The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH H, 1018 B1ATHKVIU-E (ARK.)' COURIKR NEWS PAGE For Party Unity Arkansas Governor Says He Will Work ' To Achieve Solidarity LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. March 11. (UP)—Arkansas' Gov. j;,. n Lnnry said yoslcrclay ho had m>! romplelo'- ly lost hope (hat the npiuot-rai i« Party leadership would mond its ways over Prrsidnn Truman's prci- Dpsert civil rights program. JpLancy said for tliat Veawjn hr wus TTot planning to ;ls x other nix'-! governors to select an altomair convention site u-liere revolt-initul- eci Southern delesates might stnje their own meeting in the event they decicleti lo walk out of the Philadelphia com'cmicm this Summer. The Arkansas governors statement c'ame as he prepined to leave IJ. Robm.s, askitiy Lanev to take til? lead in pirkinj; an alternate convention .silt- so thai u'e'U have .somr place to <:o if we. walk out." "I am going 10 all my stren^'h toward rebuilding tlie parly." I,a:i- cv said ye.stei-day "if that fal'.s thl'OV]):h tncn 1 will be ready to consider any other effective measure and a separate convention might 3e one of them." Scrks Another C'umliilale He icvealeti that at present iic wa.s concentrating on attempting 'o 1 Advisor to FDR Lashes Out Rights Plan; Calls It' Civil Fog' ,PH1A, Mur. 11. UIPH — President Truman's civil rl^ht-s pnwiun ha.s caused a revolt of Southern Democrats because it has thnm'n a "blinding polltleul fog over a grave i-^ue of broad nation- ill welfare 1 ," former presidential advisor Raymond Moley said vester- day. "The whole affair cannot but handicap the enlightened leaders i]i the South and mid |w\vrr lo dnna^oguofi and clowns," he Mild in an address at a forum sponsor- od by the Evening Bulletin. Moley. advisor to Die Into President Uwsevell and now a Columbia university professor, said the Arkansan Killed When Struck by Large Truck LRISAN'ON, MO.. Miireli 11. <Ul v > — An Arkiinsus truck driver wa.s killed yesterday and his death was llw first one reported directly attributable to the March smnv .storm which has enveloped parts of the MidWeM iuul Souihwest. A poultry transport truck ilriv- en by Andrew Fi itnklin \VilKt'ison of Roma. Ark., .stalled on a snow- slick hill- As Wilkerson left the ve- J , hide to direct effort.s of eomp;in- liininR o( tlie import of the pi'[ ions to Ret it M^itiR ftRain he step- dent's t'ommittee on civil rights ped into t)ic ]>ath of a bread Irtvns- ' haviIV ' '" ' ' Head of Utility Charged with Embezzlement NASIIVIKLF, 'IVnn.. March 11. (Ul'i- ciiai%e.s of "embe//.]enient, fradtilent breach of trust, and larceny of more than $30.000" were filed here yesterday at; n hist '*• 3- Kviui.s, former treasurer nnd Ken- eml in;uiauer of Ilie Nashs'ille Sub- uibun Utility District of Davidson Co'inty. liaises were m;-.(i« in n war- nn out by Disi, Ally. Gen. J Loser. ;-:il(i ^;^•alt^ KIOX fliei-ks to the utilitv dtstrit'l nnd Odom and Crew Ready To Begin Risky Flight SHANGHAI, Mar, 11. Ult'i- iMlot lilll Oilorn and a skeleton new of three were ready to lie-in a ha/ard- "Us f UK fit to ixui Anncles today in their cttnviM'ted I.lheralnr bomber. "Kxplorer," which has a lenky luel syslem, Oiik'inls of llio Heyimlds-Ilo-ston -...,. hau 1 been wor.^e." "Tho pre.sicient is left open to the .suspicion that lie* lias yielded to those who advise him that at all .-~ - _, *-<*, costs he must win tlie political sup- I an of Springfield, Mo. port of NortheiD cities and that I the .South has im o])tion except to vote for him." Moley .said. port truck., Wilkerson died at tin scene of the accident. The truck which struck Wilkcr- \va.s driven by James Bucluin- OLK decent person. North, or condones lym-hings or fav- ,Li.stiee, brutality or bigotry," Moley sriid. Me comrntferi, however tliat the report referred to the Southern sttaes "in insufferably condescending tcims." ami only'"t;rud- (iin;j;ly" admittetl .soeiiU and eco- nntitle nains for Negroes, He ;iitdcd that the ])rcsident should have called lo^eihci Southern leaders to .srek .solution to the problems instead of presenting a pro- whip h recommends "lmf»si- have a plank put in the partv plat- ^ llltn whiph "^oinmends "Imo^i form rcpudiatiJif the pre^idem'-; 1 tion <lf n !t ' dcial l>° liLT sy-stcin ]>en views and having ".some Landiclate ^^l»\ff '"^ every corner of In other than Mr. Trurnan noinhiiit- Soilln - Especiiilly grown leaf tobacco for cigars VL tappers may satm br rephLTfd with p:i| i?r-ihin, all tobacvo sheets manufactured by a new process. The tobacco paper retains all the aroma, taste and color. TAKES REAL BLOOD Worried Feel Nervous Dread Duties Feel Tired Ageing Pepless Resistance Low Ihr f Latioy insisted again thai he wa.s "a party man and for the pre.ser- j vat ion of a great party thai can render Rieat .service in the future." He added, however, that, "I disagree with i he priiiviples being fostered by our party leaders and it doesn't give me any pride to fi»:it lor a party operating on those, prin- " I.aney did not comment directly oti another Hobms suggestion that the chief executive mignt make a Rood man on a fourth party ticket btil lie did say, "1 have no personal interest in this matter and am not interested In any other person's ambitions." Simultaneously, Attorney General Guy Williams announced he had volunteered to testify before th*> Senate Rules Committee against, the proposed anti-poll tax legislation. A revolutionary type of match, producing heat but no name, has been developed. It can be used anywhere, even in wind of gale ., . force since it cannot be blown ovit. \ &troye.d." Czech Coup Sold Reason for Death Of Jan Masaryk LONDON. March 11. i UP J—Prime Minister Clement A It lee said lfi:>t night that Jan Masaryk might- have committed suicide because he could [lot endure totalitarianism in C/echasIovakia. Atllce said in a .statement issued from his official residence, No. 10 Downing Street: "The name of Masaryk is one that free men will always honor. I had known Jan Masaryk for many years .and I recall today the firm stand he made against Nazi oppression. "His death came as a great shocX. Hc was essentially a lover of freedom, and it may well be that he could not endure to live in the suffocating atmosphere of a totalitarianism when all that he had striven for was being ruthlessly de- Blood I srn-y (-> ntl Ixd 5uhstnii y<iur ]'c Inr a ii at R ra million pmpcr re «t life. Blool 1^ nc futictlnrt ol voiir nrp.nn n*. ]\\w*\ carries cwr vt-jx- Iwno. Ami Iho lit. rrlls Is nnls- nlxnU .^1 d ISDII nud imisl IK- i i-jil-. iut one b!llinn five liiirnl ] fflK dnily. \VIIKimt y i crll rount'lt U no vvnn cr mid nyoiriK- Ifli'k doi ]joji. liave m» ai'l'i'LU.-, s. %voirird, nrKkil i!ut lncl< " g s[M nd ^ to . ht-tp fn; oil I he -.v.jinii i T! tal)I t -l< an; c.m ovuiP Ii]-K«l c trom Kplc mn nlratctl .<i\ loonc. nf Iron, Spjirtons arc ork IrmncLtinUly. . c |>! |*lCJt 70 YEAR OLD MAN SAYS W.F.<\ K'hlrngot Writes. "I nni onlv IIMI plrfljciL to reoon i moiul Kpni'l'm Tnt.- Irlm. 1 HlcTlvn] ninri* riifigj- nnrl pep from them. an>! not If-rlinp 10 1lrM nl Hie rn«! of HIP dny. Tlicy rcrtaltily brnr^ [ilcd rng In jvi|ipl>lng Inrrfn^cd pnrrg>\" OUT OF 10 U F F E R i^7 out nf 10 slitter at »nr ic nr iwiihcr fiflni l.irk nl <«1 bttHcHrig mntoibl.s. Fo. m Miur roil l>li>od rc-ll muni nw from Uio nutntiunal nooil tFfy >"u In ,1 tln lor ran Ml you. N* try Sp.irtrn tr-tn: Mat! Orders Ml«l i ri*i - ' n matter what von'vo tried. 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He said llu short funds, sluiw In mi niulU nf Hi.' j I'orporntioti's books, renlly innouii'* ed lo about $.'iO.COO but thai |Un t , "f tlie sum can be reroverrd thron^Ii \ a $10,000 security bond. j l.<iser said he teletiiaplied author* ilies at I/iuisvlllr, Ky.. wliere Bvaiis i-s belic-ved In be. ulvinn his deserin- i tton and requesting that he be t»K- ! en mm custody. 1 MtJ.^Pimi Kxpcdlllon, which plntuieit to explore HIP Yunnt/o KOI-KCS mid tho iLnL > hurte<| Ame-Mm-hln munn- tuln rmmt', nnnounccd tlmt thn 1 lii'iivlly-liiailnl plune \viniUt lie nil- ubh' lo innkr tin- flight btMwei-n ; hert> HIM! Kiuiklnn- 1 Iliuvevc^ Otlom. who Imlil.s (he n-! rout for lound-Mic-worlti tuivi'l, 1 sulti he was ctmfltirnt Unit In* uuil the .ski'lcton crow would be inilt- , to mstki 1 Ltks An^i'li-s Mi-iivy plmui- | ^fii|>hfc ant I ntlu-f si-irnltfiV rqui;)- | nu-nt will l)c loll lino \\Hli the ivst : nf HIP jJiU'ly. Thr rxin-dUlnn will hi- hold up livn vviH'kis. i The fnol .s.vsU-m li-:iks apnroxl- muloiy hiilf a nnlhni <i! Kasolinr i«-r . hmn', a siiiiki\Miinn Miid, and titvds | rrpnlr.s wlilch riunu.l \ miKln hriv. l!('|>;ilr s will hi- tn;idr i>\ bU ;i\ J;i- tlnn muhUvnance cfimjJiiny in i.o-, CHESTCOLD? ' for Zom^'ond 'M»&'1h» MENINOUEIUM TWMf Oiu> liluiiry in I'.ins ctmnntis uxiks \viiUcn by women. Qw'ck MENTHOLATUM • Mollii'r, wlicn cousin nw turn KINK wnirli ymirrlhiitt'H lnjily MIX I Innvn his rlu'^l mum'li'H HO mini il hurts Mm lt> brofillio — quirk! call "Comfy" mid "Mmly" lo fho ii'.seno, 1,'umfoi liny Camphor atid inmly Menthol, the two fnmoiw Mrnlholfitum iner«di<>nU 1 «r« KiMitlu to a <:hiM'H dolicnt* normal Hkin—hut Ihcy work bat to help loonen i-oMKPHlion, eaM toreneM, mid loHwcin coughing, ALSO RELIEVES HUI-COll STUfFINCH, MASAL IRRITATION AND CHAPMNI This Easter. .. 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