The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAV. AUGUST 20, 193U Items of Personal Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News oi' Women Picnic Given '.The Wilfcilin Union of the B. Y ; P. U, in the Firsl Baptist church had >a picnic Tuesday evening at , Barfleld when 30 members and vis- i itors' were present. The fried chicken and all its appropriate side disiies made a delicious supper served on the banks ot the Missis- I sippi- river at twilight. Games provided-amusement until latcrl:in ih'c" evening when a motor ride-home was the. last of the pviJgiani: « V t Circles Meet Circles 1 and 3 ol the Woman's Misslonaiy Society of liie Fust MethcOist church were the- only groups of this organization which met ithis week. Circle' ! was ini- lerlaincd b.v Mrs. W. A. Stlckmnn and Mrs. l.'n. Smotherman at the SmoOiennau home when 12 were present. Mrs. W- M. Taylor gave the Bible lesson on "Stewardship" and the devotional was led by Mrs. O. C. Oanrke. Iced watermelon was "served In the social hour. Mrs. SMIic HnUlcr was hcsli^s to Ihe oilier circle mi-inucrs wlicn scvcu attended. Mrs. J. G. Smlumy used the 19th Psalm tor ihc clevo- lional and Mrs. M. O. Goodwill conitjicled a tosson Irom "The Missionary Voice " Mrs. IluUlcr served an ice ccurse. Mirroring the Mode in Wraps ~L Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs. R. J. .Dodson and Miss Clll- lle Webb are in Memphis for several days. Mrs. L. M. Legmen, of Memphis and Mrs. Moss May, of Clarksdalel Miss., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. w. c. Lcgeett. They were nc- ccmpanbu here by Mrs. E. 1, Ocwnlng und son, Raymond, and Miss Marie Leggctt, who molorcd lo Memphis for them. Miss Qorrt.-n Craig, of Memphis, is visitliia friends here. Miss Sue Shelby, of New Madrid, Mo., was in tlie city last nMu' Comily Engineer li. N. Wilson, ol Osccola, Is a busiiifss visitor In ihc cily today. Mr. and Mrs. Mnrvln Cliapiwlh and Misa Until lilythc were visitors In Memphis for the week-end Miss Miiry Myille McAiiluir, o f Carutliersvllic, is Ihc (juest cf Mr line! 1 Mrs Ben While. John Hancock, of Vicksbini- Miss., Is vislliiuj his molhcr.' Mr.s! J. R. Hancock, lor Iwo days. ]ic was accompanied by his aunt, Mr.i. Alia- Eac!,?s. of Memphis. From golin; to Memphis lo visit until Hie first, of Ihc week wlieh they will return here. Tliey-expect to rciurn home September 1. Mr. ami Mrs. Cllnl Dunlap went ,o Greenfield, Tenn., yesterday for several weeks vlsll will) Mrs. Dunlap's mother. Maurice riostnlhal spent ihc week-end In I'aragouM with his parents. Fred Clements, of St. Louis, Is the guest ol his molhcr, Mrs. L. T. Wood. Mbs Gernldlne Davids;n, of Clnrkston, Mo. [s the liouieguesl of Miss Elsie and lone Oakcs. Joe K'.'bnn Is spending this week in New York city purchasing fall and winter merchandise fcr Ihe New Dixie Slorc company. William Simmons and 1. O. Wesl- bio:;k are vacationing in New Orleans for two weeks. They -left Monday. Mrs. Frank Simmons nnd daughter, Alia Fay, will leave tomorrow for St. Louis and points ot southern Illinois for a Iwo weeks vlsll. Miss Cora Lee Colcmau and J, E. . Crii/. county agricultural agents. ;ne holding Boys' av.d Girls' 4-H club meetings at Yarbro and Black- ivater today. Mrs. Paul L. Tiplon lias returned from a vlsil in Senalh. Mo. Wilson Society—Persona! here Mr. Hancock will e o to [>ara- Sonk! to see his brother, Alvls ilHiicock, and family. Slis..l(iley Boonc Jones Is Given Bridge Parly MIS. Rlley Uootw Jones, who was' before her marriage recently Miss! Weyrrtulli Maureen Card of Wll- - son.jvas introduced to 2-1 Blylhe- ville-ladies at a bridge party given " b.v Mrs. Dixie Crawford Tuesday. aflcmcon al hen horn; on Kcnluc- . ky a°venue. The pink and white color motif [ predblnlualed in the garden How-1 ers used in the two locms where i six tables were arranged with white : cov^s. The prizes were wrapped' in these shades and pulled by riu-; tons-tran a gayly decorated basket and' toe delicious refreshments' -iiiora ai: new icngins ior cm in ine lastes: eiemng winp> „... tt , uul VJ1 a ,, ( , M ,. s w ,-,„... shoved this comblnallou. -.white ermine wiap, from Helm, with circular cnpclet sleeves and a Johnston Sunday evening enroiitc Mrs. Harry Kirby won a Foslovia high cushion cclhir, comes well below the hipllne. It is limd willi lo Memphis from Chicago Tliev sugar nnd crcnm set; for flrsl lion- (v!l j (c £1X |- m niu i i s simmlng over ors, Miss Marguerite Matthews. willK second honors, received a set - of rose colored mixing bowls; a hajid made handkerchief was given Mrs. Sims Michlc, of Sleele, for cut prize and lo Ihe five who made slants she also gave hand made handkerchiefs. T.iesc were: Mesdames Jce Watson, Walker H. Baker, Harry Kirby. Cecil Lowe and Miss Gladys Hardin. A plate Umch ol chicken salad There n:: new lengths for old In the laslcs: e^emt>g Clyde, ration, of Memphis, spent last night here. Mrs. s. S. Stcrnbcrc and son Hnr- old, were visitors In Memphis yesterday. Mrs. J. n. Fisher and dangler Ciwciululyn. spent yesterday hi Memphis, accompanying Mrs. John II. Long and son. John T. Misses Elsie and Jean Garner of 'Memphis, accompanied by their mini, Mrs. Nell Koberllen. of Chicago, and their cousin, Mrs. Curl Kiosno. of Montc/uina, Ind., were Blasts of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fish- Mr, "ami Mrs. W. Deck , „ , , gleaming blcick. . b 5 Luxora Society—Personal gown made uf the . ™' c accompanied here by Wood- j row Fisher who had been in Chicago for a week. Miss Mary Hublcr he as as her day for Lexington. Tcmv, where she I B u fsl for several days. Miss Allecn will remain n leacher of dancin-; Booker, of Ciarksdatc, Ark. Miss Ami Clements has returned from Jonesboro where she spent , Mcsdamcs Urynn WiUlns and and expression n ihc Iwo schools i of thai tout: (or Ihe ne\t term. Among from Luxora who attended the Missionary meeting Lo hear Miss Helen Shaw of Little Rock. Monday, \vere Mcs^amcs S. Smith, j»i. dmuii, \j. u. \v< sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, in-;Dave Richards were Osccola vis- | alu j Byron Wilklns dividual cakes and iced tea was j itors Sunday. served. -•->\ < Dr. and Mrs. Reeves and sister erved. >..•»,. . Dr. Bosldes the-g'iiesrs^irom the city.' ttom Moneltc were the guests ol The league was eiuerlained in the home of Miss Ellzabetli Lucn.i several days with relatives. She was accompanied home by her cousin. Miss Helen Linney, who will be here for leu days. M. P. Albin went lo Memphis today to accompany Mrs. Albin and daughter, Wanda, home. Wanda. Midway Notes Mrs. Jim McFaddcn was a visitor iu Blytlipvllle Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stanford were visitors in Luxora Thursday. • Mr. aiul Mrs. A. J. Hill, Frank 1,1ml and Harry Satmdcrs were vislo: s In Blyllicville Tuesday. Much interest is toeing shown in Ihc revival meetings conducted by Rev. A. J. Hill al Carson Lake. A SDH of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Eal- cji is seriously ill at. Ihe Baptist lioi-plinl in Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Cole and family. Mr. anil Mrs. L. A. Miix- weil and family and Leonard Hill aiundcd ihc revival meeting al Sandy Ridge Thursday night. Horace Buir spoil Wednesday in Memphis. J. R. Clayton accompanied Dcv- erlcn Clayton and Bctly and Wilma Porter to Osccola where they enjoyed a. swim at the pool Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Collins"^ tended the theatre in Osceola Thursday night. Mrs. George McOinly has returned home dom a hospital in Memphis where the spent, several days for examination and treatment, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wiggins went lo Hayti, Mo., Thursday night. Mr. Wiggins rclurntd liial, evening while Mrs. Wiggins remained for a longer stay. r . . Joe Norwood': sr:', nnd Gaylhe Porler were in O.sccola 1'riday morning. ' Mrs. J. S. Stroud and daughter, Minnie and Lynn • Everett Owen spent Friday in Memphis. Lowry Pace and Miss C.i.y>b Clayton went lo Memphis Wednesday evening and visited Iriends and attended (he theatre. Elstncr Beall lias been very tick hul is gradually improvinj. A. I' 1 . Glascoe of McFerrin visited friends here Timr.sday night. RAVE YOU HEARD9-^ Among the season's conlributions to the npartment housekeeper and Hie leal home maker as well is a Keiser News LITERALLY ' ' ' SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER!!. And when Ihc prodigal son return-" . cd, whal happened, Tommy? : TOMMY: His falher ran ta meet him and hurt himself . : SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER:' Why, where did you gel thai? • < • TOMMY: The Bible says his la-J liter ran to meet him and fell pn; Ills neck.-Tit-Bits. ' ' Germany has 45 cities with populations exceeding 100,000 each, two having more than 1,000.000 and G4.4 per cent of Us people live in towns of more llian 200 inhabitants. new electrical contrivance lhat is a percolator and a loaslcr, in one. You now can make- your cof(cc and brown your'toast witlioul moving from the same spot. Some of new devices are. made so that you cam lift your percolator oil and fry ham and eggs on the plate. Others have waffle irons attached. THAT STOrrm m.M AFl'EIi-DINNER SPEAKER: Gentlemen, did you ever stop to think? I Lisk you again, did you ever stop to think? WEARY LISTENER: Did' you ever think lo slop.?—Til-Bits. REAL GOLF BUG THE NURSE: It's a toy. CONFIRMED GOLFER; rah! A caddie!—Answers. Hur- OILS tNKB tfc reiKcr how lirti) lid *hib- b«B, Cuboil IBlUntly StOP» ptia, i5p«B* tnd [»•}« worst bcil or cwbyacl* often ovtia ! |hl. G e t Cv toil tod 17 from diur fist ~ ' oil liki nujic. Bsils »M> IBUMI CLASSIFIED- ^f ^^-aaesjiu j ^ DSE*PHONE who has been at the Baptist Mrs..Walter Card of Wilson, mother j Mr. and Mr.s. B. W. Thweal Sun- , mimbnr 0[ „,,„,<,,. jcccl of the honorce, and Mrs. Sims day j mpl)|5 ' TOC femd ; o ,, 1L , Thm.sday e\ening. After cnjo>-ius a refresh- I Miss Jane Waodson s|Kiu tlie mmibfls .,,,, V i siu . rs: A ,,. ,. . her mint. Mrs. blew- . vivjail Ly| . ch E!l; , nh( , th ., |ui Bm , c } " H:cas, Roy an:l Ira Young. Cecil, i MIchie, cf Steele, were oul of town guests. * • * i art in Osceola. Karascy-iioody . Mr. and Mrs. C. 1». Wood were . Jnll . es , ln( , Hobei .. McGloUlami A marriage license has been is- business visitors m Memphis Mon- ; Rodney Andrews Maigarel Rich- sued from the local offip? ot ilie:day j n[l | s _ EdwavO Scotl, Howard BDW- county clerk to Miss Maude Mae. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith «or: : cn Edward Ttllman Mi!;ired Till- hospllnl for her.rly two weeks from pneumonia, is now much belter. Milton Fryar. formerly nf here and now of Chicago, passed through 11910 today enroute to the Illinois cily afirr visiting his parents. Ihe man. Josephine Oillis. Manfinc Fordecy. Norma, .Normand and Joe RO.SS Bqweli. Mrs. Brolasky iiurl children o[ Memphis are guest.s of Mr. and Mrs. Will Lucas and Mr. and Mrs. 11. W. Thomas. | William and A. J. Lynch were I Blytheville visitors Wednesday. ' Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Fryar. a! Yell- vllle. Ark. Mr. and MVs. Cook returned Sunday from Humnoke, Ark. Miss Al- Ihea U'ilson of Humnoke will spend llir resl of Ihc summer with Mr. aiul Mr.s. Cook. Mifs Loree Portls of Lepanto was tlie guest of Margarel Robinson Sunday afternoon. Miss Irene Nichols was the guest of Dorothy Gideon of Marie last •week. Ketei 1 n.' Y. P. U. will give a •«lemiclon and lemonade supper on the church lawn Friday evening at 6:30 o'clock. Mlts Tommie Sherrick lias gone to Illinois to visi; friends until sclicol begins. • Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. CrcckciL nictcrcd to Blytheville Friday to ill op. Dima- Osccola wilh frleud.s. Mr nnd .Mrr. B. Broke have returned home afler visiling . Mrs. Brake's motlier in Hazel, . , i --\lihsc? Lucy and Virginia ! vant spent last week In i Boody and Mr. Gocdmau H. Ram- j b'.ifiness \ Isttrrs In Memphis Sun sey, bol'.i ol this city. |i'ay. • • * ' Tile womans Missionary Snciely llldley-Hogan ' ! of the Baptist church mi'l in the Miss Lucy Hogau and Mr. Edwin •, church Monday afternoon to siudy Ridley, both oi Manila, have ob-; the third ;iucl fourth chapter of tallied a marriage license here ! Exodus which was led by "Mr.-.. S. • • • J. Smith. X.-ill-ltaker - ' Mr. and Mr.s. Charlie Sco:'., Mr.s. Announcement has been mad; cf : Alvin Winidcrlich and children, the marriage of Miss Lot en n Baker! Junior and Bcttvc Jean, spnu scv- and'Mr. Guyman Nail, both of 'tial days cf last week In Allison Leachville, which took place in Him ! Wells. Mississippi, city..Saturday with the Re\. D. B. Miss Dorothy Smith, lomeily ol Cook performing tlie ceremony. . Lnxora. now of Seventy Six, MIK- i v '" 1 ' hospital: Mrs. Loui.s O. Echois • ,. , . Mrs. Taylor is nble to be up afler olher relatives al Becbe. several days illness. I.; Little Helen Baker is improving, been con- icllme. has THEY GAVE A newThrill THAT QUICKLY ,. , . Mr. and Mrs. W. Deck John- . M VS . West, who has Eton a:icl son, Deck 3,-.. expea lo fa«\ to her bed for sotiv leave Saturday for Hot Siirlngs j bee where they will spend three weeks. Mrs. CJ. W. Cannon and son. of Omaha. Neb., who are visiting Mrs. Cannons sister, Mrs. B. A. Morris n improving. Miss Irene Nichols is able lo up after an illness. Read Courier" Nc\v's want Ads souvi is visiling friends In Jolitiscii-tlamplon Mf. and Mrs. Cas.s Slinenson and Miss Cora Hampton, of Dell, and \ cl'-ildren Margaret and Hobcrl. who Mr.-Homer Johnson, of Roscland, j formerly lived lure, are visiting were married in this city Friday,: tn ei!ds. Their liome is in Illinois, by the Rev. A. S. Harwell, pastor, M >'- and Mrs. Roy Ciraliani and of the Firsl Baptist church, ac-. children. Mercdilh and Olivia, were Hospital Notes I'atienls admitted to tlie Blylho- ' cily: Mrs. J. O. Bulcdgc. Leach- I vlllc. Those dismissed: Otto Mo:--] rison. Chester, 111.; Mrs. H. \V. | B'jJui, Slccle. | Cue of the Navy'.s lii-st wrought \ ^ l ,,,,.^., lt - --..„ ..„.-,,„ ,,in h-«i s'nlps. Ihc "Wolvc-rir.e." launch- | cording to'aiWmccmcni'''madc'lo-! vi sitor; in Marion ami! wi'st"'Mcni < '- ' ? l1 ^^"'S'-seveii years ag«. slill Is ; day/ i phis Sumlay. - | ln service as a training ship. | • • • Mrs. Shack Frimklin and children Chapin-Dowjlanil Iran Moscow. Tcnn.. were Hie The marriage ol Miss Lyii:,i sue: Is o! Mr. John B. Driver and Dowlaiul. of Rullierfofd. Tcnn . 'and family Fnd.iy auri They Mr. Henry Chapin. ol Memphis Ullc :iccoui])an:c<l home by Mrs I look place here Tuesday cveniisg ' Hl;L ' Urn*n and will mnain Tncrc ' with Justice l(. L. McKuiglit p:>r-: IOT n week's vim. • fonnins the ceremony. " Mix, Llizabflh Hnd.hins hi-i Kclurns Trpm Slalt i •"in>. Mrs. Nublc limn.' Cnmmillcc Mfclinf Mis. Itubcri A^hm'm ftu:u (J..-i- Mrs. Howard I'rodur. diMrii-'. i °' :l K ' ls ;| Lu.\tra VI.MHU H.ilmdav president of the American Lemon' Mr. :n:d Mrs. r<;iv (;i-.,ii.,i,, .,,. ( i auxiliary, of Arkansas, has icturncd : <'!iidicn \<cre O.-ctuLi vis^'.i- M',J,'. Iran Littic Rock where sli- at- llll > tended a comniitlcc mi-ttin<; of t!ir : r '»'iin Malthi v»:. district presidents ar.d mrmbcr.s'"'"' Mr. MrCimriiy cf Ihu Bcslon convcnliun conmiil-' viil1 v ifilor.-. Monduj. Ice,".also attended by otlr.-r urll' Mr. antl Mv.-,. ». w known Arkansas citizens. ' Bl.vSl.cvillr VIMIM . ^ At the mccllr.g plans were maiir ^ IrN - 'Jillahimiy .1: for Jlw staic wide sale of niinialiirc ' °- t ' cc!a uclu J-'-IX-JM advertising stamps lo finance Hie ; :1 ''- v Arkansan exhibit train plained to w '- s - Alvin Wiiiidi-iiim au ; i be tSkcn to Ihe national convention ! r.'""' 1 ' 0 Scutl ^li'jpl*."! in MCI at Bcston, October G-D. j ^^"duy. She was accompanied ijj dauglitcr, Robert Ann. Mi-fi ic Ml- Hio- -,HI . ur[ . ... \Vlillair. Wllli(i>;rlli-!i All Day Meeting Planned. r i' " S lM ' l!>:r r " Mrs. Clyde Ellis cntertaimii lj: u ;'. L - uli K'"-" 1 ^'-! members and two visitors of the i |:c l -, :n N:c:ll i''''' s 'Ih' woman's missionary union of ih» A '" : ^ M "" " Second Baptisl church Monday ar- .. '• J ' 1 ' C(tellck Mul!t| a>'. • Nli "«" r '-' i - M'' tern(>pn when Mr.s. W. M. may- i •" lock.was leader of Ihe devotional, i Mrs. Ben Harrison presided in' the brie! business session n-lien. \illc ar.d Manila v home. Twenty are planning to imke ! and Miss F.sthc:- O'-JDV n'' v,-V., (hn t t-ir< r--;t.. -\ ,.- . ' i « 1 '--' J the trip The hostess, assisted by Mrs. Margin Lane of Dell, served a dainty ice course. , » < • Gutsfs Given fiance. \ Sixty-five guests frcm Blytheville. Osceola, New Madrid, Caru'.hers- i dancers. City, Miss. It was a gay dancing pa;-;. ,,„., thos; from cut of tlir c n. v mrciir..- :iu honored Burns anri «:'lh'*<•-,era! *r«iaHics adding in -,hr f.\,Mi i:1 ,,- s ontortammciu. ~ Fruit ices and cake refreshed :h- Madame Rubinoffs be ,;tl Iht- St. Francis Drugstore All lltis «ti-k (JiviiiK I'ri-e I'in'iuls, Skin An;i lysis and Kxpti'l Aihice •in Yoiii' livaulv 1'rnh- k'ins. She I 'sis K\- tlusivcly MADAJIK lU!lil.\()IM-.S MKOICATKI) Ul'SSlAN cm-: AM Telephone l:i!> for Appointment The New Countryside IHE aim of electric service is to distribute power as widely as the uses for it are distributed. Movement of power'replaces movement of things as electricity is delivered to small communities and to an ever-increasing number of farms. The transmission line scclcs out the user and delivers electric power'to speed the job. The increasing manufacturing activities of small communities is a reflection of this widespread distribution of electric power. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER COMPANY "At Your Service" •van UNKNOWN THTJEE YEAT<S AGO- TDI>AY. "RIP G6T5 THE BIQGEST TAKJ-MAIL OF ANYONE WHO HAS EVEP UVEP. 1,000,000 LETTECS, A NEAR /BELIEVE IT OK NOT.' -s FAST SUCCESS STORY HO, 10 ROBERT L. RIPLEY Believe it or not . . . Rip's own success - :: story is even more amazing than the . •astonishing facts he pyts in his cartoons. ; |; Three years ago ... unknown. Today ...'•'• 20,000,000 readers look for his drawings. '"' Ripley clipped all time records in his '-' quick rise to overwhelming popularity .. . . . because he gave a new thrill. -Wirf '; t'lat's OLD GOLD'S story too. ": \Vhen o. G. first said "Not a cough in n carload," the skeptics scoSed. But com»h- '" ers and scoffers alike were converted. Like Riptey, OLD GOLD proved its facts. . Better tobaccos gave better taste. Mel- ., lower tobaccos gave throat-case. • Believe it or not ... OLD GOLD will '.; win you . .. just as Ripley did. . . . - - BETTER TOBACCOS NOT A COUGH IN A CARLOAD 1 '

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