisoners langod from one to live years with only one having a greater sentence. He was Willie Harris, negro, sentenced to 21 years from Jefferson county after having Iweu convicted or second degree- murder. Dee Bnkcr. negro, from county, wns' the only other prisoner paroled aflcr having been sentenced for second degree murder. ,falU of Ihe .othc-ir, g. 4 .nnlC'J clemency had been smlrtiof-rt for grand larceny liquor law. and violating the Among those released were four from Mississippi county. They were: William Arnold, while, sentenced to two years for voluntary manslaughter, Clyde Sexton, white, sentenced to one year for grand larceny; Autrey Ferguson, white, sentenced to two years after being convicted a.s accessory before the tact of voluntary man- slaughler; and John Ford Clark, one year, grand larceny. Hope Abandoned That More Members of Ship's Crow May Be Alive SASEBO NAVAL BARE. Jspnn, March M. (UP)—Japanese navy officials lale today abandoned hope of niullng more than 13 siilors alive in the water-filled hold of the torpedo boa! Tomcy.uro. which suddenly capsirod during naval maneuvers. Tile 13 survivors of the crew o 113 cincers and men were rushet to hospitals soor. after lr:cy had' been delivered from the dark, foul-! aired compartments in which Ihey had been trapped for .10 hours or more.. Some of them «-ere unconscious. Continued search of the interior of ihe warship convinced authorities that tlio .Vi men .still unaccounted for had polished either by suffocation wlliiln the ship Itself or by drowning. Tlie searchers found 45 bodies in tiie h'o'.d. f U. S. 1 FORCES President Favors Consolidation to Include All Except Navy Planes (Cop)rri(ht, 1934, by Unltrd Pr«s) WASHINGTON, March 14. (UP) President RooscvcH, it was'lcarn- nutlxwltatlvely today, Is plun- g nariy consolidation of the im- oh's military and commercial air rccs under a slnale governing tency. ' Brig. Cfen. William Mitchell, for- er army air corps chief, whose larp criticism of the service rought him a court martial and reprimand, is being considered to 'Bd the n«w set up. He conferred Uh Mr. Roosevelt at the While . Ferguson and Arnold weir convicted of voluntary mnnslauehler in the slaying of si negro in Hie Huffman community. Thev h.ive been at liberty, at Intervals since a few month's nfter receiving .sentence. Big Japanese Defense Budget Given Approval TOKYO. March 14. (UP)—The house of pser.s of the Imperil)] Japanese diet today approved unconditionally tli: S612.000.00Q government budget, including the large-st ,x;ace time appropriations ever irinde for national defeiusc. Tlie lower house hart given similar approval last month to the budget submitted by Premier Alto nnd his ministers. him back to Chlnn New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. March 14 (OP) —Cotton closed steady. open high low Mar. .... 121 Ib ..... close May July Oct. Dec. Jan. ... 1223 ... 1233 ... 1248 ... 1258 1200b 1227 1233 1551 1263 1218 1228 1242 1252 " 1220 1230 1247 1258 1262b .. ..... ... 1 Spots closed steady at U30, oft 5. Search in Vain (or Clues to Two Negro Hold-up Men Police, county officers and railroad special agents scorched a score or more of houses in n ne- gro section of the city last night after Fletcher Strain, negro, was heir! up and robbed of $8.25 by two negroes. The hold-\ip, which occurred In the Elm street negro section, was the latest, of a series of hold-ups occurring here. Negroes have figured in most of th» robberies. Strain was heW up- while walking on a path along a railroad switch track, it was reported. Hoping Ihey might uncover a particular, article, easy of Identification, taken off the robbery victim, the officers searched numerous houses In the immediate section. Tliey had no SUCMSS. stays here. Saved From Deportation By S. S. Teacher CLEVELAND (UP)—Yes. children, it docs pay to eo to Sunday school. Consider the case of Sue Wing Dock. Sue Wing Is a man of 43. But His Appearance Bring Freedom to Two Accus ed of Killing Him SHELBYVILLE. Term., Mar. 1 UP!—"Uncle" Billy Martin, 7' returned today; lo this sturlle little city wimp two men wer awaiting trial for his grucsoir "murrler". First to greet the "ghost" trav cler, missing since January 1, wa his brother. Fells Martin, G5, wl released early today from tl Bhelbyvtlle Jail when the "murt ereil" man was recognized by Cot stable J. R. Olasscock nt, Lewi, burg. The constable adviser! Sheriff ' Gnnl here of Martin's appca ancc nt. Lcwlsburg. The slier threw open the Jail 'doors and re leaser! Felix Martin and a neg tenant farmer, Ed Blanch, wl had been held on a murder wa rant since February 10 when skeleton was found In an tsolal negro cabin. Constable Glasscock, who h known Martin for 40 years, drove the fanner here In his automobile. HONGKONG, China, Mnr. 14 U! 1 ) — Tlie United Stales 'navy Bimlxml Fulton, with l'J4 officers and men aboard, went up In names today vl)Ue on patrol duly.' In llii! plrnlc infested Bias bay oil • Ihe coast north of Hongkong. All aboard were saved tint the Kullon was a total loss. 'Hie gnnuonl flashed uistresS signals late today and tho British destroyer WLsluirl and the coastwise stciiinei- Tsinon sixul to hlo rescue. ' •• Officers ami members of the crew abandonee) the blazing ship' when 11 appeared thai It might - explmle. While the seamen were adrift In lifeboats the Wlshptt fmd Tsiuun nrrivc and took them aboard. ... '• Lt. Cicorge R, Phalen of Memphis, Trim., wns among the stilp's officers. Tlic Fulton, assigned to th.e Ast- atic fleet, was built in 1914, Bios bay Is a notorloiu nest of Chinese pirates and lias been In their hands for _i'ears. It Is frequently hy British liavfll vessels. also Is iouse yutarday. Col. CnWfei A, • n the ploWie. - HyH u«I<>wl- si'v- ral- times with government offl- lals over the week end and has wen named member of a special ward to Investigate the army's op- ratlon ot • airmail service. Mr,; Roosevelt's consolidation •ould arTecl the war department, MmmerCe department, coast, guard, Mlonal guard, the advisory com- iltlec for aeronautics, and part, of he marine flying carps. Naval air- lanes and marine corps planes tjn laval vessels would not Ix 1 nf- cctcd. The proposal Is designed to Irengthen national defense and iromote more efficient aviation op- rations, Mr. Roosevelt is under- iood to be anxious ta cllcct the mnsolldatkm as speedily as possl- ile. Decision not to Include the naval and part of the marine plans in (he new set up resulted, close advisors of the president said, from a belief .hut problems of these corps differ widely from those of the laud forces, Former Lepanto Man Slain on W«t Coast LEPANTO, Ark.—irVord hos-beeji received here o( L this.death of John We«t Sheltoh, », of'Oakland, Cal., formerly of f/ land lost week.' Ifls death'"foitbv/eil Sunday from a blow on hiSvhefld.- Funeral services were .held there - 1 with Interment In- Oakland, He -Is survived by Ills wife tmd'two chll- : dreti, of paklah'd; Ills mother, Mrs. W. H. sliclton, of Lcpahto; tlireo sisters, Mrs. Chrlsmond, Mrs; 0. L. Mooi'e and "'Mrs. John Blaylock;. five brothers, Await, W. D., J.' H.. O. D. and Lloyd, all of near Le- inmlo, residing In the Hatcher neighborhood In Mississippi coun- The penguin Is found in New Zealand. Auslralia. and the Falkland Islands In plentiful numbers. Expect Style Revues Will Draw Big Crowds This Week he Is a Chinese, and the U. S. im- l ° dra > v migration service milled lo send • ™.r d '>L Bra L!*!! a Y " Indian dflrtce will be repeated with Jackie McOee, Ann Vollmer and Donna Wunderllch as characters. Mary Jean Affllck will do a fo!o toe dance, Molly Guard and Peggy style revues arc to be given as a 1 Bujarskl will do a comedy sketch . Two complete alyle revues, showing all Ihe newest fashions for men. women and children, are expected visitors to this city Sue Win* said rip had never p(Lvl Ol lV ' e P v °S ri ™s at Uw Rosy and tap dance and Madeline Wcst- »,, in phi,?'™ «...,.,,."."'theater Thursday n! S ht and the brook. Francclla Fisher and June ' " '"• ", . "•"-' 'theater Thursday night and the brook, Francclla Fisher and June t'n^ii r i 1 i",, ;Rll z theater Friday night. Vocal I Martin will tap dance. In « Chl- • , »'i • , iwletcloils uud dance numbere will • nose number. Miss Mary Ellen Slc- , iney oumt ua\e . col ,, p ] etc lh p shows. veils will be soloist, wRh Mary Jean ..... been in China, born.In Baker certificate? No SI* '"££'" BBkmBcM whm r l "ta < SSd.S7rtta firms which h<- was born. But Ihe immigration Afflick, l>&trlcta WUe, Elaine An- have models, announced yes- j dcrson. Molly Guard, Peggy Bujar - - -- -- - , h ' ° ' . Marllvn Decn a,:d erc ftaoml and Nedra Berryman '.coked bad for Sue Wing/Then he Mrs Vrnard Oooch remembered a teacher. Sunday school nc<ll , ln tor Mibs Wiiltsitt's shop. Man- Trnpp. She M ore , han 50 mcn , vo ,,, en alld cW |was called. Yes, she said. Sue Wing drcn will display \vraring ai»-,arel had been in her Sunday school for tl.e 18 firms" class. He had belonged to It since , Miss Ola Bob Harris, stage dl- 1910. U. S. CommUsioner B. D. rector, will present specially num- Nkrola was Ealistled, Sue Wing bers, with tl:c following to be giv- represent ..Jicriel's and I Jackie McOec, JESS!C Miller, Erwill be a man-1 iene Damon, Donna Wunderllch Ann Vollmer, Patsy Allen, Caro chapln. Virginia Swenrengcn, Mary Mae Daniels, llene Posey. Nancy Wood and Marlha Llnlzeni.ii U the chorus. Bill Trotter will bo master o ceremonies with Mrs. Trotter al the Pioneer Settler Came to Mississippi County 65 Years Ago Funeral services were held this afternoon for Bob Fowler. 85-year- old pioneer settler of Mississippi county, who died at his home at Promised Land yesterday noon. The Rev. W. J. Lenoy, pastor ol he Lake Street Mct!:odist church flldatcrl. and burial was made at Elmwood cemetery. Active pall- jcarers were: C. F. Tucker, Jerri Vhlte. Emmctl Wilson. Wnllccr Mc- Oaughcy, Clarence Davis and Join .lanlcy. Honorary—R. \v. Duncan Ur. C. A. caldwell. W. A. Thomp- wn. D. G. Moore, Jlsll Culler and j C. Johnson. The deceased came to this conn y 65 years ago and lived In wha' 5 norv the Recce community unti 25 years' ago, when he moved (• 'romtsed Land. He was wldcl known as a farmer with an un Imitcd reputation lor dealing fal with all. He Is survived by his wife, Mr= Rebecca. Fowler, one son. Lenden nle Fowler, of here, two grandchll drcn, Dennis and Pauline Fowler two half brothers. William Lenden nlc and P. W. Kits, of i:cre. a ha5 sister. Mrs. J. M. Wilson, of here and two step-sons. Mark and Hous ton Shelton, also of this city. Moss Undertaking company wa ta cliarg« ot arrangements. ' Says Alumni Are Aiding Three Boys In School The Blythevllle high school nlum- assoclallou is aiding three stu- cnte at the local high school, all •ospective members of the 1934-- »lba!l team, through school- by aylng their tuition, Joe Craig told 'ic association at a piectlng lost ight. Tlie students have enrolled for :e .vcoixl term tills year which ill make them eligible for grid ctivltles next fall, it is under- ood. They are W. T. Burns and lyiidcr Rayder, botli of whom ave seen some service with school rid teams, and John Greenwood, ormcrly of Los Angeles, Cal. Oscar. Fcndler presided at last: Ight's meeting In the absence of tiler odlcers of the 1 association. en Friday n'.Rht. By request Uie! piano. Snow Is Saved BARRE, Vt. (UP)—After a hoiu snow storm, drifts froze in th streets so solidly tha tractors plows couldn't get through, x some of the townsmen cut th snow with cross-cut MWS, Vaives Preliminary on False Pretense Charge H. F. Bramletl waived prellmin- ry hearing before Municipal Judge. /. A. Cunningham yesterday on a chnrge of obtaining money under alw pretenses and was ordered leld to tlic spring grand jury. Dramlett is alleged to have given mimfcsr of checks to merchants lero which later proved to bo >ad. He was arrested in Kansas City and returned here to lice rial. Cotton Consumption for February Shows Gain WASHINGTON. March H. (UP) —Cotton consumption in the United States in February was 477.890 sales compared with 441,203 bales in February. 1933, census bureau figures revealed today. Consuming establishments had 1,654.369 bales ot cotton on hand February 23. compared with 1,449.413 bales In 1933. WEATHER Arfcnm?—Pair, colder in east anri south, freezing In north tnd central portions tonight. Thursday fair and warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Fair ar.d, colder, temperature 23 to '32. Thursday warmer. The maximum temperature her? yesterday was 7, minimum 42, clear, according to Samuel" f, Norris, official weather observer.

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